Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. Here are all DOD contracts issued during July 2020.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers industry goods and services to allied governments and international organizations.


ASMD LLC $100,000,000 (IDIQ) for projects funded by Japan direct cash contributions (the “Mamizu funds”) and U.S. funds for development of infrastructure & facilities covered by the Defense Policy Review Initiative under NAVFAC Pacific (Hawaii, Guam, Northern Marianas). Work: services for plans and specifications, including design-build request for proposal contract documents and design-bid-build contract documents; technical surveys and reports including engineering investigation, site investigation, topographical survey, geotechnical investigation and munitions of explosive concern investigation; functional analysis concept development / design charrettes; construction cost estimates; and post construction award services. An earlier example of Mamizu funds is here.


BAE Systems $35,683,004 for MK90 grain, shipping of the grains, and return of the empty grain cages to Radford Army Ammunition Plant, which BAE Systems runs. Some FMS (Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore).


Boeing $12,201,000 for FMS (Kuwait): flight control surfaces for F/A-18 E-G aircraft.  General Dynamics $9,203,685 for FMS (Kuwait): adjust delivery schedule for 217 Kuwait M1A2K Abrams tanks.


General Dynamics $10,260,921 for FMS (Taiwan): Abrams systems technical support.


Lockheed Martin $34,177,354 for FMS (S. Korea): the Service Life Extension Program for South Korea's F-16 aircraft.


Lockheed Martin $62,479,903 for support equipment, autonomic logistics information system (ALIS) hardware, training systems, site activations and contractor support for the F-35. Additionally, definitized line items on this contract support tasking that “will result in improvements to the reliability, availability, maintainability and total ownership cost” of the F-35.


Lockheed Martin $18,100,000 for FMS (India): non-recurring efforts and modification of three MH-60R helicopters to the initial India configuration.


Raytheon $12,966,192 for a life of type procurement of known obsolete component in support of AMRAAM production and sustainment. FMS (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Spain).


Raytheon $416,765 for one lot of AIM-9X spares assets for Finland, Apartheid Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Turkey, and Poland.


Raytheon $71,687,560 for production of MK54 Lightweight Torpedo common part kits and spare components for Canada, S. Korea, Denmark, Australia, and Spain.


Boeing $16,800,000 W58RGZ-16-C-0023 for FMS (UAE): AH-64E program work.  Translang Ltd. $7,336,562 for FMS (UAE): training and support to ensure continued sustainment and development of UAE National Defense College.




Boeing, General Atomics, Kratos, Northrop Grumman IDIQ with a shared ceiling of $400,000,000 for work on the Skyborg Vanguard ProgramSkyborg is marketed as being “an autonomous attritable aircraft capable of achieving a diverse set of missions to generate massed combat power; delivering a future Air Force which can deter, blunt and defeat peer adversaries.” [This is a great example of how the industry’s push for great power competition results in concrete contracts, profiting industry.] Prototyping, experimentation, and autonomy development will be “used to deliver missionized prototypes in support of operational experimentation and develop the first Skyborg air platform with modular hardware and software payloads that will incorporate the Skyborg autonomy core system and enable manned/unmanned teaming.”


Curtiss-Wright $7,532,963 for an advanced mission management system in support of MQ-4C Triton.




General Dynamics $13,553,807 for engineering support of ongoing development, test and production of Knifefish, which “will provide persistent volume and bottom mine hunting capability in a contested environment,” according to the contract announcement.


L3Harris $34,999,948 for design and fabrication of a prototype Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicle (MUSV).




DRS $189,828,895 for development, production, deployment, and support of the Mobile-Low, Slow, Small Unmanned Aircraft System Integrated Defeat System.  SRC Inc. $425,870,432 for development, production, deployment and support of the Expeditionary-Low, Slow, Small Unmanned Aircraft System Integrated Defeat System (E-LIDS). 




Advanced Technology International $450,392,000 for large-scale manufacturing of antibodies directed to novel coronavirus.


Becton, Dickinson & Co. $24,281,829 for Veritor COVID-19 test kit production expansion, to establish additional domestic manufacturing capabilities. The Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act under the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act funds are being obligated at the time of award.


GlaxoSmithKline LLC $342,000,000 to procure COVID-19 vaccines from multiple vendors to support military locations and personnel throughout the continental U.S. and outside the continental U.S. Work in Research Triangle Park, NC.


Gotham LLC $42,096,543 for operations of high capacity lab SARS-CoV-2 Clinical Lab Improvement Amendments certified lab, laboratory validation studies, training, custom software interfaces to the electronic health records, and 250,000 collection kits, shipping, and test results. Work at all DOD clinical military treatment facilities within the U.S.


Hardwood Products Co. $51,150,000 for industrial base expansion for U.S. domestic production capacity for medical flock tip swabs. Funded “through the CARES Act to enable and support domestic industrial base expansion for critical medical resources.” Primary tasks include procurement, assembly, and installation of flock tip swab assembly and packaging machinery and buildout of a production facility. 


Hologic Inc. $7,597,607 to build and validate equipment used in manufacturing COVID-19 testing consumables intended to expand domestically manufactured test availability. Work in San Diego, CA; Marlborough, MA; and Menomonie and Somerset, WI.


Renco Corp. $22,400,000 for capacity expansion of Nitrile beutadine rubber (NBR) gloves production for Department of Health & Human Services.


BORDER MILITARIZATION – Perla Trevizo has been doing outstanding investigative journalism for ProPublica regarding the militarized southern border of the U.S.


BFBC LLC $138,335,455 to modify the existing electrical attributes (closed-circuit TV, linear ground detection system, shelters) on the Barry M. Goldwater Range, Yuma 10/27 design-build border infrastructure project, Arizona. BFBC LLC $57,738,442 to design and construct approximately nine miles of three-phase power distribution, lighting, closed-circuit television camera, linear ground detection system and shelters in Yuma.  Southwest Valley Constructors $22,303,760 to modify existing barrier wall electrical attributes in Lukeville, AZ.  Southwest Valley Constructors $24,577,981 to design and build roughly 31.65 miles of power distribution, lighting, closed-circuit television camera, linear ground detection system, and shelters for the Barrier Wall Project, Lukeville, AZ.





SJC-BVIL $9,592,555 for converting the overhead power and telephone lines to underground, from the Navy ammunition area to the Air Force ammunition area along DG1 at Naval Support Facility, Diego Garcia


Vectrus Systems Corp. $529,058,476 for base operations support services (BOSS), including security, at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.




Amentum Services Inc. $15,000,000 for Army prepositioned stock logistics support services in support of maintenance, supply and transportation at Mannheim and Dulmen, Germany. 


J&J Worldwide Services $17,152,516 IDIQ for base operating support services (BOSS) at Naval Station Rota, Spain.


6 firms (2 from the U.S., 1 from Spain, 2 from Turkey, and 1 from Italy) will compete for order under an overall $49,950,000 for construction services in Bulgaria and North Macedonia. 




Erickson Helicopters $30,180,354 for continued air transportation services at Edwin Andrews Air Base, Philippines.


Northrop Grumman $7,845,596 to provide U.S. Forces Korea (Pyongtaek, South Korea) with IT, architecture and engineering, command and control networks, and associated systems support services.


Schuyler Line Navigation Co. $10,420,750 to support Military Sealift Command’s sealift program for transportation and/or prepositioning of cargo by MT SLNC Pax. Work in the Western Pacific (Japan, S. Korea).




Aircraft Services Alliance LLC $17,550,227 for labor services to accomplish on-site depot level maintenance and modification work on all Air Force Special Operations Command C-130s and sub-systems at Hurlburt Field, FL.


Boeing $18,186,000 for MH-47G long lead components and parts for SOCOM. Boeing $265,022,000 for nine MH-47G Chinook aircraft for SOCOM.


Raytheon Technologies (Collins Aerospace) $126,000,000 IDIQ for continued R&D, production, and sustainment of the common avionics architecture system, avionics management system, and cockpit management system used on Army special operations aircraft. 


Sierra Nevada Corp. $700,000,000 for development and procurement of Radio Frequency Countermeasure systems, to be integrated onto AC-130J and MC-130J aircraft “to help protect aircrews from air- and land-based enemy radar and missile systems.” The “under secretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment determined requirements of Title 10 U.S. Code 2371b (d) were met and approved the use of the authority of Section 2371b as essential to meet critical national security objectives.”


SPECIAL OPERATIONS CONSTRUCTION Construction on special operations facilities has taken off in recent years.


Patriot Construction Co. $7,173,707 for construction of training facilities at Camp Lejeune, NC: Special Operations Forces Human Performance Training Facilities, supporting structures, and modifications to buildings (RR-136 and RR-136A), utilities, parking, roadways and site work. 


Russell Construction Co. $10,284,300 to build a Special Operations Forces assessment and selection training complex at Fort Bragg, NC.




Applied Physical Sciences Corp. $10,305,072 to support a DARPA research program. 


Lockheed Martin $11,196,098 to support a DARPA program.


Lockheed Martin $7,451,558 for development, building, integration, assembly, testing, and checkout of the propulsion components for the Stage 2 section of the missile, part of Operational Fires Integrated Weapon System, Phase 3.


Mercury Defense Systems Inc. $7,280,300 for additional in-scope work on a DARPA research project. 


Northrop Grumman $19,660,934 for the base period of a research project for hypersonic boost glide systems.


Raytheon $7,788,259 for a DARPA research project.


SRI International $10,991,741 for a research project under the Semantic Forensics (SemaFor) program. The SemaFor program “will develop technologies to automatically detect, attribute and characterize falsified, multi-modal media assets (e.g., text, audio, image, video) to defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks.” Kitware Inc. $11,947,912 for a research project under the SemaFor program. SemaFor program will “develop methods that exploit semantic inconsistencies in falsified media to perform tasks across media modalities and at scale.” Work in Clifton Park, New York; Corvallis, Oregon; and at university laboratories in New York, New York; Albany, New York; Tempe, Arizona; Urbana, Illinois; and Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Systems & Technology Research $7,735,180 to develop a binary structure inference system to extract software properties from binary code to support repository-based reverse engineering for assured micro-patching that minimizes lifecycle maintenance and sustainment costs.




IT Concepts Inc. $26,308,755 to develop, update, sustain, operate, and enhance a software tool to be “used by members of the acquisition, requirements, operational and intelligence communities” to support and aid in the identification of intel requirements, management of priorities, planning & production of intelligence products, enterprise data analytics, communication, and other associated processes. Work in Vienna and Charlottesville, VA, for the Defense Intelligence Agency.


METIS Solutions LLC $26,951,536 for “counter threat finance” in Afghanistan, National Capital Region, and Florida.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


119 academic institutions $147,050,000 to provide educational services to the entire enlisted workforce and to establish the U.S. Naval Community College in support of the Office of the Chief Learning Officer.


The Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CMU-SEI) $2,697,568,646 for operation of the CMU-SEI Federally Funded Research & Development Center (FFRDC). Advanced technology R&D focusing on computer software technology development and cyber security.


Florida Atlantic University $11,179,001 for the development of a next-generation, high-intake, compact, defined excitation bathyphotometer sensor for natural oceanic bioluminescence assessments. 


Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab $29,702,388 to provide technical and programmatic support of Tactical Space and Small Satellite Portfolio’s core competencies and mission lifecycle. Includes support of mission phases—from concept through design, implementation, operations, and transition of space assets.




Leidos Inc. $34,951,039 for system operations and sustainment services and test and training services in support of the Saturn Arch Aerial Intelligence Systems Quick Reaction Capability Program.


Northrop Grumman $20,715,078 for contractor logistics support services for government-owned, fixed-wing fleet performing “special electronic mission aircraft” missions.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money every few years.


Lockheed Martin $56,100,000 for systems integration engineering support and procures long lead material to ensure ASQ-239 electronic warfare/countermeasures production capability remains on track to meet lot 17 deliveries. Provides continuation of Block 4 electronic warfare development without creating a gap in engineering resources.


Lockheed Martin $87,498,287 IDIQ for non-recurring engineering for the development and maturation of the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) in support of data migration and transition to the newly developed F-35 Operational Integrated Data Network (ODIN). Additionally, this contract provides software and hardware engineering in support of F-35 ODIN development, delivery and associated data management activities for DOD and non-DOD participants.


Lockheed Martin $873,050,699 for support equipment, ALIS hardware, training systems, site activations and integrated contractor support for the F-35. Additionally, definitized line items on this contract support tasking that will result in improvements to the reliability, availability, maintainability and total ownership cost of the F-35 for U.S., non-DOD participants, and FMS.


Lockheed Martin $861,731,778 to procure eight Lot 14 F-35A repositioned aircraft as a result of Turkey’s removal from the F-35 program, and six Lot 14 F-35A aircraft for the Air Force. Additionally, this establishes undefinitized line items that provides recurring engineering in support of the modification of the eight Lot 14 F-35A repositioned aircraft to a full operationally capable F-35A Air Force configuration. 


United Technologies Corp. $21,227,308 to procure additional F135 propulsion systems long lead components, parts and materials in support of USA, UK, and Italy F-35 aircraft.


Walsh Federal LLC $37,327,630 to build an F-35 training and simulator facility, NCAS New River, NC.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $22,890,000,000 IDIQ ($53,000,000 obligated) for the F-15EX system: design, development, integration, manufacturing, test, verification, certification, delivery, sustainment, and modification of F-15EX aircraft, as well as spares, support equipment, training materials, technical data and technical support. 




BAE Systems $26,305,633 for E-2D aircraft electronic phase shifters for USA and Japan. Northrop Grumman $8,269,563 for aircrew, flight test engineering, instrumentation, aircraft technicians and test management personnel to support E-2D Integrated Test Team Delta System / software configuration builds.




L3Harris $20,102,664 for installation of auxiliary power units, digital red switch systems and Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals / Presidential National Voice Conferencing modifications and support on two E-6B aircraft. 




Northrop Grumman $35,964,710 to repair 174 Engine Nose Cowls for the B-52. Work in Lake Charles, Louisiana.




ERAPSCO JV and USSI $71,801,600 for a maximum quantity of 20,000 AN/SSQ-125 Sonobuoys production. Sonobuoys are air launched expendable acoustic sensors that relay underwater sounds associated with ships and submarines. 


Lockheed Martin $16,345,048 to refurbish rocket motors and thrust vector control used on vertical launch assemblies for anti-submarine rocket assisted torpedoes.


Signal Systems Corp. $13,467,258 for products for airborne anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and undersea warfare continued R&D efforts: Applications to be further developed include acoustic ASW sensors and systems; telemetry and recording systems; signal and data processing; algorithm development; mathematical modeling; system and application prototyping; active and passive display enhancements; information assurance, anti-tampering and cybersecurity concepts; and techniques and analysis to predict the performance of the associated ASW systems.




Lockheed Martin $15,000,000,000 IDIQ for C-130J development, integration, retrofit and production activities for all C-130J variants. Provides ”flexibility to accommodate the broad enterprise of activities associated with the C-130J program.” Involves unspecified FMS.


Thomas Instrument $7,100,000 for the depot-level overhaul of the C-5 visor door actuator.




Boeing $16,414,050 for KC-135 aircraft structural component fittings (landing gear trunnions).




Analysis, Computing & Engineering Solutions $19,062,904 for R&D on C4ISR for Naval Research Lab.


A-Tech Corp. $16,923,957 for a communication system with two-way time transfer operating within W/V-bands and incorporating Free Space Optical links. System “will model Heterogeneous Optical W/V-band Demonstration, evaluate and develop its components and demonstrate its potential at meeting these objectives.”


Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. $7,687,489 for Infrared Radiation Effects Laboratory (IRREL) operation and improvements program. Aims to provide radiometric and radiation characterizations of focal plane arrays (FPA) and associated devices. Work includes development of characterization and analytical techniques, test hardware and operational, and test procedures that advance the experimental capabilities of the IRREL. Work for AFRL, Kirtland Air Force Base, NM.


Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc. $20,000,000 for advanced propulsion concepts and cycles R&D for AFRL.


Leidos $30,000,000 IDIQ (first task order $341,500) for high speed attack munitions research. The five-year contract will support R&D, “advancing state of the art in weapons airframe research to explore the impacts of complex flight environments on advanced weapon systems.” Work at Eglin AFB, FL.


Navatek LLC $9,170,852 to “advance the state-of-the-art autonomous command and control of shipboard power systems… in order to harness the full energy available in the Navy’s ships to meet critical mission needs.”


Undersea Signal Systems $28,323,687 to develop a prototype sonobuoy: Extended Range Directional Frequency Analysis & Recording (ER-DIFAR), “to address new and quiet threat submarine targets.” For Office of Naval Research.




Nextech Solutions $8,873,184 for procuring REDCOM Sigma System core and maintenance at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.




Airbus Helicopters Inc. $73,999,755 for UH-72 D-2 aircraft, 18 jettisonable cockpit doors, 14 engine inlet barrier filters and 14 environmental control units. 


Boeing $11,250,000 to update critical safety items for the AH-64E “Apache” attack helicopter.


Kearfott Corp. $7,190,506 for maintenance and overhaul of the electro-mechanical actuator, a Lockheed Martin UH-60 “Blackhawk” helicopter part. Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $19,511,833 to overhaul & repair the tail rotor blade with pitch horn replacement for UH-60 aircraft.




AECOM, AKIMA Logistics Services LLC, DynCorp, Jacobs, Leidos, M1 Support Services LP, PAE, Vertex Aerospace $14 billion IDIQ for Aircraft Maintenance Enterprise Solution – “a strategic sourcing vehicle for Air Force-wide contracted aircraft maintenance” focused on fixed-wing aircraft.


DynCorp $17,760,615 for J85 engine maintenance at Laughlin AFB, TX.


Moog Inc. $9,587,599 for slip ring assemblies.


PAE $25,918,520 for ongoing maintenance and logistics support for Northrop F-5F and F-5N aircraft in Key West, FL (40%); Fallon, NV (30%); and Yuma, AZ (30%).




A Finkl & Sons Finkl Steel-Chicago $7,181,165 for hollow preform forgings for Watervliet Arsenal, New York. 


GMS Industrial Supply Inc. $92,711,938 for shop equipment.


Raytheon $6,000,000,000 for depot-level repairables and consumable spare parts, as well as repair and engineering services for multiple weapon systems. The facility (Andover, MA) that received this contract typically works on the PATRIOT missile system, radomes, radio frequency exciters, and antennae.




Howell Instruments Inc. $8,034,280 for production of environmental control test sets.




General Electric $259,403,817 for supplies related to airplane engine platform support. Some unspecified FMS.




Lockheed Martin $7,344,470 for AEGIS Platform Systems Engineering Agent efforts for the integration and delivery of AEGIS Baseline 9 capabilities. Provides completion of the development & fielding of the AEGIS Baseline 9 AEGIS Weapon System and integrated AEGIS Combat System on the remaining AEGIS Technical Insertion (TI) 12 configured destroyers as well as TI 12 and TI 08 configured cruisers.


Lockheed Martin $7,634,002 for production and delivery of AEGIS weapon system MK 6 MOD 1 spares for new construction and AEGIS modernization guided missile destroyers. 




General Atomics $32,320,871 IDIQ for submarine demonstration hardware: manufacturing design drawings, engineering, fabrication, inspection and assembly of prototype submarine components, as well as the equipment required to support proposed R&D, testing, and evaluation.


General Dynamics $8,127,069 for alterations during the USS South Dakota (SSN 790) post-delivery work period (PDWP). General Dynamics $7,829,633 for alterations during the USS South Dakota (SSN 790) PDWP. General Dynamics $7,765,664 for planning and execution of USS Delaware (SSN 791) PDWP.


Huntington Ingalls $35,346,618 to continue repair, maintenance, upgrades and modernization efforts on the USS Helena (SSN 725) dry-docking selected restricted availability (DSRA). Includes upgrades and modernization efforts.


Huntington Ingalls $36,566,645 for engineering, technical, trade and program management support of industrial type work for operational and decommissioning submarines, submarines undergoing availabilities/conversion, special mission submersibles, and submarine support facilities. R&D includes “studies to support the future development, production and sustainment phases of the platforms.”


L3Harris $25,713,600 for engineering and technical services for the design, development, testing, system support and production of submarine photonics masts. 


Progeny Systems Corp. $18,063,794 for engineering and technical services for Navy submarines that will include software development, commercial off-the-shelf products, and hardware and software integration. Supplies … will lead to the development of new designs that will replace obsolete subsystems, provide recommendations to reduce acquisition life cycle costs and improve reliability. 




Curtiss-Wright $13,308,348 IDIQ for labor, parts, support to installations, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of Navy equipment manufactured and serviced by Curtiss-Wright Fleet Solutions. 


General Dynamics $10,000,000 for USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) emergency firefighting support, dewatering, safety, and initial clean-up efforts. 


Vigor Marine $133,406,869 to prepare for and accomplish repair and alteration requirements for USS McCampbell (DDG 85) chief of naval operations scheduled depot maintenance availability. Vigor Marine $10,000,000 to support USS Chosin (CG 65) extended dry-docking selected restricted availability, Seattle, WA.


9 firms $49,000,000, increasing the ceiling for a total of $98,000,000 IDIQ for the procurement-involving repair, maintenance, and alteration of U.S. government waterborne vessels and surface ships visiting or homeported in the Hawaiian Islands. Trades required include ship fitting, sheet metal, welding, pipefitting, painting, machining / mechanical, electrical, electronics, woodworking, lagging, and rigging. Sample work might include HVAC, tank work, structural repairs, fumigation, electrical system repair, pump repair, fan repair, decking, fire system repairs, and updates.




Dynalec Corp. $17,685,523 for electronic and communication components for U.S. Navy.


Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems $42,192,128 for production of Next Generation Surface Search Radar (NGSSR) systems. The NGSSR is marketed as able to replace all variants of the current AN/SPS-67, AN/SPS-73, BridgeMaster E series and commercial-off-the-shelf radar systems. The primary objective of NGSSR is “to replace legacy systems due to current military threats and obsolescence issues.” In this contract announcement, we see how MIC hype of “threats” blends with [planned] obsolescence in order to jack up profits for war corporations.




Raytheon $32,192,842 to complete engineering and manufacturing development software development, testing and support to complete the government operational test and evaluation of the Block II Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM). Work in dozens of locations in the U.S. and abroad. ESSM “provides enhanced ship defense.”


Raytheon $16,362,950 for MK54 Lightweight Torpedo common part kits and spare torpedo components.


Raytheon (Collins Aerospace) $125,881,928 for the Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar low rate initial production (LRIP) to be deployed on U.S. Navy ships.




AERMOR LCC $27,000,000 IDIQ to provide test & evaluation support services for the commander, Operational Test & Evaluation Force Undersea Warfare Division.


Amentum Services Inc. $9,209,590 for one more month of operations, maintenance, engineering and management services in support of combined tactical training range systems and equipment.


Appleton Marine Inc. $23,375,696 IDIQ to replace up to 35 Navy slewing arm davits (SLAD), associated test reports, and spare parts for each SLAD, and 11,300 hours of engineering support services for Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division. 


Caterpillar $18,233,057 IDIQ for engineering, logistics and program management services: enhanced life cycle manager, management, and in-service engineering agent support services for military and Coast Guard engine lines under Caterpillar’s cognizance.


DRS $10,048,979 for production of Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) AN/USG-3B equipment sets and installation and checkout replacement components. CEC “is a sensor netting system that significantly improves battle force capability by extracting and distributing sensor-derived information, such as the superset of data that is available to all participating CEC units. The CEC also improves overall situational awareness by enabling longer range, cooperative, multiple, or layered engagement strategies.” Selling technology that merges data is a major theme in contract listings of the past few years.


Global (a 1st Flagship Co.) $8,912,327 for services and material to support & maintain all vessels assigned to NAVSEA Inactive Ship Maintenance Office, Bremerton, WA. Some work in San Diego, CA. Services include receipt, inspection, survey, maintenance, and disposal of vessels. Contractor may perform structural, mechanical and electrical repairs. 


Gravois Aluminum Boats LLC (d.b.a. Metal Shark Boats) $7,027,703 for construction, shipping, and item unique identification and documentation of four 40-foot patrol boats.


Lockheed Martin $12,805,321 IDIQ for materials and engineering services required to develop and integrate technological improvements for the DDG-51 hull; mechanical and electrical machinery control systems (MCS); Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Freedom class MCS; and Landing Helicopter Dock/A (LHD/A) MCS installed onboard current Navy ships in support of Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division. “This statement of work requests highly specialized services that only Lockheed Martin can support. As such, Lockheed Martin has developed proprietary test scripts and test equipment to provide for delivery and support of MCS systems and components.”


Lyme Computer Systems Inc. $31,819,843 IDIQ for commercial off-the-shelf industrial-grade networking hardware and components manufactured by Siemens/RuggedCom. The equipment is used for installation across multiple ship classes, including the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), as part of their hull, mechanical, electrical and navigation network infrastructures. Bloomberg News recently reported on the exorbitant cost of the USS Gerald R. Ford.


Q.E.D. Systems Inc. $18,105,774 for support of engineering services and technical services at various locations throughout the world as assigned by each task order. Q.E.D. Systems $18,105,774 for support of engineering services and technical services. Work at various locations throughout the world as assigned by each task order. Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) engineering, technical, production, and logistic support services (including personnel and facilities) “require establishment and maintenance of rotatable pools of steam propulsion plant main steam and auxiliary steam system components, steam boiler appurtenances and associated equipment and spares required by NSWCPD Code 412.”


Raytheon $9,686,463 for engineering design and component replacement parts for Dual Band Radar systems.


Raytheon $26,463,116 for Air and Missile Defense Radar AN/SPY-6(V) integration and production support efforts. 




Advanced Acoustic Concepts LLC $9,599,727 for updates to the common acoustic simulation environment fidelity implementation software and associated hardware for airborne anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training systems. These updates “will correct known deficiencies, provide capability upgrades and resolve obsolescence issues for installation and integration into ASW training systems for the Navy’s P-8A Poseidon weapons and tactics trainers, part task trainers and tactical operational flight trainers.” These improvements “will narrow the gap between the physics-based ocean environmental simulation and those seen during real world at-sea operations enabling a marked improvement in trainer fidelity and training effectiveness.” These are bold corporate claims in government contracts.


Avian-Precise Co. $19,700,000 for sustainment engineering, training and tools in support of NAVAIR engineering group, Patuxent River, MD (91%), and Jacksonville, FL (9%).


L3Harris $104,029,328 to procure Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM) AN/ALQ-214A(V)4 Onboard Jammer (OBJ) systems and Weapons Replaceable Assemblies, and to repair test assets and field support for in service IDECM OBJ.




Beckman Coulter Inc. $14,916,335 IDIQ for production, test, and delivery of up to 800 particle counter units to replace all existing obsolete units in use throughout fleet. Units measure particle contamination in fluids from aircraft equipment in hangars and depots. Supports the Navy Hydraulic Contamination Program.


Northrop Grumman $9,061,423 for two additional Advanced Tactical Datalink test units and five additional detailed technical demonstrations. Also provides for “studies and analysis of the system relative to emerging mission threats not previously anticipated.” Threats beget profit.


Olympus America Inc. $10,570,631 IDIQ for production, test and delivery of up to 330 Eddy Current Testing Systems, replacing the currently fielded system, to perform nondestructive inspection of aircraft components and support equipment for fatigue cracks and other surface defects on conductive materials.




Deloitte $13,296,822 for engineering changes to the Order to Payment System (OTPS), also known as NEST, to “enable effective management of the current Next Generation Enterprise Network contracts,” as well as obtain the full range of systems engineering, software engineering, project management, integration and application sustainment services to assist and support the Navy’s Program Executive Office Digital and Enterprise Services to complete OPTS/NEST engineering changes.


L3Harris $47,604,086 to design, develop, test, integrate and verify the Navy Wideband Anti-Jam Modem (WAM) and provide engineering support services (ESS). WAM “is the Navy’s next generation wideband satellite communications modem that will be integrated with the Navy multiband terminal on ships and submarines, as well as the modernization of enterprise terminal on shore for communications over the wideband global satellite communications constellation.”


Ultra Electronics (Montreal) $145,375,113 for delivery of Amphibious Tactical Communications Systems (ATCS). ATCS “is a system that leverages the Ultra Orion X500 radio to provide line-of-sight shipboard systems.” ATCS is marketed as supporting “reliable, high-capacity terrestrial, ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore voice, data and video communications.”


Advanced Technology Systems Co., Forward Slope Inc., ITC Defense, Solute Inc., and Veterans First Initiative $75,000,000 IDIQ for C4I integrated international support services in support of U.S. security assistance and security cooperation programs. This contract utilizes FMS funding from various security cooperation partners that will be identified as individual task orders are issued. Work performed in various overseas locations.




Ad HOC Research Associates $11,040,092 IDIQ to support the Cyber Battle Lab, Capabilities Development Integration Division, Futures & Concept Center, Army Futures Command development and experimentation regarding all areas of cyber electromagnetic activities “to include cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, DOD Information Network-Army (DODIN-A), and information operations.” Work at Fort Gordon, Georgia.


L3Harris $64,232,376 IDIQ for Telemetry Security Products (TSP) and ancillary services. Manufacture and deliver all TSP, National Security Agency (NSA) approved class one encryption products and NSA-approved encryption accessories, in accordance with individual delivery orders. L3Harris goods and services rendered: telecommunications electronics materials protected from emanating spurious transmissions test, electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference test, product upgrade/enhancement, repair and technical support as required. 


SRC Inc. $7,458,946 for the sensor beam program: research, analyze, technically document and perform reviews on electromagnetic systems, events and signatures at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, TX. SRC Inc. $7,627,257 for primarily platform electronic fit and supporting telecommunication parametric data support under IDIQ for the sensor beam program. Research, analyze, document, and review electromagnetic systems, events, and signatures required by all services and other U.S. agencies.




Accenture $89,615,577 to sustain existing infrastructures and establish new cloud common infrastructure and services for Air Force enterprise resource planning: Air Force Integrated Personnel & Pay System, Defense Enterprise Accounting & Management System, and maintenance, repair and overhaul initiative. 


Carahsoft $29,837,009 for moving the logistics modernization program to the cloud at Fort Belvoir, VA.  NCI Information System $57,285,857 for IT and audiovisual engineering and installation services at Fort Belvoir, VA.


Transcend Technological Systems $485,000,000 IDIQ for the Hill Enterprise Data Center (HEDC) – sustainment, modernization, and consolidation, Hill Air Force Base, Utah.


ARES Security, AT&T, Centauri, Cogniac, NanoVMs, Pacific Defense, SRC Inc., Systematic $950 million IDIQ for work on maturation, demonstration, and proliferation of “capability across platforms and domains, leveraging open systems design, modern software and algorithm development in order to enable” Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2). Provides “development and operation of systems as a unified force across all domains (air, land, sea, space, cyber and electromagnetic spectrum) in an open architecture family of systems that enables capabilities via multiple integrated platforms.”  Accenture, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Black River Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, CAE USA, CUBIC, Global Air Logistics & Training, Leidos, Mercury Defense Systems, Metron Inc., NetScoutsystems Inc., Octo Consulting Group Inc., Omni Fed LLC, Rincon Research Corp., Rise8 Inc., SAIC, Strategic Mission Elements, Wind River Systems were awarded what seems to be a separate $950 million IDIQ for work on the maturation, demonstration and proliferation of capability across platforms and domains, leveraging open systems design, modern software and algorithm development in order to enable Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2). Provides “development and operation of systems as a unified force across all domains (air, land, sea, space, cyber and electromagnetic spectrum) in an open architecture family of systems that enables capabilities via multiple integrated platforms.”




Advanced Concepts Enterprises $43,099,833 for services for training support/mission system interface and staff support services to the Control and Reporting Center, Battle Control Center, Air Operations Center and Tactical Air Control Party missions at various locations. 


Filius Corp. $70,617,597 IDIQ for AN/TYQ-23A (V)1 Tactical Air Operations Module logistics support, including software/firmware upgrades. Includes maintenance for any future technologies designed to be implemented in the TYQ-23A. 


L3Harris $7,791,645 M67004-19-D-0002 for refurbishing Marine Corps radio components associated with controlled cryptographic communications.




LinQuest $76,637,171 for system engineering, integration and test support for programs with increased security requirements, El Segundo, CA.


Lockheed Martin $8,093,513 for delivery of two Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) space vehicles, modifying the On-Orbit Test Process of Space Vehicle 6 under the basic contract.


Motorola $9,887,739 for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) trunking system operations and maintenance of the Air Force Space Command zone core.


Range Generation Next “RG Next” $9,159,458 FA8806-15-C-0001 for the Range Communications Facility timing and sequencing project. Supports on-going launch and test range requirements in Eastern and Western Range (Patrick AFB and Vandenberg AFB, respectively).


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the U.S. war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. war industry.


Boeing $150,000,000 for four additional Configuration 2 Ground Based Interceptor boost vehicles to maintain the fleet and flight test programs, part of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense development and sustainment contract (DSC), the overall scope of which includes development, fielding, test, systems engineering, integration and configuration management, equipment manufacturing and refurbishment, training and operations and sustainment for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense weapon system and associated support facilities.




Hensel Phelps $91,819,195 for a ground based strategic deterrent mission integration facility at Hill Air Force Base. 


L3Harris $73,752,927 for X-ray simulators for test and evaluation of nuclear survivability. 


Northrop Grumman $16,284,463 for Minuteman III general sustainment in Layton, Utah.


Vanguard Pacific LLC $7,304,129 for airfield rubber removal, striping of airfield, streets and parking lots, protective coating and sign maintenance at Joint Base Andrews, MD, and Davidsonville and Brandywine communications sites.




AC Inc. $27,403,200 for Standoff Precision Guided Munitions shipping containers.


American Ordnance LLC $12,744,313 to install package boilers at Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Middletown, Iowa.


Applied Research Associates $17,600,000 IDIQ for the Lethality, Vulnerability and Survivability 2020 effort at Eglin AFB, Florida. R&D of “new LVS models and methodologies, thus allowing analysts to assess concept weapons against existing and developing targets.”


Lockheed Martin $702,881,910 for Hellfire missiles. 


Raytheon $495,058,000 IDIQ for advanced medium range air-to-air missile (AMRAAM) program support and annual sustainment. Provides non-warranty repairs, program support, contractor logistics support and service life prediction program analysis supporting AMRAAM. Raytheon $14,000,000 (approx.) for a life of type procurement of known obsolete component in support of AMRAAM production and sustainment through the program of record.


Raytheon $34,300,000 (approx.) for AIM-9X Block II all up round tactical missiles, Captive Air Training Missiles, and all up round containers for U.S. Navy and Air Force.


Raytheon $17,229,374 for non-recurring engineering in support of upgrading the existing Tactical Tomahawk Guidance Test Set (TTGTS) product baseline to eliminate obsolescence and production issues. Additionally, this order provides for the development, test and delivery of six new TTGTS.


Raytheon $15,296,009 for engineering and technical services and obsolescence solution in support of Standard Missile-2/6 for U.S. (68.2%); Australia, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark (31.8% combined).


Raytheon $375,000,000 IDIQ for R&D of a flight-test ready miniature self-defense missile. 


Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin JV $47,239,843 for full rate production of the Javelin weapon system. 




Northrop Grumman $24,348,775 for support equipment and spares for Joint Counter Radio-Controlled IED Electronic Warfare Increment One Block One Systems for USA (12%) and Australia (88%).


SCD.USA Infrared LLC $17,425,550 for sustainment support services for the AN/VSQ-6B Vehicle Optics Sensor system. 




Northrop Grumman $11,300,000 for transitional development and sustaining engineering services for the Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar (G/ATOR), to include software support activity transition, low/slow/small capability development and ground weapons locating radar improvements.




AM General $44,095,015 for High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle diesel engines with containers. AM General $29,096,971 for the same.


BAE Systems $10,066,599 for technical support services for the Bradley Fighting Vehicles, the Multiple Launch Rocket System carrier, and M113 Armored Personnel Carrier vehicles.  BAE Systems $8,488,692 for technical support services for the same.


Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations $8,709,450 for M870 series low bed semitrailer wheel pneumatic tires. Melton Sales & Service 10,093,553 for transfer transmissions for U.S. Army.


DCX-CHOL Enterprises Inc. $8,125,000 IDIQ for grip assemblies for U.S. Army.  EFW Inc. (an Israeli Apartheid corporation) $11,999,844 for Bradley Fighting Vehicle controller grip assemblies.


General Dynamics $249,000,000 for Increment I of the Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport. General Dynamic $44,415,556 to procure improved fire control electronics units in support of Abrams expedited active protection system-trophy. 


Oshkosh Defense $14,434,397 to retrofit mufflers, forward facing cameras, larger rear door transparent armor and muffler robustness into the baseline configuration of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle family of vehicles. Oshkosh Defense $9,073,083 to perform system technical support efforts.


Schroth Safety Products $9,847,500 for safety harnesses to secure Stryker vehicle occupants.


TAC Industries $69,422,312 for cargo nets for the support equipment and vehicles division at Robins AFB, Georgia.


Walsh Motor City JV $22,344,000 for design and construction of a high-voltage substation at Detroit Arsenal, MI.




DRS $250,000,000 to replace aging Joint Tactical Terminals scheduled for end of life in fiscal 2025.


VS2 LLC $36,672,648 for logistics support services (maintenance, supply and transportation) at Fort Benning, GA.




Aurora Industries (Puerto Rico) $17,203,245 and Coachys & Associates $15,965,766 for extreme cold/wet weather jackets for U.S. Army and Air Force.


Crown Clothing Co. $12,518,363 for various types of men's coats for USMC.


Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) $14,220,050 for physical fitness uniform trunks.

New MD Clothing $12,268,935 IDIQ for men’s and women’s Army uniform dress coats.


Valley Apparel LLC $9,894,000 for working parkas. 


Owyhee Group Co. $9,209,263 for Army cold weather combat boots.




Indtai Inc. $9,598,566 for educational support services in support of the U.S. Army Continuing Education System. 


Qbase LLC blanket purchase agreement (BPA) with an overall ceiling of $103,569,634 to provide a broad range of IT support services for all of the Defense Acquisition University locations. The BPA will support video services operations, enterprise service desk/regional IT, transition services, enterprise architecture, enterprise/network infrastructure, enterprise cybersecurity, telecommunications, web application design/development/maintenance and software, data warehousing, acquisition workforce qualification initiatives, systems engineering, talent management system, learning management system, human resources system and hardware installation.




Northrop Grumman $70,337,682 IDIQ for development and delivery of the PC-based Open-architecture for Reconfigurable Training Systems (PORTS). Also provides PORTS life cycle support.


FSCX Inc. $82,000,000 for survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) training support services. Provides contractor personnel to augment 336 Training Group active SERE specialists in the instruction of academics, laboratories, and field operations at Fairchild AFB, WA, and Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland, TX.


Threat Tech-Yorktown Systems Group JV $31,362,444 for core functions support services for U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command, Fort Eustis, VA.


RQ Construction $61,305,341 task order for construction services for the Mariner Skills Training Center, Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. The two-story building will accommodate office, administration, and training spaces along with a high-bay area (for large bridge trainers to simulate conditions from the bridge of a ship).




Cubic Defense Applications $99,100,000 IDIQ to development, delivery and total life cycle support of a new virtual environment training system. Includes updates, maintenance, upgrades, and modifications to surface ship trainers and associated courseware. This system will be one of the pillars under the Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment Program.


Modern Technology Solutions Inc. $23,182,248, more money to enhance and maintain the current suite of distributed digital simulation and system of systems unique development facilities.




Advantor IDS $9,999,999 IDIQ for intrusion detection system (IDS) supplies and ancillary services at Edwards AFB, CA.


Catalyst Engineering Inc. $15,000,000 IDIQ for fencing construction at government installations within metro San Diego, CA; Naval Bases San Diego, Coronado and Point Loma; and MCAS Miramar.


Leidos $58,487,824 to meet the requirements of the Automated Installation Entry system [pdf].


Oceanetics $11,811,782 for design, fabrication, and installation of a waterside security barrier (WSB) system at three commercial shipyards located in San Diego Bay: General Dynamics, BAE Systems, and Huntington Ingalls. Includes training of personnel on maintenance & operation of the system. The new WSB “will meet force protection requirements and allow for the cessation of manned security patrols.”


TeamGOV Inc. $7,531,979 to maintain complete and functional access control point control systems at Killeen and Fort Bliss, TX; McAlester and Fort Sill, OK; Fort Polk, LA; White Hall, AR; Camp Roberts and Fort Irwin, CA; Dugway Proving Ground, UT; Fort Huachuca, AZ; and White Sands Missile Range, NM.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


American Water Operations & Maintenance $26,919,360 for ownership, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater utility systems at Fort Polk, LA.  American Water Operations & Maintenance $7,636,368 to increase the operations, maintenance, renewal, and replacement charges for the water and wastewater utility systems at Vandenberg AFB, CA.


The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., $13,833,549 task order for repairs and improvements to the industrial wastewater treatment plant at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. 




American Surgical Instrument Repair $33,000,000 IDIQ for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA electronic catalog.


Altitude Technologies $46,445,291 IDIQ for numerous medical surgical products.


Government Marketing & Procurement $18,000,000 for Vocera wireless hands-free communications systems and supporting hardware/software infrastructure. Paid for with Defense Health Program funds.


Hikma Pharmaceuticals USA $42,907,336 IDIQ for various pharmaceutical products. Fresenius Kabi USA $39,209,282 IDIQ for numerous pharmaceutical products. Marlex Pharmaceuticals $9,274,712 for various pharmaceutical products.


New Market Veterans ($15,061,167), Big Apple Visual Group ($14,604,768), Hilo Enterprises ($13,235,571) for surgical masks. Locations of performance are Virginia, New York, China, and Taiwan


Stryker Corp. $225,000,000 IDIQ for patient monitoring and capital equipment systems and accessories. Draeger $60,000,000 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables and training.




Teledyne Brown Engineering $83,647,556 IDIQ for R&D support services for the Medical Modeling and Simulation Planning Tools Sustainment, Enhancement & Application program for Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, CA.




HDR Architecture $13,781,605 (first increment $3,000,000) to provide post-construction award services for the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center addition / alteration at Naval Support Activity Bethesda, MD. Per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii)… this contract was sole sourced because of the corporation’s “uniquely qualified position to perform the required work.” Non-competitive contracts are awarded all the time. Non-competitive construction contracts are fairly rare.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


EA-Baker JV $99,000,000 to support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in executing the Defense Logistics Agency Energy fuels infrastructure mission for fuel leak detection. 


Stonewin LLC $7,775,696 for various types of fuel. 


BP ($382,860,418), Chevron ($62,422,099), PAR Hawaii Refining ($202,881,454), Petro Star ($143,705,408), Phillips 66 ($103,018,608), Sinclair Oil ($43,766,148), Tesoro ($474,879,154), US Oil & Refining Co. ($133,711,119), Valero ($292,395,776), Wyoming Refining Co. ($12,203,836) IDIQ for various types of fuel.




American Petroleum Tankers $26,462,500 for the U.S. Flagged, West Coast, Jones Act tanker vessel M/T Empire State.




Crowley Government Services $328,000,000 for continued surface transportation coordination services for the movement of freight within the continental U.S. (CONUS) and Canada under the DOD Freight Transportation Services program to DLA and Defense Contract Management Agency.


James J. Flanagan Shipping Corp. $144,135,422 for stevedoring and related terminal services at ports in Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and Port Arthur, Texas. 


Northrop Grumman $10,445,294 task order to provide non-personal advisory and assistance service for analytic and engineering support for Transportation Command and its component commands in support of the Joint Deployment & Distribution Enterprise. Work at Scott AFB, Illinois.




Alpha Marine Services LLC $9,754,990 for the time charter of seven tractor-like tugs in support of Navy bases at Kings Bay, Georgia, and Mayport, Florida.


Crowley Government Services $24,070,898 to continue the operation and maintenance of five T-AGOS ocean surveillance ships and two T-AGM missile range instrumentation ships. Work at sea worldwide.


TOTE Services LLC $7,965,634 for operations and maintenance of the offshore petroleum discharge system vessels, USNS Wheeler and USNS Fast Tempo. Vessels continue to support MSC’s worldwide prepositioning.


Transoceanic Cable Ship Co. $18,577,008 to continue with CS Global Sentinel, utilized to lay and repair cable for the DOD worldwide. 




Savi Technology Inc. $45,805,123 for active radio frequency identification transponder tags to track equipment worldwide.


Synergy Logistics Services $10,480,079 SP3300-20-D-5001 for warehousing services.


ENVIRONMENTAL – The U.S. military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


HDR $75,000,000 IDIQ to conduct marine species monitoring services and implement components of the Navy’s Integrated Comprehensive Monitoring Program in NAVFAC Atlantic and Pacific.


Liberty JV $40,000,000 IDIQ for environmental restoration projects in NAVFAC Northwest. Restoration services under DOD’s Environmental Restoration Program, which includes Installation Restoration Program and Munitions Response Program, complies with CERCLA (“Superfund”), and supports Navy & Marine Corps base realignment and closure effort and “similarly complex local and state environmental investigations.”


Kanto Kosan Co. and Seaon Environmental LLC $35,201,535 IDIQ to provide oily wastewater purification services. Includes providing an oily water disposal barge, arranging oil/chemical separating barge consisting of a receiving tank, oil collecting tank, and a minimum of three settling tanks and purifying collected water/oil and discharge to the sea in accordance with applicable regulations in support of the U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center, Yokosuka and Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka Port Operations.


TEC-AECOM Pacific JV $15,000,000 (raising contract to $88 million) for architect-engineering services for the preparation of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents and environmental studies for Navy and Marine Corps within the Pacific Basin and Indian Ocean areas.




Duke Energy Progress $50,998,450 to install the energy conservation measures to meet Fort Bragg's energy goals and objectives. Duke Energy Progress $54,380,341 task order for the implementation of eight energy conservation measures at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Provides for implementation of energy conservation measures that include energy management control system integration; surgical control repairs and legacy designs; water/waste water infrastructure repair and enhancements; emergency operation centers for water/waste water; supervisory controls and data acquisition life cycle operational standards; bipolar ionization up-fits for air handling units at bachelor enlisted quarters buildings; and parking lot and roadway lighting controls. The primary goal of the project “is to reduce energy consumption and provide more resilient and sustainable facility infrastructure.” These are superficial measures insofar as there is no real emphasis on reducing unnecessary and elective DOD operations worldwide, which are the source of vast pollution.




Grasmick Produce Co. $20,304,000 for fresh fruit and vegetables for DOD, Department of Agriculture schools, and reservations. Texas Workforce Commission (Austin) $38,802,551 for full food services at Fort Bliss, Texas. US Foods Inc. $33,298,080 for full-line food distribution. US Foods Inc. $22,000,000 for full-line food distribution.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: air operations, bachelor quarters, custodial, electrical, environmental services, facilities investment, fire & emergency services, galley, grounds maintenance, housing, integrated & waste, janitorial services, management & administration, morale-welfare-recreation, ordnance, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, public safety, supply, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, visual services, waste management, wastewater, and water. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate takeover.


Coastal Enterprises of Jacksonville $8,248,306 for grounds maintenance services at Camp Lejeune; MCAS New River, NC; and other outlying locations. Includes landscaping, mowing, trimming grass, weed control, and fire ant treatment.


Nugate Group LLC $36,074,891 for custodial services at Fort Hood, including cleaning and trash removal.


Perry Management Corp. $15,041,798 IDIQ for refuse collection/disposal—includes asbestos disposal specific to Joint Base San Antonio Lackland, Texas. 


TSAY/Ferguson-Williams LLC $7,294,065 for base operations and maintenance services at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field.


Jones Stevedoring Co. $23,924,794 for stevedoring and terminal services at ports in Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, and Grays Harbor, Washington.




BAE Systems $495,482,136 IDIQ for the Instrumentation Range Support Program: Provides for serviceable components and subsystems for instrumentation tracking systems, worldwide for both foreign and domestic government agencies to include radars, telemetry and optical range mission systems, flight termination systems, data acquisition systems and GPS. Work on participating ranges in the program, including DOD, NASA, Department of Energy, as well as foreign ranges in the U.K., Germany, Norway, Sweden, S. Korea, and Switzerland. 


Scientific Research Corp. (Atlanta) $28,543,191 to provide a full spectrum of support to the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex at Eielson Air Force Base.


CONSULTING, ADMIN & LOGISTICS – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste (like we see in this category of consulting, admin, and business logistics) would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in U.S. war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the war budget.


Boeing $81,000,000 for broad supply chain management of industrial hardware relating to maintenance, repair, and overhaul missions. In this contract, DLA pays Boeing to do what DLA is supposed to do.


Boston Consulting Group $8,340,080 for planning, programming, budget execution and assessment, to include audit processes to modernize Marine Corps corporate governance. The objective of this action is to explore, rationalize, analyze, and report on requirements, resources, risks and their impacts (direct, secondary, tertiary).


Carahsoft $16,043,475 for contractor staff augmentation services “to migrate the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program components and Global Combat Support System-Army” [GCSS] system at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.


Kearney & Co. P.C. $11,119,320 for advisory and assistance support: continues support for Total Force analysis to include capability and capacity analysis of Air Force mission areas; linking results to the strategy, planning, and programming process; performing planning, programming, and budgeting study excursions; analytically supporting Total Force initiatives, strategy review and assessment, and planning support.


Salient CRGT Inc. $21,984,298 to provide support with program management, program planning and execution, Joint Staff actions process training, Actions Division customer service help desk services, strategic planning and analysis assistance, correspondence management, and communications and editorial functions.


Booz Allen Hamilton, Calibre Systems, Janus Research Group, Tec-Masters, Yorktown Systems Group $247,000,000 to provide support to the Fires Center of Excellence; all commands on Fort Sill, Oklahoma; and Army Futures Command, to develop and produce training strategies, doctrine, concepts, instruction and products for the current and future force. 




MNDPI Pacific JV $99,000,000 IDIQ for projects under NAVFAC Pacific: Guam and the Northern Marianas (70%); Australia (10%); Japan (10%); and Hawaii (10%). Services include military construction (MILCON) project documentation (DOD Form 1391); functional analysis & concept development workshops; design charrettes; design-build request for proposal; design contract documents; technical surveys and reports, including concept and engineering studies, site engineering investigation, topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, hazardous material survey, munitions of explosive concern survey, hydrographic survey and others; construction cost estimates; collateral equipment buy packages; furniture, fixtures and equipment; and post construction award services. 


POWER Engineers Inc. $60,000,000 IDIQ for architect-engineer (AE) services for various electrical engineering projects and related services at multiple locations in NAVFAC Pacific, including, Guam and the Northern Marianas (70%); Australia (10%); Hawaii (10%); and other areas (10%). Services include engineering studies; preparation of DOD 1391 documents; plans, specifications and cost estimates/parametric cost estimates, including preparation of design-build request for proposal contract documents or design-bid-build contract documents; functional analysis and conceptual design development; as-built drawings; and post-construction services.


Jacobs/B&M JV $99,000,000 for architect-engineer services: includes design, engineering, specification writing, cost estimating and related services under NAVFAC Pacific: Guam and the Northern Marianas (75%); Australia (15%); Hawaii (5%); and Diego Garcia (5%). Work: preparation of region/Facilities Engineering Command team; DD Form 1391 project documentation; engineering studies; specifications utilizing the Department of Defense SpecsIntact program; cost estimates utilizing the micro-computer aided cost estimating system (second generation); design and engineering services for functional analysis and concept development; request for proposal (RFP) documentation for design-build projects; and RFP documentation, plans and specifications for design-bid-build projects.


Venegas JV Inc. (Ponce, the colony of Puerto Rico) $45,000,000 to support the advanced contract initiative for emergency temporary roof repairs for the eastern region of Puerto Rico. Power Instrumentation Services (Vega Baja, Puerto Rico) $45,000,000 to support the advanced contract initiative for emergency temporary roof repairs for the western region of Puerto Rico. 




Babcock SDV LLC $7,962,753 for clearing and snagging, top bank shaping, channel excavation, disposal of excavated materials, shoal removal and seeding and mulching, Caruthersville, Missouri. ESI Contracting Corp. $11,662,196 for Missouri River levee system repair in Brunswick, Missouri. Randy Kinder Excavating $8,890,292 for clearing, snagging and channel excavation of Ditch 251 Upper in New Madrid and Pemiscot Counties, Missouri.


Geo Consultants Corp. $25,000,000 for foundation pressure relief well engineering with geophysical surveying for the Great Lakes and Ohio River.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. $30,695,071 for beach nourishment from Brigantine Inlet to Great Egg Harbor Inlet, Absecon Island, Atlantic County, NJ.


JLC Trucking LLC $8,353,878 for levee gravel resurfacing and related work along the St. Francis Levee in Wynne, AR.


Joseph B. Fay Co. $12,938,950 for repair and rehabilitation of the gate hoist machinery and the performance of control-system upgrades at the Montgomery Locks and Dam, Monaca, PA.


Kiewit Infrastructure South $7,015,443 to restore the North Jetty at Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia County, FL.


Phylway Construction $51,702,210 for construction of hurricane protection features, Plaquemines Parrish, LA.


Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel $48,002,240 for flood control on the Mississippi River and tributaries.




Airfield Contracting $21,456,750 to repair airfield drainage at Laughlin AFB. 


Mathy Construction Co. $8,870,763 for asphalt paving at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.


South Dade Air Conditioning & Refrigeration $49,877,832 to provide road repair and paving in support of Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield, GA.


S&S Concrete Construction $10,000,000 for asphalt paving & concrete work at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Georgia.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


Agile Infrastructure Services $13,000,000 for construction, repair, maintenance of facilities, Fort Jackson, SC.


Ashford Leebcor Enterprises III $8,134,009 to renovate Building 11 for Defense Logistics Agency in Richmond, VA. Ashford Leebcor Enterprises $7,711,655 to renovate Building 32 into a fitness center at DLA & Defense Supply Center, Richmond, VA.


Bamforth Engineers & Surveyors Inc. $8,144,376 task order for the full design of aircraft maintenance hangar P475 at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina. Bristol General Contractors LLC $22,974,412 for a Mission Training Complex at Shaw Air Force Base: a small standard design complex that includes security access facility, tactical operations center pads, building information systems, energy monitoring and control system connection and intrusion detection system installation. 


B.C. Schmidt Construction $10,000,000 IDIQ for new flooring work, additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs at various locations within Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, California. Bilbro Construction Co. $10,580,888 to repair a firefighting operations facility at Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, CA. Heffler Contracting Group $25,000,000 IDIQ for heavy and civil engineering construction at various locations within the metro San Diego, CA area (Naval Bases San Diego, Coronado, Point  Loma and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar). Heffler Contracting Group $24,000,000 for new electrical work, additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs within the Naval Base Coronado, Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base San Diego, and MCAS Miramar. Jacobs-EwingCole JV $29,944,543 for post-award design services (PADS) and post-construction award services (PCAS) to support multiple construction projects related to earthquake recovery and repair at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, CA. Public Works Contractor $9,586,249 task order to repair boiler buildings 1577E1, 1577E2 and 1577E3 at Twentynine Palms, CA. Include hydro testing, boiler inspections, emissions testing and provisions for the cyber security of facility-related control systems. R. A. Burch Construction Co. $8,359,504 to renovate Building F at NAS North Island, Naval Base Coronado. Interior improvements create additional office space on the north side of the building, landscape improvements for the southern courtyard and provide exposed ceilings in the building. 8 firms (7 from Cali and one from Jersey) $99,999,000 IDIQ for new construction, renovation and repair by design-build or design-bid-build of general construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Southwest in California. Construction projects may include, but are not limited to, administration buildings; academic and applied instruction training facilities; maintenance/repair facilities; military operations facilities; aircraft hangars; fire stations; office buildings; laboratories; dining facilities; related structures; and other similar facilities located in California. Wu & Associates Inc.’s initial task order ($633,000) is for repairs, Building 16139, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, CA. 


Barlovento LLC $45,000,000 to support emergency temporary roof repairs for the Gulf Coast of the continental U.S.


Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Cromwell Architects Engineers Inc., Exp Federal Inc. will compete for each order of the $49,900,000 for multidiscipline architect-engineer services. 


CBGG JV LLC $12,982,363 for trailer procurement, delivery, and set-up at Camp Lejeune and MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina. The new facilities will include admin, classroom, post office, medical aid, computer lab, chapel, fire station. RQ-DPR JV $143,587,704 for replacements for buildings damaged during Hurricane Florence, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Archer Western Construction $117,995,000 for replacements for bridges damaged during Hurricane Florence, Camp Lejeune.


C2RL Inc. $9,000,000 for architect and engineering in support of the Tennessee Air and Army National Guard. Richland Industries LLC $24,800,000 IDIQ for a streamlined means to complete minor construction projects at Arnold Engineering Development Complex, Arnold AFB, Tennessee. 


HDR Architecture Inc. $21,000,000 to provide architectural and engineering services in support of construction projects at the Veteran Administration American Lake Campus.


Jacobs EwingCole JV $52,000,000 for multi-discipline architect-engineering services for large projects under the military construction program within NAVFAC Southwest.


LGC Global Inc. $7,506,196 to build a youth center annex at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ. USA Environmental Management $9,473,200 for hot cargo hydrant system replacement at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.


MDJ Contracting Inc., Olgoonik Specialty Contractors LLC, Reese Equipment Co., Vazquez Commercial Contracting LLC will compete for each order of the $42,000,000 for construction requirements at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. 


Military & Federal Construction Co. $10,823,608 for repairs to the bachelor enlisted quarters (BEQ 4313) at Marine Corp Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. 


Modern Technology Solutions Inc. $8,613,292 for continued modernization and engineering for the Air National Guard Air Force Reserve Command Test Center, Tucson, Arizona.


National Native American Construction Inc., Northcon Inc., Alutiiq General Contractors LLC, RORE Inc., M.J. Takisaki Inc., WHH Nisqually-Garco JV 2 $95,000,000 IDIQ for design-build construction efforts at Fairchild AFB, Washington. 


River City Construction $30,100,000 for construction of a consolidated communications building at Scott AFB, Illinois. 


Speegle Construction $10,373,085 to construct two new facilities at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.


Vision Building Energy Efficiency LLC $9,700,000 for HVAC recommissioning and energy optimization services (REOS) to support base-level civil engineers at Air Force facilities throughout the U.S.


Wiley Wilson Burns & McDonnell JV $75,000,000 IDIQ for multi-discipline architect-engineer services for general and administrative facilities within NAVFAC Washington: roughly Maryland (40%); Virginia (40%); and D.C. (20%). Work is design and engineering services of facilities, including child development care, general admin spaces, dining facilities, commissary and exchange, educational, sports and fitness facilities, museums and memorials, training and instructional facilities, wet labs and electronic laboratories.


Blue Tarpon Construction $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the event of an emergency. Hughes Construction Services $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the continental U.S. coastal regions in the event of an emergency. Swan Contracting LLC $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the event of an emergency. Venegas Construction Corp. (Ponce, Puerto Rico) $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the event of an emergency.


6 construction firms $90,000,000 (bringing total to $339,000,000) for construction within Marine Corps Installations East.


7 firms (4 based in Hawai‘i) $90,000,000 for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Hawaii.


14 firms will compete for each order under overall $92,000,000 for construction support on Detroit Arsenal and surrounding locations. 




Don Jon Marine Co. $19,697,607 for dredging the Newark Bay main channel, New Jersey. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. $8,841,345 for maintenance dredging of the inland waterway C&D Canal federal navigation project, Chesapeake City, MD. Inland Dredging Co. $24,000,000 for rental of 24-inch cutterhead pipeline for dredging navigation projects in AL, MS, FL. Manson Construction Co. $8,330,800 for dredge work in the Mississippi River in Venice, LA. Mike Hooks LLC $10,207,400 for pipeline dredging of the Matagorda Ship Channel, Bay City, TX.



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Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist.

His work focuses on the U.S. war industry.