The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $21,226,750,000 on 215 individual contracts during November 2017. This amount does not include 25 Foreign Military Sales transactions worth $1,696,871,000.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.


Barber-Nichols Inc. received $13,202,659 for Mk48 torpedo alternators & regulators for Canada (36%); Turkey (32%); Netherlands (32%).


Bell-Boeing JPO received $10,056,839 for FMS (Japan): V-22 field service reps & logistics at Camp Kisarazu, Japan (85%); Philadelphia, PA (11%); Fort Walton Beach, FL (4%).


Canadian Commercial Corp. (CCC/3M) received $7,663,473 for FMS (Canada): M61 filter pairs for joint service general purpose masks.


Capco LLC received $34,262,050 for FMS (Afghanistan, Canada, Iraq, Malaysia, Morocco, Taiwan): BSU-33 bomb fin assemblies.


General Dynamics received $50,000,000 for FMS (multiple unnamed, presumably Australia, Canada, Spain): logistics support re: Logistics Management Integration Department (AIR-6.6).


Integrated Microwave Technology received $12,583,035 for FMS (Afghanistan): hand-held ISR receiver devices.


Lockheed Martin received $16,200,000 for FMS (Iraq): automatic ground collision avoidance system F-16 integration in Fort Worth, TX, and Balad AB. Orbital ATK received $28,778,721 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistic support for Iraqi Air Force's Cessna 208 fleet and 208/172 trainer fleet. Sole-source.


Lockheed Martin received $260,000,000 for FMS (Greece): modernize & upgrade four P-3B aircraft. Work abroad in Schimatari (25%), Argyroupoli, Athens (11%), Greece; Tel Aviv, Apartheid Israel (11%); Ottawa, Canada (2%).


L-3 Technologies received $71,000,000 for unnamed FMS: mission system development. Sole-source. L-3 Technologies received $210,000,000 for unnamed FMS: aircraft engineering, procurement, and fabrication. Sole-source.




General Electric received $643,000,000 for FMS (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain): F110-GE-129 engines, spares, monitoring systems, repair, etc.


Iron Mountain Solutions received $7,018,280 for FMS (Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Mexico, Thailand, UAE, Jordan, Sweden, Egypt, Slovakia, Tunisia, Brazil): technical support for the Utility Helicopter Project Office.


Kaman Corp. received $85,169,000 for joint programmable fuze, FMU-52 (lot 13) and production, test & engineering support. 26% FMS (Bahrain, Belgium, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, S. Korea, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UAE).


Lockheed Martin received $7,426,983 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): software modifications to establish a software baseline for MH-60R.


Lockheed Martin received $16,614,121 for logistics & engineering in support of C/KC-130J aircraft for USA (USMC, USCG) and Kuwait. Overseas work at Al-Mubarak, Kuwait (2.5%); Iwakuni, Japan (2.5%). Continues earlier FMS.


Northrop Grumman received $75,000,000 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): Joint Threat Emitter support services. Sole-source.


Odyssey Systems received $16,495,203 for professional acquisition support services, and to provide advisory & assistance to battle management directorate, Hanscom AFB. Involves FMS (Saudi Arabia, UAE).


Raytheon / Lockheed Martin Javelin JV received $8,140,430 for FMS (France, Qatar, Taiwan, Turkey, Lithuania, Jordan): battery coolant unit, tripods, Anarin hybrid regulators, engineering, test equipment, vehicle launcher-electronics.


Raytheon received $10,158,872 for USA and FMS (UAE, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, Qatar): PATRIOT engineering.


Raytheon received $44,488,073 for FMS (Egypt): eight F1 Sentinel radar systems, 8 Ethernet extender kits, spare parts, and training courses.


United Technologies received $28,304,581 for FMS (Egypt): support Peace Vector DB-110 Reconnaissance program. 




Arźte Associates received $7,455,192 for program systems support for the AN/DVS-1 COBRA Block 1 and support equipment. Not competitive.


Boeing received $11,266,057 for QF-16 full-scale aerial target lot 5B.


General Atomics received $8,883,385 for Low Power Laser Demonstrator (LPLD) Phase 1 effort, integrating / testing laser on a UAV.


General Atomics received $11,231,472 for Advanced Arresting Gear test assets.


General Atomics received $17,461,954 to integrate Guided Bomb Unit-39B/B onto MQ-9 via universal armament interface on a dual carriage system. Sole-source. A day later, this contract was designate not yet awarded.


Raytheon received $7,210,000 for 3 multi-spectral targeting system (MTS) “B” AN/DAS-3 and 1 electronic unit, supporting MQ-4C LRIP two. Not competitive.




Elta North America (and Israeli corporation) received $39,270,867 for counter UAS supplies in support of USSTRATCOM needs. Sole-source.


Orbital ATK received $8,499,990 for integrating the mobile-anti UAV defense system with a UAS integrated defeat system into mobile platform.




BAE Systems received $21,809,274; CACI (SIX3) received $23,539,305 to provide services to U.S. Forces Afghanistan, Bagram AB.


BP received $604,895,386 to provide fuel to U.S. forces in the Middle East.


ExpFederal received $9,190,260 for work on low voltage electrical power systems in Bagram, Afghanistan.


IAP Worldwide Services received $7,141,902 for base operations support at Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Marathi Pier, Malaxa Site, and NATO Missile Firing Installation (NAMFI) Barracks. Work in Chania, Crete, Greece. While Souda Bay is technically located in USEUCOM, its missions are primarily oriented towards USCENTCOM.


M&M Manufacturing (Lajas) received $7,079,188 for coats & trousers for USAF and Afghanistan.


Raytheon received $24,416,360 for Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System services supporting DOD & subsidiary networks / capabilities in USCENTCOM, esp. Kuwait; Qatar; Jordan; Iraq; Shaw AFB.




JLG Industries received $400,000,000 for commercial material handling equipment in USA (PA, OH), France, Mexico.


The Louis Berger Group received $860,000,000 to support critically needed temporary power for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Power Secure received $10,900,007 to repair & restore the electric power grid in San Juan.


SWF Contractors, Gideon Contracting, Martin Brother received shared $30,000,000 for horizontal construction, mainly supporting Border Patrol Infrastructure in El Centro & San Diego Border Patrol Sectors.




Coastal Pacific Food Distributors received $84,465,555 for food line distribution in USA (CA), Japan, Singapore, Philippines, and Diego Garcia.


DZSP 21 received $42,479,982 for base operations support at Joint Region Marianas. 


Food Services, Inc. received $26,074,954 for full food line distribution in Washington and Okinawa.




Centerra Group received $24,547,396 for base operations support at Naval Station Guantánamo Bay. 




University of Dayton (OH) received $9,800,000 for reusable hypersonic vehicle structures R&D. University of Dayton received $14,999,880 for air-launched off-board operations program (small UAS dev., integration, and flight testing).


Johns Hopkins University (APL) received $125,000,000 for engineering and R&D supporting DIA’s Directorate of Science & Technology Office of Advanced Technologies. Supports specialized sensor system. Sole-source.


National Academy of Sciences received $30,000,000 to provide a board (a convening authority) to conduct and manage periodic discussion, workshops, and studies on science & technical topics of interest, as determined by Deputy Assistant Secretary of Army for Science & Technology. Rand Corp. received $21,281,475 for 35 research studies on matters of strategic importance to U.S. Army.




Motorola received $17,238,365 for lifecycle sustainment of NAVFAC enterprise land mobile radio system at various Navy installations worldwide. 




Atlantic Diving Supply, Berger Cummins JV, Caterpillar, Inglett & Stubbs International, Texas Power & Associates received a shared $90,000,000 to provide FEMA with generators and associated supplies.




Booz Allen Hamilton received $20,955,983 for 250K+ hours of technical services, NAWCAD Special Communications Mission Solutions Division, St. Inigoes.




Lockheed Martin received $34,622,661 for weapons technology maturation, pre-engineering, manufacturing, and development on F-35 and small-diameter bomb 2 (SDB-II). Lockheed Martin received $37,716,883 for F-35 software conversions for structure & systems datasets. Lockheed Martin received $43,226,657 to support F-35 base stand-up and to provide F-35 sustainment management for USN ($2,035,304; 4.71%); USAF ($657,193; 1.52%); USMC ($317,553; 0.73%); non-DOD ($23,649,393; 54.71%); FMS ($16,567,214; 38.33%).


United Technologies received $19,266,207 for extra-long-lead items supporting CTOL and STOVL engines for LRIP Lot XII F-35 production for USMC ($16,961,563; 88.04%); non-DOD ($1,899,178; 9.86%); USAF ($287,205; 1.49%); FMS ($78,841; 0.41%). United Technologies received $353,208,847 for F-135 propulsion system: performance based logistics sustainment for USAF ($136,583,273; 39%); USMC; ($103,789,037; 29%); USN ($23,871,151; 7%); non-U.S. DOD participants ($65,223,394; 18%); FMS ($23,741,992; 7%).




EFW Inc. (and Israeli corporation) received $7,815,783 for V-22 integrated avionics processors. Sole source. Work in Texas and Israel.




BAE Systems received $22,998,773 for 310 AN/ALE-55 (full-rate production Lot VIII) & logistics & engineering tech support for F/A-18E/F.


Raytheon received $7,564,015 for 6,416 general purpose controllers (GPC) to mitigate obsolescence on configuration D F/A-18E-F and G radar retrofits. 




IAP Worldwide Services received $58,929,261 for E-6B logistics support services.


Raytheon received $22,190,938 for Ground Power & Cooling System (GPCS) hardware & software requirements supporting Next Generation Jammer (NGJ).




Northrop Grumman received $14,915,208 for aircraft high voltage power supply and received $66,382,992 for [E-2D] power amplifier modules.


North Star Scientific (NSS) Corp. received $14,015,755 for a replacement 1,000-watt Joint Tactical Information Distribution System high power amplifier in support of the E-2D Hawkeye Link-16 datalinks & capabilities. 


Raytheon received $79,690,954 for Commercial Aircraft Based Instrumentation Telemetry System & Airborne Command Transmitter System on G550 aircraft. 




Boeing received $79,989,888 for E-4B sustainment support. Sole-source.




Rockwell Collins Inc. received $12,733,727 to install Block I/Internet Protocol Bandwidth Expansion Phase 3/Block IA Very Low Transmit Terminal / Nuclear Planning & Execution System kit on one E-6B.




Boeing received $23,832,538 for 10 full-rate production combat network communication technology upgrade kits for B-52 bombers. Sole-source.




PPI LLC received $8,004,161 to overhaul the P-3 propeller assembly.




Airdyne Aerospace Inc. received $79,000,000 for Special Airborne Mission Installation and Response System. One bid solicited, one received.


Lockheed Martin received $21,303,535 for more work on the C-130J center wing box replacement program.




Parker Hannifin received $8,458,973 to remanufacture KC-135 servo-cylinder. 




Aerojet Rocketdyne received $22,763,966 to help design & build reusable oxidizer rich staged combustion cycle booster engine, using baseline propellant LOX.


Applied Technology Associates received $7,982,012 for R&D for integrated structural systems program to produce resilient space structures at Kirtland AFB.


Ball Aerospace & Technologies received $47,900,000; SiCore Technologies Inc. received $47,900,000 for R&D on ways to identify susceptibilities & mitigate cyber vulnerabilities in USAF weapon systems.


Booz Allen Hamilton received $14,744,131 for R&D to maintain / improve the virtual combat lab's modeling, simulation, analysis experimental technologies. 


Honeywell received $10,524,256 for innovative R&D to develop a low noise, high sensitivity vibrating beam accelerometer.


PC Krause & Associates received $14,999,953 for aircraft power and thermal modeling & analysis at Wright-Patterson AFB.


Provatek LLC received $8,469,694 for rapid attack detection, isolation & characterization systems evaluator to provide for additional exercises & tests developed to be run on the performers' software. 


Reliance Test & Technology received $48,000,000 for operation & maintenance services at Eglin test and training complex, Eglin AFB.


Sierra Lobo Inc. received $25,949,322 for rocket technology engineering support advice and assistance services at Edwards AFB.




Millennium Engineering & Integration received $90,853,338 for R&D of system & component technologies utilizing modeling simulation software & analysis.




Manhattan Construction received $63,308,000 to build an Electronic Science & Technology Laboratory at Naval Research Laboratory.


Mnemonics Inc. received  $10,043,841 for the final phase of R&D services for Satellite, Avionics & Communications Systems. Not competitive.


Neptec Design Group received $13,750,676 for a space-qualified light detection and ranging pose sensor. 




Boeing received $8,473,500 for pitch link assemblies. Sole-source.


General Electric received $84,127,882 for overhaul & recapitalization of T700 series engines in support of UH-60 and AH-64 helicopters. General Electric received $143,481,258 for 22 LRIP Lot 1 and 2 T408-GE-400 turboshaft engines (for CH-53K), incl. support (engine & programmatic, logistics, peculiar equipment) and spares. Not competitive per FAR 6.302-1. 


Lockheed Martin received $15,069,223 for VH-3D/VH-60N executive helicopter special progressive aircraft rework. 


Lockheed Martin received $15,428,873 for additional software product improvement supporting MH-60R mission computer / flight management computer variants for USN ($14,460,000; 93.72%); Denmark ($968,873; 6.28%).


Lockheed Martin received $48,996,000 for spare helicopter parts.


Meggitt Inc. received $9,914,088 for solenoid valves for U.S. Army. Sole-source


Northrop Grumman received $10,709,752 for 54 technical refresh mission computers for incorporation into the production line H-1 aircraft. Textron received $14,726,111 for H-1 (lots 12, 13, 14) systems engineering & program management services.


Textron received $38,347,290 for two AH-1Z (lot 14) aircraft. 




M1 Support Services received $94,445,680 for maintenance on more than 149 aircraft of different varieties at Nellis AFB.




MyPlane Inc. received $15,615,663 for electrical headsets for USAF.




Armtec Countermeasures received $12,580,000 for MJU-53/B aircraft countermeasure flares.


BAE Systems received $75,905,989 for T-1687/ALE-70(V) countermeasures in support of PMA272 Air Expendable Countermeasures Program. Not competitive.




Lockheed Martin received $60,196,236 for ship integration & test of AEGIS weapon system, baselines through Advanced Capability Build 12. 




Lockheed Martin received $22,748,516 for class services in support of FMS for the Littoral Combat Ship program. 


Raytheon received $9,600,000 for design & long lead material for deploy & retrieve systems in support of AN/AQS-20 Minehunting. Not competitive.




General Dynamics received $9,500,217 for engineering service & production of TI_16 multipurpose processors and total ship monitoring systems. 


General Dynamics received $14,739,246 and received $25,780,235 for sustainment of U.S. / UK SSBN fire control system, SSGN attack weapon control system, incl. training & support equipment. Sole-source.


Huntington Ingalls received $8,029,299 for Headquarters Nuclear Alteration Planning & Execution supporting USS Boise (SSN 764) engineered overhaul.


Lockheed Martin received $101,998,222 for technical insertion (TI)-16 Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion (A-RCI) systems, pre-cable kits, and A-RCI sonar engineering services. Lockheed Martin received $122,259,347 for Technical Insertion 18-20 A-RCI engineering services.


L-3 Unidyne received $19,816,901 to continue services for Naval Array Technical Support Center (NATSC), which provides lifecycle support for towed arrays.


Northrop Grumman received $10,779,692 to support development & production of the common missile compartment (CMC) by providing engineering & tactical underwater launcher hardware production.




Asturian Group received $9,691,737 to repair Building M123, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, Maine.


BAE Systems received $8,788,214 for fitting out availability (FOA) of LPD 27 and for continued work on post shakedown availability of LPD 26. BAE Systems received $22,459,901 for post-shakedown availabilities (PSAs) for USS Little Rock (LCS 9) and USS Sioux City (LCS 11). BAE Systems received $139,818,901 for USS Tortuga (LSD 46) FY2018 Chief of Naval Operations availability (maintenance, modernization, and repair).


Detyens Shipyards received $7,785,371 for 42-calendar day shipyard availability for regular overhaul & dry docking of USNS Big Horn (T-AO 189). DOD clerks wrote 189, but the Big Horn is 198.


General Dynamics received $44,305,474 for DDG planning yard services for Arleigh Burke-class and Oliver Hazard Perry-class ships. 


Raytheon received $33,538,400 for engineering; hull, mechanical & electrical activation; DDG 1000 class logistics; associated other direct costs.


Vericor Power Systems received $19,169,760 for ETF40B engines in support of LCAC Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). Not competitive.


Vigor Marine LLC received $8,523,020 for a 42-calendar day shipyard availability for the mid-term availability of USNS Kaiser (T-AO 187). 




L3 - Interstate Electronics Corp. received $45,417,856 for flight test instrumentation engineering services and support. Sole-source.


Raytheon received $7,762,687 for FY2016-2017 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Block I multi-year production: all-up rounds, inert operation missiles, spare components, shipping containers, production-related support.




Sealift Inc. received $9,490,000 to charter U.S. flagged vessel M/V Bernard F. Fisher for prepositioning and transportation of cargo for the Air Force. 




Bechtel received $229,749,836 for naval nuclear propulsion components.




Advanced Alliant Solutions Team received $7,191,278 for information assurance for NAWCAD Information Technology & Cyber Security Department (AIR-7.2). 


Curtiss Wright (TTC) received $45,000,000 for airborne instrumentation data acquisition hardware & repair to support NAVAIR Air Vehicle Modification & Instrumentation Dept. (AIR 5.2 .pdf) at Patuxent River.


Saalex Solutions received $87,250,737 for engineering in support of NAWCWD Research & Engineering Dept. (AIR-4.0), re: weapons systems across NAVAIR in China Lake (70%) & Point Mugu, CA (26%); Patuxent River, MD (4%).




For technical & engineering support (incl. technology insertion, software / hardware & systems engineering, model & simulation, logistics) in support of communications, IT and other C4I efforts in San Diego, Booz Allen Hamilton received $30,733,995; General Dynamics received $31,814,166; KAB Labs (owned by Epsilon) received $31,354,800; SAIC received $33,125,547.


BAE Systems received $17,225,952; Northrop Grumman received $15,613,789; SAIC received $13,672,005; Scientific Research Corp. (SRC) received $13,903,054 to provide ISR & information operations systems engineering, software development, test & eval support to include ocean, airborne, land, space platforms. 




Centurum Information Technology received $10,000,000 for unspecified work at Shaw AFB; Al Dhafra AB, UAE; Ali Al Salem AB, Kuwait; Muwaffaq Salti AB, Jordan; Al Udeid AB, Qatar.


LEIDOS received $22,626,937 for service to INSCOM G-3 Foundry Service in South Korea.




22nd Century Technologies, AASKl Technology Inc., Ace Info Solutions Inc., ActioNet Inc., AECOM XNet, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, CSRA LLC, ECS Federal LLC, General Dynamics, IAP C4ISR, IndraSoft Inc., Leidos, ManTech, NES Associates LLC, NetCentrics Corp., Next Tier Concepts Inc., Phacil Inc., Qbase LLC, Solers Inc. received a minimum $10,000 (max. $17.5 billion) for worldwide IT services required by DISA, DOD, and other agencies.


Bowhead Business & Technology Solutions received $19,942,300 for business enterprise systems re: DOD architectures & air staff / joint staff compliant information support plans at Maxwell AFB. Sole-source.


Four LLC, Immix Technology Inc., Carahsoft Technology Corp., received $130,000,000 to provide COTS software & maintenance (with full Certificate of Networthiness through Army's Network Command) in the categories: IT Utility & Security; Modeling & Simulation; Multimedia & Design; Program & Development.


SPEC LLC received $9,389,032 for Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Building Automation System (BAS), supporting all DISA data centers worldwide.


Vectrus Systems Corp. received $15,000,000 to provide enterprise information management and information technology to USACE.




Harris Corp. received $71,000,000 for single channel ground & airborne radio systems (SINCGARS).


ViaSat Inc. received $20,888,000 to provide senior leaders & their support staff with Ku-band and Ka-band comms utilizing ViaSat subscription service while travelling via aircraft. 




Artel LLC received $18,917,600 for one pre-launch 108MHz transponder.




Advanced Technology Institute received $100,000,000 for Space Enterprise Consortium: covers prototypes for broad space-related technologies, including segments (ground, launch & space), software, and processes for DOD.


Ball Aerospace & Technologies received $93,713,423 for weather system follow-on microwave and design / risk reduction of a LEO satellite with a passive microwave imaging radiometer instrument & energetic charged particles sensor. 


CACI NSS Inc. received $38,600,073 for consolidated Air Force satellite control network modifications, maintenance and operations. Locations include Diego Garcia Tracking Station; Guam Tracking Station; Ka’ena Point; Thule AB; Telemetry & Commanding Station, Bordon, Hants, UK.


ENSCO, Inc. received $20,110,863 for Range & Network division system engineering and integration at Los Angeles AFB and Peterson AFB.


Iridium Satellite received $8,912,007 to service DOD’s commercial satellite-based network (satellite, ground node, equipment/terminal software & hardware). Includes enhancing existing Distributed Tactical Communications System Phase 3 and Advanced Concepts Development Support Services. Sole source.


Lockheed Martin received $7,206,551 for meteorological data station AN/UMQ-13 (MARK IV-B) system sustainment.


Lockheed Martin received $92,900,000 for Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) engineering, logistics, spares, and material. Sole source.


Tecolote Research received $7,083,673 for advisory & assistant services to support Space & Missile Systems Center remote sensing systems directorate (at Los Angeles AFB, Buckley AFB, and Boulder, CO).




Lockheed Martin received $71,642,534 for Trident II (D5) missile deployed system support. Lockheed Martin received $80,648,725 for modified ballistic re-entry vehicle/re-entry vehicle separation modules. Lockheed Martin received $386,000,000 for reentry system/reentry vehicles subsystem support. 


Raytheon received $371,200,000 for R&D on AN/TPY-2  [.pdf] and Sea-Based X-Band radar. Sole-source.




General Dynamics received $59,900,000 for 30mm x 173mm armor piercing, fin stabilized, discarding sabot with tracer cartridges.


Orbital ATK received $32,908,496 and received $17,156,019 for engineering & logistics / test planning activities to support AARGM design changes.


Raytheon received $17,255,491 for High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile Targeting System (HTS) contractor logistics support (CLS) services. Raytheon received $51,397,686 for 538 laser maverick guidance control sections. Raytheon received $59,725,813 for Enhanced Paveway II support & equipment. Raytheon received $260,345,336 for 196 Tomahawk Block IV vertical launch system missiles & spares. Also provides spare parts & support for UK.




General Dynamics received $10,605,160 to demilitarize and dispose of 14,970 all-up rounds, or equivalent MLRS M26 rockets and components.


GS Engineering Inc. received $14,367,441 for Explosive Hazard Pre-detonation Wire Neutralization System & associated production system support packages.




BAE Systems received $7,221,514 for Bradley A5 engineering change proposal system functional review.


Burlington Engineering Corp. received $8,817,000 for Tacchi CNC lathes.


General Dynamics received $7,813,369 to install system enhancement package version 3 on 60 M1A2 tanks.


Laibe Corp. received $10,365,625 for 3 water well drilling systems, support, storage, and transportation.


Oshkosh Defense received $7,703,306 for recapitalized trucks & trailers, and received $71,702,293 for various motor vehicle parts & accessories. Sole-source.




General Dynamics received $14,732,973 for machine gun barrels. Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS received $29,569,773 for more CROWS conversions. Olin Corp. received $9,900,000 for 7.62mm M80A1 enhanced performance rounds.




HDT Expeditionary Systems received $35,201,907 for collective protection filter units. Urgent ‘sole-source’ per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(2).


Maranatha Industries received $13,500,000 for U.S. Army handsets.


Raytheon received $16,194,203 for third generation forward looking infrared B-Kit (3RD GEN FLIR): engineering, manufacturing and development.




Excel Garment Manufacturing received $9,490,500 for Navy coveralls. Knox County Association for Retarded Citizens received $8,649,815 for various types of undershirts. Peckham Vocational Services received $11,815,335 for cold-weather undergarments.


McRae Industries received $40,434,006 for hot weather combat boots.




Aero Turbine Inc. received $128,757,513 to overhaul J85-GE-5/-21 components.


Cubic Global Defense received $61,391,479 for Joint Readiness Training Center rotational training (Fort Polk, LA) to prepare military forces for deployment.


General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Cubic, Applied Training Solutions, Trideum Corp., Yorktown Systems Group, Capstone Corp. received a shared $150,000,000 for mission training complex capabilities support.


Northrop Grumman received $33,701,609 for training at Fort Leavenworth. Raytheon received $2,870,000,000 for contractor support & performance-based service on training aids/devices and simulators, both live & virtual. Threat Tec received $8,220,362 for training support services.




Over 100 corporations received $8,276,161,000 for Joint Enterprise Research, Development, Acquisition, Production & Procurement program to support R&D of CBRNE defense systems, capabilities, equipment, supplies and material.




BAE Systems received $51,919,855 for design, construction and commissioning of steam and gas plant at Holston Army Ammunition Plant.


Cummins Power Generation received $8,734,495 for advanced medium mobile power sources generators (AMMPS .pdf).


HDR Engineering & Stantec Consulting Services received a shared $9,900,000 for engineer services to support national hydroelectric powerhouse & pumping plant, USACE Hydroelectric Design Center (HDC).




Doyon Project Services received $15,862,400 for service pier electrical upgrades at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor. 


Old North Utility Services received $16,648,296 (later revised to $17,101,428) for water / wastewater utility services in CA and NC.


Southern Contracting received $9,934,777 to install & place into operation ~56,239 linear feet of 20” diameter & smaller water main pipe, a check valve vault, and all associated work in Ridgeville, SC.




Deloitte Consulting LLP received $62,430,981 for program management support services to Defense Health Agency's Requirements Managers’ for Governance, Requirements, and Architecture Management Support.


General Dynamics received $29,330,743 for professional program management services for continued IT application support for the Military Health System.


Illumina Inc. received $8,000,000 for consumables, supplies, and kits to support Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and Army Center for Environmental Health Research. One bid solicited, one bid received.


Intercell USA received $39,608,800 for Japanese encephalitis vaccine. Sole source.


Johnson & Johnson received $39,046,220 for medical surgical products.


Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Technologies) received $40,000,000 for customized reagents and consumables. One bid solicited, one received.




WS Acquisition received $9,774,159 for temporary hospital structures for Schneider Regional Medical Center, and Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center in U.S. Virgin Islands. One bid solicited, one received.




Atlantic Diving Supply, W.S. Darley Co., Unifire Inc., Mallory Safety & Supply, Federal Resources Supply, L.N. Curtis & Sons received a shared $92,000,000 for fire and emergency services equipment tailored logistics support.




Advanced Telemetry Systems received $13,321,600 for a salmon monitoring system and fish tags for use on the Columbia River.


Bay West, Cape Environmental Management, EA Engineering Science & Technology, Environmental Chemical, Environmental Quality Management, Navarro Research & Engineering, North Wind Services received a shared $200,000,000 for environmental remediation & cleanup at Army installations throughout the U.S., incl. the territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.




US Foods Oklahoma received $28,655,967 for food distribution in Texas and Oklahoma. Sole-source.


DOMESTIC BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES – BOSS usually involve a combination of: facility management, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.


IAP Worldwide Services received $19,370,663 for base operations services at Naval Support Activity Annapolis. 


Kings Bay Support Services received $39,074,534 for base operations support at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay (99%); Shellman Bluff, GA (1%).


Mancon LLC received $44,305,000 for maintenance, repair, and supplies & materials in support of NAVFAC northeast public works departments.


Melwood Horticultural Training Center received $8,008,672 for custodial services located at the Naval Academy Complex. 


Pride Industries received $12,461,692 for civil engineering services, operations & maintenance, grounds maintenance for 61st Civil Engineer & Logistics Squadron (CELS) at Los Angeles AFB; Fort MacArthur, CA; DCMA, Carson, CA.


TRAX International Corp. received $18,407,303 for non-personal test support services in Yuma, AZ, and Fort Greely.




Landscape Management Systems received $9,823,855 for base operations support in Joint Region Marianas.




LVI received $7,583,207 for warehousing, storage, logistics and distribution functions.


Spectrum Comm Inc. received $22,431,365 for CLS and an enterprise approach to lifecycle logistics & specialized global supply chain management for some C2ISR aircraft weapon systems. 


Technica LLC received $25,729,001 for logistics support services, including maintenance, transportation, and supply support in El Paso, TX.




Salmon Group, Dynamo Technologies, American Staffing Partner, Federal Solution Corp. received $45,000,000 for admin support to OSD.




CH Equipment Rental & Construction received $60,063,186 for demolition services at various military installations on Naval Base Guam. 




Gardner Zemke Co. received $7,186,667 to install The Dalles generator step-up transformer replacement at The Dalles Lock and Dam, Oregon. Lane Construction received $11,915,000 to complete the flood damage reduction project for Dodson Industrial Park, Independence, MO. PICK Electric received $7,474,949 to replace switchgear & motor control center board at John Day Lock & Dam in Sherman County, OR; Klickitat County, WA.




NAS Ventures received $10,955,248 for taxiway pavement and lighting repairs at NAS Pensacola. 




Bismark Construction received $17,108,605 for maintenance and repair at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.


Cox Construction received $7,784,000 to replace the vehicle maintenance facility at Moffett Field, CA, and received $21,180,000 to build an Army Reserve Center in Miramar, CA. 


Harkins Builders received $9,603,792 to build a new canine facility, Laurel, MD.


HDR Engineering Inc. received $30,000,000 for design services for projects at various locations within NAVFAC Hawaii.


Jacobs Ewingcole A JV received $99,000,000 for large projects under the military construction program in NAVFAC Southwest.


Marathon Construction received $9,597,777 to renovate Pier 13 at Naval Base San Diego. 


Nova Group received $26,868,000 to replace hydrant fuel system at Travis AFB.


R.A. Burch Construction received $22,540,000 for repair / renovation of separate buildings (including demolition) at Twentynine Palms


Straub Construction received $9,745,000 for six new buildings at Fort Hunter Liggett.




The Dutra Group received $32,859,630 for maintenance dredging entrance channel in St. Marys, GA. John C. Grimberg Co. received $46,630,000 to replace middle & high schools at Quantico. Manson Construction Co. received $26,637,450 to dredge Morehead City, Wilmington, Savannah & Brunswick harbors. Norfolk Dredging Co. received $9,649,750 for Craney Island eastward expansion, main dike dredging and debris removal in Portsmouth, Virginia.