The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $34,050,000,000 on 296 individual contracts during March 2017. This amount does not include 30 Foreign Military Sales transactions worth roughly $4,469,000,000.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.


AM General received $28,195,632 for FMS (Iraq): 150 M1151A1B1 HMMWV.


General Atomics received $39,122,913 for FMS (UK): MQ-9 contractor logistics support in Poway, California, and at multiple overseas locations.


Lockheed Martin received $9,642,689 to provide training material, development & maintenance, instructors, etc. in support of Center for Surface Combat Systems for FMS (Australia, Japan, Norway, South Korea). Not competitive.


Lockheed Martin received $18,951,877 to provide the UK with engineering/technical support and deliverable materials for Trident II (D5) missiles. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(4).


Lockheed Martin received $80,556,000 for additional Aegis implementation studies for future FMS (Japan, South Korea, Spain, Australia, Norway, other unnamed) Aegis shipbuilding programs.


Northrop Grumman received $11,063,339 for FMS (France): upgrade three E-2C aircraft cockpit navigation systems & displays per ICAO regulations.


Raytheon received $199,757,307 for hundreds of AIM-9X Block II lot 17 missiles, containers, and various spare parts/units for USN ($51,002,164; 25.53%); USAF ($111,363,228; 55.75%); Australia ($17,425,125; 8.72%); Indonesia ($5,270,098; 2.64%); Netherlands ($4,909,466; 2.46%); Taiwan ($3,021,918; 1.51%); Romania ($2,152,062; 1.08%); Poland ($1,346,780; 0.67%); Saudi Arabia ($1,055,006; 0.53%); Belgium ($507,717; 0.25%); Turkey ($454,789; 0.23%); Switzerland ($409,199; 0.20%); South Korea ($310,109; 0.16%); Norway ($322,709; 0.16%); Morocco ($72,208; 0.04%); Japan ($58,436; 0.03%); Denmark ($15,427; 0.01%); Finland ($48,373; 0.01%); Israel ($2,178; 0.01%); Singapore ($10,315; 0.01%).


Textron (Beechcraft) received $15,225,799 for FMS (Iraq): Peace Dragon King Air 350 program (logistics, basic life support, repair & return, cost/flight hour, travel & fuel, etc. Work in Baghdad. Sole-source.


United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) received $8,156,606 to remanufacture F100 engine for Indonesia’s Air Force.




Boeing received $18,719,151 to sustain AN/APG63 [(V)1, 2, 3] and Talon HATE radar subsystems for U.S. ANG and Saudi Arabia’s Air Force.


Boeing received $46,399,274 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): interim contractor support for F-15SA aircraft at King Khalid Air Base.


Boeing received $3,276,522,609 for Apache helicopter multi-year lots 7-11, AH-64E full-rate production of remanufactured & new aircraft, remanufacture & new Longbow crew trainers, equipment, spares, logistics, engineering. Includes unspecified FMS to Saudi Arabia.


Critical Solutions International Inc. (CSI) received $131,946,942 for FMS (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia): commercial Husky 2nd generation system, new sub-systems, spare parts, storage, tools, field service reps, and training.


Diplomatic Language Services (DLS) received $9,995,000 for English language training to UAE personnel. Sole-source.


DynCorp received $14,465,990 for FMS: aviation field maintenance services in concert with U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Command, Aviation Field Maintenance Division in Germany, Honduras, Kuwait. Involves Netherlands & Egypt.


Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense received  $27,546,989 for FMS (Israel): Type 1E and Reinforced Detonating Cord.


L-3 received $37,347,368 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): 38,284 M734A1 multi-option fuses; and 165,426 M783 point detonating/delay fuses.


Lockheed Martin received $11,770,930 for FMS (UAE): THAAD ground components.


Orbital ATK received $67,000,000 for FMS (Bahrain, Taiwan, Egypt): SR-116 rocket motors for AIM-9P rockets.


Oshkosh Defense received $15,080,369 for FMS (Jordan and Oman): M1070A1 Heavy Equipment Transporters, with associated testing, spare parts, training.


Raytheon received $202,185,977 for FMS (Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Netherlands, Qatar, Spain, Taiwan): PATRIOT engineering services. A “U.S. ally”, most likely Israel, has recently demonstrated the ability to shoot down a small remotely piloted quadcopter using a PATRIOT.


Raytheon received $23,044,183 for FMS (Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia): support for PATRIOT Field Surveillance program to include missile assessments, testing, recertification, and repair activities.


Woodward FST Inc. received $7,313,497 FMS (Saudi Arabia): overhaul F100-PW-220/220E Augmenter Spraying Manifold. Sole-source.




Battlespace Flight Services received $11,766,078 for remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operations and maintenance support at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan. Battlespace Flight Services received $7,007,039 for RPA operations and maintenance support at Creech AFB and Nellis AFB.


Boeing received $24,685,675 for eighteen QF-16 (lot 5A) targets. Includes associated four-year warranties for drone-peculiar equipment program.


General Atomics received $12,250,789 to fabricate ten MQ-9 (block 5) of each installation kit type: extended range; Barrett Asymmetric Digital Datalink Computer; Beyond Line of Sight; and VORTEX. Includes verification/finalization of Installation Kit Interactive Electronic Technical Manual kit documentation and installation of these kits onto MQ-9 Block 5 aircraft. Sole-source.


General Atomics received $39,541,566 for medium altitude UAS block 30 ground control station production. General Atomics received $98,000,000 to help mature a variety of technology for MQ-9. Sole-source.


NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corp. (NASC) received $12,771,457 for engineering and sensor evaluation (on Precision High Altitude Sonobuoy Emplacement; LADAR Identification Demonstrations; Low Cost ISR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to support Special Surveillance program activities.


Phoenix International Holdings Inc. received $14,518,512 to help ONR with science & technology R&D re: unmanned underwater vehicle-based sensor system testbed and evaluation of advanced sensor and autonomy modules.


Raytheon received $12,625,282 for MQ-1 and MQ-9 support: est. dedicated software team to develop, field, and sustain Medium Altitude Long Endurance Tactical Multi-spectral Targeting systems software line. Sole-source.


Seemann Composites Inc. received $9,098,364 for work on “Materials & Manufacturing Technologies for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.”


Textron (AAI) received $14,820,302 to provide additional Unmanned Influence Sweep System units in support of mine countermeasure requirements.




AT&T Corp. received $12,025,001 for the Priority Telecommunication Service (PTS) to support DHS Office of Emergency Communications (OEC). PTS uses commercially owned public switched network to aid/boost gov/military comms during disaster (natural or man-made).


AT&T Corp. received $8,945,232 to work on Subtask 8.5.5, System Engineering Life Cycle, for PTS to support DHS Office of Emergency Communications (OEC).




Vectrus Systems Corp. received $17,468,173 for IT services to support 2d Signal (Theater) Brigade w/in USEUCOM and USAFRICOM. Work in Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey, and Kosovo.




Greenland Contractors I/S (Copenhagen, Denmark) received $25,560,000 to operate and maintain Thule AB.




Cardinal Health Inc. received $19,962,834 to provide the Afghan National Army and National Police with general-purpose pharmaceuticals. Sole-source.


General Dynamics received $24,371,710 for 73 staff support positions located throughout Afghanistan.


Mission 1st Group, Inc. received $10,007,717 for network and communication, engineering and installation support services to U.S. Army CENTCOM and 335 Signal Command Theater Provisional in Kuwait and Afghanistan.


Raytheon received $9,352,501 for a wide range of Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System services supporting DOD & subsidiary networks and capabilities within USCENTCOM. Work in Kuwait; Jordan; Qatar; Iraq; and Shaw AFB.


Raytheon received $26,661,098 for FMS (Japan, Egypt, Spain, Singapore, Bahrain, Turkey, Jordan, UAE): engineering, product assurance, documentation, configuration management, and logistics to resolve problems related to deployed Homing All the Way Killer (HAWK) missile systems.


SAIC received $8,277,675 for system engineering, modeling & simulation analysis of perimeter security and persistent surveillance systems in support of Product Manager, Electro-Optical Infrared-Force Protection to support current force protection operations in Huntsville, AL; Afghanistan; Kuwait; Iraq.


Vectrus Systems received $521,591,126 for base operations and security support services in Kuwait. Vectrus Systems received $31,354,065 to provide base maintenance contract contingency support of OIR contingency personnel surge in Turkey (Inćirlik AB) and Spain. Vectrus Systems received $28,725,350 for base operations support services in Qatar.




Brantley Construction Co. received $8,456,354 to build a 26,000-square foot special operations forces company operations facility on Hunter Army Airfield.


Cruz Associates Inc. received $140,000,000 for Special Operations Aviation – Specialized Technical Services in support of USSOCOM Technology Applications Contracting Office. Work mostly at Fort Campbell.


Harper Construction Co.; The Haskell Co.; Mortenson Construction; RQ Construction LLC; SOLPAC Construction Inc.; The Whiting-Turner Contracting received a shared $500,000,000 for construction projects located primarily at Naval Special Warfare Command Coastal Campus, Coronado, CA.


Mustang Survival Manufacturing Inc. received $7,000,000 for Maritime Assault Suit systems and lightweight MASS (L-MASS) in support of USSOCOM Procurement division.


Oceus Networks Inc. received $26,001,856 to provide critical planning, implementation, upgrades, tech support, and sustainment of USSOCOM’s Mobile Cellular Network (MCN). Some work in Aberdeen training facility, Fort Bragg.


QuantaDyn Corp. received $27,000,000 for an additional 23 Joint Terminal Control Training & Rehearsal System (JTC_TRS PDF) devices at Ft. Riley; Ft. Campbell; Ft. Wainwright; Wheeler Army Air Field; Ft Stewart; Einsiedlerhof, Germany; Vilseck, Germany; Ft Irwin; Ft. Polk; Hurlburt Field; Nellis AFB; Ft. Carson; Joint Base Lewis-McChord; Ft Hood; Pope Army Air Field; Ft. Bragg; Mildenhall, UK; Cannon AFB; Kadena AB, Japan.


Raytheon received $90,000,000 to support USSOCOM’s Hostile Forces – Tagging, Tracking & Locating program (incl. field service representative, operational planner & new equipment training services for USSOCOM A, T & L).


RQ-DPR JV received $48,125,000 to design/build complete utilities infrastructure at Silver Strand Training Complex-South, Naval Base Coronado.


Soltek Pacific Construction received $15,996,140 to design & build SOF, Special Reconnaissance Team-ONE Operations Facility #1 at NAVSPECWARCOM Coastal Campus, Naval Base Coronado.




Centerra Group LLC received $7,330,436 for base operations support at military and civilian installations in Singapore. Constellis is acquiring Centerra [PDF].


Cubic Global Defense received $17,501,957 to operate the Korea Battle Simulation Center in South Korea.




Booz Allen Hamilton received $20,738,682 to provide DARPA with enterprise support services in Arlington, VA.


Oceaneering International Inc. received $19,331,000 to help DARPA with novel technology options & designs to restore connectivity for tactical data networks using small diameter optical fiber and buoy relay nodes. 




CACI-ISS Inc. received $9,072,160 for architecture, operations, networks and space services at Fort Belvoir.




GlobalFoundries U.S. 2 LLC received $99,754,556 for access to leading edge, current, and legacy microelectronics and trusted processes for DOD and federal agencies. Work is in Burlington, VT, and East Fishkill, NY, for DMEA.




Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) received $7,551,000 to provide assessments & alternatives of offensive capabilities within domains (air, land, sea, space, cyberspace) and areas “that asymmetrically mitigate threat effectiveness, impose cost, create ambiguity in adversary decision-making.”


University of Wisconsin-Madison received $9,858,344 to help DARPA examine the rate, neural representation, and state dependence of learning, performance, & flexibility of an auditory detection/recognition task in mice. U-Wisconsin will also develop & validate an experimental paradigm to characterize evoked neurochemical release as a function of invasive & non-invasive stimulation of the cervical nerve in a swine to complement data obtained in the murine model.




L-3 Communications received $15,049,163 C-12 aircraft maintenance and logistical life cycle support.




Lockheed Martin received $10,470,663 to finish studying F-35 air system Selective Precision Effects At Range Capability 3 risk reduction & integration for UK.


Lockheed Martin received $11,650,000 for initial F-35 operational test & evaluation configuration support for U.S. Navy ($5,169,232; 44.4%); USAF ($3,692,308; 31.7%); international partners ($2,788,460; 23.9%).  Lockheed Martin received $20,639,536 for F-35 LRIP lot 10 advance acquisition airworthiness requirements, technical reviews, deficiency corrections, chase maintenance for USAF ($8,462,813; 41%); USN/USMC ($2,115,703; 10.25%); non-DOD ($5,204,209; 25.22%); FMS ($4,856,811; 23.53%).  Lockheed Martin received $64,686,522 work on F-35 integrated core processor in order to alleviate diminishing manufacturing sources constraints projected under lot 15 production for USAF ($25,864,260; 40%); U.S. Navy ($12,932,129; 20%); USMC ($12,932,129; 20%); int. partners ($12,958,004; 20%).  Lockheed Martin received $95,773,177 to provide F-35 technical & logistics services, training, maintenance/repair services, and supply chain management “for a non-DOD participant”.  Lockheed Martin received $581,798,359 for all sorts of F-35 spares in order to keep delivery on track. Purchases: USAF ($190,222,900; 32.7%); USN ($28,465,807; 4.9%); USMC ($117,959,015; 20.3%); non-DOD ($208,819,069; 35.9%); FMS ($36,331,568; 14.3%).


SOLPAC Construction received $15,588,300 to build an F-35C engine repair facility at NAS Lemoore.




Lockheed Martin received $40,062,000 for F-22 sustainment (provide proofing of time compliance technical orders created to strip and recoat coatings that are reverting on F-22 fleet earlier than expected).




Hamilton Sundstrand received $12,248,136 to repair the constant frequency generator used on the V-22. Sole-source.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing received $168,832,812 for F-15 Combined APG-63 V.3 Radar Improvement Program and APG-82 V.1 Radar Modernization Program upgrades.


Boeing received $371,242,450 for supply chain support for USAF’s F-15 platform. Sole-source.




FAAC Inc. received $9,500,000 for Common Weapon Engagement Zone - Operational Flight program software updates on F-16 Block 15. Sole source.




General Electric received $9,228,947 for F414 Engine Component Improvement program, including engineering & engine system improvement.


L3 Technologies Inc. received $20,834,127 for hi-def visual system & system area network upgrades on F/A-18C/D tactical operational flight trainers.




Boeing received $41,448,248 for F/A-18 A-F & EA-18G integrated logistics support and sustaining engineering for U.S. Navy ($35,221,923; 85%); Australia ($3,445,123; 8.4%); Finland ($467,429; 1.1%); Kuwait ($467,429; 1.1%); Malaysia ($467,429; 1.1%); Switzerland ($467,428; 1.1%); Canada ($455,744; 1.1%); Spain ($455,743; 1.1%).


General Electric received $114,885,988 for 28 Lot 20 & 21 full-rate production F414-GE-400 engines & devices for F/A-18E/F & EA-18 G. Not competitive.


Raytheon received $17,891,347 to upgrade F/A-18E/F and EA-18G APG-79 radar for U.S. Navy ($11,051,347; 61.8%) Australia ($6,840,000; 38.2%).




Northrop Grumman received $91,034,997 to design, develop, implement airborne electronic attack requirements in EA-18G software & hardware upgrades for U.S. Navy ($83,752,197; 92%); Australia ($7,282,800; 8%).




Northrop Grumman received $32,766,375 for software support activity and product support for full-rate production lot 5 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye.


Northrop Grumman received $8,067,747 for E-2D: develop & deliver logistics products, intermediate level repair, and integrated logistics management.




Apollo Information Systems Corp. received $13,115,787 for up to 1,102 Fortinet FortiGate license subscriptions for P-8A communications security for U.S. Navy ($12,947,943; 98.7%); UK ($167,844; 1.3%).


Boeing received $7,451,147 for 93 Replacement Acoustic Processor Tech Refresh units on P-8A for USN ($6,891,071; 92.5%); Australia ($560,076; 7.5%).


Boeing received $11,911,693 for P-8A on-ground, unscheduled airframe engineering assessment and repair.


Boeing received $2,196,638,000 for 17 lot 8 full-rate production P-8A for U.S. Navy (11), FMS (2), cooperative agreement partners (4); long lead parts associated w manufacture of 10 lot 9 P-8A for USN (7) FMS (3). Purchases: U.S. Navy ($1,447,499,092; 65.9%); cooperative agreement partners ($476,809,236; 21.7%); FMS ($272,330,424; 12.4%).


Pole/Zero Acquisition Inc. received $20,296,223 for supplies & services that provide organic P-8A depot-level maintenance repair capability for antenna interface units & components at FRCSW depot.




Lockheed Martin received $11,935,451 to replace three C-130J center wing boxes.




Boeing received $59,233,699 for worldwide KC-46 interim contracting support.


Kelly Aviation Center received $1,001,978,024 for KC-10 engine logistic support (engine teardown & overhaul, on-wing support/contract field teams, engine parts & logistics) at Travis & McGuire AFB; San Antonio, TX; Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Northrop Grumman received $16,925,513 to overhaul KC-10 engines in Cincinnati, OH.


Walsh Federal/Alberici JV received $97,939,000 for construction of the KC-46A two-bay hangar at Tinker AFB.




Northrop Grumman received $29,717,519 for depot maintenance services on 44 USN/USMC Reserve F-5N/F aircraft. 1% of work in Emmen, Switzerland.




Northeast Information Discovery Inc. received $17,826,958 for Collection Techniques for Radio Network Exploration software & hardware. NID will help AFRL with R&D, integrate, prototype, demonstrate, validate, and verify new software capabilities for a software-defined and reprogrammable transceiver that has broad applicability to military-relevant missions.


UES Inc. received $48,744,000 for R&D with laser (materials, techniques) for Blue Systems Survivability program.




AI Signal Research Inc. (ASRI) received $11,352,114 for labor for engineering and support services.




Airbus received $15,599,854 for UH-72 Lakota logistics, parts support, and sustainment.


Breeze-Eastern Corp. received $9,630,858 to overhaul/repair the aircraft-mounted UH-60 winch.


Elbit Systems of America (an Israeli corporation) received $49,884,371 for 126 (max.) helmet display tracker systems (HDTS) and associated line items for U.S. Navy on MH-60. Not competitive, per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1).


Lockheed Martin received $32,263,949 for aircraft spares and manufacturing labor for the CH-53K system demonstration test article.


Raytheon received $9,768,560 to repair H-60 turret, sensor-sight. Sole-source.


TX Aerospace Services received $11,803,850 to overhaul UH-60 cylinder assembly.




Agiltron Inc. received $15,699,200 for fiber optic repair sets (FORS) in support of U.S. Navy and USMC. FORS provide ability to implement low-loss, permanent splices on damaged fiber optic cabling in aircraft avionics bays & compartments.


EDO LLC received $10,779,008 for aircraft spare parts for U.S. Navy and Australia. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1).


Garsite/Progress received $377,500,000 for jet refuelers.


Honeywell International received $7,200,000 to overhaul & repair accessories & instruments to support & sustain A-10, B-52, C-130, C-135, C-5, E-3, F-15, F-16.


Lockheed Martin received $750,000,000 for flight line spare parts.


L-3 Communications received $16,109,145 to help with Chief of Naval Air Training aircraft maintenance at NAS Pensacola (60%); Corpus Christi (40%).


Rolls-Royce received $106,898,882 for maintenance & logistics on ~209 T-45 F405-RR-401 Adour engines at NAS Kingsville (46%); NAS Meridian (42%); NAS Pensacola (11%); NAS Patuxent River (1%).




AAR Supply Chain received $909,394,297 for Landing Gear Performance Based Logistics One program: total supply chain management (purchase, remanufacture, distribute, inventory) supporting USAF requisitions (depot, field-level, FMS, contractor, etc.) for all C-130, KC-135, E-3 landing gear parts.




B/E Aerospace received $11,675,408 for sure pressure boot assembly for USAF.


Northrop Grumman received $10,651,430 for APR-39D(V)2 software & hardware changes, repairs, and production transition.


SRC Inc. received $13,263,034 for Sensor Beam program at Joint Base San Antonio- Lackland. SRC will work on electromagnetic systems, events, and signatures. Includes reprogramming & mission planning to increase fidelity of combat identification and reduce the potential for friendly fire. Sole-source.


Rockwell Collins-ESA Vision Systems received $7,800,000 for work on Joint Helmet Mounted Cuing System (JHMCS) Night Vision Cueing & Display systems’ 16mm inverted image intensifier tube assemblies and for some engineering on the existing tube’s power supply.


Rockwell Collins-ESA Vision Systems received $10,685,146 for production & support (engineering, testing, technical) on Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) Night Vision Cueing & Display (NVCD) systems.




Lockheed Martin received $8,443,815 for ship integration and test of the Aegis Weapon System (AWS) for AWS baselines through ABC 12.


Raytheon received $7,852,566 for Aegis Modernization (AMOD) production requirements [e.g. Multi-Mission Signal Processor Ordnance Alteration (ORDALT) kits; Kill Assessment System ORDALT kits & spares; Radio Frequency Coherent Combiner kits; High Voltage Power Supply Sidewall Capacitors; etc.] for U.S. Navy (97%); Japan (3%). AMOD upgrades Anti-Air Warfare & Ballistic Missile Defense on equipped Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and Ticonderoga-class cruisers. Not competitive.


Raytheon received $37,296,370 for two Missile Fire Control System (MFCS) MK 99 equipment ship sets. MFCS MK99 is a critical component of AWS. 




Austal USA received $36,608,865 for LCS core class services & special studies: assess engineering & production challenges; evaluate cost & schedule; analyze alternate processes; and test new technology.


Northrop Grumman received $68,786,952 to produce LCS gun mission modules (incl. support for basic outfitting assembly installation, maintenance, engineering, sustainment).




BAE Systems received $38,156,919 for long-lead-time material and manufacture & delivery of propulsors and tailcones for Virgnia-class subs SSN 798 through SSN 801. Not competitive per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1).


General Dynamics received $16,888,523 for USS Illinois (SSN 786) guaranty (incl. long lead-time material procurement, in preparation for maintenance, repair, alterations, testing, other work) planning & execution.


Interstate Electronics Corp. received $14,646,541 for phase two of M350 RF set development, demonstration, and shakedown operation flight test mission operations and SSBN installation of Data Recording Subsystem Strategic Systems Programs Alteration 30346.


Lockheed Martin received $100,443,937 for TI-16 Acoustic - Rapid-Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Insertion (A-RCI) systems, spares, pre-cable kits.


L-3 received $14,534,269 for universal modular masts. Work in Bologna, Italy (74%); Northampton, MA (26%).


QED Systems Inc. received $10,153,591 for non-nuclear production trade touch labor services to support upcoming availabilities aboard Virginia- and Los Angeles-class subs in Kittery, Maine.




BAE Systems; Continental Maritime of San Diego; General Dynamics received a shared $383,058,661 for maintenance, repair, modernization, and Chief of Naval Operations availabilities on amphibious ships homeported in San Diego, CA.


Cabrillo Enterprises; South Bay Sand Blasting & Tank Cleaning; Surface Technologies Corp. received $10,000,000 for deck covering removal and non-skid installation services aboard U.S. Navy ships.


Detyens Shipyards Inc. received $12,088,262 for 57-calendar day shipyard availability for regular overhaul & dry-docking of USNS Lenthall (T-AO 189).


Environmental Alternatives Inc. received $13,272,850 for engineering & technical services re: disassembly and radiological inspection / cleaning of LM2500 single-shank turbine gas generator assemblies to be utilized aboard surface ships.


Vigor Marine received $10,268,877 for 45-calendar day shipyard availability for the regular overhaul and dry-docking of USNS Matthew Perry (T-AKE 9).




Applied Systems Engineering Corp. received $11,679,073 for hardware, upgrades, and repairs on Battle Management Systems program, specifically Advanced Tactical Navigator units. Not competitive, per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).


Boeing received $13,731,493 to continue to provide engineering services on AN/USQ-82(V) Gigabit Ethernet Data Multiplex Systems (GEDMS) for U.S. Navy (91%); Australia (3%); South Korea (3%); Japan (3%). GEDMS is a shipboard network used on DDG 51 class destroyers.


Lockheed Martin received $68,017,264 for Mk 92 fire control system engineering and logistics services at shore sites, land test facilities, shipyards, aboard ships (port & sea) for USA, allies, FMS. Not competitive, per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).


Lockheed Martin received $69,550,500 for continued development, integration, and production of AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 surface ship undersea warfare systems.


Lockheed Martin received $98,484,000 for full-rate production: Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program block 2 subsystems (AN/SLQ-32(V)6). Lockheed Martin received $16,414,000 for full-rate production of SEWIP Block 2 subsystems (AN/SLQ-32(V)6).


Northrop Grumman received $9,588,087 for MK48 heavyweight torpedoes transducer array nose shell assemblies for U.S. Navy (54%); Turkey (24%); Canada (22%).


Thales Nederland BV received $10,699,226 for two missile guidance units (MGU), spare parts, technical manuals, training and engineering support for Japan. MGU provides an Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) launch and guidance capability together with phased array illumination antenna and Mk 41 vertical launch system. MGU is comprised of Mk 41 missile interface cabinet, a missile waveform controller, and a missile waveform generator. Not competitive. Work is in Hengelo OV, Netherlands (83%) and Nagasaki, Japan (17%). Define irony: Nagasaki collaborating with a Western war conglomerate.




U.S. Marine Management Inc. received $31,968,664 for operation and maintenance of six Navy oceanographic survey ships, which support NAVOCEANO through acoustic, biological, physical, and geophysical surveys.




Booz Allen Hamilton received $87,242,797 to provide technical, analytical, and managerial services in support of Naval Aviation Enterprise efforts to sustain current readiness and advance future warfighting capabilities.




Avian LLC received $11,402,443 to support (flight test engineering, programmatic, administrative, design, execution, analysis, evaluation, reporting of tests & experiments of aircraft, UAS, weaponry) NAWCAD Integrated System Evaluation Experimentation & Test Department (AIR-5.1).


General Dynamics received $44,407,081 for services (rapid design, develop, customize, manufacture, integrate, test & eval, install, certify, maintain, upgrade, life cycle support of shipboard & airborne systems) in support of NAWCAD Ship & Air Integrated Warfare department.


URS Federal Services received $35,134,428 for maintenance to reduce repair time & increase equipment availability, especially at Fleet Readiness Center Aviation Support Equipment sites. Overseas locations: Comalapa, El Salvador (4%); Futenma, Japan (1%).




URS Federal Services Inc. received $63,339,405 for field office technical support services re: electromagnetic spectrum resources in support of USN/USMC Spectrum Center. Work in Fort Meade, MD (89%); Norfolk, VA (4%); Camp Smith (2%); Bahrain (2%); Puget Sound, WA (1%); Guam (1%); Naples (1%).




Dynetics Inc.; Engility Corp.; Kranze Technology Solutions; Leidos Inc.; New Directions Technologies; and NuWaves LTD received a shared $197,905,650 for R&D, delivery, sustainment, and upgrade of Combat Environment Instrumentation Systems (CEIS) instrumentation.


Systems Application & Technologies Inc. received $20,852,739 for maintenance and operations of aerial & seaborne target equipment in support of NAWCWD Point Mugu, CA (45%); Port Hueneme, CA (40%); China Lake (6%); White Sands Missile Range (3%); Pacific Missile Range Facility (2%); Utah Test & Training Range (2%); Vandenberg AFB (1%); OCONUS locations (1%).




Chenega Decision Sciences received $22,000,000 to help modernize manpower legacy applications for MCSC. Sole source.




ViON Corp. received $34,790,000 to provide Capacity as a Service support to SPAWAR (HQ, Pacific, Atlantic). This acquisition model (no up-front costs; "pay as you go") supposedly allows SPAWAR to more accurately scale IT infrastructure to meet mission requirements.




Booz Allen Hamilton received $10,000,000; CSRA LLC received $10,000,000 to study & develop HPEM technologies with potential to complement / enhance cyber & EW mission effectiveness. Work at Kirtland AFB for AFRL.


Cyber Defense Information Assurance received $14,793,364 to provide USAF enterprise-level network management, communications & defensive measures at USAF Information Network Gateways at Maxwell-Gunter AFB.


Avanti Technologies received $22,886,318; Millennium Corp. received $16,930,294; Sentar Inc. received $18,130,539; Vector Planning & Services received $17,910,070 to help SSC Pacific with cyberspace science, research, engineering, and technology integration.




ABM Government Services; CALNET; CWU; Global Linguist Solutions; Mid Atlantic Professionals; Mission Essential Personnel; SOS International; Valbin Corp.; WorldWide Language Resources received a shared $9,864,000,000 for foreign language services in support of INSCOM’s Defense Language Interpretation Translation Enterprise program. Eleven corporations were added to this contract on 23 March 2017.


Milburn Academy Inc. received $8,220,113 for U.S. Army Forces Command foreign language support services.




Alamo City Engineering Services received $27,000,000 in support of Program Manager, Marine Corps Network and Infrastructure Systems, Information Systems and Infrastructure, Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), to procure Network Access Control, Compliance & Remediation (NACCR) solution around Quantico. NACCR will authenticate assets & ensure they comply with established criteria prior to connecting to USMC Enterprise Network.


Exeter Information Technology Services; Future Research Corp.; Link Solutions; M-Cubed Information Systems; Microtechnologies LLC; SNVC LLC; Superlative Technologies Inc.; T4 LLC; Tantus-OnPoint ATO Systems Support received $400,000,000 for deliberately vague Information Technology Services.


Iron Bow Technologies received $25,000,000 for various approved IT equipment and accessories in Vicksburg, MS.


Jacobs Technology Inc. received $9,065,120 for IT service management enterprise support primarily at: Scott AFB; Defense Information Systems Agency Defense Enterprise Computing Center, St. Louis; USTRANSCOM Office, Washington, DC; Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, Norfolk, VA; Pentagon.


M.C. Dean Inc. received $45,000,000 for IT services & infrastructure services.


Metron Inc. received $9,995,494 to provide system source code, documentation, & requirements for Executable Architecture Management System. Includes software design & code base; statistical analysis algorithms; application & database components; web & internal interfaces; testing systems & methodologies; and end-user analysis techniques. Sole-source.


SAIC received $8,864,000 for engineering & software support services for Redstone Arsenal.


Trowbridge & Trowbridge received $23,406,788 to provide IT, system administration, and cyber security (and related services, hardware, software, licensing, tech support, warranty, life cycle support, etc.) to Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.




SOL Engineering Services received $9,950,000 to provide subject matter expertise to DOD High Performance Computing Modernization program.




Mythics Inc. received $293,247,466 for Air Force-wide Oracle software license agreement.




BTAS Inc. received $19,678,183 for professional acquisition support services at the Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks Directorate at Hanscom AFB.


Defense Acquisition Support Services received $15,282,334 for support services to U.S. Army Communications & Electronics Command (CECOM) at Aberdeen Proving Ground.


Divine Imaging Inc. received $60,000,000 for commercially available off-the-shelf items for DOD e-mall.


Harmonia Holdings Group received $17,132,882 for third-party software review to analyze source code for vulnerabilities [incl. all coding non-compliance with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Application Security & Development Security Technical Implementation Guide].


InnovaSystems International received $54,826,088 to support Defense Readiness Reporting System Navy (DRRS-N PDF). Includes engineering, integration, testing, installation, training, life cycle maintenance, helpdesk services, and documentation in Norfolk, VA (70%) and worldwide (30%).


Northrop Grumman received $20,069,000 for Battlefield Airborne Communication Node (BACN) platform maintenance. Northrop Grumman received $17,739,000 for Battlefield Airborne Communication Node payload, operations and support.


Rockwell Collins Inc. received $10,492,100 for additional AN/ARC-210 radios and ancillary equipment for various domestic and FMS aircraft.


Trident Technologies received $48,000,000 for building, staffing, maintaining the computer communications network for R&D in Engineer Research & Development Center (ERDC).




Boecore Inc. received $13,500,000 for Command Information Management System II, which provides non-commercial integrated IT solutions and support services for Army Space & Missile Defense Command, Army Forces Strategic Command, and other DOD agencies.


Generation Orbit Launch Services received $11,858,766 for research & flight-testing of an air launch testbed for endo-atmospheric hypersonic trajectories. Sole-source.


ENSCO Inc. received $74,290,000 for modeling software and engineering support. Applications developed / acquired for evaluators to collect, process, analyze mission data and generate scientific and technical reports. Work at Patrick AFB, FL; ENSCO, Melbourne, FL. Sole-source.


Mantech received $8,689,932 to support USSTRATCOM Human Space Flight Support program operations & NASA’s Orion & Commercial Crew requirements at Patrick AFB. Includes planning, coordination, procedural development, testing, training, evaluation, lessons learned, and command & control communication.


Orbital ATK received $48,247,398 to refurbish GFP motors [Trident I (C4), Castor IVA/IVB, Orion, and Orbus 1/1A].


United Launch Services received $270,414,224 for launch vehicle production services supporting a Delta IV Heavy and transportation. Work in Centennial, CO; Decatur, AL; Vandenberg AFB. United Launch Services received $146,520,357 for launch vehicle production services supporting an Atlas V 551, 5M Payload Fairing 9ft Plug and transportation. Work in Centennial, CO; Decatur, AL; Vandenberg AFB.




Agile Defense Inc. received $7,252,863 for Network Control and Livelink/SharePoint services that support base operations at Los Angeles AFB.


Harris Corp. received $18,602,155 for Counter Communication System (CCS) Block 10.2 upgrades on 13 existing antennas.


Lockheed Martin received $53,052,807 for Multi-Object Kill Vehicle MOKV Technology Risk Reduction, specifically improve gimbaled seeker assembly performance, integrated avionics assembly, component integration & testing, and an advanced seeker.


Lockheed Martin received $47,000,000 for engineering, development, and sustainment support. Contractor will provide engineering and operations services in support of Space & Missile Systems Center Ground systems and Space Operations division at Kirtland AFB and Schriever AFB. Sole-source.


Lockheed Martin received $15,000,000 for Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) engineering, manufacture, development. LM will enhance cyber capabilities on operational SBIRS ground system.


Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) received $96,500,490 for launch services (vehicle production, mission integration, launch ops, spaceflight worthiness, mission unique activities) to deliver a GPS III satellite to orbit.




Blue Storm Associates Inc. received $49,500,000 for Atmospheric Sensing & Prediction System.




ECS Federal LLC received $8,754,000 to help MDA with strategic planning, financial management, liaison support to customers (internal & external), business financial management, and budget interface in Huntsville, AL; Colorado Springs; Dahlgren, VA; Albuquerque, NM; National Capital Region. Sole source.


Harris Corp. received $27,972,060 for System Engineering and Sustainment Integrator for Ballistic Missile Early Warning System Pave Phased Array Warning system sustainment (field service team, mission assurance, system program agency operations, weapon system management & engineering) at Beale AFB; Cape Cod AFS; Clear AFS, AK; Colorado Springs, CO; Thule AFS, Greenland; Fylingdales AFS, UK.


Harris Corp. received $7,772,781 for System Engineering & Sustainment Integrator, Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS) sustainment (management; engineering; repair & spares; licenses & subscriptions) at Colorado Springs, CO, and Cavalier AFS.


Lockheed Martin received $14,262,000 to support THAAD element (via logistics, forward stationing for theater support, information capabilities, post-deployment software, safety, missile support, security & engineering).


Lockheed Martin received $273,470,000 for MDA THAAD Lot 9 Interceptors. Sole source.


Lockheed Martin received $50,311,380 for development and test of divert and attitude control systems technologies on ballistic missile defense interceptors.


Parsons Government Services Inc. received $384,976,878 for advisory and assistance services for Ballistic Missile Defense systems engineering in support of MDA technical, engineering, advisory, and management in Huntsville, AL; National Capital Region (includes Ft. Belvoir); Colorado Springs, CO.




Boeing received $15,000,000 for JDAM technical support and aircraft integration.


Boeing received $7,367,000 for design changes: 1,000 KMU-557F/B tail kits into KMU-557G/B for use on BLU-137 warhead. These are JDAM variants.


Engineering Research & Consulting received $99,000,000 for Seek Eagle modeling, analysis, tools support (modeling & simulation, engineering & analysis, product development support & management, admin functions) at Eglin AFB.


Hartchrom Inc. received $16,979,892 for chrome plating, manganese phosphating, and dry film lubrication of Watervliet Arsenal’s manufactured workload.


Lockheed Martin received $14,262,000 for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Field Support system support.


Northrop Grumman received $9,486,441 to upgrade Rocket, Artillery, Mortar Warn systems: insertion of a secure communications capability.


Omega Container Inc. received $14,917,241 for PA-55 and PA-71/A fiber containers used for 105mm artillery cartridges.


Raytheon received a $34,273,250 for procurement of long lead material in support of FY2017 SM-6 full-rate production requirements and spares. Not competitive per 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c) (1) & FAR 6.302-1 (a) (2).




Arnold Defense & Electronics received $11,929,630 to manufacture launchers and/or sub-components to support DOD operations (training and in theatre).


Charles F. Day & Associates LLC received $9,650,534 for implementing the range residue, recovery, range clearance re: explosive ordnance.


Day & Zimmermann Lone Star received $39,231,530 for M28B2 percussion primer.


General Dynamics received $63,675,285; Orbital ATK received $47,513,652 for 120mm M1002 new production cartridges, 120mm M865 recapitalized cartridges, and 120mm M1002 recapitalized cartridges for 120mm tank training ammunition.


Harris Corp. received $18,977,215 for procurement and support of transmitting set, countermeasures AN/PLT-4 to help EOD personnel.


Sierra Nevada received $30,995,905 for procurement & support of transmitting set, countermeasures AN/PLT-5, to support EOD personnel.


RADAR – Mobile & Fixed  


Lockheed Martin received $1,588,571,025 for Counter Fire Target Acquisition Radar System full-rate production and deployment.


Raytheon received $31,357,013 for support services on AN/TPN-31 Air Traffic Navigation, Integration & Coordination system (ATNAVICS) and AN/FPN-67 Fixed Base Precision Approach Radar (FBPAR PDF).


Reliance Test & Technology received $11,725,589 for Eglin operation & maintenance support, which also aids National Radar Test Facility (NRTF) at Holloman AFB.




Aimpoint Inc. received $10,800,000 for reflex sights. Sole-source.


Allison Transmission received $11,211,692 for transmission overhaul kits for U.S. Army. Sole-source


BAE Systems received $8,170,271 for armored multi-purpose vehicle prototype vehicle configuration retrofit. BAE Systems received $9,331,229 for M88 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lifting Extraction System, system technical support and sustainment system technical support. BAE Systems received $133,598,844 for early procurement material to support M109A7/M992A3 vehicle production.


Creative Tent International Inc. received $19,852,721 for the large area maintenance shelters.


Enersys Energy Products Inc. ($71,143,000); Exide Technologies ($47,429,000) received funding for U.S. Army storage batteries.


Veyance Technologies Inc. received $12,163,812 for U.S. Army M109 track assemblies. Sole-source.


3M Co. received $34,458,165 for various commercial consumable items, mainly fire and rescue equipment.




General Dynamics; U.S. Ordnance received a shared $221,000,000 for M2 flexible, M2 fixed, and M2A1 machineguns.


Point Blank Enterprises received $116,401,920 for enhanced small arms protective inserts.




Aerial Machine & Tool Corp. received $9,793,080 for 9,000 Operational Camouflage Pattern Generation 3 primary survival gear carriers; and 9,000 flexible body armor body shells.


Cubic Defense Applications received $20,893,295 to procure, produce, assemble, test, document, deliver 25 Portable Common Data Link (PCDL) systems & spares suites for installation in tactical operation centers and mobile tactical operation centers.


Revision Military received $98,111,803 for Advanced Combat Helmet Generation II (ACH GEN II), which includes procurement of 293,870 production units.




API LLC Camuy (Puerto Rico) received $12,258,950 for various types of U.S. Army coats.  Bernard Cap Co. received $40,500,000 for blue U.S. Navy jumpers.  National Industries for the Blind received $8,568,000 for U.S. Army physical fitness uniform trousers.  Pentaq Manufacturing Corp. (Puerto Rico) received $27,133,200 for various types of coats for U.S. Army and Afghanistan.  Short Bark Industries received $24,561,300 for various types of U.S. Army coats.




Crew Training International Inc. received $8,513,151 to provide academic & simulator training on C-40A aircraft in support of U.S. Navy’s Command Aircraft Crew Training program in Fort Worth, TX.


Cubic Global Defense Inc. received $42,325,000 for mission support at Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk.


Flight Safety Services Corp. received $10,225,037 for contractor logistics support and instruction services on C-5 Aircrew Training System at Travis AFB, Dover AFB, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Westover Air Reserve Base.


Lockheed Martin received $8,670,823 to support Variable Stability In-Flight Simulator, supporting USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB. Sole-source.


Lockheed Martin received $288,000,000 for Instrumentable Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation System acquisition.


Northrop Grumman received $15,687,725 to provide battle command training, technical, exercise, simulation, and admin support to Mission Command Training Center, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization & Security, Fort Hood and supported installations (Forts Carson, Riley, Bliss, Sill, Knox).


Rockwell Collins received $142,356,338 for Tactical Combat Training System Increment II (TCTS Inc II).


URS Federal Services received $15,213,676 for rotary wing flight training instructor support services for the Army Aviation Center of Excellence.




Northrop Grumman received $33,671,707 for continued software development, training, maintenance of Counter-Rocket, Artillery Mortar (C-RAM) command & control system.




General Dynamics received $45,000,000 to develop/integrate, upgrade, modernize and sustain joint effects model (JEM) capabilities.


K2 Group, Inc. received $33,760,120 to support the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) technical support groups (TSG). Work at Fort Belvoir. TSG = worldwide, military led, rapidly deployable teams. They aim to provide combatant commands and OGAs a low-visibility WMD search capability.




Alon USA LP received $41,127,641 for jet fuel. Hunt Refining received $8,130,552 for jet fuel.


CB&I Federal Services received $54,095,271 to replace fuel storage and distribution facilities at NAS Lemoore.


Southeast Cherokee Construction received $7,364,000 to replace HVAC in 10 buildings with new renewable energy high-efficiency geothermal heat pump systems, coupled with an underground seasonal thermal energy storage system, at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, Georgia.




Booz Allen Hamilton received $7,938,987 to support USMC Installations Command (MCICOM) Energy & Water Management Program. Overseas work at Okinawa (10%), Iwakuni (5%), Japan.


Georgia Power Co. received $15,860,474 for emergency utility repairs at Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany, primarily addressing tornado damage.


KKP Electrical Contractors received $10,420,007 for data center power upgrades at Naval Base Coronado. 


NAE Contracting received $8,996,029 for electrical capacity upgrades in San Antonio, TX.




Akahi InGenesis Partners; Frontline National; Ghost-Loyal Source JV; Specialty Government Services received a shared $48,000,000 for temporary allied/ancillary services in support of U.S. Army Medical Command medical treatment facilities across USA.


General Electric received $19,847,608 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables and training.


Golden State Medical Supply received $67,857,581 for tolterodine tartrate extended release capsules.


Goodwill Industries received $7,011,211 for Medical Records Processing Activity in San Antonio, TX.


Hitachi Aloka Medical America received $162,760,750 for radiology systems, accessories and training.


HKS WSP JV Norfolk received $50,000,000 for architect-engineering services re: medical design projects throughout NAVFAC worldwide.


M.A. Mortenson Co. received $54,767,000 to design & build medical clinic at Fort Knox, KY, USA.


MJL Enterprises received $33,307,500 for medical equipment, including maintenance and spare parts for the equipment.


Philips Healthcare received $77,172,660 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables and training.


Siemens Medical Solutions received $4,128,000,000 for radiology systems, accessories and training.




AECOM Technical Services Inc. received $25,000,000 for environmental consulting services.


Hydrogeologic Inc. received $10,000,000 for environmental response actions, associated investigation, design & removal activities, which include service and construction activities mandated by Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program.


USA Environmental Inc. received $95,000,000 for munitions response action services for projects at various locations within NAVFAC Atlantic area of responsibility, primarily Vieques, Puerto Rico (70%).




Gilbane Federal Services; CB&I Federal Services; AECOM-Energy Solutions JV; Tetra Tech EC; AMEC FW Environmental & Infrastructure; and ECC Insight Philotechnics received a shared $240,000,000 for remediation of radiological contaminants at various USN/USMC installations within NAVFAC Southwest & Atlantic. Includes radiological investigations, surveys, remediation, work documents. Gilbane, for example, is working radiological remediation on Parcel C (bldg 253 & 211) at Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco.




Lakeside Foods received $8,579,000 to provide 24 months of fresh eggs for resale at 60 Defense Commissary Agency stores.


Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services received $17,807,973 for full food services at Fort Sill.


PCSI received $16,741,094 for food service at Ft. Hood.


USFI Inc. received $21,644,760 for full food line distribution in CA and South Korea.


DOMESTIC BASE SUPPORT - Base operations (a.k.a. base support services) usually involve a combination of: facility management, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.


Electronic Metrology Laboratory LLC received $10,518,527 for base operations support services at NAS Whiting Field and outlying fields.


Pride Industries received $18,365,033 for base operations support at Fort Rucker.


Professional Contract Services Inc. received $23,868,732 for base operations support at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth and outlying support sites.


Techflow Mission Support received $25,056,894 for base operations support at Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, and outlying areas.


Vectrus Systems Corp. received $37,330,382 for base operations support services at Maxwell-Gunter AFB.




The Boston Consulting Group Inc. received $10,674,833 for advisory and assistance services for the Defense Commissary Agency pilot implementation and operation support at Fort Lee.


The Logistics Co. Inc. received $11,885,490 for supply services in support of U.S. Army logistics materiel management team.


Network Security Systems Plus Inc. received $16,273,215 to support Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) mission & cyber security for DCMA’s Network Operations & Security Center.


P3I Inc. received $7,117,000 for professional acquisition support services, advising and assisting Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence & Networks Directorate at Lackland AFB.


QualX Corp. received $7,355,916 to provide information management and information access support services for Washington Headquarters Services.




Oasis Systems received $25,228,208 for engineering & technology acquisition support to the Business & Enterprise Systems directorate at Maxwell AFB – Gunter Annex; Hanscom AFB; Randolph AFB; Wright-Patterson AFB.




AH Environmental Consultants; CH2M Hill; Garver LLC received a shared $10,000,000 for architect & engineering services to support the Water & Wastewater Technical Center of Expertise, Mobile District, USACE.


Alstom Power Inc. received $19,297,472 to rehabilitate the turbine generator at Old Hickory Hydropower Plant in Sumner County, Tennessee.


BIS Services received $11,807,112 for hurricane and storm damage risk reduction system mitigation, marsh creation at Yankee Pond and geo-crib in Jefferson Parish, LA.




Alutiiq General Contractors received $9,851,486 for a broad range of maintenance, repair and minor construction work on vehicle roadways and airfield paving projects at Joint Base Lewis-McChord


ECSC LLC received $40,000,000 for paving at Nellis and Creech AFB.


Great Mills Trading Post received $40,900,000 for Phase 2 & Phase 3 repair (Runways 14-32 & 6-24 and airfield infrastructure) at NAS Patuxent River.




AES Group Inc. received $10,000,000 for unspecified architect-engineer services. 


Jacobs Government Services received $15,000,000 for unspecified architect-engineering services.


Kenall-Freese & Nichols 8a Mentor-Protege JV received $7,500,000 for architect and engineering services supporting USACE Fort Worth, TX.




Tetra Tech Inc. received $7,500,000 for surveying and mapping services in NAVFAC Southwest.




Akima Construction Services; Turner Construction Co. B.L. Harbert International; Grunley Construction Co.; Black Horse Group; Doyon Project Services; McCarthy Hitt JV II; HSU Development Inc.; J&J Maintenance Inc. received a shared $499,000,000 for construction, mostly in Baltimore-Washington corridor.


Barnhart-Reese Construction Inc. received $12,650,806 for renovation of Barracks Buildings 774 and 777 at Naval Base Coronado.


Beta Testing & Inspection and Meyer Engineers Ltd. received a shared $20,000,000 for construction management services, primarily quality assurance representative services.


The Building People; Logistics Management Institute; Deloitte Financial Advisory Services; J.G. Management Systems Inc.; NOBLIS; Unity Technologies Corp. received a shared $8,000,000 for engineering services.


Comanche Nation Construction; Olgoonik Diversified Services;K & K Industries; LGC Global Inc.; Snodgrass & Sons Construction Co.; Weldin Construction received a shared $60,000,000 for sustainment, repair, modernization, and construction at McConnell AFB, KS.


Design Partners Inc. received $30,000,000 for design & engineering services on housing and other lodging type projects under NAVFAC Pacific.


Dobco Inc. received $48,535,000 to construct a replacement elementary school at U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY.


Doyon Project Services received $10,063,287 for roof replacement on Building 845 at Hill AFB.


G.L.H.C. Services Co. received $95,000,000 for construction primarily in North Carolina.


Grand Coastal Builders Inc. received $25,000,000 for general construction projects located within boundaries of Jacksonville District, USACE.


HX5 LLC received $95,000,000 for personnel, supervision, and services necessary to provide services for R&D and related activities for Engineer Research & Development Center Information Technology Laboratory.


J&J Contractors Inc. received $35,970,000 to build the Hanscom AFB primary school.


Mathy Construction received $7,618,115 for asphalt paving and delivery services.


Poettker Construction received $27,223,000 to design & build a replacement for Pierce Terrace Elementary School at Fort Jackson, SC.


Reyes Construction Inc. received $10,504,700 for construction of the North Entry Control Point at Naval Base Coronado.


Rhoads Industries Inc. received $8,500,000 for specialized construction services and techniques used in the construction of water born naval engineering plants for testing and development.


S.B. Ballard received $28,180,683 to build a training support facility in Fort Lee, Virginia.


Walsh Federal JV received $12,472,000 to design and construct an air traffic control tower in Tinker AFB.


Walsh Federal LLC received $40,797,000 for addition and renovation of Lejeune High School at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.




Cashman Dredging & Marine Contracting Co. received $9,319,000 to dredge the Housatonic River, Madison, CT, USA. Manxon Construction Co. received $8,921,000 for deep draft maintenance hopper dredging of Galveston, TX, ship channel; entrance outer, and inner bar channel; and Houston, TX, ship channel, Bolivar Roads to Redfish Reef. Weeks Marine received $12,236,250 for Southwest Pass maintenance dredging in Plaquemines, LA