Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Nonstop war is a profitable racket. The U.S. Department of War allocated at least $44,385,977,410 on 270 individual contracts during April 2019.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations. 24 FMS contracts during April 2019 totaled $3,532,505,829.


Boeing $65,000,000 for integration, sustainment and support of the Small Diameter Bomb Increment I miniature munition and carriage system on various aircraft. FMS to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Apartheid Israel, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore and “any other future country with an approved letter of offer and acceptance.”


CFM International (a joint venture between General Electric and Safran) $13,247,329 for FMS (UK): spare P-8A engine. 55% of work in Villaroche, France.


L3 $20,083,383 for FMS (Australia & Lebanon): M783 fuzes.


Lockheed Martin $723,550,174 for USA and FMS (Lebanon, Netherlands, France): a variety of HELLFIRE II missile variants. 


Lockheed Martin for F-35 sustainment services in support of FMS ($92,966,260). Services include ground maintenance, action request resolution, depot activation, ALIS operation & maintenance; reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support; supply chain management; and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training.


PAE $8,153,796 for FMS (Afghanistan): vehicle maintenance in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Raytheon for AIM-9X missiles, training missile guidance units, tail caps, containers, and spares. Purchases: South Korea ($2,093,922; 17.3%); Australia ($1,989,468); Qatar ($1,900,344); Indonesia ($613,232); Norway ($610,316); Kuwait ($536,353); Saudi Arabia ($443,249); Apartheid Israel ($386,756); Poland ($338,184); Japan ($249,903); Taiwan ($241,433); Turkey ($185, 098); Malaysia ($172,606); UAE ($171,534); Belgium ($167,707); Netherlands ($161,865); Finland ($141,901); Switzerland ($57,020); Slovakia ($45,793); Singapore ($33,298); Denmark ($8,073).


Raytheon for AIM-9X missiles, advanced optical target detectors, guidance units, propulsion steering sections, electronic units, tail caps, containers, and spares. Also provides materials in support of repairs, depot maintenance, and refurbishment. Purchases: Qatar ($38,599,559); Australia ($36,934,376), South Korea ($29,064,332); Norway ($24,637,082); Slovakia ($13,515,225); Japan ($10,653,101); Denmark ($9,417,847); Morocco ($7,428,180); Belgium ($1,317,129), UAE ($1,056,768); Netherlands ($1,051,562); Singapore ($723,714); Oman ($591,932); Switzerland ($349,984); Saudi Arabia ($291,195); Poland ($171,927); Turkey ($171,841); Romania ($156,165), Taiwan ($147,705); Finland ($141,315), Indonesia ($85,415), Kuwait ($82,620), Apartheid Israel ($59,114); Malaysia ($34,668).


Raytheon $94,272,118 for AN/DAS4 production and upgrades. Involves FMS to the Netherlands.


Raytheon $19,313,603 to redesign AMRAAM Rectifier Filter Assembly and redesign AMRAAM telemetry encoder “due to obsolescence issues.” FMS to Australia, Japan, Norway, Romania, and Turkey.


Raytheon $9,035,484 for FMS (Taiwan): PATRIOT Air Defense System. Work in Taipei.


Raytheon for upgrade and commonality of AMRAAM production test equipment. Involves FMS ($6,739,885) to Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Spain, and the UK.


Textron $15,350,000 for FMS (Iraq): continued support for reconstitution of 15 T-6A aircraft at Imam Ali Air Base, Iraq. Baghdad has purchased billions in U.S. war goods & services since D.C. ousted Saddam Hussein. This is an intended result of the invasion and occupation.


United Technologies $8,554,624 for long-lead materials, parts, and components for F-35 propulsion systems.




Boeing $120,000,000 for FMS (multiple unnamed): Joint Direct Attack Munition technical services, aircraft integration, and sustainment.


Boeing $39,478,219 for FMS (Saudi regime): post-production system support on AH-64 aircraft in support of the Saudi Arabia National Guard.


Boeing $30,135,588 to continue phase I design maturity, analysis and test planning for the Stand-off Land Attack Missile – Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) production line for the Saudi regime. “Provides redesign of obsolete parts to replace obsolete, nearly obsolete or uneconomical parts to support SLAM-ER weapon system production and improve future sustainment.”


Boeing $8,575,000 for FMS (Saudi regime): F-15S Aircrew Training Devices.


General Dynamics $125,000,000 to USA and FMS (Iraq, Bahrain, Singapore): MK80 series general purpose and BLU-109 tritonal bomb components.


Lockheed Martin $1,534,661,340 for FMS (Saudi regime): THAAD interceptors and one-shot devices. Lockheed Martin $30,794,224 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): Hellfire guided missile launcher and electronic assembly.


Oxford Federal $25,895,751 for FMS (Apartheid Israel): build ammunition storage facilities in Tel Aviv, Occupied Palestine.


Raytheon $399,437,066 for FMS (Saudi regime): hardware and manufacturing, systems engineering and program management, obsolescence and reliability updates, maintenance planning, facility design support, country support and common software development to the Saudi regime.


Raytheon an estimated $20,000,000 for FMS (Kuwait): guided missile launchers so Kuwaiti F/A-18 aircraft can carry and launch AIM-120 and AIM-9X missiles. 


United Technologies (Rockwell Collins) $30,945,213 for FMS (Saudi regime): production of a Transportable Blackhawk Operations Simulator training device.




General Atomics $99,020,937 for logistics support on the MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone.


Northrop Grumman $12,872,342 to upgrade three MQ-4C Triton aircraft from baseline Integrated Functional Capability (IFC) 3 to multi-IFC 4 software configuration. Northrop Grumman $7,241,880 for long lead components, material, parts and efforts required to maintain MQ-4C planned low rate initial production (LRIP), lot 4 production.


Hydroid $23,116,659 for production support to MK 18 unmanned underwater vehicles.




The Morganti Group $10,552,393 to build a 280-person dormitory in Azraq, Jordan.


Al Qabandi United Co. W.L.L. (Kuwait City) $30,000,000 for vehicle lease services, providing Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, and surrounding units, with transport vehicles.


Sierra Nevada Corp. $42,722,019 for A-29 pilot and maintenance training for the Afghanistan Air Force at Moody Air Base, GA; and in Afghanistan. Paid for with U.S. tax dollars, not via foreign military sales.


SJC-BVIL $11,487,876 to repair receiver site building facility 201 at Diego Garcia. Replaces engine generators on North Power Plant 730.




CDW Government $7,701,689 for hardware supply, specialty notebooks and desktops, and monitors. Work in Bruchmuehlbach-Miesau, Germany.




Vermont Halter Marine $745,940,860 to design U.S. Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter (PSC). PSC’s mission will be “to ensure continued access to both polar regions and support the country’s economic, commercial, maritime, and national security needs.”




A4 Construction $8,794,325 to build special operations forces (SOF) mountaineering training facility in Fort Carson, CO. Gentex Corp. $95,000,000 for SOF Personal Equipment Advance Requirements (SPEAR) family tactical headborne systems. Sauer $9,776,000 for a SOF live fire maze and tower at Fort Bragg, NC. Technology Service Corp. $49,000,000 for the long endurance unmanned aircraft system (drones) in support of USSOCOM. Windamir Development $11,507,959 for a SOF combat medic training facility at Fort Bragg, NC.




Centerra-SJC II, LLC $15,374,563 to renovate Tierra Kay Housing complex for military personnel at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.


USNORTHCOM / “The Homeland”


Barnard Construction $187,000,000 for primary pedestrian wall replacement in Yuma, AZ. SLSCO Ltd. $789,000,000 for border wall construction in Santa Teresa, NM.




Agile Defense $33,095,787 for unclassified IT services for DARPA.


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai $28,342,525 for forensics of WMD and material detection using instruments suitable for field conditions. Research addresses “the challenge of detecting previous exposure without reliance on the presence of exposure material or agent.”




Leidos $51,593,787 for personnel with requisite technical expertise and knowledge in their respective functional areas to support the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


University of Dayton Research Institute $46,794,000 for Proactive Research Enabling Supportable Systems (PRESS) in order to improve materials and processes for maintainability and manufacturing.


Georgia Tech $8,508,928 in support of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) National Leadership Capability Command office. Provides development and deployment of the Secure Integration Cloud, the Joint Access Database Environment and the encompassing system architecture known as Secure Web Services.


Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab $100,000,000 for engineering, development and research capabilities.


MIT Lincoln Laboratory $2,038,147,146 to operate Lincoln Laboratory FFRDC. Provides advanced technology R&D activities: long-term technology development and rapid system prototyping / demonstration.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $8,421,581 for research effort entitled “Project Sundance” for Office of Naval Research.




Lockheed Martin $9,500,000 to integrate Mission Communications System Version 3.0 hardware changes on the VH-92A aircraft.




Lockheed Martin $151,287,000 for long-lead items for manufacture & delivery of 21 F-35 for Australia (15 for $108,170,000; 71%); Norway (6 for $43,117,000; 29%). Paid for with international partnership funds. Lockheed Martin $90,773,387 to stand up organic depot repair capabilities for F-35 integrated core processor for U.S. Air Force ($45,386,693; 50%); USMC ($22,693,347; 25%); U.S. Navy ($22,693,347; 25%).


Lockheed Martin $13,603,662 for F-35 Low Observable Health Assessment System (LOHAS) baseline file generation, automated LOHAS baseline file tool, repair shape optimization and LOHAS maintenance and management module for Air Force ($5,409,770; 39.77%); USMC ($2,704,884; 19.88%), Navy ($2,704,884; 19.88%); non-DoD participants ($2,784,124; 20.47%).


United Technologies F-35 long-lead materials, parts, and components for Lot 14 F135 propulsion systems for USAF ($68,062,565); USMC ($34,923,315); Navy ($23,607,892); non-U.S. DOD ($66,767,551). Non-U.S. DOD = U.S. tax dollars subsidizing foreign government purchases.


Lockheed Martin $117,101,550 for F-35 initial spares, including a deployment spares package, afloat spares package, and consumables to support delivery schedules.


Lockheed Martin for F-35 sustainment services: ground maintenance, action request resolution, depot activation, ALIS operation & maintenance; reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support; supply chain management; and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training for Air Force ($477,920,120); Navy ($346,753,261); non-U.S. DOD ($231,207,693).




Bell Boeing JPO $29,772,039 for software and hardware upgrades on MV-22 flight training devices. Elbit Fort Worth (an Apartheid Israel corporation) $17,805,018 for V-22 avionics processors for U.S. Navy (106) and Air Force (26). 75% work in Haifa, Occupied Palestine. Moog $84,801,681 to repair 3 items used on the V-22.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $91,290,023 for production and integration of Advanced Display Core Processor II boxes into the F-15. Boeing $22,540,550 for mission training center services: contractor-furnished, simulation equipment to train pilots and weapons system operators for F-15C and F-15E at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC; Mountain Home AFB, ID; Langley AFB, VA; Kadena AB, Japan; and RAF Lakenheath, England.




Raytheon $70,475,000 for F-16 engineering services, organic depot stand-up support, interim support, and production support on the F-16 Center Display Unit. Honeywell $10,080,794 for advanced central air data computers for the F-16.




Boeing $36,784,555 for peculiar support equipment items for F/A-18 Return-to-Readiness Initiative. Boeing $89,011,500 for technical & engineering services to integrate external stores & alternative mission equipment onto F/A-18E/F and EA-18G.


International Enterprises $7,250,287 to repair the multipurpose color display replacements in support of the F/A-18 aircraft. Sierra Nevada Corp. $13,533,798 to repair the beacon transmitter and beacon receiver for the F-18. United Technologies (Hamilton Sundstrand) $11,129,837 to repair processor signal used on the F/A-18E/F.


Raytheon $27,378,485 for LAU-115 and LAU-116 guided missile launchers.




Northrop Grumman $44,395,362 for electronic attack pods. United Technologies $30,026,760 for modernization of the High Power Transmit System, the E-6B’s Airborne Very Low Frequency radio transmitter.




Northrop Grumman $3,169,708,972 for 24 full-rate production E-2D aircraft. Northrop Grumman $38,775,625 for product and software support activity for E-2D full-rate production. Northrop Grumman $9,652,918 for 5 aerial refueling retrofit kits for E-2D.


United Technologies (Rockwell Collins) $11,229,125 to procure additional in-scope work for E-2D Integrated Training System-III Aircraft Flight Management Computer Functional Equivalent Unit Risk Reduction Analysis and Demonstration effort.




Boeing $14,314,300,000 for modification, modernization, engineering, sustainment and test of the B-1/B-52 weapons systems “to increase lethality, enhance survivability, improve supportability, and increase responsiveness.”




Boeing $93,632,264 for manufacture, test, installation, integration, and qualification of up to eight Wideband Satellite Communication kits in P-8A aircraft for U.S. Navy. 


United Technologies (Rockwell Collins) $27,333,806 for Aircraft Direction Finders; Radio Tuner Panels; and High Frequency Radios in support of P-8A aircraft for U.S. Navy, Australia, the UK, Norway, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. 




Boeing $5,700,000,000 for KC-46 Pegasus Combat Capability (PC2): post-production related requirements centered on user-directed and FAA-mandated needs. By September 2019, the KC-46 was having serious problems, grounding the fleet.


TriStar Air $121,425,707 for aerial refueling services in support the War Dept. and FMS.




Assured Information Security $93,600,000 for R&D, prototyping, integration, testing, demonstration, deployment, upgrades, enhancement, sustainment, and training of innovative technologies and concepts in support of Virtualized Intelligence Platform Engineering & Research software baselines.


Boeing $7,664,928 for Laser Pod R&D.


Leidos $19,372,258 for advancing laser weapon system technology through R&D and evaluate performance in relevant operational environments at Kirtland AFB, NM.


Navatek Ltd. $7,998,670 for the “Advanced Planning Hull Research” effort in Honolulu, HI (61%) and Belfast, ME (39%) for Office of Naval Research.


SAIC $18,999,989 for the Armed Reconnaissance Vehicle At the Edge for Office of Naval Research.


Silatronix Inc. $8,310,568 for the Organosilicon Electrolytes for Safe, High Energy, High Nickel Magnesium Cobalt Lithiim-Ion Batteries via Office of Naval Research.


REDSTONE ARSENAL – Every major war corporation has a presence at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.


CFD Research Corp. $49,608,216 for environment analysis tools development, models, and test capabilities to support determination of weather environment effects on systems and sensors. COLSA Corp. $15,468,139 for system engineering and technical assistance at Redstone. System Studies & Simulation $12,364,338 for technical support services. Torch Technologies $7,458,000 for strategic systems engineering, integration, test and analysis.




Boeing $171,887,544 for performance based logistics on AH-64E helicopters.


Gentex Corp. $27,860,817 for the Head Gear Unit 56/P Rotary Wing Helmet. 


Harris Corp. $50,000,000 for Image Intensifying tubes in support of AN/AVS-6 and AN/AVS-9 Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS). This product now belongs to Elbit, which purchased Harris’ night vision products before Harris merged with L3. The Elbit night vision purchase closed in September 2019.


Korean Airlines Co. $9,446,385 for depot level helicopter maintenance.


Lockheed Martin $7,300,000 for production systems engineering and program management services for CH-53K. Lockheed Martin $23,441,543 for maintenance and overhaul of UH-60 helicopters.


Northrop Grumman $15,136,019 for fabrication of the Airborne Laser Mine Detection System (ALMDS) pod system used on the Lockheed Martin MH-60S helicopter.


PCX Aerostructures $25,251,089 for rotary wing heads.


Raytheon $10,077,839 for eight CH-53K Helicopter Night Vision System AN/AAQ-44 Forward Looking Infrared kits, system development and demonstration ground and flight test support, parts obsolescence analysis, repair analysis, repair of repairables, system conversion, and logistical documentation.


Sea Box, ($471,828,000); W&K Containers ($19,513,750); NexGen Composites ($253,608,919); for ISO & Quadcon Containers.




AECOM $30,571,740 for aviation support equipment in support of the Fleet Readiness Centers. Overseas work in Comalapa, El Salvador (4%), and Futenma, Japan (1%).


Beaver Aerospace & Defense $9,545,445 for electro-mechanical linear actuators.


Michelin ($49,485,376) and Goodyear ($38,351,305) for aircraft tires supporting the Global Tire Program.


PCX Aerostructures $8,586,414 for main rotor mast support parts.


Varian Medical Systems $7,141,616 for two linear accelerators.




Canadian Commercial Corp. $8,039,793 for Mk 25 mod 4 and Mk 25 mod 5 marine location markers in support of the Navy.




EDO $9,559,557 for design, testing, modification, production, quality assurance, packaging, delivery and program management of the B-1 Bomb Rack Unit–56 at Dyess AFB, TX; Ellsworth AFB, SD; Edwards AFB, CA; Amityville, NY.


Raytheon $19,530,007 for the engineering and manufacturing development and payload integration of the Miniature Air Launched Decoy-Navy.


Rosemount Aerospace $8,494,102 for indicator panels.


Harris Corp. $27,655,152 for production and repair on AN/PLM-4 (RSS).


Textron $19,592,850 for base Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST), the laboratory JSECST and retrofit kits used on many aircraft, such as F-15, F-16, A-10, CV-22, C-130, UH-47, UH-60, F/A-18 and AV-8B.




Innoveering and Northrop Grumman $10,000,000 for Enabling Technologies for High-Speed Operable Systems (ETHOS), Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ) design maturation: matures a preliminary dual mode ramjet design to a critical design level, construct the DMRJ test article, and perform both direct connect and integrated free-jet testing. 




Airborne Tactical Advantage, Coastal Defense, Draken International, Tactical Air Support Inc. $124,000,000 for contracted close air support for NAVAIR’s Specialized and Proven Aircraft Program Office. Provides contractor-owned and operated aviation training capabilities to support adversary and offensive air support.


Boeing $21,109,471 for inlet retrofit kits for the T-45 aircraft. Northrop Grumman $22,000,000 for T-38 and F-5 sustaining engineering.




Northrop Grumman $132,283,800 for hardware and systems engineering technical support, analysis and studies to integrate Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) system onto aircraft for U.S. Navy ($104,986,224; 79%); Army ($19,606,871; 15%); UK ($3,144,044; 2.5%); Norway ($4,546,661; 3.5%).




Robertson Fuel Systems $28,232,100 for fuel tank combo packs.




Lockheed Martin $7,438,922 for software maintenance support, identify, analyze, correct, test, and merge/rebase of the Common Source Library infrastructure and software discrepancies originating from heritage Aegis Computer Programs.


Lockheed Martin $13,908,052 for systems engineering, modeling & simulation, and design for AEGIS Speed to Capability cycles as well as the completion of the development and fielding of the AEGIS Baseline 9 and integrated AEGIS Combat System on AEGIS Technical Insertion (TI) 12 configured destroyers as well as TI 12 & TI 08 configured cruisers.


Lockheed Martin $9,142,030 for AEGIS Ashore Support and Ship Integration and Engineering of AEGIS Weapon System (AWS). Overseas work in Deveselu, Romania (15%), Redzikowo, Poland (15%). Aegis has been deployed to eastern Europe under the pretext of defending against Iranian ballistic missiles.




BAE Systems $8,123,072 for USS Wichita (LCS 13) post-shakedown availability (PSA). 




Walashek Industrial & Marine and Epsilon Systems Solutions $39,521,000 for LCAC repairs, maintenance, modernization, and retirement services.




Huntington Ingalls $7,889,490 for emergent work as required, including management and labor efforts for the post-delivery planning yard services in support of LHA-7.




General Electric $8,747,720 for LM2500 integrated electronic controller kits, upgrading DDG 51 and CG 47 class ships.


Huntington Ingalls $28,375,637 for Follow Yard Class services for the DDG 51-class destroyer program. Provides liaison and technical support; engineering, design, and configuration management; systems engineering team; special studies; baseline management; and crew indoctrination and orientation.


Leonardo DRS $53,744,086 for repair station console in support of DDG modernization.


Lockheed Martin $20,238,156 for common engine controllers, engineering services, and support for engineering services for DDG 51 new ship construction and DDG 51 midlife modernization. Engine controllers provide for digital control of the gas turbine engines on the ships. Lockheed Martin $13,429,873 to procure Machinery Control System consoles and cabinets for DDG 51 new construction, DDG 51 midlife modernization, and land based engineering sites.


Raytheon $16,818,682 to repair and test USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79) SPY-1D transmitter suite.


Raytheon $28,009,263 for Air & Missile Defense Radar AN/SPY-6(V) integration and production support. 




General Dynamics $269,264,180 to manufacture 42 missile tubes and tube outfitting material for U.S. Columbia class and U.K. Dreadnought subs. D.C. and London both finance this Common Missile Compartment program. This purchase included some unspecified FMS allocations to the UK.


L3 $13,769,027 for TB-34A towed arrays.


M.A. Mortenson Co. $45,209,000 for Phase Three repairs of the Explosive Handling Wharf One facility at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.


Raytheon $33,347,011 for up to 28 electronic throttle control units and auxiliary components to support Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division supporting the Virginia class submarine program. 




BAE Systems $23,865,722 for USS Paul Ignatius (DDG 117) post-shakedown availability.


Detyens Shipyards $9,377,727 for a 49-calendar day shipyard availability for mid-term availability of USNS Kanawha (T-AO 196). 


Huntington Ingalls $18,940,106 for maintenance, repair, alterations, testing & routine work on USS Columbus (SSN 762).


Vigor Marine $14,318,679 for the regular overhaul and dry docking of USNS Wally Schirra (T-AKE 8). Vigor Marine $14,731,225 for an 81-calendar day shipyard availability for the regular overhaul dry docking of USNS Yukon (T-AO 202).


Colonna’s Shipyard West, East Coast Repair & Fabrication, Epsilon Systems Solutions, Marine Group Boat Works, Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication, Propulsion Controls Engineering, South Coast Welding & Manufacturing $113,246,997 for maintenance on surface ships homeported in or visiting San Diego, CA. Work at Naval Base San Diego, Southwest Regional Maintenance Center.




Raytheon $72,225,064 for Design Agent and Engineering Support Services for the Rolling Airframe Missile MK-31 Guided Missile Weapon System Improvement Program.


Saab USA $17,241,690 for the Multi-Mode Radar systems to be deployed on Navy “expeditionary support base ships” and Coast Guard offshore patrol cutters.




Alion - IPS Corp. $24,913,704 for professional support services for NAVSEA’s deputy commander for surface warfare. Work includes professional support services in the areas of program management, admin support, surface ship modernization, inactive ships, surface ship readiness, training systems, business & financial management, records management and IT support. Overseas work in Bahrain (1%); Yokosuka and Sasebo, Japan (2%).


Gulf Island Shipyards $128,561,825 to build 2 towing, salvage and rescue ships.


Lockheed Martin $26,890,125 for Navy engineering services. Lockheed Martin $9,402,112 for receiver processors.


Silver Ships $11,000,149 for construction and delivery of high speed maneuvering surface targets, accessories, and deployment spare parts.




Bahfed Corp., Impact Components, Laguna Components Inc., Pacific IC Source, Vizocom ICT share $11,500,000 to provide various types of commercially available instrumentation and electronic components in support of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.




American Electronic Warfare Associates $99,749,577 for engineering and technical services in support of NAWCAD’s Battlespace Modeling and Simulation NAWCAD, Patuxent River, MD.


Avian $13,500,084 to provide support for NAWCAD’s Integrated System Evaluation Experimentation & Test Department. Services include flight test engineering, programmatic, administrative, design, execution, analysis, evaluation, and reporting of tests and experiments of aircraft, drones, weapons and weapons systems.


BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Coherent Technical Services, SAIC (Engility), Gryphon Technologies, J.F. Taylor, Valkyrie Enterprises shared $98,625,565 to provide engineering support services for Air Traffic Control & Landing Systems as well as developmental programs such as the Joint Precision Approach and Landing Systems (JPALS) and unmanned programs.


Ki Ho Military Acquisition Consulting $19,185,381 for services in support of Chief of Naval Operation’s calibration readiness models. Services include documentation, validation performance and improvement recommendations, logistic and technical analysis of calibration laboratories, development of metrology Navy e-Learning training packages, Metrology Requirements Management System proof of concept development, and engineering studies and reviews.


Measurement Specialties $11,548,209 for inertial measuring telemetry equipment and recalibration services for the equipment.


Southwest Research Institute $12,656,761 for development, test, and demonstration of integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) software reference applications. Also provides systems integration lab and standards support for maturation of Telemetry Network System being developed by iNET from its current state through early and initial operational capability. 




T3W Business Solutions $9,629,274; Thor Solutions $9,482,581; Kros-Wise Inc. $9,382,074 for professional and administrative services to support NIWC Pacific corporate operations. Support includes total force manpower management; material control; travel services; facilities operations; data management and visualization; and general administrative support.




General Dynamics $20,241,853 for Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) cryptographic applique production. Provides for KIV-78 units, Delorean Circuit Card Assemblies, data and technical support for United States and FMS requirements. 


Lockheed Martin $11,078,388 for national cyber range end-of-life/end-of-service issues. 


Microsoft $7,269,740 for Microsoft enterprise services at Fort Gordon, GA.


SAIC $90,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations items in MD, VA, WV, and D.C.


Yorktown Systems Group $23,650,768 for Asymmetric Warfare Group operations support at Fort Meade, MD.




Affigent $12,215,117 for subscription software maintenance on Oracle Java Standard Edition software.


Booz Allen Hamilton $13,205,748 for enterprise management and technical support services to the Navy Information Force's Shore Modernization & Integration Directorate in the areas of enterprise architecture and operational transition planning; shore network and communications modernization; IT service management process standardization; cyber security; and IT portfolio management support. 


Leidos $94,017,199 for information management and IT services in Vicksburg, MS.


Marshall Communications Corp. $9,805,873 for IT supplies and services in support of the Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management configuration for the Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers business process, enabling digital data updates, sharing and visibility across all levels of aviation maintenance.


World Wide Technology $7,883,995 for IT hardware.




General Dynamics $11,566,932 for the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 1 system.


Raytheon $663,060,634 for Troposcatter Transmission System, spares, repairs, warranty, system engineering, field support, training and sustainment.




Nimbis Services $49,950,000 for R&D to establish a DOD-wide cloud-based collaborative silicon microelectronics design ecosystem that will form the basis for microelectronics R&D, evaluation of emerging authenticity/reliability tools, and a platform to help address supply chain risk management.




Boeing $605,000,000 for the Wideband Global Satellite Communication Space Vehicle 11. 


Iridium Satellite $8,327,000.00 for services on the current Airtime contract. 


LinQuest $9,283,025 for support to the Joint Force Space Component Commander in the establishment of a unified combatant command for space. Provides services “to accomplish the necessary functions to assist the establishment of U.S. Space Command.” The Pentagon is so thoroughly corporatized that it cannot even establish a command without turning to war corporations.


Peraton $32,345,388 for research, development, test and evaluation services (including technology demonstrations and flight test events in support of mission, maintenance and future requirements) for Pacific Range range instrumentation systems.


Tecolote Research $8,483,255 for advisory financial support services at Los Angeles AFB, CA. Services support space control systems, including development, sustainment engineering, and ongoing logistics.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the U.S. war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. war industry.


Lockheed Martin for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors and one-shot devices for USA ($922,729,226). Raytheon $26,991,627 for Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) upgrades and flight test support.




Boeing $127,632,494 for long lead items for the B61-12.


Direct Energy Business $40,792,161 to supply and deliver electricity and ancillary/incidental services for Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Lab.


Lockheed Martin $17,976,489 for engineering and technical support services and materials for Trident II ballistic missile for the U.K. Includes technical planning, direction, coordination, and control “to ensure that U.K. program requirements are identified and integrated to support schedules and emergent requirements.” Also provides are re-entry systems resident technical support, operational support hardware, and consumable spares also provided. Paid for with U.S. tax dollars (not purchases via FMS).


Lockheed Martin $879,000,000 for subsystem support: sustainment & maintenance engineering, “aging surveillance,” software maintenance, developmental engineering, production engineering, and procurement of Minuteman III Reentry System/Reentry Vehicles subsystem and related support equipment.




BAE Systems $7,034,169 to upgrade the A2B facility “to correct capacity issues.”


Boeing $130,000,000 for Joint Direct Attack Munition/Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM/LJDAM) technical services, aircraft integration, and sustainment to USA.


Boeing $21,607,000 for GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator sustainment, an additional four years.


Lockheed Martin $362,741,549 for Multiple Launch Rocket System M270A0 to M270A2 launchers; and M270A2 Flyaway Package kit, Authorized Stockage List kits, Production Line Spares kits, production line restart costs, improved launcher mechanical system test stand upgrade, proposal costs, and over and above repair services. 


Northrop Grumman $12,754,688 for 120mm Advanced Multipurpose XM1147 High Explosive Multi-Purpose with Tracer cartridge.


Raytheon for AIM-9X tactical missiles, Captive Air Training missile guidance units, tail caps, containers, and spares for U.S. Navy ($884,869); Air Force ($678,935). Raytheon for a variety of AIM-9X missiles, optical target detectors, guidance units, propulsion steering sections, electronic units, tail caps, containers, and spares. Also provides materials for repairs, depot maintenance, and refurbishment. Purchases: U.S. Navy ($123,468,497; 29.46%); USAF ($118,935,517; 28.38%).


Raytheon $12,397,000 for upgrade and commonality of AMRAAM production test equipment.


Raytheon $18,979,332 for engineering and technical services in support of Standard Missile-2 and Standard Missile-6 production and development requirements. For U.S. Navy (90%); Australia, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, and Japan (10%).


Raytheon $200,234,192 for M982A1 Excalibur containerized projectiles. Overseas work in Karlskoga, Sweden; Southway, Plymouth, UK; Glenrothes, Scotland, UK.


Raytheon $7,383,058 for logistics maintenance capability, repair parts, replenishment material, configuration management, product assurance support, special engineering studies, system engineering, failure analysis, test & evaluation, equipment publications, obsolescence redesigns, test evaluation material for repairs, field service representative technical assistance, and contractor repair in support of the TOW Improved Target Acquisition System.




II Corps Consultants $7,002,360 to provide contractor support to meet requirements for the Defeat the Device Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) training program. Technical support provides USMC with “flexible, responsive and standardized” C-IED training.




Honeywell $70,486,623 for total integrated engine revitalization (TIGER) hardware services.


JCB Inc. $17,071,687 for High Mobility Engineer Excavator vehicles.


Oshkosh Defense $19,667,534 to incorporate Engineering Change Proposal (Capsule Roof Hatch) into Joint Light Tactical Vehicle baseline configuration.


VSE Corp. $8,147,908 to continue assisting USMC Systems Command with operations & maintenance support and installations for sustainment of Assault Amphibious Vehicle.


2101 (d.b.a. Intercontinental Truck Body) $10,566,494 for flight line tow tractors used to tow fighter aircraft, munition trailers, and ground support equipment.




Polar Net $42,990,751 for small arms rails and mounts.




Bowhead Manufacturing Technologies and Truston Technologies Inc. $78,000,000 for procurement, kitting and packing, and delivery of kits, facilities, and assemblies of Table of Allowance items. Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center plans to provide expeditionary equipment.


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics $19,491,157 for protective fabric shelter kits.




Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing $11,902,218 for telescope and quadrant mounts.




Aurora Industries (Camuy, Puerto Rico) $54,717,135 for U.S. Army & Air Force coats and trousers. Burlington Industries $9,765,492 for blue poly/wool cloth. Golden Manufacturing $15,999,149 for Navy trousers and maternity slacks. San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind $8,620,998 for Army and Air Force trousers. Some work in Puerto Rico. Tennier Industries $14,884,350 for Army and Air Force parkas. Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind $10,832,960 for Army and Air Force parkas. Some work in Puerto Rico.




Barnhart-Reese Construction $8,137,970 to build a full motion trainer facility at USMC Base, Camp Pendleton. Consolidates training in one location to provide operational support for local detachments, virtual & hands-on maintenance training, operator training, and to support contingencies.




Booz Allen Hamilton $37,465,415 for advisory and assistance services in support of the Program Integration division of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. Performance of this will take place at Lorton, VA; Fort Belvoir, VA; and at various locations throughout the world. Leidos $34,056,691 for scientific and technical services in support of various projects under the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program. Work worldwide.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


American Water Operations & Maintenance $49,144,712 for ownership, operation and maintenance of the water & wastewater utility systems at Fort Polk, LA. 


Ameresco $21,601,454 for design, construction, commissioning, validation, training and transition of a fully usable and complete microgrid system designed to provide contingency electric power to Fort Hunter Liggett, CA, when electricity provided by Pacific Gas & Electric is unstable or unavailable.


City Light & Power $49,979,346 for electric distribution systems at Fort Campbell and Blue Grass Army Depot, KY.


Golden Valley Electric Association $40,964,160 for electric utility, Fort Wainwright, AK.


Illinois Power Marketing $11,251,572 for electricity and ancillary/incidental services. 


Johnson Controls Government Systems $17,732,106 to repair the Naval Station Norfolk steam distribution system.


Keenan Fort Detrick Energy $1,600,000,000 for energy services at Fort Detrick, MD.


Rantec Power Systems $8,429,618 for two different power supplies.




American Purchasing Services ($294,502,746), Karl Storz Endoscopy-America ($371,796,082), Steris Corp. ($393,784,292) for Integrated Operating Room components, options & accessories, upgrades, training, maintenance, and installation.


Atlantic Diving Supply, American Purchasing Services, The Lighthouse for the Blind, TQM compete for $225,000,000 for sets, kits and outfits for Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Fort Detrick, MD.


McFall Consulting $31,950,000 for hospital equipment and accessories. Vital Images $100,000,000 for radiology and imaging systems, maintenance and training services.


WiseStaff $118,081,540 to provide licensed vocational nurses and certified nursing assistants to the San Antonio Military Health System.




Intellidyne $15,695,542 to support the Defense Health Agency Global Service Center and the enterprise to fully support the integration of all desk side support, remote, or onsite troubleshooting, onsite IT touch labor, Network Support Services activity program management, network security and infrastructure assurance activities to include risk management framework support, in-room video teleconferencing support, Defense Health Headquarters site asset management, and network/systems engineering where required into the Military Health System Joint Active Directory Management and the Military Health System Medical Community of Interest network environment systems and infrastructure.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world (.pdf).


AAR Aircraft Services $13,701,177 for fuel. Cutter Aviation Albuquerque Inc. $7,458,350 for fuel. Epic Aviation $7,086,629 for fuel. Freeman Holdings of Arizona $21,991,384 for fuel. Freeman Holdings of LA $11,164,086 for fuel.


Pergravis $73,220,000 for power converting and continuation interfacing equipment emergency maintenance/preventative maintenance, supporting 700 uninterruptable power supply systems across every Air Force major command, in various locations in the U.S. and overseas.


EnerSys Energy Products ($423,772,884); Exide Technologies ($133,517,484); FIAMM Energy Technology ($23,220,432); for storage batteries.


Direct Energy Marketing ($18,377,837); Centerpoint Energy ($17,679,657); Sage Energy Trading ($11,131,790); Constellation NewEnergy ($9,923,058); for pipeline quality direct supply natural gas.




Five companies shared $30,400,000 for international commercial transportation between U.S. and overseas.




Travis Association for the Blind in Austin, TX $11,287,227 for repair, cleaning, warehousing, and distribution of clothing and equipment.




BB&E Inc. $49,382,700 for advisory and assistance services to support the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) Environmental Directorate at JB San Antonio.


Black Gold Industries $15,194,072 for transportation and disposal of hazardous waste in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.




Cantu Services $12,195,512 for food service at JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ. Mitchco International $94,250,932 for food services and dining facility attendants at Fort Sill, OK, dining facilities. US Foods $30,208,744 for food distribution for customers in TX and OK. US Foods $66,150,000 for food distribution for land-based customers located in Southern California and Yuma, AZ.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - Base operations support services (BOSS) usually involve a combination of facility management, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate takeover of the Pentagon.


Didlake $12,076,573 for annual custodial services at NAS Oceana, Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, and Norfolk Naval Shipyard.


Mancon $30,000,000 to acquire supplies and provide related store operation services required by NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk for materials needed by the Naval Facilities Command Public Works Department.




KBR, Vectrus, Fluor, PAE-Parsons $43,927,926 for services in support of the geographical combatant commands under LOGCAP V.


CONSULTING, ADMIN & LOGISTICS – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste (like we see in this category) would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in U.S. war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the war budget.


Alion Science & Technology and Booz Allen Hamilton $50,000,000 for subject matter expertise in support of Navy Warfare Development Command.


Boston Consulting Group $20,246,115 to continue implementing a new Naval Sustainment System (NSS) to “include the development of governance, coordination, and accountability mechanisms across the Naval Aviation Enterprise.”


Global Business Solutions $20,068,792 for Air Force credentialing opportunities on-line purchasing agents at Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL.


Institute for Defense Analyses $11,844,044 for research, analyses, technical evaluation, and test & evaluation support to the War Department. Work involves “comprehensive evaluation of national security issues, including systems and technologies at all stages of development, deployment, and use.”


MLT Systems $44,822,205 for Program Manager Advanced Amphibious Assault (.pdf) support services for business, acquisition, logistics, engineering, and test & evaluation.


Peerless Technologies Corp. $47,241,075 for advisory and assistance services to support the Air Force Civil Engineering Center energy directorate at Tyndall AFB.




A.T. Kearney, Booz Allen Hamilton, Guidehouse LLP, McKinsey & Co., MCR Federal, PA Defense Inc., Technomics Inc., Tecolote Research $85,000,000 for the Navy’s System Level Cost Analysis with Total Ownership Cost Analysis initiative.


Creative IT Solutions $21,162,394 for IT operations and maintenance support services for Defense Audit Agency.




AECOM, Stantec Tetra TECH JV, ABC Dam Safety JV, HDR-Gannett Fleming JV shared $60,000,000 for dam safety engineering design.


Ashford Leebcor Enterprises II $16,354,763 for storm sewer rehabilitation, temporary facilities, site preparations, concrete sidewalk restoration, borrow placement, landscaping, plugging, and survey in Richmond, VA.


Fordice Construction $20,135,275 for casting articulated concrete mattress in St. Francisville, LA.


Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. $23,596,318 for Herbert Hoover Dike rehabilitation structure replacements reconstruction in Jacksonville, FL.


Weeks Marine Inc. $37,039,250 for beachfill and crossovers, Ocean Bay Park to Davis Park, Suffolk County, NY, to provide protection to the mainland and barrier island by reducing the potential for breaching and overwash of the barrier island.




Akima Support Operations $14,867,492 for civil engineer services at MacDill AFB, FL. Burdette, Kohler, Murphy & Assoc. $10,000,000 for architect-engineering services. Burns & McDonnell $48,000,000 for architect-engineering services. Dhillon Engineering Inc. $10,000,000 for architect-engineering services. EBL Engineers $10,000,000 for architect and engineer services. Summer Consultants $10,000,000 for architect and engineer services. 3 firms compete for $9,500,000 for Air Force Civil Engineering Fire Protection architecture and engineering services.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


AECOM $24,500,000 for multi-discipline services for USACE. Dewberry Engineers $24,500,000 for multi-discipline services for USACE.


Alberici Constructors $7,600,000 for LD 24 and LD 25 service cranes replacement.


Amethyst Builders, Concept 2 Completion, D&D Construction, MEI Corp. $48,000,000 for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Hawai‘i.


AAROW Electrical Solutions $8,855,725 to replace the Pentagon Memorial lighting and electrical distribution systems located to the west of the Pentagon and east of Route 27 with watertight stuff.


Bejarano Construction Services, Semcon Inc., MDJ Contracting $10,000,000 for painting services at JB San Antonio, TX.


Korte Construction $31,295,038 to design and build an Integrated Training Center Academics Building at Eglin AFB, FL.


Miller Electric $25,000,000 for commercial and institutional building construction alterations, renovations, and repair projects at NAS Fallon.


PCX Aerostructures $8,040,900 for pitch housing assemblies.


R.J. Runge Co. $8,290,000 to construct ACA Shelter at Toledo Air National Guard Base, Swanton, OH.


RLF and Sherlock Smith & Adams JV $100,000,000 for architectural design and engineering services for medical projects (hospitals, dental clinic, medical clinics, veterinary clinic, laboratories, etc.) worldwide.


Sauer Inc. $19,561,104 to build airfield security upgrades at USMC Air Station, Cherry Point, NC.


SOLPAC Construction $14,646,000 for the Naval Operational Support Center at NAS Lemoore. West Point Contractors $30,000,000 for commercial and institutional building construction alterations, renovations, and repair projects at NAS Lemoore, CA.


5 firms received combined 19,800,000 for construction, repair, alteration, and related demolition of new roofing for facilities within NAVFAC Washington.


5 firms received $95,000,000 for Air Force Material Command support, for mechanical and electrical maintenance, repair alteration and construction at Robins AFB, GA.


6 firms shared $50,000,000 for the small disadvantaged business construction (SMACC), construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Northwest.


8 construction firms to compete for orders of $30,000,000 for construction projects in support of the Florida National Guard.




The Dutra Group $10,000,000 for rental of hopper dredge with attendant plant and operators for maintenance dredging in AL, MS, and FL.


Granite-Healy Tibbitts JV $27,186,257 for construction of maintenance dredging piers 1, 3, and Paleta Creek at Naval Base San Diego.


Inland Dredging Co., Crosby Dredging, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., Weeks Marine Inc. $45,000,000 for the lease of cutterhead, hydraulic pipeline dredges, fully operated with attendant plant and personnel for construction and maintenance dredging.