Booz Allen Hamilton received $11,704,107 for expert analyses, assessments, and deliverables in support of Deputy Assistant SECDEF for Communications, Command, & Control, Cyber & Business Systems program office. 


The Centech Group received $9,932,436 for maintenance, support, computer infrastructure admin for Cyber Command & Control Mission System weapon system in JB San Antonio, Cryptologic & Cyber Systems Division.


CSRA LLC received $7,357,125 to support SSC Pacific Department of Navy (DON) Cloud Services pilot program on behalf of 16 DON warfare centers to create a DON Research & Development Enterprise (NR&DE) Cloud Brokerage. 


FGS LLC received $7,328,166 for weapon systems and C4I systems IT services at Air Force ISR organizations & units.


Invincea Labs received $20,517,535 for software & hardware to expand & tailor capabilities of Plan X platform to meet specific U.S. Army cyber operations.


MDA Information Systems received $9,677,988 for Third Coast Red Wing, a cloud-based geospatial intelligence processing framework. 


Palantir Technologies received $11,750,000 to provide software licenses and associated training in support of USMC.


Raytheon received $21,660,909 for foreign language automated information retrieval.


SAIC received $91,485,705 for management & tech support to advance high performance computing, capabilities, infrastructure, and technology at Wright Patterson; Aberdeen; Stennis Space Center; Vicksburg.


Trace Systems received $11,254,219 for admin, IT engineering & logistics support to 160th Signal Brigade and subordinate units at Camp Arifjan; Camp As Sayliyah; Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.




Carahsoft Technology Corp. received $37,766,744 for additional System Application and Products software products & maintenance in Fort Belvoir.


DLT Solutions received $10,953,674 for Oracle maintenance & support at Scott AFB.


ECS Federal LLC received $111,132,813 for a secure unclassified network system, including maintenance. ECS Federal received $32,444,830 for services in the area of big data analytics, cloud computing, knowledge management, search, discovery and collaboration.


Frontier Technology received $35,495,851 for enterprise Product Lifecycle Management Integrated Decision Environment services. Not competitive.


Jacobs Technology received $480,000,000 for test, evaluation, and certification support at Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command HQ, Fort Huachuca, and DISA HQ, Fort Meade.


Northeast Information Discovery received $19,005,972 for software, hardware and technical reports. 


SAIC received $8,771,438 for systems and computer resources support for AMRDEC Software Engineering Directorate.


Spalding Consulting Inc. received $83,000,000 for consolidated IT support (for DOD components) through the entire acquisition life cycle.


Vetegrity LLC received $26,975,678 for computer aided drafting & engineering support at Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) locations and received $12,800,000 for IT enterprise business systems support at Naval Facilities IT Center, Naval Base Ventura County.




Allied Associates International; Barbaricum LLC; ECS Federal; Research Innovations Inc. received a shared $248,110,466 to develop SUNet Enclaves for mission specific requirements that include dev of applications or analytics.


DRS Network & Imaging Systems received $11,386,106 for 1,203 1U servers in support of Data Distribution System – Modular (DDS-M). 


Iron Bow Technologies received $13,806,388 to help HQ AMC directorate of communications acquire Harris radio 117G. Overseas work at: Ramstein AB, and Andersen AB.


L-3 received $7,999,971 for 46 triband capable terminals, hard shell transit cases, accessories & components for full installation & operational functionality, and on-site training for 33 operations and maintenance personnel.


Raytheon received $14,854,395 to produce, test, and deliver more fully integrated Navy multiband terminals (NMT). Not competitive.


Rockwell Collins Inc. received $192,349,625 for commercial AN/ARC-210(V) electronic protection radios, equipment, and support services. 


Spectranetix received $24,900,000 for software, hardware and reports re: limited maintenance for advanced software defined radio systems. Sole-source.




United Launch Services received $832,413,250 for Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) mission assurance, program management, engineering, launch & range operations, and infrastructure maintenance & sustainment.




Aerospace Corp. received $860,564,741 for systems engineering & integration support.


Applied Defense Solutions Inc. (ADS) received $8,800,078 for prototype system and demonstration re: R&D on battle management command & control capabilities “to promote and assure our nation's use of space.”


Harris Corp. received $7,356,989 for ground based-electro-optical deep space surveillance (GEODSS) White Sands Missile Range mount refurbishment. Harris Corp. received $11,277,688 to improve, calibrate, and monitor fixed position ground radar search AN/FPS-85 radar.


Lockheed Martin received $8,213,328 to upgrade Windows on operational mission planning platforms, supporting operations & sustainment for AEHF, Milstar, and DSCS III in Sunnyvale, CA; Peterson AFB; Schriever AFB.


Lockheed Martin received $25,129,090 for Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) contractor logistics support, legacy sustainment baseline system in Sunnyvale, CA; Azusa, CA; Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, CO. Lockheed Martin received $132,201,882 for SBIRS contractor logistics support at Sunnyvale, CA; Azusa, CA; Boulder, Aurora, Colorado Springs, CO.


L-3 received $9,499,951 for AN/TSC-156D Phoenix Tactical Super High Frequency Satellite Terminal sustainment. One bid solicited, one received. L-3 received $21,973,678 to test, repair, inspect Combat Service Support Very Small Aperture Terminal system (CSS VSAT .pdf) components.


Northrop Grumman received $22,646,425 for enhanced polar system (EPS) control & planning segment. Northrop Grumman received $49,416,323 for Wideband Satellite Communications Trend Analysis and Anomaly Resolution System/Wideband Satellite Communications Operational Management System Mediated Interoperability Infrastructure subsystem.


Range Generation Next received $97,111,328 for operations, maintenance, sustainment at Western Range Vandenberg AFB & Eastern Range Patrick AFB.


Raytheon received $45,418,499 for fully integrated replacement shelters for monitors for Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar (ROTHR .pdf). Overseas imperials work in Vieques (11%) and Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico (2%).


Rockwell Collins Inc. received $13,498,107 for resiliency & software assurance for Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR). One bid solicited, one received.


Triton Marine Construction received $7,790,000 for Trident Wharf repair at Cape Canaveral AFS.




AECOM & Tetra Tech, CH2M Merrick, Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp., HDR Architecture received a shared $8,729,773 for Ballistic Missile Defense program.


BAE Systems received $63,627,650 for services on U.S. / UK Trident II D5 program, U.S. SSGN attack weapon systems, nuclear weapon surety, and future concepts. Lockheed Martin received $16,297,529 for information systems, propulsion viability, support equipment for Trident II. Lockheed Martin received $55,719,955 to support U.S. / UK Trident II navigation subsystem technical engineering. Lockheed Martin received $418,653,874 for Trident II production, life extension production, and deployed systems support. 


Black Construction Corp. (Guam) received $12,420,870 to build an insulated, single-story, metal building on Wake Island as workspace for roughly 60 MDA personnel to use during test events. 


Boeing received $23,331,737 for operations, maintenance, testing, and technical data for Minuteman III at Little Mountain Test Facility, UT. Sole-source.


COLSA Corp. received $41,146,000 to continue to provide design, operation, and support to Advanced Research Center (ARC), a simulation facility supporting MDA through analysis, experimentation, and exercises in Huntsville.


Intermat received $12,262,476 to fabricate nosetip materials; develop advanced reentry materials; complete testing & engineering. Involves FMS to UK.


Northrop Grumman received $44,787,869 for Integrated Air & Missile Defense Integrated Battle Command System Phase II engineering & manufacturing.


Raytheon received $16,000,000 to help ensure Cobra Dane radar maintains operational capability in Colorado Springs, CO.


SAIC received $34,636,585 to help MDA evolve analysis capability to model BMDS expected performance in support of director for engineering's Quick Reaction Team (QRT) support and analysis effort. Sole-source.




American Ordnance received $9,778,232 to upgrade railroad systems at Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP).


American Ordnance received $9,321,330 for M795 IMX 155mm high explosive projectile. American Ordnance received $28,442,720 for Trinitrotoluene that will support load, assemble and pack of M795 155mm projectile.


Boeing received $30,000,000 for Small Diameter Bomb I (SDB) life cycle support, like engineering & technical, test, production, logistics. Raytheon received $450,000,000 for engineering changes on SDB II technical & production baseline.


Engility Corporation received $49,000,000 for R&D on Kinetic Kill Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) Simulation Technology for Advanced Research at Eglin AFB.


General Dynamics received $109,244,251 for Hydra rockets.


Lockheed Martin received $13,800,000 to support LRIP II of (presumably) joint-air-to-ground missiles (JAGM).


Lord & Son Construction received $7,525,400 to build a Virtual Warfare Munitions Server Facility at Eglin AFB, FL.


Northrop Grumman received $17,296,116 for Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS .pdf). Northrop Grumman received $21,400,000 to repair Air Launch Cruise Missile inertial navigation element and reconstitute its test stations. 


PAE Aviation & Technical Services received $17,285,759 to help 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group with weapons testing of air-to-air missiles (on F-22, F-35, F-16, F-15) at Tyndall AFB and Holloman AFB.


Propagation Research Associates received $19,980,542 to mature technologies, components & system-level performance of Precision Pulse Positioning System guidance technology. One bid solicited, one received.


Raytheon received $8,078,874 for field team support on AIM-120 development test mission including test planning, operations, reporting, and telemetry analysis. Sole-source. Raytheon received $38,600,000 for System Improvement Program 3- Engineering Manufacturing, Development. Provides an incremental software solution to improve AIM-120D performance.


Raytheon received $9,033,042 to repair HARM guidance & control sections. Raytheon received $10,614,587 for Tomahawk upgrades for U.S. Navy ($10,089,664; 95%); UK ($524,923; 5%).


Raytheon received $14,974,679 for materials for 7 missile rounds from the supply base to avoid a SM-3 Block IIA program production gap. Sole-source. Raytheon received $16,164,289 for SM-2 and SM-6 engineering and tech services for U.S. Navy (99.7%); Spain (0.2%); Netherlands (0.1%).


Raytheon received $21,231,420 for RAM Block 2 guided missile round pack requirements. Raytheon received $127,095,916 for Excalibur 155mm projectiles.


Raytheon received $48,000,000 to support these systems & subassemblies: AN/UPR-3 – Cooperative Aviation Surveillance Sensor; Avenger/Stinger MANPADS; AN/TPX-57(V)1; AN/TPX-57(V)2; AN/TPX-58(V)1; AN/TPX-59; ADI KIV-77. One bid solicited, one received.


SAIC received $25,535,970 to provide Aviation & Missile Research, Development, & Engineering Center (AMRDEC) Software Engineering Directorate with systems & computer resources support.




AECOM, Conti-Usa Environmental JV, Global Environmental & Munition Services, Janus Global Operations, Parsons-Versar, RELYANT Global, Tetra Tech EC received a shared $172,731,364 for services re: final disposal of: munitions / explosives; munitions constituents; chemical warfare material; depleted uranium; biological warfare material.


Endeavor Robotics received $9,654,526 for Man Transportable Robotic System (MTRS) MK 1 units, spares, parts, accessories, enhancements, etc. Endeavor Robotics received $100,004,993 for MTRS Increment II. Foster-Miller Inc. received $10,561,789 for MTRS MK2 Robotic Systems post-production support.


Northrop Grumman received $267,655,035 for Joint Counter Radio-Controlled IED (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (JCREW) Increment 1 Block 1 systems.




U.S. Marine Management received $36,070,998 for operation & maintenance of 7 USNS Bob Hope class large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off vessels.




Allison Transmission Inc. received $9,631,738 for 14 new X1100-3B1 Abrams transmissions and upgrading of 20 3408 transmissions. Allison Transmission received $37,944,853 for transmission overhaul kits for U.S. Army. Sole-source. Contitech USA received $52,381,550 for Abrams track assemblies.


BAE Systems received $10,509,400 to revise the timeframe and location for the M109A7 / M992A3. BAE Systems received $12,526,991 for 35 additional Paladin Fire Control System kits. BAE Systems received $52,234,658 for additional parts and funding, presumably for M109 and M992.


BAE Systems received $68,993,006 for 20 M88A2 vehicles, and 1 associated stockage list spares kits.


Carapace Armor Technology received $7,674,786 for a total estimated quantity of 1,050 Modified StrykShield kits to support the Stryker family of vehicles.


Design West Technologies received $12,226,261 for gas particulate filters.


DRS Sustainment Systems received $42,010,079 to rapidly produce, deploy, and support a kinetic defeat solution on M1277 MRAP. One bid solicited, one received. Navistar Defense received $29,574,588 for MRAP MaxxPro vehicles: system technical support & system sustainment technical support services.


General Dynamics received $7,128,234 for components necessary to use advanced multi-purpose round on M1A2 SEPv3. General Dynamics received $9,899,995 for support & urgent material release and have first unit equipped trophy installed on an Armor Brigade Combat Team’s M1A2 SEPv2. General Dynamics received $59,223,559 for new improved fire control electronics units (IFCEU); upgraded IFCEU; and upgraded commanders display unit on M1A2 System Enhanced Package V.2 Field program.


General Micro Systems received $88,624,864 for Medium Mine Protection Vehicle Type II equipment kits.


Hutchinson Industries Inc. received $63,834,180 for pneumatic tires and wheels for U.S. Army.


JCB Inc. received $36,928,164 for up to 98 High Mobility Engineer Excavator Type-I vehicles.


Navistar Defense received $49,954,300 for cargo truck 4x4 chassis; 6x6 general transport truck; 30 ton wrecker w/ material handling equipment; 30 ton wrecker; and up-armored general transport truck.


Oshkosh Defense received $7,826,358 for Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles recapitalized Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks M984A4 wreckers (17). Oshkosh Defense received $19,286,100 for 50 recapitalized M1120A4 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks. Oshkosh Defense received $42,439,634 for motor vehicle parts and accessories. Sole-source, 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1). Oshkosh Defense received $466,773,281 for Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles variants based on the current A1P2 technical data package.


Veyance Technologies received $16,742,775 for M60 track assemblies.




Atlantic Diving Supply received $17,620,342 for 425 Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW) Mod 2 systems. BAE Systems received $11,517,707 to modernize a change house at Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Kingsport, Tennessee. Chemring Ordnance received $11,806,163 for Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System MK 7 Mod 2 units. Day & Zimmerman Inc. received $14,319,654 to procure 60mm M1061 high explosive mortar cartridges. Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense received $30,650,167 for MK 179 MOD 0 and MK 180 MOD 0 charges. Flexible Concepts and Gayston Corp. received $56,761,490 for 60mm and 81mm (M24, M27, and M28) mortar tail fins. General Dynamics received $16,142,398 for 20mm/30mm armament housings and drum covers. Includes unnamed FMS. Orbital ATK received $13,145,529 for PGU 46/B high-explosive incendiary cartridges. Vista Outdoor Sales received $10,000,000 for .40 caliber frangible ammo for USCG training.




Carter Enterprises received $37,060,938 for generation IV outer tactical vests.


Ceradyne Inc. received $14,000,064 for additional 52,000 Integrated Head Protection Systems units.


Compotech Inc. received $35,000,000 for engineering & design of Expeditionary Shelter Protection System.


Gentex Corp. received $12,348,840 for aircrew integrated helmet systems and components.


M&M Manufacturing (Lajas, Puerto Rico) received $25,513,703 for USMC pack systems and components. This is a load carriage system.


Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind received $22,537,500 for multipurpose personal hydration systems.


Snow & Co. received $9,272,994 for the Commander, Naval Installation Command (CNIC) workboat large. 


Surefire LLC received $10,000,000 and received $10,000,000 for muzzle brakes, sound suppressors, and blank firing adapters. Not competitive.


TFab Defense Systems received $110,000,000 for work on Improved Environmental Control Unit.


Ultralife Corp. and EaglePicher Technologies received $49,751,278 for non-rechargeable high capacity type 5795 and 5790 batteries for U.S. Army.


Valkyrie Enterprises received $16,600,711 to support the Army watercraft systems.


Vigor Works received $979,794,011 for the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Support Vessel_Light (MSVL).




Executive Protection Systems received $25,000,000 to provide a support system to Defense Security Service (DSS) offices by providing performance management, case/transaction management, and business intelligence capabilities. Southeast Cherokee Construction received $9,382,664 to build an entry control complex, Homestead AFB, FL. 3e Technologies International received $16,163,099 for facilities critical infrastructure control & monitoring system interface to Navy Virtual Perimeter Monitoring System.




Harris Corp. received $7,500,000 for logistics support, which includes parts & repair on Enhanced Night Vision Goggle AN/PSQ-20 and -20A.




Aurora Industries (Camuy, Puerto Rico) received $21,918,095 for Army aircrew combat uniform, operational camouflage pattern coats and trousers. Bethel Industries Inc. received $30,087,750 for combat utility uniform trousers. Carter Industries received $12,343,577 for various types of coveralls. Coachys & Associates received $12,499,907 for U.S. Army camouflage parkas.


Belleville Shoe received $31,726,200 for hot-weather, steel toe sage boots. McRae Industries received $7,443,302 for hot-weather combat boots.




Alpha-Omega Change Engineering received $33,230,944 for academic & simulator training at Kirtland & Davis-Monthan AFB; JB Andrews; Moody AFB.


Applied Systems Engineering received $9,000,000; Applied Systems Engineering received $9,000,000; DRS Training & Control Systems received $9,000,000 for teardown, test, evaluation, repairs supporting the unmanned threat emitter program. Pacific Electronic Enterprises Inc. received $9,000,000 to repair the Joint Threat Emitter program.


Cox Construction Co. received $17,795,000 for transient training barracks at Camp Parks, CA.


Cubic Global Defense received $61,000,000 for P5 combat training system/tactical combat training system (.pdf) updates. Sole-source.


Draken International received $38,000,000 for Air National Guard Adversary Air Support sorties; received $47,836,000 for adversary air support at Nellis AFB.


Homeland Security Solutions received $17,100,000 for program management support, training, human resources services, and non-guard security support to USMC. Overseas work in Okinawa (5%), Iwakuni (2%), Japan.


Jacobs Ewingcole received $45,000,000 for architect engineering services, primarily to upgrade Cadet Barracks, West Point.  J. Kokolakis Contracting received $45,156,276 to renovate Eisenhower Barracks, West Point.


Lockheed Martin received $22,006,763 for academic & simulator training / instruction at Hurlburt Field; Cannon AFB; Harrisburg ANG Base; RAF Mildenhall.


M1 Support Services received $10,441,421 for trainer maintenance services at Sheppard AFB and a satellite site at NAS Pensacola.


Reliance Test & Technology received $8,700,000 to support the test & training complex at Eglin AFB.


URS Federal Services received $49,157,150 for rotary-wing flight instructor support services at Fort Rucker, AL.




Cubic Global Defense received $9,906,151 to help improve chemical & biological incident situational awareness, info sharing, decision-making, survivability. Overseas work at HQ U.S. Army-Europe, Germany.




Booz Allen Hamilton received $8,805,207 to support Army Office of Energy Initiative and Air Force Office of Energy Assurance.


Cape Environmental Management received $8,783,275 to build the hydrant fuel system at Joint Base Charleston. 


Delaware Storage & Pipeline received $26,744,710 for contractor-owned, contractor-operated storage services & services to facilities for receiving, storing, protecting and shipping aviation fuel with additives. LB&B Associates received $12,643,152 for government-owned, contractor-operated fuel management. Maytag Aircraft received $7,857,696 for government-owned, contractor-operated fuel management. TK&K Services received $10,083,696 for government-owned, contractor-operated fuel management at Edwards AFB.


Gilbane Federal received $25,774,000 to clean, inspect, repair 7 fuel tanks (incl. reconverting 6 of the 7 tanks) at Defense Fuel Supply Point Guam. 


Siemens Government Technologies received $8,902,000 for energy savings performance in support of U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, Germany.


T Square Logistics received $7,312,467 for alongside aircraft refueling services for U.S. Navy.


United Metro Energy Corp. ($145,541,015); American Energy & Fuels Systems, ($99,195,380); Defense Energy Syndicate ($91,521,478); Global Montello Group ($76,453,915); Broco Oil ($44,133,085); Dennis K. Burke ($38,821,443); Talley Petroleum ($29,998,603); Petroleum Traders ($23,909,594); Riggins Inc. ($21,175,891); Mansfield Oil ($14,036,560); East River Energy ($13,091,783); Gulf Oil Ltd. ($12,443,993), DES Wholesale ($11,594,632); TeamBWT ($11,239,537); Sprague Operating Resources ($9,258,925); Ascent Aviation Group ($7,701,992); PAPCO ($7,310,948) received for various types of fuel.




American Mechanical, Brice Civil Constructors, Osborne Construction, Patrick Mechanical received a shared $48,000,000 to repair utilities at Eielson AFB; various other military installations; and various other locations primarily in AK.


American Water Operations & Maintenance received $58,771,440 for ownership, operation, and maintenance of water & wastewater utility systems at Fort Meade; received $490,367,176 for ownership, operation, and maintenance of the water and wastewater utility systems at Wright-Patterson AFB. American States Utility received $601,350,292 for water and wastewater utility systems at Fort Riley.


CDM Constructors received $15,184,548 for Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) Industrial Wastewater Treatment System repairs, NAS Jacksonville. 


Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative received $60,191,903 for utility services for the electric system at Eglin AFB. CPS Energy received $248,444,440 for natural gas & electric distribution systems at JB San Antonio.


City Light & Power received $371,451,986 for electric distribution systems at Fort Campbell and Blue Grass Army Depot, KY; received $332,875,191 for electric distribution system at Fort Riley, KS; received $315,040,119 for electric distribution system at Army Garrison West Point, NY.


Dominion Virginia Power received $42,822,274 for a negotiated price redetermination re: electricity distribution at JB Myer-Henderson Hall & Arlington National Cemetery, VA; and Fort McNair, Washington, DC. Doyon Utilities received $8,668,962 for a retroactive payment following an adjustment to the test year 2014 interim rate. Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative received $36,331,097 to incorporate a price redetermination rate increase re: USAF electricity.


M.C. Dean Inc. received $25,000,000 for electrical maintenance services at Pentagon Reservation, Arlington, VA.


Procal Electric Inc. received $7,898,944 for microgrid expansion at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twenty-nine Palms. 


Terrapin Utility Services Inc. received $11,522,628 to document the conversion of a contact type.


Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio received $13,744,400 for ownership, operation, and maintenance of natural gas distribution system, Wright-Patterson AFB.




American Purchasing Services and Califon Systems received a shared $33,912,971 for medical & dental kitting in support of ship outfitting & replenishing inventory levels on Navy ships. 


American Registry of Pathology received $9,320,056 to continue work at Armed Forces Medical Examiner Service, Dover AFB.


ASM Research received $8,252,291 for Medical Operations Data System services in support of the Army Medical Department.


Booz Allen Hamilton, Altarum Institute, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Kennell & Associates received a shared $20,398,936 for data analytic services to examine operational process efficiencies, health management strategies, and quality of medical care for Navy, Bureau of Medicine & Surgery. 


CACI-ISS Inc. received $14,019,389 for medical logistics non-personal services in support of Expeditionary & Contingency Medical Materiel Program.


Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions received $7,506,707 (later amended to $8,182,490) for comprehensive health surveillance support services.


Cardinal Health 200 received $29,203,424 for medical surgical products. DePuy Synthes Sales received $32,994,565 for medical surgical products. Henry Schein Inc. received $24,418,543 for medical surgical products.


Fisher Scientific, Government Scientific Source, VWR International received a shared $68,000,000 for general laboratory supplies, chemicals, scientific and laboratory equipment, and animal supplies.


General Dynamics received $9,820,135 time & materials contract to support all aspects of Army Medical Materiel Development Activity mission, Fort Detrick.


Hamilton Medical ($39,597,600) and Zoll Medical Corp. ($30,703,576) received funding for medical equipment and spare parts. HILL-ROM received $45,000,000 for hospital equipment and accessories for DLA electronic catalog.


HKS/WSP JV received $23,414,846 to help build the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences Education and Research Building addition at Naval Support Activity Bethesda. 


JE Dunn Construction received $67,486,618 for medical and dental clinic replacement at Sheppard AFB, Texas. QRS Calibrations received $9,254,621 for medical equipment, maintenance, and/or spare parts for medical equipment.


J&J Maintenance Inc. received $7,455,613 to renew / expand Central Material Services Department at Winn Army Community Hospital, Fort Stewart.


Donald L. Mooney LLC received $13,707,214 for licensed vocational nurse and certified nurse assistant services. J&J Maintenance received $10,498,405 to repair the existing nurse call system, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston. Matrix Providers received $7,191,358 for per diem nursing services to support department of nursing at Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii. Med Trust received $22,529,922 for registered nursing services. One bid solicited, one received. Platinum Business, Medforce Government Solutions, New Wave People received a shared $48,000,000 contract for temporary nursing services.


Neural Analytics received $9,990,947 to develop a device to measure & monitor physiological parameters re: to moderate-severe traumatic brain injury.


Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research received $8,265,060 for dissemination and implementation science to optimize select evidence-based PTSD treatment.


Proaim Americas received $140,000,000 for hospital equipment & accessories for DLA electronic catalog. Spacelabs Inc. received $13,460,681 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables and training.


Sauer Inc. received $18,090,000 for a new roofing system, Building 002, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. 


SNA International received $110,000,000 for scientific, technical, admin, and logistical support services for Armed Forces Medical Examiner System.


Terumo Biotechnologies BCT received $17,279,329 to continue developing Whole Blood Pathogen Reduction Device (Mirasol System) through FDA licensure.


The Whiting Turner Contracting received $26,338,610 for Set 1 of medical center addition / alteration on Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


Eight corporations received a shared $40,911,136 for quick response to repair / renewal situations re: architectural, mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, instrumentation, comms, security, safety, systems, environmental & hazardous materials abatement areas of gov medical and other facilities.




DentalEZ Alabama received $33,622,398 for Dental Delivery Systems in support of Navy military treatment facilities (MTFs), hospital ships, and fleet. 


Valiant Government Services received $9,709,616 to repair/renew the Shuttleworth Dental Clinic, Fort Irwin, CA.


3M Oral Care received $15,000,000 for general consumable dental supplies.


7 corporations received a shared $323,684,941 for various dental services to include dental hygienist, dental assistant, general dentist, dental laboratory technician, and dental subspecialist. 




ADS Inc. received $44,547,819 and received $23,140,329 for Fire Emergency Services Personal Protective Equipment (FES PPE).




24 companies received $1,278,569,995 for Charter Airlift Services in support of Civil Reserve Air Fleet.


American Petroleum Tankers received $30,660,000 to provide U.S. flagged Jones Act tanker (M/T Empire State) for transportation of petroleum. JAR Assets received $8,978,544 to transport jet fuel and diesel fuel by barge.


Crowley Government Services received $14,643,883 to operate & maintain five roll-on/roll-off and container ships (ROCONs) for MSC. Ocean Ships received $13,275,200 for operation & maintenance of four surge large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off (LMSR) vessels. 


Sealift Inc. received $11,187,250 to charter MV SSG Edward A. Carter Jr. for prepositioning & transportation of cargo for U.S. Army. Sealift Inc. received $13,151,315 to charter MV LTC John U.D. Page for prepositioning & transportation of cargo for U.S. Army.


SRA International Inc. received $12,989,768 to help MSC in maintaining / merging iMSC IT networks & radio frequency comms support investments enabling cost-efficient, timely business decisions.


U.S Marine Management received $10,288,437 to continue providing U.S. flagged Jones Act tanker M/T Maersk Peary for transportation petroleum product in support of Operation Deep Freeze.


1st Coast Cargo received $20,189,704 for advanced traceability & control for consolidated transportation shipments within CONUS, Hawaii, and Canada.




AMEC Foster Wheeler Environmental Infrastructure received $10,415,384 for remedial design and remedial action work plan at Site 32 Alameda Point. Arcadis U.S. received $9,050,560 for remediation at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.


Element Environmental received $40,000,000 for architect-engineer services in support of Navy’s Environmental Restoration Program consisting of the Installation Restoration Program & Munitions Response.


Energy Systems Group received $25,023,488 for energy improvements at Marine Corps Logistic Base (MCLB) Barstow. 


Helber Hastert & Fee Planners Inc. received $20,000,000 to prepare USN/USMC National Environmental Policy Act & related documents in NAVFAC Pacific.


Leidos received $49,500,000 for hazardous toxic radioactive waste investigation services in support of Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program. Sevenson Environmental Services received $75,000,000 for Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action program.


URS Group Inc. received $8,692,303 for constructing, documenting, and maintaining the landfill cap for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Fort Bliss, TX.




Bimbo Bakeries received $8,568,664 for fresh bread & bakery products.


Foster-Caviness Foodservice received $93,750,000; Frank Gargiulo & Son received $278,000,000; Greenberg Fruit Co. received $45,000,000; MS Fruit & Vegetable received $43,750,000; Norfolk Banana Distributors received $49,200,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables.


Global Connections to Employment Inc. received $12,821,491 for food & mess attendant services at NAS Pensacola and Navy EOD School Elgin AFB; and mess attendant services at Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport.


Kerry I&F Contracting Co. received $33,876,000 for dehydrated juice.


North Carolina Business Enterprise Program received $21,854,600 for full food services at specified dining facilities located on Fort Bragg. The State of California Department of Rehabilitation received $10,200,000 for full-food services at Edwards AFB.


Pet Dairy received $8,659,900; Pet Dairy received $14,226,790 for fresh milk and other dairy products.


DOMESTIC BASE SUPPORT - Base operations (a.k.a. base support services) usually involve a combination of: facility management, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.


American Operations Corp. Support Services received $12,586,653 for base operating support at Naval Air Facility El Centro. Choctaw Defense Services received $41,550,496 for base operations support services, Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX. Chugach Federal Solutions received $65,494,678 for base operations support at various installations in NAVFAC Northwest. Diversified Service Contracting received $11,906,218 for base operations support at NAS Patuxent River. EMCOR Government Services received $28,331,391 for base operations support at various installations near Washington Navy Yard. Fluor Federal Solutions received $14,425,542 for base operations support at NAS Pensacola, Saufley Field, Corry Station, and Bronson Field. Mark Dunning Industries received $7,695,603 for base operations support at Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay. Professional Contract Services received $26,359,648 for base operations support services at Fort Sill. Not competitive. TSAY/Ferguson-Williams received $34,990,024 for base operations, maintenance, and support services in Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield, GA.


Coastal Enterprises of Jacksonville received $7,659,245 for custodial services at Camp Lejeune. Job Options Inc. received $11,678,249 for custodial services at Naval Medical Center San Diego; and surrounding medical & dental clinics. Opportunities & Resources received $10,282,562 for custodial services at various locations on Oahu. 


Inuit Services Inc. received $36,479,909 to provide installation support, Directorate of Public Works, Yuma Proving Ground. TRAX International received $9,203,652 to support Army Yuma Proving Ground and Fort Greely.


Louise W. Eggleston Center received $8,701,725 for laundry services at Navy Medical Center Portsmouth.


Manu Kai received $80,730,530 for range operations support & base ops support at Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii. Tech Systems received $17,164,910 for supply, maintenance and transportation in support of logistics support services at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.


TRC Government Services received $11,336,688 for contractor-owned & -operated optimization & related services at White Sands Missile Range.




Fluor Federal Solutions received $38,327,985 for base operating support services at Joint Region Marianas, Guam. 




Accent Controls Inc. received $7,394,462 for warehousing and distribution support services in MO and FL.


Deloitte Consulting LLP received $9,669,961 to support Navy Enterprise Networks Program Office, PEO Enterprise Information Systems. Not competitive.


E3 Federal Solutions received $8,480,600 for admin & analytical services to offices within Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (AT&L).


KBRwyle Technology Solutions received $58,125,000 for prepositioning and Marine Corps logistics support services for Blount Island Command Jacksonville, FL (85%); 12 maritime prepositioning ships (12%); Norway (2%); and Kuwait (1%). 


McKinsey & Co. received $20,035,401 for integrated consulting services.


Obsidian Solutions Group received $97,900,000 for Marine Corps Tactics & Operations (MCTOG) support in Twenty-nine Palms (92%); Camp Lejeune (2%); Camp Pendleton (2%); Quantico (2%), Norfolk (1%) & Reston (1%), VA.


PrimeTech International received $16,013,419 to manage, support, and operate the Marine Corps Consolidated Storage program warehouse network. 




Deloitte & Touche LLP received $9,099,881 for reconciliation and financial services support of Defense Finance & Accounting Service. Ernst & Young LLP received $44,205,875 for financial statement audit services of the U.S. Air Force General Fund and Working Capital Fund, and for an SSAE18 examination of Defense Enterprise Accounting & Management System.




Accenture Federal Services received $43,975,123 to develop, implement, and sustain the sensitive activities side of General Fund Enterprise Business Systems-Sensitive Activities. ByteCubed received $10,390,000 to expand functionality of DOD small business portal.


CDW Government received $14,126,685 for 15,439 laptops to support Windows 10 transition, secure operational network infrastructure capability and received $22,430,559 for FY2017 Lifecycle Buy No. 1 – Windows 10: 20,208 laptops and 20,028 docking stations. Dell received $22,420,790 for 27,013 general purpose laptops to support the Next Generation Enterprise Network mandatory Windows 10 transition. HPI Federal received $8,031,031 for FY2017 Lifecycle Buy No. 3 – Windows 10: 7,153 laptops and 7,153 docking stations. HPI Federal received $17,637,380 for FY2017 Lifecycle Buy No. 2 – Windows 10: 15,701 laptops and 15,701 docking stations. Simmonds Precision Products received $25,953,125 for digital computers. Sole-source per FAR 6.302-1(a) (2).


Design & Production received $16,424,505 for exhibit fabrication & installation at the National Museum of the Army, Fort Belvoir.


Washington Office Interiors received $19,900,000 for furniture disassembly, delivery, installation and trash removal.




MPR Associates Inc. and Professional Project Services received a shared $48,000,000 for engineering & construction services for various international & interagency support projects.


Truston Technologies; Sound & Sea Technology; GPA Technologies Inc.; PCCI Inc.; MAR Range Services received a shared $15,000,000 to support projects involving ocean cable systems & work systems and provide waterfront facilities, offshore structures, moorings and ocean construction equipment. 




AECOM received $28,889,820 for Chickamauga Lock Chamber replacement in Tennessee.


Burgess Corp. received $11,215,844 to rehab railroad bridges, Fort Eustis.


CH2M Hill Constructors received $14,691,250 for building repair at NAS Corpus Christi after Hurricane Harvey.


Construcciones Jose Carro SE (Puerto Rico) received $17,340,000 for Rio De La Plata flood control project and Dorado Bridge Channel work, Dorado, PR.


Flatiron/Dragados/Sukut JV received $204,096,020 to modify Isabella Dam and spillway (Lake Isabella, CA).


Four Tribes Construction Services received $12,500,000 for road repairs to Ord and Weitzel Drive, Arlington, Virginia.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock received $11,530,000 for flood control & costal repair, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Weeks Marine received $9,524,950 for beach fill at Brigantine Inlet to Great Egg Harbor Inlet, and Brigantine Island, Atlantic County, NJ.


Herve Cody Contractor received $17,887,000 for Kissimmee River Restoration Project, S-69 Weir and Canal Backfill, Okeechobee & Highlands counties, FL.


Kokosing Construction C/O O’Brien & Gere A received $11,381,259 for construction management (incl. extensive water treatment management & dredging material disposal) at Indiana Harbor & Canal Confined Disposal Facility.


Lambert Engineering & Construction Services received $8,466,078 for scour hole repair, lock and dam No. 2 on Cape Fear River, Bladen County, NC.


L.L. Pelling Co. received $7,500,000 for maintenance and repairs of roads, parking areas, and trails at Lake Red Rock.


MMB AJV received $50,712,343 to build slurry concrete diaphragm walls to protect Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad bridge downstream Prado Dam.


Radmacher Brothers Excavating received $26,577,770 to improve lower Turkey Creek for its intended level of flood reduction.


Thalle Construction received $18,773,865 for Herbert Hoover Dike rehabilitation structure replacements reconstruction, Glades County, FL. Thalle Construction received $31,863,733 for in-place abandonment & removal of existing Herbert Hoover Dike Culverts KI-1 & KI-2, and construction of new water control structures.


Trevi Icos received $10,959,906 for a Wood River deep cutoff wall, West Alton, MO.


Unique-Ambica and D.W. Mertzke Excavation & Trucking received $7,500,000 to support flood recovery and other civil works repair projects.


The Wesson Group received $55,907,370 for Poplar Island lateral expansion in Tilghman, MD.




Barnhill Contracting received $8,073,749 for airfield pavement repairs at MCAS Cherry Point. CRP Contracting received $15,537,887 for airfield repairs at NAS Corpus Christi and Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Cabaniss. Digitized Schematic Solutions received $22,000,000 for airfield damage repair kits. Duininck Inc. received $11,663,718 to replace assault landing zone runway with Portland cement concrete at Altus AFB. Nova Group Inc. received $43,348,500 for repair & construction of a fuel hydrant system, concrete, and flexible pavement with apron lighting at Pittsburgh ARS. Rogele Inc., York Excavating, James T. O'Hara Inc. received shared $9,800,000 for paving and utilities requirements in PA. Southwest Concrete Paving received $7,647,500 for repairing a mass parking apron (Section II) at Minot AFB. Strata Corp. received $23,893,500 to repair the parallel taxiway north un-bonded overlay at Grand Forks AFB. Structural Associates received $11,401,900 for airfield pavements / hydrant systems and aircraft parking apron repair at Pease ANG Base. West Point Contractors received $51,000,000 for paving services at Edwards AFB.




AECOM Technical Services received $30,000,000 for master planning services at Camp Pendleton. Bowers & Kubota Consulting received $9,900,000 for miscellaneous architect and engineer projects. Burns & McDonnell Engineering received $9,500,000 for architect-engineer vertical design services.


Colby Co. received $30,000,000 for multi-discipline structural architect-engineering services in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic.


HDR Architecture Inc. received $16,000,000 for architecture & engineering in support of design & construction activities re: government planning, programming, and execution of projects. HDR-CH2M JV received $8,614,302 for architect and engineer services for renovation of Bldg. 1600 on Scott AFB.


Karn Charuhas Chapman & Twohey PC and Wiley & Wilson Inc. received a shared $9,900,000 for architect & engineering services for secure space design, worldwide. LHB received $10,000,000 for non-personal architect and engineering services for the MN National Guard. Prosser Inc. received $30,000,000 for professional planning and engineering services in NAVFAC Southeast. Tetra Tech Inc. received $9,800,000 for architect and engineering services.


Whitman, Requardt & Associates received $30,000,000 for multi-discipline architect-engineering services in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic.




ABM Government Services, AECOM Technical Services, Global Engineering & Construction, Herman Construction Group, United Excel, J&J Worldwide Services, Mortenson Construction, Synergy-Kirlin JV received a shared $180,000,000 for design, construction, and medical repair & renewal services for medical facilities, systems, and equipment.


Alutiiq General Contractors received $26,891,534 to build a combined support maintenance shop on Keaukaha Military Reservation, Hilo, Hawaii.


A-VET/MGC II A JV received $37,508,244 for roofing repair and replacement for federal activities in Hampton Roads area. 


Bilbro Construction Co. received $7,235,860 to renovate building 457, March Air Reserve Base, Moreno Valley. 


Carothers Construction Inc. received $22,667,877 to renovate hangars at Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station, Coraopolis, PA. CPJ JV received $22,657,000 to repair interiors of hangars at the 171st Air Refueling Wing in Coraopolis, PA.


Cherry Creek Recycling; Valor Constructors & Orion; C.I. Contractors Inc.; Heffler Contracting Group; Hal Hays Construction; Sea Pac Engineering received a shared $99,000,000 for demolition projects within NAVFAC Southwest.


CH2M Hill Inc. received $9,500,000 for architect and engineer vertical design; received $20,084,998 for recovery efforts & repairs at Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany; received $22,065,406 for repairs at Naval Foundry & Propeller Center, Philadelphia Naval Business Center. 


CMI Management Inc. received $12,366,980 for Army Reserve Facilities Investment Services; maintenance, repair, and minor construction.


Contract & Purchasing Solutions, Integrated Construction Management, OK2 Construction, South Dade Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Semper Tek received a shared $70,000,000 for operational design & construction at Robins AFB to provide 78th Civil Engineering Group capability to have design/construction maintained in a short timeframe.


Cutter Lumber Products, Treen Box & Pallet Inc., Berry Industrial Group received a shared $45,000,000 for wood pallets.


Daniels & Daniels Construction received $15,728,696 to build a facility at National Guard Readiness Center, Wilmington, NC.


Dills Architects received $10,000,000 for services in NAVFAC Atlantic.


Edifice Solutions received $8,005,318 to repair Building 30 HVAC at NRL. Edifice Solutions received $9,009,564 to repair HVAC system in Buildings 01 12 at NRL.


EMCOR Government Services received $24,816,478 for preventative maintenance and repair services to mechanical equipment at the Pentagon. 


Four Tribes Construction received $13,146,123 for Marine Corps Reserve Center renovations in Brooklyn, NY.


Frontier-Arrowhead JVA, Fortis Networks, Gideon Contracting received a shared $95,000,000 for work in Historically Underutilized Business Zones for USACE Kansas City District.


The Haskell Co. received $19,080,569 for construction of a Joint Reserve Center in Des Moines, IA.


Hensel Phelps Construction received $49,643,000 to build an Army Reserve Center and Aviation Support Facility at MacDill AFB.


J&J Maintenance received $13,412,672 to renew optical laboratories at JB San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX; and Fort Jackson.


Kallidus Technologies Inc. received $15,253,700 to install power & equipment at aircraft spots (Bldg. 150 aircraft maintenance hangar), South Burlington, VT.


Mariano Construction received $8,817,503 for mass notification system repairs and upgrades to various buildings.


MJBV received $9,500,000 for multi-discipline engineering and design services.


Ocean Construction Services received $16,394,245 to renovate Bldg. 398 Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 Hangar & support facilities at JB Anacostia-Bolling.


Oddo Construction Services received $11,327,813 to renovate MX Hangar 907 and repair KC-135 Fuel Cell Hangar (917 & 915) at Niagara Falls ARS, NY.


Okland Construction Co. received $17,085,351 to build sprinkler-equipped squadron operations facility in Glendale, AZ.


Opus Design Build received $21,227,000 for a new Readiness Center, Iowa Army National Guard in Davenport. SAF Inc., The Wilson Group Inc., Munro Construction Co., Lang Construction Group Inc., GTG Construction, L&L Builders Co., RGC Construction Inc. received a shared $10,000,000 for construction projects for Iowa National Guard.


Osborne Construction received $11,836,000 to renovate an existing single-story squadron operations facility, Eielson AFB.


Paul S. Akins Co. received $7,461,440 for a Fort Stewart renovation project.


Pinnacle Construction & Development Group received $12,202,490 to renovate an office building at Naval Support Facility, Dahlgren. 


Straub Construction received $61,936,000 for maintenance hangar construction, site work, pavement and demo in Fort Carson.


Sustainable-Takisaki JV3 received $8,184,765 to repair hangar Bldg. 3041 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.


Trimark Constructors received $8,739,400 to replace the Squadron Operations Facility at NAS Joint Reserve Base New Orleans. 


URS Group received $8,400,000 for repairs at NAS Key West post Hurricane Irma. URS received $8,000,000 for repairs at NAS Jacksonville; Naval Station Mayport; Kings Bay; and Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island.


VSS Logistics received $7,500,000 to demolish & replace the Operations & Training Facility for South Carolina ANG, McEntire Joint National Guard Base.


Wilson & Co. Inc. Engineers & Architects received $9,000,000 for survey & photogrammetric mapping services.


Zumwalt Construction received $26,562,273 to repair Bldg. 452, Quad D at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.


Multiple corporations received a shared $540,000,000 for Washington & Oregon National Guard requirement for a wide range of construction and repair services.




Amherst Madison received $10,628,055 for dredging in Pool 3 of the Monongahela River, PA.


The Dutra Group received $22,826,400 for Jacksonville Harbor, construction dredging 217-foot project, Jacksonville, FL.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock received $9,353,116 to dredge the Delaware River; received $14,475,395 for Baltimore Harbor maintenance dredging, Cape Henry Channel, Virginia Beach; received $19,284,320 for flood control and coastal emergency repair Bethany Beach, Delaware; received $47,197,150 for maintenance on the Charleston Entrance Channel and new dredging work.


Inland Dredging Co. received $10,153,000 for maintenance dredging of the Sabine-Neches Waterway, TX.


Mike Hooks LLC received $14,146,000 for Calcasieu River and Pass, maintenance dredging in Glenmora, LA.


Port of Portland received $150,000,000 for pipeline dredging of the Columbia and Lower Willamette Rivers in WA and OR. One bid solicited, one received.


Weeks Marine Inc. received $34,297,525 for Long Beach Island Beachfill, Ocean County, NJ.