Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the US war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. What follows are the DOD contracts issued during May 2021.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)The US war industry sells to capitalist regimes around the world through direct commercial sales and foreign military sales (FMS). FMS tend to deal with big-ticket items or goods and services of a sensitive nature. Through FMS, the US government procures and transfers industry goods and services to the allied government. In fiscal year 2020, the war industry sold $50.8 billion through FMS, and $124.3 billion through direct commercial sales.


Ace Aero, Airtec, Alion Science & Technology Corp., Arctos Mission Systems LLC, ATI Engineering Services, Axxeum, BlackHawk Aerospace, ISD, KIHOMAC, L3Harris, Leidos, MAG Aero, Meta Special Aerospace, Naval Systems Inc., Northrop Grumman, PAE, Pinnacle Solutions, SES-i, Sierra Nevada Corp., Textron, Vertex combined $950,000,000 IDIQ for various FMS countries: engineering assessments, ISR sensors & related equipment, integration of ISR sensors into non-standard aircraft, and contractor logistics support for non-standard aircraft with ISR sensors.


Northrop Grumman $75,500,000 IDIQ for Global Hawk RQ-4 multi-country aircrew and maintenance training (program management support, courseware modification and development, pilot training, sensor operator training, and airframe and ground maintenance training) for US government and Air Force Security Assistance Training international partners’ mission objectives. Unspecified FMS.


Leidos $38,047,689 IDIQ for engineering support services for planning, design, specification, development, fabrication, installation, integration and support of the British Undersea Test and Evaluation Center High Gain Measurement System. Includes FMS (U.K.).


Gentex Corp. $14,128,200 for FMS (Austria): acquisition of Sentry XP helmets.


Lockheed Martin $24,295,051 for non-recurring engineering and logistics and sustainment program support for F-35 in support of Poland.


QuantiTech Inc. $14,039,714 for programmatic support for the Utility Helicopters Project Manager's Office, Huntsville, AL. Some FMS (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia).


Relyant Global LLC $19,601,741 for FMS (Nigeria): construction of a new airfield, security fencing and other facilities at Kainji Air Base, Nigeria.


Atlantic Diving Supply, W.S. Darley & Co., Owens & Minor Distribution Inc., Regulus Global LLC, TQM LLC, d.b.a. Two Rivers Medical $516,953,713 IDIQ under solicitation SPE2DS-17-R-0002 for the FMS Medical and Surgical Tailored Logistics Support program. For foreign militaries worldwide.


Howell Instruments $7,592,558 for the JetCal Analyzer BH112PA-77-3 test unit for USA and FMS.


Leidos $17,635,011 for FMS (Afghanistan): contractor logistics support services in Kabul.  MD Helicopter Inc. $14,500,000 for contractor logistics support for Afghanistan Air Force fleet of armed MD 530F rotary wing aircraft. Work in Mesa, AZ; Kabul, Afghanistan; and Al-Ain, UAE.


Oshkosh Defense $26,067,335 for FMS (Egypt): M978A4 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Tankers, M984A4 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Wreckers, and M1070A1 Heavy Equipment Transporters.  Raytheon $112,690,243 to perform Navy transition to production efforts for RAM Block 2B and exercise options for fiscal 2021 FMS to Egypt for the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2 guided-missile round pack.


Boeing $18,238,622 for FMS (Japan): six months of setup and 12 months of post-delivery-support services for the first two KC-46A aircraft delivered to Japan.


Lockheed Martin $5,677,773 (up to $17,870,625) for FMS (cases JA-P-CRV, JA-P-FYE, JA-P-QDC, JA-P-QEW, JA-P-LZW, JA-P-FYF, GY-P-GQK): pre-mission planning, execution, and post-mission analysis to support live fire events, flight test support, system engineering, integration and test, and technical support to produce and delivery modeling and simulation. 


Northrop Grumman $17,658,636 for technical and sustainment support for E-2C/D aircraft common and unique requirements for France and Japan.


Lockheed Martin $51,000,000 for FMS (France): long-term sustainment of C-130 aircraft (program management, field service representatives, travel and per diem, data, replenishment of spares, and other sustainment tasks). Work in Bae Aerienne, France, and USA (Marietta, GA).


Lockheed Martin for Long-Range-Anti-Ship Missiles (lots 4 and 5) and tooling and test equipment. FMS funds $1,893,025.


Chenega ceiling $8,800,000 IDIQ for continental U.S. international military student support services: lodging, transportation, and meal support services Task orders will be for FMS international military student training.




Avion Solutions Inc. $8,820,564 for logistics support for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems project manager's office, Huntsville, AL.


General Atomics $11,183,991 to procure Group 5 unmanned air system ISR support for Task Force Southwest and Marine Corps operations using contractor-owned/contractor-operated MQ-9 Reaper.


Leidos $34,380,759 for research, development, test and evaluation support to ISR weapon systems.


Lockheed Martin $7,527,417 to provide total system support for the Multi-Function Electronic Warfare-Air Large systems.


SAIC $11,219,955 for ISR modernization support at Fort Belvoir, VA.


Textron $17,246,349 for unmanned aircraft systems ISR data collection support services for DOD, “other government agencies”, and domestic and overseas contingency operations.


TLD America $11,266,204 IDIQ for 21 (max.) Diesel/Electric Polyalphaolefin Cooling Carts in support of aircraft avionics and radar systems during testing & maintenance fir [Northrop Grumman] MQ-4C Triton program for U.S. Navy, FMS customers, and international partners.




General Dynamics $72,798,641 for the retrofit of five Surface Mine Countermeasure Unmanned Undersea Vehicle systems to the Block I configuration and engineering support services.




Gen Probe-Inc. $178,500,000 for Panther Fusion SARS-CoV-2 assays, Aptima SARS-CoV-2 assays, multiplex test kits and associated reagents and consumables.


US Medical Glove Co. $63,612,247 for capacity expansion to increase continental U.S. production of 24 new production lines with the ability to produce 192.8 million gloves/month for the Department of Health and Human Services in care of the Defense Assisted Acquisition team.




Baker Jacobs JV $8,413,620 for additional critical utility designs for an aircraft hangar for USACE’s Middle East District.


Leidos $17,635,011 for contractor logistics support services for the Afghan Air Force Special Mission Wing, Kabul, Afghanistan. Fiscal 2010 Pseudo FMS (Afghanistan) funds.


Production Products Manufacturing & Sales $7,500,000 for the Force Provider Expeditionary (FPE) TRICON System.


Vectrus Systems Corp. $9,299,847 for base operating services at Isa Air Base, Bahrain.




American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier $15,359,153 for stevedoring and related terminal services in Port of Gdansk, Poland.


Boeing $15,225,696 for Operational Flight Trainer design specification changes in Sesto Calende, Italy, and St. Louis, USA.


Lockheed Martin $30,612,010 to engineering and security support, test and site updates, risk mitigation support, and continued completion effort for the Aegis Ashore Poland site (Redzikowo).


Noble Supply and Logistics ($568,000,000); TWI USA LLC, which is now part of ADS ($240,000,000); and SupplyCore Inc. ($108,000,000) IDIQ for facility maintenance, repair and operation supplies and related incidental services. Work in USA (MA, VA, IL) European Zone 1 and Zone 2, and Africa. For DOD and NATO.




HDR Engineering Inc. $25,000,000 IDIQ for repair & alteration of facilities, site development, waterfront, airfield facilities, infrastructure systems (including water, sewer, drainage, electrical, and communication), and energy conservation at various locations within NAVFAC Hawaii.


Noble Sales Co. ($562,500,000 for Zone 1 of the Pacific Region) and PAE-IMK International ($375,000,000 for Zone 2 of the Pacific Region) for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations requirements. Performance in USA (MA, VA), Japan, Okinawa, Diego Garcia, the Philippines, Thailand, and S. Korea.


Waterman Transport $8,363,200 for vehicle carrier M/V Green Bay for the transportation of military cargo in support of Defender Pacific 2021. A 106-day charter.




BC Customs LLC ceiling $70,000,000 IDIQ for the Search & Rescue Tactical Vehicle (SKTV) – Side by Vehicle (SXV), training, and accessories for special warfare.


L3Harris $438,000,000 for the Suite of Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasures program.


L3Wescam USA $96,430,000 for the Improved Rotary-wing Electro-optical/Infra-red Sensor (IRES) program for SOCOM.


Walsh Federal LLC $27,957,700 to construct a Special Operations Forces operations facility, Fort Bragg, NC.




IAP World Services $36,608,417 IDIQ for base operating support services at Naval Station Guantánamo Bay (includes caring for swimming pools).


DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA) – Most DARPA work is carried out by corporations, including academic institutions.


Booz Allen Hamilton $29,055,963 for DARPA enterprise support services for director’s office management, director’s office front office support, public affairs office support, legislative affairs office support, military operational liaison support, general counsel office support, strategic resources management support, international cooperation support, commercial strategy support, mission services office support, business processes directorate support, functional support to facilities and logistics directorate, and visual media services.




Assured Information Security $11,928,615 for R&D of improvements to Signals Intelligence Tactical Analysis & Reporting Gateway (STARGATE) platform. Enable expanded integration with enterprise tools and information systems, development of capabilities for automatically cataloging and managing an inventory of the global radio frequency emitter & communications network environment. Expand integration of datasets from additional multi-national and multi-agency ISR platforms & sensors, and integration of STARGATE Exploitation Tools into these platforms.


Dynanet Corp. $8,615,669 for operations and enhancement services with associated skill sets to support the DCSA Program Executive Office’s applications systems development. Work in DCSA’s Theodore Roosevelt Building in D.C.; at other facilities in Macon, GA; and Boyers, PA; and via remote work.


Perspecta $29,343,005 (bringing contract total up to $473,803,770) for ongoing development& operation of DCSA security enterprise architecture and data analytics prototype re: major components of a comprehensive IT system for managing all background investigations and security clearance adjudications for federal employees and contractors. Work within the National Capital Region surrounding Fort Meade, MD.


Threat Tec - Yorktown Systems Group JV $33,663,657 to provide support services for the U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command’s Intelligence Operational Environment, Fort Eustis, VA.


ACADEMIA ­– US academia is part of the US war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Mississippi State University $7,787,143 for research focusing on sensor analytics and remote sensing, geo-materials, steel and future technologies for force protection. For USACE Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS.


John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab to provide robust end-to-end systems engineering, operational analysis of component architectures across all aspects of the kill chain, technology concept exploration, and analysis and performance assessments in multiple warfare domains areas across regions and theaters of operation. Domains include air, land, sea, space and cyberspace. Warfare areas include air and missile defense; air-to-air combat (including manned and unmanned aircraft); countering unmanned vehicles (in all domains); time-critical target defeat; anti- surface warfare (including small-boats and gun-boats), anti-submarine warfare, and mining; offensive strike; electromagnetic maneuver warfare; electronic attack; negating counter-space capabilities, i.e. command and control (C2) systems, direct satellite attack, hardening, and replenishment; command, control, computers, communications (C4); intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR); counter-integrated air defense systems (IADS); offensive and defensive cyber capabilities; and nuclear systems to include nuclear command, control and communications (NC3) systems. These efforts provide assessments and alternative methods for countering contested environment capabilities. The 7 exercised options provide a broad range of services which include engineering, R&D, test and evaluation, and analytic capabilities… The contractor shall provide subject matter expertise, independent, objective system engineering and analysis to conduct studies, and assist OSD in resolving technical issues.


University of Maryland College Park, Office of Research Administration ($10,000 to $10,000,000) for Mid Atlantic Crossroads connectivity that includes supplies and services that will include, but are not limited to, connectivity, colocation and engineering services in support of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money in any given season. The lead corporation, Lockheed Martin, does not intend to address 162 of the jet’s 883 known design flaws.


IDSC Holdings LLC, Snap-on Industrial $8,882,217, for up to a maximum of 1360 toolsets, each containing 1410 different types of commercial tools required to support F-35 USA, FMS, and non-DOD participants. “Non-DOD international partners” and “non-US DOD participants” are international customers, though administratively distinct from FMS.


Lockheed Martin $194,704,140 for non-recurring engineering, integration and testing of the aircraft interface module in support of ASQ-239 electronic warfare/countermeasures system upgrades planned for F-35 (lot 17) aircraft deliveries for USA and non-DOD participants.


Western Metal Supply Co. $9,399,778 for design and build of F-35A aircraft shelters at RAF Lakenheath, U.K.


The Whiting-Turner Contracting $20,236,813 for design-bid-build of a vertical lift fan test facility (“which is integral in operation of the F-35B aircraft”) located at MCAS Cherry Point.




L3Harris $18,883,053 for non-recurring engineering and material to develop and qualify the degraded visual environment helmet mounted display and processor capability for integration into MV-22B Osprey aircraft.




Raytheon $20,040,000 for six AN/APG-79(V)4 radar systems. Also: software, obsolescence management, engineering support and associated technical, financial, and administrative data for AN/APG-79(V)4 replacement radar retrofit integration into F/A-18C/D aircraft for Marine Corps.




Rolls-Royce $8,758,770 to repair and return T56-A-427A engine modules and propulsion systems for E-2D Advanced Hawkeye.


Northrop Grumman $9,529,494 to procure two additional E-2D Delta System/Software Configuration Build IV (DSSC4) developmental test aircraft, increasing the quantity from three to five (upgrade of the mission computer display memory from 32GB to 64GB).




Northrop Grumman $21,189,678 to manufacture B-2 power supplies.




Boeing $24,017,614 to procure additional software builds to provide correction of deficiencies in support of the P-8A Increment 3 Acoustics Multi-static Active Coherent Enhancements program.




Yulista Integrated Solutions $32,945,523 for repair & building of the Upgraded Heads Up Display (UHUD) AN/AVQ-29A kits, repair of the non-kit UHUDs, and revise the technical content to properly represent all depot-level procedures required to repair UHUDs. UHUD for A-10 aircraft. Work in Warner Robins, GA.




Boeing $101,730,845 for KC-46 engineering, manufacturing, and development contract: interim contractor support and the exercise of the options for logistics service representatives/field service representatives support for Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.


MILITARY RESEARCH – A recent report from the Government Accountability Office indicated, “DOD does not know how contractors’ independent R&D projects fit into the department’s technology goals.”


Advanced Technology International $99,000,000 IDIQ for the Navy Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Composite Manufacturing Center: identify, develop, and facilitate the transition of composite, polymeric and other non-metallic manufacturing technologies to composites fabricators and other relevant industrial facilities to reduce the cost and time to build and repair key naval platforms.


BAE Systems $7,768,282 for R&D (for AFRL) to cultivate innovative machine learning and fusion algorithms in order to advance automatic target recognition, machine learning, and multi-level, multi-source fusion technology to improve algorithm performance.


BAE Systems $21,642,248 for life cycle contractor support for the Limited Interim Missile Warning System quick reaction capability.


Boeing $20,000,000 IDIQ for the Advanced Turbine Technology for Affordable Mission-Capability (ATTAM): “develop, demonstrate, and transition advanced turbine propulsion, power and thermal technologies that provide a disruptive improvement in affordable mission capability”.


General Dynamics $52,158,941 for R&D support services for the Naval Medical Research Unit – Dayton, OH (NAMRU-D). Support services include administrative, graphic, logistical, statistical, training, and technical support for R&D activities. Technical support includes, but is not limited to, assistance with interrogatories, medical and scientific authoring and editing of research proposals, human use protocols, animal use protocols, and technical and scientific reports; workshop and conference administrative, scientific, and technical support and management; coordination of technical review meetings and the preparation and presentation of point papers, technical reports, and other briefings resulting from these meetings; preparation and support of technical summaries and publications resulting from research activities; support in development of Institutional Review Board protocols for human use research; preparation and support of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee protocols for animal research; presentation of research findings at scientific meetings and professional conferences; writing, reviewing, editing, and submitting peer-reviewed articles and technical reports.


InfoScitex Corp. $243,050,000 IDIQ for R&D re: “transformative aerospace capabilities and multi-domain operations (MDO) modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A) and MDO MS&A tool development and MDO analysis for AFRL, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.


Intuitive Research & Technology Corp. $15,147,549 for technical support for a prototype integration facility, Huntsville, AL. Systems Products and Solutions $12,999,759 for logistical support services in Huntsville.


Stephenson Stellar Corp. $19,700,950 for design, creation and operation of a fully functional 5G Independent Testing Lab while providing the 5G, cyber, and space expertise required to establish efficacious evaluation techniques, commensurate with the technology’s evolving complexity.


UES Inc. $19,999,484 for R&D and field-testing to detect and assess molecular and environmental threats to optimize Airman readiness for AFRL.


HELICOPTERS – Pertinent news: The Pentagon spent $773 million on helicopter rides for U.S. and coalition personnel & equipment in Afghanistan during September 2017-September 2020, according to DOD’s Inspector General.


Boeing $7,674,185 for integration of the legacy strap pack assembly for remanufactured AH-64E aircraft.


Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky) $22,473,085 for four VH-92A aircraft MT-1 cabin interiors and MT-1 spares in support for depot level stand up for the Presidential Helicopters Replacement Program. Work in Woodland, WA (70%); Coatesville, PA (10%); Wood Dale, IL (7%); Stratford, CT (2%); locations within the continental U.S. (11%).


Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky) $17,273,575 adding scope to provide production system engineering and program management support in support of CH-53K aircraft.


Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky) $25,813,361 to repair/overhaul the refueling probes on the HH-60G helicopter.


Raytheon $16,793,446 for Airborne Mine Neutralization Systems (AN/ASQ-235), used from Lockheed Martin aircraft.


Textron $15,788,876 IDIQ for a one-time mid-life upgrade engineering change proposal for the advanced boresight equipment (ABE) system to modernize and bring 100 fielded domestic and FMS units up to the current commercial off the shelf configuration. Also, depot repair and upgrade support for the ABE currently installed on AH-1Z, AH-1W and MH-60R combat aircraft, ashore and afloat.




Amentum $8,819,937 for aviation maintenance in Texas, Germany, and Kosovo.


Amentum $171,161,084 for logistics support services for fixed-wing fleets performing transport aircraft missions.


Engineering and Software System Solutions, Southwest Research Institute, and University of Dayton Research Institute $300,000,000 IDIQ for the Comprehensive Landing Gear Integrity Program.


National Instruments Corp. $19,214,605 for Versatile Diagnostic Automatic Test Station (VDATS) kits. These kits are test stations for a variety of weapon systems, including manned airplanes, helicopters, drones, and ships.


Symetrics Industries LLC, d.b.a. Extant Aerospace $39,701,664 IDIQ to fabricate, integrate, test, and deliver line replaceable units (LRU) and shop replaceable units (SRU) in accordance with the technical data package (TDP) and schedule for the ALE-47 Counter Measure Dispenser System (CMDS).


ProLog Inc. $61,216,601 IDIQ for production support services to include, logistical support, operational management of warehouses, inventory, and storage of aircraft parts, production of tool kits, external support to the in-service repair program, operation & maintenance of mega centers, environmental support, equipment management functions, and transportation of materials in support of depot level maintenance for US Navy.


Serco Inc. $19,783,501 for chemical management services for DLA Aviation.


Spectro Scientific $39,900,000 for the delivery of the Field Lab 58MA. For initial testing and documentation, production, and sustainment services.




BAE Systems $18,337,677 for 300 Mode 5 capable AN/APX-117A/118A/123A(V) Common IFF Digital Transponder Systems and associated shop replaceable assemblies for US military (Navy, Army) and non-U.S. DOD participants.


CACI estimated maximum $496,000,000 IDIQ for support to the Ogden Air Logistics Complex’s (OO-ALC) Automated Test System Sustainment Initiative II (ATSSI II) program for the continued development and sustainment of a depot technology infrastructure supportive of OO-ALC mission to perform critical test functions important to the ongoing operational safety, suitability, and effectiveness of multiple Air Force weapon systems/subsystems.


Raytheon estimated $12,016,370 for ARN-153 Tactical Air Navigation receiver transmitters.




Ensign-Bickford Aerospace and Defense Co. $30,132,310 IDIQ for engineering, technical, administrative and programmatic management support for total life cycle management of the various aircrew escape systems managed under the joint program office for the Cartridge Actuated Device/Propellant Actuated Device Tri-Service Charter.




Lockheed Martin $7,987,433 to expand Aegis FMS in-scope work including radar integration/test support services under existing line item numbers 1218 and 2218. 


LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP (LCS) – Some call the LCS a “floating garbage pile.”


General Dynamics $17,367,349 IDIQ for engineering and technical services to support combat systems and command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C5I); hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E) equipment, components, software, training and equipment for the Austal Independence variant of the LCS program.


General Dynamics $10,948,227 for LCS Independence for combat management system software support and in-service engineering support.


General Dynamics $13,095,962 for in-service engineering and lifecycle support services for the Independence-class LCS, which consists of the integrated combat management system and its interfaces; command, control, communications, computers, combat systems and intelligence elements; software applications; and networking environment hardware program services.


Lockheed Martin $15,560,859 for the implementation of configuration management changes on select Freedom-variant LCS. Work in Marinette, WI. Lockheed Martin $12,478,541 for industrial post-delivery availability support for the Freedom-variant LCS USS Marinette (LCS 25) in Marinette, WI.




Boeing $16,576,269 for design agent services re: AN/USQ-82(V) Gigabit Ethernet Data Multiplex System (GEDMS).


NIMITZ-CLASS AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (CVN) – This class of aircraft carrier is plagued with problems.


Huntington-Ingalls Industries $115,008,106 for engineering and technical support for USS John F. Kennedy (CVN-79).




Huntington Ingalls Industries $10,700,241 to continue performance of the repair, maintenance, and upgrade efforts on the USS Helena (SSN 725) dry-docking selected restricted availability.


Lockheed Martin $9,672,000 for the design, prototyping, and qualification testing of submarine electronic warfare equipment.


PAE $37,301,649 for operation and maintenance of the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center on Andros Island, Bahamas (64%); West Palm Beach, FL (36%).




Crane Technologies Group $20,077,068 for modernization of six 60/15-ton portal cranes at Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) and one at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF).


EG Designbuild LLC $11,248,000 for roof repair at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA.


Huntington Ingalls $302,642,828 for planning yard support for LPD 17 amphibious transport dock ships, LHD 1/LHA 6 amphibious assault ships, LSD 41/49 dock landing ships and LCC 19 amphibious command ship.


Konecranes Nuclear Equipment and Services $43,506,432 for one 175-ton portal crane at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.


South Bay Sand Blasting & Tank Cleaning $11,127,825 IDIQ for management, administrative and production services, materials, tools, equipment, and required support to accomplish removal of old deck covering and underlayment (including rubber base if present), abrasive blast, ultra-high pressure water jet, and power tool clean decks; prepare surfaces, apply primer coatings, and install new non-skid deck covering onboard Navy or other military type vessels.


Weston and Sampson $30,000,000 for utility design in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic. Task order 0001 $401,340 for designing replacement of pump test equipment in Building 300 at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME. 


Delphinus Engineering, East Coast Repair & Fabrication LLC, Integrated Marine Services Inc., LPI Technical Services, Orbis Sibro Inc., Q.E.D. Systems Inc., Tecnico Corp., Valkyrie Enterprises Inc. $986,320,480 IDIQ for design, installation and repair services for habitability systems, spaces, facilities, fixtures, and equipment. Work in the Norfolk, VA, area (45%); other East Coast areas (5%); the West Coast (45%); various outside of the continental U.S. locations (5%).




Northrop Grumman $74,829,628 for Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program Block 3 Hemisphere systems (SEWIP). Note the spread: Work in Baltimore, MD (55%); Tampa, FL (6%); Andover, MA (5%);  Chelmsford, MA (4%); Rochester, NY (3%); San Diego, CA (3%); Los Angeles, CA (2%); Winona, MN (2%); Stafford Springs, CT (2%); Glendale, AZ (1%); Nashua, NH (1%); Elk Grove Village, IL (1%); White Marsh, MD (1%); Tucson, AZ (1%); Chandler, AZ (1%); WA, NC (1%); Woodridge, IL (1%); Richardson, TX (1%); Minneapolis, MN (1%); El Cajon, CA (1%); Hiawatha, IA (1%); Littleton, CO (1%); Glendale, CA (1%); miscellaneous locations each less than 1% (4%).




Raytheon $9,382,374 to support the Evolved Seasparrow Missile (ESSM) Block 2 life, parts, and ESSM Block 1 test equipment supplies for US Navy (64%); international consortium nation navies (34%); Japan (2%).




Air New Zealand Gas Turbines (ANZGT) of Auckland and MTU Maintenance Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH of Ludwigsfelde combined $67,590,498 IDIQ for repair and overhaul services of the LM2500 power turbine assembly.


Atlantic Diving Supply $8,836,885 IDIQ for maritime buoyant plates to support the antiterrorism afloat equipage program for Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division, Panama City, FL.


L3Harris $13,258,653 for engineering services, program management, systems engineering, software development, risk management, algorithm and software prototype development, configuration management, and information assurance for Navy (97%); Australia (2%); and Japan (1%).


Lockheed Martin $12,628,264 for Navy equipment, long-lead material, and spares.


Lockheed Martin $15,308,297 for the Electromechanical Control Actuation System.


Marinette Marine Corp. $553,891,420 for detail design and construction of one Constellation-class guided-missile frigate, future USS Congress (FFG 63), and integrated digital environment support.


Mountain Horse $7,911,552 IDIQ for maritime buoyant plates, to support the antiterrorism afloat equipage program.


Progeny Systems Corp. $38,876,284 for continued development of the Data Acquisition and Retrieval System. Work in Groton, CT (90%); Manassas, VA (5%); Newport, RI (5%).


Serco - IPS Corp. $37,644,745 for professional support services in the areas of program management, administrative support, surface ship modernization, inactive ships, surface ships readiness, surface training systems, business and financial management, records management, and IT support for Naval Sea Systems Command Surface Warfare (SEA 21). Overseas work in Yokosuka (2%), Sasebo (1%), Japan; Manama, Bahrain (1%).


Swiftships LLC $59,283,807 for construction of five Landing Craft, Utility 1700 class (1707-1711).


Systems Engineering Associates Corp. $14,616,549 IDIQ for continued architecture development, software development, software integration and testing and software Capstone demonstration to further develop Payload Control System Technology and Combat Systems Acquisition Prototype Initiative Data Interface software to enable payload integration prototypes.




L3Harris $8,985,269 for engineering investigations, engineering change proposals, integration, testing, spares repair parts, engineering and technical support in support of the fibre channel network switch (FCNS-24) Lot 45 full rate production.


ManTech $26,279,754 to continue to provide warfare analysis, modeling and simulation, software development, architectures builds and assessments, acquisition analysis and support, and analytic program support in support of naval and joint warfighting capability assessment and warfighting analytic efforts for NAVAIR Naval Aviation Enterprise, Chief of Naval Operations, and FMS customers. Work in Patuxent River, MD.




Antech Systems Inc. $91,848,919 for engineering and technical support; maintenance and material management; software engineering, development, and integration; and development of logistics packages in support of command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence operational maintenance and engineering training for the military and other government agencies.


KBRWyle $28,918,883 IDIQ for field maintenance services in support of fleet area controls and surveillance facility air control tracking systems and AN/FYK-39(V) radar warning receivers.


Physical Optics Corp. $52,088,365 IDIQ for technical support and problem resolution in support of integration and sustainment of the Digital Data Set system into the T-45 aircraft.




Serco Inc. $14,101,733 for task orders for engineering-based cost analysis, logistics support, training and technical services in support of the price fighters department at NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support.




Booz Allen Hamilton, CSSI Inc., DIGITALiBiz Inc., Serco, and Scientific Research Corp. of Atlanta cumulative $279,803,380 IDIQ for engineering support services and supplies for the conception, design, development and delivery of integrated systems, networks and supporting infrastructure on a non-emergent basis along with the corresponding engineering, technical, and management support services and equipment for air traffic control, meteorology and oceanography, and aviation C5ISR electronic systems.


COLSA Corp. $33,961,328 IDIQ, to provide engineering services supporting development, maintenance, interoperability and operations of the data link tactical tool, gateway systems, and mini-rack systems.


Insight Public Sector Inc. $2,560,000,000 for Commercial Software Product Management of Core Enterprise Technology Agreements. DOD Enterprise Software Initiative (DoD ESI) “streamlines software licensing acquisition and provides IT products that are compliant with DoD technical standards and represent the best value” for DOD. This DOD Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA) will provide commercially available perpetual licenses, software assurance, user-based subscription licenses to include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and client access licenses among others.


Serco Inc. $70,000,000 for engineering support services and supplies for the conception, design, development and delivery of integrated systems, networks and supporting infrastructure on an emergent basis. Includes the corresponding engineering, technical, and management support services and equipment for air traffic control, meteorology and oceanography, and aviation C5ISR electronic systems for NAVWAR Atlantic.


SOLUTE Inc. $46,600,000 for professional services for systems engineering, software engineering, cybersecurity engineering, DevSecOps (development, security and operations) engineering, and network engineering.




IBM $14,345,290 for advisory and assistance support: continues support for the development, implementations, analysis and provision of policies, guidance, oversight, career-field management and human-capital management programs across the civil engineer enterprise.


Oracle $16,061,658 for my personnel (myPers) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Oracle Service Client (OSvC) Bridge: continued operations, sustainment and support of a CRM software platform of personnel knowledge, business processes and transactional services for active-duty, guard, reserve, retirees, and civilian personnel and their families.


Peraton $36,692,424 for electromagnetic spectrum services applied engineering, spectrum and electromagnetic environmental effects engineering analysis support in support of DISA/Defense Spectrum Organization.


Technica Corp. $43,473,826 for a task order under Network-Centric Solutions-2 for Blanket Operations and Security Sustainment (BOSS) support services: “secure, standardized and highly available net-centric enterprise of systems and services across strategic, operational, and tactical boundaries in support of National Intelligence Community priorities and combatant commanders’ full spectrum of war fighting missions”. Work at Joint Base San Antonio–Lackland, TX; and Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.




ACC Construction Co. $62,211,668 to construct an advanced individual training complex in Fort Gordon, GA.


Stephenson Stellar Corp. $22,738,300 for tools and techniques to facilitate defensive cyber operations for space through the R&D of a land and space-based cyber experimentation platform entitled the “Stellar Space Cyber Range.”




RGNext (General Dynamics & Raytheon) $15,566,389 for a telemetry end-to-end processing system. Work primarily in Western Range at Vandenberg AFB and Pillar Point, CA.


SpaceX $16,737,600 to add mission-unique launch services to the USSF-67 mission under the National Security Space Launch Phase 2. Work in CA (Hawthorne & Vandenberg AFB) and FL (Cape Canaveral Space Force Station).




AT&T $8,006,363 for cyber defense operations and related administrative services at Schriever AFB and Buckley AFB, CO, and Vandenberg AFB, CA.


BAE Systems $325,533,853 for GPS receiver parts and vendor-managed inventory services. Raytheon $68,420,138 for GPS receiver parts and vendor-managed inventory services.


LinQuest $28,825,859 for space test and engineering services re: pre-launch, launch, and early orbit, on-orbit satellite activities, and anomaly resolution for current & potential missions. Work at Kirtland AFB, NM; and Schriever AFB, CO.


Sigmatech $17,345,725 for Launch, Range, and Networks advisory and assistance support. For technical support in the areas of operations, planning, budgeting, resource analysis, requirements development and justification, mission communications engineering and enterprise support, configuration control, project integration, studies, aeronautical procedures and program reviews in support of mission operations, research and development needed to support system development and integration, and sustainment activities. Work at Peterson AFB, CO.


Source America $15,707,407 IDIQ for custodial services at Peterson AFB and Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station.


Tecolote Research $14,143,057 for acquisition and financial support advisory and assistance services at Los Angeles AFB, CA; Kirtland AFB, NM; Cape Canaveral Space Force Space Station, FL; and the Pentagon.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the US war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the US war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is a lucrative business sector of war.


Cummings Aerospace Inc. $21,000,000 IDIQ to continue to integrate and enhance the Simulation Framework ToolKit and Coordinated Cyber/Electronic Warfare Integrated Fires Tool to conduct quick-turn, end-to-end, left through right of launch analysis with varying sensor and weapon technologies.


Strategic Alliance Solutions LLC $51,418,192 for warfighter operational integration advisory and assistance services in Huntsville, AL; Fort Belvoir, VA; Dahlgren, VA; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK; Fort Greely, AK; Mayport Naval Station, FL; Schriever AFB, CO; Fort Drum, NY; Vandenberg AFB, CA; San Diego, CA; and other locations.




ArmorWorks Enterprises Inc. $21,736,699 for three Minuteman III Payload Transporter Replacement vehicles.




Accurate Machine & Tool Corp., Greene Machine & Manufacturing Inc., Zitec Inc., and Willerding Acquisition Corp. $9,800,000 IDIQ for manufacturing and refurbishing in support of munitions material handling equipment (MMHE).


American Ordnance LLC (subsidiary of Day & Zimmerman) $304,001,630 for the Family of Extrudable C-4 items.


BAE Systems $9,652,584 to research, design and develop a Weapons Integrated Navigation System prototype.


General Dynamics $49,311,266 for 105 mm M724A2 rounds.


Lockheed Martin $10,382,596 for Hellfire and Joint-Air-to-Ground Missile engineering services.


Lockheed Martin $5,701,000 for 137 Long-Range-Anti-Ship Missiles (lots 4 and 5) and tooling and test equipment.


Northrop Grumman $167,758,125 for the Precision Guidance Kit, which turns 155mm artillery shells into “precision” weapons.


Northrop Grumman $105,688,911 to produce, deliver, and maintain the new production configuration build of 30x173 mm XM813 cannons.


Harper Construction Co. $36,044,616 for design and build of a radiographic building at NAWS China Lake. The facility provides inspection and radiological evaluation of energetics, energetic components, and all up ordnance in support of the Navy Ordnance Test & Evaluation Division.




General Dynamics, EnviroSafe Demil LLC, EXPAL USA $110,148,606 for the demilitarization and disposal of conventional ammunition.




BAE Systems $15,730,000 for spare parts necessary for initial training and fielding for Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles.


DCS Corp. $98,300,000 for technical and engineering support services in Warren, MI.


General Dynamics estimated $16,450,918 for spare parts supporting various wheeled and tracked military vehicles.


Kampi Components Co. $8,401,511 for vehicle and aircraft kits and equipment, including battery charging stations, oil change stations, and parts or storage of units for maintenance supplies.


Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS $499,170,016 for the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) system.


Oshkosh Defense $19,834,648 for new M1076A0 Palletized Load System trailers.


Schutt Industries $32,271,497 for the Light Tactical Trailer Heavy Chassis with Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources integration kit.


Twin Disc Inc. $28,970,463 IDIQ for hydraulic servo valves for US Army.




Bren-Tronics Inc., Inventus Power LLC, Navitas Advanced Solutions Group LLC, Ultralife Corporation $1,253,566,172 for the Conformal Wearable Battery.


Goodwill Services Inc. $9,429,186 for base supply store support services.


Propper International Inc. (Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico) $12,369,016 for hydration system and corpsman assault packs.


Security Signals Inc. $8,840,496 for the Family of Hand Held Signals.




Fechheimer Brothers Co. $8,875,500 for men’s uniform dress trousers. Gil Sewing Corp. $14,863,500 for Army men’s uniform dress coats.


Federal Prison Industries, d.b.a. UNICOR $9,723,120 for physical fitness uniform trunks.


Bluewater Defense (Corozol, Puerto Rico) $8,493,840 for mechanics operational print coveralls.


Puerto Rico Apparel Manufacturing Corp. $11,347,104 for various types of coats and trousers.


Rocky Brands Inc. $9,457,251 for Navy safety boots.




The Pontiac Drywall Systems $10,502,541 for renovations to Mahan Hall, Building 3 (and a connector addition to Turner Walkway, and installation of a new elevator and elevator shaft) at the Naval War College, Newport, RI.


SRM Group Inc. $7,984,780 for lodging operations management services for the Army National Guard's Professional Education Center, North Little Rock, AR.




Pride Industries $20,513,372 for repair and maintenance support to the real property assets of the Joint Training Readiness Center and Fort Polk.


Systems Application & Technologies Inc. $44,297,235 for aerial target flight services, Redstone Arsenal, AL.




Boeing $51,980,284 for T-45 aircraft inlet modification retrofit kits (lots 3, 4). Also includes associated support equipment, special tooling, logistics support, and original equipment manufacturer engineering for US Navy.  Boeing $18,884,180 for production and delivery of 48 automatic backup oxygen system retrofit kits for the T-45 aircraft, to include installation tooling, engineering reach back, spares and support equipment.


Lone Star Aerospace Inc$7,799,797 to continue to address T-45 engine availability shortages “that are adversely affecting the ability to train student naval aviators” by utilizing existing modeling tools and subject matter experts, enabling the identification of focused improvements in depot-level engine maintenance procedures, including suboptimal production system flow, lack of trained manpower, high personnel turnover, coordination, communication, and prioritization of tasks.


Vector CSP LLC $20,078,425 for Combat Air Force (CAF) fighter squadron, U.S. Air Force Warfare Center (USAFWC) and Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) support services to Air Combat Command. Provides in-garrison active fighter squadrons functional support for typical additional duties assigned to squadron personnel, such as operations scheduling, training, standards and evaluations, weapons and tactics, mobility, non-aviation programs and readiness, equipment managers and armorer support.




A. Harold and Associates LLC, BGI LLC, Carley Corp., Crew Training International $90,000,000 for pilot and aircrew curricula revision and maintenance support, including revision, update and maintenance of curricula to ensure currency & accuracy of content in support of flight training, education and training services for the Navy, Marine Corps, and FMS customers. Also develop new lessons.


Raytheon $17,688,078 for 30 airborne subsystem pods; two remote range units; 1 common ground system; 2 site surveys; and 1 portable support equipment subsystem in support of Tactical Combat Training System II LRIP.




Triple Canopy $38,000,000 for uniformed security guard services.




ARServices Ltd. $16,258,032 for advisory and assistance services expertise for DTRA in support of the Research & Development Directorate in the areas of programmatic, financial and policy expertise across CBRNE spectrum, and in the countering weapons of mass destruction, countering improvised threats, and countering improvised threat networks mission domains.


Booz Allen Hamilton $9,887,466 to provide advisory and assistance services in support of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. Work in Lorton and Fort Belvoir, VA.  Noblis, Inc. $263,263,830 to provide advisory and assistance Services in support of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, Defense Threat Reduction Agency.


Leidos $32,101,802 for scientific and technical services in support of various projects under the Biological Threat Reduction Program, worldwide, for Defense Threat Reduction Agency.




Genentech USA Inc. $27,898,887 IDIQ for various pharmaceutical products for DOD and federal civilian agencies.


Jacobs $9,500,000 for technical services to support the Department of Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System John Cochran Division Medical Center.




Atlantic Diving Supply, The Lighthouse for the Blind (St. Louis), and TQM LLC $45,000,000 for medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, dental, lab, veterinary equipment and material sets for Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Fort Detrick, MD.


Affirmative Solutions $49,000,000 for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA Electronic Catalog. Dove Medical Supply LLC $48,000,000 for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA Electronic Catalog. Verathon $49,500,000 IDIQ for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA Electronic Catalog.




Chenega Reliable Services $45,000,000 IDIQ for clinical staffing for 355th Medical Group, Davis-Monthan AFB.


Intellidyne $14,313,317 for full integration of all areas of local support into the new Defense Health Agency Integrated Enterprise Support Model including, but not limited to, desk side support; remote or onsite troubleshooting; onsite IT touch labor; local IT support activity program/project management support; network security; and infrastructure assurance activities to include risk management framework/authorization to operate support, in room/on-site video teleconferencing support and assistance, Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ) site asset management activities, and limited network/systems engineering support where required at DHHQ in Falls Church, VA.


MITRE Corp. $9,424,932 for the Center for Enterprise Modernization Federally Funded Research and Development Center (CEM FFRDC) operated by MITRE. Defense Health Agency (DHA) requires studies, technical advice and recommendations for implementation planning activities and transition schedules that provide DHA a pathway to transfer former Army Medical Research & Materiel Command resources to DHA, per the deadlines set forth by NDAA legislation. Services include enterprise transition planning, program management, strategic communications, conceptual and tactical planning for acquisition strategies, extended transition planning analyses - Military Health System (MHS) Medical Research, Acquisition, and Sustainment Enterprise.


Renco Corp. $13,104,000 for capacity expansion of nitrile butadiene rubber gloves production for Department of Health and Human Services in care of the Joint Acquisition Task Force. Material to stand up two additional high-speed dip lines and six additional standard indexing dip lines in Colebrook, NH.


FUEL & ENERGY – The US Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


AllCom Global Services, Computer Sites Inc., Eaton Corp., MC Dean Inc. $875,000,000 IDIQ for power conditioning and continuation interfacing equipment. Commercial design and purchase of uninterruptable power supplies for all federal entities.


Blue Star NBR LLC $123,120,000 for a new production facility capable of producing 90,000 metric tons of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber/year within 15 months of award.


Garco Construction $54,249,000 for construction of two above-ground fuel storage tanks to replace the existing underground fuel storage tanks in Naval Fuel Depot Manchester, Manchester, WA.


Synergy Electric Co. $12,297,117 to replace diesel generators at Naval Medical Center, Naval Base San Diego.


Varec Inc. $9,654,565 for services supporting the deployments and on-site support for a software application suite used to manage fuel.


West Star Aviation Holding $17,049,548 for fuel.




AAR Manufacturing Inc. $16,458,480 to repair the 463L cargo pallets.


Fairbanks Morse LLC and MAN Diesel and Turbo LLC $170,000,000 for supplies and services for diesel engines aboard Military Sealift Command ships.


North Star Terminal and Stevedore Co. $54,626,570 for stevedoring and related terminal services at Ports of Alaska: Valdez, Seward, and Whittier.


Omni2Max Inc. $8,732,464 for long-term charter of one U.S.-flagged, Jones Act-compliant offshore supply vessel MV Ocean Valor that will provide support for logistics experimentation focused on fuel, stores, passengers, and ordnance delivery processes aboard small commercial platforms.


Wolverine Tube Inc. $17,409,000 for the Next Generation All Aluminum Cargo Pallet: production of the 463L air cargo pallets, which will be used for the transport of cargo throughout the military airlift system of the C-5, C-17, C-130 and additional cargo aircraft.




Peckham Vocational Industries $15,790,274 IDIQ for commercial third-party logistics support including warehousing, storage, logistics and distribution functions for a wide variety of clothing items.


ENVIRONMENTAL – The US military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


HGL-APTIM Applied Science and Technology JV $49,000,000 for small business environmental remediation services.


AECOM, Parsons, Jacobs USAE JV, HydroGeologic Inc., APTIM Federal Services $49,000,000 to perform Military Munitions Response Program responses.


Applied Research & Development Labs $11,628,403 for Superfund program support, environmental assessments and remediation, and other environmental support.




Robertson Fruit & Produce $111,000,000 IDIQ for fresh fruits and vegetables for US military, Coast Guard, and Department of Agriculture schools.


US Foods $16,450,000 for full-line food distribution.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: custodial, electrical, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, management & administration, pavement clearance, pest control, public safety, vehicles & equipment service, waste management, wastewater. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the Pentagon’s full adoption of neoliberal economic policies.


Advant Edge Solutions of Middle Atlantic Inc. $29,365,203 for Defense Health Agency regulated medical waste pick up and destruction within the U.S., Puerto Rico and Guam.


Inland Service Corporation $34,399,308 for solid waste management services.


Vectrus Systems Corp. $16,376,364 for BOSS at Keesler AFB, MS.




Empire Hospitality LLC $7,633,440 for rental of single-occupancy efficiency lodging to accommodate members of a Portsmouth Naval Shipyard project team assigned to temporary duty for docking selected restricted availability.


PD SY Systems Inc. $19,526,858 for logistic readiness support services.


Raytheon $495,000,000 IDIQ to provide logistics consulting services to coordinate complex repair processes for supply chain management center logistics integration support secondary repairable program. Work in Albany, GA (46%); Camp Lejeune, NC (19%); Camp Pendleton, CA (15%); Okinawa, Japan (13%); Barstow, CA (6%); Kaneohe, HI (1%).




McKinsey & Co. $29,263,896 to assess at least 90% of annual spending, support for implementation, and training to increase DOD spend efficiency through enterprise-wide commodity management and structured negotiation.


Resource Management Concepts Inc. $8,193,615 for support services to Headquarters Air Combat Command: advisory and assistance support services to efforts directly associated with the Directorate of Operations, Flight Operations Division, and Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC), Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA.


BUSINESS & OFFICE & ADMIN – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in US war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the Pentagon’s budget.


Avion Solutions Inc. $12,921,601 for engineering and program management support services.


Booz Allen Hamilton; CACI; Deloitte & Touche LLP; Systems Planning & Analysis; Whitney, Bradley & Brown $74,464,554 to provide contractor support of strategic assessment and planning; manpower assessment; planning and programming analysis support; financial program management; manpower, personnel, training and education program and policy assessment and management; and quantitative analysis, forecasting, performance assessment, and research, development, test and evaluation program management support in support of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (DCNO) Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education domain comprised of the DCNO, the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Personnel Command, the Navy Manpower Analysis Center, Commander Naval Education and Training, and Commander Navy Recruiting Command.


Garcia and Associates, International Archaeology LLC, Pacific Consulting Services Inc. for cultural resource management services within Guam (70%); HI (25%); Northern Mariana Islands (5%).




CACI $9,969,1567 for technical and functional services for the Defense Agencies Initiative, which DOD claims intends to transform the budget, finance, and accounting operations of most DOD Defense Agencies in order to achieve accurate and reliable financial information in support of financial accountability and effective and efficient decision-making…”




B&K Construction $22,097,614 for clearing and grubbing, construction of temporary retaining structures, maintenance and diversion of storm water, construction concrete flumes, demolition, installation of geotechnical instrumentation, structural excavation and backfill in New Orleans, LA.


Brad Cole Construction $11,995,767 for removal of existing spillway systems, construction of toe berms and a new spillway system and control/diversion of water, Wilmington, NC.


REEL COH Inc. (Canada) $19,271,000 for replacement of the intake and tailrace cranes at Chief Joseph Dam, Bridgeport, WA.


Koontz Electric Co. $7,955,558 for the Norfork Major Rehabilitation project, Salesville, AR.


Lakey Inc. $13,317,591 for excavation of a segment of the Comite River Diversion earthen channel, East Baton Rouge, LA.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Military construction physically lays the foundation that expands and extends the permanent warfare state. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts construction workers within the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


ACC Construction Co. $15,525,964 to construct a military working dog kennel in Fort Bragg, NC.


Alliance WSP JV LLC, HB&A-The Schreifer Group JV, Marstel-Day/Atkins MP JV LLC, The Urban Collaborative LLC $9,999,999 for architect and engineering services for USACE, Mobile, AL.


B & D Electric Inc. $20,000,000 for electrical services at the Naval Support Activity Crane and Glendora Test Facility Sullivan.


Benaka Inc., H.V. Collins Company Inc., J&J Contractors Inc., P&S Construction Inc., Structural Associates Inc., Tantara Associates Corp. $90,000,000 for general construction at various locations within US Army Corps of Engineers New England District.


Collins-Russell 8(a) LLC $12,884,054 for revitalizing an Army Reserve Center site at Conroe, TX.


Interdyne Corp. $41,000,000 for fleet sustainment support.


Jacobs, Huitt-Zollars & Michael Baker JV, Burns & McDonnell $45,000,000 for architect-engineer vertical design services for USACE, Albuquerque, NM.


Julius Kaaz Construction Co. $8,635,041 for preventive maintenance, routine maintenance, minor rehabilitation of flexible pavements and other miscellaneous items throughout Fort Leavenworth.


Korte Construction Co. $67,184,322 for the P211 aircraft maintenance hangar at Naval Air Station Key West, FL.


Oak Point Associates $30,000,000 IDIQ for architect-engineer services in support of historically-sensitive projects in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, primarily for Public Works Department Maine. An initial task order is being awarded at $98,828 for two individual tasks related to the Helix Houses, to include a fire alarm and communications fiber connectivity study and a CO2 fire suppression system study located in Cutler, ME.


RQ Construction $48,938,699 for design-build services at combat service support facilities (addition to the existing armory, demolition of existing ordnance operations building, construction of new operations building, addition of overhead coiling door to existing boat storage building, construction of a new vehicle maintenance facility and boat-shop building) at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek—Fort Story.


Web LLC $15,154,358 for the P253 air traffic control tower at Naval Air Station Whiting Field, FL.


The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. $44,471,400 for building a new dry combat submersible operations facility at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek—Fort Story.


The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. $46,375,000 to build the Air Force Targeting Center facility at Joint Base Langley-Eustis.


34 firms $700,000,000 IDIQ for streamlined means to complete minor construction projects, maintenance and repair at Joint Base Andrews and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, MD.


James Fisher Jr. Excavating $10,831,303 to complete construction for Hamilton City (California) Phase 2B.




Curtin Maritime Corp. $7,985,200 for maintenance dredging in Redwood City, CA.


Manson Construction Co. $27,145,300 for dredging in Galveston, TX.


Mike Hooks LLC $24,000,000 for rental of a cutterhead pipeline dredge.



# # # #


Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist. His work focuses on the U.S. war industry. Sorensen (@cp_sorensen) is the author of Understanding the War Industry and a Senior Fellow at the Eisenhower Media Network (EMN).