Lockheed Martin received $17,496,073 for ship integration and test of AEGIS Weapon System for baselines through Advanced Capability Build 16. Raytheon received $15,400,173 for various AEGIS components. Sole-source.




Austal USA received $12,283,922 for work on advance planning & design supporting post shakedown availability for LCS USS Omaha (LCS-12) in Mobile, AL (75%); San Diego, CA (25%). Not competitive.


General Dynamics received $9,214,089 for services required to maintain and support the Independence variant LCS. General Dynamics received $17,343,564 for four 30mm Mk 46 mod 2 gun weapon systems (GWS) for LCS program and USS Lyndon B. Johnson (DDG 1002), along with spare parts. 


Lockheed Martin received $15,240,542 for engineering and management services for USS Sioux City (LCS 11) post-shakedown availability. 




AECOM received $9,802,816 for the ashore Fixed Submarine Broadcast System architecture supporting VLF and LF antennas in (75%: Oso, WA; Cutler, ME; LaMoure, ND; Lualualei, HI; Dixon, CA; Aguada, Puerto Rico); worldwide (25%: Grindavik, Iceland; Awase, Japan; Holt, Australia; Niscemi, Italy). Sole-source.


DRS Laurel Technologies received $90,182,569 for technology insertion hardware (TIH) [latest display, processor, and network requirements] for combat control & sonar systems for U.S. Navy (92%); Australia (5%); UK (3%).


General Dynamics received $341,161,778 for design agent, planning yard, engineering & tech support for in-service nuclear subs. Involves FMS (Spain).


General Dynamics received $5,071,534,074 for Integrated Product & Process Development design for Columbia-class subs. FMS (UK) = 14%. Not competitive.


Huntington Ingalls received $104,955,829 for work on nuclear subs: engineering, technical, design, configuration management, logistics, database management, R&D, modernization, and industrial support.


Lockheed Martin received $13,766,956 for material, travel, subsistence & support of Integrated Submarine Imaging Systems. Lockheed Martin received $19,531,602 for engineering & technical services for integration of combat systems on submarines. 


Lockheed Martin received $52,963,189 for Mk 48 Mod 7 CBASS guidance & control sections; item replacement kits, equipment, spares, production support, engineering, hardware support for USA (65%); Australia (11%); Netherlands (23%); Canada & Turkey (<1%). SAIC received $27,822,437 for Mk 48 Mod 7 afterbody/tailcone sections, production support material, spares, engineering & hardware repair support.


L-3 received $17,206,215 for TB-29X towed array assembly, receiver units, test sets, and engineering services. 


Oceaneering Int. received $16,314,550 for Dry Deck Shelter program work.


SAIC received $7,636,982 for Mine Warfare & Environmental Decision Aids Library program.




Al Larson Boat Shop; Epsilon Systems Solutions; Integrated Marine Services; Marine Group Boat Works; Miller Marine; Nielsen Beaumont Marine received a shared $15,000,000 for boatyard services & industrial support & maintenance for boats / vessels (≥15 meter length) around San Diego area Naval Facilities.


American Scaffold and W.V. Construction received $10,869,649 and $18,892,889 respectively for scaffolding services at Southwest Regional Maintenance Center’s Commercial Industrial Services.


BAE Systems received $13,496,933 for USS Bataan (LHD 5) FY 2017 phased maintenance availability; received $24,448,647 for post-shakedown availabilities on USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) and USS Omaha (LCS 12). 


Bay City Marine, C&S Services, Delphinus Engineering. Epsilon Systems Solutions, Propulsion Controls Engineering, Pacific Shipyards International, Q.E.D. Systems received $20,800,000 for repair, maintenance, and alternation of govt ships at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility.


Cardinal Engineering and Combat Systems Power received $17,617,180 for R&D activities associated with power load modules for advanced shipboard electrical power systems. 


Cianbro Corp. received $17,079,136 for structural repairs to berth 11 at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Contrack Watts received $27,000,000 for repairs within Dry Dock 2 at Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton. Tazewell Homeland JV received $8,481,131 for repairs to Berths 16/17 at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. 


Detyens Shipyards received $8,115,494 for 69-calendar day shipyard availability for regular overhaul & dry-docking of USNS Spearhead (T-EPF 1). 


General Dynamics received $7,999,909 for maintenance, repair, alterations work onboard USS Montpelier (SSN 765) during dry-docking. General Dynamics received $36,316,148 for planned maintenance, facilities maintenance, and administrative and engineering support services. General Dynamics received an unstated amount to incorporate Flight III baseline on DDG 126 and award of FY2016 ship (DDG 127) in the Flight IIA configuration. 


General Electric received $27,121,433 for 4 sets Twin Shank Turbine LM2500 hot section materials; 4 Single Shank Turbine LM2500 hot section modification kits; 20 integrated electronic controller modification kits. Non-competitive.


Huntington Ingalls received $9,616,598 for USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) aircraft elevator hitch girder removal and installation in Yokosuka, Japan. Not competitive. Huntington Ingalls received $2,800,000,000 for USS George Washington (CVN 73) Refueling Complex Overhaul. Not competitive.


Huntington Ingalls received $10,673,401 for long lead-time material & management for planning yard services for CG-47-class cruisers and DD 963-class destroyers. Huntington Ingalls received $12,782,253 for long lead material & management services re: planning yard services on destroyers. Huntington Ingalls received $13,227,347 for USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) FY2019 docked planned incremental availability planning requirement.


Huntington Ingalls received $29,378,128 for initial planning of USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) repair & restoration. Lockheed Martin received $15,475,217 to support USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) restoration. “America’s Navy” can’t sail properly.


Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $27,498,253 for engineering, technical, design agent, and Hull Planning Yard services supporting U.S. aircraft carriers and received $72,992,210 for integrated planning yard support for CG 47 and DD 963 class ships. 


Lockheed Martin received $21,439,277 to develop, maintain, upgrade Visual Interactive Simulation Training Application (VISTA) trainers for Center for Surface Combat Systems for U.S. Navy (25%); Japan (20%); Pakistan (20%); Spain (20%); Norway (15%). Not competitive.


QED Systems Inc.  received $10,157,566 for non-nuclear touch labor support at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. 


Tompco Inc. received $14,962,480 to build a Regional Ship Maintenance Facility at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. 


Vigor Marine received $8,857,022 for ship repair, maintenance and overhaul for USACE dredge Essayons.


10 corporations received a shared $119,108,407 to maintain surface combatant ships (DDG & CG) and amphibious (LSD, LPD, LHA, LHD) ships, Norfolk, VA. 




Alion Science & Technology received $24,584,069; Camber Corp. received $25,195,736; Del Rey Systems & Technology received $25,944,340; ManTech received $27,220,973 to provide training services for tactical afloat shipboard, ashore and submarine C4ISR systems. 


BAE Systems received $7,395,774 for inspection & repair of Mk 38, mod 2/3 machine gun system components. BAE Systems received $32,787,486 for FY2017-2020 production of MK 38 mod 3 and spares. Not competitive.


GET Engineering received $13,044,417 for Navy combat systems interface and steering control systems data conversion devices. Not competitive.


Lockheed Martin received $11,458,520 for Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP .pdf) Block 2 subsystems AN/SLQ-32(V)6: engineering support and incidental material.


Lockheed Martin received $24,306,079 for modules and associated equipment for MK 41 vertical launch system (VLS).


Northrop Grumman received $11,026,388 for production and associated provisioned items of the Navy’s WSN-7 navigation system. Northrop Grumman received $24,672,353 for antenna group assemblies. Sole-source.


Northrop Grumman received $18,608,828 for MK54 Mod 0 lightweight torpedo array kits, production support material, and engineering & hardware repair for U.S. Navy (84%); UK (11%); Thailand (5%). Raytheon received $35,013,290 to provide U.S. Navy (85%); UK (10%); Thailand (5%) with Mk 54 common parts kits; Mod 0 kits; and exercise fuel tanks, spares, material, engineering, etc.


Raytheon received $37,741,117 for Phalanx CIWS program: spares & hardware for USA (96%); Turkey (2%); Australia (<1%); Saudi Arabia (<1%). Raytheon received $70,917,689 for cooperative engagement capability (CEC) design agent and engineering efforts.


Rocky Research received $49,173,291 for navigation & ship control system hardware components in Huntsville, AL. Not competitive.




Advanced Technology International received $25,000,000 for R&D of innovative castings technologies for DLA Research & Development Program Office. Steel Founders' Society of America received $15,000,000 for R&D of innovative castings technologies. Ingersoll Machine Tools received $11,995,800 for computer numerical control gantry milling machines for U.S. Navy.




Gravois Aluminum Boats received $29,825,856 for design & construction of up to 50 patrol boats for Naval Expeditionary Combat Command.


NAG Marine received $33,270,860 to provide radar tank level indicators & time domain reflectometry tank level indicators for USA & and foreign navies. 


Raytheon received $17,268,162 for DDG 1000-class activation test & upgrades to missions systems equipment / computing environment hardware & software.


Saab received $16,838,188 for Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter multi-mode radar systems. 


Textron received $7,050,010 for long-lead time material for ship to shore connector (SSC) class crafts 109 and 110. Not competitive, per FAR 6.302-1.


Ultra 3 Phoenix Inc. received $8,170,469 for engineering services to support software development; procure COTS products; hardware/software integration for Navy Open Architecture and Network Centric Operations & Warfare systems.




The SURVICE Engineering Co. received $9,982,045 for Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division R&D re: air weapons systems.


Systems Application & Technologies received $20,455,624 for continued support services to NAVAIR Air Vehicle Modification & Instrumentation Dept.


Wyle Laboratories received $9,575,000 for contractor aircrew to augment squadrons for complete test / eval of Naval Test Wing Atlantic aircraft at Patuxent River, MD (94%); Point Mugu, CA (5%); China Lake, CA (1%).




BAE Systems; Science & Engineering Services; Sierra Nevada; Coherent Technical Services; Dayton T. Brown Inc.; J.F. Taylor Inc.; KIHOMAC; Science & Engineering Services; Strata-G Solutions Inc. received a shared $486,952,035 to provide prototype air vehicle [NAWCAD Aircraft Prototype Systems Division (APSD)] modification, mission systems, aircraft stores & support equipment designs, technical data packages, kits & installed systems for test / eval of new systems & capabilities as well as fleet introduction. 


Behlman Electronics Inc. received $21,709,300 for up to 180 Common Aircraft Armament Test Sets (CAATS) and 100 Pure Air Generator System Adapter Sets (PAGS PAS) for USA ($18,452,905; 85%); Spain ($868,372; 4%); Italy ($868,372; 4%); Finland ($868,372; 4%); Kuwait ($651,279; 3%).


Engility received $29,862,080; NDI Engineering Co. received $29,568,716 for engineering & technical services in support of NAWCAD Lakehurst Support Equipment & Aircraft Launch & Recover Equipment Department. 


GrammaTech Inc. received $9,040,092 for software R&D supporting Office of Naval Research incl. GTx-Reducer, GTx-Hardener, GTx-Optimizer, Vertx, and LiftBridge. Teletronics – A Curtiss-Wright Co. received $11,487,731 to develop, test, deliver Telemetry Network System components for NAWCAD.