Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. Here are the contracts DOD issued during September 2020, the last month of the fiscal year.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers industry goods and services to allied governments, regimes, and international organizations.


Boeing $23,272,579 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): one Joint Common Test Set with exercise test capability in support of the Harpoon program.  Hiller Measurements Inc., Logisys Technical Services Inc., and Artisan Electronics Inc. $66,300,000 IDIQ for the Marine Corps Automatic Test Systems program. Some FMS (Saudi Arabia) funding obligated. Jedco Inc. maximum $8,344,000 for FMS (Saudi Arabia and Taiwan): augmenter support production units for the F100 engine.


Cubic $108,248,000 for FMS (Australia, Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, U.K.): P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) contractor logistic support in San Diego.


L3Harris $90,000,104 for FMS (unnamed): engineering, procurement and fabrication, which will result in Phase One modification to the mission aircraft. 


Lockheed Martin $23,067,054 for parts for production of M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers. Some FMS (Romania, Singapore, UAE, Jordan, Finland). Lockheed Martin $13,203,134 for last time buy of production parts for HIMARS launchers. FMS (Finland, Jordan, Romania, Singapore, UAE).


Northrop Grumman for hardware, technical engineering support, management support and logistics support to fabricate, assemble, test and deliver the required FY2020 AN/APR-39C(V)2 and AN/APR-39D(V)2 radar warning receiver hardware for FMS ($9,270,906).


Lockheed Martin $19,294,391 for FMS (Iraq): Integrated Air Defense System contractor logistics support (CLS). Provides follow on CLS sustainment support to include subject matter expert support, engineering support, return and repair and in country assessment visits. 


L3Harris $13,976,740 for FMS (S. Korea): the Ethernet upgrade and polyalphaolefin (PAO) pump and valve modernization for the South Korea Peace Pioneer program. Provides Ethernet upgrade, Ethernet install, PAO pump and valve kit, PAO pump and valve kit install, spares, engineering change proposal repairs and support and travel costs. 


L3Harris $37,063,645, IDIQ for up to 163 M36E-T1 Thermal Sight Systems, spares, special tools and test equipment, new equipment training and manuals, M36E-3 conversions, associated non-recurring engineering and assault amphibious vehicle filter windows. Part FMS to Taiwan. FMS revolving funds, under Taipei Economic Cultural Representative Office FMS case TW-P-SEQ, obligated.


Northrop Grumman $21,009,342 FMS for AIM-9M MK 36 rocket motors: 788 for Egypt and 43 for Jordan


Raytheon $2,250,000 for new software development, software risk reduction, existing software support, software improvements and production integration planning. 


Lockheed Martin $18,998,690 for the Modernized-Radar Frequency Interferometer. Some FMS to Qatar.


Raytheon $212,760,106 for FMS (UAE): one Prime Power Unit and five years of sustainment services for two THAAD AN/TPY-2 radars. Some work in UAE.


Sierra Nevada Corp. $15,000,000 IDIQ for FMS (Lebanon): sustainment of A-29 aircraft.


Zenetex LLC $78,779,262 for security cooperation/assistance and FMS technical and program management support to NAVSUP (Weapon Systems Support Code N52) and other Security Assistance Corporation organizations. Areas include project management; financial & logistical analysis and management; international training and education; special programs and IT services and consulting; cooperative programs; protection of key technologies; facilitating release authority for transferable technologies; and management of FMS, leases, and grants of defense articles and services. 


General Atomics $27,790,850 FMS (France): for weaponization of the French MQ-9 Block 5 aircraft and integration of the FMS Pod onto the French Air Force MQ-9 Block 5 aircraft.


Textron $272,161,641 for production and delivery of eight UH-1Y and four AH-1Z helicopters for the Czech Republic.


Science & Engineering Services $22,177,444 for FMS (Afghanistan): contractor logistics support services for the Afghanistan National Security Forces.  Work in Khandahar, Kabul, Shorab and Mezar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan; and Huntsville, AL.


Textron $8,941,785 to produce, deliver, install, and integrate, in country, a fully assembled AH-1Z flight training device for Bahrain.




General Atomics $131,596,627 for MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone, satellite communications air data terminals, program management, and government-furnished equipment maintenance and repair.


Sterling $8,817,928 for debrief kits, ground control station record kits and medium altitude endurance tactical units to support the MQ-9 development. The MQ-9 is a General Atomics product.


ImSAR LLC $22,793,170 for work on the RQ-21A Blackjack drone: more ground surveillance radar payload system mission kits, refine existing software & system capabilities, and a simulation training capability for system operators.


Northrop Grumman $9,018,804 for three Integrated Functional Capability (IFC) 4.0 material kits and one IFC 4.0 retrofit kit for the MQ-4C Triton drone. Also adds scope to support engineering on wing and v-tail modifications and procurement of components for low rate initial production, lot 3. Work throughout the U.S.


Northrop Grumman $11,635,599 for engineering re: qualification testing & integration of Redundancy common automatic recovery systems and multi-platform anti-jam GPS navigation antenna upgrades into the MQ-8C Fire Scout drone. Aviall Services Inc. $7,670,728 for seven MQ-8C Fire Scout engines; four electronic engine controls; two fuel metering units; and 25 Scavenge oil filters. Sierra Nevada Corp. $10,550,368 for hardware components for Common Automatic Recovery System version 2 tracking subsystems for the MQ-8C.


Northrop Grumman $11,040,000 for installation, operation and maintenance of a Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) Remote Tactical Common Data Link at two sites. 


Korte Construction Co. $36,685,652 to design and build a combined intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance group and squadron operations facility, Las Vegas, NV.


Structural Associates $21,731,500 to build a drone hangar at Fort Drum, NY.


AeroVironment Inc., BAE Systems, Blue Force Technologies, Fregata Systems, Lockheed Martin, Wichita State University, Autonodyne, NextGen Aeronautic Inc., Sierra Technical Services $400,000,000 (6 years, IDIQ) for delivery orders under the Skyborg program. Corporations work on prototyping, experimentation, and autonomy. Skyborg “is an autonomous attritable aircraft capable of achieving a diverse set of missions to generate massed combat power.”




Austal USA, Bollinger Shipyards Lockport LLC, Gibbs & Cox Inc., Huntington Ingalls, Lockheed Martin, Marinette Marine Corp. $41,985,112 for studies of a Large Unmanned Surface Vessel.


Boeing $11,096,697 for engineering support services in support of the Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (XLUUV) program. Lockheed Martin $7,131,524 to develop and study subsystems and concepts initially developed under the XLUUV program, including navigational capabilities, autonomy, and payload deployment. 


Hydroid $16,301,288 IDIQ for engineering support and training services for MK 18 unmanned underwater vehicles.


Systems and Technology Research $8,297,019 for R&D to validate and evaluate design technologies. The focus is Unmanned Underwater Vehicle models and early designs.




BioFire Defense LLC $33,133,017 for BioFire RP2.1 panels in support of BioFire FilmArray and Torch analyzers across 42 military treatment facilities for Home Station Medical Response programs.


Moldex-Metric $11,626,700 for increased N95 production capacity. 


Optum Health Care Solutions $8,489,105 for “additional resources to support a surge in the Nurse Advice Line due to significant increases in call volumes” during March-May 2020.




A-Tech Corp. $17,663,490 to try to obtain a ground-based Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) prototype for defense against certain incoming drones. The aim is to develop, assemble, and ultimately test a DEW prototype.


Copious Imaging $9,691,589 for the performance of engineering services and repairs for the Wide Area Infrared Surveillance with Persistence (WISP) system. The WISP for Counter-small Unmanned Aerial System (C-sUAS).


General Dynamics $1,219,170,958 to produce, test and, deliver Interim Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) systems.


Gomez Research Associates Inc. $10,000,000 for continued work on counter-IED and drone technology.


SRCTec LLC $93,000,000 IDIQ for hardware spare and repair components of the AN/TPQ-50 system




Contracting Resources Group $26,356,026 for “strategic, operational and tactical communications support” to the Military Health System Strategic Communications Office, Defense Health Agency, and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, and their leadership. Services include “strategic, operational and tactical communications support to meet the challenging communications mission of this dynamic enterprise.”




EFS Ebrex Sarl (Genève, Switzerland) maximum $250,000,000 for full-line food distribution throughout U.S., Europe, and North Africa. EFS Ebrex Sarl (Genève, Switzerland) maximum $22,000,000 IDIQ for full-line food distribution throughout the U.S., Europe, and West Africa.




Aegis Defense Services $52,396,280 to procure Guardian Angel private security services in Kabul, Afghanistan.


AeroVironment $8,371,332 for Puma drones, initial spares, contractor logistics support, reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition, vampire and kestral software, launchers, and new equipment training. Paid for using FY2020 Iraq country funds. Not explicitly FMS.


General Dynamics $7,913,730 for logistical staff augmentation support throughout Central Command (especially Bagram, Afghanistan; Kuwait City, Kuwait).


Vectrus $38,662,174 for installation support operations and other support services in Doha, Qatar.


World Wide Technology $11,710,362 for laptops, desktops, Cisco Voice over IP phones, switches, software licenses, and similar items, Army 408th Contracting Support Brigade, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.  World Wide Technology $8,980,145 for network upgrades at Camp Arifjan.


6 firms (2 USA, 1 Italy, 1 Germany, 1 Bahrain, 1 UAE) 4-year max $95,000,000) for projects (construction, renovations, alterations, demolition, repair, any necessary design work) primarily within NAVFAC Europe Africa Central. Liberal Construction awarded initial task order ($404,250) for the roofing repair at Naval Support Activity Bahrain. 




ECC International $18,045,700 to build a fleet maintenance facility at NAS, Sigonella, Italy.


Noble Sales Co. maximum $93,000,000 IDIQ for facility maintenance, repair and operations supplies and incidental services for DOD and NATO in Massachusetts and Northern Europe.


Theodor Wille Intertrade GbmH (Zug, Switzerland) maximum $220,000,000 IDIQ for full-line food distribution in USA, Europe, and North Africa.


United States Marine Inc. $8,898,065 for six 11-meter Naval Special Warfare rigid-hull inflatable boats, forward looking infrared systems, ship spare parts and other technical assistance. Funded with Section 333 “building partner capacity” funding.


Valiant $8,954,557 IDIQ for base operations support services (BOSS) in Campania and Lazo, Italy.


4 firms (2 Italy, 1 Spain, 1 Germany) $96,000,000, IDIQ (5 years) for sustainment, maintenance, repair, alteration, renovation, and minor construction at Aviano Air Base, Italy, and supporting installations throughout Italy.




InSynergy Engineering $20,000,000 for architect-engineer services – utility systems studies at within NAVFAC Pacific. Some work in Guam (10%) and Diego Garcia (10%).


Invicta Defense $8,064,483 IDIQ for transportation management and logistic support services at Naval Support Activities Andersen AFB, Guam.


SupplyCore $60,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations in USA and Japan (including Okinawa). SupplyCore $60,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations in USA and South Korea.




Battelle Memorial Institute $140,000,000 for Non-Standard Commercial Vehicle 2.


Consortium Management Group on behalf of Kardax Solutions $10,021,001 for prototype of a special warfare training center, Kirtland AFB, NM. Develop a live-fire, scenario-based, maneuver training range to support AFSOC.


Indigo Ridge Farms $10,465,942 for caprines and fermented alafalfa haylage (feed) to support medical training at Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center, Fort Bragg, NC, and subordinate units.


Leading Technology Composites (LTC) $450,000,000 for SOF Personal Equipment Advance Requirements (SPEAR) tactical stand-alone and modular supplemental armor protection ballistic plates.


Lockheed Martin $19,316,175 for design, integration, and validation of hardware & software to improve on-board situational awareness among disparate tactical network systems used in search & rescue.


Oak Grove Technologies $10,527,760 for five months of role-player training for the Army, SOCOM, Fort Bragg, NC.


SOCOM awarded IDIQs worth a combined $950,000,000 for Special Operations Forces Core Support services re: enterprise requirements in the U.S. and globally. Services will support education, training, engineering, technical, professional, admin, management support, program management, and other requirements. Funding provided on a delivery order basis.


RQ Construction $38,218,250 for Hurricane Florence recovery projects located at Camp Lejeune, NC, including replacing the Marine Corps SOCOM Individual Training Course Team Facility and a Weapons Training Battalion HQ.




Centerra $30,000,000 IDIQ for construction, alteration, and repair at Naval Station Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. An initial task order ($64,194) is for new polyethylene pile fenders at the Windward and Leeward Ferry Landing. 


Vectrus $43,414,416 IDIQ for BOSS at Naval Station Guantánamo Bay.




Analog Photonics $10,266,430 for DARPA’s Modular Optical Aperture Building Blocks (MOABB) research program.


Applied Physical Sciences Corp. $13,876,535 for work on DARPA’s Sea Train phase 1. Develop and demonstrate ways to overcome range limitations in medium unmanned surface vessels by exploiting wave-making resistance reductions.


Chenega $9,837,739 for physical security support services in Arlington, VA, for DARPA.


HRL Laboratories (General Motors & Boeing) $8,390,427 for Millimeter-wave GaN Maturation project phase 2 for DARPA.


L3Harris $22,152,476 for research on the Secure Advanced Framework for Simulation and Modeling (SAFE-SiM) program for DARPA. SAFE-SiM aims to build a “faster-than-real time modeling and simulation environment” to enable “rapid analysis supporting senior-level decisions for concept of operations development, force structure composition, resource allocation and targeted technology insertion.”


Soar Technology $11,602,922 for phase 2 of Urban Reconnaissance through Supervised Autonomy (URSA), working on vehicle autonomy. 


SUNY $19,215,069 for a research project under the Lasers for Universal Microscale Optical Systems (LUMOS), a program to “enable efficient on-chip optical gain to highly capable integrated photonics platforms and enable complete photonics functionality on a single substrate for disruptive optical microsystems.”


Strategic Analysis Inc. $10,040,273 for engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning, social science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials and front office technical and administrative support services.




Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. $7,103,728 for a research project under the Open, Programmable, Secure 5G (OPS-5G) program. Kryptowire LLC $7,337,148 for a research project under the OPS-5G program. LGS Innovations LLC $7,600,777 for a research project under the OPS-5G program. Perspecta Labs Inc. $13,310,783 for a research project under the OPS-5G program. Perspecta Labs Inc. $11,214,000 for a research project under the OPS-5G program.  The University of Southern California $8,388,215 for a research project under the OPS-5G program. SRI International $7,445,280 for a research project under the OPS-5G program.  The OPS-5G program “will create open source software and systems enabling secure 5G and subsequent secure mobile networks such as 6G.”




The University of California $22,030,519 to develop revolutionary new treatment approaches for spinal cord injuries that integrate injury stabilization, regenerative therapy and functional restoration. Work at the contractor’s facilities in Lausanne, Switzerland (28%); Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (23%); Davis, CA (14%); Richardson, TX (14%); Geneva, Switzerland (9%); Columbus, OH (6%); San Francisco, CA (3%); San Diego CA (3%).   Johns Hopkins University $13,488,956 to develop revolutionary new treatment approaches for spinal cord injuries that integrate injury stabilization, regenerative therapy and functional restoration. Work at the contractor’s facilities in Baltimore, MD (63%); Laurel, MD (17%); NY, NY (10%); Bothell, WA (10%).   The University of Pittsburgh $10,451,439 to develop revolutionary new treatment approaches for spinal cord injuries that integrate injury stabilization, regenerative therapy and functional restoration. Work at the contractor’s facilities in Pittsburgh, PA (37%); Goose Creek, SC (35%); Philadelphia, PA (28%). 




The American Council on Teaching $10,825,025 for oral proficiency interviews for the Defense Language Institute's Foreign Language Center. (Upon graduating DLI, most military linguists work in intelligence.)


Information Systems & Networks Corp. $11,104,492 for background investigation and polygraph examination for DIA.


Lynxnett $19,131,298 to support operation and maintenance of the command & control and infrastructure operations, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, Fort Belvoir, VA.  SAIC $8,520,938 for converged infrastructure engineering support for operational intelligence at Fort Belvoir, VA.


Network Designs Inc. $10,748,778 to provide “secure classified remote access as a service” services for Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, Fort Gordon, GA.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Carnegie Mellon University $70,000,000 for R&D on a new translational research methodology that “leverages autonomy and artificial intelligence” to minimize time spent on low-impact, high-time activities.


Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab ceiling $90,000,000 IDIQ to obtain essential analysis documentation, to include work closely related to inherently governmental functions, in the domains of engineering, research, development, modeling and simulation and test and evaluation in the area of electromagnetic spectrum superiority.


University of Montana $21,000,000, University of South Dakota $12,800,000 to monitor snowpack and soil moisture throughout the plains area of the upper Missouri River basin. University of Wyoming $8,000,000 to establish a network of stations to monitor snowpack and soil moisture throughout the plains area of the Upper Missouri River Basin.


New Mexico State University $92,870,000 to support the information operations, vulnerability/survivability assessment and analysis.


Utah State University Space Dynamics Lab $64,907,822 for engineering, science and technology, analysis, test and fundamental technology research for systems, operations, hardware and software.




Elbit Fort Worth (an Apartheid Israel company) $8,096,716 for delivery, installation, training, maintenance and technical support of the Honey Badger Sensor System in San Luis, AZ.


SLSCO Ltd. $29,177,910 to design and build ~48.4 miles of three-phase power distribution, lighting and supports, closed circuit, linear ground detection system, and electronic equipment shelters, Santa Teresa, NM.


SpawGlass Contractors $15,459,784 to renovate two facilities as part of the McAllen Central Processing Center, TX.


Accura Engineering & Consulting Services, CES Consulting LLC, APSI Construction Management, HFS Co. will compete for each orders of overall $180,000,000 for construction on the southern border, USA.




AT&T $8,207,565 for ongoing services and sustainment of Navy Enterprise 911 routing and management service throughout the continental U.S.; Navy Region Hawai‘i; and Joint Region Marianas, in coordination with Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific.


AT&T $81,800,000 for Tyndall AFB, FL, supplement communications recovery: sustain commercial network services; expand Voice over IP to tenant units; and other work, including change management, engineering and onsite project management. 


AT&T $38,900,199 for telecommunications services for Defense Information System Agency throughout the U.S.


Qwest Government Solutions (CenturyLink) $70,250,013 for continued operations and maintenance support for dark fiber and commercial facilities in the continental U.S.


Sprint for another year of operation and maintenance of telecommunications fiber in Europe.




Sierra Nevada Corp. $8,686,110 for procurement and integration of a Link -16 line of sight capability on three EC-130J Commando Solo aircraft and one EC-130J situational awareness trainer.




Lockheed Martin $52,761,020 for support equipment and additional spares for VH-92A aircraft LRIP.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money in any given season.


BAE Systems $10,600,000 for engineering support, studies, models and related services and supplies required in support of F-35 Joint Simulation Environment Electronic Warfare system data and data rights. 


Boston Consulting Group (former home to Michèle Flournoy) $7,710,096 to support the F-35 Joint Program Office “to meaningfully accelerate progress and improve overall outcomes, with an emphasis on affordability and availability” for the F-35 program.


Cubic $85,052,000 for P5 Combat Training System (P5CTS) contractor logistic support in San Diego.


Lockheed Martin $9,049,721 for running the Cameri Regional Modification, Repair, Overhaul and Upgrade F-35 facility, Italy.


Lockheed Martin $63,887,625 for L12 Diminishing Manufacturing Sources redesign efforts on F-35 aircraft for USA and non-DOD customers (“non-DOD customers” involves DOD funding to support international participation in the F-35 program): engineering for redesigned end products for some navigation system electronics exterior lighting, and some electronic warfare electronics and controllers.


Lockheed Martin $20,480,000 for additional labor in support of depot maintenance associated with the completion of Australia’s first F-35 aircraft induction. Work in Williamtown, Australia (95%); Fort Worth, TX (5%). 


Lockheed Martin $70,847,707 for requirements decomposition through system functional review for the F-35 Super Multi-Function Aircraft Data Link Band 5 receiver warning capability for USA and non-DOD participants.


Lockheed Martin $245,449,719 to support engineering, maintenance, logistics manpower and material support to continue to develop, sustain and produce software builds as well as carryout developmental flight tests for F-35 aircraft in support of USA and non-DOD participants. Additionally, unique sea trials on aircraft carriers for non-DoD participants. 


Lockheed Martin $709,792,854 for economic order quantities of material in support of F-35 low rate initial production (lots 15, 16, 17) for USA, non-DOD participants, and FMS. FMS funds $62,241,657.


Raytheon $579,837,316 IDIQ for unit and depot level F-35 engine spare parts, spare engines, and modules for USA, non-DOD participants, and FMS. Raytheon $174,221,174 for 14 F-35 engine low rate initial production (lot 14) for U.S. Air Force variant (F-35A). 2% of work in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico.




Bell Boeing Joint Program Office $8,240,725 to continue non-recurring engineering and production tooling for V-22 Nacelle Improvements, phase I.


Bell Boeing JPO $16,401,341 for 24 additional MV-22 integrated aircraft survivability equipment A-Kits, including engineering to integrate the control indicator unit replacement into existing Navy large aircraft infrared countermeasures systems.


Bell Boeing JPO $48,580,244 for software & hardware upgrades for 24 V-22 flight training devices to integrate Tactical Software Suite (v 8.1 and 8.2) into MV-22 training (Marine Corps) and CV-22 training device (Air Force).


Bell Boeing JPO $46,050,075 to support the V-22 Common Configuration-Readiness and Modernization (CC-RAM) effort and upgrades three MV-22 aircraft from a Block B to Block C configuration. Also procures new tooling in support of V-22 production and other work t for USA and Japan.


Woodward HRT Inc. $10,426,832 to repair 208 backup hydraulic drive units in support of the V-22.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing maximum $19,999,999 for F-15 wing support.


BAE Systems $7,304,295 for the ALR-56M radar warning receiver system software services for USA (F- 15C/D/E, F-16 and C-130 aircraft) and FMS (F-15S, F-16, and C-130 aircraft). BAE Systems $8,523,511 for the ALR-56M radar warning receiver system software services for U.S. Air Force and FMS. 




Boeing $11,650,000 for weapon replaceable assemblies and shop replaceable assemblies test requirements documents, or equivalent, for development of F/A-18 E/F Infrared Search & Track System operational test program sets on the electronic consolidated automated support system.


L3Harris $10,496,695 for digital map computers (DMC) and digital video map computers (DVMC) for U.S. Navy F/A-18E/F aircraft; DMC for the Czech Republic and Bahrain. Also procures some extension housings DVMC for F/A-18E/F.


Lockheed Martin $20,019,391 for five infrared receivers and four control processors for F/A-18 Infrared Search and Track System.


Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd. (U.K.) $24,331,479 for Survival Seat Kit Assemblies for the F-18 and SKU-11A/A Survival Seat Kit Assemblies for T-45 aircraft in support of the Enhanced Emergency Oxygen System.




Boeing $75,129,607 IDIQ to provide aircraft inspections, modifications, and repairs as well as inner wing panel modifications and repairs for the F/A-18 E/F and EA-18G series aircraft in accordance with new design specifications.


Marvin Engineering Co. $132,481,869 IDIQ for BRU-32B/A ejector unit rack assemblies and LAU-127E/A guided missile launchers used on F/A-18E/F and EA-18G aircraft.




Boeing $21,909,659 for test and evaluation support for Next Generation Jammer integration on EA-18G aircraft. 




Raytheon (Rockwell Collins) $10,729,836 for spare parts, aircraft common equipment, and aerial refueling equipment for E-2D Hawkeye Integrated Training System flight and maintenance trainer devices.




IAP Worldwide Services $17,908,406 for operational and depot spare parts and inventory replenishment for E-6B.




L3Harris $52,977,415 IDIQ for Band 4-8 countermeasure receivers for B-1B aircraft.




Global Turbine System $93,416,530 for TF33 engine repair. 




Aviation Systems Engineering Co. $94,875,560 IDIQ for engineering services in support of Airborne Anti-submarine Warfare Platform Integration and Systems Engineering Branch. Services support acoustic and non-acoustic sensors, systems and subsystems for naval air platforms and existing maritime patrol & reconnaissance mission systems.


Boeing $41,437,959 for some repair at Fleet Readiness Centers. Also develops support equipment to test & troubleshoot aircraft armament equipment (e.g. pylons, bomb rack units, sonobuoy launchers) for P-8A aircraft. 


L3Harris $21,685,177 for P-8 sonobouy rotary launchers for USA, Australia, S. Korea, Norway, New Zealand, and U.K.


Lockheed Martin $7,226,209 for engineering services and other direct costs in support of the Integrated Submarine Imaging System.




Goodrich Corp. $7,177,466 for carbon brakes, wheel assemblies, and part kits for C-130 aircraft, U.S. Marine Corps. 


Lockheed Martin $12,772,525 for consumable parts and material in support of the C/KC-130J aircraft for USA and Kuwait




Boeing $39,568,072 for KC-46 engineering, manufacturing, and development. The KC-46 has many problems.




Huckstep Holdings Corp. $7,891,131 to provide air traffic control service for Fort Bliss, TX.   Lockheed Martin $25,000,000 IDIQ for AN/FPS-117 radar contractor logistics support and hardware/spares.


Raytheon $93,000,000 IDIQ for sustainment at all 156 currently fielded fully digital radar systems at Digital Airport Surveillance Radar installation sites in the U.S. and worldwide.


MILITARY RESEARCH – A recent report from the Government Accountability Office indicated, “Contractors decide what independent R&D projects to conduct,” for which DOD pays, and “DOD does not know how contractors’ independent R&D projects fit into the department’s technology goals.”


Assurance Technology Corp. $7,306,620 for software definable/reconfigurable systems: design, development, support, integration. Services consist of continuing R&D support of technology advancements, system requirements definition, architecture development, and system and unit design, development and transition to operational use.


Bette & Cring LLC $23,064,843 to build a combined heat and power system to generate electricity and steam at the Naval Research Laboratory. 


CUBRC Inc. $71,343,113 for research, O&M support services.


GXM Consulting $10,000,000 to support the Army Research Laboratory’s Sensors & Electron Devices Directorate.  Palantir $91,176,844 for general R&D support of the Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD.


Intuitive Research & Technology Corp. $187,603,931 for an advanced monitoring and data collection prototype system for Eglin Gulf Test & Training Range. Work in Huntsville, AL; Fort Walton Beach, FL; and Eglin AFB, FL.


The MITRE Corp. (.pdf) $463,002,062 for administering the National Security Engineering Center FFRDC.


Oceanit Laboratories $8,900,000 for continued development of a prototype test unit sensor. Utilize technology to provide “additional engineering support for the continued development of a Trident Saber Staring unit prototype in support of the Office of Naval Research.”


Parsons $13,983,994 for R&D support, Operational & Undersea Medicine Directorate, Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, MD.


Sherpa 6 Inc. $24,565,468 to develop technologies for prototype components, dismounted Soldier mission command systems, the Integrated Visual Augmentation System and Nett Warrior.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $12,638,129 for the statement of work entitled communications, navigation and unmanned vehicles for Arctic operations. Design, development, integration and testing of an acoustic navigation network, a distributed communication system, gateway buoy nodes and unmanned vehicle capabilities to support the Arctic Mobile Observing System (AMOS) Innovative Naval Prototype.




A-Tech Corp. $34,905,249 for the Surveillance, Intelligence, and Reconnaissance Enhanced Network (SIREN) program. The objective of SIREN is to provide an “autonomous, multi-modal, space-based sensing capabilities for persistent tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.”  A-Tech Corp. $37,229,276 for Space Logistics Assembly Disassembly Experiment with Swarms program.  Provides on-orbit spacecraft assembly, servicing and swarm operations capabilities.  A-Tech Corp. $12,482,961 for advancing technologies developed in previous contracts to increase the capabilities of space situational awareness, battle management command and control, and defensive counter space. Work in Colorado Springs, CO; and Kirtland AFB, NM.


Battelle $46,302,000 IDIQ for manufacturing carbon-carbon (C-C) composites for hypersonic applications.


University of Dayton Research Institute $11,499,335, for ongoing work on Air-Launched Small Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS) services, including pre-launch, launch and post-launch command and control, system integration, and flight testing. Work at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.  University of Dayton Research Institute $60,136,587 for research, development, test, evaluation, qualification, integration, and transition of advanced aerospace coatings technologies.


Leidos $12,947,292 for R&D: Database Optimization Sustainment program to advance the Compact Automatic Target Recognition and Sustainable Environment technology foundation to deliver high-performing air and ground target combat identification systems.


PAR $11,972,009 for research, design, development, assembly, integration, demonstration, experimentation, analysis, testing of technologies, concepts, architectures, capabilities and a concept of operations using the “AFRL Integrated Information Management System Cyber Technology Maturation Framework Form, Fit, and Function” prototype environment and other relevant frameworks.


Raytheon (Rockwell Collins) $8,714,641 for Software Programmable Agile Radio for Tactical Connected Ubiquitous Systems software / hardware system prototype: communication challenges of multi-domain operation by combining the Software Programmable Agile Radio next program’s true Software Defined Radio approach with “low-cost, state-of-the-art,” digital hardware and front-end modularity, to develop a low-cost, high-performance ground radio that supports multiple waveforms.


Riverside Research Institute $7,051,887 for R&D of algorithms and tools to produce high-quality radio frequency modeling data at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.


Southwest Research Institute $7,239,342 for Air Taxi (hybrid or electric) AeroNautical Simulation Hardware/Software Prototype. Provides “development of challenge problems that serve as surrogate/proxy of DOD relevant design problems, development of systems specifications, requirements and evaluation metrics of challenge problems.”


REDSTONE ARSENAL – Every major war corporation has a presence at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL.


Canadian Commercial Corp. $55,814,774 for maintenance and overhaul of a power turbine module.


Radiance Technologies $120,784,794 for engineering and technical assistance support to the U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, Redstone Arsenal, AL; Fort Belvoir, VA; and Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.


Raytheon $9,842,441 for air traffic navigation integration and coordination services.




D. Wheatley Enterprises $11,500,000 to procure modular-powered air-purifying respirator systems and spare components.




AAR Supply Chain $11,789,295 for control and turbine assemblies and diffusers for U.S. Army.


Boeing $12,539,230 to develop the technologies to design, build, and test a high-reduction ratio transmission that accomplishes a nominal 60-to-1 gear reduction in two stages or less, in a lightweight, compact package. 


Boeing $30,322,385 in support of the AH-64 “Apache” helicopter.  International Enterprise Inc. $26,177,663.00 to provide test, teardown and evaluation and repair of the components of the Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.  Lockheed Martin $7,340,642 for AH-64 Apache modernized day sensor assembly kits.  Lockheed Martin $19,341,680 for non-recurring engineering for Block Upgrade Phase 2-4 technology/capability insertion in the Target Sight System (TSS). Lockheed Martin $11,513,510 for engineering for contractor sustainment services on TSS.  Longbow (Lockheed Martin & Northrop Grumman JV) $164,606,754 for AH-64E helicopter mast mounted assembly/radar electronics units. FMS (India, Morocco, Netherlands, UAE).


Boeing $32,427,632 for logistics support for H-47 forward and aft blades and associated containers.


Breeze-Eastern LLC $25,792,268 for maintenance and overhaul of the winch, aircraft mounted.  Breeze-Eastern LLC $10,329,045 for aircraft controllers for U.S. Army. 


Canvas Inc. $9,015,348 for programmatic service support for the Aviation Mission Systems and Architecture program office. Some FMS (Afghanistan, Albania, Croatia, Greece, Jordan, Latvia, Morocco, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan, UAE) funds.


Eaton Aerospace $7,301,825 IDIQ for hydraulic pump assemblies for U.S. Army. 


General Electric $19,631,873 for project management as well as engineering support, materials and documentation to implement, manage and report on a lot of work and gear on the CH-53K T408 engine.


Lockheed Martin $79,002,316 (27 months) for repair, replacement, and program support covering 10 components (including tail gearbox assembly, nose gearbox assembly, damper, swashplate) for CH-53 and MH-53 aircraft.  Lockheed Martin $16,505,002 for recurring and non-recurring engineering support associated with the incorporation of deployable configuration changes that align lot one configuration aircraft, via retrofit, with Lots 2 and 3 aircraft, for the CH-53K program.   Lockheed Martin $54,477,181 for interim spare parts and support for repair & maintenance of CH-53K aircraft.


General Electric maximum $38,186,823 for T-64 engine combustion chambers for U.S. Navy. General Electric maximum $15,188,888 for T-64 engine exhaust frames for U.S. Navy. General Electric maximum $10,080,191 for T-64 engine nozzle turbines for U.S. Navy. General Electric maximum $8,896,720 for T-64 engine compressor casings for U.S. Navy.


Honeywell $258,664,388 for overhaul/repair of T55-GA-714A engines for the CH-47 Chinook.  Triumph Engine Control Systems $7,697,480 for overhaul and repair of fuel engine controls for the CH-47 Chinook.


Lockheed Martin $13,400,000 for maintenance and overhaul of helicopter mechanical transmissions.


Northrop Grumman $15,576,708 for additional design, development, testing of a communications waveform prototype to support ground-to-helicopter, helicopter-to-airborne platform, and helicopter-to-long range relay.


Physical Optics Corp. $84,917,868 for Advanced Data Transfer System components for installations on the UH-1Y, AH-1Z, MH-60R, MH-60S, H-53K platforms for USA and FMS. 


Raytheon $103,577,044 to acquire avionics support services and incidental materials for Lockheed Martin UH-60M multifunction display avionics suite for UH-60M mission design series and variant helicopters. General Electric $37,070,079 for field service representatives in support of the T700 engine program. Moog Inc. $46,659,837 to overhaul and upgrade cylinder assembly actuators for Lockheed Martin UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. Lockheed Martin $28,508,412 for engineering support associated with software and hardware development for Phase I integration of the Digital Magnetic Anomaly Detection sensor into the MH-60R aircraft.


Simmonds Precision Products $43,347,590 IDIQ for electro-mechanical helicopter actuators. Simmonds Precision Products maximum $50,182,405 for control data analysis. 


Textron $13,500,000 for design studies, analyses, simulation, testing, integration and fabrication activities in order to mitigate risks, investigate operational usage and conduct maturation activities at the technology, subsystem and system-level maturation for the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft and its variants.


Textron roughly $212,541,342 for H-1 aircraft support. Textron $49,064,471 to repair nine legacy components on H-1.




Boeing $14,738,803 for the Air Force Safety of Navigation Solution. Provides access to an electronic library of aeronautical data to authorized users within the government library and will include terminal aeronautical charts, diagrams and textual information. 


Boeing $8,439,238 for multiplatform sustaining engineering services. 


Communications and Power Industries $24,500,000 IDIQ to repair electron tubes.


Parker Hannifin $24,971,231 for repair, replacement, and program support covering 13 components, including utility hydraulic systems and landing gear wheel assembly.   Engineering & Software System Solutions and University of Dayton Research Institute $277,000,000 for ongoing work on landing gear engineering services.


Parker Hannifin Corp. maximum $29,360,832 for hydraulic manifolds for U.S. Army.


Raytheon (Collins Aerospace) $24,100,000 for additional aviation-related spare parts and related services.




Lockheed Martin maximum $9,063,518 IDIQ for radar receivers, radar amplifiers and power supplies for Air Force.


Lockheed Martin $21,405,614 IDIQ for the Electro-Optics fourth generation (EO4) console, replacing the third generation configuration “to mitigate obsolescence, decreased availability and rising sustainment costs.” The EO4 console subsystem is hosted by the electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS) test system and is used to test, diagnose and repair the H-60 Multi-spectral Targeting System and F/A-18 Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared.


Northrop Grumman $81,895,851 for hardware, technical engineering support, management support and logistics support to fabricate, assemble, test and deliver the required FY2020 AN/APR-39C(V)2 and AN/APR-39D(V)2 radar warning receiver hardware for DOD aircraft.


Northrop Grumman estimated $66,851,248 for supply chain management (repairs, spares, engineering services) of AN/ALQ-155, AN/ALQ-161, AN/ALQ-184 and AN/APN-241 systems.


Raytheon $316,733,831 for 11,313 AN/ARC-210(v) radios for installation at over 400 airborne, seaborne, and land (mobile and fixed) platforms for USA (DOD and other government agencies) and FMS.


Thales $21,494,100 for traveling wave tubes for U.S. Air Force.




Kratos $29,221,165 for production and delivery of 35 full rate production Lot I BQM-177A subsonic aerial targets, including associated technical and administrative data in support of Aerial Targets Program Office.


M1 Support Services $79,287,756 for aircraft maintenance (T-6, T-38) at Sheppard AFB, TX. M1 Support Services $12,244,288 for trainer maintenance at Sheppard AFB, TX, and NAS Pensacola, FL.


Rolls-Royce $197,035,852 for continued maintenance, logistics, and engineering support for the F405-RR-401 engine and the 096 MKII Gas Turbine Starter System. 


Vertex Aerospace $56,808,158 for support of T-1, T-6, and T-38 undergraduate pilot training at Vance AFB, OK. Vertex Aerospace $21,747,155 IDIQ for maintenance, repair, and logistics support services for Navy training aircraft. Also procures tooling and equipment to support & maintain 4 aircraft intermediate maintenance departments and related support equipment. 




Thomas Instrument Inc. estimated $9,979,661 for aircraft machine gun housing units. 




Vinyl Technology $10,996,200 for Advanced Technology Anti-G Suits for the U.S. Air Force.




Kilgore Flares Co. $49,859,860 IDIQ to manufacture MJU-32A/B and MJU-38A/B aircraft decoy flares for Switzerland (87%); Brazil (7%); Spain (6%).


L3Harris $41,240,957 to redesign AN/ALQ-172 Line Replaceable Unit (LRU)-21.




General Electric $9,958,065 for remanufacturing F108-200 (CFM56-2A) low pressure turbine assembly (Module 14) to like-new.

General Electric $23,472,820 to remanufacture the F108 Module 13/15 low pressure turbine union assembly. 

General Electric $32,522,610 IDIQ to overhaul F108 engines for USAF.

General Electric $12,019,750 IDIQ for alternative regulator engine and generators for U.S. Army.


Raytheon estimated $24,296,844 to repair & overhaul augmentor fuel control and augmentor fuel pump located on the F100-PW-229 engine. Includes some unspecified FMS.




Lockheed Martin $51,865,301 for one year of ship integration and test of the Aegis Weapon System (AWS) for Baselines through Advanced Capability Build (ACB) 16. Overseas work in Deveselu, Romania (4% of overall work).


Lockheed Martin $12,529,557 for a variety of Aegis design agent field engineering services.


Lockheed Martin $8,157,793 (contract increases from $3,293,067,205 to $3,301,224,998) for more work on Aegis ballistic missile defense, including additional modeling, simulation, and insertions.


Lockheed Martin $8,495,048 for the design, development and manufacture of AEGIS special test equipment.


Lockheed Martin $30,114,068 for AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 Surface Ship Undersea Warfare Combat System hardware, and incremental funding in support of the continued AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 development, integration, manufacture, production, and testing.


Lockheed Martin $17,975,114 for design, development, integration, test, delivery of AEGIS Advanced Capability Build 20.


Raytheon $11,639,155 for production of Aegis spares and ordnance alteration kits for U.S. Navy (3%); S. Korea (79%); Australia (16%); Spain (2%).




Northrop Grumman $8,079,018 for production of one Surface-to-Surface Missile Module (SSMM), which is a Longbow Hellfire missile that will be added aboard the LCS.




General Electric $9,927,624 for evaluation and repair and/or modification of marine propellers used on LCAC. Rolls-Royce $8,606,952 for four production marine turbine engines for LCAC 100 craft, in support of the Ship to Shore Connector program. Vericor Power Systems $29,020,139 IDIQ, to repair the Navy ETF40B Gas Turbine Power Producer Group used on LCAC.


ZUMWALT-CLASS DESTROYERS (DDG-1000) – DDG-1000 class ships are marketed as fulfilling “volume firepower and precision strike requirements.” These ships are packed with electronic goods from war corporations.


Raytheon $17,024,177 (over four years) for dual band radar spares in support of DDG 1000. 




General Atomics $11,196,515 for engineering on Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS), implementing modifications [made to EMALS during USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) production] to the USS Gerald Ford (CVN 78).


Huntington Ingalls $31,955,801 for engineering, technical, design agent, and hull planning yard support for the Navy’s aircraft carrier fleet: engineering and technical support of USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) aircraft carriers and propulsion plant efforts for Nimitz (CVN 68) aircraft carriers.




BAE Systems $20,306,232 to provide logistics engineering and integration support of the U.S. Ohio-class and U.K. Vanguard-class submarines (“strategic weapon system platforms”), including support of future concepts. BAE Systems $52,157,824 to provide services for the U.S. and U.K. Trident II D5 programs, U.S. SSGN subs, nuclear weapon surety, and future concepts. Work spread across the U.S.


DRS, Management Services Group, and Gryphon Technologies $37,476,913 to sustain the AN/UYQ-70 Advanced Display System for U.S. Navy (94%); South Korea and Australia (6%).


General Dynamics $35,339,953 for Reactor Plant Planning Yard support for nuclear-powered submarines and Support Yard for the Navy’s Moored Training Ships. 


General Dynamics $215,655,632 for engineering, technical, design agent and planning yard support for U.S. Navy (42%) and U.K. (58%) submarines.


Huntington Ingalls $13,053,382 to continue repair, maintenance, and upgrade on USS Helena (SSN 725) dry-docking selected restricted availability. Huntington Ingalls $53,231,976 for engineering, technical, design, configuration management, integrated logistics support, database management, R&D, modernization, planning yard for operational nuclear strategic and attack submarines for U.S. Navy (98%) and the U.K. (2%).


L3Harris $31,119,670 for production of towed arrays. 


Northrop Grumman $36,233,335 for technical engineering services, design engineering, program management, hardware procurement, vendor qualification, support equipment production, tactical underwater launcher hardware production, and field installation and test support for Columbia and Dreadnought class sub programs for the Common Missile Compartment (CMC).


Oceaneering International, Inc. $22,375,553 for mobilization, operation, storage, logistic support, repair and maintenance of the submarine rescue systems in San Diego, CA, to support a rapid worldwide deployment on a 24/7 basis. Oceaneering International Inc. $7,733,142 for configuration changes, engineering services, material maintenance and repair. 


Orbis Sibro, Q.E.D. Systems, Delphinus Engineering, Oceaneering International combined cumulative $54,535,105 IDIQ for non-nuclear production support on Naval submarine projects/repairs. Services cover marine electrician, industrial fire watch/laborer, marine pipefitter, outside marine machinist, marine painter, weight handler, marine ship fitter, shipwright, welder, sheet metal, marine insulator, abrasive blaster, deck tile setter, and sound tile setter for upcoming submarine availabilities. Work in Kittery, ME.


Progeny Systems Corp. $8,607,236 for engineering services and hardware systems in support of the Undersea Warfare Decision Support Systems Command & Control program.


Raytheon $69,906,977 IDIQ for test, inspection, evaluation, restoration of submarine components, known as Lowest Repairable Units. 


Seeman Composites $13,797,435 for Virginia Class Submarine Tailcones.


Weeks Marine $67,325,000 to build a pier located at the Naval Submarine Base New London, CT.




Fluor $1,120,460,003 for naval nuclear propulsion work at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory. 




Alexandra Construction $11,213,400 to renovate a communications building, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME. 


Colonna’s Shipyard $8,555,702 for a 90-calendar day shipyard availability for USNS Zeus (T-ARC 7).


Delphinus Engineering, Q.E.D. Systems, Epsilon Systems Solutions, Tecnico Corp., Southcoast Welding & Manufacturing, Bay City Marine, Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrications, Miller Marine $7,208,259 for depot level repairs, preservation, barge upgrades, dockside and dry dock services on Navy barges, San Diego, CA.


General Dynamics and Mid Atlantic Engineering Technical Services $36,771,819 and $24,999,659, respectively, to provide combat systems repair and refurbishment.


General Dynamics $35,553,202 to modify the existing berthing requirement to support an additional 100 military crewmembers for ESB class ships.


Life Cycle Engineering $8,364,504 for technical, engineering, management, programmatic and education support services at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility.


MEB General Contractors $43,681,000 to build dry dock flood protection improvements, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, VA.


Prism Maritime $18,543,455 IDIQ for hardware and engineering in support of Combat Systems Interface and Steering Control Systems installed on ships (aircraft carrier, nuclear powered; landing ship, dock; amphibious transport dock; and multi-purpose amphibious assault ship).


Stantec Consulting Services $60,000,000 IDIQ for waterfront architect-engineering services in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic. Projects may include piers, wharves, quay walls, dry docks, bulkheads, crane rail systems, fender systems, berthing and mooring, dredging, coastal and shoreline protection and waterfront utilities.


Vigor Marine $12,243,575 for a 45-calendar day shipyard availability for the regular overhaul and dry-docking of USNS Richard Byrd (T-AKE 4).  Vigor Marine $10,540,008 to repair and overhaul a dredge vessel, Portland, OR.


Integrated Marine Services Inc., Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc., Adept Process Services Marine Inc., Nielsen Beaumont Marine Inc., Marine Group Boat Works LLC to accomplish Navy Expeditionary Combat Craft (NECC) repairs and industrial support for NECCs within the San Diego County, CA area (radius of 50 miles).




Northrop Grumman $210,104,000 IDIQ for production of AN/WSN-7 Ring Laser Gyroscope navigation system, provisioned items, and associated technical support, for use on Navy boats.


Northrop Grumman $27,702,506 IDIQ for services (engineering, training, technical publication development, program management, technical) relating to surface vessel navigation systems, steering/propulsion control systems, machinery control systems and electronic charting display & information systems.


Raytheon $14,449,202 for production of four advanced carbon dioxide removal units and special tools. 


Pacific Maritime Industries (PMI) Corp., TST Fabrications LLC, Tri-Way Industries (TWI) estimated $15,984,115 IDIQ for a means to purchase shipboard lockers and materials in support of the Shipboard Habitability Improvement Program.




BAE Systems $80,384,866 for five overhauled/upgraded MK45 Mod 4 Gun mounts and associated components.


General Dynamics $14,789,400 IDIQ for gas generators for use in the MK50 lightweight antisubmarine torpedo.


Lockheed Martin $72,171,182 for MK 48 Mod 7 Heavyweight guidance and control sections, and to upgrade Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System kits & torpedo equipment for USA (87%); Australia, Taiwan, Turkey (13%).


Lockheed Martin $8,890,000 for increased SEWIP AN/SLQ-32C(V)6 LRIP.


Lockheed Martin $26,099,836 IDIQ for ship self-defense system design and production.


Lockheed Martin $9,371,082 for engineering services and supplies in support of the MK92 Fire Control System for U.S. Navy (8%); Saudi Arabia (35%); Taiwan (15%); Egypt (10%); Philippines (6%); Chile (5%); Poland (5%); Turkey (5%); Nigeria (3%); Bahrain (2%); Australia (1%); Bangladesh (1%); Japan (1%); Pakistan (1%); Spain (1%); Vietnam (1%).


Raytheon (formerly UTC Goodrich) $64,183,265 IDIQ for surface ship sonar domes for DDG-51, CG-47, and FFG-7 antisubmarine warfare requirements for U.S. Navy (82%); Taiwan, Egypt, Japan, Spain (18%).


Raytheon $61,564,606 for design agent and engineering services on the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) program: studies, integration, and software sustainment and support. FMS: Japan (5%), Australia (4%), Canada (0.9%).


Saab $25,229,565 for two AN/SPN-50(V)1 Shipboard Air Traffic radar and one installation & checkout kit for Navy.


Life Cycle Engineering ($44,312,721) and McKean Defense Group ($33,941,662) IDIQ for engineering and technical services to support the shipboard Electronic Chart Display and Information System and the Situational Awareness Bridge Display System for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division. 




Ocean Ships Inc. $48,441,377 for operation and maintenance of six oceanographic survey ships (T-AGS 60) and a navigation test support ship USNS Waters (T-AGS 45)




Draeger, Inc. estimated $12,729,275 for various detector tubes for U.S. Navy.


Huntington Ingalls Inc. $351,810,277 for advance planning, execution services, production and availability preparations for USS Boise (SSN 764) engineered overhaul. 


Booz Allen Hamilton, Huntington Ingalls, Northrop Grumman, Oasis Systems, Oceaneering International Inc., SAIC, Serco Inc. combined $46,867,283 IDIQ (5 years) to design, develop, fabricate, test, install, analyze, document, and deliver rapid prototype solutions associated with payload launch/retrieval systems; payload stowage/handling equipment and payload integration systems; hatches, trunks and closures equipment; payload encapsulation systems; simulators and electronic equipment; and cables, coatings and materials. 


Core Services Group $44,300,000 IDIQ for test & evaluation support services for the Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, and Space Warfare division, Commander, Operational Test & Evaluation Force, Norfolk, VA.


Lockheed Martin $126,934,433 for Navy 15 months of engineering services, materials and spares.


PTC Inc. $10,000,000 for provisioned item orders in support of model based production support.


Core Services Group Inc. $29,000,000 commercial IDIQ for test and evaluation support services for Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force Aviation Warfare Division, NAVSUP.


Serco Inc. $38,699,699 IDIQ for radio frequency distribution and control systems.




BAE Systems $21,323,451 for engineering and technical services to the Ship and Air Integrated Warfare Division in support of integrated communications and information systems radio communications for Navy ships.


Communications & Power Industries $13,211,358 for precision approach landing systems radio frequency components and assemblies for NAWCAD Webster Outlying Filed Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems Division. 


Compass Systems Inc. $7,690,800 for dupporting the Operational Mapping & Networked Intelligence technology (OMNI) Aircraft Prototyping System division with technology enhancement, prototype development, test, evaluation, and labor for integrating new techniques into C5ISR sensors, sensor systems and aerial platforms. 


General Dynamics $13,106,623 to upgrade Type 3 Advanced Mission Computers with a fourth general purpose processor.


KBRWyle $92,584,262 for in-service engineering activity and production services for various Navy identification and data link systems in support of Combat Integration and Identification Systems. 


Lockheed Martin $10,621,061 for retrofit kits for 137 electronic Consolidated Automated Support Systems (eCASS) to the upgraded eCASS station baseline; 137 J18/J19 general purpose interface upgrade kits; and six fire wire/fiber channel ancillary kits.


North Star Scientific Corp. $13,211,025 for continued R&D efforts re: High Gain Ultra High Frequency Electronically Scanned Antenna, specifically “L-Band Solid-State High Power Amplifier for Airborne Platforms.” Further R&D will provide one prototype radar transceiver assembly, one high power balanced amplifier, and lab and radome parts. It will also provide data deliverables to include technical reports and hardware design descriptions.


Omega Aerial Refueling Services $84,200,232 IDIQ for contractor owned contractor operated Air-to-Air Refueling “probe and drogue” type refueling services to probe equipped receivers for receiver pilot initial qualifications, recurring pilot refresher readiness training, and supporting exercises for DOD, FMS, and government contractors.


RDA Inc. $19,983,378 for continued advanced technology R&D efforts on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and under-sea warfare (USW) systems.


Reliance Test and Technology $78,079,182 for research, development, test, evaluation, engineering, fleet support, and management support to perform aircraft engineering and developmental flight test and fleet training for Navy/USMC air vehicles and trainers supporting the Atlantic Ranges and Targets Department. 


Testek LLC $38,071,331 IDIQ for Aircraft Generator Test Stands (AGTS), used for testing new F/A-18E/F and EA-18G G4 generator converter units, the V-22 Constant Frequency Generator and Variable Frequency Generator, the ALQ-99 Ram Air Turbine Generator and generators tested by the legacy Aircraft Engine Component Test Stand (AECTS).




Cubic $37,881,664 IDIQ for depot-level maintenance, repair, refurbishment and engineering services of the AN/USQ-167(V) Communications Data Link System. Cubic will also “provide engineering services and provisional items ordered required to support obsolescence, subsystem documentation, systems interface evaluation, technical suitability, reliability, maintenance, configuration management and travel.”


L3Harris $7,952,871 to procure Multi-Function Mast (OE-538B) Antenna Group and upgrade kits.  Lockheed Martin potential value of $79,986,940 to procure Multi-Function Mast (OE-538A/OE-592A) Antenna Group Upgrades and Multi-Function Mast (OE-538B/OE-592B) Antenna Group. Also provide engineering services and provisional items ordered required to support installations, repairs and sustainment.


Liberty Business Associates $108,000,000 for corporate operational functional support, to sustain mission capabilities. Supports daily operations “that are critical to Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic’s mission success.”


WR Systems Ltd. $490,500,000 IDIQ for maritime position, navigation and timing systems in-service engineering and technical support services.




CDW Government $10,236,014 for Hyper Converged Infrastructure Cloud Based Training Range hardware & software components, the combination of which is called a POD, “essential to conduct hands-on training for cyber weapon systems initial qualification.” Work at JB San Antonio, TX, and Hurlburt Field, FL.


Hensel Phelps $28,587,000 to build a cyberspace test group facility at Eglin AFB.


Sabre Systems $8,174,314 to support rapid research, development, maturation, procurement, integration, training and sustainment of cyber resilient and full spectrum cyber warfighting capabilities for the Digital Analytics, Infrastructure and Technology Advancement Group. Supports various NAVAIR systems throughout all phases of acquisition, operational field demonstrations, prototyping, experiments, operational assessments, extended user evaluations and fleet/force deployments.




Accenture $8,293,896 for unified enterprise resource planning capability support services, Aberdeen Proving Ground.


Alion $40,000,000 IDIQ, for IT services, assessing risk and implement countermeasures to mitigate the compromise, loss, unauthorized access/disclosure, destruction, distortion or non-accessibility of mission-related assets.


Carahsoft $25,206,173 to meet or exceed Headquarters Air University’s requirement for an information system that will manage the student lifecycle (application through program completion and alumnus status) at Maxwell AFB, AL.


Eccalon LLC $16,222,869 to support the National Security Technology Accelerator Program (NSTXL), Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy. The “National Security Innovation Network is building a community of innovators to solve national security problems, focused on delivery education, collaboration and acceleration programs, which bring together people from DOD, the venture community and academia to generate new ideas, nurture talent and find novel applications of technology to support the warfighter.”


HP $14,486,526 IDIQ (contract ceiling $79,452,482; then updated on 16 September to $640,000,000) for five years of Enterprise Storage Solutions III for Defense Information Systems Agency’s Operations Center. Work at government data centers in the U.S.; data centers outside the contiguous U.S.; and other government-approved locations worldwide “in which the government may acquire an operational responsibility.”


ITES Venture $21,698,218 to provide support services for the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command and the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Fort Rucker, AL; Fort Eustis, VA; and Fort Huachuca, AZ.


Northrop Grumman $7,255,289 to support Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) testing.


One Network Enterprises $61,861,916 IDIQ for the item master logistics capability initiative: commercial off-the-shelf software licenses and related technical support services at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.


Technical and Project Engineering $9,221,888 for computer programming support services to Headquarters, Department of the Army; Army TRADOC; ARSOC; the Office of the Chief of Army Reserve; Army National Guard; and TRADOC Centers of Excellence.


Definitive Logic Corp. $7,090,619 for personnel, supervision and services to maintain and integrate the Comprehensive Planning Platform, USACE.


Lowry Holding Co. $11,268,202 to purchase hand-held tablets for the Army National Guard.  CDW Government $34,183,380 for laptop computers for U.S. Army Reserve Command.


Webbege Inc. $13,492,648 IDIQ for IT infrastructure goods & services (e.g. hardware, software, networking, technology devices, security, voice, video and data communications, mainframes, client/server, web-based applications) for new temporary shelters and repurposed buildings aboard NAWS China Lake, CA, for earthquake recovery.




Amazon Web Services, Anduril Industries Inc., Colorado Engineering Inc., Edgy Bees Inc., Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc., Global C2 Integration Technologies LLC, General Atomics, Grey Wolf Aerospace LLC, Kratos, LinQuest Corp., Oddball Inc., Red River Technology LLC, SES Government Solutions Inc., Venator Solutions LLC, VivSoft Technologies LLC $950,000,000 IDIQ for efforts associated with maturation, demonstration, and proliferation of capability across platforms and domains, leveraging open systems design, modern software and algorithm development in order to enable Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2). 




Vanderbilt University $8,696,785 for Design.R – artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted cyber physical systems design software prototype. Work in Nashville, TN; Edmonton Alberta, Canada; and Szeged, Hungary. 


Perspecta Labs $7,318,318 for aimed software, system integration, testing, and evaluation. Provides the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Co-Designer composed of design space construction, design composition, and design space exploration that will interoperate to enable a tightly integrated design process.  University of California-Berkeley $8,398,801 for Learning-Driven Oracle-Guided Compositional Symbiotic Design of Cyber-Physical Systems software prototype. To augment human designers with an artificial intelligence co-designer composed of design space construction, design composition, and design space exploration that will interoperate to enable a tightly integrated design process.


Geospark Analytics $95,000,000 IDIQ (five years) for commercialization of Hyperion Artificial Intelligence, phase 3. Provides “near real time situational awareness capabilities to the entire U.S. federal government, enabling users to make better decisions faster.” This is accomplished by “identifying and forecasting emerging events on a global scale to mitigate risk, recognize threats, greatly enhance indications and warnings and provide predictive analytics capabilities.” Purchased by U.S. Space Force.


Scale AI Inc. $90,865,236 for R&D of series of scientific approaches that will support a foundational methodology designed to facilitate DOD efforts to experiment, develop and iterate on high-quality annotated datasets for artificial intelligence and machine learning. 




Battelle $49,525,698 for geospatial research, development, technology and evaluation of current and emerging geospatial technologies that will help characterize and measure phenomena within the physical and social environments encountered by the Army. Via USACE Engineer R&D Center, Vicksburg, MS.  Shiers Communication Specialist $9,950,000 for voice, video and data communications networks at the U.S. Corps of Engineers Engineer R&D Center locations.  SOL Engineering Services $15,000,000 for RDT&E and civil activities.




DRS maximum $7,820,750 for Mounted Family of Computer Systems Block I in support of Joint Battle Command-Platforms (JBC-P) for U.S. Army.


General Dynamics $17,458,284 for logistics and fielding support services for Product Manager Tactical Network-Mission Network.  General Dynamics $25,917,217 for engineering and technical support services re: a pilot program Tactical Network-Transport on the Move systems and equipment.


L3Harris $9,397,873 to refurbish Marine Corps Radio components associated with Controlled Cryptographic Communications Systems.


L3Harris maximum $14,271,100 for radio frequency and antenna assemblies.


Northrop Grumman $49,000,000 for the Wideband Training and Certification System, Version 2 (WTCS).


PAR Government Systems Corp. $9,876,944 for directional airborne networks for contested environments, hardware and software. Develop an interference emulation suite (IES), which “will provide the ability for links and networks to be stressed by a variety of interference types, from simple narrow band sources to protocol-aware interferers.”


Technology Trends Group $24,029,195 to upgrade communication infrastructure at Quantico and other Marine Corps facilities as defined by the government to include enterprise integration and convergence. 




MEP Infrastructure Solutions $12,817,992 ceiling to replace electrical infrastructure at Defense Microelectronics Activity’s Building 1, McClellan, CA. 




The Aerospace Corp. $1,110,220,291 for systems engineering and integration support for U.S. military space operations, basically running the FFRDC in El Segundo, CA.


Airgas Nitrogen Services maximum $17,649,805 for gaseous nitrogen for Space Force.


BAE Systems $9,947,644 for serviceable components and subsystems for instrumentation tracking systems (including radars, telemetry, and optical instrumentation). The delivery order is for Eglin Radar Transmitter Replacement Project – First Article, for the Space and Missile System Center Space Superiority Systems Directorate, Eglin AFB, FL.


E3 Federal Solutions $57,573,316 for Space Development Agency systems engineering and technical assistance.


Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired $12,000,000 for a contractor-operated civil engineering supply store at Vandenberg AFB, CA.


L3Harris $119,172,657 for Ground-Based Electro Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) System upgrade: complete integrated system design; develop/modify software to support the system; design/build new European and Pacific sites and add an additional sensor tower enclosure to the GEODSS White Sands Missile Range site; upgrade/acquire, integrate, test and field the 12 GEODSS Enhanced Technology sensor towers; and design, develop and/or acquire, integrate, test and field the three Advanced Technology Sensor towers. 


L3Harris $13,534,278 to update & revise maintenance of space situational awareness integrated capabilities sustainment performance work statement requirements.


Lockheed Martin $10,875,123 for Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) contractor logistics support: studies and modification projects in Colorado (Peterson AFB; Buckley AFB; Greeley Air National Guard Station; and Boulder). Lockheed Martin $85,273,664 to continue SBIRS contractor logistics support in Colorado.


Northrop Grumman $298,044,362 to develop hardware and software for Evolved Strategic Satellite Communications.


Rand Corp. $19,957,309 for research, studies, and analyses that best addresses Air Force and U.S. Space Force mission needs.


Raytheon $13,081,138 for trying to establish the ability to communicate with Air Force platforms via multiple commercial space internet constellations using common user terminal hardware elements. 


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the U.S. war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. war industry.


Boeing $249,000,000 to upgrade Ground Based Interceptors, upgrade & repair specialized production equipment, do systems engineering to support I fleet readiness, do cybersecurity activities, and produce a payload to support system testing requirements.


Diversified Technologies Inc. $71,670,595 for Cobra Dane Radar program: building and factory testing of up to 11 new transmitter groups, installation and check out of the first three production transmitter groups, installation and testing instruction and oversight of second and third production groups and technical support of final eight production transmitter groups. Engineering extras (installation spares) on hand to support installation of transmitter groups. 


Modern Technology Solutions Inc., or MTSI, $68,503,410 to support the extension of Missile Defense System capabilities through evaluation, identification and maturation of new technologies (e.g. hypersonics, cruise missiles, cyber offense & defense, AI/machine learning, quantum science, left-through-right-of-launch integration, fully networked command and control and directed energy) to support the Concepts & Performance Lab under MDA's Advanced Technology initiative. CAPL will be maturing interceptor and sensor concepts models & simulations, developing algorithms, doing lab experiments and some testing for technical and operational assessment.


Northrop Grumman $8,000,000 for engineering services support for the Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTGS).


Raytheon $9,790,653, to mature a “non-kinetic defense capability,” accelerate lethality analysis, and procure long lead items for a potential Microwave Technology Testbed project that evolves the High Power Microwave concept. Includes refining baseline designs, advanced technology insertion evaluation, and test planning & preparation.


Raytheon $10,148,177 (overall contract increases from $2,530,694,883 to $2,540,843,060!) for one year of Standard Missile-3 Block IIA: additional quality and mission assurance engineering support. Raytheon $45,260,184 for FY2020 Standard Missile-2 and Standard Missile-6 depot and intermediate level provisioned items ordered spares.


TOTE Services Inc. $11,642,218 N32205-18-C-3101 to operate and maintain the Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) for MDA (in association with Military Sealift Command and U.S. Strategic Command).




Boeing $13,287,959 for additional qualification requirements for the Signal Conditioner Module for the MOD 7 Flight Test Kit for Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Hill AFB, UT.


L3Harris $33,245,905 for engineering and services support of flight test instrumentation & readiness instrumentation in support of Trident II flight testing.  Lockheed Martin $498,444,190 for Trident II (D5) missile production and deployed systems support.  Advex Corp., Chesapeake Machining & Fabrication, Kodiak Manufacturing, Merrill Technologies Group will compete for orders under a $50,000,000 IDIQ for machining and fabrication in support of development, maintenance, and sustainment of Trident II missile launcher subsystems, fire control, guidance subsystems, and navigational subsystems.


Lockheed Martin $15,172,684 for the Voice Control Panel Matrix on the Minuteman III ICBM. Northrop Grumman $22,803,158 to correct software deficiencies, implement changes in Minuteman operational software domains, and maintain the ICBM operational software update capability.  Northrop Grumman $33,394,848 for one year of Minuteman III general sustainment in Ogden, UT.


Northrop Grumman roughly $13.3 billion for engineering and manufacturing of Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) to provide a tested and fully qualified design. GBSD will replace the Minuteman III, further threatening human life on Earth.


Advanced Crane Technologies $20,867,700 for two overhead bridge cranes at Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic, Kings Bay, GA.




Amentum Services $29,034,547 for contractor labor support services at Anniston Army Depot (AL) and Watervliet Arsenal (NY).


American Ordnance $20,000,000 to design a long-range precision artillery production line at Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Middletown, IA.  American Ordnance $76,556,603 for M795 trinitrotoluene load assemble and pack.  American Ordnance $8,790,000 for architectural, engineering and construction support to design and build a wastewater treatment facility at Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Middletown, IA.  Day & Zimmermann (owner of American Ordnance) $92,700,000 for production of M1061 60 mm high-explosive mortar cartridges.


BAE Systems $9,641,028 for barricades upgrades at Radford Army Ammunition Plant, VA.


BAE Systems $17,470,393 to complete the modernization of existing neutralization basins and upgrade clarifiers at the industrial wastewater treatment facility and complete facility maintenance at Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Kingsport, TN.  BAE Systems $17,211,588 to complete the design of the Filter Wash Facility Building E, Holston Army Ammunition Plant.  BAE Systems $144,345,776 to build a new weak acetic acid recovery process facility & tank farm at Holston Army Ammunition Plant.  BAE Systems $91,919,386 for production and delivery of explosives.


BAE Systems $10,195,034 for munitions handling and management (includes receiving, storing, segregating, issuing, inspecting, transporting ammunition, explosives, expendable & technical ordnance material and weapons) for Joint Service commands. Work in Ewa Beach, HI.


Boeing $2,239,707,532 (five years) for for Small Diameter Bomb Increment I, munition, containers, and carriages for DOD and FMS (Australia, Belgium, Apartheid Israel, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Norway). 


Hensel Phelps Construction $19,249,000 for construction of facilities for development of nano energetic / explosive technologies and the development, integration, rapid prototyping and fielding of advance munitions at Eglin AFB, FL.


L3Harris $7,363,788 for umbilical cables and attaching hardware for Bomb Rack Unit (BRU)-55. 


Lockheed Martin $22,335,977 for engineering services in support of Hellfire and Joint-Air-to-Ground missiles.


Lockheed Martin $26,960,639 for last time buy production components for HIMARS launchers.


Management Services Group Inc. $21,580,941d for production of ordnance alteration kits, on-board allowance spares and installation and checkout kits for Technical Insertion 12H of the Common Processing System. 


MJ Engineering & Land Surveying PC $50,000,000 for general architect engineering services and sustainment, renovation and modernization projects at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.


Northrop Grumman $122,306,544 for flight test support in support of Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile-Extended Range (AARGM-ER) for U.S. Navy and test assets for the Air Force.  Northrop Grumman $7,041,566 for engineering to address hardware & software obsolescence re: special test equipment in support of Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile for U.S. Navy and FMS (Germany, Australia).


Northrop Grumman $135,000,000 IDIQ to remanufacture air launch cruise missile inertial navigation element (disassembly, cleaning, inspection, maintenance, re-assembly, testing, finishing) to return the item to like-new.


Northrup Grumman $9,043,261 for construction of explosives storage magazines at Allegany Ballistics Lab, WV. Builds two new reinforced concrete earth-covered magazines for storage of ammunition and explosives.


Raytheon $398,329,554 for tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided missiles (TOW), TOW obsolescence and safety missiles and practice missiles.


Raytheon $7,180,134 for FY2020 German Navy procurements of Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2/2A components.  Raytheon $60,484,968 for design agent and engineering support services for RAM MK-31 Guided Missile Weapon System improvement program. The support is “required to maintain current weapon system capability as well as resolve issues through design, systems, software maintenance, reliability, maintainability, quality assurance and logistics engineering services.”


Raytheon $9,776,331 for Excalibur Ib projectiles.


Raytheon ceiling $125,000,000 (four-year IDIQ) for software updates to AMRAAM. Software development is expected to use a “recognized agile framework consisting of government/Prime collaboration through repeatable increments of study, development, integration, test and capability demonstration.”


Raytheon $49,953,000 for new software development, software risk reduction, existing software support, software improvements and production integration planning. Specifically, provides development of Operational Flight Software (OFS) 10.15, which is required for AIM-9X Block II Missile production for USA and FMS.


RDZM LLC (a joint venture of Day & Zimmerman and American Rheinmetall) $8,802,640 for engineering & manufacturing development and production of 40mm HV HEDP-AB XM1176 cartridge.


SOC LLC $24,000,000 for operation and maintenance of the Hawthorne Army Depot, NV.


System Studies & Simulation Inc. $9,185,564 for precision fires rocket and missile systems project office general engineering and technical support in Huntsville, AL.


Core Tech-HIan Dredging (Guam) $42,876,637 for design and construction of Munitions Storage Igloos phase 3, Andersen AFB. 


Shearwater Mission Support $7,324,556 for installation support services at Yuma Proving Ground, AZ. TRAX International $90,045,872 for non-personal test support services at Yuma Proving Ground.




Eastern Research Group $8,997,911 for analytical engineering and technical support services in Indian Head, MD.


Northrop Grumman $33,912,603 for engineering support services, depot support services and other direct costs for Joint Counter Radio-Controlled IED Electronic Warfare, Increment 1 Block 1.


Vidisco USA $27,000,000 IDIQ for portable imaging capability for Air Force EOD personnel.


Advanced Technology International and PAE $17,430,720 for support services to the Demonstration & Assessment Team for coordination of operation forces; preparation and facilitation of technology; demonstration and assessment planning and readiness meetings; analysis and reporting of warfighting/warfighter inputs & concepts for Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head EOD Technology Division, MD.




Northrop Grumman maximum ceiling $249,300,000 for sustainment engineering and logistics services for Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar (G/ATOR). Includes engineering changes, technical refresh, studies and analyses, and support services (contractor logistics, depot lifecycle, software support activity, diminishing manufacturing sources, and material shortages).




AM General $297,124,077 for HMMWV parts. AM General $160,970,930 for HMMWV parts. Goodyear ($20,937,847) and Michelin North America ($9,811,994) for HMMWV tires.


BAE Systems $10,457,946 for Bradley Fighting Vehicle current fleet sustainment logistics management. DRS $58,082,440 for Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem weapon system parts. General Dynamics maximum $19,803,151 for Bradley reactive armor side skirts installation kits. Raytheon $32,248,579 for television cameras and sensor assembly units for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Raytheon $13,929,430 for gimbal assemblies for U.S. Army.


BAE Systems $39,754,114 for engineering, logistics and fielding support for the Multiple Launch Rocket System carrier. 


BAE Systems $127,588,892 for M88A2 HERCULES vehicles. L3Harris maximum $94,367,223 for M88A2 HERCULES diesel engines. SSI Technology $7,181,000 to provide auxiliary power units for M88 sustainment. Tecmotiv $8,838,198 for the M88A2 repair kit.


Brighton Cromwell LLC maximum $48,361,061 for service kits used on Army vehicles including HMMWV, family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, and multiple Mine Resistant Ambush Protected variants.


Caterpillar $40,607,049 to refurbish 243 government-owned Caterpillar construction and material-handling vehicles.


Concord Battery Corp. maximum $7,750,004 for storage batteries for Army and Marine Corps.


ContiTech USA $8,250,588 for track pad repair kits. 


Critical Solutions International $35,685,503 for support of the Husky 2G Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detection.


Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems $16,646,441 IDIQ for circuit card assemblies for U.S. Army.


DataPath Inc. estimated $49,500,000 for spare parts for the U.S. Army. 


DRS $9,126,720 for Joint Assault Bridge Systems in West Plains, MO.


EOS Inc. maximum $66,089,011 for diesel engine parts for U.S. Army and USMC.


Gate Industries $11,879,160 for spare parts for M1 Abrams Family of Vehicles. Honeywell $66,988,773 IDIQ for M1 Abrams tank parts. Honeywell $26,224,706 for program management, field service support, production support and systems technical support for the Automotive Gas Turbine 1500 engine.


General Dynamics $14,129,939 for Stryker Anti-Tank Guided Missile vehicle kits. Northrop Grumman $37,669,772 to buy long lead items for the production of XM813 Cannons for the Stryker Medium Caliber Weapon System 30mm Lethality Upgrade program.


General Dynamics $14,305,952 for receipt, inspection, diagnosis, repair, testing, storage, issue and unique identification marking to parts for the M1A1/M1A2 Abrams tank, M2A3/M3A3 Bradley fighting vehicle, and the M104 Wolverine platforms.


Kipper Tool Co. $9,768,268 for carpenter's tool kits.


LOC Performance Products maximum $47,634,898 IDIQ for left and right final drives for U.S. Army.


Navistar Defense $12,229,316 IDIQ for pneumatic wheel tires for U.S. Army.


Oshkosh Defense $11,101,830 to retrofit mufflers, forward facing cameras, rear-door transparent armor and muffler robustness into the baseline configuration of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle family of vehicles. Oshkosh Defense $25,168,702 for interim contractor support for fielding for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. Oshkosh Defense $16,005,560 for total package fielding for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle at various locations.


Parsons $39,934,030 for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Recovery of Airbase Denied by Ordnance (RADBO) vehicle, providing “the warfighter with the ability to effectively identify, disarm and clear unexploded ordnance from an airfield while inside an MRAP Cougar (CAT1A1) vehicle, with little to no collateral damage.”


Professional Contract Services $62,023,797 for facility maintenance, repair support services and minor construction at Detroit Arsenal, Warren, MI.


Transhield Inc. maximum $7,705,846 for tarpaulins and fitted vehicular covers.




FN America $78,709,973 for M249 Squad Automatic Weapons.


Knight's Armament Co. $13,480,110 for the M110 semiautomatic sniper system and M110 configurations. Knight's Armament Co. $25,652,000 for 5.56mm suppressors for the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, M4 Carbine, and M4A1.


Lewis Machine & Tool $17,031,520 for M203/M203A2 grenade launchers and spare parts.




Federal Prison Industries $39,270,400 for Molle 4000 rucksack carriers for U.S. Army.


The Lighthouse for the Blind of Seattle $7,030,511 IDIQ for extreme cold weather compression stuff sacks.


Mayflower Communication $56,734,567 for the Multi-Platform Anti-Jam GPS Navigation Antenna. 


SAIC maximum $20,000,000 IDIQ for full loop antennas.


Sierra Nevada Corp. $22,000,000 IDIQ for R&D to develop embedded network communication and improve graphic user interface for the existing Modi systems.




American Apparel $7,260,212 IDIQ for up to a maximum of 70,200 marine corps tropical combat uniforms.  


Mount Rogers Community Services $14,834,277 IDIQ for shirts for Army and Air Force. The National Industries for the Blind maximum $14,834,277 IDIQ for shirts for Army and Air Force. 


M&M Manufacturing (Lajas, Puerto Rico) $9,213,750 for various types of blouses and coats. Propper International (Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico) $7,451,040 for flame resistant trousers for U.S. Air Force. Propper International $86,596,590 IDIQ for Three Season sleep system and components.


Tennier Industries Inc. maximum $9,619,200 IDIQ for extreme cold and wet weather trousers for Army and Air Force.


Capps Shoe Co. $11,843,250 for men’s and women’s leather oxford dress shoes.




A&K Construction $56,070,000 to build a middle school at Fort Campbell.




AirTronic USA $13,322,593 for Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launchers, VirTra 100 shooting simulators, installation and training. 


Dobco Inc. $22,450,800 to repair Building 620, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY.


National Conferencing Inc. $7,406,966 for event planning, coordination and logistical support for training requirements of the Army's Chief of Chaplains. Paid for in part with overseas contingency operations transfer funds.


Northrop Grumman $69,080,334 to provide mission support for the planning, coordination and execution of exercises conducted by the Army’s Mission Command Training Program, Fort Leavenworth, KS.


Purcell Construction Corp. $47,269,234 to build advanced Individual Training barracks at Fort Eustis.




CYMSTAR LLC $9,449,995 for an E-4B configured training system. Supports the urgent need for a full motion Federal Aviation Administration level C or better weapon system trainer and support activities.


DRS estimated $11,566,617 IDIQ for Unmanned Threat Emitter Modulators for U.S. Air Force.


Mass Virtual Inc. $59,272,634 for virtual training re aircraft familiarization and real-time task manual instruction, simulating real workspaces for occupational safety and health, educational and training purposes. Mass Virtual $7,790,787 for Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System virtual training, simulating real workspaces and “to provide aircraft maintainers with a virtual environment where they can develop and improve their skills.”


QinetiQ (U.K.) $27,000,000 for weapons range services: so fighter pilots (from RAF Lakenheath, U.K.; Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany; and Aviano Air Base, Italy) can use munitions in a practice environment. 




Amentum $7,474,906 for operations, maintenance, engineering & management services in support of Combined Tactical Training Range systems and equipment across the U.S.


Canadian Commercial Corp. $40,000,000 IDIQ for 57mm target practice cartridges.


Complete Parachute Solutions $10,122,840 for the Multi-Mission Parachute Course, Coolidge, AZ.


SAIC $17,816,869 IDIQ to provide advanced technical training of shipboard communication and network systems in support of the Water Front Training Delivery Program for the Center for Information Warfare Training, Pensacola, FL.


StraCon Services Group $48,765,608 IDIQ for engineering, logistics and program management support for Navy training systems. 




Hesco Bastion maximum $10,000,000 IDIQ for expeditionary barrier systems. 


Niking Corp. $16,406,600 to build a new entry control point facility and security improvements at the perimeter gate on Mokapu Road, Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i.


4 firms share $99,000,000 for design, procurement, integration, installation, technology refreshment, testing, initial training, repair and replacement for PS/AC systems to include hardware, firmware and associated software. PS/AC systems include automated vehicle gates, automated pedestrian turnstiles, enclaves, final denial barriers, electronic security systems-intrusion detection systems and physical security information management systems. 




Smiths Detection Inc. $90,863,728 for full rate production of the Joint Chemical Agent Detector Solid Liquid Adapter.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


American Water Military Services $771,347,903 for ownership, operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater utility systems at JB Lewis-McChord, WA.


City Light and Power JBLM LLC maximum $10,390,548 for electric utility services at JB Lewis-McChord, WA.


Dominion Privatization TX LLC $15,031,665 for electric and natural gas utility systems at Fort Hood, TX. James Construction Group $13,349,914 to design and construct a new two-lane bridge at Fort Hood, TX.


Espey Manufacturing and Electronics Corp., Communications & Power Industries LLC, Crane Electronics Inc., SC Electronics Inc., Dave’s Engineering LLC are sharing an estimated $400,000,000 IDIQ under solicitation SPRWA1-19-R-0007 for design and production of low voltage to high voltage power supplies. Locations of performance are NY, MA, FL, TX, MO.


Hampton Roads Mechanical of Virginia $100,000,000 IDIQ for the maintenance, inspection, cleaning, painting, repair, testing, and replacement of utility systems at various installations in the Hampton Roads, VA, area.


Limno-Tech Inc. $9,900,000 for R&D services for water quality and contaminant modeling.


Rice Lake Contracting $15,286,000 for wastewater treatment plant alterations at Fort McCoy, WI.

I.E.-Pacific Inc. $8,261,000 for boiler plant repairs aboard Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, CA.


“GREEN”ING THE MILITARY – You cannot “green” a massive military whose primary purpose, aside from profiting industry, is to utilize fossil fuels (barring nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers) to kill, destroy infrastructure, garrison the globe, open countries to U.S. corporate interests, and snoop on global citizens. But “greening” looks great to rising military officers and PR-friendly congress.


Ameresco Inc. $14,375,273 to install a solar photovoltaic system and related improvements at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI.  Modern International Inc. (Guam) $8,685,780 to install energy efficient lights, HVAC and solar photovoltaic at Apra Palms, Naval Base Guam. 


Virginia Electric & Power Co. $52,700,000 for cost-effective energy conservation measures at Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA.




9 firms (including Burns & McDonnell and Tetra Tech) 60 month IDIQ, max. $150,000,000 for engineering and design services for petroleum, oils and lubricants systems and facilities at Navy/USMC installations, worldwide. 


Aptim $18,163,824 to repair military petroleum storage tank Red Hill Tank 14, JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI.


Griswold Industries Co. $8,056,026 for the Oil and Fuel Nozzle.


Nova Group $22,124,000 for Ellsworth Type III Hydrant Fuel System installation, Ellsworth AFB, SD. Nova Group $16,577,550 to replace and construct a new jet fuel complex at the Fresno Air National Guard Base, Fresno, CA.


SGJV LLC $14,947,159 to build a new fueling facility at Columbus AFB, MS.


TK&K Services, LLC maximum $8,256,336 for ground fuel services at NAS Meridian, MS.




Akorn Inc. $42,080,784 IDIQ for pharmaceutical products. Anbex Inc. $35,007,213 IDIQ for pharmaceutical products. Arbor Pharmaceuticals $43,012,959 IDIQ for pharmaceutical products. Benco Dental Supply $32,860,940 IDIQ for pharmaceutical products. Pfizer $48,683,161 IDIQ for pharmaceutical products for DOD and federal civilian agencies. Zimmer $36,322,721 IDIQ for pharmaceutical products.


Apiary Medical $15,000,000 IDIQ for medical and surgical supplies. Dental Health Products $43,760,176 IDIQ for medical surgical products. ERA Health $49,000,000 for medical and surgical supplies. Sirona Dental Inc. $48,000,000 IDIQ (5 years) for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA electronic catalog. 


Golden State Medical Supply maximum $10,306,354 for Duloxetine HCL DR (hydrochloride, delayed release) capsules.


Mosaic Health LLC $9,920,000 for the next-generation portable volume ventilator field system.


O&M Halyard $35,188,397 IDIQ for medical and surgical products. OJH Services Inc. $16,000,000 for medical and surgical supplies.


Valneva USA $60,601,800 IDIQ for Japanese Encephalitis vaccines.


ZOLL Medical Corp. $39,603,940 for airworthy suction apparatuses and accessories. 


Promega Corp. $11,500,000 for customized reagents and consumables, Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Fort Detrick.




Leidos $82,164,896 (five years) for R&D support services for the Operational Readiness Directorate at the Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, CA. Leidos $18,412,543 for R&D support services for Behavioral Epidemiology Assessment Research, Naval Health Research Center, San Diego, CA. Leidos $7,090,632 for research support services to the chief science executive and the Research Services Directorate, Naval Health Research Center: technical and programmatic support on various Navy/USMC projects and contractor assistance.


Goldbelt Frontier $36,828,500 for equipment maintenance and repair and administrative, advisory, inventory and training services at U.S. Army Medical R&D Command/Defense Health Agency.


Westat Inc. $14,139,573 for R&D of a new drug sponsor for compliant clinical trials leading to a new indication for valproic acid for the treatment of patients with significant hemorrhage, Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Fort Detrick.




Alliant Enterprises $225,000,000 IDIQ for patient monitoring and capital equipment systems and accessories. 


IQVIA Government Solutions $7,759,363 for software components and support services for a bi-directional, secure mobile health communication system for the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center.


JL Kaya ($323,030,400), Unifire ($209,200,000), Coulmed Products Group ($152,671,212), Maddox Defense ($88,595,200), Health Supply US ($68,205,564), Health Supply US, ($65,411,316), Unifire ($39,580,013), Dow Chemical ($31,359,600), Health Supply US ($28,132,080), Unifire ($28,048,235), Unifire ($25,416,963), Dow Chemical ($23,294,900), Marena Group ($22,529,664), Wise Manufacturing ($20,216,250), Dow Chemical ($11,730,000), Unifire ($11,726,208), Unifire, ($10,348,416), Health Supply US ($8,411,508); for disposable isolation gowns.


ZOLL Medical Corp. maximum $38,555,900 for dual-aeromedical certified defibrillators and accessories.




Booz Allen Hamilton $9,125,494 for integrated professional services across the Military Health System (MHS). One task order is for professional services to “allow robust performance management and continuous process improvement support to maintain the MHS as a high-reliability organization.” Includes additional strategic communications services for this current option period and supports communication and coordination with the Military Treatment Facilities through the Office of the Chief Medical Officer.


Dawson Federal $7,351,162 for services re: strategic integration and systems engineering support, Defense Health Agency Health IT (J-6).


Donald L. Mooney LLC $8,676,184 to provide licensed vocational nurses and certified nurse assistants for the San Antonio Military Healthcare System.


General Dynamics $8,204,786 for administrative support for U.S. Army Medical Materiel Activity, Fort Detrick, MD.


Clinicomp International Inc. $18,810,228 for operational support and sustainment for all existing clinical information system components currently in operation and support decommission activities during the phased transition to MHS GENESIS or otherwise discontinuing clinical information system operations (decommission). 


International SOS Government Services $960,362,689 (8 years) for health care support services by the Defense Health Agency. Supplements healthcare capabilities and capacities of overseas military treatment facilities.


SPN Solutions Inc. $48,831,385 for an information management and IT (IM/IT) initiative that will provide both existing and ongoing comprehensive support to task areas: application and web development support services, data center operations support services, IT help desk end user device support services, information assurance support services, network operations support services, telecommunications support services, interagency support, clinical informatics support services and information business operations. IM/IT services support the IT department at Walter Reed.




ECRMJV LLC, Encompass IDBO LLC, Global Engineering & Construction LLC, Royce Construction Services LLC, SES Construction & Fuel Services LLC compete for each order of the $240,000,000 for support of the Army Medical Command's sustainment, restoration, and modernization program.


G-W Management Services $13,516,700 to repair parking garages at Walter Reed.


Hourigan Construction $21,228,677 for renovation of Building 2, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA.  


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


Andritz Hydro Corp. $74,806,504 for turbine generator rehabilitation at Barkley Power Plant, Kuttawa, KY.


Usibelli Coal Mine $33,938,300 IDIQ for sub-bituminous coal for Army and Air Force. 


Campbell Oil Co. ($53,178,404); Petroleum Traders Corp. ($31,184,840); Brad Hall and Associates Inc. ($14,957,834); Lykins Energy Solutions ($12,104,624); for various types of fuel for DOD, NASA, and federal civilian agencies.


Supplied Industrial Solutions Inc. $14,293,064 for structural, stability, process, mechanical and electrical modifications to seven existing pump stations, Kansas City, KS.


Stonewin LLC $14,397,083 for various types of fuel for DOD, NASA, and federal civilian agencies.


World Fuel Services Inc. ($24,895,957); Stonewin LLC ($15,995,371); Petroleum Traders Corp. ($7,781,152); for various types of fuel. 




Affigent $10,808,745 for updates, maintenance releases, advanced customer support, and patches for Oracle perpetual licenses, necessary to maintain mission critical database supported programs within the organizations that fall under Transportation Command and its component commands at Scott AFB, IL. 


Alethix LLC $9,013,640 for continued net-centric services “as an enabler for new, modernized and current Mobility Air Force Command & Control applications and capabilities.” The Mobility Enterprise Information Services Sustainment framework is a structure “providing reusable common platform and IT services, software products and components, and design patterns allowing for deployment into a common shared environment.”


Amyx Inc. $10,352,459 for continued non-personal advisory and assistance service support providing functional, engineering and resource management services for entire acquisition lifecycles for IT systems supported and in support of the Transportation Command and other associated supporting organizations. 


Jacobs $28,699,264 for continued IT service management enterprise support to TRANSCOM, primarily on-site at Scott AFB, IL, and other locations (Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Enterprise Computing Center, St. Louis, MO; TRANSCOM Office, D.C.; Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, Norfolk, VA; and the Pentagon).


1st Coast Cargo $11,249,422 for continued traceability and control for shipments to move freight parts.




Crowley Government Services $26,290,578 for operation and maintenance of six government-owned maritime prepositioning force vessels: USNS 2nd LT John P. Bobo (T-AK 3008); USNS PFC Dewayne T. Williams (T-AK 3009); USNS 1st LT Baldomero Lopez (T-AK 3010); USNS 1st LT Jack Lummus (T-AK 3011); USNS SGT William R. Button (T-AK 3012); USNS GYSGT Fred W. Stockham (T-AK 3017).  Crowley Government Services $14,513,105 to continue operation & maintenance of four roll-on/roll-off vessels, USNS SGT Matej Kocak (T-AK 3005); USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon (T-AK 3006); USNS MAJ Stephen W. Pless (T-AK 3007); USNS LCPL Roy. M. Wheat (T-AK 3016).  Crowley Government Services $14,513,105 for operation and maintenance of the four roll-on/roll-off vessels the USNS SGT Matej Kocak (T-AK 3005); USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon (T-AK 3006); USNS MAJ Stephen W. Pless (T-AK 3007); USNS LCPL Roy. M. Wheat (T-AK 3016).


Hornbeck Offshore Operators $37,980,207 for operation & maintenance of four modified off-shore supply vessels, identified as T-AGSE (USNS Arrowhead, Eagleview, Westwind, and Black Powder) blocking vessels.


Patriot Contract Services $36,704,432 for operation and maintenance of eight government-owned, contractor-operated Watson-class large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off ships. U.S. Marine Management Inc. $36,003,892 for operation and maintenance of seven USNS Bob Hope class surge large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off vessels.


Sealift Inc. $13,140,000 for one U.S. flagged, U.S. Air Force ammunition prepositioning vessel M/V LTC John U. D. Page (T-AK 4543) for the transportation and prepositioning of cargo for military readiness.


U.S. Marine Management Inc. $11,079,520 for ongoing transportation of petroleum product in support of the DLA-Energy and the National Science Foundation’s annual resupply mission to Antarctica, Operation Deep Freeze, one U.S. flagged, Jones Act, ice class tanker M/T Maersk Peary.


ENVIRONMENTAL – The U.S. military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


AECOM $8,483,907 for investigation and remediation of releases and groundwater protection and evaluation for Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI. Includes continuous soil gas monitoring systems, continued additional groundwater & drinking water sampling and evaluation, monitoring well installation, groundwater modelling, and a potential pilot groundwater tracer test.


EA Engineering, Science and Technology Inc. $8,252,999 for environmental remediation services at Altus AFB, OK; Tulsa, OK; Tinker AFB, OK; Enid, OK; and Little Rock AFB, AR.


HGL-APTIM JV $43,138,765 for environmental remediation activities at Hill AFB.


HydroGeoLogic, Inc. — APTIM Federal Services $19,405,125 IDIQ, to perform environmental services at Defense Fuel Support Point Ozol, CA.


Paragon-Jacobs JV $15,797,733 for environmental remediation activities at JB Elmendorf-Richardson, AK.


FPM Remediations ceiling $60,000,000 IDIQ (10 years) for base realignment and closure environmental construction services to support Air Force Civil Engineer Center Installations Directorate (CIB). Work at the following deactivated bases: Bergstrom AFB, TX; Brooks AFB, TX; Carswell AFB, TX; Eaker AFB, AR; England AFB, LA; Kelly AFB, TX; Myrtle Beach AFB, SC; Reese AFB, TX; Buckley Annex, CO; and Lowry AFB, CO.  LATA-CTI Environmental Services $60,000,000 IDIQ for Base Realignment and Closure environmental remediation activities at former Chanute AFB, IL; General Mitchell Air Reserve Station (ARS), WI; Gentile ARS, OH; Grissom Air Reserve Base (ARB), IN; K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI; Newark, O’Hare ARS, IL; Richards-Gebaur ARS, MO; Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, OH; and Wurtsmith AFB, MI. 


The Source Group, Inc. $25,176,241 IDIQ for environmental services at Defense Fuel Support Point San Pedro, CA. The Source Group, Inc. $21,032,540 IDIQ for environmental services at Defense Fuel Support Point Norwalk, CA.


AECOM. Aptim Federal Services, Black & Veatch ER JV, CAPE-Cabrera JV LLC, CDM JV, ECC Environmental LLC, Sevenson Environmental Services Inc., Tetra Tech EC Inc., Weston Solutions Inc. compete for each order under the $185,000,000 for ongoing environmental remediation at a number of sites.


Sevenson Environmental Services $16,224,669 for excavation/remedial action of contaminated soils at the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program / DuPont Chambers work sites in Deepwater, NJ.




Bimbo Bakeries USA maximum $9,750,000 IDIQ for fresh bread and bakery items.


Ham Produce & Seafood $9,900,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables. Segovia’s Distributing Inc. maximum $87,750,000 for fresh fruit and vegetables.


Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services $7,800,476 for full food services at Keesler AFB, MS. The Missouri Department of Social Services $17,777,800 for full food service at Fort Leonard Wood.


Sysco maximum $30,375,000 for full-line food distribution. Sysco maximum $804,744,193 for full-line food distribution. 


The Texas Workforce Commission (Austin) $17,040,654 for full food services at JB San Antonio Fort Sam Houston, TX.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of custodial & electrical services, facilities investment, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, pavement clearance, pest control, light vehicles & equipment service, and waste management. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate takeover of the Pentagon.


Coastal Enterprises of Jacksonville $8,619,891 for custodial services at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune, NC. CW Resources Inc. $39,325,116 IDIQ for custodial, grounds maintenance, and refuse services, Naval Submarine Base New London, CT. Opportunities & Resources Inc. $11,259,726 IDIQ for custodial services at approximately 545 building in Oahu, HI.


Diversified Service Contracting $15,871,115 for BOSS at NAS Patuxent River, MD. 


DSA LLC $9,880,552 for grounds maintenance at various installations in NAVFAC Washington.


Metson Marine Services $7, 226,056 for port operations support services (maintenance and repair of government furnished boats, service craft, and waterfront equipment; oil spill response; industrial marine services; docking regular overhaul; ship movement & fleet liaison support; berth day support; facility response team services; counter-terrorism support; barrier & gate services; and exclusion buoy inventory) in Navy Region Southeast.


Skookum Educational Programs $40,327,106 for BOSS at various installations in NAVFAC Northwest. Skookum Educational Programs $31,157,545 for BOSS at various installations in NAVFAC Northwest. 


Vectrus Systems Corp. $13,323,336 for base maintenance (management and operation of services and civil engineering) at Sheppard AFB, TX; Frederick Airfield, OK; and Sheppard Annex, Lake Texoma, TX


USA Waste of California Inc. $21,658,159 IDIQ, for refuse and recycling collection and disposal services at Navy and Marine Corps installations within the San Diego metropolitan and San Diego County areas. 




Connected Alliance LLC $10,000,000 IDIQ in support of operationalizing the sustainment strategy framework to materially improve the sustainment of Air Force weapon systems. The “outputs from this support would help refine policy and produce requirements documents and/or performance work statements and concepts of operations that would form the basis of requirements for organic development or procurement solicitations.”


Deloitte Consulting and Irving Burton Associates Inc. (IBA) $22,165,252 for configuration management, requirements management, assisting with acquisition planning processes and services, financial services, deployment activities, and other business, technical and administration activities, supporting Defense Health Agency Solutions Delivery Division (SDD) product-lines. IBA and Deloitte $20,578,550 for SDD program management support, including configuration management, requirements management, assisting with acquisition planning processes & services, financial services, deployment activities, and other business, technical and administration activities, all supporting SDD product-lines. 


Kearney & Co. $15,050,774 for advisory and assistance support for the Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability missions. Continues support for future and concepts analysis, design blueprints, capability development strategic integration, capability development implementation analysis, assessment of opportunities for new capability, workflow management, strategic communication, special access program integration, simulation studies, war gaming support, decision analytics and strategy, planning, programming, budgeting and execution analysis. 


Seed Innovations $18,509,050 task order for the Chief Data Office's platform services. Work includes subject matter expert support of the enterprise Data-as-a-Service platform.


Significance Inc. $40,000,000 IDIQ for services in support of the Department of the Navy's real property management system and financial management systems at various locations in NAVFAC to include overseas locations.


Turtle Reef Holdings, Defense Analytics, Sehlke Consulting, Lynch Consultants, and Microtechnologies $38,756,039 to provide professional support services, studies and analyses for Department of the Army HQ.


Gannett-Fleming Inc., Stantec Consulting Services, West Consultants Inc. $15,000,000 for hydraulic/hydrological engineering, modeling, design and associated engineering support services, USACE Vicksburg, MS.


Universal Consulting Services $9,107,627 for test project, evaluation, and analytical support services, Fort Detrick, MD. Provides “a broad range of resources from logistics, site support and maintenance functions to technical information management/technology and acquisitions-trained competency.”


BUSINESS & OFFICE & ADMIN – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in U.S. war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the Pentagon’s budget.


Advantaged Solutions Inc. ($265,000,000) and United Defense International ($265,000,000) for logistics modernization integration support.


CTI, Dynamic Advantage Inc., Electronic Risks Consultants Inc., Glocoms Inc., Trident E&P LLC, Salmon Group Inc. $9,950,000 IDIQ for multifunctional device full service maintenance, consumable supplies, reports, relocations, network functionality and network security.


Logistics Management Institute $7,714,127 for a broad range of DOD logistics and program support operations to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment, the Office of Deputy Assistant Secretaries of Defense for Logistics and the Office of Deputy Assistant Secretaries of Defense for Materiel Readiness. Includes analytic support, meeting facilitation, statistical and data analyses and subject matter expertise in various logistics disciplines and government / commercial supply chain practices; strategic communications; operational contract support; private security contractors; vendor threat mitigation; and strategic integration.


Prime Response Inc. $25,000,000 ($2,367,382 at the time of award) for facility/logistics support services for the Federal Facilities Division/Remote Delivery Facility/Pentagon Building Management Office; the Property Management Branch of WHS; and for the Joint Staff and Liaison Office.


Technomics $18,112,824 for cost, economic and technical analysis for combat weapon systems, combat support and combat service support systems, information management systems, as well as associated acquisition and financial management reporting.


XOtech LLC $11,138,318 for integrated logistics distribution support in Albany, GA.


Price Modern LLC $9,325,000 for furniture supplies for the Herbert R. Temple Jr. Army National Guard Readiness Center, Arlington, VA; and the Air National Guard Readiness Center, JB Andrews, MD.




ASIRTek Federal Services LLC, Bacik Group, Beshenich Muir & Associates LLC, Decision Point GAP Solutions JV LLC, FITT Scientific LLC, Government & Defense Support Services LLC, Hager Development Group LLC, Innovative Reasoning LLC, IntellecTechs Inc., International Service Contractors, Milvets Systems Technology Inc., Offset Systems Group LLC, Red River Science & Technology LLC, The Logistics Co. Inc., Vali Inc., Veritiss LLC $414,500,000 to provide garrison augmentation support services re: mobilization/demobilization and deployment/redeployment at Army garrisons in the U.S., including Puerto Rico.


Booz Allen Hamilton, Calibre Systems Inc., Corps Solutions LLC, Northrop Grumman, Whitney, Bradley & Brown Inc. combined $97,713,798 IDIQ (five years) for professional support services to the Marine Corps, Pacific, I and III Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp H.M. Smith, HI; Camp Pendleton, CA; Okinawa, Japan; and Blount Island Command, FL. 




Cueto Consulting & Construction $10,000,000 for construction, maintenance, minor painting, electrical work, plumbing, road maintenance, fencing and civil engineering services at Sam Rayburn Lake and Town Bluff Lake, TX. 


Daniel R. Schmoldt Enterprises $7,930,422 for levee repair, Massillon, OH.


Douglas N. Higgins Inc. $8,089,000 to add new culverts under or adjacent to existing U.S. Route 41 and existing County Road 92, Naples, FL.  Kiewit Infrastructure South $40,502,895 for construction of levee structures and gated box culverts equipped with dewatering apparatus features, Miami, FL.  Quality Enterprises USA $24,356,076 to construct 7 miles of levee and associated conveyance canal, install a triple-barrel culvert in the existing Lipman Canal and another in the conveyance canal, install a double-barrel culvert through the levee, construct an access road to the levee, and resurface an existing road, Naples, FL.


Dubuque Barge and Fleeting Service Co. $8,893,705 for habitat rehabilitation and enhancement of floodplain forests and berms within the Mississippi River, Prairie du Chien, WI.


EMR Inc. $9,089,000 for construction of a new two-story waterway management Center facility, Columbus, MS.


Integrated Environmental Solutions $11,017,384 to increase crest elevation of an 8,833-foot-long compacted clay dike and widening a 2,000-foot-long segment of the dike, East Chicago, IN.


Kokosing Alberici $111,259,000 for construction of new upstream approach walls at the Soo Lock Complex, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. 


Koontz Electric Co. $7,828,828 for installation of transformers at Fort Peck Dam, MT.  


McCormick Industrial Abatement Services $8,060,430 to paint the tainter gates at Wilber D. Mills Lock and Dam, Tichnor, AR.


Radmacher Brothers Excavating Co. $16,921,110 to repair Fort Leavenworth levees.


Trumbull Corp & Brayman Construction Corp. JV $7,083,411 for work at the Charleroi Lock and Dam, Monongahela River, PA.


RAL Investment Corp. $23,260,000 to improve an existing 2.4-mile section of the north bank of the Santa Ana River Channel, Yorba Linda, CA.


REEL COH Inc. $8,085,000 for removal and replacement of a gantry crane on the tail deck of Barkley Dam, Kuttawa, KY.


Weeks Marine Inc. $11,143,240 for beach nourishment in Bethany Beach, DE.


Western Contracting Corp. $7,794,255 for repair of flood-damaged river structures on the Missouri River, Omaha, NE.




Classic Site Solutions Inc., J&J Contractors Inc., P&S Construction $10,000,000 for paving in New England. 


Greenup Industries $17,915,131 for excavation and reconstructing an asphalt pavement ramp and other projects, LaPlace, LA.


Ideker Inc. $8,975,000 for tarmac repairs in New Century, KS. 


Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. $44,925,400 for construction work related to aircraft parking apron, taxiway, helipads, and runway at Wheeler Army Airfield HI. 


Vellutini $7,580,580 to repair an airfield lighting system at Grissom Air Reserve Base, IN.




Optimal GEO Inc. and Surdex Corp. $16,000,000 for photogrammetric and lidar surveying and mapping.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts construction workers within the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


ACC Construction Co. $24,885,638 to construct training, shower and locker space at Fort Bragg, NC. Blinderman Construction Co. $21,442,125 for full restoration of an Army Reserve Center, Charlotte, NC. Military & Federal Construction Co. $19,264,771 for road improvements at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, NC. Sauer Inc. $10,842,464 for maintenance facility upgrades at Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune. Whiting-Turner Contracting $188,767,103 to build Hurricane Florence recovery projects located at Camp Lejeune. 5 firms $36,000,000 for a range of maintenance, repair, and minor construction at Fort Bragg, NC.


AC Lopez Construction IDIQ $30,000,000 for road paving work at various locations within Naval Base Coronado, CA; Naval Base Point Loma, CA; Naval Base San Diego, CA; and MCAS Miramar, CA.  Cecos Group $7,815,488 to build a new barge pier and small-craft berthing facility, Concord, CA.  DPR-RQ Construction $69,395,704 (first increment $50,658,864 allocated at the time of award; second increment funded in fiscal 2021, $18,736,840) to build a consolidated information center at Camp Pendleton, CA. The facility will include battalion level operations center spaces, administrative offices, academic instruction classrooms and management and support spaces.  Environmental Chemical Corp. $737,843,880 (including modifications and options) for design and construction at the south airfield at Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, Ridgecrest, CA.  Heffler Contracting Group $16,625,637 for the full facility restoration of Building 295, Fort Hunter Liggett, CA.  Kemron Environmental Services $9,000,000 to support technical activities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District.  MAC GC Electric IDIQ $9,000,000 for electrical work at various locations within Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC) Bridgeport, Twentynine Palms. MCLB Barstow, and Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, CA.  Peter Vander Werff Construction $14,913,000 for facility restoration of Barracks 207, 208 and 230 at Fort Hunter Liggett, CA.  RQ Construction $71,514,000 for design and construction of Michelson Laboratory Wings 2-5, Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, CA. Project to “repair damage caused by the July 2019 earthquakes and provide seismic upgrades.”  SOLPAC Construction $46,225,534 for construction of a fitness center and a multipurpose religious facility at Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, CA. Includes building courts (basketball, volleyball, racquetball), an indoor pool, and fitness and group exercise space. SOLPAC Construction Inc. $15,767,000 to replace the ambulatory care center at Camp Pendleton, CA. 


Arcticom LLC $22,582,375 for design-build construction and asbestos remediation for Phase 3 facility integrity and life safety improvements at a secure facility in Adams County, PA. 


AECOM $45,000,000 IDIQ for professional architectural and engineering services in NAVFAC Southeast. Overseas work at Andros Island, Bahamas (5%); Guantánamo Bay, Cuba (5%). Initial task order ($6,553,567) is to prepare a construction contract package to build a nuclear regional maintenance facility at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA. 


AJ Commercial Services $7,448,300 to build a new parking and widen existing road access in the vicinity of the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center on Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. AMES 1-HWH JV LLC $33,155,695 for repair of government facilities, Texarkana, TX.  Benham Design and SLA+Cyntergy JV $20,000,000 IDIQ for architect and engineer at Altus AFB, OK, and Sheppard AFB, TX. MARC III General Contractors $9,517,656 to renovate Army North Building 16, JB San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX. Tatum Excavating Company $10,000,000 to repair existing real property in the Piney Woods Region at Sam Rayburn Lake, TX. W.G. Yates & Sons Construction $62,494,500 for facility construction at NAS Corpus Christi, TX: a new aircraft component repair shop to house rotary wing aircraft component rebuild activities and infrastructure and an administrative headquarters office building.


Alutiiq General Contractors $7,822,077 for seismic upgrades, HVAC replacement, roof replacement and locker room renovations to Building 7116 at Camp Rilea Air National Guard Station, Warrenton, OR.


Ashford Leebcor $19,717,932 to build an approximately 38,880 gross square-foot aircraft maintenance building in Garden City, GA.


Ashford Leebcor Enterprises III $100,000,000 for maintenance and repair at Fort Lee, VA. Asturian-Consigli JV $11,130,130 to expand the demolition training compound at NAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex, VA. Build a training facility, grenade trainer, staging area, breaching walls, containment walls, utilities and other associated work. Grunley Construction Co. $13,999,667 for roof repair at a Pentagon remote delivery facility, Arlington, VA. Maverick Constructors $9,109,257 for expansion of Quantico National Cemetery, Triangle, VA. Milicon Inc. $9,727,848 for roof renovation of Building 54 at DLA, Richmond, VA. Sauer Inc. $30,067,000 to renovate Building 416, Fort Myer, VA.


Atherton Construction $7,552,029 to renovate Building 46 at Fort Leavenworth, KS.


Balfour Beatty $104,543,632 to build a battalion complex operations building and hangar facility at JB Langley-Eustis.


Benaka Inc. $9,162,000 for design and build renovations and additions for an Army Reserve Center, Orangeburg, NY.


B.L. Harbert International $16,366,260 to restore the water distribution system at Naval Support Activity, Panama City, FL. The Clement Group $10,933,245 for a police station and emergency operations center facility at Marine Corps Support Facility, Blount Island, FL. Harry Pepper & Associates Inc. $8,170,822 for construction of Pump Station S-705 in Miami-Dade County, FL. LEGO Construction Co. $8,280,369 for control tower renovations at Homestead Air Reserve Base, Homestead, FL. SES Construction and Fuel Services LLC $10,767,743 to repair Building 9310 at Tyndall AFB, Panama City, FL. SES Construction and Fuel Services $21,684,441 for design, construction and repair of Hangar Building 290, Tyndall AFB. Speegle Construction $11,836,700 to build a 36,800 square-foot high bay facility, Hurlburt Field, FL.  Speegle Construction $13,214,700 to build a two-story, 39,500 square-foot facility with reinforced concrete foundation and floor slab, steel structure, masonry walls, metal roof, HVAC, fire detection and protection and mass notification system at Hurlburt Field, FL.


Blinderman Construction Co. $13,320,510 to renovate Building 223 at Fort Riley, KS.


BB&E Inc. $9,880,969 for professional support services in design and capital improvements within NAVFAC, Mid-Atlantic.


Clark Construction Group $18,372,142 to build a taxiway at JB Andrews, Camp Springs, MD.  Clark Construction Group $12,343,490 for work on East Campus Building 2, Fort Meade.  Kinsley Construction $9,992,147 to build an administrative facility for Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, JB Andrews, MD.  Tuckman-Barbee Construction $24,482,287 for work on the Reece Road access control point at Fort Meade, MD.


D16-DDD JV LLC $9,445,310 to design and build of an administration building at the Food & Drug Administration facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


David Boland $15,472,000 to renovate Building 546 at Missile Command Headquarters, Minot AFB, ND.


Diversified Construction of Oklahoma $8,880,370 for design and construction of multiple roadway segments and parking lots for ground support equipment and personally owned vehicles at Tinker AFB, OK.


Eastern Construction & Electric $12,851,000 for full facility restoration of Barracks Building 5509 at JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ. Intercontinental Construction Contracting $23,566,504 for renovation of the Caven Point Army Reserve Center Facility, Jersey City, NJ.


Enviremedial Services $9,455,140 for a vehicle wash system, preventive maintenance and inspections, labor, management, supervision, tools, materials and equipment to perform facility support services at Marine Corps Reserve centers.


Etolin Strait Partners $30,000,000 for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC D.C. G-W Management Services $9,566,493 for renovation and construction at the Washington Navy Yard, D.C. Ritz Construction $10,427,213 to renovate a historic residential building for senior non-commissioned officer quarters, Fort McNair, D.C.


Garco Construction $12,230,000 to build a Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, Command/Control Mission Support facility at Fairchild AFB, WA.


General Constructors Inc. of the Quad Cities $7,427,764 to demolish an existing guidewall and construct a new one, Pleasant Valley, IA.


Green Clover Services (Yigo, Guam) IDIQ $19,540,320 for an equipment – corrosion, surveillance, abatement, and repair (E-CSAR) program, which includes tasks related to corrosion surveillance, corrosion abatement and corrosion repair of naval construction and support equipment assigned to Naval Expeditionary Forces in Guam. 


Guyco Inc. $65,705,000 for renovation of Hammerhead Barracks at Fort Hood.


Harper Construction Co. $96,492,383 for design and construction of Michelson Mission Systems Integration Laboratory at Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, CA. Building “will be a consolidated mission system integration laboratory for research, development, testing and evaluation.”


Hensel Phelps Construction $22,455,000 to repair Building 503A on Fort Shafter, HI. Moffatt and Nichol – Burns and McDonnell HI IDIQ, $99,000,000 for architect-engineer services for various waterfront projects and other projects primarily under the cognizance of NAVFAC Hawai‘i. Nan Inc. $30,867,340 to repair Building 502 on Fort Shafter, HI. Su-Mo Builders $8,417,930 for sewer, water, and drainage repair at Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i.


K&K Industries Inc. $8,431,214 to build a maintenance storage facility at Whiteman AFB, MO.


Kallidus Technologies Inc. $15,478,911 to build a new security forces and communications training facility in Westhampton Beach, NY.


Kokosing Construction Co. and O'Brien & Gere JV $10,281,100 to provide 24/7 construction management services that include extensive water treatment management services and dredging material disposal and related services at the Indiana Harbor & Canal Confined Disposal Facility.


Krempp Construction $10,440,400 to build a railcar holding yard at Naval Support Activity, Crane, IN.


L. S. Black Constructors $18,824,439 to build transient training barracks at Fort McCoy, WI.


McKnight Construction $23,606,712 to provide a 93,000 square-foot maintenance hangar and helicopter maintenance unit facility and associated airfield access and apron pavements at Moody AFB, GA.


Messer Construction Co. $11,471,000 for addition and alteration of an aircraft maintenance hangar at Grissom Air Reserve Base, IN.


MW Builders Inc. $23,377,000 to renovate barracks, Fort Riley, KS.  Julius Kaaz Construction $8,852,723 to complete renovation of Building 50 at Fort Leavenworth, KS. Patriot Construction $20,641,702 for HVAC repairs at Fort Leavenworth. StructSure Projects $26,388,053 for renovation work at the Military Correction Complex at Fort Leavenworth.


Pacific Federal-Pacific Tech JV and RJS Construction and TSI Engineering Inc. will compete for each order of the $20,000,000 for design-build of small construction projects for the Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, Portland, OR.


Patriot Construction $20,438,870 to build an HC-130J general maintenance hangar at Patrick AFB.


Patriot Construction $15,648,177 to repair unaccompanied enlisted personnel housing at Fort Belvoir, VA.


Rogers, Lovelock & Fritz Inc. $100,000,000 IDIQ for multi-discipline projects in NAVFAC Northwest. 


Senate Builders & Construction Managers $12,961,923 to upgrade & renovate Building 1E at Tobyhanna Army Depot.


Sequoia Construction $7,223,305 to repair water mains and roads at Roland R. Wright Air National Guard Base, Salt Lake City, UT.


SGS LLC $12,499,983 to renovate tactical equipment maintenance facilities at Fort Polk, LA.


Shape Construction $13,726,809 to construct the Navigation, Seamanship and Shiphandling Trainer, Naval Station Everett, WA. 


Southern Contracting $9,499,387 for construction and repairs to a basin/channel and three storm sewer networks at Fort Gordon, GA.


Stantec Consulting Service $12,000,000 for civil works design for USACE.


StructSure Projects $23,766,565 for facility restoration of an Army Reserve Center, North Little Rock, AR.


Veterans Northwest Construction $45,000,000 for maintenance, repair, construction and design in support of JB Lewis McChord Public Works and others supported by USACE Seattle District.


V Line Services $14,564,000 to renovate Building 888 at Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, Columbus, OH.


Walga Ross Group 3 JV $15,120,882 for design and construction renovations for Buildings 2824 & 2850, Fort Polk, LA.


Watterson Construction Co. $36,255,000 to repair Building 1001 at Fort Wainwright, AK.


Western Contracting Corp. $8,432,668 for levee rehab at Camp Ashland, NE.


WHH Nisqually-Garco JV 2 $20,217,000 to build a 29,000 square-foot modified tactical equipment maintenance facility, Yakima, WA.  WHH Nisqually-Garco JV 2 $24,330,000 for repair and conversion of three buildings at JB Lewis-McChord, WA.


Zodiac-Poettker HBZ JV $7,516,000 to design and construct a dining facility for the Veterans Affairs Law Enforcement Training Center and Eugene J. Towbin Healthcare Center, North Little Rock, AR.


4 firms $90,000,000 for design build orders at various locations within the Corps of Engineers New England District.


4 firms $39,000,000 ($191,000,000 to $230,000,000) to increase the aggregate capacity of the previously awarded suite of IDIQ construction contracts in NAVFAC Southwest.  5 firms IDIQ ($495,000,000, five years) for construction, renovation, and repair at government installations (admin buildings, armories, auditoriums, bachelor enlisted quarters, child care centers, fire stations, gymnasiums, hangars, hospitals, maintenance/repair facilities, warehouses, etc.) in NAVFAC Southwest.  5 firms $75,000,000 to increase the aggregate capacity of the previously IDIQ construction contracts ($240,000,000 to $315,000,000). The contracts are for new construction, repair and renovation of various waterfront facilities at various locations predominantly within NAVFAC Southwest.  7 firms, including the perennials RQ Construction and Solpac $92,000,000 to increase the aggregate capacity of previously-awarded construction contracts (increased from $240,000,000 to $332,000,000) for new commercial and institutional building construction projects at various locations within NAVFAC Southwest.  7 firms $92,000,000 to increase the aggregate capacity of the previously awarded suite of IDIQ, multiple award construction ($332,000,000 to $424,000,000) at various locations within NAVFAC Southwest.  7 firms $92,000,000 to increase the aggregate capacity of the previously awarded suite of IDIQ, multiple award construction ($332,000,000 to $424,000,000) at various locations within NAVFAC Southwest.  8 firms, including RQ Construction, Solpac, and The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., $92,000,000 ($842,000,000 to $934,000,000) to increase the aggregate capacity of the previously awarded suite of IDIQ construction contracts (projects within NAVFAC Southwest).  MA Engineers JV maximum $30,000,000 IDIQ for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and plumbing services located in NAVFAC Southwest. 


7 firms collectively awarded a not-to-exceed $95,000,000 IDIQ for a broad range of maintenance, repair and minor construction work on real property at Nellis AFB, NV; Creech AFB, NV; and NV Test and Training Range, NV.


Givsco RCC JV, J&B Builders Inc., RB Construction Co., Supplied Industrial Solutions Inc. will compete for each order of the $15,000,000 to support the National Guard with construction projects. 




Callan Marine Ltd. $8,105,300 for pipeline dredging, Galveston, TX. Orion Marine Construction $15,855,250 for dredging, Galveston County, TX. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $15,494,310 for pipeline dredging and channel improvement. Freeport, TX. Manson Construction $8,345,500 for dredging the Freeport Harbor, entrance and jetty channel, Freeport, TX.


The Dutra Group $15,000,000 for dredging in AL, MS and FL.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $8,092,700 for dredging Morehead City Harbor, Brunswick, GA; and Savannah, GA.

Marinex Construction $23,680,500 for maintenance dredging in Savannah, GA.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $104,979,350 for dredging in Duval County, FL. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $10,598,625 for shore protection and beach renourishment in Brevard County, FL.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $8,300,694 for deepening and widening Mobile Harbor, Irvington, AL.


Crosby Dredging $10,470,000 for maintenance dredging of the Mississippi River, Venice, LA. Weeks Marine $27,072,500 for maintenance dredging in Venice, LA. Manson Construction $26,493,750 for maintenance dredging in Plaquemines, LA. Manson Construction $15,037,000 for dredging the Mississippi River, Plaquemines, LA. Manson Construction $47,460,000 for dredging shoal material from the South Pass in Plaquemines Parish, LA. Mike Hooks LLC $24,000,000 for rental of a 27-30 inch cutterhead pipeline dredge. Mike Hooks LLC $25,145,900 for removal of material from the Calcasieu River ship channel, Lake Charles, LA. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $13,800,000 for removal and disposal of shoal material excavated from the Atchafalaya River Bay, Berwick, LA.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $52,897,600 for maintenance and new-work dredging in Charleston, SC. Marinex Construction $33,998,700 for maintenance and new work dredging in Charleston, SC. Salmons Dredging IDIQ $12,000,000 for crane rental and crane operator services at JB Charleston, Goose Creek, SC. 


Weeks Marine $18,065,000 for maintenance dredging of the Morehead City Harbor federal navigation channel, NC.


Manson Construction $13,200,000 for dredging in Ventura, CA.


Modern American Recycling & Repair Services of Alabama $9,562,791 to keep the Wheeler Dredge Vessel in good working condition to meet inspection requirement from U.S. Coast Guard regulations.



# # # #


Christian Sorensen is an author, researcher, and independent journalist.

His work focuses on the U.S. war industry.