Who profits?

The U.S. military budget (most of which is spent on goods and services from corporations) takes up the largest amount of discretionary spending in the federal budget. This money could be going to education, healthcare, infrastructure, and sustainable energy—each of which creates more jobs than military spending.

What corporations profit from garrisoning the globe and nonstop warfare?

This site is a depository for Christian Sorensen’s research about the U.S. war industry.

Sorensen distills U.S. military contracting announcements into digestible summaries in order to educate the public about the business of war.

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Understanding the war industry book

Understanding the War Industry explains how the U.S. war industry wields authority, profits from war, and subverts democracy.

Lockheed Martin’s 2020 net earnings in billions 1
flaws in F-35 jet that won't be fixed [2]
million refugees and displaced persons since 2001 3
counterterrorism, homeland security & intel companies 4
billion dollars in weapon sales to allies in one year 5
of 3- and 4-star officers go into war industry 6
billion in back office Pentagon waste over 5 years 7
billion in annual funding from war corporations to think tanks 8

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