Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the US war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. Here are the contracts issued during December 2020.



FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)The U.S. war industry sells to capitalist regimes around the world through direct commercial sales and foreign military sales (FMS). FMS tend to deal with big-ticket items or goods and services of a sensitive nature. Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers industry goods and services to the allied governments. In fiscal year 2020, the war industry sold $50.8 billion through FMS, and $124.3 billion through direct commercial sales.


CFM International $28,529,246 for two P-8A Poseidon engines (CFM56-7B27AE) for Australia and New Zealand. FMS funds $14,264,623; foreign cooperative project funds $14,264,623.


Boeing $109,155,844 for FMS (New Zealand): P-8A training systems. Also: software, publications, contracts, logistics, engineering and management technical assistance, installation and inspection of the training systems. 


AITC-Five Domains JV $29,028,329 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): train, advise, assist and mentor services in Riyadh. AITC-Five Domains JV $17,719,759 to provide train, advise, assist and mentor services in Riyadh.  BlueForce $14,179,677 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): more support of English language training at King Abdul Aziz Air Base.


L3Harris $13,148,618 for FMS (UAE): binocular night vision devices and accessories. 


Lockheed Martin $9,297,472 for FMS engineering services, materials and spares. “Country name(s) are withheld due to international agreement.”


Lockheed Martin $101,001,289 for FMS: instructor services and associated administrative support for weapons systems and Aegis training requirements. 70% work in USA. Overseas work in Maizuru (2%), Sasebo (3%), and Yokosuka (10%), Japan; Sydney, Australia (10%); Busan (1%), Chinhae (1%), Jeju Island (1%), S. Korea; Bergen, Norway (2%).


Lockheed Martin $22,013,540 for FMS (Japan): Aegis FMS baseline J7.B development and radar production, integration, test planning support.  Northrop Grumman $37,707,325 for FMS (Japan): initial spare parts for RQ-4 Global Hawk.


Lockheed Martin $28,125,918 for FMS (S. Korea): follow-on support sustainment of the South Korea Peace Krypton Program: support of the field service representative, program management, core/field engineering, System Depot Support Facility sustainment, technical manuals sustainment, and obsolescence management.


Lockheed Martin $12,350,767 for non-recurring engineering and obsolescence services in support of the Airborne Low Frequency Sonars integration into MH-60R production aircraft for India and Denmark. 


Lockheed Martin $26,072,116 for services associated with aircraft modification efforts for the F-35 program, including modification and reach-back engineering services, support for depots, laser shock peening site support and material support depot site support. Also adds scope for contractor field teams and labor & costs associated with depots outside continental U.S. regarding F-35 modifications. Overseas work in Nagoya, Japan (26%); Cameri, Italy (22%); and Williamtown, Australia (8%).


Lockheed Martin $1,055,345 to provide program management support to execute the planning, procurement, and delivery of initial F-35 aircraft spares for USA, non-DOD participants, and FMS operational aircraft.  Lockheed Martin $43,569,059 for FMS (unnamed): F-35 recurring logistics services, including ground maintenance activities, action request resolution, depot activation activities, automatic logistics information system (ALIS) operations & maintenance, reliability, maintainability and health management implementation, and support, supply chain management and activities to provide and support pilot & maintainer initial training.


Lockheed Martin $101,518,751 for FMS (UK): “sustainment services and outcomes” supporting daily flight operations with the national specific capabilities required at various F-35 operating sites.


Lockheed Martin $126,165,384 for long lead materials, parts, components and support necessary to maintain on-time production and delivery of 133 F-35 aircraft (lot 16) for USA, non-U.S. DOD participants, and FMS.  Lockheed Martin $60,132,529 IDIQ for additional ancillary mission equipment/pilot flight equipment initial spares, including global, base, deployment and afloat spares packages in support of F-35 (lot 14) aircraft deliveries for USA, non-DOD participants, and FMS aircraft. 


Lockheed Martin $68,162,655 for additional Technical Refresh 3 (TR3) test assets to allow for test laboratory upgrades and for test aircraft modifications for USA and non-DOD participants. 


Oxford Federal LLC $11,554,000 for FMS (Israel): design-build construction at sites in Tel Aviv.


General Atomics $36,246,974 for FMS (France): contractor logistics support on MQ-9 aircraft.


General Electric $20,049,879 IDIQ for FMS (Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, South Korea, Saudi Arabia): contractor engineering and technical services engine support for Air National Guard and FMS partners. 


General Dynamics $15,509,730 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistics support services for M1A1SA Abrams tanks and M88A1/A2 recovery vehicles in Camp Taji, Iraq.  Northrop Grumman $15,152,856 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistic support for Textron Cessna 208 and 172 fleet in Balad Air Base.  Spartan Air Academy Iraq LLC $15,684,449 for FMS (Iraq): T-6A contractor logistics support and training maintenance program at Balad Air Base.


Boeing $46,890,000 for FMS (Qatar): Digital Electronic Warfare System spares for Qatar’s F-15 program. Raytheon $13,648,819 for FMS (Qatar): procurement, manufacture, and storage of spares for Qatar Early Warning Radar sustainment.


Raytheon for Evolved SeaSparrow missile design agent, in-service support and technical engineering support services for NATO members and Japan ($112,000). Some work in Hengelo Ov, Netherlands (2%); Raufoss, Norway (2%); Ottobrunn, Germany (1%); Richmond, Australia (1%).


Raytheon $8,400,868 for FMS (India and Australia): non-recurring engineering for Multi-Spectral Targeting System (MTS) software deficiency corrections: design and integrate 4 turret unit sensors and 2 electronics unit circuit card assemblies “to address system obsolescence and provide a standard definition compatible system” on aircraft that utilize MTS.


Raytheon $18,563,368 for MK54 Lightweight Torpedo MOD 0 and MOD 1 common part kits and spare torpedo components for Belgium, Netherlands, and New Zealand.


Raytheon for design agent engineering and technical support services for Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, SeaRAM, and land-based Phalanx for UK $724,655 (8%); Australia $200,000 (2%); Taiwan $605,000 (6%); Japan $406,996 (4%); New Zealand $299,485 (3%); Saudi Arabia $784,000 (8%).


Textron $11,396,670 for FMS (Panamá): a King Air 250 aircraft.


Textron Bell $2,645,319 for engineering and logistics support on Bahrain and the Czech Republic UH-1Y and AH-1Z.




Avion Solutions Inc. $8,820,564 for logistics support for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems project manager's office, Redstone Arsenal, AL.


B. L. Harbert International $46,487,791 to build a headquarters building and an operations building which for MQ-9 Mission Control Element Group, Shaw AFB, SC. The complex will be focused around an exterior courtyard that promotes interaction among squadron personnel, with a shared entry access point from the parking areas.


General Atomics $305,188,639 for MQ-9 Reaper drone contractor logistics support: program management, contractor filed service representative support, depot repair, depot maintenance, sustaining engineering support, supply and logistics support, configuration management, tech data maintenance, software maintenance and inventory control point/warehouse support.


Boeing $198,000,000 to integrate a ground control station that provides command & control for MQ-25 for US Navy.


Booz Allen Hamilton $49,914,895 for modernization of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance science and technology research & development. 


Northrop Grumman $22,320,161 for software and engineering sustainment services, software support, logistics, cyber security, and program related engineering on MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned air systems. 


Northrop Grumman $53,700,000 for repair services for “common items” for both the RQ-4 Global Hawk and MQ-4C Triton.  Raytheon $10,873,024 for sustainment of Enhanced Integrator Sensor Suite (EISS) for RQ-4 Global Hawk program. 


Textron AAI $36,680,072 for contractor logistics support for the Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System.


Voly Defense Solutions $400,000,000 for all subsequent competitively selected delivery orders in support of Skyborg. Prototyping, experimentation and autonomy development in support of operational experimentation with a Skyborg air platform with modular hardware & software payloads.




Boeing $8,000,000 for extra-large unmanned undersea vehicle maintenance analyses and logistics products in Newport News, VA (52%); Huntington Beach, CA (48%).




Corning Inc. $15,000,000 to increase US industrial production capacity of pipette tips by 684 million tips per year. 


ModernaUS Inc. $1,966,598,000 for an additional 100 million doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 vaccine.


Pfizer Inc. $2,010,000,000 for production of vaccine BNT162b2.




Mission Essential LLC $15,669,134 for linguist services in support of U.S. Africa Command. 




Amentum $16,290,940 for Army prepositioned stocks in Qatar and Kuwait.


KBR $28,324,156 for additional base operations support services (BOSS) at Naval Support Activity Bahrain. KBR $22,251,961 IDIQ for BOSS at Naval Support Activity Bahrain. 


MVL USA Inc. $21,795,565 for a new trans-regional logistics complex at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar.




KBR $7,826,832 for more base operations support services at Naval Support Facility Redzikowo, Slupsk, Poland. 


Valiant/ALCA JV LLC $7,528,791 for BOSS services at NAS Sigonella and outlying support sites, Sicily, Italy.




DynCorp $18,120,424 $18,120,424 for support services to DOD components (e.g., Naval Mobile Construction Battalions, Naval Expeditionary Combat Command Pacific, Explosive Ordnance Detachment Group One, Coastal Riverine Group One) conducting humanitarian assistance, civic assistance, minor military construction, “contingency efforts,” supporting exercises and projects located usually in remote areas in the Philippines, Cambodia, Timor-Leste and other countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. 


Edison Chouest Offshore $7,740,555 for one maritime support vessel MV Carolyn Chouest. Vessel utilized to launch, recover, refuel and resupply craft in Indo-Pacific Command.


Manu Kai LLC $37,000,000 for 3 months of range operations support and base operations support services at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, HI. 


SAIC maximum $90,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair and operations items in the mainland (NJ, HI), and the Pacific (Guam and the Kwajalein Atoll).




Daniels & Daniels Construction $13,437,820 to build the Marine Raider Regiment Headquarters at Camp Lejeune.


General Electric $126,450,000 IDIQ for life-cycle contractor support for the YT706-GE-700 engine [powers MH-60M] and components for SOCOM.


Raytheon $235,576,667 for production & delivery of the Silent Knight Radar for SOCOM.


Raytheon $99,000,000 for Next-Generation Special Mission Processors (NextGen SMP) for SOCOM. NextGen SMP enables “tactical mission systems to integrate with AC/MC-130J aircraft controls and provide future software capabilities.”




Battelle Memorial Institute $9,472,919 for DARPA’s Rational Integrated Design of Energetics (RIDE) program. In Phase One, Battelle proposes to develop a semi-automated system in order to provide an energetics formulation platform that addresses powder-pressed and cast-cured formulations for explosives and propellants.


Systems and Technology Research (STR) $15,177,171 for a DARPA research project under the Joint All-Domain Warfighting Software (JAWS) program. JAWS aims to develop a software suite for battle management and command & control, using automation and predictive analytics to more efficiently capture/kill. This would develop software “for the warfighter to adaptably set up and execute synchronized kill webs encompassing the undersea, sea surface, land, air, space and electromagnetic domains.”


Systems & Technology Research (STR) $8,343,762 for Airspace Deconfliction Via Integrated Sensing & Efficient Replanning (ADVISER), supporting DARPA Air Space Total Awareness for Rapid Tactical Execution (ASTARTE) program, Phase 1: R&D and demonstration of virtual & live testbed for airspace management systems, a series of algorithms for airspace planning & operations, and a sensor network for delivering real-time spatial and temporal tracking of airborne platforms.




Clark Construction Group $17,631,510 to build the first and seventh floors of East Campus Building 2 at Fort Meade, MD.


iWorks Corp. $16,686,139 for vetting personnel for access, preserving the adjudicative decision, and identifying & mitigating insider threats for Defense Counterintelligence & Security Agency (DCSA) in and around Fort Meade, MD. 


Raytheon $611,500,000 IDIQ for command & control switching systems (CCSS): electronic digital telecommunications system.  CCSS is a key component of the Defense Red Switch Network, for voice & data telecommunications and voice conferencing capabilities. DIA accredits CCSS switches for TS/SCI multi-level security.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab $300,000,000 for additional engineering support services, systems engineering for complex systems, specialized R&D, and other support functions at Los Angeles AFB, CA.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money in any given season. The lead corporation, Lockheed Martin, does not intend to address 162 of the jet’s 883 known design flaws.


Lockheed Martin $70,398,903 for services associated with aircraft modification efforts for the F-35 program, including modification and reach-back engineering services, support for depots, laser shock peening site support and material support depot site support. Also adds scope for contractor field teams and labor and costs associated with depots outside continental U.S. in support of air vehicle modifications. Overseas work in Nagoya, Japan (26%); Cameri, Italy (22%); and Williamtown, Australia (8%).


Lockheed Martin for program management support to execute planning, procurement, and delivery of initial aircraft spares for F-35 Joint Program Office for USA ($5,549,071) and non-DOD participant ($2,110,689). “Non-DOD international partners” and “non-US DOD participants” are international customers, though administratively distinct from FMS.


Lockheed Martin for recurring F-35 logistics services, including ground maintenance activities, action request resolution, depot activation activities, automatic logistics information system (ALIS) operations & maintenance, reliability, maintainability and health management implementation, and support, supply chain management and activities to provide & support pilot & maintainer initial training for USA ($1,244,003,590). Non-U.S. DOD participant share = $88,418,881.


Lockheed Martin for a redesigned F-35 electronic warfare/counter measures quad-channel up converter/quad-channel tuner module and electrical power management system for US Navy $18,915,828; US Air Force $18,915,831; and non-U.S. DOD participant $8,194,497.


Lockheed Martin $18,609,865 for maintenance and operation support for the Australia, Canada, UK Reprogramming Laboratory (ACURL). Effort includes support for all ACURL systems to include consumables for F-35 aircraft in support of Australia, Canada and the UK. Non-U.S. DOD participant funds allocated.


Lockheed Martin $777,420,000 for long lead materials, parts, components and support necessary to maintain on-time production and delivery of 133 F-35 aircraft (lot 16) for USA and non-U.S. DOD participants.


Lockheed Martin $36,547,389 for ongoing intermediate level maintenance on F-35 for US Navy and Marine Corps.


HHI Corp. $16,279,996 for construction supporting the F-35A staging area at Hill AFB.




Bell Boeing Joint Program Office $18,000,000 for more technical analysis, engineering and integration services for systems and subsystems in support of V-22 aircraft for USA and FMS.


Bell Boeing Joint Project Office $170,438,450 for production and delivery of one CMV-22B variation in quantity aircraft for US Navy, and V-22 Common Configuration Readiness and Modernization (CC-RAM) Lot 4 requirements. Also provides planned maintenance interval inspections, repairs, shipping and storage containers and tooling.


Bell Boeing Joint Project Office $81,082,835 for continued non-recurring engineering support as well as the recurring procurement of kits and installs in support of the forced retrofit fleet implementation and installation of nacelle improvements and the conversion area harness onto the CV-22 aircraft for the Air Force.


Bell Boeing Joint Project Office $7,897,447 for new scope related to the update of common configuration readiness and modernization government furnished V-22 aircraft logbooks and configuration management auto log-sets in the naval aviation logistics command management information system optimized organizational maintenance activity and logistics support representative support. Also provides 305 flight director panels, 151 control display units, 478 enhanced standby flight indictor programmable read only memory units, and 45 regulated control units field programmable gate array.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $79,569,583 for F-15 Eagle Passive Active Warning and Survivability System low rate initial production (LRIP) in San Antonio, TX.  Boeing $189,266,657 for F-15 Eagle Passive Active Warning and Survivability System (EPAWSS) LRIP.


Boeing $17,764,388 for infrared search & track to upgrade the current Air Force design equivalent of the Navy Block II configuration.




International Enterprises Inc. $12,469,948 IDIQ for F-16 modular low power radio frequency (MLPRF) and dual mode transmitter (DMT) repairs. MLPRF and DMT are part of the radar systems on F-16 C/D aircraft. 


Lockheed Martin ceiling $900,000,000 to stand up a U.S.-based contractor facility to perform depot-level maintenance and aircraft modification on F-16 aircraft. Support will include all aircraft modifications, unplanned drop-in maintenance, time compliance technical orders, scheduled inspections and field team support. 




Boeing $10,849,059 for additional F/A-18 A-D and E-G aircraft integrated product support. 


Boeing $29,396,312 for parts and quantities for main and nose landing gear critical components retrofit kits for F/A-18A-D aircraft modification efforts. 


General Electric $219,999,984 for 48 F414-GE-400 engines and engine devices for US Navy F/A-18 aircraft.




General Electric $14,688,361 for the F414 Engine System Component Improvement Program for the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler aircraft.




Mnemonics Inc. $10,053,257 for engineering support services on Radio Frequency Blanking Unit (RFBU) and Electronic Attack Unit (EAU) components of the Advanced Electronic Attack system of EA-18G Growler aircraft.




Northrop Grumman $13,130,466 for 39 avionic flight mission computers, 10 control display units and one environmental stress screening station in support of E-2D aircraft. 


Northrop Grumman $163,650,543 for supply chain management of APY-1/2 radar systems used on Airborne Warning & Control Systems aircraft: repairs, sustaining spares and engineering services.




Raytheon $14,782,286 for E-6B Mercury aircraft sustaining engineering support and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages management




Boeing $400,000,000 for engineering services to B-1 and B-52 aircraft at Tinker AFB, OK; Edwards AFB, CA; Barksdale AFB, LA; and Oklahoma City, OK.  Boeing another $400,000,000 for B-1 and B-52 bomber engineering services at Tinker AFB, OK; Edwards AFB, CA; Barksdale AFB, LA; and Oklahoma City, OK.




Northrop Grumman minimum $246,428,549 for manufacture of B-2 exhaust pipes.




Meggitt Defense Systems $27,425,431 IDIQ for additional P-8A liquid palletized systems for US Navy P-8A aircraft. 




Northrop Grumman $185,700,000 IDIQ for sustaining engineering services on A-10 aircraft. This was erroneously issued on 23 Nov 2020, but the correct issue date is 14 Dec 2020.




McCallie Associates $27,635,192 IDIQ for C-5M sustainment: delivery of technical data for organizational maintenance of the C-5M using a common source database. 




Boeing maximum $41,709,797 for consumable and depot-level repairable parts for the KC-46.


MILITARY RESEARCH – A recent report from the Government Accountability Office indicated, “Contractors decide what independent R&D projects to conduct,” for which DOD pays, and “DOD does not know how contractors’ independent R&D projects fit into the department’s technology goals.”


Advanced Acoustic Concepts LLC $9,322,942 for Angler System for Seabed Warfare: for Office of Naval Research, work on weapon technology that is capable of operating in a deep-water environment.


Apogee Engineering $12,870,921 for advisory assistance services at Offutt AFB, NE.


A-Tech Corp. $29,105,543 to work on the Survivability, Attribution, and Self-Sensing Integrated Experiment (SASSIE) program for the Air Force Research Lab. The program works on onboard spacecraft self-sensing, attribution, and autonomous operations.


General Electric $11,402,127 for the Next Generation Propulsion Enablers Technology Development. Develop three technologies to improve gas turbine propulsion: (1) advanced fan aerodynamics development to increase stall margin, improve operability, and allow engines to be designed to higher pressure ratios; (2) a fuel system to enhance engine cycle efficiency, reduce uncertainty margins, and provide improved thermal management capability; (3) high temperature sensing to enable temperature measurements in hotter sections of the engine.


National Aerospace Solutions $108,309,387 for test operations, technology development, equipment & facility sustainment, capital improvements, and some support services for Arnold Engineering Development Complex, Arnold AFB, TN.


Saxman One LLC $50,750,000 IDIQ for the Navy Internship and Apprenticeship Programs:  promotion of student internship opportunities such as the Science & Engineering Internship Program (SEAP), the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP), Naval Horizons, and other programs. Work includes web site development, customer service, program awareness, virtual training opportunities, intern notification, payment of intern stipends, work with Naval Commands to obtain the proper security paperwork for the interns, coordination of internship agreements, and reports to the Office of Naval Research. 


SRI International maximum $90,143,000 for the Advanced Microcircuit Emulation program. 




Boeing $13,900,000 for software upgrades to the flight management computer for the AH-64E.  Boeing $40,717,442 for a Longbow Crew Trainer and spares.


DynCorp $14,761,791 for maintenance on helicopters assigned to the 316th Wing at Joint Base Andrews, MD. 


General Electric $111,910,637 for 20 turboshaft engines (T408-GE-400), support equipment, and associated engine, programmatic, and logistics services in support of CH-53K (lot 4) low rate initial production and spares.  Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $74,101,557 to provide low rate initial production organic capability pilot repair material, technical publications, peculiar support equipment and logistics support for the CH-53K aircraft.


L3Harris $15,399,324 for twelve AN/SRQ-4 kits and associated components for MH-60 Common Data Link system. 


L3Harris $29,197,837 for the manned/unmanned teaming hardware and technical & engineering support for the Boeing AH-64 “Apache” helicopter. Some FMS (Morocco, Netherlands, Qatar, UAE, UK).


Lockheed Martin $31,123,618 for sustainment of the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (MTADS/PNVS). This sensor is used on the Boeing AH-64 helicopter.  LongBow LLC $12,320,522 for life cycle contractor support for the LongBow Fire Control Radar, which is used on the Boeing AH-64 helicopter.


Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $507,036,949 for UH-60M HH-60M aircraft. 


Lockheed Martin $23,686,704 for H-1 aircraft turret assemblies for US Navy.


Oro Manufacturing Co. maximum $10,608,476 for aircraft seat aviation life support equipment for US Army.


Textron Bell maximum $39,093,369 for H-1 consumables.  Textron Bell $21,609,821 for commercial Bell 407, 412, 429, 505 and Huey II basic aircraft.  Textron Bell $22,146,333 for engineering and logistics support for Marine Corps AH-1Z and UH-1Y and AH-1Z aircraft modifications and sustainment. 




BAE Systems $18,003,287 IDIQ for up to five Mode 5 capable AN/APX-117A(V) systems; one Mode 5 capable AN/APX-118A(V) system; 308 Mode 5 capable AN/APX-123A(V) common identification friend or foe digital transponder systems; 289 Mode 5 kits; and associated shop replaceable assemblies and repairs incident to modification in support of fixed and rotary winged aircraft for the Navy, Army and non-DOD participants.


Boeing $108,537,739 for consumable items supporting various aircraft for USA, Australia, Finland, France, Israel, Greece, Kuwait, Switzerland. 


LC Industries Inc. maximum $98,775,719 for light chemiluminescent and shield light chemiluminescent. 


Lockheed Martin $89,246,355 for 35 electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS) full rate production units and related equipment: 4 self-maintenance and test/calibration operational test program sets, 5 calibration equipment suites/kits, 36 rack rail kits, 44 shore installation kits, and 28 ship installation kits. 


M1 Support Services $23,459,155 for the back-shop and flight-line maintenance of multiple aircraft types at Nellis AFB, NV.


Northrop Grumman $13,464,704 for repairs, sustaining spares and engineering services relating to the Aircraft Alerting Communication Electromagnetic Pulse system. 


Shenandoah Fleet Maintenance and Management $9,384,408 for Logistics Readiness Squadron / Logistics Readiness Vehicles at Robins AFB, GA.




Canadian Commercial Corp. (Ottawa) $43,000,000 for the Global Procedure Design (GPD): software that provides instrument approach and departure procedure development capability.




Cobham Mission Systems $8,267,228 for 196 GGU-25A oxygen concentrators, 80 GGU-25A oxygen concentrator spares and associated production and technical data support for the Navy T-45 aircraft. 




DRS $10,121,768 for non-recurring engineering for AN/AAQ-45 Distributed Aperture Infrared Countermeasure system (design, development, integration) including associated weapons replaceable assemblies for HH-60W aircraft for the Air Force.


Terma North America $306,480,755 for production, repair, and engineering support of various aircraft electronic countermeasure systems for US Air Force and foreign customers. 




Lockheed Martin $65,328,774 for Ship Self-Defense System Combat System engineering support.


Lockheed Martin $7,654,990 for AEGIS shipboard integration engineering, AEGIS test team support, AEGIS modernization team engineering support, ballistic missile defense (BMD) test team support and AWS element assessments.


Lockheed Martin $48,699,897 for AEGIS Combat System Engineering Agent efforts for design, development, integration, test, and delivery of Advanced Capability Build 20.  Lockheed Martin $34,176,026 for AEGIS Combat System Engineering Agent efforts for the design, development, integration, test and delivery of Advanced Capability Build 20.


Raytheon $38,786,218 for production of two Fire Control System MK 99 ship sets and the associated technical engineering services in support of the Aegis Combat System on DDG-51 class ships. 


ZUMWALT-CLASS DESTROYERS (DDG-1000) – DDG-1000 class ships are marketed as fulfilling “volume firepower and precision strike requirements.” These ships are packed with corporations’ electronic goods.


General Dynamics Bath Iron Works $23,852,562 for planning yard efforts such as engineering, technical, planning, ship configuration, data and logistics efforts for DDG-1000 class destroyers post-delivery and in-service life-cycle support.


Raytheon $59,414,933 for DDG 1000 integrated logistics support, engineering services, and M5 call servers.


NIMITZ-CLASS AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (CVN) – This type of aircraft carrier is plagued with problems.


Huntington Ingalls Inc. $12,531,003 for maintenance and modernization onboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.




BAE Systems $18,000,057 for Virginia class submarine propulsors. 


General Dynamic $49,808,303 for the New England Maintenance Manpower Initiative for non-nuclear maintenance on submarines based at Naval Submarine Support Facility New London, Groton, CT.


General Dynamics $43,212,827 for a fiscal 2020-2023 Columbia (US01) and Dreadnought class development, production and installation requirement.


Lockheed Martin $27,986,162 for systems engineering and integration on Navy submarines.


Raytheon’s Rockwell Collins $90,264,588 for 23 Submarine High Data Rate (SubHDR) antenna systems. The SubHDR antenna system is used for submarines communications.




Bechtel Plant Machinery $662,216,798 for naval nuclear propulsion components. Bechtel Plant Machinery $482,417,574 for naval nuclear propulsion components. Bechtel Plant Machinery $104,518,407 for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Components. 




BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair LLC $24,681,208 for post shakedown availability (PSA) on one Freedom variant Littoral Combat Ship in Mayport, FL.


Fincantieri Marine Systems North America $13,343,620 IDIQ for maintenance support for the Mine Countermeasure-1 Class main propulsion diesel engine and ship service diesel generator in the homeports of Sasebo, Japan; and Manama, Bahrain, and ports-of-call as required on individual task orders.


General Dynamics $100,040,336 for USS Comstock (LSD 45) fiscal 2021 docking selected restricted availability. 


Huntington Ingalls Inc. $43,498,975 for follow-on CG 47 class integrated planning yard services.


MHI Ship Repair & Services – Norfolk $57,134,922 for USS Oak Hill (LSD 51) fiscal 2021 selected restricted availability.


Al Larson Boat Shop, Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc., Marine Group Boat Works shared $144,676,905 for marine boatyard services (lot II) including specific modifications, upgrades, service life extension and repairs to non-commissioned boats, craft, lighterage, service craft, and ancillary support equipment that are greater than or equal to 15 meters/50 feet in length up to 60 meters/200 feet in length and can be transported via roadway by a trailer, or via waterway. Lot II also provides services for boats, craft, lighterage or service craft less than 15 meters/50 feet in length that must be delivered on their bottom via waterway. Work at contractor’s facilities in San Diego or Los Angeles.


United Support Services $9,461,730 for berthing and messing barge organizational level maintenance support services for US Pacific Fleet in San Diego, CA (33%); Bremerton, WA (26%); Pearl Harbor, HI (18%); Yokosuka, Japan (9%); Apra Harbor, Guam (8%); Sasebo, Japan (6%).




Raytheon $10,316,250 for Dual Band Radar (DBR) systems engineering.




DRS Laurel Technologies (max. $211,588,719) and VT Milcom Inc. (max. $188,428,823) to sustain the Technical Insertion 2016 equipment: manufacture, assembly, and testing of Technical Insertion 2016 equipment spares; associated engineering services, procurement, and harvesting; and installation of ordinance [sic] alteration kits and related products.


Southeastern Computer Consultants $42,989,767 for Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System (TTWCS) Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) products and services at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division. 


Progeny Systems Corp. $10,179,429 for MK54 MOD 1 Lightweight and MK48 Heavyweight torpedo components. 98% work in Towcester, UK; 2% work in Charleroi, PA, and Manassas, VA.  Progeny Systems Corp. $41,716,025 for production of MK54 MOD 1 lightweight torpedo kits, associated production support material, spares, and engineering & hardware support services for US Navy (99%); Australia, Canada, Taiwan, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium (1% combined).


Raytheon $8,122,692 for MK54 lightweight torpedo common part kits and spare torpedo components for US Navy.


Raytheon $20,463,428 for fiscal 2021 U.S. Navy Rolling Airframe Missile Mod 5 Guided Missile Launching System requirements and spares.


Raytheon $82,710,850 for Air and Missile Defense Radar AN/SPY-6(V) integration and production support efforts.


Raytheon $17,153,396 for Evolved SeaSparrow missile design agent, in-service support and technical engineering support services.


Saab $18,182,043 to manufacture, inspect, test, and deliver Multi-Mode Radar (MMR) systems for Navy Expeditionary Support Base ships and Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter. The MMR is the primary sensor for air surveillance, surface surveillance, and gun weapon system cueing for the Cutter.




BAE Systems $63,318,190 for MK 41 Vertical Launching System canisters and ancillary hardware for US Navy (99%) and the Netherlands (1%).


BAE Systems $184,444,865 for 36 full rate production amphibious combat vehicles (ACV) and other associated production costs for the US Marine Corps. The ACV has serious flaws.


CACI $20,317,601 for support to the broad areas of acquisition and integrated logistics for current & future programs and their variants assigned to Program Executive Office (PEO), Integrated Warfare Systems (IWS), Front Office (FO). Support includes development and management of cross-program and cross-organization policies and practices for the full range of acquisition and integrated logistics support (ILS). 


Northrop Grumman $10,429,905 for a one-time purchase of inertial measuring units for US Navy.


Rolls-Royce $7,612,416 for main propulsion monobloc propellers, propeller hubs, oil distribution boxes, blades, and propeller blades for various Navy ship classes.


Serco - IPS Corp. $18,325,525 for professional support services for the Naval Sea System Command’s deputy commander for surface warfare. Work in D.C. (55%); Norfolk, VA (19%); San Diego, CA (18%); Mayport, FL (2%); Yokosuka, Japan (2%); Sasebo, Japan (1%); Manama, Bahrain (1%); Pascagoula, MS (1%); Pearl Harbor, HI (1%).


Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors $178,082,877 for design & construction of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research Variant (NAV) Ship 1 and Ship 2.


Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems $186,411,242 for the AN/SLQ-25E ‘NIXIE’ electro-acoustic towed torpedo countermeasure system for Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Keyport, WA.




L3Harris $495,530,542 for 10 pod simulators, 8 operational prototype pods, 4 jettison mass model pods, 2 captive mass models, 2 mission system prototypes, and 2 technique development systems. This is in support of engineering and manufacturing development for the Next Generation Jammer Low Band program. 




DCS Corp. $27,750,407 for design, development, integration, test, evaluation, installation, maintenance, configuration management and logistics in support of Air Traffic Control & Landing Systems Division systems and equipment. 


PAE $30,969,685 for 4 months of support (e.g. system operations, laboratory and field testing, marine operations and target support services, engineering, range sustainability, maintenance, data reduction, and analysis).


Viasat $10,882,119 for technical support, non-warranty hardware repair or replacement, obsolescence management, on-site maintenance, preventative maintenance, spare parts and replacement pedestals in support of the pedestal improvement project for Atlantic Test Range Aircraft Signature and Avionics Measurement branch, Patuxent River.




Forward Slope $11,323,595 to provide command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) planning and design services in support of shore installation projects. 


McKean Defense Group $57,564,800 for engineering support for consolidated afloat networks and enterprise services (CANES) to include technical and programmatic services for networking, communications and computer systems and associated certification and information assurance for new developments, current operations, and planned upgrades.


M.C. Dean Inc., SAIC, Serco Inc., Systems Engineering Support Co., VT Milcom Inc. $18,925,685 each for production management, integration and fabrication and system and component procurement for network integration engineering facility production services. Technical services include basic research, end-to-end system design, prototype development, systems engineering, integration, deployment and life cycle support of C4ISR systems. 


Perspecta Enterprise Solutions $797,344,313 IDIQ for services under Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN), supporting approximately 400,000 seats representing more than 650,000 Navy/Marine Corps users at more than 2,500 locations. NGEN provides net centric data and IT services through a common computing and communication environment to USN/USMC military, civilians, and corporate contractors. Services = enterprise services; network services; voice, video & data services; information security services; support services; and testing services. 


Scientific Research Corp. (Atlanta) $12,129,112 for the completion of C4I system of systems testing, integration and installation services onboard USS George Washington (CVN 73).




General Dynamics $28,092,546 for more network and IT services, ONE-Net.


General Dynamics $12,432,932 for specialty medical training, equipment/site maintenance and administration support services in Dublin, CA; Fort Gordon, GA; and Fort McCoy, WI.


Hunter Strategy LLC $20,954,134 to support the Enterprise Account Tracking & Automation Tool (ATAT) for the Cloud Computing Program Office. ATAT will provide “the ability to manage cloud accounts, manage authorized organizational users, access billing information and policies and apply and enforce cloud security policies.”


RKF Engineering Solutions $26,599,072 to support the Defense Spectrum Organization, Electromagnetic Spectrum Services, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects program, Strategic Planning and Applied Engineering Support - Mobile Service Provider. Work at the Defense Information Systems Agency headquarters, Fort Meade, MD; and the Mission Partner Defense Spectrum Organization, Annapolis, MD. 


AttainX Inc., Golden IT-JV, OM Group Inc., Stellar Innovations & Solutions Inc., Yakshna Solutions Inc., IDIQ max. $151,000,000 to provide IT lifecycle support to NAVFAC core facilities management, construction management, and installation management systems. Functional areas include systems development lifecycle support, cybersecurity support, business systems operations and support, IT operations management and enterprise, cloud operations/migration/system development, secure infrastructure, and analysis & management services. Some work in Port Hueneme, CA; San Diego, CA; D.C.; Pearl Harbor, HI; Norfolk, VA; KS City, MO; Bremerton, WA; and Yokosuka, Japan. 




Dobco Inc. $137,836,600 to build the Cyber Engineering Academic Center structure and parking lot at U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY.




MORSE Corp Inc. $10,861,000 to develop novel artificial intelligence/machine learning test, evaluation and algorithmic ensembling capabilities. 




ASRC Federal Data Network Technologies $249,000,000 to support program management activities across DOD High Performance Computing Modernization program.




BAE Systems $86,910,000 IDIQ for systems engineering and integration of Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low Volume Terminals (MIDS-LVT) for platforms for USA, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.


Raytheon $48,773,600 to produce, test and deliver fully integrated Navy multiband terminals (NMT) and spare parts. NMT is a satellite communications terminal. Raytheon $91,296,293 for more work on NMT, including engineering support services “to address obsolescence issues and other in-scope engineering service efforts”.


Vectrus $882,485,046 for operation, maintenance, and defense of Army communications in Fort Huachuca, AZ.




SpaceX $150,450,000 for launch services from Vandenberg AFB for the Space Development Agency's Tranche 0 Transport and Tracking Layer space vehicles. Standalone launch services via two launches (first launch Sept 2022; entire constellation on orbit no later than 31 Mar 2023).




The Aerospace Corp. $23,000,000 for federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) support for U.S. Space Force, Space & Missile Systems Center.


Boeing $9,156,355 for systems engineering and sustainment support for the Wideband Global Satellite Communications constellation.


Full Spectrum Operations $142,436,315 for Eastern Western Operational Communications Services (EWOCS) maintenance, operations, and support services for voice, video, data and infrastructure at Patrick Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL, and Vandenberg AFB, CA.


Kegman Inc. $98,700,000 IDIQ for advisory and assistance services for Air Force Technical Applications Center’s (AFTAC) mission that will include technical, programmatic, acquisition, expert panel, analyses, engineering, logistical and consultation support on a task order basis. Work at Patrick Space Force Base, FL.


Kratos $22,112,966 for control system consolidated production and sustainment services in Colorado Springs, CO.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the US war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the US war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is a lucrative business sector of war.


Lockheed Martin $62,151,901 for targets and countermeasures highly specialized services: additional work in support of specific Joint Emergent Operational Need activities and other mission-related efforts.




L3Harris $13,999,957 for services and support for flight test instrumentation (FTI) systems on Trident II (D5). Lockheed Martin $29,120,167 for Trident II missile production and deployed systems support. Work in Denver, CO (28.9%); Magna, UT (23.3%); Titusville, FL (18.7%); Rockford, IL (16.3%); Elma, NY (11.2%); Sunnyvale, CA (1.6%).


Lockheed Martin $9,273,205 for US and UK fleet support, Trident II SSP Shipboard Integration (SSI) Increment 8, SSI Increment 16, Columbia class and UK Dreadnought class navigation subsystem development efforts. Lockheed Martin $43,591,084 for USA and UK Trident Fleet support, Trident II SSP Shipboard Integration (SSI) Increment 8, SSI Increment 16, Columbia class and UK Dreadnought class Navigation Subsystem development efforts.


Northrop Grumman $73,194,742 for Remote Visual Assessment II production and deployment (adding six capabilities to procure, produce, remove, install, audit, test and document the equipment) regarding the Ground Subsystems Sustainment for Minutemen III intercontinental ballistic missiles at Malmstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, ND; and F.E. Warren AFB, WY.


Raytheon $29,224,207 for production of initial spares under already established line item numbers 0007, 0008, and 0009 for Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal, which is used for command & control of USAF nuclear bomber fleet.




BAE Systems $19,226,072 to expand the landfill at Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Kingsport, TN. BAE Systems $8,098,454 for a request for equitable adjustment resulting from costs incurred to operate Holston Army Ammunition Plant from 1 Oct 2017 to 30 Sept 2018.


L3Harris $29,256,541 for multi-option fuzes for mortars and point detonating/delay fuzes.


Lockheed Martin $10,395,412 for engineering services in support of the Hellfire and Joint-Air-to-Ground Missile. 


Lockheed Martin $48,634,855 855 for Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Group One development: risk reduction testing, cyber testing and coatings to support the Group One development effort. 


Northrop Grumman Alliant Techsystems Operations $12,045,421 for 120mm Advanced Multipurpose XM1147 high explosive multi-purpose with tracer cartridges. Northrop Grumman Alliant Techsystems Operations $19,291,368 to procure 120mm M865A1 new production cartridges for 120mm tank training ammunition. 


Raytheon $145,101,510 for 90 Tactical Tomahawk Vertical Launch System missiles (block V, full rate production, lot 17) including related hardware & services for US Navy. Also procures TACTOM recertification AGR-4 spares.




Northrop Grumman $11,639,736 for operational level spares for Joint Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare (JCREW) Increment One Block One (I1B1) systems for US Navy ($1,687,995; 85%) and Australia ($302,215.00; 15%).


SRCTec LLC $9,222,754 for hardware and services for Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare Duke system sustainment.




General Dynamics $4,620,000,000 for Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 tanks. Natel Engineering $12,173,939 IDIQ for Abrams vehicle power supply units.  Honeywell $1,105,100,580 for the Automotive Gas Turbine 1500 (AGT 1500) engine program.


L3Harris $56,595,123 for HMPT 800HP transmissions (used on land vehicles) and ancillary hardware.




Atlantic Diving Supply maximum $9,400,000 IDIQ for facility maintenance, repair, operations supplies and related incidental services for USA and NATO. Work in Virginia and Mediterranean countries in Europe.  SupplyCore, Inc. maximum $80,000,000 IDIQ for facilities maintenance, repair and operations supplies across the US.


Guardian Manufacturing $9,315,618 IDIQ for butyl chemical protective gloves and toxicological agent protective gloves. 


Central Lake Armor Express, Bethel Industries Inc., Carter Enterprises LLC, Point Blank Enterprises Inc., Slate Solutions Inc. share $837,591,519 for the Soldier Protection System. 


STS International Inc. $49,500,000 for combat field service equipment team services. 




Crown Clothing Co. maximum $8,541,763 IDIQ for men’s coats, belts and keepers for US Marine Corps.


Innovative Federal Operations Group $7,557,359 for disposable protective coveralls for FEMA. Some work in Turkey.


Silver Oak Leaf $13,534,957 IDIQ for coats and trousers for Army and Air Force.




Avix-BGI JV LLC $11,822,985 for the EC-130H/A-10C aircrew training and courseware development, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, and Moody AFB, GA.


Boeing $20,704,459 for 48 retrofit kits, support equipment and special tooling in support of phase two of the T-45 Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), lots 3 and 4. Also provides retrofit engineering and logistics from the original equipment manufacturer to support the installation of associated technical directives. 


Butt Construction $9,061,000 to renovate Human Performance Wing Building 441 (at AFRL), Wright Patterson AFB, OH.




Alan Shintani Inc. $8,964,485 for a Navigation, Seamanship and Shiphandling Trainer at Ford Island, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI. 


Kratos $38,691,360 for 48 BQM-177A subsonic aerial targets for US Navy and associated technical and administrative data in support of full rate production lot two deliveries. “$806,070 of the funds obligated for this effort were FMS funds converted to weapons procurement (Navy) funds for the replacement of one target expended by Australia.”




Compendium International $16,000,000 for 60 months of fencing work at installations within Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, CA; and Camp Pendleton, CA.


Raytheon $6,605,000 for design agent engineering and technical support services for Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, SeaRAM, and land-based Phalanx for US Army.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


Gexa Energy LP ($41,038,553) and TXU Energy Retail Co. ($14,444,141) to supply and deliver retail electricity and ancillary/incidental services. 




Belmont Instrument LLC maximum $133,570,787 for a hospital and portable rapid blood infuser product line, military kits, consumables, and accessories. 


Doubleday Acquisitions LLC d.b.a. Acutemp $30,000,000 for medical equipment and accessories.


Fidelis Sustainability Distribution $45,000,000 IDIQ for robotic surgery systems and associated hardware, software, and consumable items.


Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics $49,500,000 for laboratory supplies and wares. 


Thomas Scientific LLC $105,820,000 IDIQ for nasopharyngeal swabs for Veterans Administration, Indian Health Service, Department of Justice, DHS, Department of Health & Human Services, and DOD.


TMG OpCon LLLP maximum $27,000,000 IDIQ for medical equipment and accessories for DLA electronic catalog.




Cherokee Nation Operational Solutions LLC $42,000,000 IDIQ for commercial services to support site-specific activities that need to be completed prior to successful Military Health System GENESIS go-lives. 


Millennium Enterprises $25,000,000 to provide staff to operate and manage DOD wellness fitness centers and some programs, in support of Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS).


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


APTIM Federal Services $9,026,910 for maintenance and minor repair of petroleum systems at Pacific Ocean Division-Honolulu District-Guam, Tamuning, Guam.




Air Transport International $7,650,630 for international, commercial, door to door, cargo transportation services. 




CACI $28,438,031 for continued support to Military Sealift Command’s business systems and ashore operations.




Bowhead Base Operations $9,178,182 for logistics support services, including processing material and service requests, identifying alternative parts and sources of supply for materials and services, validating requirements utilizing technical publications, receiving and tracking all incoming materials and services, maintaining warehouse-stocking levels, receiving and transferring parts between Fleet Readiness Center Aviation Support Equipment locations.


ENVIRONMENTAL – The U.S. military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


Plateau Software Inc. $10,000,000 for support and maintenance for systems and sub-systems supporting environmental programs. 




Epic Foods LLC maximum $18,860,000 for pouched bacon. 


FreshPack Produce Inc. $41,500,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables. Kimball & Thompson Produce Co. maximum $165,000,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables.


OFD Foods LLC $34,162,535 IDIQ for boil-in-bag dehydrated egg mix.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: custodial, electrical, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, management & administration, pavement clearance, pest control, public safety, vehicles & equipment service, waste management, wastewater. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the Pentagon’s full adoption of neoliberal economic policies.


BJD Services LLC $14,245,220 for grounds maintenance at Fort Benning, GA.


DSC-EMI Maintenance Solutions $61,149,595 IDIQ for 5 and ¾ years of BOSS at Camp Pendleton, CA.


Jacobs $30,618,831 IDIQ for BOSS in Florida (Naval Station Mayport, Blount Island, and outlying areas).


JLL-Midnight Sun IFMS LLC $30,864,289 IDIQ for another year of BOSS at NAS Jacksonville, FL, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery in Jacksonville, FL, and outlying areas.


Koa Lani JV $854,000,000 IDIQ for range operations support and BOSS at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, HI. 




Hyatt Equities, d.b.a. Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront $8,324,815 for lodging, meal, and laundry, Jacksonville, FL.




Amentum $11,622,300 for logistics support services at Fort Polk, LA.


CGI Federal $9,849,208 for plans and data support services for Marine Corps, Blount Island Command, Jacksonville, FL.


InSap Services $24,507,978 for enterprise application services support to the Army’s Logistics Modernization Program.


Oakland Consulting Group $12,407,852 for enterprise application services support to the Army’s Logistics Modernization Program.


ORBCOMM Inc. $45,611,528 for next-generation transponders.


VS2 LLC [a JV between VSE Corp. and APTIM] $9,513,800 for logistics support services at Fort Benning, GA.


Vectrus $35,510,370 for logistics support services at Fort Benning, GA. 


BUSINESS & OFFICE & ADMIN – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from executive positions in U.S. war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the Pentagon’s budget.


Armed Forces Services Corp., d.b.a. Magellan Federal $111,000,000 for employee assistant support services to DOD personnel.  Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and work-life services for Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS).


FINANCES – The audit of the U.S. military establishment is ongoing and very expensive. Corporations are conducting the audit.


Ernst & Young LLP $33,128,772 for audit services of Department of the Air Force General Fund and Working Capital Fund financial statements and examination. 


Kearney & Company $10,160,250 for audit services of the Defense Health Program.


KPMG LLP $12,097,714 for audit services of US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works and Sub-allotted Funds financial statements. 




Better by Design LLC, Davinroy Mechanical Contractor Inc., Eagle Eye Electric LLC, Gale Construction of Illinois, Bloomsdale Excavating Co., Keller Construction Inc., Magruder Construction Co., Shinn Kellogg LLC, Syte Corp., Medvolt Construction Services LLC, A&H Ambica JV LLC share $95,000,000 for construction of various civil and flood recovery projects. 


RiverRestoration LLC $40,000,000 for civil works and hydrology and hydraulics services.  West-MGE JV $40,000,000 for civil works and hydrology and hydraulics services.




GBD JV $13,000,000 for new paving, paving repair and/or replacement of various types of paving within NAVFAC Washington.


GRP Paving and Construction $25,862,782 IDIQ to repair/replace roadways, curbing and sidewalks in Massachusetts (Hanscom AFB; Sagamore Hill Electronics Research Annex, Hamilton; Fourth Cliff Recreation Annex, Humarock; Cape Cod Air Force Station, Sagamore; Patriot Golf Course, Bedford) and New Hampshire (New Boston Air Force Station).


Jas. W. Glover Ltd., Kiewit Infrastructure West Co., Road & Highway Builders LLC combined $48,000,000 for construction projects (mostly paving) located primarily within NAVFAC Hawai‘i.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts construction workers within the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


AMEL-API JV LLC, Planate Management Group LLC, Zane-SSFM LLC $45,000,000 for architect-engineer services.


Archer Western Federal JV $102,629,610 for design-build of two operations centers at Camp Lejeune, NC.


Ark Construction Management $25,000,000 IDIQ for roof maintenance in NAVFAC Public Works Department, PA.


Blue Rock Structures Inc., Daniels & Daniels Construction Co., Joyce & Associates Construction Inc., Military & Federal Construction Co., Quadrant Construction Inc., TE Davis Construction Co. shared $90,000,000 IDIQ for construction within Marine Corps Installations East.


Canadian Commercial Corp. $30,000,000 for removal of existing excitation equipment and replacement of solid-state excitation equipment/systems for US Army Corps of Engineers.


Direct Steel & Construction $16,880,228 to build the 69th ADA Supply Support Activity warehouse at Fort Hood. 


Exp Federal Inc., Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Barge/Emersion JV $20,000,000 for architect-engineer general design services. 


Heffler Contracting Group $16,000,000 for roofing work at Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, CA; Twentynine Palms, CA; and Marine Corps Logistics Base, Barstow, CA. 


Hensel Phelps Construction $12,849,000 for constructing an annex and renovating Building 4100H at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI. 


Manhattan Construction $87,562,320 for the design-bid-build construction of a 281,075 square-foot operations center building in Richmond, VA.


New South Associates Inc. $10,000,000 for cultural resources services.


Panacea Group $9,900,000 for sustainment, modernization, and improvement projects for the Army 419th Contracting Support Brigade, Fort Bragg.


Towill Inc. $22,666,666 for photogrammetric and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) surveying and mapping for the US Army Corps of Engineers.


Whiting-Turner Contracting $53,611,262 to design and build a mess hall and consolidated warehouse at Camp Pendleton.




Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. $21,207,400 for maintenance dredging, construction dredging and high spot removal in Jacksonville, FL.



# # # #


Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist. His work focuses on the U.S. war industry. Sorensen (@cp_sorensen) is the author of Understanding the War Industry and a senior fellow at the Eisenhower Media Network (EMN).