BAE Systems received $59,016,204 for MJU-68/B flares for F-35. Sole source.


The Entwistle Co. received $31,845,278 for up to 217 F-35 jet blast deflector side plate cooled panels and associated parts.


Lockheed Martin received $8,461,238 for F-35 additional verification and validation system support for country-specific mission data files for unnamed FMS aircraft. Lockheed Martin received $8,769,892 for recurring F-35 logistics services supporting Electro-Optical Targeting System. Lockheed Martin received $11,773,658 for advance acquisition of LRIP Lot 11 diminishing manufacturing sources, & material management for F-35 air system for USAF ($4,707,579; 39.98%); USN ($2,353,790; 19.99%); USMC ($2,353,790; 19.99%); UK ($531,816; 4.52%); Turkey ($385,352; 3.27%); Italy ($385,352; 3.27%); Canada $346,852; 2.95%); Australia ($250,543; 2.13%); Norway ($200,388; 1.71%); Netherlands ($142,579; 1.21%); Denmark ($115,617; 0.98%).


Lockheed Martin received $13,386,807 for 28 Next Generation Polyalphaolefin (PAO) Carts and technical manual sustainment in Fort Worth, TX.


Lockheed Martin received $28,918,000 for F-35 non-recurring special tooling & test equipment for USAF ($9,463,087; 32.72%); USN ($4,731,545; 16.36%); USMC ($4,731,545; 16.36%); UK ($1,069,047; 3.70%); Australia ($774,627; 2.68%); Turkey ($774,627; 2.68%); Italy ($697,236; 2.41%); Canada ($503,637; 1.74%); Norway ($402,816; 1.39%); Netherlands ($286,610; 0.99%); Denmark ($232,412; 0.80%); FMS ($5,250,811; 18.16%).


Lockheed Martin received $60,000,000 to identify & execute cost savings projects to reduce F-35 cost. Classic Pentagon illogic: give Lockheed Martin $60 million in order to save money.


Lockheed Martin received $64,240,000 for LRIP Lot 11 F-35 initial air vehicle spares. Overseas work in Samlesbury (7.2%) & Cheltenham (6.2%) UK; Papendrect, Netherlands (1.9%).


Okland-Geneva JV received $19,055,009 to pave F-35 apron at Nellis AFB.




Lockheed Martin received $7,519,484; received $25,856,100; received $70,000,000 for F-22 sustainment.




Bell-Boeing JPO received $17,578,247 for engineering Phase II developing V-22 cockpit engine health indicator. Hamilton Sundstrand Corp. received $38,223,326 to repair the constant frequency generator used on the V-22. Sole-source. Macro Industries received $28,242,728 for 200 (max.) sets of panels & hardware for a V-22 lightweight floor ballistic protection system. Moog received $7,728,000 for V-22 swashplates. Sole-source. Moog received $8,725,000 for a Swashplate Actuator Test system and a Flaperon & Elevator Actuator Test system for V-22. Not competitive. Rolls-Royce received $115,083,696 for 56 V-22 AE1107C engines for U.S. Navy ($71,727,084; 62.3%) and Japan ($43,356,612; 37.7%). Not competitive.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing received $7,355,921 for F-15 Combined APG-63 Version 3 Radar Improvement and APG-82 Version 1 upgrades.


Boeing received $7,691,070 for F-15C/E mission training centers (MTC) hardware & software obsolescence updates in Seymour Johnson AFB; Mountain Home AFB; Langley AFB; Kadena AB; RAF Lakenheath. Boeing received $20,857,506 for F-15C/E MTC at RAF Lakenheath.


Boeing received $14,300,000 to develop F-15 Suite 9 and 9.1 operational flight program software for simulators. Boeing received $14,300,000 for F-15 Suite 9 operational flight program.


Boeing received $23,688,509 for F-15 joint helmet mounted cueing system moveable canopies, signal data converter set line replaceable units, and circuit cards.




BAE Systems received $14,500,000 to provide Mode 5 Advanced IFF for F-16 systems program office at Hill AFB. Sole-source. L-3 received $7,943,687 for F-16 Mission Training Center technology refresh.




BAE Systems received $23,494,071 for F/A-18 AN/APX-111 Mode 5 combined interrogators, upgrade kits, assemblies, test asset repairs. Not competitive.


Boeing received $22,045,816 for engineering, logistics, and program management on F/A-18A-D, E-F/G. Boeing received $41,499,900 for F/A-18 E/F spare parts. Sole-source. Boeing received $42,030,000 for Service Life Assessment Program (SLAP) and Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), Phase C for F/A-18E/F. Boeing received $45,019,871 for F/A-18 Trailing Edge Flap retrofit kits. Boeing received $676,575,190 for full-rate production & delivery of six lot 41 F/A-18E and eight F/A-18F.


General Electric received $91,575,576 for 24 Lot 21A full-rate production F414-GE-400 engines for F/A-18E/F.


Hamilton Sundstrand received $7,438,821 for F/A-18 E/F/G primary bleed air regulator valves. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1).


Harris Corp. received $133,231,659 for Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures (IDECM) AN/ALQ-214 A(V)4/5 Onboard Jammer systems; WRA1 (V)4s; 14 WRA2 (V)4s; WRA1 A(V)4s; WRA2 A(V)4s; WRA 3s; and racks for F/A-18 C/D/E/F for U.S. Navy ($124,141,470; 93%); Australia ($9,040,189; 7%).


Meggitt Polymers & Composites received $12,903,540; received $19,067,754 for F/A-18 fuel tanks. Sole-source per U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1).


Raytheon received $13,625,344 for F/A-18 advance targeted FLIR spare parts. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1).


Rockwell Collins received $30,200,000 for various aircraft joint helmet mounted cueing system (JHMCS) consumable and reparable spare parts.




Boeing received $14,760,000 for Next Generation Threat System (NGTS) for F/A-18E/F & E/A-18G Tactical Operational Flight Trainers. Boeing received $68,535,986 for F/A-18E/F and EA-18G structural repair manual.


Physical Optics Corp. received $21,859,491 for F/A-18 E/F and EA-18G data transfer units for USN (93%); Australia (7%). Not competitive.


Raytheon received $84,219,586 for F/A-18 E/F & EA-18G Configuration D retrofit components for U.S. Navy ($68,284,291; 81%); Australia ($15,935,294; 19%).




Northrop Grumman received $7,503,650 for E-6B aircraft: Multi-Role Tactical Data Link upgrade. Northrop Grumman received $80,500,000 for Electronic Warfare Air/Ground Next Generation Innovative & Novel Engineering Support.




Lockheed Martin received $8,990,806 to repair 195 items used on E-2C. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304(C)(1). Northrop Grumman received $8,891,877 to develop mounting for navigation warfare hardware on E-2D and to modify software for built-in test display and lever arm adjustment to be included in the Delta System software config 4. Northrop Grumman received $14,240,814 to install 2 additional aerial refueling kits on E-2D. Northrop Grumman received $14,549,324 to incorporate advanced radar processor and software support activity cybersecurity for E-2D.


Rolls-Royce received $19,115,965 for depot repair of T56-A-427 engines, power sections, torque meters, gearboxes, and accessories in support of E-2. Rolls-Royce received $19,622,323 for up to three E-2D engine assemblies; 4 power section modules; and two reduction gearbox modules.




Boeing received $13,750,950 for Integrated Battle Station diminishing manufacturing source life of type (DMS LoT) parts for the B-1B.




BAE Systems received $64,478,486 for the Bomber Armament Tester (BAT) System for B-2A, B1-B, and B-52H weapon systems. 


Raytheon received $23,389,938 for B-2 antenna supplemental work.




Aviation Training Consulting received $16,296,222 to resolve obsolescence issues on B-52 training systems.


United Technologies received $13,826,646 for TF-33 engine compressor cases; received $9,684,544 for TF-33 engine 1st stage turbine blades. Sole-source.




Aeroforge received $11,822,810 for commercial common support equipment to perform P-8A airframe maintenance, installation, and removal tasks.


Aviall Services Inc. received $11,506,479 for three P-8A engines. 


Boeing received $16,305,394 to develop a design that integrates Wideband Satellite Communications Radome and supporting infrastructure on P-8A.


Boeing received $13,225,366 for P-8A training system spare parts for U.S. Navy ($6,989,990; 53%); Australia ($6,235,376; 47%). Boeing received $42,418,482 for docs, data, equipment, and engineering to establish depot maintenance at Fleet Readiness Center Southeast and other locs for P-8A stores management system. Non-competitive.


CFM International received $46,999,658 for one CFM56-7B24EG04 engine for C-40A aircraft and three CFM56-7B27AE engines for P-8. Overseas work in Villaroche, France (55%). Not competitive.


L-3 Technologies received $25,624,231 to design/develop Common Data Link Depot Repair Facility, Fleet Readiness Center Southwest San Diego, in support of P-8. Raytheon received $28,721,295 to support P-8A AN/APY-10 organic depot initial troubleshooting activation, Fleet Readiness Center Southeast.


Northrop Grumman received $12,000,000 for AN/ALQ-240 spare parts for P-8A.




American Fuel Cell & Coated Fabrics received $10,216,940 for C-130 aircraft fuel bladder cells. Lockheed Martin received $60,520,272 for C-130 wing durability test. Sole-source. Canadian funds $2,500,000. Lockheed Martin received $60,520,272 for C-130 wing durability test. Sole-source. Canadian funds $2,500,000 allocated.


Edison Foard Construction Services received $9,345,566 for a new 24,600 square-foot Air National Guard C-130 squadron operations facility.


Lockheed Martin received $61,902,003 for USCG C-130J multi-year production.


Boeing received $152,529,718 for two C-40A aircraft for the U.S. Navy.


ETI Tech received $17,395,989 for C-5 passenger seats. Triumph Gear Systems received $22,960,961 for C-5 mechanical actuators. Sole source.


Walsh Federal received $45,900,870 to build a C-17 two-bay corrosion control and fuel cell hangar at Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station, PA.




Boeing received $43,974,463 for initial common spares and readiness spares packages for McConnell AFB, KS; and Altus AFB, OK. Sole source.


Boeing received $7,431,273 for Phase III KC-46 tanker/receiver aerial refueling airplane simulator qualification data collection study. Boeing received $101,841,380 for KC-46 modernization: spares packages supporting production aircraft lots 1 and 2 at McConnell AFB. Southeast Cherokee Construction received $9,635,420 to build four KC-46A consolidated projects, Goldsboro, NC.


CAE USA Inc. received $45,389,500 the KC-135 aircrew training system.


Chromalloy Component Services received $7,795,547 to repair / overhaul F108 low-pressure turbine assembly.


Kingery Construction received $16,103,000 to repair a maintenance hangar at 155th Aerial Refueling Wing, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Omega Aerial Refueling received $43,062,416 for contractor-owned and -operated aircraft services in support of Contracted Air Services (CAS) program. 


Walbridge Aldinger received $56,716,690 for KC-46A hangar construction and maintenance, Seymour Johnson AFB.




Aerospace & Commercial Technologies received $9,457,299 for horizontal stabilizers for USAF.


Boeing received $599,999,999 for new preliminary design activity requirements on the Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization (PAR) Program. Sole-source.


Merex Aircraft Co. received $25,472,244 for A-10 aircraft windshields.


M1 Support Services received $21,533,370 for intermediate & organizational maintenance of T-38 for ACC, AFMC, and AFGSC.


Northrop Grumman received $11,629,995 for aircraft horizontal stabilizers.


Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials received $21,308,665 for material & parts supporting T-6 Talon egress system for Cartridge & Propellant Actuated Devices JPO at Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head. Non-competitive.


Robertson Fuel Systems received $7,427,425 for aircraft refueling tanks. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(2) from FAR 6.302-1.


Telephonics Corp. received $10,778,138 for control interface. Sole-source.


Vinyl Technology received $10,382,557 for CSU-22/P advanced technology anti-gravity suits.




BAE Systems received $9,186,782 for adaptive decision-making via iterative reasoning, association and learning software in support of battle management command control and communication.


Boeing is the final company of six to receive $499,000,000 for Aerospace Systems Air Platform Technology Research (ASAPTR) program.


Hamilton Sundstrand received $14,000,000 for research in the areas of hybrid-cycle power and thermal management system detailed design.


Honeywell received $12,508,277 for R&D on a stable, space-based frequency source. 


Leidos received $23,541,635 for R&D to develop prototype advanced integrated threat warning systems while advancing electro-optical test & dev risk reduction at Wright-Patterson AFB.


Lockheed Martin received $26,320,260 R&D of high-energy laser technologies.


Northeast Information Discovery received $45,000,000 for software & hardware development to improve capabilities in electromagnetic spectrum & cyberspace.


Pertek 2 Mirakin Technologies received $13,609,298 for advisory & assistance services for AEDC, Test Operations Division re: high speed/hypersonic systems.


14 corporations received a shared $998,000,000 for R&D, test & eval of weapon systems, subsystems, and components for Air Force Test Center, Eglin AFB.




Arete Associates received $13,951,515 to help ONR with Expendable Data Ex-filtration (EDEX) Technology program. Envisioneering Inc. received $49,880,154 to provide development, design, fabrication, and testing for NRL Radar Division. Vencore Inc. received $22,819,701 for R&D on ocean dynamics & prediction oceanography at Vencore’s facility, Stennis Space Center.




Progeny Systems received $7,594,881 for R&D on “SMART Identity Resolution of Non-Cooperative Targets.”




BAE Systems received $19,397,656 for AN/AAR-57 aviation kits and installation and engineering services.


Boeing received $18,903,268 for CH-47 field service representatives.


EFW Inc. received $31,548,157 for Aviators Night Vision Imaging System/Heads Up Display spares & components; received $57,711,434 for Heads Up Tracking System components, parts, and quantities.


General Electric received $80,501,642 for work on T64 engine parts & logistics at Fleet Readiness Center East, Cherry Point, NC. Sole-source.


Harris Corp. received $84,400,000 to provide unnamed FMS with engineering support services on electronic warfare suite AN/ALQ-211(V) 4/8/9 [.pdf].


Hensel Phelps Construction received $54,519,000 to build a new powertrain facility & central energy plant to house rotary wing aircraft component rebuild activities & infrastructure at NAS Corpus Christi. 


Lockheed Martin received $9,540,000 for 18 Intermediate Level Operational Test Program Sets for MH-60R/S Multimode Radar & Advanced Radar Periscope Detection & Discrimination work replaceable assemblies. Not competitive. Lockheed Martin received $23,141,340 for 69 Generation VI Mission Computers, 87 Moving Map Integration Retrofit Wiring Kits, and 24 Audio Management Lite Computers for use on MH-60R/S for U.S. Navy ($21,216,546; 92%); Australia ($1,445,544; 6%); Denmark ($479,250; 2%). Lockheed Martin received $23,607,682 for advanced off-board electronic warfare (AOEW) engineering manufacturing & development. Lockheed Martin received $26,991,426 for 11 standard and 5 SEED retrofit kits for H-60 Automatic Radar Periscope Detect & Discrimination program. 


Lockheed Martin received $10,361,796 for test equipment for depot support on AH-1Z Target Sight System (TSS). Not competitive 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1).


Lockheed Martin received $36,883,000 to acquire 289 M299 legacy launchers and one lot of obsolete components.


Lockheed Martin received $38,738,000 for CH/MH-53E tail rotor blades. Northrop Grumman received $25,036,119 for Defensive Electronic Countermeasures Suite Upgrade, phase II, for CH-53K. 


M1 Support Services received $387,037,012 for maintenance services on Army & USAF Advanced Rotary Aviation Training mission, Fort Rucker.


Northrop Grumman received $10,114,000 for 52 technical refreshed mission computers for retrofit on H-1 aircraft. 


PCX Aerostructures received $63,911,873 to maintain & overhaul AH-64 main rotor heads; received $72,293,585 for rotary wing heads. Sole-source.


Tyonek Fabrication Corp. received $7,188,051 and received $12,276,280 for pilot display units for U.S. Army. Sole-source.


URS Federal Services received $15,462,757 for rotary-wing flight instructor services in Dothan, Alabama.




Aircraft Readiness Alliance received $18,794,529 (later corrected to $26,473,214) for maintenance at Fleet Readiness Center, Southwest. 


Boeing received $43,800,000 for aircraft support equipment for McConnell AFB, KS; Altus AFB, OK; Pease Air National Guard Base, NH. Sole source.


Crane Electronics Inc. received $11,064,867 for high voltage power supplies. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1), implemented by FAR 6.302-1.


DynCorp received $103,165,374 for maintenance & logistics on 16 T-34 Mentor, 54 T-44 Pegasus, and 287 T-6 Texan aircraft at NAS Corpus Christi, TX (50%); NAS Whiting Field (39%); NAS Pensacola (8%); throughout USA (3%).


EMC Technologies, ION Corp., Teamcor, Westest received $45,400,000 for interface test adapter & support equipment at Hill, Tinker, Warner Robins AFBs.


General Electric received $7,427,631 for aircraft combustion liners and received $7,120,000 for aircraft fan frames. Sole-source.


Hartech Group received $9,724,986 for a hydro-forming press for USAF in GA and CO.


Helix Electric received $12,213,000 for generator upgrade at Hill AFB.


Hydraulics International received $20,202,191 for universal hydraulic test providing diesel Type I and electric Type II configurations. Test stands deliver hydraulic pressure to aircraft systems without running aircraft engines or APU.


Kord Technologies Inc. received $44,824,528 for target system hardware support.


M1 Support Services received $63,814,021 for aircraft maintenance re: undergraduate pilot training & aircraft fundamentals at Sheppard AFB.


Wyle Laboratories received $9,149,549 to refurbish / upgrade 8 eddy current non-destructive inspection systems, incl. improving hardware & software.




Canadian Commercial Corp. received $8,100,000 for MX family sensor system spares, training, and specialized support equipment. MX is an aircraft-mounted electro-optic/infrared sensor. Not competitive.


FLIR Surveillance Inc. received $74,728,207 for a fleet of new sensor systems.


Hamilton Sundstrand received $9,987,145 for Dual Stabilator Controller and Advanced Flight Control Computer repair & sustainment.


Leidos Inc. received $47,600,000 for R&D on electro-optical combined hyperspectral imaging, infrared search & track, and long range imaging at Wright-Patterson AFB.


Lockheed Martin received $10,617,657 to design, build and integrate a Multi-modal Sensor Phase II technology demonstrator.


Northrop Grumman received $21,243,554 for LAIRCM: 2103 signal processors; Signal Processor Replacement (LSPR) assemblies; advanced threat warning (ATW) sensors; and smart connector assemblies for LSPR.


Northrop Grumman received $16,229,632 for non-recurring engineering services to upgrade AN/AAQ-28 LITENING pod on AV-8B and F/A-18. Not competitive.


Northrop Grumman received $11,743,510 for continuing engineering on AN/ALQ161A. Sole-source.


Northrop Grumman received $124,737,813 for AN/APR-39 engineering, management, logistics on D(V)2 & C(V)2 processors, antenna detectors, radar receivers, arrays, etc. for U.S. Navy ($78,695,032; 63%); U.S. Army ($39,603,084; 32%); Japan ($4,412,169; 3.5%); Austria ($1,366,462; 1%); Canada ($661,066; .5%). Not competitive.