Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. Here are the contracts that DOD issued to the war industry during March 2020.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers industry goods and services to allied nations and international organizations.


Boeing $191,858,915 for FMS (U.K.): post-production support services and warehouse management services on AH-64E helicopters—50 aircraft and three Longbow crew trainers.


Boeing $8,006,737 to continue phase one design maturity, analysis and test planning for the Stand-off Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) production line in support of Saudi Arabia. Also “replaces obsolete, nearly obsolete, or uneconomical parts to support production and improve future sustainment as part of the SLAM-ER obsolescence redesign program.”


Boeing for P-8A maritime aircraft for U.S. Navy (eight); New Zealand (four); South Korea (six). Also includes a segregable effort consisting of unknown obsolescence for Lot 11, Class 1 change assessment and obsolescence monitoring as well as non-recurring engineering for South Korea. Purchases: New Zealand ($522,962,247; 34%); S. Korea ($811,734,777; 52%).


CDM Constructors $91,464,158 for FMS (Apartheid Israel): build an aircraft shelter in Tel Aviv.


Construction Helicopters $33,995,543 for continued support of NATO Air Command-Afghanistan/Combined Security Transition Command. Provides dedicated rotary wing air transportation to move passengers, cargo and human remains as well as perform casualty evacuation in support of the Afghan Air Force


Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (Mumbai, India) $11,500,000 for FMS (Chile): an existing twin-screw Anchor Handling, Towing, Supply and Standby Vessel (AHTSSV) with hybrid propulsion and dynamic positioning system, hull number 71010.


Leonardo DRS $12,260,545 for trailers, tools and spare parts.  FMS to Apartheid Israel.


Lockheed Martin $8,544,064 for FMS (France): C-130J support.


Lockheed Martin $25,900,000 for FMS (Japan): continue performing engineering, design support services necessary for continuation of planning efforts and risk reduction efforts required to maintain Initial Operational Capability schedule to support the Aegis Ashore Japan FMS Main Case. 


Lockheed Martin for delivery of installation and checkout, consolidated shipboard allowance list, coordinated shore based material and maintenance allowance list and spare parts kits. Purchases: South Korea (60.5%); Japan (39.5%). FMS funding for South Korea and Japan $7,671,400 and $5,008,600 respectively.


Lockheed Martin $7,590,200 for FMS (U.K.) post-production services targeting and night vision systems.


Lockheed Martin $154,979,758 for Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor System (M-TADS/PNVS) systems for Boeing AH-64 attack helicopter in support of Morocco.


Lockheed Martin for production of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors and associated one-shot devices for Saudi Arabia ($605,338,640).


L3 $85,000,005 for FMS (unnamed): engineering, procurement, and fabrication which will result in Phase One modification to the mission aircraft. 


Navistar Defense $11,442,992 for FMS (Iraq): transport trucks, recovery vehicles, and spare parts.


Raytheon for production and delivery of tactical missiles (Lot 20 AIM-9X, Block II and Block II plus), captive air training missiles, plus all up round tactical missiles, captive test missiles, special air training missiles, advanced optical target detectors, Block II and II plus guidance units (live battery), captive air training missile guidance units (inert battery), Block I and II propulsion steering sections, electronic units, multiple purpose training missiles, tail caps, maintenance, sectionalization kits, containers and spares for FMS ($104,561,378): Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Apartheid Israel, Japan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and UAE.


Raytheon $7,800,000 for spare parts in support of the Patriot Routing Logic Relay Interface Units Communication Enhancement-3.  Using customers are U.S. Army Security Assistance Command and Germany. 


Raytheon $18,300,496 for FMS (South Korea): Rolling Airframe Missile Mod 5 Guided Missile Launching System work.


Rolls Royce $14,273,373 for maintenance on AE1107C engines, parts provisioning, military training, a field service representative, some engineering, logistics analysis, and authorized military overhaul facility support for Japan


Universal Propulsion Co. $91,000,000 for multiple national stock numbers for Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices. Involves FMS to Bahrain, Chile, Greece, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, and Turkey.


United Technologies Corp. approx. $53,000,000 for six F135-PW-100 propulsion systems for Japan.




AECOM $58,250,000 for retrofitting a facility into an alternate care facility serving non-COVID and COVID patients in Old Westbury, NY. Turner Construction Co. $50,500,000 for development of an alternate care facility in Stony Brook, NY. Haugland Energy Group $15,000,000 for converting a community center into an alternate care center in White Plains, NY.


Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority $9,550,000 to retrofit an alternate care facility in Detroit, MI.


Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority $12,999,999 to convert a convention center into an alternate care facility in Chicago, IL. Turner Construction Co. $9,998,000 for development of an alternate care facility in Elgin, IL.


New York Convention Center Operating Corp. $15,250,000 to retrofit the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center into an alternate care facility.




AECOM $8,161,962 to provide ISR support to U.S. Central Command and Commander Task Force 57 overseas.


General Atomics $14,916,728 for instructor operators for MQ-1C Gray Eagle performance based logistics contract. 


Northrop Grumman $86,225,713 to provide sustainment, engineering, logistics and test support for MQ-4C Triton aircraft mission control and operator training systems.  Northrop Grumman $64,343,574 for operations and maintenance services in support of the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance - Demonstrator Program, including logistics and sustaining engineering support.


Sierra Nevada Corp. $8,500,000 for Tactical Automated Landing System component support for RQ-7B tactical drone.


Barber-Nichols Inc.; Booz Allen Hamilton; L3; Leidos; Leonardo DRS; Lockheed Martin; MIKEL Inc.; Northrop Grumman; Progeny Systems Corp.; QinetiQ; Raytheon; Rite-Solutions Inc.; SAIC; Systems Engineering Associates Corp.; Sechan Electronics Inc.; Sonalysts Inc.; Systems Planning & Analysis Inc. $73,730,343  for materials and services to design, develop, fabricate, test, install, document and deliver rapid prototype solutions in support of the Undersea Warfare/Undersea Defensive Family of Systems. Work at the contractors' sites, minimally at government locations.


RECRUITMENT & RETENTION – The Pentagon spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to convince the U.S. populace to fight in elective wars.


Blaine Warren Advertising $20,057,674 to plan, create, design, produce, place, evaluate, and measure the effectiveness of advertising and special events in support of Air Force Reserve Command recruiting marketing.




Test & Evaluation Services $213,853,442 for deployment, operation and maintenance of a technical infrastructure for information operation environments.




Mission Essential LLC $12,406,907 for linguist, translation, interpretation and transcription services in support of U.S. Army Africa Command.




Abacus Technology Corp. $21,873,527 for IT sustainment support services at several locations: Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar; Al Dhafra AB, UAE; and Shaw AFB, SC. 


AECOM $75,000,000 IDIQ (see bottom for definition) for preparation of Navy & Marine Corps facilities' planning and environmental documentation in NAVFAC Europe, Africa, Central (EURAFCENT). Includes but is not limited to: Naples, Italy; Sigonella, Italy; Souda Bay, Greece; al-Manama, Bahrain; Djibouti, Africa; Rota, Spain; and Vicenza, Italy. Design projects include but are not limited to: admin buildings, religious facilities, community buildings, dining facilities, rec facilities, security buildings, child development centers, housing, airfield facilities, waterfront facilities, operational facilities, water treatment facilities, central plant utility system upgrades.


American International Contractors Inc. $10,017,893 for alterations to the operation control center at Naval Support Activity Bahrain: building a secure area requiring adherence to the National Counterintelligence & Security Center technical specifications. Construction and management of sensitive compartmented information facilities, Version 1.4, in Manama, Bahrain.


DynCorp $46,897,900 for aviation maintenance in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Environmental Chemical Corp. $9,788,756 for global contingency construction: design, fabrication, transportation and installation of a waterside obstacle system at Mina Salman, NSA Bahrain.


Marvin Engineering Co. $25,336,064 to procure 428 F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G BRU-32 ejector bomb racks for U.S. Navy (208 for $12,381,144; 49%); Kuwait (220 for $12,954,920; 51%).


Textron AAI $15,558,008 for force-protection efforts at Bagram and Kandahar Airfields, Afghanistan. including a non-developmental contractor-owned and contractor-operated unmanned aerial system.




AMENUM $7,000,000 for logistics and support services in Mannheim, Germany.




General Dynamics $7,171,537 to support the Air Force Air Defense Communication Services (ADCS). General Dynamics $7,171,537 to support the Air Force Air Defense Communication Services (ADCS). 




Caddell-Nan JV $103,042,379 ($55,543,098 obligated) to build bachelor enlisted quarters at Naval Base Guam for unaccompanied Marine E1-E5 personnel. 


JJLL LLC $20,353,007 for operations, services, and support for Marine Forces Pacific Command Augmentation Team in the Philippines. 


Maersk Line Ltd. $13,419,452 for logistics support services for Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE) program in Yokohama, Japan.


Valiant Global Defense Services $16,305,550 for Korea Battle Simulation Center operations and wide area networking support services for U.S. Forces Korea in Pyongtaek, South Korea.




CACI $180,336,750 for worldwide special operations communications systems, SATCOM, and network support services. 


Lukos LLC; People, Technology & Processes; RMGS Inc.; SPATHE Systems LLC $245,000,000 IDIQ for logistics support, equipment- and knowledge-based services for Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) enterprise requirements.


Salient CRGT $38,078,488 for IT communications infrastructure and services in support of U.S. Special Operations. Work in Fayetteville, NC, and in Afghanistan.


Tactical & Survival Specialties, W.S. Darley & Co., Atlantic Diving Supply, Federal Resources Supply, Unifire Inc., Quantico Tactical Inc., are sharing a maximum $4,000,000,000 IDIQ contract for special operational equipment.




Vysnova Partners Inc. $44,227,300 for research support services at Naval Medical Research Unit – Six, Lima, Peru.




Booz Allen Hamilton $23,361,698 for enterprise support services for DARPA. System High Corp. $24,731,784 for program security services in Arlington, VA.


RadiaBeam Technologies $10,202,941 for DARPA's Gamma Ray Inspection Technology (GRIT) program. In Phase I, RadiaBeam Technologies proposes a Laser-Compton approach for meeting GRIT program objectives and carrying out relevant system demonstrations. 


Raytheon BBN $7,460,890 to develop concepts for a heterogeneous underwater network. Includes dynamically reconfigurable architecture that leverages advancement in undersea communications and autonomous ocean systems and demonstrate utility at sea with advanced prototypes.




Applied Research Associates, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, Centauri LLC, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Radiant Geospatial Solutions, IDIQ multiple-award contract called DORE2 with a combined ceiling value of $990,000,000. DIA will procure Data Science, Operations, Requirements, Exploitation and Engineering (DORE2) services to support DIA Directorate for Science and Technology missions. Work at contractor facilities and at government facilities in the National Capital Region through 2025.


Bluehawk LLC $32,094,786 to provide technology transfer analysis and assessment services in Charlottesville, VA.


Carahsoft $11,493,287 for software maintenance at Fort Belvoir, VA.




BFBC $12,613,244 for wall structure, Yuma 1 bollard wall alignment in El Centro, CA.  SouthWVlley Constructors $524,000,000 for design-build of the Tucson sector barrier wall replacement project in Arizona.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Draper Lab $45,000,000 for design, build, and test of an operational Quicksilver Device prototype.


George Mason University $320,689,444 for Mobile Unmanned/Manned Distributed Lethality Airborne Network (MUDLAN) accelerated development and demonstrations software and hardware. Enhances technologies to be developed under the MUDLAN Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration program, including digital beam forming multi-beam Common Data Link apertures; directional K/Ku/eKU and W-band systems; MUDLAN multi-functional network controller (MFNC) for connecting multiple platforms while maneuvering; and using the MFNC to recognize jamming and autonomously move to other bands.


Johns Hopkins University APL $16,769,744 for deep space advanced radar concept technology demonstration. Work in Laurel, MD; and White Sands Missile Range, NM.


MIT $10,540,117,466 for operation of Lincoln Laboratory. R&D activities focus on long-term technology development, as well as rapid system prototyping and demonstration.


Penn State University Applied Research Lab $8,404,271 for the Advanced Broadband Navigation Sonar System Future Naval Capabilities Program. Development and demonstration of technologies associated with continuous subsea autonomous navigation by developing and demonstrating improvements to navigational sonar systems. Improved estimation of position and velocity afforded by advanced sonar processing will provide naval platforms with increased navigational performance for undersea platforms.




Textron $14,291,437 for production and delivery of one King Air 350C Cargo Slick aircraft modified to a UC-12W.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money every few years.


Lockheed Martin $9,627,065 for program management support—planning, procurement, delivery of initial aircraft spares for DOD and FMS ($1,192,734). Lockheed Martin $173,164,400 for long lead materials, parts, components, and support “to maintain on-time production and delivery” of F-35 aircraft for USA and Italy.


Lockheed Martin $4,708,927,970 for 78 F-35 combat aircraft (48 F-35A combat aircraft for U.S. Air Force, 14 F-35B combat aircraft for the Marine Corps, 16 F-35C fighter aircraft for U.S. Navy) and associated aircraft red gear. Lockheed Martin $202,800,000 to continue to develop, sustain, and produce F-35 software builds as well as carryout developmental flight tests.


Lockheed Martin $22,902,038 for integrating Belgium into the F-35 Lightning II combat aircraft enterprise. This is part of Belgium's $5.1 billion agreement with the U.S. for procurement of the F-35 air system.


United Technologies Corp. $193,780,323 for long lead materials for the production of low rate initial production of propulsion systems (lot 15) for U.S. Air Force ($66,446,810; 34.3%); Navy ($30,788,105; 15.9%); Marine Corps ($30,608,223; 15.8%); non-DOD ($52,153,031; 26.9%); FMS ($13,784,154; 7.1%). United Technologies Corp. $7,681,734 for seven Lift Fan Inter Stage Vane (LF ISV) kits for the Marine Corps. The new LF ISV will “provide lift fan operations over an increased temperature range, improved trailing edge angle conformance and will address vibration and flutter concerns.” Translation: The engine is still mediocre, and the profiteering continues. United Technologies Corp. approx. $266,000,000 for 20 F135-PW-100 propulsion systems for U.S. Navy, six F135-PW-100 propulsion systems for U.S. Air Force.




Bell Boeing JPO $7,272,135 to support non-recurring engineering and the associated efforts to incorporate optimized wiring and structural improvements on the nacelle into V-22 aircraft production and retrofit of fleet aircraft during depot level maintenance. FMS (Japan) $737,718.  Bell Boeing JPO $9,460,780 to support non-recurring engineering for supportability analysis, interactive electronic technical manual and technical directive requirements necessary for the V-22 Nacelle (combat aircraft) Improvements Phase One Program. Supports USA and Japan. FMS funds $911,066.


Raytheon $32,258,955 for V-22 systems and software engineering, integration, test, avionics acquisition, as well as software support activity and operations to include: configuration and data management, release of avionics software products and related systems.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $13,834,035 (corrected on 1 April to $8,168,444) for installation and environmental control system repair of Advanced Display Core Processor II (ADCP II) boxes and related equipment into F‐15 platform at NAS New Orleans, LA.


Pacific Consolidated Industries $12,680,071 for F-15 aircraft compressors. 




Elbit Systems of America $471,634,000 for a pylon-based infrared missile warning system for F-16.


L3Harris $7,790,997 for F-16 aircraft simulator training program devices: long lead items for phase one production of Consolidated Unit-Level Trainer (CUT) cockpit and visual system kits.


L3Harris  $10,863,740 for contractor logistics support to manage, maintain, and support F-16 Simulators Training Program.


Northrop Grumman $262,281,057 for Active Electronically Scanned Array radar for F-16 .




General Electric $215,000,016 for 48 F414-GE-400 engines and engine devices for the F/A-18 aircraft.


Honeywell $72,817,953 for repair, replacement, and program support for auxiliary power units used on aircraft (F/A-18, P-3, C-2). 


Meggitt Polymers & Composites $10,073,708 for fuel tanks for F/A-18 aircraft.


Raytheon $152,457,730 for F/A-18 advance targeting forward looking infrared pod consumable spare parts. Raytheon $18,189,730 to repair the APG 65/73 radar systems in support of the F/A-18.


Raytheon $30,159,000 for nine AN/APG-79(V)4 radar systems for retrofitting into F/A-18C/D aircraft. Also includes software, obsolescence management, engineering support, and associated technical, financial, and admin data.




Physical Optics Corp. $15,781,410 for data transfer devices and maintenance on these devices for U.S. Navy, as well as ground data transfer units for Australia in support of F/A-18 E/F and EA-18G aircraft.




GBL Systems Corp. $7,425,890 to continue research in support of the integration of critical technologies developed re "Intelligent Software Agents for Automating EA-18 Combat Functions." Effort will reduce risk by improving user interaction with mission data file development, test, and evaluation tools at Joint Reprogramming Enterprise facilities in support of Navy and various FMS ($1,745,068).


SAIC $8,484,786 for systems engineering analysis, test and evaluation engineering, interoperability testing and analysis, threat analysis, and tactics development for the AN/ALQ-99 Next Generation jammer pod, USQ-113 communications system jammer, ALQ-218 receiver, ALQ-227 communication countermeasures set, and Intrepid Tiger Pod for the EA-6B and EA-18G aircraft. Some FMS.  SAIC $8,782,647 for engineering, technical, and programmatic support services for the development of electronic attack and electronic warfare products within the Airborne Electronic Attack Integrated Program.




United Technologies Corp. (Rockwell Collins) $26,526,245 for software modernization upgrades to E-2D Hawkeye Integrated Training System tactics and flight trainer devices. 




Northrop Grumman $40,725,593 to manufacture B-2 aircraft liner production units. 




Boeing $800,000,000 for long lead material and activities in support of lot 11 P-8A aircraft production and delivery (8 Navy, 4 New Zealand, and 6 South Korea).


Boeing for 18 Lot 11 P-8A maritime aircraft for the Navy (eight); New Zealand (four); South Korea (six). Procurement also includes a segregable effort consisting of unknown obsolescence for Lot 11, Class 1 change assessment and obsolescence monitoring, as well as non-recurring engineering for South Korea. Purchases: U.S. Navy ($219,701,615).


L3 $25,867,170 for 35 ship sets comprised of BRU-75A and BRU-76A bomb rack units (13 for U.S. Navy; 7 for U.K.; 5 for Norway; 4 for New Zealand; and 6 for S. Korea in support of P-8A Lots 9-11 aircraft deliveries.


Raytheon $104,742,564 for radar system spare parts for the P-8 aircraft for U.S. Navy, U.K., Norway, and S. Korea. 




Lockheed Martin $16,249,208 for C-130J center wing box replacement program. 




Boeing $36,721,743 for KC-46 component build and development of the hardware system integration lab to conduct lab verification and ground test verification for the boom telescope actuator redesign. KC-46 is plagued with flaws.


Boeing $39,049,855 for KC-135 engineering sustainment services.




General Electric $10,431,151 for research, development, and demonstration of Rapid Assurance Curation Kit (RACK) software to enable certifiers to rapidly determine system risk acceptability. Provide a common evidence representation and efficient ingestion Application Programming Interface, automatic feedback to evidence providers, automatic decomposition of evidence, a polystore that organizes diverse evidence items, the ability to accept and store provenance metadata and an efficient query interface.


Progeny Systems Corp. $9,304,227 for more R&D on the "Automation Entity Classification in Video Using Soft Biometrics." Progeny, “with support from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and other stakeholders,” has developed a machine learning, image processing, and computer vision capabilities that serve as “building blocks for intelligent solutions to real-world data analytics problems.” Work is aimed at maturing these capabilities through R&D, integrating them into operational systems, supporting testing & evaluation, and transitioning into programs of record.


Reliance Test & Technology $234,632,069 for Eglin operations and maintenance support service at Eglin AFB, Florida; Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; and Holloman AFB, NM.




AECOM $22,497,260 to repair/recap efforts of aircraft structures, engines, transmissions, blades, and components for various rotary wing aircraft in Corpus Christi, TX. AECOM $12,177,497 to support the Aircraft & Aircraft Components Production Directorate, including facilities maintenance, supply logistics, and admin duties, Corpus Christi.


Airbus $122,655,293 for fifteen UH-72 Aircraft in Columbus, MS.


Boeing $114,046,847 for logistics, components and services for helicopters.


The Haskell Co. $9,498,353 for construction of the P680 CH-53K cargo loading tower at MCAS New River, NC. 


James Talcott Construction $15,077,162 for hangar renovation (to facilitate the bed down of the MH-139 helicopter) at Malmstrom AFB, MT.


Lockheed Martin $14,937,982 for production systems engineering and program management in support of CH-53K. Lockheed Martin $125,424,833 to procure long lead items for seven Lot 5 CH-53K heavy-lift aircraft (LRIP). LRIP = low rate initial production.


Lockheed Martin $525,371,067 for the Army MY IX Program Year 4, Lot 44, requirement of 38 UH-60M Army aircraft, and to exercise an option for two UH-60M FMS green aircraft.  Lockheed Martin $90,000,000 for requirements development, technical analysis, engineering and integration support on H-60 aircraft.


Longbow LLC $25,025,452 for radar hardware repair and support.


Raytheon $9,312,000 for electronic modules for the H-53 aircraft. 




American Autoclave Co. $7,425,759 for gas autoclaves for U.S. Air Force.


Andromeda Systems $89,104,038 IDIQ for maintenance on aircraft, engines, systems (weapons, aircrew escape, avionics, electrical systems), support equipment, and Fleet Readiness Center/depot plant equipment.


Northrup Grumman $53,500,000 for maintenance and services of airplanes. 




Avarint LLC $52,353,890 for unique developmental engineering services to enable the Digital Integrated Air Defense System (DIADS) model to link with other systems associated with the Benefield Anechoic Facility used to support high priority test missions that includes the F-22, F-35, Miniature Air Launch Decoy, Miniature Air Launch Decoy Jamming, B-2, and various Red/Blue Flag training activities when applicable. Work at Edwards AFB.


CAE $10,586,540 for the F-15E, F-16, and F-22A aircrew training and courseware development.


The FlightSafety Services Corp. $25,000,000 IDIQ for a multi-country KC-46 aircrew and maintenance simulator training for USA and the U.S. Air Force Security Assistance Training international partners at Altus AFB, OK.


Raytheon $8,864,121 for the Digital Airport Surveillance Radar (DASR) Electronics Equipment Shelter at Nellis AFB, NV. U.S. Navy responsible for the DASR site preparation, system installation, integration and checkout. 




United Technologies Corp. $41,683,934 for supplies related to the TF-33 engine. 




Raytheon $9,692,058 for fiscal 2020 AEGIS modernization (AMOD) requirements. Covers production of spy transmitter ordnance alteration kits for the multi-mission signal processor, radio frequency coherent combiner, sidewall capacitor and travelling wave tubes.  AMOD fields combat system upgrades to “enhance the anti-air warfare and ballistic missile defense capabilities” of AEGIS equipped DDG 51 destroyers and CG 47 cruisers.


Teledyne Defense Electronics $34,963,200 to repair traveling wave tubes (model 10 kW) in support of AEGIS.




Austal USA $7,700,942 for post shakedown availability for LCS Kansas City (LCS-22).


Lockheed Martin $98,674,505 for sustainment of the LCS Component Based Total Ship System – 21st Century -(LCS COMBATSS-21); associated combat system elements. Work includes maintenance and “evolution” of the LCS COMBATSS-21 (the backbone of the ship's mission system) and associated combat system elements.


Lockheed Martin $22,436,852 letter contract for integration, demonstration, testing, and operation of the Layered Laser Defense (LLD) weapon system prototype onboard a Navy LCS while that vessel is underway. Key areas of work to be performed include development of a prototype structure and enclosure to protect the LLD from ships motion and maritime environment in a mission module format; system integration and test with government-furnished equipment; platform integration and system operational verification and test; systems engineering; test planning; data collection and analysis support; and operational demonstration.


Northrop Grumman $11,467,560 for Airborne Laser Mine Detection System/Airborne Mine Neutralization System kits, Common Support Container Kits, and 20ft Reduced Weight Basic Outfitting Assembly to support the LCS Mission Modules Program.  Northrop Grumman $49,143,009 for engineering services re LCS Mission Modules Program.




Alberici-Mortenson JV $191,900,391 for recapitalization of the dry dock at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. 


CACI $13,222,827 for engineering, technical, administrative, and managerial (support) services re the Ships Availability Planning & Engineering Center and non-nuclear waterfront and deep submergence system programs at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME.


General Dynamics $7,307,480 for planning and execution of USS South Dakota (SSN 790) guaranty. Planning and execution efforts and material procurement in preparation of work on USS South Dakota.


General Dynamics $13,107,282 for additional fiscal 2020 development studies and design efforts for Virginia class submarines.


Huntington Ingalls $7,532,422 for engineering and technical design effort to support R&D concept formulation for current and future submarine platforms.


Lockheed Martin $8,759,811 for Integrated Submarine Imaging System (for submarine electronic warfare models AN/BLQ-10 and TI-18) kits and spares. 




Bechtel $18,350,860 for naval nuclear propulsion components.

Fluor Marine Propulsion LLC $1,775,605,000 for naval nuclear propulsion work at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory. 




BAE Systems, Huntington Ingalls, General Dynamics $171,876,527 for maintenance and Chief of Naval Operations availabilities on amphibious ships homeported in San Diego, CA.


Cabrillo Enterprises, South Bay Sand Blasting & Tank Cleaning, and Surface Technologies Corp. $10,000,000 to support deck covering removal and non-skid installation services onboard Navy ships in and around San Diego, CA.


Colonna Shipyards $8,903,875 for an 80-day shipyard availability for emergency dry-docking of Spearhead (T-EPF 1).


CB Tech Services, Coastal Marine Services, Sitta, Paige & Associates, and Pacific Shipyards Int. $13,000,000 IDIQ for interior decking commercial industrial services at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility, HI.


General Dynamics $10,932,727 for engineering services and Navy equipment.


W.F. Magann Corp. $33,233,279 to replace Dry Dock 2 caisson at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA.




BAE Systems $99,352,026 for MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) canister production and ancillary hardware for U.S. Navy (85%); and Japan (15%). VLS canisters serve as the missile shipping containers and launch tubes when loaded into VLS modules.


Lockheed Martin $25,449,876 for Launch Sequencer (LSEQ) MK 5 Mod production in support of the VLS. Involves FMS to South Korea and Finland.


Lockheed Martin $65,815,333 for production and engineering services of the Navy's Undersea Warfare Systems (model AN/SQQ-89A(V)15) for surface ships. 


Lockheed Martin $65,008,603 for combat system and engineering support of the Ship Self-Defense System. Lockheed Martin $65,008,190 for Ship Self-Defense System engineering support. 


Lockheed Martin $29,647,813 for program management office and engineering services in support of the Surface Ship Undersea Warfare System model AN/SQQ-89(V). 


Lockheed Martin $8,800,000 for the full-rate production of the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program and AN/SLQ-32(V)6, a combat system that provides a “full range of undersea warfare functions.”


L3Harris $14,181,070 for Mk 20 Mod (automatic grenade launcher) 1 Electro-Optical Sensor Systems, radar cross-section kits, shock ring kits and spares. Mk 20 EOSS is a component of the gun weapon systems employed by Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG 51 class); Ticonderoga-class cruiser (CG 47 class); the Coast Guard patrol cutters.


L3Harris $14,849,324 for 808 rounds of 57mm MK 332 high explosive-4 bolt guided cartridge ammunition. This 57mm electrically-primed cartridge is designed to function in the 57mm MK 110 GM for combating surface and air targets.


Raytheon $2,139,779,656 for procurement, manufacture, and assembly of the Standard Missile-3 Block IB all up rounds for the U.S. and FMS partners. Raytheon $45,806,628 for engineering and technical services of Standard Missile 2/6 for U.S. Navy (17%); other DOD activities (44%); FMS (39%).


Raytheon $8,586,095 for FY2020 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Block 2 LRIP requirements. Raytheon $17,172,191 to support FY2020 ESSM Block 2 LRIP requirements.


Raytheon $146,076,524 for Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2/2A Guided Missile Round Pack and spare replacement components for U.S. Navy (68%); Germany (3%); Saudi Arabia (26.2%), UAE (1.6%), Egypt (0.8%), and Turkey (0.2%) (1% combined).


Raytheon $109,607,857 for MK 15 Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) upgrades and conversions, system overhauls, and associated hardware.


United Technologies Corp. $8,065,106 for cryptographic modernization of Tactical Air Command Network 1.0/1.1 weapon data link radio for Harpoon Block II+, Joint Standoff Weapon, and Small Diameter Bomb Increment II programs.




Ocean Shipholdings Inc. $13,445,617 for operation and maintenance of two USNS Gordon-class, class surge, large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off vessels; and two USNS Shughart-class surge, large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off vessels.


Patriot Contract Services $33,411,234 for operation and maintenance of eight government-owned, contractor operated Watson-class large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off ships supporting worldwide prepositioning requirements.




BAE Systems $200,313,251 for USS Boxer (LHD-4) docking and selected restricted availability. 


Gulf Island Shipyards $129,925,080 for construction of two additional towing, salvage and rescue ships (T-ATS) and for unique item identification on the T-ATS 6-class program. 


Innovative Defense Technologies $8,067,432 for Navy engineering services, required material and travel.


Leonardo DRS $30,061,502 for multipurpose surface search and fire-control AN/SPQ-9B radar systems and associated equipment. 


Lockheed Martin $19,413,337 for Navy equipment production in Liverpool, NY (66%); Millersville, MD (33%); Marion, MA (1%).


Management Services Group Inc. $110,242,536 for Network, Processing, and Storage (NPS) Technical Insertion 16, Modification 1 production equipment. Provides for computer processing and memory, data storage and extraction, network systems, and input and output interfaces to host Navy combat systems and their software applications. 


RWG USA Inc. and Canadian Commercial Corp. (representing Standard Aero Ltd., also known as SAE) $30,000,000 (a program cumulative value) for depot-level overhauls of Navy 501-K17 marine gas turbines used on CG 47-class ships.


VT Halter Marine $39,906,609 for detail design and construction of an Auxiliary Personnel Lighter – Small (APL(S)). 




BAE Systems $12,697,209 to procure OE-120B antenna groups, retrofit kits, and delta installation and checkout kits for U.S. Navy in support of the Air Traffic Control and Landing program office. Additionally, this modification provides for the procurement of two OE-120B antenna groups for Japan. BAE Systems $12,697,209 to procure OE-120B antenna groups, retrofit kits, and delta installation and checkout kits for U.S. Navy in support of the Air Traffic Control and Landing program office. 


DynCorp $104,085,696 for maintenance and logistics support on aircraft & support equipment, Patuxent River, MD.


Naval Systems Inc. $28,181,538 for program management, lifecycle logistics, business process improvement, functional assessment, data and gap analysis, engineering requirements as well as management and requirements analysis in support of the Aviation Logistics Environment.


Sabre Systems Inc. $77,733,927 IDIQ for digital transformation planning and execution; enterprise alignment; technology exploration; acceleration and integration; digital/IT consultation business intelligence; application portfolio management; system integration; enterprise architecture; design and management; web management; Navy Marine Corps Intranet/Next Generation Enterprise Network program management; IT operations; cybersecurity; information assurance; cloud services; maintenance functions; network security; automated data processing support services; digital modeling and virtual environment support; talent change management; data analytics and integration; and business process management and improvement in support for the Naval Air Systems Command Digital Group, Patuxent River, MD.


Siemens $8,651,400 to provide various Situation, Task, Action, and Results – Computational Continuum Mechanics software and add-on Hierarchical Evolutionary Engineering Design System and Amesim packages in support of the Aeromechanics & Thermal Analysis branch at NAVAIR Weapons Division (NAWCWD), China Lake, CA.


Smartronix Inc. $26,565,294 for development, planning, execution, monitoring and life cycle services for IT/cybersecurity programs and activities in support of NAVAIR Aircraft Division, IT & Cyber Security Department. 


NAVAL INFORMATION WARFARE CENTER PACIFIC (NAVWAR) – Formerly known as Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command Pacific.


Cubic Defense Applications $9,027,588 for R&D on software for real-time logistics and supply chain system situational awareness, future state prediction and assessment of resilience at “unprecedented scale and speed.”


KOAM Engineering Systems $9,711,022 IDIQ for systems engineering integration, engineering analysis, installation, testing and evaluation, fleet troubleshooting, configuration management, integrated logistics support, deploying group systems integration testing and combat systems ship qualification trials of tactical data link systems.


Perspecta Enterprise Solutions $62,143,412 IDIQ for work on the existing Next Generation Enterprise Network contract. Work on affected end user hardware seat services will be performed throughout the U.S.




SI2 Technologies $13,491,546 for protection of Army and DOD “assets and weapon systems from emerging threats.”


Vencore Labs $14,547,132 for R&D re Autonomous Defensive Cyber Operation, tactical networks, communications.




CACI $27,483,671 for travel and other costs re Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC) IT support services. 


ID Technologies $46,579,188 to purchase IT equipment and accessories.


Leonardo DRS $205,998,000 IDIQ (task order 0001 is $16,884,194) for production of Army installation kits.




General Dynamics $8,016,219 to procure warranty coverage for the configuration items for the Tactical Network Transport On the Move System. General Dynamics $49,000,000 IDIQ for production of spare parts in support of the Warfighter Information Network Tactical Increment 1.


Lockheed Martin $112,747,940 for Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) space segment sustainment.  Northrop Grumman $48,235,113 IDIQ for MUOS to legacy Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Satellite Communications Gateway Component systems and services. 


L3Harris $383,247,000 IDIQ for radio systems with NSA-certified Type 1 encryption, radio ancillaries, provisioning kits and required documentation for the procured High Frequency radio systems.


Raytheon $63,524,350 to produce, test and deliver fully integrated Navy Multiband Terminals (NMT). 


Tribalco LLC $8,863,183 for support and services to manage the complete life cycle of the USACE radio communications mission.




Honeywell $10,340,614 for engineering sustainment support services of the strategic radiation-hardened microelectronics facility and production capability. Sustainment services cover engineering to sustain Honeywell’s strategic radiation-hardened microelectronics capability through researching extensions of existing products and technology, radiation testing and analysis, and sustaining existing application specific integrated circuit product support and multi-project wafer test/modeling capability. Services are “required to maintain a domestic, trusted source for strategic radiation-hardened microelectronics to meet the DOD certification to Congress, as stipulated by the fiscal 2018 NDAA Section 1670.” This has to do with nuclear weaponry.




Data Computer Corp. of America $7,201,113 for the Western Range Modernization Network operations, maintenance and sustainment at Vandenberg AFB, CA.


InDyne $51,386,233 for Solid State Phased Array Radar Systems management, operation, maintenance, and logistical support at Beale AFB, CA; Cape Cod AFS, MA; Clear AFS, AK; Thule AB, Greenland; and RAF Fylingdales, U.K.


Northrop Grumman $24,978,602 for embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation System engineering, manufacturing and development. For the incorporation of System Requirements Document Version 3.2.1 and the incorporation of Statement of Work Revision 4.


Northrup Grumman $19,098,570 for software development and training in Redondo Beach, CA.


Raytheon $378,129,190 for Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control Segment (OCX) for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) replacing International Business Machines (IBM) Project. Raytheon to replace IBM equipment with HPE equipment for all OCX Block 1 Deliverable Environments. For Space Force.


Raytheon and L3Harris; $37,639,960 and $30,604,891, respectively, to develop protected tactical waveform capable modems for satellite communication.


Raytheon $26,148,084 for delta pricing B-Tables for added and deleted work for contract line item numbers 0004, 0005 and 0006 for Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the U.S. war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. war industry.


Lockheed Martin for production of THAAD interceptors and associated one-shot devices. $327,498,097.


Northrop Grumman $20,808,229 for on-orbit operations & sustainment of Space Tracking & Surveillance System at the Missile Defense Space Center in Colorado Springs, and at Northrop Grumman facilities, Redondo Beach, CA.




Boeing $8,330,128 for the ICBM Cryptography Upgrade Increment II production. 


Lampson International $7,907,692 IDIQ for reactor compartment disposal land haul services: off-load, transport and placement of defueled, decommissioned reactor compartment disposal packages from a barge at the Port of Benton in Richland, WA, to a burial trench located on the U.S. Department of Energy's Hanford site in support of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Bremerton, WA.


Lockheed Martin $601,332,075 for the Trident II (D5) production and deployed systems support. U.K. funds $93,325,301.  Lockheed Martin $136,988,110 for U.S. and U.K. and provides Trident Fleet Support, Trident II Strategic Systems Programs, Shipboard Integration (SSI) Increment 8, SSI Increment 16, Columbia Class and U.K. Dreadnought Navigation Subsystem development efforts.


Northrop Grumman $11,244,675 for engineering and tactical underwater launcher hardware production to support development & production of the Common Missile Compartment.


Systems Planning & Analysis Inc. $7,036,704 for technical engineering services and programmatic support for nuclear weapons surety in the areas of policy, planning, analytical support to security, training, compliance, incident response, and safety engineering. 




BAE Systems $339,131,639 for 48 vehicle sets of self-propelled howitzer and carrier, ammunition, tracked vehicles and associated support.


General Dynamics $51,893,340 for MK 82 guided missile director and MK 200 guided missile director control production efforts for U.S. Navy (61%); Spain (25%); Japan (14%).


General Dynamics $26,464,692 for additional procurement of BLU 111 Engineering Change Proposal warhead assemblies.


Lockheed Martin $426,292,567 for building missiles and launch assemblies. Lockheed Martin $183,686,645 for all incidental maintenance, facilities support and technical services for planning, management, and production of missiles.


Lockheed Martin $14,686,324 for 4,001 laser guided training rounds BDU-59B/B.


L3Harris $19,381,064 for integrated circuit chips (that go in ordnance).


Northrop Grumman $164,954,564 for Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missiles (AARGM). Includes two Captive Air Training Missiles for Germany. 


Northrop Grumman $24,695,129 for additional BLU 111 Engineering Change Proposal warhead assemblies.


Northrop Grumman $104,770,422 for precision guidance kits. 


Northrop Grumman $74,500,000 for the Mk 419 Mod 1 fuze and the Mk 92 Mod 1 5” All Up Round projectile.


Raytheon for production and delivery of tactical missiles (Lot 20 AIM-9X, Block II and Block II plus), captive air training missiles, plus all up round tactical missiles, captive test missiles, special air training missiles, advanced optical target detectors, Block II and II+ guidance units (live battery), captive air training missile guidance units (inert battery), Block I and II propulsion steering sections, electronic units, multiple purpose training missiles, tail caps, maintenance, sectionalization kits, containers and spares for U.S. Air Force ($144,732,057); U.S. Navy ($143,119,230).


Raytheon $108,321,679 for hardware, facilities, equipment, and all technical, planning, management, manufacturing, and testing efforts to include all incidental services to produce the PATRIOT Digital Sidelobe Canceler and Peripheral Enhancement Assembly box production kits.


Manson/Connolly Seal Beach JV $66,530,000 for construction and building operations of Ammunition Pier, Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, reconstruction of Anaheim Bay Road, and construction of the Smoke Shack Building.


Major Tool & Machine $22,796,400 for additional BLU 111 (Mk 82) Engineering Change Proposal warhead assemblies.


Raytheon $493,440,000 IDIQ for recertification and modernization of Tactical Tomahawk (TACTOM) Block IV all-up round missiles.


Raytheon $147,899,498 for full rate production and delivery of 90 Lot 16 Block V TACTOM Vertical Launch System missiles and other hardware and related services for the Navy.  Also procures TACTOM Block IV AUR recertification AGR-4 Spares. 


Raytheon $108,321,679 for PATRIOT Digital Sidelobe Canceler and Peripheral Enhancement Assembly box production kits.


Raytheon $85,734,819 for Excalibur projectiles. Overseas work in Karlskoga, Sweden; Southway, U.K.; and Glenrothes, U.K.


Reyes Construction Inc. $21,166,800 to build missile magazines at Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach, CA. 




EWR Radar Systems $21,529,141 IDIQ for contractor logistics support for the Portable Doppler Radar program.


Northrup Grumman $52,633,871 for inspection, testing and support services for tactical radar systems, including supply chain management and quality assurance. 




Allison Transmission $68,557,517 for new X1100 Abrams transmissions, transmission upgrades, transmission sustainment kits and service support. 


C. E. Niehoff & Co. $11,199,440 max. for engine regulators and generators.


Cummins Inc. $9,752,276 for diesel engine repair kits.


Digitized Schematic Solutions $260,000,000 IDIQ for sustainment of Air Force Materiel Command technical data by standardizing roles, processes, and methodology at Robins AFB, GA; Hill AFB, UT; Tinker AFB, OK; Peterson AFB, CO.


Florida Ordnance Corp. $23,116,080 for cylinder heads for the M51/M74/M88 recovery vehicle.


General Dynamics $92,160,561 for Abrams Systems technical support.


GTA Containers Inc. ($48,133,329); and Breton Industries Inc. ($48,133,329), for vehicular doors and covers.


Leonardo DRS $9,756,178 for Joint Assault Bridge Systems.


Oshkosh Defense $9,186,740 for material, labor hours, travel and other direct costs supporting maintenance of light tactical vehicles.  Oshkosh Defense $25,522,182 for Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.  Oshkosh Defense $17,405,696 for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) system technical support JLTV retrofit efforts.  Oshkosh Defense $14,474,137 to incorporate engineering change proposals for Mounted Family of Computing Systems into baseline configuration of JLTV.  Oshkosh Defense $16,754,161 for packaged kits for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle family of vehicles.  Oshkosh Defense $173,788,535 for heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, palletized load system (PLS) trucks, and self-recovery winches on the Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles.  Oshkosh Defense $100,886,870 for heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, PLS trucks and PLS trailers on the Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles.  Oshkosh Defense $46,093,000 for heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, PLS, and PLS trailers on the Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles.  Oshkosh Defense $25,669,720 for heavy expanded mobility tactical truck common bridge transporters and basic issue item kits with and without winches on the Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles. 




General Dynamics $30,188,828 for ammunition cartridges.


Heckler & Koch $33,500,000 for Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems and Squad Designated Marksman Rifle.


Olin Winchester $37,980,972 IDIQ for 9mm frangible ammunition.


Sierra Four Industries, Culmen International, Multinational Defense Services, Ultra Defense Corp., Global Ordnance LLC, Blane International, Greystone LLC will compete for each order of the $350,000,000 for weapons, parts, optics, accessories, tools and manuals for various commercial, foreign, non-standard and U.S. obsolete weapon systems.




Airgas USA $57,649,805 for gaseous nitrogen.


BAE Systems $8,568,715 for E-2 parachute survival ensemble units and FLU-10 inflators for U.S. Navy ($3,666,389; 43%) and Japan ($4,902,326; 57%).


Carter Enterprises $33,810,422 for body armor for U.S. Army.  Ceradyne Inc. $111,100,000 IDIQ for enhanced small arms protective inserts. 


Elbit Fort Worth $45,999,995 for production of spare parts in support of the Aviators' Night Vision Imaging System/Heads-Up Display system.  L3 $7,000,000 for IDIQ production of MX-12389 image intensifier tubes in support of field level maintenance of the AN/AVS-6 night vision imaging system.


FLIR Systems $12,133,461 for non-warranty repairs, provision item ordering spares, product revisions, upgrades and production systems of the maritime mounted sensor in support of multiple electro-optic sensor systems allowing the user to operate in low-light conditions. 


Propper International (Puerto Rico) $63,760,444 for loadbearing equipment of U.S. Army.


PD Systems $14,829,404; SAWTST LLC $10,842,921 to maintain and sustain equipment assigned to the 63rd Army Reserve Readiness Division.




Capps Shoe Co. $15,396,000 max. for men's poromeric shoes for U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. 


Federal Prison Industries $12,720,000 IDIQ for Army physical fitness uniform jackets. SND Manufacturing $8,130,915 for running suit jackets for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Tennier Industries $14,884,350 for parkas. 


Goodwill Industries of South Florida Inc. $11,099,962 for Advanced Combat pants. National Industries For The Blind $9,039,000 for Army Physical Fitness Uniform pants. 




Manhattan Construction Co. $85,407,155 to build a new four-story, 201,000 square-foot general instruction building to support U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA.


Poly Inc.; Mason & Hanger Group Inc.; Merrick and Co.; Benham Design LLC; HNTB Corp.; Water Resource Associates LLC will compete orders of overall $18,000,000 for architect and engineering design services in support of the Range & Training Land Program. 


Phoenix Logistics Inc. $516,000,000 to provide capabilities to the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability across the range of warfighting functions.


Valiant Global Defense Services $60,000,000 for mission support services to Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Polk. 




Sauer Inc. $9,711,000 for management of an access control point in Arlington, VA.


Serco $60,747,812 for lifecycle sustainment of physical security/access control and command, communications, computers and intelligence systems in support of NAVFAC anti-terrorism/force protection ashore program at various Navy installations worldwide.


Raytheon $64,751,190 to provide operations and sustainment support for Persistent Surveillance Dissemination System of Systems in support of Product Manager Force Protection Systems. 




Alliance Technical Services $24,704,670 for chemical management services and third party logistics services for DLA Aviation in support of Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex.


Bechtel $1,212,239,175 for operations at Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant, Colorado.


Dawson Technical Inc. $14,719,129 for facilities operation and maintenance, Army Chemical Defense Training Facility, Fort Leonard Wood, MO.


Leidos $34,485,270 for scientific & technical services supporting projects under Biological Threat Reduction Program.


Valiant Global Defense Services $30,000,000 IDIQ for research, development, testing and evaluation, for tools and technologies that allow for joint and combined planning and data interchange with U.S. coalition partners in multiple theaters, for combatting chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Work at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, Camp H.M. Smith, HI; and the Undersea Warfare Development Center, San Diego, CA.




Booz Allen Hamilton $37,892,180 max. for advisory and assistance services in support of the Program Integration Division of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program for Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Fort Belvoir, VA.  Booz Allen Hamilton $37,892,180 for advisory and assistance services in support of the Program Integration Division of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, Defense Threat Reduction Agency.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


Direct Energy Business $24,551,424 to supply and deliver retail electricity and ancillary/incidental services.


Base Utilities Inc. $7,244,277 for additional utility services: two water and two wastewater systems for the Air Force.

Old North Utility Services $29,083,224 max. for water/wastewater utility service charge.   West Point-Granite JV $14,990,280 for water treatment plant repairs: Basins 343-348 and 352-353 Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA.




Alliant Enterprises LLC $43,750,000 max. for laboratory supplies and wares. 


Chartwell RX LLC $7,074,642 IDIQ max. for numerous pharmaceutical products in support of the Corporate Exigency Contracts program. 


ERA Health LLC $30,000,000 for hospital equipment and accessories for the DLA electronic catalog. 




QTC Medical Service $999,000,000 for commercial health services for the Reserve Health Readiness Program-III. 




Vali Cooper International $30,000,000 for architect-engineer technical support services for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


EnerSys Energy Products Inc. $28,661,172 for batteries. 




Lockheed Martin $19,217,204 for Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program (VH-92A) initial spares and system parts replenishment.




Three companies—SeaCube Leasing International Inc., Textainer Equipment Management, Triton Container International Limited—$17,253,689 for intermodal equipment leasing and transportation services, and related container support functions, to include interfacing with government systems to meet the government missions and exercises.




Flick Lumber Co. $9,340,523 for performance oriented packaging (POP) boxes. 


ENVIRONMENTAL – The U.S. military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


Jacobs CH2M $54,000,000 IDIQ for comprehensive long-term environmental architect and engineering services on Navy and Marine Corps installations at sites in NAVFAC Atlantic, including 35% in Puerto Rico.


Tetra Tech $78,000,000 IDIQ for comprehensive long-term environmental architect-engineering services on Navy and Marine Corps installations in NAVFAC Atlantic. Supports Navy's Environmental Restoration Program, Munitions Response Program, and other similar programs.


Vernadero Group Inc., Gulf South Research Corp., BioResource Consultants Inc., Hercules JV combined $30,000,000 for natural resources-related services at various locations within NAVFAC Southwest. Work provides natural resources-related services for botanical and animal surveys, wetland delineations, biological monitoring, soil sampling and analysis, natural resources and fire management plans, native plant community planning and restoration, wildland erosion control plans, research & analysis of the effects of military training or similar extensive land uses (e.g. off-road vehicle use) for natural resources on the species, community and landscape scale.


GREENING THE MILITARY – Any ‘green’ contract merely serves to mask empire in a green cloak. There is no greening the war machine.


Concurrent Technologies Corp. $7,771,574 for support services to help meet energy reliability and resilience requirements for utility distribution systems and various energy security positions: Arlington, VA (40%); Camp Lejeune, NC (12%); Okinawa Prefecture, Japan (12%); San Diego, CA (11%); Quantico, VA (10%); Bridgeport, CA (4%); New River, NC (3%); Cherry Point, NC (3%); Barstow, CA (3%); Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan (1%); Pohang, S. Korea (1%).




The New Jersey Department of Human Services $57,806,700 for food service to dining facilities on the Dix area of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: air operations, bachelor quarters, custodial, electrical, environmental services, facilities investment, fire & emergency services, galley, grounds maintenance, housing, integrated & waste, janitorial services, management & administration, morale-welfare-recreation, ordnance, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, public safety, supply, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, visual services, waste management, wastewater, and water. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate takeover of the Pentagon.


KJS Support Services JV $8,594,573 IDIQ for BOSS at Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA. NCS/EML SB JV $11,854,362 for BOSS at NAS Whiting Field and outlying areas, and Milton, FL.  Pensacola Bay Support Services $23,169,254 IDIQ for BOSS at NAS Pensacola and outlying areas: Saufley Field, Corry Station and Bronson Field.  Professional Contract Services Inc. $31,630,226 for BOSS at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA, and its outlying support sites.  Rock Island Integrated Services $7,463,098 for BOSS in Rock Island, IL.  Techflow Mission Support $26,831,726 for BOSS at Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, and other outlying areas.  Rae Management Services LLC $10,100,516 for laundry services for 60 military locations.  Vectrus Systems $32,898,231 for BOSS at Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL.




Centerra Group LLC $8,503,518 for BOSS at military and civilian installations in the Singapore. 


CONSULTING, ADMIN & LOGISTICS – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste (like we see in this category of consulting, admin, and business logistics) would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in U.S. war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the war budget.


QED Systems, Gryphon Technologies, McKean Defense Group, Huntington Ingalls $49,497,614 IDIQ for services related to technical, process and programmatic support for integrated logistics and technical documentation. Overseas work in Yokosuka, Japan; Manama, Bahrain.


Raytheon BBN $9,321,564 for research logistics and supply chain automated reasoning and information fusion, real-time demand forecasting and system resilience assessment. Will allegedly provide a distributed system that learns the logistics enterprise, estimates its operational state and provides predictive analytics to answer key diagnostic and prognostic questions about logistics performance, resilience, flexibility, and survivability “under a range of what-if scenarios.”


SupplyCore $75,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair and operations items.


Technica $181,708,286 for logistics support services at Fort Bliss, TX.




Markon Inc. $40,000,000 FOR technical support services for DOD Washington Headquarters Services at the Pentagon Reservation, Arlington, VA.


Sabel Systems Technology Solutions, Targeted Approach LLC, CANA LLC, Knowledge Management Inc., Arrow Alliance Industries $94,184,597 IDIQ for professional support services to the Assistant Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics, Logistics Plans, Policies and Strategic Mobility Division, Marine Corps Installations Command.




Ernst & Young LLP $9,236,783 for continued non-personal services to assist TRANSCOM/TCJ8 in accounting and financial operations and sustainment of audit readiness in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles as well as provide a broad spectrum of systems support across the USTRANSCOM enterprise.


Guidehouse LLP $10,449,089 for audit finding remediation support services for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). 


KPMG LLP $9,798,753 for financial improvement and audit readiness support services to the Deputy Commandant, Installation and Logistics. This includes audit remediation activities for plant, equipment and inventory related property and process reform within the Marine Corps Installation and Logistics and its supporting establishments associated with the Acquire-to-Retire, Plan-to-Stock, Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash business mission areas.




AECOM, Aptim Federal Services, Jacobs CH2M, Environmental Chemical Corp., Fluor, Perini Management Services Inc. $85,000,000 IDIQ for global contingency construction projects worldwide. Construction and related engineering services will respond to natural disasters, humanitarian assistance, conflict and various projects with similar characteristics.

AECOM, Aptim, Jacobs CH2M Hill, Environmental Chemical Corp., Fluor, Perini Management Services, $11,443,694 for global contingency construction projects worldwide and provides for the Navy on behalf of DOD and other federal agencies when authorized to make an immediate response for predominately construction services. Construction and related engineering services will be in response to natural disasters, conflicts, humanitarian assistance and projects with similar characteristics. 


AECOM, Arcadis, Cardno GS Inc., Jacobs, Tetra Tech Inc., Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Inc. $90,000,000 IDIQ for environmental services and environmental construction. A broad range of environmental services including operations and maintenance activities associated with environmental programs, environmental construction, repair and demolition work including remediation, restoration and abatement on real property in support of DOD environmental mission. Work will be performed at various installations within U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command.


Nan Inc. $117,803,121 to build a bachelor enlisted quarters (BEQ) at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe, Hawaii.




CHC/SJH JV LLC $21,481,049 for long-term riprap repair of the Walter F. George Dam. Fort Rucker, AL.


Great Lakes Environmental & Infrastructure $16,895,200 for coastal storm risk management in Beaumont, TX. TX Dewatering LLC $8,502,179 for improvements in the Houston Ship Channel, Houston, TX.


Great Lakes Environmental & Infrastructure $22,516,124 for levee improvements in Marysville, CA.  Maloney Odin JV $8,993,349 for reconstruction of two miles of levee in Sacramento, CA.


R&D Maintenance Services $15,989,749 for maintenance, repair, construction, and operations of Hartwell Lake and Dam project in Hartwell, GA.




Coffman Specialties $11,155,000 to repair 500 ramp aircraft parking stalls (Phase I and II) at Travis AFB, Fairfield, CA.


C. W. Roberts Contracting $49,000,000 IDIQ for pavement work (on airfield, roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.) and traffic control devices at Eglin AFB, FL; and Duke Field, FL.


Lagan Construction $29,716,940 for design, build, repair, replacement of runways and overruns at Westover Air Reserve Base, MA.


Pave-Tech Inc. $15,189,633 for repairs to Taxiway Bravo and Taxiway Golf at NAS Fallon, NV. 


VLJM LLC $35,000,000 IDIQ for paving projects at various government installations within Camp Pendleton and Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, CA.




AECOM; HDR Environmental, Operations & Construction; MSE Group LLC; Jacobs; Phe-Baker JV LLC, Tetra Tech; Trinity/Jacobs JV $49,000,000 for architect and engineering services to support the USACE South Atlantic Division.


EMC Inc. and Florabama Geospatial Solutions $10,000,000 for architect and engineering services for professional surveying and mapping services.


Mason & Hanger-Pond JV $8,000,000 for architectural and engineering support for the Central Texas Air Office.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


Aptim Federal Services $10,498,157 for a mini-mart and gas station at Naval Base San Diego.


Archer Western Federal JV $41,247,000 for work on an aircraft hangar in Dover, DE. Harkins Builders Inc. $19,750,853 to build an Army Reserve center in Newark, DE.


Arrow DJB II JV, Ironshore Contracting, EG Management Services, Roofing & Sustainable Systems Inc., Island Contracting Inc. $19,800,000 for construction, repair, alteration and related demolition of new roofing for facilities within NAVFAC Washington: mostly, MD (45%); D.C. (30%), VA (25%).


Brantley Construction Co., Howard W. Pence Inc., Military & Federal Construction Co. Inc., Windamir Development Inc., will compete for orders of $75,000,000 for construction, design, renovation, upgrades, improvement and maintenance or repair of government facilities.


Daniels & Daniels Construction $9,871,900 to repair Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 4311 at MCAS Cherry Point, NC.


Grunley Construction Co. $20,553,000 for exterior infrastructure and security improvements in Fairfield, PA. This is likely Raven Rock.


Harper Construction Co. $57,213,146 for renovation and addition of Hangar 95, the new construction of an aircraft parking apron, as well as a parking facility at MCAS Yuma, AZ. Construction must conform to Intelligence Community Directive 705 security requirements and accreditation (pdf).


I.E. Pacific Inc. $19,886,020 for repair and upgrade of Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters Buildings 5698 and 5697 at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CA.


Jacobs EwingCole JV $79,000,000 IDIQ for multi-discipline architect and engineering services, for large projects under the military construction program within NAVFAC Southwest's AOR.


JW Clark Enterprises Inc. $16,000,000 for simplified acquisition of Base Civil Engineer Requirements support for Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA. 


Manson Construction Co. $46,100,000 for the design and construction replacement of Pier 8, Naval Base San Diego, CA: a new single-deck pile, and a supported and reinforced concrete pier to replace the existing Pier 8.


RQ-DPR JV $61,062,000 for design and construction of an aircraft paint complex for the Fleet Readiness Center Southwest, Naval Base Coronado, California.


R. A. Burch Construction Co. $56,433,432 for an alert force complex at Travis AFB, Fairfield, CA.


The Ross Group Construction Corp. $26,755,960 to renovate Bldg. 1634 Volar Barracks, Fort Polk, LA.


Sauer Inc. $31,412,000 for Volar Barracks renovations at Fort Polk, LA.


SGS LLC $19,940,157 for a fire rescue center in Altus, OK.


Stantec Consulting Services $14,143,940 for design of pump stations and drainage structures. 


T.E. Davis Construction Co. $9,715,000 for renovations to 4 buildings at Camp Johnson, a satellite of Camp Lejeune. 


Tetra Tech-Stanley JV $12,000,000 for architect-engineer services primarily for civil works design.


Triton Marine Construction Corp. $16,774,160 for RM 17-1369 hotel pier repairs at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.


TW Metals Inc. $62,000,000 for commercial metal products.


8 construction firms $92,000,000 for construction at government installations within NAVFAC Southwest.


16 construction firms will compete for $55,173,306 for minor construction at Watervliet Arsenal, NY.


Ameresco, Archer Western Federal JV, RQ Construction, Sauer Inc., The Whiting Turner Contracting Co. compete for task orders under an overall $975,000,000 IDIQ for large general construction projects within NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, primarily Camp Lejeune and MCAS Cherry Point, NC. The Whiting-Turner Contracting received an initial task order for motor transport maintenance expansion, MCB Camp Lejeune, NC. 




The Dutra Group $21,550,000 for West Coast Hopper Maintenance Dredging in Hammond, OR; and Samoa, CA. Mike Hooks LLC $24,000,000 for rental of pipeline dredging equipment. Weeks Marine Inc. $10,296,000 for dredging the Mississippi River, Plaquemines, LA.



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Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist.

His work focuses on the U.S. war industry.