Understand the U.S. war industry. Chronicle how the military-industrial-congressional complex works. Provide context to matters of war and peace.


Christian Sorensen [Twitter: @cp_sorensen] is a researcher, journalist, and author focused on the U.S. war industry.

His novels, available for free on this site, are designed to spark the creative steps toward a better future for all. His novel Reading Heeled—written in 2018, long before federal agencies cracked down on Portland—depicts a federal task force facing off against anarchists in Chicago.

Sorensen distills the U.S. military’s daily contract announcements into digestible monthly summaries in order to educate the public about the profitable nature of war. He believes an educated public can make the decisions necessary to redress the state of the nation, particularly moving to embrace the democratization of the workplace.

Sorensen contributes frequently to independent media outlets. Understanding the War Industry is his seminal book describing today’s military-industrial-congressional complex. He is currently a senior fellow at the Eisenhower Media Network, an organization of independent veteran military and national security experts.

Feel free to use Sorensen’s work in accordance with the following Creative Commons license: Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International.

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