The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $18,500,080,000 on 178 individual contracts during October 2017.  This amount does not include 14 Foreign Military Sales transactions worth $4,129,777,000.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.


General Dynamics received $93,000,000 for FMS (Iraq): 120mm insensitive munition high explosive with tracer tank ammunition cartridges.


Intuitive Research & Technology Corp. (IRTC) received $10,581,641 for Lower Tier Project Office Missile Systems Independent Integration Analysis under the Amcom Express program. Includes some unnamed FMS.


Northrop Grumman received $130,469,576 to support JapanÕs Global Hawks, including long lead material. Sole-source.


Orbital ATK received $18,201,544 for FMS (Italy): convert Lot 6 AGM-88B into 88E. Includes supplies & services for manufacture, spares, and fleet deployment.


TechTrans International (TTI) received $45,000,000 for maintenance training on Cessna 208 for AFSAT Squadron, TX. Involves FMS.


United Technologies (P&W) received $2,740,747,815 for F-117 engine sustainment. FMS: UK, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Australia, Strategic Airlift Capability. Sole-source.




Advanced Technology Systems Co. (ATSC / STARA) received $64,087,234 to provide Egypt with a mobile surveillance sensor security system. Sole-source.


American Systems Corp.; GovSource; Chochise MTS; Downrange Operations & Training; General Dynamics received a shared $249,000,000 for FMS (Afghanistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Qatar, Taiwan, Tunisia): education & training for Security Assistance Training Management Organization (USASATMO).


Boeing received $240,195,180 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): modernize AWACS program phase 1. Sole-source.


Longbow LLC received $183,474,414 for FMS (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK): radar electronic units.


Raytheon received $10,107,242 for FMS (Kuwait): technical assistance.


Raytheon received $14,250,000 for Army Navy/Transportable Radar spare provisioning relating to UAE procured THAAD.


Raytheon received $172,874,170 for FMS (Qatar): 200 AGM-154C Block III weapons, 212 containers, parts, & support equipment. Overseas work in Glascoed, Wales (15.6%); Glasgow, Scotland (6.2%). Not competitive.


Valero Marketing & Supply received $157,788,560 for fuel for Israel.




Boeing received $9,200,000 for RQ-21A spares & parts for USMC.


CAE USA received $42,910,414 to develop MQ-1 & aircrew training / courseware for Creech & Holloman AFB, March Air Reserve Base, and Hancock ANG Base.


General Atomics received $10,153,077 to stand up a depot support capability at OC_ALC for MQ-9 fuel system reparable components. Sole-source.


General Atomics received $462,055,855 to maintain & repair fielded MQ-1C.


Lockheed Martin received $9,400,015 for Low Power Laser Demonstrator (LPLD), Phase 1, integrating / testing laser on a UAV.


Northrop Grumman received $8,372,177 for RQ-5 to rehab & rebuild 10 ground control stations. Northrop Grumman received $66,312,606 for MQ-4C test & maintenance on vehicles, mission control, and operator training systems. 


Northrop Grumman received $15,246,550 to integrate the original equipment manufacturer ZPY-8A/N radar into MQ-8C.


Textron received $26,932,086 for 17 RQ-7 block III kits & spares. Textron received $41,918,231 for 36 RQ-7 block III kits.




AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon received a shared $198,700,000 for wireless services and devices supporting DOD and federal agencies. 




DynCorp received $64,110,387 for AFCENT war reserve materiel at Shaw AFB; Kuwait; Oman; Qatar; UAE.


HDR Engineering Inc. received $10,000,000 for engineering projects at Diego Garcia. 




URS Federal Services received $63,997,562 for Army Prepositioned Stock (APS-2) logistics support in Mannheim and Dulmen, Germany.




Dawson Federal, A&H-Ambica JV, Frontier Services received a shared $45,000,000 for repair / alternations on land ports of entry in ND and MN. A&H-Ambica JV, Dawson Federal, RJS Construction, Tomcat Engineering Unlimited received a shared $45,000,000 for repair & alterations at land ports of entry in WA, ID, and MT.


Fluor Enterprises received $240,000,000 to provide construction services for all aspects of restoration of electrical power to Puerto Rico. PowerSecure Inc. received $38,619,610 to repair & restore the electric power grid in Puerto Rico.




KBR Inc. received $12,269,262 for Army Prepositioned Stock (APS-4), logistics support services in Daegu, South Korea.




Tunista Services received $7,377,904 for operations, maintenance, and support at Melrose Air Force Range, New Mexico.




Telecommunication Support Services received $9,338,299 for operations & support at Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF_S) satellite communications facility in Key West, FL, and mobile air surveillance system mission support throughout USSOUTHCOM, primarily in Colombia.




Cloud Lake Technology received $16,814,000 for management & analytic support to DIA Insider Threat Group (ITG), the Hub of DIAÕs Insider Threat Program. ITG identifies anomalous behavior indicative of an insider threat and works with other DIA elements to mitigate the threat.


Global Professional Solutions received $18,269,816 to provide Security, Executive, Logistics, Facility, & Financial support for DIAÕs National Media Exploitation Center located in Bethesda, MD.




Georgia Tech received $91,536,685 for engineering & scientific expertise to support the Army Threat Simulator program. One bid solicited, one received.




Lockheed Martin received $11,566,000 for class flying trials and release of military permit to fly for F-35B to operate from Queen Elizabeth carriers.




AJ Associates Manufacturing & Engineering received $8,197,879 for F-18 aircraft link assemblies.  L-3 received $36,572,652 for depot level maintenance support to facilitate the sustainment of up to 13 F/A-18A-D.  Raytheon received $54,240,070 for Advanced Targeting FLIR System for F/A-18. Non-competitive.




Engility Corp. received $9,377,684 for more electronic warfare weapons systems modifications for U.S. Navy ($8,158,585; 87%); Australia ($1,219,099; 13%) EA-6B, EA-18G, E-2C, MH-60R, BAMS, P-8A, UAS, flight simulators, training systems, other electronic attack derivatives & initiatives.


Northrop Grumman received $20,093,330 to support of airborne electronic attack system enhancements for AN/ALQ-218(V) 2 receiver on EA-18G aircraft. 




CFM International received $12,466,506 for one CFM56-7B27AE engine for P-8 Poseidon. Work in Villaroche, France (55%); Durham, NC (45%).




Lockheed Martin received $14,723,933 for C-5 communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management engineering & manufacturing development and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast out tech incorporation.




Boeing received $8,376,564 to study C2 Mobility Enterprise Information System / Airborne Network Global Info Grid Interface capability on the KC-46A system. 


Northrop Grumman received $39,919,146 for 9 engine overhauls & worldwide support on KC-10, to include McGuire AFB; Travis AFB; Tinker AFB.




Bevilacqua Research Corp. received $31,176,259 for R&D, test & eval, and acquisition support at Eglin AFB; Duke Field; Hurlburt Field; Nellis AFB; Tinker AFB; Edwards AFB. QuantiTech, Inc. received $39,557,675 for the same services at Eglin, Eilson, Arnold, Holloman, Hill, Wright-Patterson AFBs; JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Torch Technologies Inc. received $34,628,375 for the same services at Eglin AFB; Kirkland AFB; Wright-Patterson AFB.


Reliance Test & Technology received $27,255,000 for operation and maintenance services at Eglin Test and Training Complex, Eglin AFB.


XL Scientific LLC Verus Research received $11,000,000 to research high-power electromagnetics effects on analog & digital electronic systems, and to perform effects testing on such systems. Also: build, run, validate models that can be used to predict the effectiveness of high-power electromagnetics weapons against electronic targets. Work at Phillips Research Site, Kirtland AFB.




Aermor; American Systems Corp.; Qualis Corp. received $93,500,000 for Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center (AFOTEC) test services at Kirtland, Buckley, Edwards, Eglin, Hill, Nellis, Peterson AFB; Everett, WA; Hurlburt Field.




Raytheon received $7,807,832 for H-60 aircraft spare parts. Sole-source.




Aviall Services received $8,889,900 for J-85 engine retrofit kits. Sole-source.




Textron received $8,013,824 for 255 automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast production kits for T-6 for U.S. Navy (251) and U.S. Army (4). 




L-3 Communications received $27,689,184 for T-1A logistics support at Vance AFB; Columbus AFB; Laughlin AFB; JB San Antonio-Randolph; NAS Pensacola. L-3 Communications received $26,816,547 to repair 16 T-1A hail damaged aircraft in Waco, TX; Madison, MS.




Austal USA received $584,200,000 to build a LCS. Lockheed Martin received $584,200,000 to build a LCS. Not competitive.


General Dynamics received $9,222,928 for LCS planning yard services.


Raytheon received $15,132,006 for AN/AQS-20 sonar mine detecting maintenance and support.




General Dynamics received $20,596,056 for USS Washington (SSN 787) post-delivery work.


Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $59,784,744 for FY2019 USS Boise (SSN 764) engineered overhaul. 




Delphinus Engineering, QED Systems, Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication, Propulsion Controls Engineering, Platypus Marine, Puglia Engineering, Tecnico Corp. received shared $75,000,000 for repair & maintenance on USN waterborne vessels, surface ships, subs in Bremerton (85%); Naval Base Kitsap-Banger (10%); Everett (5%), WA.


Delphinus Engineering, Q.E.D. Systems, Epsilon Systems Solutions, Tecnico Corp., Southcoast Welding & MFG, Bay City Marine Inc., Pacific Ship Repair & Fab Inc., Miller Marine received a shared $35,000,000 for repair, preservation, upgrades (e.g. steam to electric conversion, SIPR Network / Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network / wireless LAN upgrade) dockside & dry dock services on U.S. Navy barges in Pacific Southwest (San Diego) area. 


General Dynamics received $7,194,529 to maintain U.S. Navy certification, protect, and operate ARDM-4, a floating dry dock.


General Dynamics received $28,599,217 for reactor plant planning yard services for nuclear-powered subs and support yard services for moored training ships. Huntington Ingalls received $7,008,313 for planning & design yard functions for Navy valves on nuclear-powered subs and aircraft carriers. 


Huntington Ingalls received $9,920,893 for work supporting post shakedown availability for DDG 114. Not competitive. Huntington Ingalls received $65,146,016 for repair, maintenance, upgrades, modernization on USS Helena (SSN 725) dry-docking SRA.




Argon ST Inc. received $11,691,997 for eight AN/SLQ-25A/C countermeasure decoy systems & spares, which defend ships against torpedoes. 


Raytheon received $59,775,948 to provide engineering services, analysis, and material necessary for SM-3 Block IIA production. Raytheon received $43,323,017 for FY2017 SM-6 long lead material for full rate production.




Crowley Government Services received $50,256,525 for operation & maintenance of 6 government owned marine prepositioning force ships.


Hornbeck Offshore Operators received $29,655,520 for operation & maintenance of modified offshore-supply vessels, T-AGSE, serving as blocking vessels.


Patriot Contract Services received $63,705,629 for operation & maintenance of 8 government owned Watson-class large medium-speed roll-on/roll-off ships.




Global Technical Systems (GTS) received $10,572,420 for common processing system (CPS) water-cooled production units, spares, and engineering services. GTS received $63,191,604 for CPS, spares, associated engineering.


Raytheon received $29,455,672 for missions systems equipment; total ship computing environment hardware; software R&D, test; DDG 1000 class integrated logistics support.




American Electronics Inc. received $27,581,636 for engineering, technical, and management services in support of NAWCAD St. Inigoes.


BAE Systems received $7,870,777 for engineering & technical services in support of NAWCAD Special Communications Mission Solutions (AD-4.11.3).


ERAPSCO received $219,757,475 for up to 166,500 AN/SSQ 36, AN/SSQ-53, AN/SSQ-62, AN/SSQ-101, AN/SSQ-125, and MK-84 sonobuoys.


Programs Management Analytics & Technologies received $7,424,213 to perform integrated mission platform and collaborative targeting (IMPaCT) analysis in support of the Office of Naval Research.


Resource Management Concepts Inc. received $40,027,914 to support Naval Air Warfare Aircraft DivisionÕs Simulation Division. Services include facilities operation & maintenance, and IT support for AIR-5.4.3 Simulation Division.




DCS Corp. received $207,596,336 to provide system engineering, analysis, R&D, logistics, and configuration & data management services to NAWCWD aircraft integrated pProduct teams.




Carothers Construction received $12,071,118 to renovation training facilities & a SCIF at Goodfellow AFB.


COLSA Corp. received $56,190,669 for technical & management advisory services C4ISR and cyber support at Eglin AFB; Hanscom AFB; Gunter Annex, AL; Patrick AFB; Edwards AFB; Scott AFB; Robins AFB; Beale AFB; Hill AFB; Langley AFB; San Antonio, TX. Includes unspecified FMS.


HDR Architecture Inc. received $45,000,000 for architecture & engineering services in support to Army Cyber Center of Excellence, Fort Gordon.




CDW Government received $12,716,340 for 16,303 laptops to support the automated tech refresh mandatory Windows 10 transition. 


Gradkell Systems Inc. received $75,000,000 to provide for systems operations & maintenance to meet the requirements of public laws, regulations, standards, stakeholders, and best business practices.


Intelligent Decisions Inc. received $45,000,000 for brand name hardware along with brand name or equal IT agnostic parts and accessories.




Antensan USA, Long Wave Inc., Shape Construction Inc., SiteMaster Inc., Tower Inspection Inc. received shared $99,000,000 to maintain / repair communication facilities at naval installations worldwide. Shape Construction, for example, will repair communications towers in Cutler, ME.


Harris received $765,000,000 for portable radios and ancillary parts. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2034(c)(1) and FAR 6.302-1. 




Orbital ATK received $20,000,000 for advanced rocket, solid boost technology. Orbital ATK received $33,982,424 for long duration propulsive EELV secondary payload adapter and to extend Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) policy for rideshare (leveraging previous EELV secondary payload adapter dev). Space X received $40,766,512 to develop Raptor prototype for EELV.




Applied Defense Solutions received $7,370,513 for space situational awareness services at Schriever AFB. Kratos Federal Solutions Group received $11,328,781 for command & control system consolidation at Schriever AFB.


Lockheed Martin received $21,097,084 for AEHF satellite vehicle 5 & 6: vehicle 6 operational resiliency and vehicle 5/6 atlas 551 capability.


Mayflower Communications Co. received $10,074,781 for engineering & fabrication of production representative articles for multi-platform anti-jam GPS navigation antenna, as well as the federated & integrated systems.


Professional Solutions1 received $48,000,000 to support DODÕs Enhanced Mobile Satellite Service (EMSS) Gateway by providing Distributed Tactical Communication System, Global Logistical Services Management.




Lockheed Martin received $80,785,457 and Rockwell Collins received $76,272,681 for Airborne Launch Control System Replacement (ALCS-R) program. Involves technology maturation / risk reduction culminating in preliminary design & a fully functional prototype.


Modern Technology Solutions Inc. (MTSI) received $10,000,000 to develop models of new interceptor & sensor concepts; algorithms re: functionality of interceptor / sensor on-board systems; and high-fidelity closed-loop simulations of interceptors, sensors, and tools & techniques for defining, executing, and aggregating large high-fidelity data sets. MTSI received $88,677,534 for engineering on directed energy, space, sensors, and BMDS in Huntsville; Fort Belvoir; Colorado Springs; Hanscom AFB.


Northrop Grumman received $76,000,000 for long-lead-time materials for Integrated Air & Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS).


Raytheon received $1,500,000,000 for AN/TPY-2 and Sea-Based X-Band (SBX) radar operations & sustainment support. Sole-source.


Strategic Alliance Business Group (SABG) received $34,301,873 to provide support about space, services, and cost at Dahlgren, VA; Fort Greely; Redstone Arsenal; Fort Belvoir; PMRF; Vandenberg AFB; Wake Island, HI.


Torch Technologies Inc. received $86,239,493 to provide BMDS with digital representation of adversary missiles and flight test targets. Assists Corporate Lethality Program's mission.




Longbow LLC received $7,530,825 for Hellfire engineering services.


Orbital ATK received $7,519,608 for M830A1 high explosive anti-tank multi-purpose with tracer cartridge recapitalization.




Birdon America received $11,773,238 for 18 bridge erection boats and crew protections kits.


Clarke Power Services Inc. received $17,634,600 for five-ton, medium tactical vehicle transmissions. Sole-source.


Contitech USA received $13,447,681 for M88 track assemblies. Sole-source.


Oshkosh Defense received $15,557,757 for dressed diesel engines with containers. Sole-source per 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1).


Talbert Manufacturing received $17,461,890 to procure M872A4 trailers and associated items in support of Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles.


Textron received $332,900,000 for up to 255 mobile strike force vehicles, hardware, and field reps for system de-processing.




Crosman Corp. received $9,504,764 for air rifles & accessories in support of Army Junior Reserve OfficersÕ Training Corps marksmanship competitions.


Northrop Grumman received $13,399,673 for LRIP of Spider Increment IA remote control unit.




National Industries for the Blind received $12,884,595 for the advanced combat helmet pad suspension system.


OnSite Gas Systems received $20,909,102 for oxygen delivery systems and spare parts.


Stellar Services Inc., Filius Corp., Performance Systems, Millennium Corp., Tri Star Engineering, Subsystem Technologies Inc., Sabre Global Services, Software Professional Services received shared $23,472,362 for technical support services for Project Manager Soldier Weapons.




American Apparel Inc. received $48,411,186 for combat utility uniforms.


Excel Manufacturing Corp. received $8,790,860 for various coats & trousers for USAF and Afghanistan. UNICOR / Federal Prison Industries received $12,564,000 for Army physical fitness jackets.


Belleville Shoe Co. received $63,973,889 and Rocky Brands received $19,688,970 for hot-weather combat boots.




Alpha-Omega Change Engineering received $8,542,484 for cybersecurity requirements supporting aircrew training & rehearsal at Kirtland AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB, JB Andrews, and Moody AFB.


BGI LLC received $7,645,968 for EC-130H and A-10 aircrew training & courseware dev at Davis-Monthan AFB and Moody AFB.


Cubic Global Defense received $11,563,871 for Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Training Systems Support (MTSS), managed by Program Manager Training Systems, Orlando. Sole-source.


McGoldrick Construction Services received $8,147,000 to construct an infantry platoon battle course range at Fort Hood.




L-3 received $18,507,741 for Prompt Gamma Simulator (PGS) for Nuclear Effects Labo at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.


Radiation Safety & Control Services received $11,669,227 to provide Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division with Mirion Battlefield Dosimeter (MBD-2) and auxiliary equipment. Not competitive, 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1). 




Brad Hall & Associates ($168,766,790); Carrol Independent Fuel ($25,150,003); Dime Oil Co. ($21,108,178); Mansfield Oil ($10,856,619); Mid-Atlantic Cooperative Solutions ($9,527,776); Troy Co. ($8,700,091); APEX Petroleum ($7,702,775); received funding for various types of fuel.


DES Wholesale ($54,367,383) and Petroleum Traders Corp. ($38,243,936) received funding for various types of fuel. Fannon Petroleum Services ($75,613,980) and PAPCO, Inc. $60,260,048) received funding for fuel. Lykins Oil ($24,577,533) and Tri-gas & Oil ($18,361,080); received funding for fuel.




City of Aberdeen MD received $7,161,596 for water & wastewater utility service at Aberdeen Proving Ground.


CCI Construction Services received $10,151,837 to expand Smart Grid Direct Digital Control (DDC) system & retro-commissioning at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam. 


Show-Me Power Electric Cooperative received $17,000,000 for the full electrical requirements of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. One bid solicited, one received.




AvKare Inc. received $37,031,785 for estradiol tablets.


J&J Maintenance received $12,962,667 to replace electrical distribution equipment at Walter Reed.


Kāpili Services received $7,496,161 for upgrades & sustainment training to DOD users on legacy & emerging tech applications to enterprise Health Information Technology (HIT) portfolio.


Manus Medical received $9,900,000 for medical equipment. Nihon Kohden America received $35,340,720 for patient monitoring systems, accessories, consumables, and training.


3M Co, received $7,265.157 for maintenance & support of 3M Care Innovation (CI) licensed software product suite architected, used at medical treatment facilities across the Military Health System. Sole-source.


36 corporations received a shared $7,500,000,000 to provide medical services at DOD military treatment facilities.




Kirlin Builders received $13,895,436 to repair and renew Same Day Surgery and Family Care Unit Departments at Winn Army Community Hospital, Fort Stewart.




International Auto Logistics received $179,125,480 for continued support of transportation & storage of DOD shipments of privately owned vehicles belonging to DOD service members and civilian employees.


Jacobs Technology received $20,563,937 for IT Service Management Enterprise Support for USTRANSCOM.


Northrop Grumman received $10,113,468 to support Joint Distribution Process Analysis Center functions.


Textainer Equipment Management received $17,109,133 for program management, leasing, transportation & repair of intermodal equipment.


Trident Technologies received $23,534,012 for enterprise architecture, data, and engineering support to U.S. Transportation Command; Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command; and Air Mobility Command.


XPO Logistics Worldwide Government Services received $139,533,290 for freight transportation arrangement services for USTRANSCOM.


24 corporations received funding for domestic airlift services: Allegiant Air ($11,005,762); Atlas Air Inc. ($7,270,500); Berry Aviation ($3,352,080); Bighorn Airways ($250); Corporate Flight Management ($250); Delta Airlines ($9,415,663); East Cost Flight Services ($2,692,881); FedEx ($563,500); Flightworks Inc. ($250); Kalitta Charters ($3,171,710); Lynden Air Cargo ($250); Miami Air Int. ($5,081,556); MN Airlines ($24,937,016); Mountain Aviation Inc. ($250); National Air Cargo Group ($14,293,555); Northern Air Cargo ($250); Omni Air Int. ($12,115,591); Omni Air Transport ($250); Phoenix Air Group ($5,626,158); Sierra Pacific Air ($10,015,949); Southwest Airlines ($22,413,763); Tatonduk Outfitters ($250); United Air ($7,974,543); UPS ($250).




CH2M Hill Constructors received $7,366,050 for Camp Fannin, Texas, Formerly Used Defense Site Military Munitions Response Program Remediation.




Oakes Farms received $40,000,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables.


Sodexo Management Inc. received $117,025,170 and received $120,078,063 to support the Marine Corps Regional Garrison Food Services Program.


DOMESTIC BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES – BOSS usually involves a combination of: facility management, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.


The Pacific Architects & Engineers received $22,249,700 for management & operation of base operating support at Sheppard AFB, TX; Frederick Airfield, OK; Lake Texoma, TX.


PAE Applied Technologies received $35,114,380 for operations, maintenance, & logistics for So-Cal Offshore Range (SCORE), San Diego, CA (50%); San Clemente Island, CA (50%).


Railroad Construction Co. received $9,344,963 for base operations support services at Naval Weapons Station Earle. 


TRAX International Corp. received $9,203,652 for test support services, Army Yuma Proving Ground and Fort Greely.




Wolf Creek Federal Services received $9,834,297 for base operations support within Naval Facilities Engineering Command Marianas.




Command Management Systems, Hotel Contracting Services Inc., Empire Hospitality LLC, Liberty Lodging Co., Bellator Group Inc. received shared $230,000,000 for applicant management at 57 MEPS throughout USA.


Core Services Group, AVW Technologies, Klett Consulting Group, Hamilton Consulting Solutions, AERMOR, Tekla Research received a shared $83,131,904 for operational test / eval analytical support to Chief of Naval Operations projects in support of Commander, Operational Test & Evaluation Force.


Hampton Roads Produce Distribution received $14,046,926 for warehouse & distribution operations.


Logistics Management Institute received $12,308,251 for facility planning & geospatial information and services data management support for implementation of Marine Corps Infrastructure Reset Strategy. 


Olgoonik Technical Services received $11,054,577 for warehousing and distribution support services. Safe Ports Inc. received $22,102,251 for warehouse and distribution operations.




Ernst & Young LLP received $29,118,902 for general fund audit readiness.




Booz Allen Hamilton, Capstone Corp., ECS Federal LLC, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Whitney, Bradley & Brown Inc. received a shared $111,808,367 to provide professional services in: program management, engineering, logistics, financial management, and admin support for commander, Navy Installations Command Headquarters, Washington, DC.




Coastal Design & Construction received $10,121,889 for dyke marsh wetland restoration and stabilization in Alexandria, VA.


IOIE - EQM JV, Relyant Global, LRS EMR JV, Iron Mike - Bristol JVB received $95,000,000 for flood recovery, infrastructure recovery, emergency management and military support.


J Benton Construction received $12,000,000 for temporary roof repair in support of Hurricane Irma and Maria response. One bid solicited, one received.




Coffman Specialties Inc. received $31,100,000 to repair taxiway shoulders and lights at Travis AFB and offsite disposal of petroleum-contaminated soil.




Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co. received $30,000,000 for architect-engineering services in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic.




Beard Construction Group received $13,045,225 to repair railroad tracks on Fort Polk.


CCI Energy & Construction Services; CI-Pond JV LLC; Dot Construction Inc.; MOWA Barlovento JV-2; Pacific Tech Construction received a shared $45,000,000 for construction, maintenance, repair, alteration and minor tasks, including asbestos and lead-based paint abatement, for military and civil projects.


Chavis Inc., Outside the Box LLC, CMC Building Inc., Lifecycle Construction Services, W4 Construction Group, Civil Works Contracting LLC received a shared $49,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and construction at Fort Bragg.


Gilbane Federal received $30,989,601 to renew floors at Fort Jackson.


Harper Construction, Balfour Beatty Construction, RQ Construction, Solpac Construction, T. B. Penick & Sons received shared $30,000,000 for construction and repair of commercial and institutional buildings within NAVFAC Southwest.


J.I. Garcia Construction, Patricia I. Romero, Dimensions Construction, K.L. House Construction, D Square Construction, Herman/JCG, I.E.-Pacific received a shared $240,000,000 for construction & repair within NAVFAC Southwest.


J&J BBIX JV received $16,977,000 for design / build of a system mechanical engineering facility on Hanscom AFB.


Kirlin Builders received $41,356,549 to repair & renew Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (Buildings 43 and 47) in Bethesda, MD.


Link-Belt Cranes received $121,890,993 and TYMCO Inc. received $53,000,000 for commercial construction equipment.


LS Black Constructors received $13,454,400 to build a training & mobilization dining facility at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin.


MEB General Contractors received $20,973,000 to construct a pump house and fuel-storage facility at Cannon AFB.


OSC Solutions received $7,063,296 for stock, storage, issuance of supplies, construction materials, and hardware in support NAVFAC HawaiÕi.




Great Lakes Dredge & Dock received $9,194,855 for maintenance dredging for the Inland Waterway, Delaware River to Chesapeake Bay, and received $213,295,500 for Charleston entrance channel maintenance & dredging, SC.