The U.S. Department of War, often euphemized as the Department of Defense, allocated at least $35,795,459,646 on 335 individual contracts during December 2018, not including the Foreign Military Sales transactions.


As you’ll see below, salient deals from December 2018 included $3.3 billion of Lockheed Martin PAC-3 sales to the ruling regimes of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia; $3.6 billion of Northrop Grumman aircraft countermeasures to the U.S. Air Force; and accounting firms getting numerous payments to continue auditing the Pentagon’s cooked books.


Hundreds of corporations comprise the U.S. war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. Here are the corporations that made a killing during December 2018.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations. 34 FMS contracts during December 2018 totaled $6,857,904,958.


BAE Systems $18,623,000 for eight Mode 5 upgrade kits for Canada; and 265 receiver transmitter upgrade kits on F/A-18 for U.S. Navy (179 for $11,739,536; 63%); Switzerland (43 for $2,820,112; 15%); Kuwait (43 for $2,820,112; 15%); Canada ($1,243,240; 7%). BAE Systems $38,141,300 for Identification Friend or Foe transponders, units, and equipment for DOD (~92%); Saudi Arabia ($1,166,65; 3%); UAE ($533,104; 1%); U.K. ($439,443; 1%); Norway ($409,272; 1%); Japan ($299,871; 1%); Australia ($203,056; 1%); Bahrain ($174,966; 0.46%), South Korea ($4,197; 0.01%).


Boeing $158,950,309 for FMS (Japan): KC-46A aircraft.


Boeing $307,500,000 for F/A-18 integrated product support. Involves unspecified FMS to Australia, Canada, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Kuwait, and Malaysia.


General Atomics $26,718,824 for FMS (France): MQ-9 contractor logistics support, phase three.


Harris Corp. $9,835,000 for production and qualification of ten Digital Receiver / Technique Generator Gen2 shipsets of ALQ-214A(V)4/5 (.pdf) on-board jammer system for FMS. The ALQ-214 is installed on F-18 Super Hornet aircraft.


Lockheed Martin $996,775,000 for upgrading Greece’s F-16 aircraft.


L3 $8,600,988 for FMS (unnamed, though possibly to the UK): management support. L3 is in the process of merging with Harris Corp.


Northrop Grumman $450,000,000 for U.S. and FMS countries for Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) production items, spares, support equipment, testing, training, etc. Involves FMS.


Northrop Grumman $36,570,512 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistic support on Iraqi Air Force's Cessna 208 fleet and the 208/172 Trainer fleet.


Raytheon $9,573,118 for FMS (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Spain, U.K): AMRAAM.


Raytheon $567,722,000 FMS (Sweden): PATRIOT missile system.


Raytheon $81,311,942 for design agent engineering & technical support on the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS), SeaRAM, and Land-based Phalanx. FMS: Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Canada, UK, South Korea, Portugal, Greece.




Boeing $11,256,951 for high rate compact telemetry units and long laser wire harnesses. Involves some FMS (Bahrain).


Boeing $92,361,661 for FMS (Kuwait): F/A-18 integrated logistics, phase 1, and $76,581,676 for FMS (Kuwait): two F/A-18 flight trainers and two low cost trainers.


Boeing $49,210,651 FMS (Qatar): Maintenance Augmentation Team services on AH-64E aircraft. Lockheed Martin $10,219,884 FMS (Qatar): support the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight / Pilot Night Vision Sensor [M-TADS/PNVS .pdf] for Boeing’s AH-64. Raytheon $15,150,728 FMS (Qatar): provide the Qatar Alternate Air & Missile Defense Operation Center (ADOC) Prime Mission Equipment and software. The Saudi-led diplomatic and economic embargo of Qatar has not dented U.S. war industry sales to the tiny Gulf nation.


General Electric $11,116,525 for engineering and technical services on many GE aircraft engines. Overseas work at Isa Air Base (AB), Bahrain; Cairo West AB, Egypt; an Engine Depot in Apartheid Israel; Ahmed al Jaber AB; Kuwait and Daegu AB, South Korea. FMS (41.6% of contract): Apartheid Israel; Egypt; Bahrain; South Korea, and Kuwait.


Lockheed Martin $3.3 billion for FMS (Kuwait & Saudi Arabia): PAC-3 missiles, ground support equipment, and initial spares.


Lockheed Martin $59,000,000 FMS (Saudi Arabia): fabricate & assemble UH-60M kits and additional spares and long lead production material. Lockheed Martin $13,364,769 FMS (Saudi Arabia): modernization of live fire ranges; support of infrastructure; installing targets on ranges; automated shoothouse; urban assault course; range control systems; spare parts, and new equipment training courses. Raytheon $24,717,120 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): long lead material supporting ESSM Block 1 production & spares.


L3 $7,950,145 FMS (Apartheid Israel): combat vehicle spare parts. MTU America Inc. $7,946,893 for FMS (Apartheid Israel): MTU engines and components to support the Apartheid regime’s marine vessels.


Raytheon $434,389,104 for major AIM-9X lot 18 production requirements and equipment. Include sales to Apartheid Israel, the Qatari regime, and others.




AretŹ Associates $17,083,516 for coastal battlefield reconnaissance and analysis (COBRA) systems.  Boeing (Insitu) $12,167,690 for spare and sustainment parts that are required to maintain the RQ-21A Blackjack.  Boeing $90,428,967 for studies and analysis on the MQ-25.


General Atomics $40,000,000 for services on MQ-1C Gray Eagle.


General Atomics $291,391,727 for supporting MQ-9. Services include: program management, logistics, configuration management, technical manual & software maintenance, contractor field service reps, inventory control point management, flight operations support, depot repair, and depot field maintenance. Look at all the creative categories war corporations use to bill the taxpayer.


General Atomics $13,074,090 for producing Linux retrofit kits to retrofit currently fielded Block 30 Ground Control Station (GCS). Raytheon $59,211,905 for MQ-9 sensors contractor logistics support.


Sierra Nevada Corp. $23,917,275 for Tactical Systems Emulator (TSE) development and sustainment.


Textron (AAI) $152,707,618 for logistics services at Fort Bragg, NC.




Pacific Architects & Engineers Applied Technologies $47,889,307 for SureTrak surveillance system (develop, test, install). SureTrak is a multi-sensor, data acquisition, and display system used to surveil airspace & shorelines and clear waterways at War Department and NASA facilities. Overseas work includes Nigeria, Sčo Tomé & Prínipe, Djibouti, Kenya, Tunisia, Congo, Togo, and Benin.


Phoenix Air Group $8,797,654 for continued charter air transportation out of Stuttgart, Germany, to various points throughout Africa and Europe.




AECOM (URS) $18,967,634 for maintenance, supply, and transportation logistics support for Army Prepositioned Stock 5 (APS-5) in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.  Vectrus $127,447,882 for Kuwait base operations support services (BOSS) and security support in Camp Arifjan.


AECOM (URS) $200,114,670 for maintenance, supply, and transportation logistics support of APS at Camp Arifjan and Doha, Qatar.


AC FIRST $129,918,292 for logistics support services, maintenance, supply, and transportation services in Bagram, Afghanistan.


Black Construction / Mace International JV $27,350,842 to repair housing at U.S. Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia. “The work will also address life safety and energy deficiencies which have begun to generate intensive maintenance and reliability concerns.” 


CH2M Hill Constructors, Environmental Chemical Corp., KBR, and AECOM (URS Group) shared $86,000,000 for “global contingency” construction projects worldwide. This contract does not specify CENTCOM, though CENTCOM and AFRICOM are likely sites.


DynCorp $12,431,031 for aviation field maintenance services in Afghanistan, Egypt, Kosovo, and Germany.


SOS International $191,225,021 for base life support and security in Taji, Iraq.




AECOM (URS) $60,350,545 for logistic support services for Army Preposition Stock-2 (APS-2) in Mannheim, Germany; and Dulmen, Germany.




DynCorp $8,309,406 for supporting military units conducting “humanitarian assistance,” civic assistance, construction, contingency efforts, exercises (i.e., Pacific Partnership, Balikatan, Cooperation Afloat Readiness & Training, etc.), and other projects, usually in remote areas in the Philippines, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, and other countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.


Edison Chouest Offshore $7,374,825 for one maritime support vessel, which will be utilized to launch, recover, refuel, and resupply of small crafts.


Environet Inc. $17,152,000 for construction & repair of the van pad and its generator building at USMC Base Hawai’i. TKH-ASI LLC $7,744,000 to repair unaccompanied housing Building 2, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Wahiawa Annex, HI. 


Gilbane Building $12,651,574 for modifying an operational training facility, USMC Air Station, Iwakuni, Japan.




ACC Construction $16,474,525 for a SOF training center on Fort Bragg.  Boeing $48,050,000 for Mission Enhanced Little Bird (MELB) kits to upgrade A/MH-6.  Rockwell Collins $35,000,000 for Common Avionics Architecture System post-deployment software support. United Technologies recently purchased Rockwell Collins, one of many recent mergers & acquisitions in the U.S. war industry.




Raytheon $51,895,419 for a DARPA research project.




RAND Corp. $21,898,593 for research and analytic projects.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia has largely supported the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Utah State University $11,477,222 for a small satellite utility demonstration. These corrupted academics will work to maintain engineering, R&D capability re: sensor development, image processing, and data analysis.


RSA Engineering Inc. $10,000,000 for inspecting construction, and design & engineering services, for National Science Foundation projects in Antarctica and New Zealand. 




Motorola $17,984,077 for sustaining NAVFAC Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Ashore program Enterprise Land Mobile Radio system at various installations worldwide.




L3 $35,000,000 for worldwide contractor logistic support of U.S. Air Force’s C-12 fleet.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – Kenneth R. Possenriede was recently appointed chief financial officer at Lockheed Martin. His previous position was vice president of Finance & Program Management in the corporation’s Aeronautics division, where he helped run the accounting that supported the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. His promotion must be seen in this context.


General Dynamics $45,235,426 for a range of IT support (e.g. program management, enterprise architecture, emerging capabilities & requirements implementation, life cycle management, operations & maintenance, enterprise data management, service desk, training) per DOD and U.S. Cyber Command security standards and mandates in support of F-35 aircraft.


Lockheed Martin $712,482,210 for developing advanced hardware for F-35 Technology Refresh 3 (TR3) System. Lockheed Martin is still working out the kinks on the F-35, years into the costly program.


Lockheed Martin $22,138,342 for sovereign data merge capabilities protecting participant nations’ data in the Autonomic Logistics Information Systems (ALIS). FMS funds of $12,700,000 obligated.


United Technologies $230,144,942 for supporting F-35 propulsion system (Block 4) Flight Test Program for U.S. Navy ($45,760,870; 20%); USMC ($45,760,870; 20%); Air Force ($91,521,740; 40%); non-U.S. DOD participants ($47,101,463; 20%).




Bell Boeing JPO $298,053,898 for logistics & repair support of 225 V-22 components. Bell Boeing JPO $23,201,950 for MV-22 flight test sustainment and various forms of flight test support on five MV-22 for U.S. Navy ($18,136,470; 78%); Air Force ($2,879,339; 12%); Japan ($2,186,141; 10%). Bell Boeing JPO $366,623,144 for three CMV-22B for U.S. Navy and two MV-22B for USMC. Bell Boeing JPO $13,340,913 (corrected on 2 Jan 2019 to $24,448,390) for operational test program sets for U.S. (188); Japan (15); FMS (15), including engineering to address potential obsolescence issues. Bell Boeing JPO $18,000,000 for technical analysis, engineering, and integration on V-22 for U.S. & Japan.


Kiewit Infrastructure West $15,419,280 to improve landing areas within USMC Base Hawai’i, which MV-22 Osprey aircraft will utilize for training maneuvers.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $7,957,022 for F-15 parts and engineering.




BAE Systems $34,303,092 for Lot 9 full rate production of 500 integrated defensive electronic countermeasures AN/ALE-55 fiber optic towed decoy and associated logistics and engineering technical support for Navy ($23,073,468; 67%) and Australia & Kuwait ($11,229,624; 33%).


Boeing $17,040,935 for F/A-18 depot level repairable parts support. 


Boeing $55,000,000 for up to six Infrared Search & Track Block II LRIP III units for the F/A-18E/F aircraft. 


EDO LLC $8,661,189 for 77 BRU-55A/A bomb ejector racks for F/A-18 aircraft.


General Electric $70,752,076 for 16 F414-GE-400 engines for F/A-18. General Electric $11,626,714 for engineering & engine system improvement, part of F414 engine component improvement program.


General Electric $290,834,776 for eight F414-GE-400 engines. This also provides 56 F414-GE-400-1A engines; four F414-GE-400 spare engines; two spare engine containers and 12 spare engine modules for Kuwait.


L3 $10,533,380 for F/A-18 aircraft altitude indicators.


Raytheon $65,648,632 for repairing Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared system on F/A-18. Raytheon $24,361,606 to repair APG 65/73 radar systems on F/A-18.




Boeing $91,720,000 for new aircrew & maintenance training systems and upgrades & modifications to existing F/A-18E/F and EA-18G training systems so aircraft and systems interface with the F-35 Joint Simulation Environment.


Boeing $75,000,000 for engineering helping to incorporate the initial Block III capability for production of F/A-18E/F and EA-18G aircraft.




Rockwell Collins $8,704,807 for non-recurring engineering for installation of the Digital Red Switch System (DRSS) kits into the E-6B Mission Avionics Systems Trainer (MAST), as well as procuring six DRSS kits for the aircraft and one for MAST.




L3 $7,795,473 for repair and overhaul of E-3 electron tube.


Northrop Grumman $49,885,708 for parts and support for production of two Lot 7 E-2D aircraft. Northrop Grumman $7,993,664 for more repair publications for E-2D aircraft. Northrop Grumman $20,987,258 for installing aerial refueling retrofit kits on four E-2D.




Boeing $75,000,000 for E-4B sustainment support. 




Rockwell Collins $13,999,253 for installing one E-6B Block I/Internet Protocol Bandwidth Expansion Phase 3/Block IA Very Low Frequency Transmit Terminal/Nuclear Planning and Execution System kit. 




Boeing $400,000,000 for B-1 and B-52 bomber engineering at Tinker AFB, OK; Edwards AFB, CA; Barksdale AFB, LA; and OK City, OK. 




Boeing $35,971,012 for integrated logistics services and site activation support of P-8A for U.S. Navy ($32,773,427; 91%) Australia ($3,197,585; 9%). Honeywell $11,499,928 for 11 auxiliary power units for P-8 for U.S. Navy and the UK.


ERAPSCO and Lockheed Martin shared up to $220,824,360 for up to 18,000 AN/SSQ-125A series sonobuoys.


Rizzani de Eccher Inc. $13,750,100 to design and upgrade of P307, modify hangar 831 door; and P308, construction of P-8A rinse rack at Keflavik Air Base, Iceland. 


RDA Inc. $9,324,321 for R&D of anti-submarine warfare sensors, telemetry & recording systems, signal & data processing, algorithm development, modeling, prototyping, etc.




Lockheed Martin $31,674,573 for sustainment engineering and logistics services on the C/KC-130J for the USMC, USMC Reserves, Coast Guard and Kuwait. 




Boeing $14,446,683 for KC-135 engineering services for sustainment.  Pinnacle Solutions $20,562,123 for another year supporting the KC-10 training system.




BMNT Partners $35,000,000 for the ‘Innovative Approach to Identify, Define, and Execute Successful Technology-at-Scale’ for the Office of Naval Research.


Florida Turbine Technologies $50,000,000 for Advanced Turbine Technologies for Affordable Mission (ATTAM) capability Phase I. 


Peraton Inc. $65,615,581 for Xdomain technology through research, evolution, enhancement, maintenance, and support software and report. Later corrected to be issued on 19 Dec 2018.


Space X $28,713,994 for work with AFRL on experiments, including connectivity demonstrations to Air Force ground sites and aircraft. For phase 2, Space X proposes to perform experiments in two other key areas: early versions of a commercial space-to-space data relay service and mobile connectivity directly from space to aircraft.


Universal Technology Corp., University of Dayton, and Booz Allen Hamilton $44,000,000 each for the Structures Engineering Research program: basic, applied, advanced, and demonstration/validation research to develop, demonstrate, integrate, and transition new aerospace vehicle structures technologies. Aims to provide “cost-effective,” survivable aerospace vehicles capable of accurate delivery of weapons & cargo worldwide.


For a combined $48,400,000, Envisioneering Inc., R&M Technology Solutions, Technology Service Corp., Remcom Inc., Cutlass Systems Engineering worked on Modeling, Analysis, Research, & Simulation (MARS) at the Naval Research Laboratory.




Boeing $11,746,605 for integrated sustainment support of AC130U gunships at Fort Walton Beach, FL, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.




Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support ($32,825,634 obligated) $1,104,807,664 max. for life cycle contractor support on MH-6, MH-47, and MH-60 aircraft. Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky brand makes the MH-60 helicopter, and Boeing is contracted here to maintain it. This points to an important pillar of the U.S. war industry: major war corporations cooperate more than they compete.


Boeing $249,999,105 for engineering and logistics support required for various types of services in support of the CH-47 aircraft program.


Cubic $7,582,658 for engineering, and procurement of three full motion video test articles, verification and validation activities, test support and refurbishment of test articles in support of H-60 aircraft.  Raytheon $40,313,300 to repair the Multi-Spectral Targeting system for H-60 aircraft.


DMR Consulting $9,426,737 for repair and maintenance on MK-105 magnetic minesweeping gear. The system (the “sled”) is a high-speed catamaran hydrofoil towed behind the Lockheed Martin MH-53E helicopter.


DynCorp $75,020,715 for flight line maintenance for the 811th Operations Group, Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.


General Electric $157,731,567 prospective redetermination, requirements for “holistic” engine support of the T64 engine for U.S. Navy.


Leonardo DRS is an Italian corporation led by a former U.S. Deputy Secretary of War. Leonardo DRS $34,551,637 for installation of the Distributed Aperture Infrared Countermeasures (DAIRCM) system on 30 HH-60G aircraft. DRS will also install fiber optic cable assemblies on HH-60G while accessing “the proprietary aircraft interface data.”


Lockheed Martin $92,500,000 for work to maintain, upgrade, and deploy software and systems configurations on H-60 variants for U.S. Navy ($70,010,000; 75.68%); Australia ($15,430,000; 16.68%); Denmark ($3,530,000; 3.82%); Saudi Arabia ($3,530,000; 3.82%).


Lockheed Martin $38,170,404 for a provisioning parts database of technical information to include 2D drawings for maintenance in support of initial operational capability for the CH-53K program.


Lockheed Martin $64,381,000 for performance based logistics.


Longbow LLC is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. Longbow LLC $13,028,575 for life cycle support to the fire control radar and UAS tactical common data link assembly.


L3 $21,845,138 for contractor logistics services and materials for services required to support and maintain the TH-57 fleet in Milton, FL.


Textron (Bell) $34,979,756 for engineering, logistics, equipment, and material for AH-1Z aircraft production and AH-1W, UH-1Y and AH-1Z sustainment.




AECOM (URS) $9,742,253 for aviation maintenance in Fort Campbell, KY; Louisville, TN; and Fort Polk, LA.


Centron Industries roughly $13,908,000 for cables and lighting products.


Northrop Grumman $35,143,328 to repair aircraft launch & recovery equipment systems under the Advanced Recovery Control system.


Rolls-Royce $218,747,254 to provide maintenance and logistics support for T-45 Adour engines.


Tetra Tech-Maytag Aircraft $9,043,009 for maintenance & repair of equipment in Twenty Nine Palms, Barstow, Ridgecrest, Lemoore, El Centro, Coronado, San Diego, Bridgeport, Oceanside, NAS Point Mugu, San Clemente Island, and San Nicholas Island, CA; Fallon, NV; Port Orchard, Oak Harbor, Bremerton, Everett, and Arlington, WA; and Yuma, AZ.


DynCorp $9,367,994 for aviation field maintenance services at Fort Hood, TX.


Affordable Engineering Services, Logmet LLC, Powerhouse Resources International, and SkyQuest Aviation $160,000,000 for maintenance and related tasks for Ogden Air Logistics Complex, Hill AFB, UT; Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ; Vandenberg AFB, CA; Malmstrom AFB, MT; Minot AFB, ND; Randolph AFB, TX; and Francis E. Warren AFB, WY.


Honeywell International $11,137,310 for modulating valves for the U.S. Army.


For the Global Tire Program, Michelin $151,339,721 (contracts on 11, 12, 18, and 21 December) and Goodyear $101,244,841 (contracts on 11, 12, 18, and 21 December).


Parker-Hannifin Corp. $14,202,759 for hydraulic manifolds.




BAE Systems $12,392,102 for continued manufacturing sources and materials support, to assure availability of all required parts & materials supporting Air Force-managed weapon systems.


Eight giants -- BAE Systems, Boeing, General Atomics, United Technologies, Harris Corp., Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman -- shared $22,500,000 to form a collaborative working group to develop & manage Open Architecture standards via pre-planned product improvement initiatives. Their guiding “business goals” are: accommodate different cybersecurity approaches; enable technology refresh & capability evolution (a.k.a. let the war corporations upgrade their products regularly, often at great cost to the taxpayer); enable independent development & deployment of system elements; enable reuse; promote adaptability, flexibility, expandability; reduce technical risk & overall cost of ownership (!) of weapon system programs; simplify integration; support a variety of missions & domains.




Harris Corp. $34,606,257 for FliteScene (.pdf) map software (license agreements, upgrades, engineering, materials, and travel).  Northrop Grumman $1,310,000,000 for sustainment, modernization, production, and development of LITENING advanced targeting pod.  Raytheon $33,000,000 for delivery of Identify Friend or Foe transponders and ancillary equipment.  Raytheon $16,666,821 for Precision Real-Time Engagement Combat Identification Sensor Exploitation (PRECISE) program. Rockwell Collins $15,123,120 for small mission computer hardware and software.




Northrop Grumman $3.6 billion for Large Aircraft Infrared Counter Measures (LAIRCM) equipment and support. BAE Systems $32,396,621 for repairing items on ALQ-126B electronic countermeasures systems and items of ALE-55.




Raytheon $72,463,134 for production of Aegis Weapon System fire control system MK 99 equipment, Modernization production requirements, and associated engineering.


Raytheon $114,065,820 for AN/SPY-6(V) integration and production support efforts.


Teledyne Wireless $8,243,062 for evaluation, repair, manufacture of 10kW traveling wave tubes (subcomponents of the Aegis Combat System), manufacture of 13kW traveling wave tubes; equipment maintenance, and incidental engineering.




Austal USA $40,369,095 for long lead time material and production engineering on EPF 14. The U.S. war machine co-opts foreign nations in part through spending money on their niche war corporations. Austal is an Australian corporation that the Pentagon contracts for certain Naval products.




Austal USA [unspecified amount] for construction of two LCS. Austal USA $21,070,175 for post shakedown availability (PSA) for LCS-14 in Seattle, WA. Lockheed Martin $16,158,990 for engineering and management services for LCS-13 PSA.




Textron $314,288,369 for additional long lead time material (LLTM) for the Ship to Shore Connector program, LCAC 109-118, for continued pre-fabrication activities for LCAC 109-112, and for initial procurement of LLTM for LCAC 119-123. Provides increased performance to handle missions, as well as improvements which will increase craft availability and reduce total ownership cost.




Huntington Ingalls $28,573,043 for industrial post-delivery availability & planning and engineering & management efforts in support of LHA 7.




Huntington Ingalls $39,395,512 for life cycle engineering and support services for the LPD 17 class amphibious transport dock ship program.


Huntington Ingalls $11,071,294 to update combat systems and other electronic infrastructure for amphibious transport dock ships LPD 28 and LPD 29, including Consolidated Afloat Network & Enterprise Services (CANES) infrastructure.


Raytheon $21,678,728 for life cycle engineering and support (LCE&S) services for LPD 17 class integrated shipboard electronic systems.




BAE Systems $78,847,897 for USS Shoup (DDG 86) Depot Modernization Period Availability. General Dynamics $910,723,811 for construction of DDG 132. Leonardo DRS $13,339,019 for DDG 51-class power conversion modules for Air & Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) ship sets, engineering services, and support.




General Dynamics $26,448,121 for planning yard efforts such as engineering, technical, planning, ship configuration, data and logistics efforts for DDG 1000-class destroyers post-delivery and in-service life cycle support, and shock qualification test and analysis. 


Raytheon $17,011,832 for Zumwalt capability and design agent support to SM-2.


Raytheon $72,117,547 for DDG 1000 integrated logistics support & engineering.




General Dynamics $24,770,301 for engineering & technical design supporting R&D concept formulation of undersea technology for submarine platforms.  General Dynamics $46,167,531 for non-nuclear repair services.


General Dynamics $346,500,311 for lead yard support and development studies and design efforts for Virginia-class submarines. General Dynamics $37,347,581 for on-board repair parts for Virginia-class submarines PCU MA (SSN 798) and PCU Idaho (SSN 799).


General Dynamics $35,034,283 for R&D and sustainment efforts for the U.S. SSBN Fire Control Sub-system (FCS), the U.K FCS and the U.S. SSGN Attack Weapon Control System. General Dynamics $28,957,961 for sustainment of the U.S. and U.K. SSBN FCS and the U.S. SSGN Attack Weapon Control System, including training and support equipment.


For Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) and Level I engineering and technical services: Oceaneering International, Huntington Ingalls, and General Dynamics received $827,674,072; $874,341,811; and $1,110,350,671, respectively. Involves management and technical services for support installation, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of main and auxiliary weapons, as well as hull, mechanical and electrical equipment.


Georgia Power Co. $22,380,425 for implementation of energy improvements at Naval Submarine Base (NSB) Kings Bay. 




Bechtel $44,665,555 for Naval nuclear propulsion components. 




BAE Systems $50,605,368 for scheduled Extended Docking Selected Restricted Availability (EDSRA) on USS Hopper (DDG-70)) at Pearl Harbor, HI.


Boston Ship Repair $10,960,315 for a 60-calendar day shipyard availability for regular overhaul/dry-docking of USNS Leroy Grumman (T-AO 195).


Detyens Shipyards $9,062,606 for T-AH 20 mid-term availability. Detyens $11,753,763 for a 60-calendar day shipyard availability for regular overhaul/dry-docking of T-AO 203. Detyens $30,106,818 for 120-calendar day shipyard availability for T-ESB 4 post shakedown.


Fincantieri Marine Systems $17,220,420 for maintenance on the mine countermeasure-1 class main propulsion diesel engines and ship service diesel generators in homeports of San Diego, CA; Sasebo, Japan; Manama, Bahrain; and ports-of-call as required.


Huntington Ingalls $11,000,000 for advance planning of USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) refueling complex overhaul. Huntington Ingalls $228,818,298 for additional long lead time material in support of Enterprise (CVN 80). Huntington Ingalls $10,782,772 for long lead time material and management services for CG-65 and CG-69. 


Cianbro Corp. $11,169,941 for building the dry dock one refueling facility at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME.




BAE Systems $41,528,204 for Mk 21 mod 2 (SM-3); Mk 21 mod 3 (SM-6) canisters for Mk 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS).


Lockheed Martin $184,114,000 for Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 2 subsystems full rate production. Northrop Grumman $27,594,541 for production of two AN/SLQ-32(V)Y SEWIP Block 3 system LRIP units.


Raytheon $32,162,533 for long lead material in support of Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Block 2 LRIP requirements for U.S. Navy (43%); Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Raytheon $37,902,562 for ESSM technical engineering support, design agent, and in-service support for calendar years 2016-2020.




Ameresco Select $17,961,208 for upgrading cogeneration facility controls, programming, and providing updated programs & version software, mostly at Kittery, ME.


American Superconductor Corp. $12,855,394 for high temperature superconducting degaussing hardware, engineering, and technical services.


Deloitte Consulting LLP $23,041,113 for a Training Virtual Environment (TVE), a training product for Consolidated Afloat Networks & Enterprise Services (CANES).


Lockheed Martin $166,620,346 for equipment, engineering, and material re: acoustic rapid commercial-off-the-shelf Technical Insertion 18-20 engineering services.


L3 $7,674,780 for services for the Undersea Warfare and Surface Warfare command and control systems.


Makai Ocean Engineering $9,897,213 for components [design, procurement, fabrication, testing, integration] for a lightweight seafloor cable system to use in a technology demonstration at Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme.


Mast Technologies $7,718,000 for rubber tiles that support the Navy’s Passive Counter Measure Material systems.


Progeny Systems Corp. $12,739,130 for engineering services and Navy equipment.


Raytheon $21,327,364 for continued platform systems engineering agent support of the ship self defense system MK 2.


The U.S. Navy awarded contracts to 1,870 to businesses (.pdf) in multiple locations across 46 of the United States, D.C., and Guam for Navy support services, mostly engineering and management, costing an estimated $5 billion.




Daylight Defense $16,306,540 for Distributed Aperture Infrared Countermeasure Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for USAF ($10,799,888; 66%) and U.S. Navy ($5,506,652; 34%).




CRL Technologies $84,327,079 for lead systems integrator contractor support, engineering, and technical & project management for programs / platforms in support of NAWCAD’s AIRWorks organization in Lexington Park, MD.


Dayton T. Brown Inc. $82,595,099 for supplies & services for NAWCAD’s Special Missions Integrated Test Facility (AIR-5.4) to help develop the Mobile Mission System (MMS) capabilities, variants, units, prototyping, etc.


Lockheed Martin $109,021,915 for 41 electronic Consolidated Automated Support Systems (eCASS) and related equipment.


Marshall Communications $9,671,972 for customization and configuration of the Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), a system used to manage maintenance & repair data across Fleet Readiness Centers.


PAE Applied Technologies $72,000,552 for range engineering, operations and maintenance services in support of NAWCAD, Atlantic Test Range, and the Atlantic Targets and Marine Operations Division, Patuxent River, MD.


Rockwell Collins $10,815,536 for the Modern Transmission Security & Tactical Secure Voice Suite B, Cryptographic Equipment Application integration for ARC-210 radios on multiple aircraft.




Galois Inc. $8,589,384 for merged-analysis-to-prevent-exploits software, testing and demonstrations. “For a software system that will enable computers and humans to collaboratively reason over software artifacts with the goal of finding zero-day vulnerabilities at a scale and speed appropriate for the complex software ecosystem.” Raytheon $23,224,795 for signal data processor kits. STG Inc. $17,098,410 for about six months of IT support services at Fort Huachuca.




Affigent LLC $18,233,752 for software maintenance.


Applied Research Associates $33,556,686 for “Technology Enabler Raptor Environment for Cloud Compute Services,” cloud-based software development environment(s) within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secret Cloud Compute Service region.


Arrowpoint Corp. $17,022,960 for management of the Reserve component manpower system.


Cloud Lake Technology $8,875,620 for Information Analysis Center Program Management Office (IAC PMO) support at Fort Belvoir, VA.


General Dynamics $24,916,847 for classified IT services for DARPA.


General Dynamics $78,804,642 for Information Technology services to support the Navy’s OCONUS Naval Enterprise Network (ONE-Net) in Bahrain, Greece, Guam, Italy, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Romania, Singapore, Spain, and UAE.


HP at least $700,000 for X86 processor capacity services at current and future Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) data centers.


Intelligent Decisions $46,500,000 for IT hardware, parts, and accessories.


Lockheed Martin $40,372,494 for analysis, design, development, integration, test, help desk, product improvements, fielding, software development, and exercise support.


NetCentrics Corp. $8,156,810 for Joint Service Provider IT support for Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), the Secretary of War; Pentagon Force Protection Agency, and other WHS-supported organizations. QualX Corp. $9,006,681 for information management and information access support for WHS.


Pivotal Software $100,116,589 for support of the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab, utilizing prototyped methodology and software / services across the entire Air Force IT architectures.


RIPTIDE Software $103,221,000 for the OneSAF system.


World Wide Technology $26,232,882 for Army End Point Management Solutions-as-a-Service.


17 corporations including Booz Allen Hamilton and SAIC shared $2,457,541,083 for supporting enterprise level human resource services re: DOD programs and system.




Lockheed Martin $7,078,327 for production of low-cost conformal arrays. Rockwell Collins $14,915,670 for additional quantities of the AN/ARC-210 family of radio equipment. Raytheon $57,614,243 for fully integrated Navy Multiband Terminals (NMT).




Range Generation Next $16,782,397 for relocating communications systems to the newly constructed communications facility at the Eastern Range at Patrick AFB.




Boeing $22,772,840 for sustaining the Space Based Space Surveillance (SSBS) system and Red Local Area Network.


Boeing $10,361,265 for continuing Wideband Global Satellite Communication operations and logistics sustainment at Schriever AFB and Colorado Springs, CO, and El Segundo, CA.


Kratos $20,700,432 for Control System Consolidated (CCS-C) production & sustainment, re: telemetry, tracking, and commanding of military satellite communications satellites for Space & Missile Systems Center, Peterson AFB.


Lockheed Martin $462,000,000 for GPS Control-Segment Sustainment II.


Lockheed Martin $7,394,373 for work on Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite vehicles 5/6.   Raytheon $10,722,437 for risk reduction studies, analyses, and demonstrations related to Raytheon's AEHF Airborne Military Satellite Communication product line.


M.A. Mortenson Co. $36,298,000 to design and construct a 61,515 square foot administrative facility at Buckley AFB, including classrooms and secure spaces.


Sonalysts Inc. $11,328,749 to continue sustainment of Space Training Acquisition Office and future development of mission-specific vendor plug-in (MSVP).


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the U.S. war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. war industry.


Boeing $240,204,960 for technical systems engineering and integration on the Ballistic Missile Defense system (BMDS). Lockheed Martin $585,206,351 for Homeland Defense Radar-HI (HDR-H), providing “autonomous acquisition and persistent precision tracking and discrimination to optimize” BMDS and “counter evolving threats.”


Neeser Construction $88,038,139 to construct all Missile Field 4 infrastructure improvements and utilidors, to include silo interface vault, silo foundations, fiber installation, temporary power and construction free zone in Fort Greely, Alaska.




Lockheed Martin $167,112,887 to provide U.S. and U.K. Trident II (D5) Columbia and Dreadnought efforts on navigation subsystems. Lockheed Martin $21,987,176 for Trident II (D5) production and deployed system support, and $12,845,212 for the same service.


Nova Group Inc. $38,300,000 for construction to update the standby power plant and the electrical distribution system at Pacific Missile Range Facility, Makaha Ridge, Kauai, HI.


Switching Power Inc. $57,981,395 for Subarray Power Supply Energy Savings (SAPS-ES) units and spares for a full fleet replacement of legacy units for the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System and PAVE PAWS radars.




Boeing $10,526,671 and $10,526,671 for Harpoon/SLAM-ER integrated logistics and engineering for U.S. Navy ($2,530,961; 24%) and FMS ($7,995,710; 76%).


Consumer Fuels $7,433,117 for the 105mm Light Towed Howitzer's MVSS sensor head kit.


General Dynamics $264,767,596 for MK80 and BLU-109 Tritonal bomb components.


Javelin (a Raytheon & Lockheed Martin joint venture) $12,055,715 for Javelin engineering services.


Lockheed Martin $92,000,000 for Launcher Integration Network Kit boxes, and associated software development activities.


Nova Group Inc.-Underground Construction JV $11,350,806 for equitable adjustments re: munitions and explosives of concern investigations for new pipeline / pipeline repairs at various locations off base within NAVFAC Marianas.


Lockheed Martin $10,302,132 for three Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles. That is about $3.4 million per missile. Lockheed Martin $99,254,206 for equipment & tooling needed to increase Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) / Long Range Anti-Ship Missile production to a max. rate where installation is required.


Lockheed Martin $91,250,000 for Joint-Air-to-Ground missiles, LRIP.


Lockheed Martin $40,000,000 for large diameter rocket motors, missile body flight articles (design, develop, build, integrate), and support equipment for Navy Intermediate Range Conventional Prompt Strike weapon system flight test demos.


Raytheon $11,740,000 for engineering redesigning the Control Actuation System electronic controller, and the requalification of the dimeryl diisocyanate used in AIM-9X Block I/II/II+ missiles for U.S. Navy ($5,870,000; 50%) and USAF ($5,870,000; 50%).


Raytheon $8,988,458 for engineering and technical support for flight test demo of Joint Stand Off Weapon (JSOW) extended range, phase 3b.


Raytheon $141,447,329 for Small Diameter Bombs (SDB II .pdf).


Raytheon $149,435,507 for SM-2 Block IIIC (engineering, manufacturing, development).


Raytheon $32,636,301 for over-the-horizon weapon systems. Overseas work in Kongsberg, Norway (75%); Schrobenhausen, Germany (4%); Raufoss, Norway (3%).


Doyon Project Services $36,171,741 for building five standard Type-D earth covered magazines at Naval Magazine Indian Island, Washington.




Foster-Miller $90,000,000 for reset, sustainment, maintenance, and recap supporting overall sustainment actions of Tactical Adaptable Light Ordnance Neutralization robots.




Raytheon $51,901,116 for Enhanced Sentinel A3 radars and associated spares. Raytheon $28,912,871 for Sentinel life cycle support.




AM General $20,110,570 for recapitalizing HMMWV for the Army National Guard. Oshkosh Defense $30,358,753 for Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV).


Allison Transmission $9,065,578 for X100 transmission overhaul kits.


BAE Systems $8,748,938 for preventive maintenance and technical publications work in support of the logistics development of the M88A2 recovery vehicle. BAE Systems $140,354,780 for 30 Amphibious Combat Vehicles, associated production, fielding and support costs. BAE Systems $375,932,453 for Mobile Protected Firepower acquisition and prototyping.


Critical Solutions International $10,446,373 for technical support services to support the Product Manager MRAP Vehicle Systems and the Husky M1231.


General Dynamics $335,043,086 for Mobile Protected Firepower middle tier acquisition and rapid prototyping effort.


General Dynamics $9,430,158 to install sensors on doors, build wire harness assemblies, and package all components as part of the Single Channel Ground & Airborne Radio System adapter kits, return sliding ramp assembly material for vehicles, and procure additional material items on Abrams SEPv3 45/60 tank production. General Dynamics $58,088,134 for expedited active protection systems mounting kits and ballast kits to support the Abrams tank. Raytheon $9,549,053 for 128 display control modules for the Abrams tank.


Honeywell International $20,335,554 for vehicle hardware services.


Leonardo DRS $81,889,947 for active protection system, calibration and maintenance kits, and countermeasures.  Leonardo DRS $21,204,158 for the modular fuel system pump rack modules, engines on stands, fault isolator boxes, training support equipment, authorized stockage list, and special tools hardware in West Plains, MO. Leonardo DRS $48,741,559 for technical support services.




BAE Systems $89,520,585 (corrected on 2 Jan 2019 to $7,895,422) for operations and maintenance of Radford Army Ammunition Plant.


BAE Systems $74,756,071 for Building G-3 NQ/RDX recrystallization construction at Holston Army Ammunition Plant.


FN America $13,273,603 for work on the M240 series machine gun. Knights Armaments $16,550,140 for M110 semi-automatic sniper rifle. Sig Sauer $13,400,000 for various firearms.




B.E. Meyers & Co. $10,348,345 for 917 Ocular Interruption Systems.


FLIR Systems $10,442,932 for repair and refurbish of forward looking infrared radar.


L3 $83,942,786 for AN/PSS-14.


The Protective Group $11,924,240 for enhanced ballistic armor protection system kits. Leading Technology Composites, Engense Inc., and FL Armor shared $268,864,369 for Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert hard armor plates.


CLOTHING – The Pentagon uses cheap labor in Puerto Rico manufacture military uniforms. It also uses prison labor, effective slavery, inside the U.S.


Aurora Industries (Puerto Rico) $36,835,535 for duffle bags. Excel Manufacturing $72,169,200 for Army Combat Uniform trousers. Heart & Core $7,920,000 for moisture wicking T-shirts. Mount Rogers Community Services Board $9,415,720 for Army combat shirts. National Industries for the Blind $13,673,411 for Army combat shirts; $24,662,000 for coats for Army and Navy. Tennier Industries $9,309,281 for various parkas.




BGI LLC $7,761,863 for weapons system simulator training & support in San Antonio, TX, for the National Guard.


Booz Allen Hamilton and six others competed for $168,000,000 for training strategies, concepts, and products.


General Dynamics $12,187,345 for specialty medical training, equipment, maintenance and administration support in Camp Parks, CA; Fort Gordon, GA; and Fort McCoy, WI.


Northrop Grumman $46,471,808 for GQM-163A Coyote targets for U.S. Navy ($43,378,169; 93%); Army ($3,093,639; 7%).


CG Logistics $8,848,772 for daily commute and special needs student transportation in Fort Benning, GA. Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Co. $33,702,302 for lease bus and maintenance services for student transportation in Japan. Yellowfin Transportation $8,570,866 for daily commute and special needs student transportation at Fort Benning.




Raytheon $205,205,445 for land-based Phalanx weapon system.




Broadway Electric $7,173,000 for removing generators, paralleling switchgear, and replacing feeders in Battle Creek, MI.   Dayton Power & Light $28,179,453 for electricity services at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.


Georgia Power Co. $25,500,000 for electricity for Hunter Army Airfield, GA.


Gary Kubiak & Son $12,898,760 for repairing electrical distribution system (Buildings 194-194 and main base area) for Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.


Gexa Energy LP $30,463,435 for retail electricity & ancillary services to Department of War and NASA units in Texas.   Reliant Energy Retail Services $13,351,029 for retail electricity and ancillary/incidental services for Air Force and Air National Guard in Texas.




OrthoScan $125,000,000 for radiology systems, accessories and training. Spacelabs Healthcare $450,000,000 for patient monitoring systems, accessories and training.


Practicon Inc. $40,000,000 for dental consumable items.


FUEL & ENERGY – The Department of War consumes more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


Caterpillar $118,172,545 for commercial portable power equipment. Chevron $8,038,407 for lubricants.




DynCorp $9,741,897 for aircraft maintenance and base supply & fuels for VIP aircraft assigned to the 11th Wing and 89th Wing at JB Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington. Clark Construction Group $298,211,055 for building a VC-25B hangar complex at Joint Base Andrews, Camp Springs, MD.




Farrell Lines Inc. $15,747,387 for cargo transportation services to Surface Deployment & Distribution Command, U.S. Army, in support of an Army unit deployment from Fort Bliss, TX, to multiple bases in Afghanistan.


Emprise Corp. $96,470,026 for Shipboard Automated Maintenance Management Systems (SAMM) Engineering services in this will assist MSC afloat and ashore systems with various modules and functions to optimize MSC maintenance program. Shipboard personnel use SAMM to document maintenance of MSC vessels, record daily machinery operational data, and plan maintenance.


Alpha Marine Services $9,323,925 for a vessel performing towing and salvage for the Navy.


Erie Engineered Products $47,766,579 for reusable shipping and storage containers.




Bluestone-CH2M JV $10,000,000 for hazardous material and waste management environmental compliance, and engineering services in NAVFAC Southeast. AECOM and 9 other corporations shared $230,000,000 for environmental services. Several firms shared $9,900,000 shared for tribal consultation, cultural resources, and environmental services.




Creation Gardens Inc. $49,500,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables. Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency $25,800,000 for food service. DCT Inc. $17,707,507 for full food service at Fort McCoy, WI.


DOMESTIC BASE SUPPORT - Base operations support services (BOSS) usually involve a combination of: facility management, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate takeover of the Pentagon.


Alutiiq Commercial Enterprises $53,895,599 for Fort Eustis, VA, BOSS. Melwood Horticultural Training Center $9,986,235 for BOSS at Fort Meade, MD.


AT2 LLC $12,402,232 for ACC and Air Force Global Strike Command Primary Training Ranges operations and maintenance support (OM&S) services.


SupplyCore $80,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair and operations items.


CONSULTING, BUSINESS, ADMIN & LOGISTICS – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste (like we see in this section) would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in U.S. war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the war budget.


Calibre Systems Inc. $17,190,846 for program management, technical & policy advice, recommendations, and support.


The Concourse Group $29,000,000 to guide the U.S. Navy’s residential and commercial real estate development plans and large scale real estate portfolio management.


IBM $92,148,924 for services and solutions necessary to support and maintain the Army's General Fund Enterprise Business System.


Phoenix Logistics Inc. $95,700,000 for commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software, furniture, fixtures and equipment.


AUDIT The Pentagon’s audit is ongoing. It did not stop at the end of the fiscal year, 28 September 2018.


Ernst & Young $32,961,728 for audit services on Department of the Air Force General Fund and Working Capital Fund financial statements. Ernst & Young $32,961,728 again for the same audit services. Ernst & Young $15,554,347 for financial statement audit services of DLA. Ernst & Young $36,467,951 for financial statement audit services for the Navy. Ernst & Young $35,730,513 for financial compliance and audit support. Kearney & Company PC $10,946,787 for Defense Health Program (DHP) for the Office of the Inspector General. Kearney & Co. $8,799,484 for audit services of the USMC General Fund financial statements. KPMG LLP $11,647,639 for audit services of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works (CW) and suballotted funding financial statements.




Eastman Aggregate Enterprises $7,864,771 for flood control and coastal emergency beach erosion control in Broward County, FL.   SLSCO Ltd. $166,835,700 for a Department of Homeland Security Customs & Border Protection (CBP) border infrastructure construction in Tecate, San Diego, and Calexico, CA.




Four corporations shared $20,000,000 for management system implementation on roads, parking areas and airfields and updating, testing, and maintenance.


DOMESTIC CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic. When in reality, both the troops and the construction workers are used and abused by the capitalist honchos of Wall Street, the CEOs of war corporations, and corrupt high-ranking military officers in the Pentagon who are eying plush jobs with war corporations.


C.E.R Inc. $15,668,500 for renovation of Building 2007 at USMC Base, Quantico.


Construction Co. $9,429,000 for renovation and repair, Bldg 20, Wright-Patterson AFB.


Harper Construction $59,467,470 for building a reception barracks complex in Fort Sill.


Fluor $145,720,840 for a weapons storage and maintenance facility in Laramie, WY.


Garco Construction $23,481,000 to build a dormitory for students passing through SERE school at Fairchild AFB.


Grunley Construction $14,676,000 for design and construction of an operational archives & research facility at the Washington Navy Yard. Includes construction of a SCIF in Building 46.


Jacobs $15,000,000 for industrial and research facilities within the NAVFAC. Jacobs $25,000,000 for design, engineering, specification writing, cost estimating, and related services at various locations under the cognizance of NAVFAC Pacific.


KBE Building Corp. $30,188,219 to build a medical / dental clinic at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME.


Michael Baker International Inc. $12,000,000 for planning and engineering services.


Parsons-Versar JV $75,000,000 for architect/engineer construction support services.


Zodiac-Poettker JV $8,690,000 to construct a company headquarters fire station at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.


Six corporations shared a maximum $200,000,000 for construction, renovation, and repair of HVAC system projects in NAVFAC Southwest.


Six corporations shared 99,000,000 for mechanical-construction projects located mostly within the NAVFAC Washington. Huang-Gaghan JV Two, for example, got $2,942,286 to build a new mechanical room and central hot water system (the seed project, A-59) at Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC.




Dubuque Barge & Fleeting Service $9,959,690 for Mississippi River basin work in Clinton, IA, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $92,551,470 for channel improvement and dredging in Corpus Christi, Texas. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $18,334,500 for maintenance dredging in Morehead City, NC. Weeks Marine $12,787,500 for dredging in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Weeks Marine $29,054,950 for Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity mitigation in Slidell, LA.