FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.


AM General received $45,889,120 for FMS (Afghanistan): 6,576 M1151A1B1 HMMWV, Expanded Capacity Vehicles, and capability expansion kits.


BAE Systems received $49,568,477 to upgrade South KoreaÕs F-16C/D legacy radar warning receiver to a new configuration. Sole-source.


Bell-Boeing JPO received $40,000,000 for FMS (Japan): long-lead components for manufacture & delivery of 4 FY2018 Lot 22 MV-22.


Bethel Industries received $22,572,000 for FMS (Afghanistan): various types of field jackets. Washington, D.C., is still wasting billions training Afghan military and police officials.


Boeing received $7,758,625 for FMS (Iraq): 6 ScanEagle systems, support equipment, training, site activation, tech services, and data.


Boeing received $9,975,624 for FMS (Philippines): 6 ScanEagle systems, support equipment, training, site activation, etc. 15% work in Nueva Ecija.


Boeing received $10,684,058 for FMS (Indonesia) for post-production support on eight AH-64E helicopters. One bid solicited, one received.


GovSource Inc. received $7,594,141 for FMS (Iraq): training, material, and life support to SOF trainees at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, Amman, Jordan.


Lockheed Martin received $28,474,727 FMS (Taiwan): modernized target acquisition designation sight, pilot night vision sensors post-production support services. One bid solicited, one received.


Lockheed Martin received $49,215,810 for FMS (Japan – Computer Program Test Site): AEGIS baseline, engineering, and staging services (equipment upgrades & spares). Not competitive.


L3 received $10,558,758 for F-16 A/B Block 20 Mission Training Center.

provides for final software development. Involves FMS (Taiwan). Sole-source.


L-3 received $16,487,744 for FMS (Syria & Iraq): 77,114 M783 point detonating / delay fuzes.


MD Helicopters received $1,385,497,987 for FMS (Afghanistan): roughly 150 MD 530F aircraft and required production support services.


Orbital ATK received $69,368,834 for FMS (Afghanistan) Air Force AC-208 armed ISR aircraft requirement.


Pentaq Manufacturing Corp. (Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico) received $18,456,470 for trousers for U.S. Army and Afghanistan; received $32,333,000 for trousers for U.S. Army, USCG, Afghanistan (FMS).


Textron received $9,999,999 for radio frequency simulator hardware & sustainment for 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron, Eglin AFB. Involves unnamed FMS. Sole-source.


Textron received $12,692,527 for FMS (Afghanistan National Defense & Security Forces): mobile strike force vehicle.


Textron received $18,807,166 for logistic support, life & program support, repair, cost/flight hour, etc. for IraqÕs Peace Dragon King Air 350 program. Sole-source. Textron received $30,000,000 for FMS (Iraq): Beechcraft King Air 350 maintenance training at Martyr Mohammed Ali Air Base, Iraq. Sole-source.


Trace Systems Inc. received $49,392,866 for FMS (Iraq): support Iraq's Very Small Aperture Terminal Network. One bid solicited, one received.


FMS TO UNDEMOCRATIC REGIMES – The U.S. State Department recently approved a $3.8 billion weapons deal with Bahrain, one of the worst human rights abusers in the Gulf. DonÕt forget, the UK is another Western democracy that loves arming oppressive regimes.


Aviation Training Consulting received $43,694,625 for FMS (Kuwait): KC-130J aircrew & maintenance training and support and L-100 transition training.


Black Hills Ammunition received $49,900,000 for FMS (Jordan): 5.56mm special ball, long range ammunition.


Boeing received $15,236,487 for FMS (Kuwait): F/A-18 C/D Joint Helmet Mounting Cueing System Integration retrofit supplies / services in St. Louis, MO (70%); Ahmed Al-Jaber AB Kuwait (30%).


Boeing received $20,288,031 for USA & FMS (Israel, Saudi Arabia): F-15 original equipment manufacturer infrastructure support. Sole-source.


General Dynamics received $20,615,139 for USA & FMS (Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia): MK82-6 bomb bodies (10,933), MK84-4 bomb bodies (866), MK84-10 bomb bodies (1,365). More bombs for Saudi war crimes.


General Dynamics received $24,075,990 for Hydra rockets. Involved unnamed FMS. Previous related contracts have issues FMS to the likes of Colombia, Qatar, and UAE.


General Electric received $39,524,409 for FMS (Egypt): 19 service life extension program engine kits for F110-100. 


Kilgore Flares received $8,843,359 for FMS (Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar): Infrared Countermeasure Flares MJU-7A/B.


Lockheed Martin received $103,287,296 for FMS (Croatia, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE): Hellfire II missiles. Using BAE Systems surveillance software, the UAE is disappearing people who voice criticism of the ruling regime.


ManTech received $44,915,177 for FMS (Iraq, Egypt): MRAP logistics sustainment in Afghanistan, Egypt, Horn of Africa, Iraq, Kuwait, other locations.


Odyssey Systems Consulting Group received $8,159,916 for professional acquisition support services for FMS division at Hanscom AFB and Eglin AFB. Involves FMS to Australia, UAE, NATO, Qatar, Turkey, UK, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, South Korea, Morocco, Oman, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, France, India, Norway, Belgium, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal.


Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials received $77,000,000 for multiple national stock numbers for the B-1, B-52, and C-17 egress systems. Sole-source. Involves FMS (Canada, Qatar, Hungary, UK, Kuwait, India, Australia, UAE).


Raytheon received $31,485,233 for FMS (Saudi Arabia; Lebanon): TOW missiles; received $292,436,322 for FMS (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Thailand, Bahrain, Morocco): TOW missiles; received $300,088,180 for TOW missiles for USA and FMS (Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco). Raytheon received another $300,088,180 for TOW missiles for USA, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco.


Raytheon received $32,332,259 for Joint Standoff Weapon technical support for U.S. Navy, Australia, Finland, Greece, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey, Qatar. Not competitive, per FAR 6.302-1.


Robertson Fuel Systems received $175,969,611 for FMS (India, Indonesia, Qatar, UK) and USA: auxiliary fuel systems on AH-64.


S&K Aerospace received $559,011,645 to supply Saudi ArabiaÕs Air Force with logistical support, supply consumables for F-15 C/D/S/SA fleets, and operation & maintenance of print plant and print on demand facilities.


TelePrime received $7,489,587 for AN/ALE-47 countermeasures dispenser. Involves FMS including, but not limited to France, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia.


United Technologies received $8,672,257 for engineering & technical services on F-15 / F-16 engines. Involves FMS (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia). Sole-source.




AeroVironment Inc. received $7,350,005 for Switchblade contractor logistics support in Simi Valley, CA; received $23,072,190 for Switchblade hardware.


Area I Inc. received $9,000,000 for Air-Launched, Tube-Integrated Unmanned System, which aims for UAS capabilities from manned Army helicopters.


Boeing received $9,830,523 to support USPACOM maritime operations, including operations & maintenance of ScanEagle UAS and real-time imagery.


Boeing received $20,996,265 for RQ-21A spare and parts.


Boeing received $42,273,919; Lockheed Martin received $43,177,098 for design efforts: Orca Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle system and delivery of a technical data package. 


Booz Allen Hamilton received $49,334,526 for transformational ISR technology.


General Atomics received $9,758,999 for R&D re: AFRL developed sensor exploitation technologies & communications on MQ-9 and associated ground control stations and squadron operations centers. Sole-source.


General Atomics received $19,155,072 for 15,000 flight hours for MQ-1C Gray Eagle performance-based logistics. General Atomics received $27,031,073 for MQ-1C program services. General Atomics received $54,972,496 for MQ-1C engineering. General Atomics received $163,212,869 for MQ-1C extended range supplemental production hardware. General Atomics received $163,212,869 for MQ-1C extended range supplemental production hardware. Northrop Grumman received $8,739,678 for single color diode pumped laser transmitters to be utilized on Multi-spectral Targeting System (facilitate delivery of laser guided munitions) on MQ-1C. Not competitive, per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1). Raytheon received $29,776,287 for 21 Common Sensor Payload systems for MQ-1C.


General Atomics received $30,349,667 to continue to demonstrate passive MDA configured MQ-9 in two BMDS tests and five continental U.S. tests. Sole-source.


Northrop Grumman received $9,646,458 in support of battlefield airborne communications node payload system. Northrop Grumman is going to acquire Orbital ATK for nearly $8 billion.


Raytheon received $24,203,210 for unmanned aircraft spare parts. Sole-source.


Textron received $9,544,245 for engineering & technical services on Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS), unmanned surface vehicle (USV) platform. 


Textron received $12,850,000 for 13 sets of tactical common data link mobile maintenance facility spares in support of Shadow. Textron received $22,000,000 for two Shadow systems for the Army National Guard.




Syracuse Research Corp. received $13,305,000 to upgrade Increment 1 Mobile Low, Slow, Small UAS Integrated Defeat System [.pdf] Electronic Warfare on roughly 11 vehicles. Syracuse Research Corp. received $14,245,416 for additional sustainment spares.


RECRUITMENT & RETENTION – The Pentagon spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to convince U.S. citizens to fight in optional wars.


GSD&M Idea City received $9,831,000 for national advertising: online and television media in support of 2017 USAF Recruiting Service campaign.


Jacob's Eye LLC received $112,000,000 for non-personal services to support Army National Guard recruiting and retention units.


RRDS Inc. received $49,900,000 for Joint Recruiting Facilities Committee bullet-resisting panels. One bid solicited, one received.




Nalco Construction, Tremco, Cosmezz Costruzioni Mezzedimi, SpendSmart Group received a shared $25,000,000 for construction / renovation of buildings, facilities, & infrastructure at Camp Lemonnier and locations throughout Djibouti. 




American International Contractors received $19,963,000 for runway repairs, Muwaffaq Salti Air Base, Jordan.


American International Contractors-Archirodon received $48,148,000 to replace the Mina Salman Pier in Manama, Bahrain.


Leidos received $8,811,831 to operate & maintain the Aerial Optical Change Detection system. Work in Bridgewater, VA, and Bagram, Afghanistan.


Mission 1st Group Inc. received $23,319,615 for network & communication, engineering & installation support for U.S. Army Central Command (ARCENT) and 335th Signal Command Theater Provisional in USCENTCOM. Work in Kuwait City, Kuwait; Bagram, Afghanistan; Amman, Jordan.


Newbegin Enterprises received $90,500,000 for an internet-based contractor-operated parts store for AFCENT. Includes vehicle parts & accessories for 5,500 - 6,500 vehicles & equipment located in CENTCOM & AFRICOM.


Vectrus Systems received $10,474,149 for base maintenance and operations services in Turkey.


Wildflower International received $7,910,618 to modernize audio-visual equipment at Headquarters USCENTCOM.




Bryan 77 Construction JV received $28,350,789 for European Reassurance Initiative base upgrades at Mihail Kogalniceanu Airbase, Romania.




M.A. Mortenson Co. received $40,338,000 to design & build SOF Training Detachment One Operations Facility at Naval Base Coronado. 


Optics 1 received $45,000,000 for enhanced clip-on thermal imagers and enhanced clip-on short-wave infrared imagers in support of SOF.


RQ Construction received $59,530,000 to design & build SEAL Team Operations Facilities for SEAL teams 5&7 at Naval Special Warfare Coastal Campus. 


Sierra Nevada received $205,000,000 to support USSOCOM Dismounted Counter Radio-Controlled IED Electronic Warfare systems. Sole source.




RQ Construction received $45,000,000 for paving and resurfacing projects at Naval Station Guant‡namo Bay. 




Booz Allen Hamilton, CENTRA Technology, ManTech SRS Technologies, Schafer Corp. received a shared $13,486,179 for technical, programmatic, financial, and admin support to DARPA Tactical Technology Office programs


Orbital ATK received $21,441,308 for a DARPA research project under the Advanced Full Range Engine program.




Advantage SCI received $17,774,257 to help DIA with security programs, classification management, security education & training, industrial & personnel security, police & threat management. IT Concepts Inc. received $8,063,414 to support DIA Office of Human Resources.


New Age Protection received $23,507,236 to provide access control program management support re: vehicle & personnel entering / departing DIA facilities.


Engility Corp. received $16,461,393 for audio / video forensics lab services in DIAÕs National Media Exploitation Center (NMEC). MultiLingual Solutions received $39,072,931 for translation support to DIAÕs NMEC.


Vexterra Group received $16,062,717 for services & operational support for a Science & Technology Integration Lab (STIL) at DIAÕs NMEC in Bethesda, MD; received $16,062,717 for services & operational lab support to DIAÕs NMEC.




Columbia University received $14,884,945; USC (presumably ISI) received $17,079,713 for research in developing & integrating agile & robust automatic speech recognition, machine translation, cross-language information retrieval, and summarization technologies into functional end-to-end systems.


Johns Hopkins (APL) received $8,353,720 for assessments & alternatives of offensive capabilities within air, land, sea, space and cyberspace, missions and warfare areas that asymmetrically mitigate threat effectiveness, impose cost, and/or create ambiguity in adversary decision-making. Johns Hopkins received $10,735,516 for Machine Translation for English Retrieval in Any Language (MATERIAL) program, developing machine translation & information retrieval methods responding to domain-specific information needs against multilingual speech and text data. Johns Hopkins received $49,500,000 to research service member vulnerability in extreme environments.


UC-San Diego received $15,368,133 for the Mid-Frequency Environmental Acoustics program. 


USC received $94,000,000 for R&D and activities within modeling & simulation core competencies re: training, education, operations, health, etc.


University Research Foundation received $9,674,378 for optical science and optical material R&D in Washington, DC.


University of Texas at Austin Applied Research Laboratory received $458,180,014 for R&D in acoustics, navigation, command and control and warfare systems. Not competitive.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Biocomplexity Institute received $27,300,000 for R&D services on the National Incident Management System, which provides decision-support simulation capability adaptable to a broad range of possible national scale crises. Sole-source.




Cape Henry Associates, Inc. received $49,128,462 to mature an advanced HSE Lighthouse framework & discrete functional modules.




AT&T received $35,796,074 for integrated voice, video, instant messaging/chat, presence, and screen sharing.


Sprint received $8,561,826 to continue work on Next Generation Network Wireless Priority Services on Voice over Long-Term Evolution Limited Production throughout the U.S. Sprint received $10,761,660 for continued operation and maintenance of telecommunications fiber in Europe. Not competitive.


Verizon received $23,080,816 for integrated, switched voice & data telecom services & maintenance supporting Naval Computer & Telecommunications Area Master Station (NCTAMS) Atlantic.