Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. The U.S. Department of War, formally euphemized as the Department of Defense (DOD), allocated at least $14,329,470,000 to 190 individual contracts during January 2020. This amount does not include the $5.1 billion contract for tactical communications systems because no funding or task orders are issued on it yet.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS) Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers industry goods and services to allied nations and international organizations. 19 FMS contracts during January 2020 totaled $674,153,782.


Advanced Electronics Co. (Riyadh) $17,022,427 for FMS (Saudi regime): 3 years of contractor logistics support on F-15SA Cyber Protection System (CPS) and related facilities.


Boeing $14,002,398 for FMS (Switzerland): spare items in support of the Flight Control Surfaces on F/A-18 aircraft.


DRS for Launch Control Unit Mk 235 Mods 11 and 12 production. The launch control units are used to select and issue pre-launch and launch commands to selected missiles in the Vertical Launch System (VLS). VLS is equipped with two redundant launch control units, each of which is electrically interfaced with all of the launch sequencers in the system. Norway FMS = $4,500,992.


DynCorp $30,179,883 for maintenance support services for Saudi Arabia Land Forces Aviation Command.


Kay & Associates $67,314,436 for FMS (Kuwait): maintenance and support services on F/A-18 and equipment.


Lockheed Martin $32,860,395 for FMS (Taiwan): contractor logistics support on F-16 Peace Phoenix Rising program. Lockheed Martin $23,512,260 for FMS (Taiwan): F-16 retrofit. Additional ten Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar Spares Units. “This contracting action is the result of a long-term agreement reached between” Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.


Lockheed Martin $81,645,285 for FMS (Canada): naval production, engineering services, and required materials.


Lockheed Martin for program management, maintenance, training, and logistics to sustain the operational capability of 24 Australian Navy MH-60 Romeo aircraft. No funds issued yet.


Lockheed Martin $2,528,000 to produce Technical Insertion-20 Shore Site Systems and provide incremental funding in support of continued development, integration and production of AN/SQQ89-A(V)15 Surface Ships Undersea Warfare System. AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 is marketed as being able to search, detect, classify, localize, and track undersea contacts, and to engage and evade submarines, and torpedoes. For Australian Navy.


Lockheed Martin $77,064,274 for FMS (Bahrain, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, UAE): PAC-3.


Longbow LLC $235,794,870 for FMS (South Korea, Greece, India, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, UAE, UK): production support services for Fire Control Radar System for Boeing AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopter.


L3Harris $9,433,394 for FMS (S. Korea): sustainment of South Korea’s Peace Pioneer program. Repair and return on mission equipment and System Integration Laboratory (SIL) equipment, support of the field service representative, program management, core/field engineering, SIL depot sustainment, depot inventory, and obsolescence management. L3Harris $9,433,394 for FMS (South Korea): follow-on support sustainment of the Peace Pioneer program. Work in Greenville, TX, and Seongnam, South Korea.


L3Harris $28,037,566 for FMS (Greece): upgrade their F-16 Aircrew Training Devices (ATD) to the F-16V configuration. L3Harris $28,037,566 for FMS (Greece): upgrade existing F-16 ATD to F-16V configuration.


Raytheon for repair & sustainment on high-speed anti-radiation missiles for Morocco and Turkey ($251,665; 2.8%).


Scientia Global Inc. $12,149,039 for FMS (Iraq): combat effective Digital Mobile Radio Tier III equipment, development, deployment, training and support services. Work in Erbil, Iraq; and Melbourne, FL.




Geocent LLC, M.C. Dean Inc., McKean Defense Group LLC, Parsons, SAIC, Serco, Systems Technology Forum Ltd., Valkyrie Enterprises Inc., and VT Milcom Inc. compete for $56,339,692 for project management, administration, drafting, technical integration, testing, maintenance, engineering, logistics, facilities, and security for software and hardware of C4ISR systems and networks. Work in “the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region and Navy Region Southwest” (including Guam, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, CA, HI, NV, WA, OK), and in Bahrain, Djibouti and Italy.


Northrop Grumman $217,160,682 for another year of Battlefield Airborne Communications Node payload operation and support for payload equipment and services. 




CACI / BIT Systems $13,336,559 for engineering, program management and technical services to support the installation, integration and sustainment of counter unmanned aerial systems in the U.S. and overseas.


Syracuse Research Corp. $22,075,156 for a 6-month extension for support to the Counter-Unmanned Aerial System, Expeditionary, Low Slow Small Unmanned Aerial System Integrated Defeat System program.




AECOM + Tetra Tech JV $90,000,000 for professional architectural or engineering services in support of the Saudi Missile Program via U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Middle East District. No mention of FMS.


Kapsuun Group LLC $14,535,027 for A4/A6 staff support services at Shaw AFB, SC.


Vectrus Systems Corp. $134,493,229 for base operations support services at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.




AECOM $17,000,000 for Army Prepositioned Stock (APS-2) logistics support services in support of maintenance, supply and transportation at Mannheim and Dulmen, Germany.


Vectrus $26,321,249 for IT services supporting 2nd Theater Signal Brigade/U.S. Army Europe (mostly Germany, Italy).


5 German firms and J&J Worldwide Services compete for orders of an estimated $425,000,000 for a broad range of design-build, sustainment, maintenance, repair, alteration, renovation, and minor construction projects to include residential and commercial work for the Kaiserslautern Military Community, Spangdahlem Air Base, as well as supporting installations throughout Germany.




PAE $90,000,000 for temporary construction security infrastructure, equipment, services and security surveillance services to support secure construction projects, Yongsan Relocation Program, South Korea.


SAIC $12,847,708 for IT support services in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.




Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense $28,323,000 for the MK 150 MOD 0 4.0 second Delay Detonator, and the MK 164 MOD 0 Non Electric Dual Detonator. The MN50 “is a 4.0 second delay detonator with 7' of pyrotechnic lead with one non-electric delay detonator on one end and an inline initiator on the other end. The MP29 is a non-electric dual detonator with 40' of dual, no flash pyrotechnic lead with two non-electric detonators on one end and two inline initiators on the other end. They are used for demolition, breaching, and obstacle clearing.


F3EA $245,000,000 for special operations requirements analysis, prototyping, training, operations and rehearsal IV.




Battelle Memorial Institute $7,483,871 for R&D of an advanced networked sensor to detect and identify biological WMD in support of the SIGMA+ program. Work in Columbus, OH (60%); Cambridge, MA (40%).


Lockheed Martin $31,938,845 to support the Operational Fires Integrated Weapon System Phase 3 program, which works on a mobile, ground-launched tactical weapon capable of carrying different payloads at various ranges.


Northrop Grumman $13,006,683 for the base period of the Glide Breaker program. Provides research, development, and demonstration of a technology that is critical for enabling an advanced interceptor capable of engaging maneuvering hypersonic threats in the upper atmosphere.




Bushido Associates Inc. $7,500,000 for forensic analysis reports and recommendations provided by embedded cyber threat forensic and cyber threat intelligence analysts in National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force (NCIJTF), Chantilly, VA. Bushido Associates Inc. $7,500,000 for the same thing.




ASRC $54,757,914 for case processing and overall operation center support services in support of Defense Counterintelligence & Security Agency (DCSA) background investigation process at Boyers, PA, and St. Louis, MO.




Leidos $72,575,612 for services in support of the existing Night Eagle System.




BAE Systems $7,727,763 for non-recurring engineering for the Forward Defense Weapons Systems cockpit controls and cabin intrusion reduction effort and associated prototypes in support of the tiltrotor aircraft, CV-22.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $84,108,947 for the F-15 Advanced Display Core Processor (ADCP) II Low-Rate Initial Production 4.




Starwin Industries $9,554,000 for F-16 Bugeye radomes, left and right.




United Technologies Corp. $20,337,451 for updates to the Delta Software System Configuration #3 software baseline to include the visual system and cyber security on tactics and flight trainer devices. Also provides technology refresh and aircraft concurrency updates on tactics devices, aircraft concurrency, and aerial refueling updates on flight devices, tactics and flight device training & associated technical data for E-2D Hawkeye Integrated Training System.




Boeing $42,297,380 for integrated logistics services and site activation support of P-8A aircraft for U.S. Navy ($39,820,706; 94%); Australia ($2,476,674; 6%) under a formal cooperative agreement.




L3Harris $11,457,610 for repair services of electronic flight indicators and radar display units for Lockheed Martin C‐130H.


Rolls-Royce $62,973,620 for C-130J propulsion sustainment.




Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (Lod, Apartheid Israel) $240,000,000 for T-38 Wings. 




Four Tribes Enterprises $13,147,968 to build a perimeter security entry point at Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in Rome, NY.


Jacobs $225,155,326 for R&D of propulsion-related areas at Edwards AFB, CA, for AFRL.


Lockheed Martin $7,794,188 for R&D: incorporation of additional within-scope work to further the technologies established under current System of Systems Integration Technology and Experimentation program (SoSITE).


REDSTONE ARSENAL – Every major war corporation has a presence at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.


Ternion Corp. $13,300,000 for sustainment and upgrade of the Flexible, Analysis, Modeling, & Exercise System Automated System Trainer software applications, software maintenance, and upgrade and modification services in support of the Common Aviation Command and Control Increment I system.




AgustaWestland Philadelphia $176,472,608 for thirty-two TH-73A aircraft, initial spares, support equipment, flyaway kits, hoists, sling loads, data in excess of commercial form fit function/operations maintenance instructional training data as well as ancillary instructor pilot and maintenance personnel training. AgustaWestland is owned by Leonardo DRS, an Italian firm. A few major foreign war corporations (e.g. the U.K.’s BAE Systems, Apartheid Israel’s Elbit Systems) have substantial facilities in the U.S.


Airbus $37,729,000 for performance-based logistics support. Includes ground and repair maintenance of five UH-72 aircraft, sustaining engineering required to maintain UH-72 FAA certification, incorporation of U.S. Navy Test Pilot School specific modifications, and support to provide ground and flight training for the UH-72/EC-145 aircraft. Work in Patuxent River, MD.


Boeing $54,446,000 for retrofit kits and software development for the Boeing AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopter.


Honeywell $25,664,750 for helicopter generators. Honeywell $22,417,763 for generators for the U.S. Army.


Lockheed Martin $2,338,000,000 for repair, upgrade or replacement, required availability, configuration management and inventory management for approximately 1,049 weapon replaceable assemblies and shop replaceable assemblies associated with both the MH-60R and MH-60S helicopters throughout the U.S.




Akima Logistics Services $6,923,402 for contractor logistics support of 58 aircraft at U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO; Peterson AFB, CO; and USAFA auxiliary airfield.


DynCorp $19,810,314 for aviation maintenance services. in Fort Campbell, KY; Afghanistan; and Iraq.


DynCorp $21,946,316 for maintenance and logistics services for aircraft (F/A-18, EA-18G, MH-60S helicopters, F-16, and E-2C) in Fallon, Nevada, for Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center.




Phillips Corp. $28,570,997 for Computer Numeric Control mill and lathe assemblies.




Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical $30,750,000 for the Link-16 Alaska program contractor logistics support.


United Technologies Corp. $11,301,660 for Joint Precision Approach & Landing Systems (JPALS) Airborne Radio Communication ARC-210 Generation 5 radio units for U.S. Navy.


United Technologies Corp. $18,026,925 for  computer digital data, power supply and display unit.




Chemring Energetic Devices $7,196,463 for development, product improvement and prototyping support. Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co. will provide engineering, technical, administrative and programmatic management support for total Life Cycle Management of the various aircrew escape systems managed under the Joint Program Office for Cartridge Actuated Device/Propellant Actuated Device Tri-Service Charter. EaglePicher Technologies $7,161,581 for the same services. Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Comp. $9,175,370 for the same services.




Leonardo DRS $7,660,583 for program management, engineering and logistics support to mitigate identified risks to the Distributed Aperture Infrared Countermeasure program.




General Electric $318,014,000 for the Engine Component Improvement Program. Provides a list of projects each calendar year that includes developing engineering changes to the engines, developing repairs as needed, designing modifications to support equipment, and initiating new support equipment designs as required. Also provides support to resolve service-revealed deficiencies and maintain or extend the life limits of aircraft engines.


Rolls-Royce $69,087,000 for the T56 Engine Component Improvement Program. See above. The program also “provides support to resolve service-revealed deficiencies and maintain or extend the life limits of aircraft engine.” FMS Fair Share funds ($385,938) obligated. Rolls-Royce $20,487,223 to provide T56-A-427 engine depot repair to include repair of the power section, torque meter, gearbox and accessories i.a.w. Navy depot manuals and repair practices. 25% work in Winnipeg, Canada.


Robertson Fuel Systems $8,899,105 for fuel tank assemblies.


United Technologies Corp. $10,841,621 for repair coverage of digital engine control units on F402 engines in Birmingham, U.K.




Lockheed Martin $51,706,014 for four SPY-1 low noise amplifier (LNA) radar arrays. Provides upgraded SPY-1 LNA phased arrays that will enhance in service ballistic missile defense-capable destroyers. These radar arrays will be used as a continuing effort to facilitate AEGIS Baseline 5.4.1 (BMD 4.2) to the AEGIS fleet.




Huntington Ingalls $44,707,851 for life cycle engineering and support for LPD-17 program in Pascagoula, MS (96%); Norfolk, VA (1%); San Diego, CA (1%); Mayport, FL (1%); Sasebo, Japan (1%).




Engineered Coil Co., d.b.a. DRS Marlo Coil $11,007,314 for up to 103 modular refrigeration systems in support of Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division. Supplies cover the Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Thermal Management Control System Branch (Code 411) and the Auxiliary Machinery Systems Division (Code 41) of the NSWCPD. Supplies are in support of CVN 68, CVN 69, CVN 74, CVN 75 and CVN 77.




Lockheed Martin $19,330,296 for 8 multi-function modular masts for new Virginia-class submarine Block V hulls.




BAE Systems $175,047,658 for USS Vicksburg (CG 69) fiscal 2020 modernization period in Norfolk, VA.


General Dynamics $98,074,420 for USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) fiscal year 2020 docking phased maintenance availability in San Diego, CA.


Vigor Marine $15,284,851 for a 75-day shipyard availability for overhaul & dry-docking of USNS Charles Drew (T-AKE 10).


Epsilon Systems Solutions, Vigor Marine, Pacific Shipyard International, MARISCO, Propulsion Control Engineering, Pacific Shipyard International for ship repair, maintenance, and modernization of non-nuclear surface ships (including DDG, CG, LPD, LSD, LHA, LHD, PC, MCM and LCS class ships) assigned to or visiting Pearl Harbor, HI.




DRS $4,185,153 for Launch Control Unit Mk 235 Mods 11 and 12 production for the Vertical Launch System (VLS).


Lockheed Martin $13,598,776 for 98 Technical Insertion Sixteen (TI-16) Common Display System (CDS) Variant A air-cooled production consoles. CDS is a set of watch station consoles, part of “open architecture” Navy combat systems. TI-16 CDS consists of a three-eyed horizontal display console. Purchases U.S. Navy (98%) and Coast Guard (2%).


Lockheed Martin $185,025,000 for follow-on full rate production of Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program AN/SLQ-32(V)6, -32A(V)6 and -32C(V)6 systems. Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) is “an evolutionary acquisition and incremental development program to upgrade the existing AN/SLQ-32(V) electronic warfare system. SEWIP provides enhanced shipboard electronic warfare for early detection, analysis, threat warning and protection from anti-ship missiles. AN/SLQ-32(V)6, the latest fielded variant of the AN/SLQ-32, incorporates receiver, antenna and combat system interface upgrades developed under the SEWIP Block 2 ACAT II program and adds the High Gain High Sensitivity adjunct sensor. Lockheed Martin $14,323,000 to produce Technical Insertion-20 Shore Site Systems and provide incremental funding in support of continued development, integration and production of Navy's AN/SQQ89-A(V)15 Surface Ships Undersea Warfare System. Northrup Grumman $15,752,580 for engineering services and associated travel supporting two AN/SLQ-32(V)Y SEWIP Block 3 System low rate initial production units.


Raytheon $30,358,285 for dual band radar (DBR) design agent support efforts.




Crowley Government Services $20,771,542 to continue operation & maintenance of five T-AGOS vessels and two missile range instrumentation ships (T-AGM).


Transoceanic Cable Ship Co. $18,375,084 for six-months of one cable ship, CS Global Sentinel, which will lay and repair cable for DOD worldwide.




Phoenix International Holdings Inc. $97,000,000 to provide the necessary engineering and technical support to provide operational and non-operational support to the Navy's air, mixed gas, and saturation diving services program. Supports the office of the Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, Director of Ocean Engineering.


SAIC $13,894,236 for animal care, training, and maintenance and operation of marine mammals participating in the Navy Marine Mammal Program. Work at gov facilities in San Diego, CA (53%); Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA (24%); Naval Base Kitsap in Bangor, WA (23%).




Dignitas Technologies JV $99,000,000 for total life cycle support (development, production, integration, test & eval, delivery, sustainment) of the Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training System 3D and the Virtual Interactive Shipboard Instructional Tour 3D programs.




BAE Systems $10,536,004 for engineering and technical services on radio communications for Navy ships. Work at St. Inigoes, MD (60%); California, MD (30%); Bath, ME (5%); Pascagoula, MS (5%).




MTS Advantage LLC (MTSA) $90,820,000 for Cyber Red Team and operational test support services and provides for information assurance, cyber defense, cyber systems security, and network infrastructure program management.


Technica Corp. $13,591,345 for weapon system engineering and maintenance services to include incremental software version development and installation, security patch installations, preventative maintenance, trouble shooting and responsive Tier 1, 2 and 3 support for the Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter (CVA/H).




General Dynamics $15,191,692 for services at Langley AFB and Beale Air Force Base. Could expand to Ft. Smith, AR; South Korea; McConnell AFB, KS; Birmingham, AL; Otis Air National Guard Base, MA.; Reno, NV; Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI; Terra Haute, IN; Ramstein Air Base, Germany; and Ogden, UT.


Minburn Technology Group $18,191,117 for a Microsoft enterprise licensing agreement. 


Unisys Corp. $17,154,219 for an experiment of the commercial delivery of standardized, innovative, and agile IT services, including an enterprise service desk and end user devices, to a select group of bases: Buckley AFB, CO; Maxwell AFB, AL; Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany; Offutt AFB, NE; Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson, AK; Cannon AFB, NM; Hurlburt Field, FL; and Pope Field, NC, with possible scaling of up to 20 bases during the experiment.


Valdez International Corp. $38,102,027 for support services to operate, sustain and assure the availability of Air Force Information Network (AFIN) “to enable war-fighter mission execution.” Work at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA; Peterson AFB, CO; Scott AFB, IL; Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; Lackland AFB, TX.




Battelle Memorial Institute $14,484,290 for work on prototype project “Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Autonomy for Long-endurance System Operations” to design and implement autonomy software to support long-term, continuous autonomous operation goals of the Office of Naval Research's Future Naval Capabilities system prototype. Work in Edinburgh, Scotland (32%); Cambridge, MA (26%); Fairfax, VA (18%); Woburn, MA (16%); Concord, MA (8%).


Booz Allen Hamilton $19,999,836 for Operational Resilient Cyber Advancements: design and develop Microservice Architectures for defensive cyber operations technology in addition to utilizing a cloud-based orchestration engine to automate processes and develop Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technology thrusts.




Adams Communication & Engineering Technology; Advanced Technology Systems; Boeing; CopaSat LLC; GATR Technologies; DataPath; Envistacom; Fairwinds Technologies; General Dynamics; Globecomm Systems; Kratos; NewSat North America; Nexagen Network; PAE; Quantum Research International; Serco; STS International; Telecommunication Systems; TMC Design Corp.; Trace Systems; Tribalco; Ultisat $5,100,000,000 for the Global Tactical Advanced Communication Systems (GTACS II) and services. No funding or task orders issued yet.


Raytheon $36,848,806 for the software encryption platform (SEP) engineering change effort, under Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals (FAB-T) production contract. This will develop and deliver an updated NSA-approved SEP.




Graf Research Corp. $49,500,000 for R&D: applied and advanced research for the advancement of trusted and assured microelectronics technologies; trust assessment strategies in areas related to known and potential system vulnerabilities; development and implementation of mitigation strategies and methodologies to prevent vulnerabilities. Work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH.




Lockheed Martin $9,856,800 for a cross domain solution (CDS). For an updated CDS interface and associated hardware and software changes, as well as test, installation and checkout of the modified interface. Work at Boulder and Aurora, CO; Azusa and Sunnyvale, CA.


L3Harris $12,929,064 for the National Space Defense Center (NSDC) sustainment effort. Sustainment of NSDC at Schriever AFB, CO, housed within the Distributed Space Command & Control – Dahlgren program of record.


Modern Technology Solutions Inc. (MTSI) $11,141,208 to mature the technologies developed in the previous Phase I and III contracts, which relate to the acquisition and fusion of data for space situational assessments. MTSI will “provide system architecture, system administration, and software engineering solutions to deliver a real-time, data-driven architecture for developing and integrating space situational awareness, and intelligence community data sources for use in algorithms, machine learning tools, and data fusion technologies for U.S. Air Force Space Command and mission partners… MTSI will continue to refactor existing applications and develop new applications for integration into the next-generation infrastructure that the Space & Missile Systems Center and AFRL are developing.


Raytheon $11,711,659 for Next Generation Operational Control System to incorporate an extension to GPS IIIF Special Study.


Raytheon $442,265,464 for design, development, testing, integration, and logistical support of a force element terminal (FET) system that will transition the B-52 and RC-135 hardened communication terminals from the Military Strategic Tactical Relay satellite communications constellation to Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite constellation.




Lockheed Martin $473,832,955 for Trident II (D5) Life Extension 2 Strategic Systems Programs Alteration Advanced Development Program efforts in Denver, CO (78.7%); Sunnyvale, CA (5.6%); Beltsville, MD (1.9%); Titusville, FL (1.5%); Cape Canaveral, FL (1.3%); Palo Alto, CA (1.3%); Folsom, CA (1.1%).




Ace Electronics Defense Systems $64,405,123 for production and delivery of manufacturing kits, spare parts and first article testing for the hardware component refresh of the Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System (AN/SWG-5(V)6). AN/SWG-5(V)6 upgrade offers new offensive capabilities to upgraded ships in support of Maritime Strike Tomahawk, addresses obsolescence risks and improves the operability and maintainability of the system hardware.


Aerojet Rocketdyne $76,874,368 for Stinger flight motors. 


BAE Systems $49,620,000 for additional Air Vehicle Planning System (APS) support. Continued maintenance and sustainment activities, ongoing development activities, increased onsite support requirements and required modifications to APS for new and modified weapons. Work at Offutt AFB, NE; Bellevue, NE; and San Diego, CA.


Leidos $7,741,646 for General Electronic Test Station (GETS) test equipment, installation, test program set, hardware, software, upgrades, training, engineering services and repair parts. Work in Huntsville, AL. GETS is depot test equipment used on missile systems. (Leidos received an FMS contract on 31 Dec 2019 to supply GETS goods and services to the Saudi regime, UAE, and Qatar.)


Leidos (Dynetics) $92,999,625 for Test Systems & Equipment Capabilities (TSEC) support and $30,934,550 delivery order for the Guided Weapons Evaluation Facility (GWEF) Radio Frequency (RF) Modernization Design. Provides hardware-in-the-loop simulators for GWEF RF Modernization and AFRL Kinetic Kill Vehicle Hardware in the Loop Simulator system upgrades; joint multi-platform advanced combat identification development; calibration sets integration, and software updates; Air Defense Artillery Phased Technology Digital Command Link, and immediate need technologies to support DOD ranges.


Lockheed Martin $9,829,327 for engineering services on missiles: Hellfire and Joint Air-to-Ground Missile.


Raytheon $10,593,360 for Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile production lot 33 spares.


Raytheon for repair & sustainment services on high-speed anti-radiation missiles for U.S. Air Force ($8,824,266).




Northrop Grumman $45,479,156 for the purchase of two Gallium Nitride full rate production systems and spares in support of Program Executive Officer Land Systems, Quantico, Virginia.




AM General $40,469,946 for transmission hydraulics in Indiana.


BAE Systems $400,905,801 for 160 armored multi-purpose vehicles. Paid for with European reassurance initiative funds.


Caterpillar $13,026,741 for dressed engines with containers for “deuce and a half” medium tactical vehicles.


Condor Pacific Industries of California Inc. $14,461,300 for rate gyro assemblies.


Florida Ordnance Corp. $48,586,695 for M88 Recovery Vehicle diesel cylinder heads.


General Dynamics $29,886,655 for Abrams Systems technical support, including some FMS to Kuwait.


LOC Performance Products $41,439,129 for manufactured T-161 double pin track (comprised of molded track pads, rubberized pins, and forged track shoe bodies with bonded rubber backings) for Bradley vehicles, armored multi-purpose vehicle, and Paladin vehicles.


Marton Technologies Inc. $9,090,390 for continued logistics support services at Fort Riley, Kansas.


Schutt Industries Inc. $51,492,774 for four models of a 2.5-ton single-axle chassis trailer.


Vision Point Systems Inc. $13,500,000 to provide corrosion engineering and logistics technical, analytical, programmatic, research and development, technical assistance, testing, training, and technical writing support for the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVCS) and Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Life Cycle Management Center (LCMC).




MAC LLC $9,998,493 for up to 2,400,000 MK323 Mod 0 polymer cased .50 caliber linked cartridges, and .50 caliber armor piercing/armor piercing incendiary polymer cased linked cartridges.


Olin Corp. - Winchester Division $75,782,692 for ammunition (5.56mm, 7.62mm, and .50 caliber) in Oxford, MS.




Alamo Strategic Manufacturing $8,625,000 for knee and elbow pads. Work in TX, MA, and Puerto Rico.


ArmorSource $17,374,500 for up to 24,300 LGD Sniper Gen II Ballistic Helmets for active duty Air Force security forces.


Conmed Corp. $36,000,000 for hospital equipment and accessories for the DLA Electronic Catalog.


EWR Radar Systems $20,705,290 for the Portable Doppler Radar (PDR) program. 22 PDR systems.


Lions Services Inc. $24,502,400 for hydration carriers for the Army. Lions Services Inc. $10,468,000 for advanced combat helmet chinstraps for U.S. Army.




Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Co. $12,482,499 for mount telescopes for U.S. Army.




Aurora Industries (Camuy, Puerto Rico) $53,594,133 for coats and trousers. Carter Enterprises $21,105,765 for coats and trousers. Federal Prison Industries $24,465,000 for trousers. PRAMA Corp. (Mayaguez) $11,856,002 for coats and trousers for Army and Air Force. UnWrapped Inc. $16,786,440 for leather gloves for the U.S. Army.




Applied Visual Technology Inc. $31,000,000 to design, develop, integrate, manage, deliver, install, test, document and support construction equipment virtual trainers.


General Dynamics $883,000,000 for enhancement and maintenance of Live Training Transformation (LT2) product line, including software architecture, framework, and individual products associated with the product line.


Indtai Inc. $7,640,269 to deliver adult education programs and services at Fort Sam Houston, TX.


TechTrans International Inc. $231,277,398 for event planning, coordination and logistical support for Army training requirements.




M.C. Dean Inc. $98,000,492 to design, develop, and sustain electronic security systems and emergency management systems solutions at shore installations worldwide. 




Bechtel National $35,709,723 for increased permitting requirements request for equitable adjustment at Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant as a result of additional work in the sample management office, waste plan analysis and odor monitoring, Pueblo, CO.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


American Water Operations & Maintenance LLC $7,288,260 for water and wastewater utility service systems for the Air Force in Ohio.




Teva Pharmaceuticals USA $189,694,350 for the supply of Adenovirus Vaccine Type 4 and Type 7 for military recruitment centers throughout the U.S.




Federal Resources Supply Co. $30,000,000 for hospital equipment and accessories for DLA electronic catalog. Simulab Corp. $36,000,000 for hospital equipment and accessories for the Defense Logistics Agency electronic catalog.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


Pinnacle Petroleum Inc., ($63,570,797); Falcon Fuels Inc., ($57,497,366); Brad Hall & Associates ($55,451,197); Petroleum Traders Corp., ($18,411,287); Merrimac Petroleum Inc., ($16,596,199); Mansfield Oil Company of Gainesville Inc., ($9,251,400) Foster Fuels Inc., ($7,238,675); for fuel.




13 companies (including American Airlines, Delta, FedEx, JetBlue, and UPS) compete for portions of $41,441,067 for international commercial air cargo transportation. Services encompass time-definite, door-to-door pick-up & delivery, transportation, intransit visibility, govt-approved third party payment system participation, and expedited customs processing & clearance of less-than-full planeloads for movement of hazardous, refrigerated/cold chain, life & death, narcotics, and other cargo shipments.




General Dynamics Gulfstream $80,138,963 for C-20 and C-37 fleet sustainment: contractor logistics support in Savannah, GA; Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy; Ramstein Air Base, Germany; Andrews Air Force Base, MD; Joint Base Pearl-Harbor-Hickam, HI; Marine Corps Base Hawaii; and Ronald Reagan Airport, D.C.  General Dynamics Gulfstream $18,728,696 for C-20 and C-37 fleet sustainment: uninterrupted continuation of engineering services at Savannah, MD, and Joint Base Andrews, MD. These makes and models can be used for surveillance as well.


General Dynamics Gulfstream $127,430,000 for two C-37B aircraft.


National Technologies Associates Inc. $104,947,467 for contractor logistics; research, development, test and evaluation; limited engineering and maintenance on some aircraft in support of Presidential Helicopters Program Office, Helicopter Marine Squadron One (HMX-1), and Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Twenty-One (HX-21).


ENVIRONMENTAL – The U.S. military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate some pollution.


EA Engineering, Science, and Technology Inc. $36,791,892 for long-term monitoring, operations and maintenance environmental remediation services for facilities in NAVFAC Northwest.


IOEI-EQM JV $35,000,000 to provide emergency, immediate or rapid-response environmental remediation services at contaminated sites.


Jacobs CH2M HILL $2,920,835 to complete a preliminary assessment (PA) and site investigation (SI) assessing the extent of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances concentration in groundwater and soil at various Naval facilities. Tasks re: addressing PA and SI to meet the requirements of the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation & Liability Act sections 104 and 121; Executive Order 12580; and the National Oil & Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan. The PAs and SIs include the main installations, fence-line to fence-line, and all other areas historically owned by the Navy associated with these installations.




DNO Inc. $48,000,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables for Department of Agriculture schools.


Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency $94,213,911 for full food services.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: air operations, bachelor quarters, custodial, electrical, environmental services, facilities investment, fire & emergency services, galley, grounds maintenance, housing, integrated & waste, janitorial services, management & administration, morale-welfare-recreation, ordnance, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, public safety, supply, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, visual services, waste management, wastewater, and water. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate takeover of the Pentagon.


Coastal Enterprises of Jacksonville Inc. $10,168,933 for custodial services at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.


Facility Services Management $14,262,848 to plan, manage and perform operations and maintenance for the Directorate of Public Works at Fort Huachuca.


Global Connections to Employment Inc. $28,683,615 for custodial services at MacDill Air Force Base, FL.


Jacobs $52,317,627 for BOSS at naval installations in Jefferson and Kitsap counties, Washington.


PAE $32,967,099 for six months and increase target cost for Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center (AUTEC). AUTEC range operations support services and maintenance of facilities and range systems. Also responsible for operating a one square mile Navy outpost (likely in West Palm Beach, FL).


CONSULTING, ADMIN – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste (like we see in this category of consulting, admin, and business logistics) would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in U.S. war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the war budget.


Alutiiq Solutions LLC $7,519,828 for support services to include research and analysis, strategic initiative support, executive leadership management support and administrative, operational and technical program support to Naval Air Systems Command Strategic Leadership Services Team.




Noble Sales Co. $30,000,000 to acquire supplies and provide related store operation services required by Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center, Norfolk, for two commercial retail stores on Naval Support Activity, Crane, IN, for materials needed by the Naval Facilities Command Public Works Department.


SAIC $90,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair and operations items in the Northeast zone 1 region of the U.S.




Goodwill Industries of San Antonio Services $7,858,420 for record processing services, inventory, track and store service treatment records for Army service members who have separated or retired from the Total Force.


IBM $145,808,087 for the full range of services supporting and maintaining Army General Fund Enterprise Business System.




Booz Allen Hamilton $8,873,629 for program management support services on the Integrated Personnel & Pay System-Army for the Functional Management Division, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, Technology and Business Architecture Integration Directorate, Arlington, VA.




LTM Corp. $48,000,000 max. for plumbing and mechanical related work at various locations Hawaii. 7 firms, including a few joint ventures, $990,000,000 for construction projects located primarily within the NAVFAC Hawaii.




Agate Construction Co. $9,265,354 to repair the Hereford Inlet seawall, Cape May, NJ.


Brayman Construction Corp. $319,592,539 for labor, rehabilitation of recreational areas, equipment, supervision and modifications to the stilling basin of the Bluestone Dam in Hinton, WV.


Continental Heavy Civil Corp. $23,778,240 for Wallops Beach re-nourishment in Accomack County, VA.


MCON LLC $7,536,190 for raising the Missouri River levee system and installing relief wells, Elwood, KS.


Trade West Construction $52,672,800 to deepen the upstream approach to the locks in the north canal at the Soo Locks complex in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.


Young's General Contracting $9,199,326 to rehab the Clear Creek-Platte River Right Bank Levee System in Omaha, NE.




United Materials of Great Falls (MT) $8,450,955 to build new parking apron and connecting taxiways in Great Falls, Montana.




Arcadis U.S. Inc. $32,000,000 for architect and engineering services. CEMS-RS&H ABQ JV $9,500,000 for architect and engineer services. Rogers, Lovelock & Fritz $100,000,000 for architecture and engineering design services. iina' ba' Inc. $240,000,000 for professional land survey services.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


Advanced Technology Construction, Shape Construction Inc., Vet Industrial Inc., Weldin Construction LLC share $50,000,000 for construction projects primarily within NAVFAC Northwest.


AECOM $7,000,000 for Hurricane Michael repairs (phase 1) to buildings at Naval Support Activity Panama City, FL. EMR Inc. $17,017,000 for design and construction of P288 temporary maintenance hangar at NAS Whiting Field, FL. The Haskell Co. $40,721,092 to repair/renovate hangar 101, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast, NAS Jacksonville, FL.


C.E.R. Inc. $12,886,000 to remove & replace Gambo Creek Bridge on Tisdale Road at Naval Support Facility Dahlgren. New bridge will be reinforced concrete that complies with Federal Highway Administration lane widths for two-way traffic.


Dawn/Higley JV $11,458,223 to repair/renovate an aircraft maintenance hangar in Mansfield, OH.


Haskell $25,630,550 for construction of welding and body shop facility at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany. Project will provide high bay areas to support heavy vehicle and equipment loads and exterior staging areas.


Hensel Phelps Construction Co. $34,227,105 for design and construction of a new warehouse facility of approximately 44,000 gross square foot with associated office space, Fort Meade, MD.


Jacobs Ewingcole JV $21,627,696 for design-bid-build construction packages at Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, Ridgecrest, CA.


Marathon Construction Co. $7,375,000 to repair the quay wall at Naval Base San Diego.


SGS LLC $8,996,222 to design and construct a single story, 13,838 square foot blood donor center at Fort Bliss, TX.


Taylor Engineering – West Point JV $25,000,000 for Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineer Requirements. Complete minor construction projects estimated at less than $2,000,000 at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ.


For military projects for the Baltimore District and within the North Atlantic Division, the following corporations received $40,000,000 each: AECOM, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Stantec Consulting Services Inc., GF-D Design Partners JV, HDR Engineering Inc., Whitman, Requardt and Associates LLP.




Manson Construction Co. $8,396,000 for dredging of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines, LA. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. $10,723,250 for coastal storm risk management work in Southampton, NY.



# # # #


Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist. His work focuses on the U.S. war industry.