Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. Here are the contracts issued during December 2019.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers industry goods and services to allied nations and international organizations. December 2019 is a great example of the breadth of U.S. war corporations’ customer base.


AeroVironment Inc. $8,584,734 for FMS (Tunisia): eight Unmanned Aircraft Systems and initial spares package with operating software.


AM General $15,118,831 for FMS (Jordan): hardware support to reset and upgrade a fleet of 200 M998 High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicles. Work in Amman.


Boeing $9,500,000 for FMS (NATO): C-17 simulator training supporting NATO partners. Work in U.K.


Boeing $31,032,000 for production and delivery 66 Advanced Capability Mission Computers (ACMC) for Australia and 10 ACM for Kuwait.


Boeing $7,011,519 for Harpoon/SLAM-ER missile system and Harpoon launch systems follow-on integrated logistics and engineering services support.


Boeing $1,461,384,102 for FMS (Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE): support services for AH-64D/E “Apache” helicopters.


Boeing $564,505,720 for FMS (Netherlands, UAE, U.K.): remanufacture of AH-64E.


BlueForce Inc. $15,683,635 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): continued English language training at King Abdul Aziz Air Base. Lockheed Martin $1,955,776,266 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): design and construction of four Multi Mission Surface Combatant ships (MMSC). “This sale contributes to the foreign policy and national security of the U.S. by helping to improve the security of a strategic regional partner.”


Advanced Electronics Co. (Riyadh) $13,704,009 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): Cyber Protection System and related facilities program for Boeing F-15 aircraft. Includes deployment of a Cyber Security Operations Center at Prince Sultan Air Base, the establishment of End Point Security (data-at-rest encryption using MS BitLocker), and additional System Integration Lab Instances.


Booz Allen Hamilton $9,111,111 for FMS (Pakistan): technical security team support for F-16 aircraft.


Clayton International $7,628,834 for FMS (Egypt): depot-level maintenance on one AS-61 helicopter.


General Atomics $43,650,760 for FMS (France): contractor logistics support MQ-9 drones (blocks 1 and 5). Provides logistics support activities including depot repair, life cycle sustainment and software maintenance services for the French Air Force MQ-9 Block 5 and Block 1 aircraft. Rolls-Royce $83,723,062 for FMS (France): MissionCare™ support on C-130J aircraft. Provides program management, in-country field support reps, replenishment of spares, MissionCare service, travel & per diem, over and above as well as organizational and commercial depot level maintenance of AE 2100D3 propulsion systems.


General Dynamics $12,456,918 for FMS (Kuwait): contractor logistics services, maintenance training, and technical assistance in Kuwait City. Raytheon $8,289,656 for FMS (Kuwait): technical assistance on launcher upgrades of Enhanced Deep Maintenance (EDM) Legacy Launching Stations and materials for EDM kits.


Inter-Coastal Electronics Inc. $10,400,266 for FMS (U.K.): new equipment training, design, development, and qualification for airworthiness of the Advanced Smart On-board Data Interface Module and Tactical Engagement Simulation System training missile.


Leidos $23,034,241 for FMS (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE): General Electronic Test Station (GETS-1000) test equipment and test program set hardware and software, test equipment upgrades and repair parts; and services (including test equipment installation, training, in-country technical assistance, and engineering services support) in Huntsville, AL.


Leonardo DRS (AgustaWestland) $38,432,233 for FMS (Apartheid Israel): seven new AW119Kx aircraft, pilot and maintainer training, initial spares, tools and ground support equipment, engine spares and development of training aid devices.


Lockheed Martin $18,629,025 for FMS (Canada): program naval production, engineering services and required materials.


Lockheed Martin $113,973,238 for FMS (UAE): PAC-3 missiles, ground support equipment, and initial spares.


Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $26,398,967 for FMS (Thailand): personnel, material, facilities, services and support to design, modify, verify, document system performance and airworthiness support.


Lockheed Martin $39,645,726 for FMS (Iraq): equipment, transportation, installation, test, training, spares, engineering services, hardware, software, program management and data (as defined by the Special Operations Wing) to deliver a Long Range Radar 3 and technical refreshes to other integrated systems. Northrop Grumman $37,788,519 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistic support for Cessna 208 and 172 fleet in Iraq. Rapiscan Systems $12,251,887 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistics support services for M60 High Energy Mobile Scanning Vehicle Systems and equipment.


North Star Scientific Corp. $4,250,000 for continued R&D on “L-Band Solid-State High Power Amplifier for Airborne Platforms.” Also provides 55 Link-16 compatible high power amplifier Multi-Functional Information Distribution Systems – Joint Tactical Radio Systems for E-2D aircraft for Japan (17). Bell Boeing Joint Program Office for on-site support, engineering and technical analysis of flight test for V-22 aircraft for Japan ($1,636,856).


Oshkosh Defense $803,904,196 for FMS (Montenegro): 2,721 Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and 16,714 associated packaged or installed kits. Apartheid Israel recently inked a deal with Montenegro to sell them weaponry to mount on Oshkosh vehicles.


L3 $8,984,071 for FMS (unnamed): management support services. Raytheon $47,786,995 for FMS (unnamed): 95 infrared Maverick units.


Raytheon $26,000,840 for FMS (Poland & Romania): field artillery C3, Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System.


Raytheon for Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) production, lot 33. Involves $366,668,000 of unclassified FMS to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, U.K.


Textron $37,166,034 for FMS (Canada): three Beechcraft King Air 350ER aircraft, program management, pilot training, and field maintenance training.


Lockheed Martin for special tooling and special test equipment required to meet current and future F-35 low-rate initial production (LRIP) as well as full-rate production rates for FMS ($5,813,375). Lockheed Martin for work and training necessary for the Autonomic Logistics Information System 3.5 software rollout to the fleet under the low rate initial production Lot XI for FMS ($1,988,680).


Lockheed Martin for recurring logistics services for delivered F-35 FMS ($111,352,368). Services include ground maintenance activities, action request resolution, depot activation activities, automatic logistics information system operations and maintenance, reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support, supply chain management and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training.


United Technologies Corp. for non-recurring engineering for early identification, development and qualification of corrections to potential and actual operational issues, including safety, reliability and maintainability problems identified through fleet usage, accelerated mission testing, continues engine maturation and evaluates component life limits based on operational experience in support of the F-35 for FMS ($8,115,000).




Arete Associates $17,561,860 to provide Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis (COBRA) block I systems.


Cape Fox Federal Integrators $20,387,807 for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Squadron Operations Center (SOC) contractor field support representatives. Tech services on RPA SOC computer systems at ANG sites.


General Atomics $327,192,501 for MQ-9 “Reaper” contractor logistics support (program management, contractor filed service rep support, depot repair, depot maintenance, sustaining engineering support, supply & logistics support, configuration management, tech data maintenance, software maintenance and inventory control point / warehouse support).


Northrop Grumman $9,140,087 for production and delivery of eight AN/ZPY-8 radar kits, eight forward access panel kits, and all associated non-recurring engineering and qualification efforts in support of mission processor unit upgrades on the MQ-8C drone. Northrop Grumman $22,471,211 for engineering, cyber security, system software, logistics and training services in support of the MQ-8C.


Northrop Grumman $251,552,634 for three low rate initial production lot 4 MQ-4C “Triton” drone, ground stations, trade studies, and tooling & associated support equipment. 




Raytheon $13,121,979 for High Energy Laser Weapon Systems (HELWS), including six months of in-field operation by Air Force personnel against unmanned aerial systems threats. AFRL.




AECOM $101,000,536 for Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise Army Prepositioned Stocks-5 supply and transportation logistics support at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait and Doha in Qatar.


KBR $14,070,093 for BOSS at Naval Support Activity Bahrain.


SOS International $124,248,732 for base life support and security services at Camp Taji Green Zone, in support of Operation Inherent Resolve in Taji, Iraq.




CACI $21,678,272 for Special Operations Communications Systems Satellite Communications and Network Support Services in support of SOCOM and other joint warfighting commands.


Canadian Commercial Corp. (Ottawa) estimated $9,926,752 for contractor logistics support for MX series turrets in support of special operation AC-130 aircraft.


Lightforce USA $53,735,930 for Precision-Variable Power Scopes (P-VPS), standard and long-range. P-VPS is “a precision direct view optic with continuously variable magnification ranging from 3x to less than or equal to 7x and greater than or equal to 25x continuous zoom for SOCOM.”


L3Harris $100,000,000 max. for the Satellite Deployable Node (SDN) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). SLEP will upgrade older SOF satellite communication terminals, specifically the SDN-Medium (1.2 meter aperture terminal operating in the X, Ku and Ka bands).


ViaSat $93,000,000 for AN/PRC-161 Handheld Link 16 radios, ancillaries and associated training to SOF.




FGS-GRW MP LLC and RLC LLC will compete for $240,000,000 for professional land survey architect-engineering in support of the Southwestern Division, Department of Homeland Security Border Infrastructure Program.


Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. $399,962,000 to design-build border infrastructure along the southern perimeter of the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Yuma County, AZ.




Chenega Infinity $8,620,544 for physical security support for DARPA in Arlington, VA.


General Dynamics $36,283,649 for classified IT services at DARPA.


CACI $9,908,767 to design, develop, and validate system prototypes for a combined arms squad. Lockheed Martin $22,441,319 to design, develop and validate system prototypes for a combined arms squad. Paid for with DARPA funds.




CWU Inc. $71,693,479 for linguist support services in Fort Gordon, GA. Trinity Technology Partners $21,476,541 for technical support services to Defense Intelligence Agency.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Boeing $15,800,000 to demonstrate a successful transition of fiber combined laser technology from MIT’s Lincoln Lab. Work takes place in Huntington Beach, CA.


Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. $85,000,000 for the Golden Horde Science & Technology demonstration effort. Support R&D of new munition technologies and integrated weapon demonstration. Effort is conceptualized as a fast-paced Air Force Research Lab-led demonstration project under the auspices of the Team Eglin Weapon Consortium.


University of Notre Dame $10,000,000 to develop a Mach 10 Quiet Wind Tunnel. Aims to advance hypersonics fluid mechanics technologies in support of Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane.




Motorola $23,803,734 for sustainment of the enterprise land mobile radio system for Naval Facilities Engineering Command force protection ashore systems at Navy installations worldwide. Provides preventive maintenance of hardware and software; response & resolution of service calls for corrective maintenance (to include equipment repair, overhaul, or replacement), asset and configuration management, password management, and software upgrade installations.




Northrop Grumman $13,000,000 for Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload (ASIP) efforts, including engineering changes and upgrades. Work in Sacramento, CA.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money in a few years.


Lockheed Martin $147,579,000 for special tooling and special test equipment required to meet current and future F-35 low-rate initial production (LRIP) as well as full-rate production rates for U.S. Air Force ($55,841,076); Navy ($51,887,772); Marine Corps ($22,286,205); non-U.S DOD international partners ($17,564,488). Non-DOD international partners are distinct from FMS. The former are purchased by the U.S. government, while the latter are purchased by the U.S. government (which is then reimbursed by foreign governments upon receipt of the good or service). Lockheed Martin $8,890,964 for kits required for and retrofit activities on F-35 for U.S. Air Force ($3,857,905); Marine Corps ($3,789,990); Navy ($1,243,068).


Lockheed Martin for work and training necessary for the Autonomic Logistics Information System 3.5 (ALIS) software rollout to the fleet under the low rate initial production (lot 9) for U.S. Air Force ($3,043,659); Marine Corps ($1,476,651); Navy ($1,978,304); non-DOD ($3,060,938). Lockheed Martin $50,161,071 for F-35 ALIS hardware and support equipment for U.S. Marine Corps.


Lockheed Martin $98,948,397 for integration of the Next Generation Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System into F-35 aircraft for Navy ($40,665,812), Air Force ($40,665,812) and non-DOD participants ($17,616,773). Lockheed Martin $81,968,583 for hardware and software development of select block 4 capabilities through developmental flight test for F-35 for USA and non-DOD. Additionally, provides requirements decomposition of advanced block 4 capabilities in support of the system functional review.

Lockheed Martin $68,000,000 for product process verification on F-35 production operation cards to identify and correct potential process issues and implement and validate corrective actions.


Lockheed Martin $18,055,674 for maintenance and operation of the Australia, Canada, U.K. Reprogramming Laboratory (ACURL) in Eglin, FL. Effort includes sustainment support for all ACURL systems to include consumables for F-35 in support of Australia, Canada, and U.K.


Lockheed Martin $8,993,361 for support to establish the common reprogramming tool development network and selection of a service-oriented architecture needed to commence development of enhanced reprogramming tools, which is essential for all standing labs for F-35 aircraft for U.S. Navy and Australia.


United Technologies Corp. $455,524,124 for non-recurring engineering and tooling in support of the lot 14 production and delivery of 32 F135-PW-100 propulsion systems and one F135-PW-600 propulsion system for F-35 non-DOD participants. Purchases: non-DOD participants ($385,166,106; 93%); Air Force ($13,932,222; 3%); Navy ($6,966,111; 2%); USMC ($6,966,111; 2%).


United Technologies Corp. for non-recurring F-35 engineering for early identification, development and qualification of corrections to potential and actual operational issues, including safety, reliability and maintainability problems identified through fleet usage, accelerated mission testing, continues engine maturation and evaluates component life limits based on operational experience for U.S. Navy ($20,908,426); Air Force ($19,887,707); non-DOD ($9,471,149).


Lockheed Martin for recurring logistics services for delivered F-35 for U.S. Air Force ($392,321,076), Marine Corps ($191,048,520), Navy ($87,653,188), non-DOD ($231,962,860). Services include ground maintenance activities, action request resolution, depot activation activities, automatic logistics information system operations and maintenance, reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support, supply chain management and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training.


Lockheed Martin $172,210,000 for long lead materials, parts components and effort for production of 28 lot 15 F-35 aircraft.




Lockheed Martin $7,000,000,000 for F-22 air vehicle sustainment at five operational bases: Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK; Nellis AFB, NV; Tyndall AFB, FL; Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA; and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI; and at six support locations: Edwards AFB, CA; Palmdale, CA; Hill AFB, UT; Tinker AFB, OK; Sheppard AFB, TX; and Warner Robins AFB, GA; as well as at other potential stateside and overseas locations, combat deployment and en-route support bases, potential locations through depot partnering agreements and system program office locations.




Bell Boeing JPO $18,000,000 to continue to provide technical analysis, engineering and integration for the Marine Corps V-22 aircraft in Fort Worth, TX (50%); Philadelphia, PA (50%). Bell Boeing Joint Program Office for on-site support, engineering and technical analysis of flight test for V-22 aircraft for U.S. Navy ($8,282,783), Air Force ($1,673,351).




Northrop Grumman $1,008,327,355 for Active Electronically Scanned Array radars on Lockheed Martin F-16 aircraft.




Boeing $4,069,000 for production and delivery of 10 Advanced Capability Mission Computers (ACMC) in support of F/A-18 E/F production for U.S. Navy.


General Electric $13,307,587 for engineering and engine system support for the F414 Component Improvement Program.




Raytheon max. $45,085,238 for APG-79 Radar System spare parts.




Lockheed Martin $23,014,847 for electronic warfare kits and spares, fiscal year 2020.


Northrop Grumman $9,305,551 for five Multi-Role Tactical Common Data Link (MR-TCDL) A-kits and associated A- and B-kit spares to upgrade the E-6B Mercury aircraft.


Northrop Grumman $35,200,000 to produce and deliver kits required to modify ALQ-218 avionics in support of EA-18G upgrades for U.S. Navy and some unspecified FMS to Australia.




North Star Scientific Corp. $7,750,000 for continued R&D on “L-Band Solid-State High Power Amplifier for Airborne Platforms.” Also provides 55 Link-16 compatible high power amplifier Multi-Functional Information Distribution Systems – Joint Tactical Radio Systems for E-2D for U.S. Navy (35), Air Force (3).


United Technologies $13,961,374 for the integration and retrofit of Delta Software System Configuration 3 onto four Distributed Readiness Trainers (D-DRT) in support of E-2D’s Integrated Training System. D-DRT is a “medium fidelity tactics trainer” focused on “interoperability for distributed training.”


United Technologies $12,819,390 to procure additional in-scope work and technical data to refurbish and update the E-2D Integrated Training System-III at Naval Station Norfolk, VA.




Boeing $400,000,000 for B-1 and B-52 bomber engineering services at Tinker AFB, OK; Edwards AFB, CA; Barksdale AFB, LA; and Oklahoma City, OK.


Northrop Grumman $19,661,303 to overhaul and repair B-2 tailpipes and assemblies in El Segundo, CA.




The Korean Airlines Co. Ltd. $213,000,000 for A-10 Pacific Air Force depot support in Buson, South Korea.




Rolls-Royce $20,374,191 for C-130J Propulsion Long Term Sustainment.




Sierra Nevada Corp. $22,885,263 for the MC-130J Airborne Mission Networking program LRIP.




BAE Systems $12,608,102 for another 12 months of diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages support to U.S. Air Force, to proactively reduce mission capability impacts to improve logistics support and weapon system sustainability. Effort will help assure all required parts and materials supporting Air Force-managed weapon systems are available within acceptable production lead times. Will “reduce the overall cost of ownership of the weapon systems by facilitating economical diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages resolutions costs, reducing the number of reactive solutions, minimizing any delays in organic depot-level repair, as well as contractor repair and by improving weapon system availability,” the contract announcement claims.




Abaco Systems Inc. $24,000,000 for specially developed embedded computing systems known as Multiple False Targets Box Phase two (MFTBOX2) flight units, MFTBOX Phase three (MFTBOX3) flight units, and associated spare components, to support fleet readiness training exercises in electronic warfare jamming. “The flights units are partially integrated, high performance embedded computing systems, and when the Naval Research Lab completes final system integration with its NRL-owned software, they are used as electronic warfare jamming systems capable of generating advanced jamming techniques.” Units will be used in fleet training exercises to train Navy radar operators in modern jamming techniques during their pre-deployment qualification trials in both air-to-air and air-to-surface scenarios.


Assurance Technology Corp. $193,664,088 for R&D of transmitting energy for radio frequency systems for Naval Research Lab.


Chenega Systems $16,516,863 for the Collaborative Nerve Center (CNC); services and multi-program supportability through a “collaborative, flexible and agile environment,” co-located within a single space, Concord, MA.


Invicta Global, LLC $8,683,299 for facility support services at the Naval Research Lab. John C. Grimberg Co. $27,830,000 to repair a solid state electronic devices laboratory at Naval Research Lab.


Edaptive Computing Inc. $14,865,271 for R&D of the Joint Federated Assurance Center Trust Lab Enterprise effort. Seeks to enhance, deploy, transition, and support decision-aiding tools for AFRL Joint Federated Assurance Center trust lab R&D of analysis, design and verification tools to promote trusted systems engineering for integrated circuits electronics.


Pivotal Software Inc. $18,000,000 to support the Kessel Run Experimentation Lab: 12 more months, and will utilize the prototyped methodology and the software and services that support them across Air Force enterprise architectures.


SRC Inc. $13,472,364 for the Sensor Beam program. Research, analyze, technically document, and review electromagnetic systems, events and signatures required by all services and other U.S. agencies. Work at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, TX.




National Aerospace Solutions LLC $88,542,734 for test operations, technology development, equipment and facility sustainment, capital improvements and some support services for Arnold Engineering Development Complex, Arnold AFB, TN.




Able Aerospace Services Inc. $9,405,053 to overhaul the dynamic components on the TH-1H helicopter, which is used to train and develop pilot skills. Dynamic components provide powertrain and aerodynamic functionality to the flight characteristics of the aircraft.


DMR Consulting Inc. $8,991,202 for depot level repair, overhaul and for the MK-105 Magnetic Minesweeping Gear. The MK105, a.k.a. the “sled,” is a high-speed catamaran hydrofoil platform, which is towed behind the MH-53E helicopter and is used to sweep magnetic influence mines.


DynCorp $14,485,558 for helicopter maintenance of aircraft assigned to the 11th Wing at Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility, Washington, D.C.


General Electric $7,539,266 for engineering and engine system support for the T700 Component Improvement Program. The T700 powers different types of helicopters.


General Electric $11,093,940 for five CT7-8A6 engines with metal shipping containers, interface harness, and associated control hardware for Presidential Helicopter Program, which is run by the Marine Corps.


Lockheed Martin $64,736,518 for the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight Pilot Night Vision Sensor Performance Based Logistics program sustainment, support elements, system components, test equipment and the supply retrograde infrastructure. 


Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $556,184,343 for Black Hawk production, associated services for program system management, engineering, technical data and publications.


L3 $93,000,000 for High Figure of Merit green and white image intensifier tubes (IIT). Follows the “urgent operational need” for HH-60 Night Vision goggles update for combat search and rescue.


L3 $9,999,144 for eight AN/SRQ-4 data link systems for MH-60R aircraft.


Rotair Aerospace Corp. $17,065,000 for pilot module assembly spare parts. 


Textron Bell $815,000,040 for repair, upgrade or replacement of 35 items used on the UH-1Y and AH-1Z helicopter, along with inventory management, warehousing and establishing supply response time metrics. Textron Bell $27,586,695 for engineering and logistics services and associated equipment and material for AH-1Z aircraft production, and AH-1W, UH-1Y and AH-1Z modifications & sustainment.


Ultrax Aerospace Inc. max. $13,000,000 for spares/repairs in support of UH-60 “Black Hawk” helicopter Automated Flight Control line replaceable units.




Boeing $92,280,378 for engineering technical services in support of Naval Aviation weapon systems and all associated systems and equipment throughout their sustainment life-cycle, to include contractor field services in support of AV-8B, EA-18G, F/A-18, C-40, and P-8A aircraft for U.S. Navy and Kuwait


Boeing up to $835,737,596 for performance-based support of consumable items for various aviation platforms.


DynCorp $26,829,891 for aviation maintenance services in Fort Campbell, KY; Fort Bragg, NC; Honduras; Germany; Afghanistan; Iraq; and Kuwait. Some unspecified FMS to Kuwait.


Learjet roughly $9,506,901 for engineering support services and technical publication updates for C-21A.




Gichner Systems Group $53,163,431 for up to 560 mobile facilities to support testing and operations of various avionics gear used by the Marine Corps in training and expeditionary scenarios.




Boeing $20,699,560 for automated backup oxygen system retrofit kits, spares, support equipment and associated special tooling in support of retrofit kit installation for the T-45 aircraft in San Antonio, TX.


Pinnacle Solutions $21,395,866 (later corrected to $20,524,000) to support KC-10 training system at Travis AFB, CA; Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ; and the Training System Support Center in Fairfield, CA.


Flightsafety Services Corp. $11,804,625, for support of the KC-46 Aircrew Training System. Operation and sustainment and cybersecurity efforts.




Raytheon $112,267,649 for non-recurring engineering support on Miniature Air Launched Decoy-Navy.




Boeing $12,011,819 to incorporate two engine Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and 29 engine service bulletins (SBs) on VC-25B aircraft’s eight Genx-2B engines.


Rolls-Royce $140,335,673 for some maintenance, logistics, and engineering support on F405-RR-401 engine and the 096 MKII Gas Turbine Starter System.


Woodward Inc. $54,054,836 for maintenance and overhaul of the common hydro-mechanical unit.




Communications & Power Industries $39,499,600 to repair simplified drive traveling wave tubes in support of the AEGIS Combat System. 


Lockheed Martin $138,494,206 for AEGIS Combat System Engineering Agent (CSEA) efforts for design, development, integration, test and delivery of Advanced Capability Build (ACB) 20. AEGIS CSEA develops, integrates, tests and delivers computer program baseline Advanced Capability Builds; supports Technology Insertions (a replacement and/or upgrade of combat system computing hardware and associated middleware/firmware-design development); develops engineering products to support ship integration; supports developmental test/operational test events; develops training and logistics products; and provides field technical support for designated AEGIS baselines. The systems engineering, development and integration work under this contract begins with ACB 16 and TI 16, and continues with a future ACB/TI through the period of performance of the contract, the announcement makes clear.


Raytheon $123,532,573 for fiscal 2020 production of AEGIS Weapon System Fire Control System (FCS) MK 99 equipment, AEGIS modernization production requirements, and associated engineering services. Services support DDG 51 Class Flight III destroyers and the Spanish Navy’s F-110 program. Also covers production of the AEGIS BMD Kill Assessment Ordnance Alteration (ORDALT) Kits and Solid State Switch Assembly (SSSA) Special Test Equipment (STE). AMOD program fields combat system upgrades that will enhance the Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) capabilities of AEGIS equipped DDG 51 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. Some unnamed FMS included.


EXPEDITIONARY FAST TRANSPORT (EPF) – The U.S. war machine co-opts foreign nations in part through spending money on their niche war corporations. Austal is an Australian corporation that the Pentagon contracts for certain Naval products.


Austal USA $9,198,875 for immediate procurement of long-lead-time material, engineering and production to support changes to the arrangement of the 02 and 03 Levels on Expeditionary Fast Transports (EPF) 13 and 14. EPF “provide high speed, shallow draft transportation capability to support intra-theater maneuver of personnel, supplies and equipment.”




Lockheed Martin $15,238,337 for engineering and management services for LCS-17 post shakedown availability (PSA).




Raytheon $7,657,104 for production, planning, engineering and support efforts for the Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD) 17 class integrated shipboard electronic (ISE) systems. Efforts include navigation data distribution systems, hull mechanical and electrical navigation networks regarding construction and shipboard test and trials, post shakedown availability, and support activity services. Efforts include building yard interface support, systems engineering, obsolescence management, logistics support, training support, software support, as well as engineering and design modifications to the ISE baseline in support of the LPD 17 Flight I San Antonio class (LPD 17).




General Dynamics $145,754,568 to continue integrated planning yard services for Arleigh Burke-class ships. 


Raytheon $249,938,973 for two Air and Missile Defense Radar Program Low Rate Initial Production units (AMDR LRIP). The AMDR LRIP units will be deployed on DDG Flight III class ships.


ZUMWALT-CLASS DESTROYERS (DDG-1000) – DDG-1000 class ships are marketed as fulfilling “volume firepower and precision strike requirements.” These ships are packed with electronic goods from war corporations.


Raytheon $16,184,451 to procure, assemble and install hardware and software upgrades for DDG 1000 ship class combat systems in Portsmouth, RI (83%), San Diego, CA (10%), Tewksbury, MA (7%).




General Atomics $10,140,766 for installation work instructions and manufacture production hardware kits resulting from changes identified in the changes for post-production implementation CVN79 aircraft carrier list. Also provides installation of production kits and performance of local checkout onboard the aircraft carrier and production "cut-ins" for hardware upgrades for items currently being produced for CVN80 aircraft carrier.


Huntington Ingalls $11,544,415 to accomplish 12 months of execution planning for the repair and alteration requirements for USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78 – aircraft carrier/nuclear propulsion) planned incremental availability.




General Dynamics $47,285,685 for the New England Maintenance Manpower Initiative for non-nuclear maintenance on subs based in New London. CT. General Dynamics will continue to support sub overhauls, maintenance, repair & modernization upgrades, ship alterations, temporary modifications and field changes, supplies and/or ancillary services, and corrective and preventative maintenance.


General Dynamics $19,012 min. $22,209,893,409 max. for construction of nine Virginia-class submarines, eight with Virginia Payload Module (VPM), from fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2023. Includes spare material. Lockheed Martin $21,381,819 for long-lead-time material for two Virginia Block V hulls, one Virginia installation and checkout kit, one pre-production unit and associated hardware assets to support environmental qualification testing. This effort will award the procurement of Navy equipment.


Huntington Ingalls $91,909,478 for engineering, technical, design, configuration management, integrated logistics support, database management, research and development, modernization, planning yard and industrial support for operational nuclear strategic and attack submarines.


Lockheed Martin $27,681,322 for systems engineering and integration on Navy submarines. Includes all material travel, subsistence and incidental material in support of those services.


Northrop Grumman $16,055,006 for engineering and technical services for design, development, testing, integration and system support of the AN/BPS-16(V)5 radar system.


RFD Beaufort Inc. max. $49,046,703 for submarine escape immersion suits.




Bechtel $121,720,015 for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Components in Monroeville, PA (93%), Schenectady, NY (7%).




Boston Ship Repair $13,379,140 for an 87-calendar day shipyard availability for the mid-term availability of USNS Leroy Grumman (T-AO 195).


Fincantieri $18,006,438 for maintenance support of Mine Countermeasure-1 Class main propulsion diesel engine and ship service diesel generator in San Diego, CA; Sasebo, Japan; Manama, Bahrain; and ports-of-call as required.


General Dynamics $96,912,985, for USS Mason (DDG-87) fiscal year 2020 depot modernization period. 


Huntington Ingalls $110,376,375 for CG-47 class integrated planning yard services. 


Huntington Ingalls $8,336,050 for planning, engineering, cost estimating and management efforts of planned availabilities as well as emergent work as required, including management and labor efforts for the post-delivery planning yard services in support of the amphibious assault ship (LHA 7).


Konecranes Nuclear Equipment & Services $46,014,523 for one 175-ton portal crane at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. 


Vigor Marine $89,336,289 for USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) dry-docking selected restricted availability.


7 corporations received a combined max. $43,109,222 for watercraft industrial services and supplies in support covering all phases of watercraft total life cycle, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division Detachment Norfolk, Combatant Craft Division. Overseas locations typically include Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Spain, Italy, Horn of Africa, Guam, Japan.


Cianbro Corp. $16,200,000 to build a super flood basin and extending portal crane rails for Dry Dock 1, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME.




Lockheed Martin $15,747,242 for program management office and engineering services supporting the AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 Surface Ship Undersea Warfare Systems for U.S. Navy (77%) and Australia (23%).


Northrup Grumman $19,001,900 for continuous support of two AN/SLQ-32(V)Y Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 3 System low rate initial production (LRIP) units.


Progeny $34,776,103 for MK54 MOD 1 lightweight torpedo kits, proof of manufacturing components, associated production support material, spares, and engineering & hardware support for U.S. Navy (99%), and Canada (1%).


Raytheon $34,510,062 to support Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) design agent, in-service support, and technical engineering support services requirements.




Alpha Marine Services $9,510,510 for a vessel performing towing and salvage for the Navy (MV Gary Chouest) for use in the western Atlantic.


Edison Chouest Offshore $7,576,200 for one maritime support vessel MV Carolyn Chouest, used to launch, recover, refuel and resupply various size crafts in Pacific Command.




Teledyne Brown Engineering Inc. $27,166,594 for MK11 Shallow Water Combat Submersibles. 




Kelvin International Corp. $19,148,555 for development and test as well as associated technical data in support of the production and delivery of a max. of 102 Cryogenic Service Systems (CSS), to include two pre-production units. CSS are 2000 gallon metal tanks that store and supply liquid and gaseous oxygen/nitrogen to service support equipment and aircraft systems. The CSS shall replace existing 1000 gallon CSS tanks currently in use throughout the Navy and Marine Corps.


L3 $16,989,330 for R&D on “Environmental Mission Planner the Total Solution.” Software design and development support to upgrade the Active System Performance Estimate Computer Tool.


Marshall Communications Corp. $7,451,921 for the integrated digital resource node effort in support of NAVAIR and also allow for the expansion of existing model Based Definition capabilities and continued integration of digital data at Fleet Readiness Centers (FRC) by combining the existing team center product lifecycle management instantiations at FRC into one instantiation while gaining the ability to connect to additional legacy commercial off the shelf and government off the shelf applications to facilitate standardized digital workflows.


PAE $47,364,653 to continue providing services in support of range engineering, operations and maintenance support to the Atlantic Test Range and the Atlantic Targets and Marine Operations Division of NAWCAD. Work disciplines include system operations, laboratory and field testing, marine operations and target support services, engineering, range sustainability, maintenance, data reduction and analysis.




Accenture $75,820,763 for unified enterprise resource planning capability support services in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.


Affigent LLC $7,329,239 to provide software maintenance on Oracle previously acquired software licenses in support of Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems and Army Materiel Command.


Leidos up to $6,520,000,000 for Global Solutions Management – Operations (GSM-O) II, which provides support services for the operation, defense, and sustainment of DOD Information Network/Defense Information System Network. Work mostly overseas.


Leidos $24,942,019 for IT and telecommunication services within the Air Force National Capital Region, or AFNCR. Work at Joint Base Andrews, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, the Pentagon, National Military Command Center, and other Air Force organizations.


L3 $17,933,366 for work on the Defense Experimentation Using Commercial Space Internet (DEUCSI). Seeks to establish the ability to communicate with Air Force platforms via multiple commercial space internet constellations using common user terminal hardware elements. Northrop Grumman $9,947,673 for DEUCSI Call 002 Vendor Flexibility effort.


Palantir $110,814,893 for numerous databases across the Army enterprise integrated on one platform.


Unisys Corp. $80,457,160 max. for Unisys Operating System 2200 capacity services at Defense Information Systems Agency data centers.


20 corporations received up to $13.4 billion for nine years of Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions. Provides a “comprehensive suite” of IT services to support IT systems and software development in a variety of environments and infrastructures.




Ace Electronics Defense Systems Inc., CND LLC, Leonardo DRS, Joint Venture Interconnection Cable LLC, Tabet Manufacturing Co., and Tactical & Survival Specialties are sharing a max. $808,113,426 for interconnection equipment (read about it here).


Centurum Information Technology $89,900,000 for technical sustainment support, sustainment engineering, engineering support, logistics support and modernization support for integrated and non-integrated shipboard and ashore installations of satellite communication (SATCOM) systems.


Raytheon $7,052,009 for an additional 25 Global Broadcast Service (GBS) below deck terminals. GBS is part of the Joint Military Satellite Communications program, which is marketed as providing high speed, high volume data to users.


Raytheon $611,500,000 max. for Command and Control Switching Systems (CCSS). Provides electronic digital telecommunications system developed for military command & control. CCSS is the main component of the Defense Red Switch Network, for voice & data telecommunications at multiple levels, large scale voice conferencing capabilities and is inter-operable with other secure devices. CCSS switches are accredited by the Defense Intelligence Agency for top secret/sensitive compartmentalized information (TS/SCI) multi-level security. Life-cycle logistics support for operational CCSS provide program management, product configuration management, data management, quality control and assurance, contractor logistics support, spare parts replenishment and management, hardware and software support and engineering and technical services.




The Aerospace Corp. $22,000,000 for federally funded research & development center (FFRDC) support in El Segundo, CA.


Boeing $21,260,075 to sustain and develop Air Force operations and maintain Space Based Space Surveillance System and Red Local Area Network in El Segundo, CA; Colorado Springs, CO.


Boeing $9,573,933 for Wideband Orbital Operations Logistics and Resiliency. Provides for systems engineering and sustainment support for the Wideband Global Satellite Communications constellation.


Boeing $8,949,016 for protected tactical enterprise services. Incorporate multiple change proposals re: requirement changes that resulted in a combination of updates to the technical baseline via requirement or documentation updates; added functionality causing additional software/hardware development efforts; and process/compliance changes that drive additional efforts to satisfy the new requirements.


Roccor LLC $10,248,703 to advance the technology readiness level (TRL) of components for use in a modular, fully integrated advanced space power system, involving batteries and power management and distribution systems directly integrated onto the solar array.


Raytheon $13,543,046 for implementation of four Request for Changes (RFC) – 312, 343, 345, and 393 to the technical baseline via Space & Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the U.S. war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is now one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. war industry.


Boeing $265,235,164 to develop and sustain the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD): support GMD Communications Network Modernization, the in-flight interceptor communications system data terminals technology upgrade, and complete the GMD fire control communication ground systems software build 8 early integration. Work by an industry team: Boeing in Huntsville, AL; Northrop Grumman in Huntsville; and L3Harris in Melbourne, FL.


Intrepid LLC $16,338,912 for visual information and production center support. Provides high quality, regionally-executed graphic design, photography, videography, documentary (non-analytical) flight test support and printing and production services.


Raytheon $1,022,573,692 to work on a lot of contract line item numbers on SM-3 (block IIA). Provide management, material, and services associated with procurement, manufacture, and assembly for a total of 62 SM-3 Block IIA AURs, inclusive of all options.




General Dynamics $299,886,600 for U.S. and U.K. Trident II (D-5) Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines Fire Control System, Guided Missile Submarines Attack Weapon Control System, and Support Equipment Rework Facility support (FY2020-2023).


HDT Global $17,812,655 for five Transporter Erector Replacement Program (TERP) units via Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Hill AFB, UT.


Lockheed Martin $58,222,564 for Trident II (D5) missile production and deployed systems support in Cape Canaveral, FL (35.0%); Borgo San Dalmazzo, Italy (16.7%); Johnstown, PA (10.8%); Magna, UT (5.9%); Cincinnati, OH (4.3%); Titusville, FL (2.4%); Merritt Island, FL (2.3%); San Diego, CA (1.8%); Sunnyvale, CA (1.5%); Modesto, CA (1.5%); Waynesboro, VA (1.4%); Irvine, CA (1.0%); El Paso, TX (1.0%); other various locations (less than 1.0% each, 14.4% total).


HYPERSONICS – War corporations, think tanks, and Congress hype the “threat” of Beijing and Moscow in order to justify design, development, and sale of an entirely new sector of the war industry: hypersonic missiles and aircraft.


Lockheed Martin $988,832,126 for Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon critical design review, test and production readiness support.




American Ordnance $25,972,089 for trinitrotoluene explosive.


Attain LLC $30,492,418 to acquire & retain contractor employees with technical experience in Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.


BAE Systems $180,069,075 for operation and maintenance of Radford Army Ammunition Plant, VA.


Boeing for Harpoon/SLAM-ER missile system and Harpoon launch systems follow-on integrated logistics and engineering services support for U.S. Navy ($2,464,306).


Conco Inc. and Delfasco LLC will compete for orders of the overall $46,200,000 to manufacture, inspect, test, and deliver metal containers and covers for M231 and M232 series for the Modular Artillery Charge Systems.


General Dynamics $41,820,714 for MK82-1 Bomb Bodies, MK82-6 Bomb Bodies, MK83-4 Bomb Bodies and MK84-4 Bomb Bodies in support of USA and Australia.


Lockheed Martin $15,547,894 for Joint Air-to-Ground Missile production line rate ramp increase of 50 to 100 missiles per month.


Lockheed Martin $9,513,840 for Common Sensor Electronics Unit and engineering services.


Northrop Grumman $100,294,127 for production of the M829A4 120mm Armor Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot with Tracer cartridge.


Raytheon $28,881,512 for fiscal 2020 Standard Missile-2 and Standard Missile-6 repairs and maintenance and support material for U.S. Navy (90%); Spain (10%). Raytheon $1,030,728,427 for Standard Missile-6 (SM-6) full rate production requirements, spares, and round design agent.


Raytheon $401,615,000 for Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) production lot 33. Provides production of missiles, captive air training missiles, guidance sections, telemetry systems, spares, and other production engineering support hardware.


Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin JV $51,008,056 for Javelin full rate production contract's primary deliverables, including the command launch unit refits and non-recurring engineering.


SAIC $23,000,000 for the full rate production of the Missile Encryption Electronic Device KL-90 units. Provide KL-90 units, spare parts, engineering support, data and training in support of U.S. missile sites. Work in Tampa, FL.




Sealift Inc. $7,920,000 for Army ammunition prepositioning vessel M/V LTC John U. D. Page.




Northrop Grumman $188,995,364 for the purchase of six Gallium Nitride full-rate-production systems and associated travel in support of Program Executive Officer Land Systems, Quantico, VA.




BAE Systems $249,152,760 for the Self-Propelled Howitzer and carrier, ammunition, tracked vehicles and their associated support.


Boeing $42,788,305 for the Next Generation Automated Test Systems to support repair capability for the Abrams tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and Stryker systems.


Honeywell $73,318,859 for hardware & services re: Total Integrated Engine Revitalization Automated Gas Turbine 1500 Program for Abrams tanks.


Kampi Components ($10,911,917) and Optex Systems ($11,024,488); for armored V periscopes for the Abrams tank.


LOC Performance $70,987,890 for Bradley Engineering Change Proposal kits, spare parts and installation.


Pomp's Tire Service $15,046,656 for pneumatic tire and wheel assemblies for the U.S. Army.




L3 $37,500,000 for precision aiming lasers (PAL), which combines a range finder with a ballistics and environmental sensor/processor “to provide the operator with a ballistic solution for increased likelihood of first-round hit.”




Spectro Scientific Inc. $8,729,900 for Expeditionary Fluid Analysis Systems for Marine Corps Systems Command.




Riptide Software $43,000,000 for target modernization and Targetry Range Automated Control & Recording system.




Heart & Core LLC max. $7,920,000 for moisture wicking t-shirts. Puerto Rico Industries for the Blind Corp. $11,036,311 for flame resistant jackets. 




Phoenix LLC $9,999,217 for High Flux Thermal Neutron Source for Radiographic Inspection R&D.


Serco $22,681,636 for Close-In Weapons System waterfront installation support in Norfolk, VA (41%); San Diego, CA (30%); Everett, WA (6%); Mayport, FL (6%); Yokosuka, Japan (6%); Pearl Harbor, HI (5%); Jubail & Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (4%); Rota, Spain (2%).




Chemring Sensors & Electronic Systems max. $12,141,494 for Biological Agent Warning System 4 Plus Assembly units. Smiths Detection $11,734,549 for aerosol vapor chemical agent detector systems.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


City Light & Power $8,379,180 for ownership, operation and maintenance of the electric distribution system at Hill AFB, UT.


Computers Sites Inc., Eaton, and AllCom Global, $197,000,000 for power converting and continuation interfacing equipment. Provides installation of uninterruptable power supply systems across every major Air Force command.


Dayton Power & Light Co. $28,531,696 for electricity services at Wright Patterson AFB, OH.


Orion Construction Corp. $32,363,000 to build potable water supply pipelines to transport potable water from the 24 Area to the 20 Area potable water storage tanks on Camp Pendleton.


Zero Waste Solutions $14,288,305 for refuse and recycling collection & disposal at Navy/Marine installations in and around San Diego.


American Water Operations & Maintenance LLC $11,640,969 for ownership, operation and maintenance of the water distribution and wastewater collection systems at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. American Water Enterprises $7,564,752 for the ownership, operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater utility systems at Fort Rucker, AL.


Johnson Controls Building Automation Systems $400,000,000 for utility monitoring and control systems.




AvKare Inc. max. $11,727,127 for potassium chloride tablets for DOD, the V.A., Indian Health Services, and Federal Bureau of Prisons.


General Dynamics $12,392,791 for specialty medical training, equipment/site maintenance and administration support services.


Ology Bioservices $8,553,208 to keep the facility (Medical Countermeasures Advanced Development & Manufacturing Center) ready and operational to develop, test and/or manufacture medical countermeasures.




Atlantic Diving Supply max. $7,426,101 for medical/surgical supplies. KaVo Dental Technologies max. $45,000,000 for hospital equipment and accessories for the DLA electronic catalog. Thomas Scientific $49,000,000 for laboratory supplies. 




Cape Fox Facilities Services $19,500,300 to support the Defense Health Agency, Deputy Assistant Director for Information Operations, Solutions Delivery Division. Under the construct of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), specifically the service operation and service transition domains. Supports operations and maintenance activities for the applications listed below under the ITIL construct. The seven applications are as follows:  MHS Management Analysis and Reporting Tool, Patient Encounter Processing and Reporting, Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics, Protected Health Information Management Tool, Business Objects Common Services, Defense Medical Human Resources System - Internet and the Expense Assignment System.


Cellphire $29,252,092 for Cryopreserved platelet development for U.S. Food & Drug Administration licensure.


Donald L. Mooney Enterprises $8,686,674 for licensed vocational nurses and certified nurse assistant services.




SOLPAC $27,087,000 to build a medical clinic replacement at Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA.


6 firms will compete for each order of $160,000,000 for medical architecture, technical reviews, engineering, and planning services for medical facility construction projects and associated studies.




Ameresco Select Inc. $402,833,556 for “energy conservation measures” at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA:  construction, operations, and maintenance of energy conservations to improve energy efficiency & reliability, which include steam distribution upgrades to decrease steam energy loss, energy security upgrades for energy related process improvements, replacement of transformers to improve equipment reliability and water treatment plant improvements to reduce operational and safety risks.


Noresco $169,331,394 for energy conservation measures at Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, CT. Includes energy management control system upgrades, combined heat power and micro-grid expansion, lighting upgrades, and steam distribution improvements. Noresco LLC $16,988,494 for energy conservation measures for boiler plant improvements, water and sewer conservation systems and water resiliency at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads, Norfolk, VA.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


Primus $8,782,763 for cold and hot aviation refuel and defuel services, personnel, management, parts, supplies, transportation and vehicles/trucks in Daleville, AL.


KBRwyle $9,690,076 for hydrant fueling automation maintenance in all 50 states, Japan, Wake Island, S. Korea, Guam, Diego Garcia, Portugal, Crete, Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and U.K.

KBRwyle $7,936,316 for automated tank gauging, alarm system, and overfill protection equipment maintenance in Belgium, Djibouti, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and U.K.


Clipper Oil $8,585,051 min. for delivery of marine gas oil.


GTA Containers $9,404,953 for collapsible fuel tanks.


BAE Systems max. $8,870,921 for automated tank gauging, independent alarm system and overfill protection equipment Pacific maintenance. Work in Alaska, Hawai‘i, S. Korea, Okinawa, Wake Island, Marshall Islands, Guam, Diego Garcia, and Japan. BAE Systems max. $19,483,754 for automated tank gauging, independent alarm system and overfill protection equipment maintenance.


Optima Batteries Inc. $12,442,473 for battery storage. Work in WI and Mexico.




AAR Mobility Systems max. $28,800,000 for specialized shipping and storage containers. UNCOMN LLC $175,701,170 for enterprise architecture, data, and IT engineering services for the TRANSCOM, Air Mobility Command, and the Surface Deployment & Distribution Center at Scott AFB, IL.




GSI MMRP JV LLC $95,000,000 for support of munitions and explosives of concern response actions. 


Sevenson Environmental Services $230,000,000 for environmental remediation.

Tidewater Inc. $230,000,000 for environmental services.


Waterax Corp. and S&H Products are sharing a max. $47,000,000 for water handling accessories for U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.


Project Time & Cost LLC $7,043,119 for cost engineering support for the Department of Energy Office of River Protection, Tank Farms Projects.




Alabama Department of Rehabilitation $32,150,000 for food service operations at an Army dining facility. Duck Delivery Produce max. $26,000,000 for fruits and vegetables. Labatt Food Service max. $9,028,137 for full line, food distribution for customers in TX and NM. Sysco $90,716,317 for perishable and semi-perishable subsistence supplies for the U.S. Navy. Y. Hata & Co. $10,352,227 for food-line distribution in Hawai’i.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: air operations, bachelor quarters, custodial, electrical, environmental services, facilities investment, fire & emergency services, galley, grounds maintenance, housing, integrated & waste, janitorial services, management & administration, morale-welfare-recreation, ordnance, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, public safety, supply, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, visual services, waste management, wastewater, and water. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate capture of the Pentagon.


Criterion Corp. $7,350,330.88 for March Air Reserve Base, CA.


Goodwill Industries of So Cal $8,132,788 for custodial service and hospital housekeeping at Los Angeles AFB and Fort Mac Arthur.


Jacobs $30,429,224 for BOSS at Naval Station Mayport, Marine Corps Support Facility, Blount Island, and outlying areas.


JLL-Midnight Sun IFMS LLC $29,469,980 for BOSS at NAS Jacksonville, Bureau of Medicine & Surgery Jacksonville, FL, and outlying areas.


Manu Kai LLC $90,000,000 for range operations support and BOSS at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii. AECOM $17,971,335 for operations, maintenance, engineering, and management services in support of combined tactical training range systems and equipment: Fallon, NV (30%); Havelock, NC (15%); Yuma, AZ (14%); Virginia Beach, VA (14%); Atloona, FL (5%); Beaufort, SC (4%); Key West, FL (4%); Manns Harbor, NC (3%);  Jacksonville, FL (3%); Whidbey Island, WA (3%); El Centro, CA (2%); Miramar, CA (2%); Lemoore, CA (1%). Scientific Research Corp. (Atlanta) $39,428,972 to support the operations and maintenance of the ground threat systems at the Joint Base Alaska Range Complex, Eielson AFB, AK.


SupplyCore Inc. $80,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair and operations items.


4 firms $44,061,412 to provide non-commercial husbanding support services for U.S. ships and naval ships visiting non-Navy ports, mostly along the U.S. East Coast.




DynCorp $15,256,378, for various support services to DOD units (e.g., Naval Mobile Construction Battalions, Naval Expeditionary Combat Command Pacific, Explosive Ordnance Detachment Group One, Coastal Riverine Group One, etc.) conducting humanitarian assistance, civic assistance, minor military construction projects, contingency efforts, supporting various exercises (i.e., Pacific Partnership, Balikatan, Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training, etc.) and other projects located at sites, usually in remote areas in the Philippines, Cambodia, Timor-Leste and other countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.




InSap Services Inc. $41,636,459 to provide personnel with technical experience to sustain the Army's Logistics Modernization Program at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. Oakland Consulting Group $16,617,465 to develop and deliver critical auditability and compliance requirements for Logistics Modernization Program, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ.




Alion – IPS Corp. $44,721,438 for professional support services for the Naval Sea System Command's Deputy Commander for Surface Warfare. Services: program management, admin support, surface ship modernization, inactive ships, surface ships readiness, surface training systems, business and financial management, records management and IT support. Overseas work in Yokosuka and Sasebo, Japan, and al-Manama, Bahrain.


Boston Consulting Group $18,207,252 to support Naval Supply Systems Cost Transparency & Optimization 2.0. Includes monitoring and providing tasks that will focus on driving greater visibility and performance on specific supply chain segments.


SciTech Services Inc. $33,952,020 for engineering and project management support to Navy science and technology management organizations and small business innovation research/small business technology transfer program offices.




10 companies $80,000,000 for executive, task, conference room and side chairs for the U.S. Air Force.


National Industries for the Blind max. $12,063,451 for innerspring mattresses for the Navy.




Far Western Anthropological Research Group Inc., PaleoWest LLC, Statistical Research Inc., UltraSystems Environmental Inc. for cultural resources related studies, investigation, preparation of historic and archaeological documents, and implementation of plans in accordance with Sections 106 and 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, in the southwest U.S.




Ernst & Young $16,071,055 for financial statement audit services (FY2020) of DLA. Ernst & Young max. $39,653,808 for audit services of the Navy in Alexandria, VA.


Kearney & Co. $10,721,966 for audit services of the Defense Health Program (DHP). Kearney & Co. $9,043,356 for audit services of the Marine Corps General Fund.


KPMG $11,906,037 for audit services of USACE Civil Works and Suballotted Funds Financial Statements.




Jacobs CH2M Hill Constructors Inc., Environmental Chemical Corp., KBR, AECOM URS share $92,000,000 for more global contingency construction projects worldwide.


8 Turkish firms received a combined $95,000,000 for construction at U.S. military facilities and support units in Turkey.




Greenup Industries $20,520,000 for excavating, processing, stockpiling clay material, clearing and grubbing, and other incidental work in St. Charles Parish, LA.


Phylway Construction LLC, Circle LLC, Affolter Contracting Co. will compete for orders of $170,000,000 contract for Mississippi River levees.


Rencor Inc. $12,919,300 for construction of a steel sheet pile with concrete cap and tie-rods, a drainage outlet system, railings, ladders, fill material and crushed stone in Newark, NJ.


Rigid Constructors $9,986,105 for excavation, placement of material for the construction of earthen retention dikes, installation of settlement plates, surveying, clearing, grubbing, steel culvert installation, painting and metalwork fabrication in Calcasieu, LA.




Chustz Surveying, Johnson-McAdams Surveying & Mapping, Seaside Engineering & Surveying LLC shared $10,000,000 for surveying and mapping services. Galveston Coastal Services JV $228,000,000 for architect and engineering services. HDR Architecture Inc. $25,000,000 for architectural and engineering. HNTB Corp. $10,213,080 for architect and engineer services. 


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


Etolin Strait Partners $30,000,000 for minor construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC D.C.


Guyco Inc. $61,912,100 to design & build 4 barracks, including company operations facilities, Fort Hood, TX.


Marine Terminals Corp. $34,025,191 for stevedoring and terminal services at Port Naval Base Ventura County-Port Hueneme and the Port of San Diego.


Merrick & Co. $28,000,000 for facilities and infrastructure studies, engineering, design & build projects. 


Moonlite Construction max. $20,000,000 for painting and wall covering construction alterations, renovations, and repair at Naval Bases Coronado, Point Loma and San Diego and MCAS Miramar, CA.


Red Point Construction $13,820,000 to build a maintenance facility that include a maintenance repair shop, loading dock and warehouse space at Clear Air Force Station, AK.


VLJM LLC max. $25,000,000 for paving construction alterations, renovations and repair projects at Naval Bases Ventura County, Port Hueneme, CA.


Walsh Federal $93,223,280 to build an aircraft maintenance hangar facility and modernize flightline utility at MCAS Cherry Point, NC.


Walsh Federal $123,643,850 to build an aircraft three-bay maintenance hangar at Travis AFB.


Windamir Development Inc. $10,082,338 for pier refurbishment of Pier XRay North and XRay South at Joint Base Charleston.


3 firms compete for $15,000,000 for parts, labor, tools, equipment, materials, transportation and supervision necessary to perform design-build projects.


6 firms $19,800,000 for mechanical work at NAVFAC Washington.


7 firms max. $99,999,000 ($35.000 obligated) for construction primarily within NAVFAC Southwest.


9 construction firms will compete for orders of $25,000,000 for Guard/Reserve construction projects. 




The Dutra Group $10,000,000 for maintenance dredging in AL, MS and FL. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. $$13,866,000 for dredging in Wilmington, NC; and Savannah and Brunswick, GA. Manson Construction $18,546,488 for one fully crewed and equipped self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredge in Plaquemines Parish, LA; and Harrison County, MI. Weeks Marine Inc. $13,071,000 for maintenance dredging in Plaquemines, LA.



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Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist. His work focuses on the U.S. war industry.