Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the US war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. What follows are the contracts issued during June 2021.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)The US war industry sells to capitalist regimes around the world through direct commercial sales and foreign military sales (FMS). FMS tend to deal with big-ticket items or goods and services of a sensitive nature. Through FMS, the US government procures and transfers industry goods and services to the allied government. In fiscal year 2020, the war industry sold $50.8 billion through FMS, and $124.3 billion through direct commercial sales.


Boeing $78,355,686 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): various material associated with 36 Stand-Off Land Attack Missile Expanded Response (SLAM ER) data link pods and containers in support of the SLAM ER obsolescence redesign program.


CDM Constructors $25,401,975 for FMS (Israel): construction of an office building and a maintenance works aircraft hangar in the apartheid state.


Federal Resources Supply Co. $17,234,753 for FMS (Jordan): water trucks, spare parts, training and manuals.


Northrop Grumman $19,296,927 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistics support of Iraq’s C-172 & C-208 fleets at Balad AB, Iraq.  Northrop Grumman $19,296,927 for FMS (Iraq): contractor logistics support of Iraq’s C-172 & C-208 fleets in Balad AB.  Textron $7,605,208 for FMS (Iraq): support and sustainment of the Iraq Peace Dragon Program. Work in Wichita, KS, and Martyr Mohammed Ali AB, Iraq. Textron $7,605,208 for FMS (Iraq): support and sustainment of the Iraq Peace Dragon program: field service representatives, program management, core/field engineering, and repair-and-return. Work in Wichita, KS, and Martyr Mohammed Ali AB, Iraq.


Boeing for distributed targeting processor-networked (DTP-N) B-kits in support of DTP-N full-rate production to implement anti-surface warfare capability in the F/A-18E/F and EA-18G aircraft for Australia ($11,365,284).


DCS Corp. $11,330,717 for the Agile Global Mobility (AGM) bridge contract: continuous maintenance and development of its newly fielded, unit-level mission planning software to support real-world global flight operations for Air Mobility Command (AMC) aircraft (KC-46, KC-10, KC-135, C-130J, C-130J, C-130 AMP, C-17, and C-5) in support of U.S. military missions as well as mission planning for FMS variants of the AMC Aircraft. Involves some FMS to UAE, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), South Korea, Oman, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, U.K.


Inter-Coastal Electronics Inc. $11,391,617 for FMS (Taiwan): laser integrated field training systems, training and logistics support. 


Lockheed Martin for engineering change proposals comprised of material kits and special test/tooling equipment necessary to support retrofit and modification efforts on F-35 aircraft for FMS ($3,062,255).

Lockheed Martin for recurring logistics services for delivered F-35 air systems for FMS ($41,266,703). Includes ground maintenance activities, action request resolution, depot activation activities, automatic logistics information system operations and maintenance, reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support, supply chain management and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training.


Integration Innovation Inc. $8,334,262 for FMS (unnamed): technical support services for the Apache Attack Helicopter Project Manager's Office, Huntsville, AL.  Lockheed Martin $137,680,806 for FMS (unnamed): continued support services, including program management, non-recurring unique requirements, and training in support of increment five integration of FMS into the F-35 program. Work in Fort Worth, TX (60%); undisclosed locations outside the continental U.S. (40%). Lockheed Martin $30,162,222 for FMS (unnamed): M1A2K Mobile Platoon Advanced Gunnery Training System and Tank Driver Trainer.


Lockheed Martin for non-recurring engineering to integrate the APR-39C(V)2 radar warning receiver into the MH-60S avionics system and implement common audio and symbology architecture across the MH-60R and MH-60S aircraft for FMS ($2,848,954).


Raytheon $9,173,935 for FMS (India): 155 mm Excalibur Increment Ib projectiles.


Tyonek Services Overhaul Facility ceiling $24,988,351 for FMS (Philippines): full C-130 Excess Defense Article (EDA) Regeneration to include program depot maintenance.


Textron $12,496,793 for FMS (Tunisia): T-6C long lead items procurement and site survey to support delivery of eight T-6Cs in 2022.




Boeing $580,598,636 for FMS (U.K.): 14 H-47 extended range rotary wing aircraft via SOCOM.


General Atomics $79,420,164 for FMS (France): MQ-9 Block 5 aircraft procurement program. 


Oshkosh Defense $152,662,199 to support the fielding of trucks, packaged and installed kits, and trailers. Some FMS (Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania).


Raytheon $20,309,493 for FMS (Netherlands): Excalibur 155 mm Increment Ib projectiles.


Raytheon $9,145,220 for FMS (Spain); Excalibur 155mm Increment Ib projectiles.




Boeing Insitu $12,514,386 for additional air vehicles, support equipment and spares in support of the RQ-21A Blackjack and ScanEagle for US Navy and FMS. 


Northrop Grumman $53,773,633 to provide continuing operator, maintenance, logistics and sustainment engineering support, to include training, supply chain and spares management for peculiar items, peculiar support equipment, and technical publications in support of the RQ-4A Global Hawk Broad Area Maritime Surveillance - Demonstrator (BAMS-D) aircraft. Work in Patuxent River, MD (45%); undisclosed location outside the continental U.S. (33%); San Diego, CA (8%); Indianapolis, IN (7%); El Segundo, CA (4%); Sterling, VA (2%); Salt Lake City, UT (1%).


Stark Aerospace Inc. $56,087,580 for sustainment services of the Shadow Plug-In Optronic 300 series payloads in support of product manager Aerial Enhanced Radar, Optics, and Sensors.


Textron $92,535,540 for One System Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT) and Soldier Portable OSRVT (SPOT) production with contractor logistics support.


Compass Systems, Inc. $12,997,634 for threat drivers and requirements analysis, porotype development and experimentation, engineering support, modeling and simulation analysis, rapid prototyping to include fabrication, integration, lifecycle logistics support and forward deployed operations in support of C5ISR technology advancement to enhance communications techniques with operational mapping and network intelligence technology. 




ModernaTX Inc. $3,300,000,000 for 200 million doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 Moderna vaccine. 


Renco Corp. $35,000,000 for capacity expansion of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Gloves production for Department of Health & Human Services in care of the Joint Acquisition Task Force. Stand up 10 additional high-speed dip lines.


Showa Best Glove $37,583,749 for capacity expansion of nitrile rubber (NBR) gloves production for Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in care of Defense Assisted Acquisition (DA2). Procurement of all needed material in order to stand up four nitrile glove lines capable of producing 66,666,667 gloves per month within 24 months. 


United Safety Technology $96,083,344 for capacity expansion of Nitrile Rubber gloves production for Department of Health and Human Services in care of Defense Assisted Acquisition: expand capacity to produce nitrile exam gloves to 216 million gloves per month within 20 months of contract award. 


Merck, Sharp & Dohme Corp. $1,207,999,848 for 1,696,629 treatment courses of the oral antiviral MK-4482.


RECRUITMENT & RETENTION – The Pentagon spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to convince the US populace to enlist. Most recruits don’t become cannon fodder. Rather, they become vessels for the war industry’s goods and services.


Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired $9,424,440 IDIQ to customize and provide Navy recruiting promotional items in support of the Navy Recruiting Command. 




Bryan Global JV LLC, CDM Constructors, Conti Federal Services, Escobar Construction, MBGS-Pond JV LLC, Relyant Global LLC, The Robins & Morton Group $50,000,000 for construction in North Israel. Relyant Global LLC, MBGS-Pond JV LLC, Escobar Construction, Conti Federal Services Inc., CDM Constructors Inc., Bryan Global JV LLC, The Robins & Morton Group $50,000,000 for construction in in South Israel. Neither of these contracts were explicitly FMS.


Contrack Watts Inc. $33,652,278 for construction of a shore-to-ship utility system in Bahrain.


MD Helicopter Inc. $29,448,286 for maintenance capabilities in support of the Afghan Air Force. Work in USA (Mesa, AZ), Kabul, Afghanistan, and Al Ain, UAE.


Raytheon $78,109,766 for contractor logistic support for the Qatar Early Warning Radar. Some work in Doha.




Arrowpak (Transport & Warehousing) Ltd. (U.K.), $8,000,000 for furnishing management section services haulage, maintenance and repair at RAF bases Feltwell, Lakenheath, Mildenhall and surrounding residential areas in the U.K. 


Jacobs/HDR JV $90,000,000 IDIQ for architect-engineer services for facilities management and sustainment support for NAVFAC worldwide. 5% work in Naples, Italy. MVL-Percassi-Gemmo JV $81,489,561 for construction of family housing in Vicenza, Italy.


Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions Inc. $10,303,353 for inspection and repair of fuel storage tanks at Naval Station Rota, Spain.   6 Spanish firms [Castellano Cobra UTE MACC LEY 18-1982, Constructora San Jose SA, Dragados Sociedad Anonima, Eiffage Group UTE, Ferrovial Agroman SA, Sociedad Espanola De Montajes Industriales SA] and 1 firm based in Indiana [Acciona CMS JV LLC] for construction projects (airfield, industrial, infrastructure, administrative, training, retail, food service, munition storage, and community support facilities) in the Rota, Spain, region.


5 corporations – 4 German (AECOM International Inc. of Neu-Isenburg, CDM Federal Services Europe JV of Alsbach, Tec-Hydrodata JV of Eschborn, and Wood E&IS GmbH of Frankfurt) and 1 Italian (Golder Associates S.r.l. of Torino) $30,000,000 for environmental consulting services in support of environmental compliance. 




Booz Allen Hamilton $15,545,964 for analysis support services for III Marine Expeditionary Force and Marine Corps Installations Pacific (MCIPAC), Okinawa, Japan.


MNDPI Pacific JV $42,062,806 IDIQ for various structural and waterfront projects and other projects at locations, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI. Prepares for the submittal of the design-build request for proposal documents to include supporting engineering documentation for Dry Dock #3 replacement at JBPHH for Design Phase Two.


Northrop Grumman $8,509,862 for IT, architecture, and engineering for U.S. Forces Korea [Pyongtaek, South Korea].


PAE $13,538,239 for base operating support services at MCAS Iwakuni.


Environet Inc. $300,000,000 for design-bid-build construction services for the state of Hawai‘i.


27 corporations, including Amentum and Vectrus, $121,000,000 (max.) IDIQ to provide expeditionary supplies and services “to support humanitarian and disaster relief, military exercises, and contingencies” across North America; Caribbean and Bermuda; Central America; South America; Middle East, including Bahrain and the UAE; Africa; Eastern Europe and Western Asia; Western Europe; Mainland Asia; Japan; Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka; Australia & Oceania; Pacific Islands; Philippines; Indonesia; Malaysia and Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam; and Southeastern Asia.




Boeing $18,372,000 for long-lead components and parts for SOCOM’s MH-47G Chinook Block II production program.


Mayvin Inc. $95,000,000 to support research, development and acquisition of military weapons, materiel and life cycle sustainment “in support of the highest priority operators” within SOCOM.


NISGAA TEK LLC $18,794,450 for hardware and software for the 2021 Remote Piloted Aircraft Special Operations Center second quarter buy. Products to be consumed in the creation of an end-product deliverable. Work at Warner Robins AFB, GA.




Alpha Marine Services $15,074,321 for one U.S.-flagged maritime support vessel MV Kellie Chouest in support of Southern Command.


BAE Systems $79,800,000 IDIQ for automated tank gauging, independent alarm system, and overfill protection equipment maintenance throughout the continental U.S. and the Caribbean.


DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA) – Most DARPA work is carried out by corporations, including academic institutions.


Aurora Flight Sciences $12,365,672 for Phase 1 option of the DARPA Control of Revolutionary Aircraft with Novel Effectors (CRANE) program. Work in Manassas, VA (50%); Tucson, AZ (26%); St. Louis, MO (15%); Los Angeles, CA (9%).


Raytheon $8,842,171 for a DARPA research project for the Fast Event-based Neuromorphic Camera and Electronics (FENCE) program.  FENCE “seeks to develop and demonstrate a low-latency, low-power, event-based camera and a new class of signal processing and learning algorithms that uses combined spatial and temporal (spatio-temporal) information to enable intelligent sensors for tactical [DOD] applications.” Work spread across Goleta, CA (53%); Cambridge, MA (17%); El Segundo, CA (15%); McKinney, TX (10%); Tempe, AZ (3%); NY, NY (1%); Tewksbury, MA (1%).




Accenture $14,022,515 for management of a tracking and correspondence service and a managed service where the contractor administers the application and database.


Black River System Co. $11,967,412 for Cognitive Algorithms for Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Contested and Degraded Environments (CASCADE) software and hardware prototype. Research techniques and algorithms that provide the identification, collection, processing, and exploitation of electronic communication signals in a moderate to dense co-channel environment. Also includes evaluation of technologies within the Open Architecture Technology Lab to validate the viability of developed capabilities for transition into the Air Force ISR enterprise. Will also encompass the development of hardware and software prototype capabilities at the Rome Research Site and at the Stockbridge Experimentation and Test Facility for open-air calibration and testing to assess both SIGINT and cyber systems and techniques.


The Buffalo Group $14,291,076 for biometric and identity intelligence analytical support, Charlottesville and Quantico, VA; Fort Bragg, NC; Bethesda, MD.


CACI $19,235,143 for all-source and technical intelligence analytical support. Work in Charlottesville and Arlington, VA; Tampa and Miami, FL; Huntsville, AL; San Diego, CA; Fort Bragg, NC; and Colorado Springs, CO.


Leidos $12,757,260 for the Saturn Arch Aerial Intelligence Systems Quick Reaction Capability program. Work in Reston and Bridgewater, VA, and Huntsville, AL.


Mobius Consulting LLC $64,455,271 for ongoing Intelligence and Counter-Insider Threat advisory and assistance in the National Capital Region; Dahlgren, VA; Huntsville, AL; Colorado Springs, CO; and other locations as directed.


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Florida State University - Center for Advanced Power Systems $31,449,692 for R&D associated with shipboard electrical systems.


George Mason University $20,000,000 (max. over 5 years) to support the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences’ (USU) Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2).


Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. ceiling $92,000,000 IDIQ to obtain essential analysis documentation. Includes work closely related to governmental functions in the domains of engineering, R&D, modeling and simulation, and test and evaluation for the development and application of advanced technology.


Johns Hopkins University APL $100,000,000 to maintain an essential research and engineering capability supporting long-term organizational performance improvement within the Military Health System (MHS); engagement with external stakeholders and supported military commands; advisory & assistance support on issues affecting strategic planning, resource allocation, and operational oversight of the MHS; and exploratory research and investigations in topics of interest to the MHS.




AT&T $12,781,033.37 for the Northstar Long-Haul Telecommunications Network and associated transmission circuits for an ultra-high frequency/line of sight communications system network. Most work at AT&T Corp, Waldorf, MD. 


Comcast $71,606,000 for the Commercial Ethernet Gateway Region 5 to provide mission partner access, via Ethernet connections to the DOD Information Network and to enable the replacement of legacy, time division multiplexing-based circuits. Comcast $84,162,000 (max.) for the Commercial Ethernet Gateway Region 4 to provide mission partner access, via ethernet connections, to DOD Information Network and to enable the replacement of legacy, time division multiplexing-based circuits. Comcast $102,808,400 for the Commercial Ethernet Gateway Region 3: provide mission partner access, via ethernet connections, to DOD Information Network and to enable the replacement of legacy, time division multiplexing-based circuits.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money in a few seasons. The lead corporation, Lockheed Martin, does not intend to address 162 of the jet’s 883 known design flaws.


Lockheed Martin $1,762,417,175 for recurring logistics services for delivered F-35 air systems for DOD; non-U.S. DOD participants $76,946,111. Services include ground maintenance activities, action request resolution, depot activation activities, automatic logistics information system operations and maintenance, reliability, maintainability and health management implementation and support, supply chain management and activities to provide and support pilot and maintainer initial training. “Non-DOD international partners” and “non-US DOD participants” are international customers, though administratively distinct from FMS.


Lockheed Martin $24,963,736 to procure a redesigned end product for the following [F-35] systems: gun system controller unit, communications, navigation, identification dual channel transceiver and multi-channel receiver, electrical power generation and conversion voltage converters and inverters, and aircraft exterior lighting approach light for USA and non-DOD participants.


Lockheed Martin for engineering change proposals comprised of material kits and special test/tooling equipment necessary to support retrofit and modification efforts on F-35 aircraft for US Navy $1,532,654; Air Force $12,015,883; non-DOD participants $4,872,175.


Lockheed Martin $53,166,166 for various material and software required for the 30P06 capability upgrade to all fielded pilot and maintenance training systems for the F-35 for U.S. military, non-DOD participants, and FMS.


Lockheed Martin $472,469,642 to further develop and integrate three unique weapons capabilities through system functional review to development test complete on the F-35A and F-35B aircraft for the U.K. and Italy. 


Lockheed Martin $49,175,235 for engineering support to address deficiencies for production and modifications of F-35 aircraft and delivery of associated technical data.


Raytheon (Pratt & Whitney) $10,931,121 for transitional support and services for the DLA and TRANSCOM to provide the North American warehousing and global transportation for the F-35 engine.




Bell Boeing Joint Project Office $17,303,517 to procure 12 MV-22 Integrated Aircraft Survivability Equipment (IASE) A-kits configuration B to C; 24 MV-22 IASE A-kits configuration A to C; and 60 MV-22 IASE fuel tank Delta A-kits.


Raytheon $17,016,793 to provide software engineering and testing, avionics integration and testing and avionics acquisition support to include classified and unclassified laboratories, configuration and data management and release of avionics software products and related systems in support of V-22 Software Support Activity systems.


Honeywell $9,953,746 for V-22 spare parts.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $128,843,992 for the F-15 Mission Training Center simulation services in USA (St. Louis, MO; Mountain Home AFB, ID; Nellis AFB, NV; Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC) and overseas (RAF Lakenheath, U.K.; Kadena AB, Japan).


Raytheon $3,120,000,000 IDIQ for production, modernization and support of the F-15 APG-82 radar system.




Meggitt Polymers and Composites maximum $8,476,025 for F/A-18 aircraft fuel tanks. 


Boeing $20,194,600 for F/A-18 aircraft spare parts.


Boeing $13,972,948 to procure 69 Primary Bleed Air Pressure Regulator (PBAR) and Shut Off Valve Delta Kit modifications and 384 PBAR new valve kits re: environmental control system PBAR and shut off valve improvement.




Boeing $21,740,000 for distributed targeting processor-networked (DTP-N) B-kits in support of DTP-N full-rate production to implement anti-surface warfare capability in the F/A-18E/F and EA-18G aircraft for US Navy.




Northrop Grumman $12,015,026 to extend services and adds hours increasing the full-scale fatigue repair time to achieve the required simulated flight hours in support of E-2D aircraft development.


Raytheon $64,878,541 for one E-2D Hawkeye Integrated Training Systems IV weapons systems trainer, technical refreshes and E-2D system software configuration (DSSC) concurrency updates to the distributed readiness trainers, technical refreshes and DSSCs concurrency updates to the simulated maintenance trainers, power plant trainer, personal computer simulations, associated technical data for each device, maintenance, user, cyber security/software support training, and interim contractor support.




Raytheon Collins Aerospace $18,159,063 for one high power transmit set (HPTS) modernization validation kit and one HPTS modernization verification kit and installation of each in E-6B Mercury aircraft.


U.K. Ministry of Defence, Defence Business Services Finance $15,000,000 for one E-3D aircraft for use as an in-flight trainer in support of the E-6B aircraft program for U.S. Navy. Work in Lake Charles, LA.




Cianbro - A/Z JV $46,421,000 to build the regional C-5 aircraft isochronal maintenance hangar at Westover Air Reserve Base, Chicopee, MA.


L3Harris $17,301,033 for C-130H Avionics Modernization Program Increment 2: installation & integration of the ARC-210 radio and MOUS/SATURN.


MILITARY RESEARCH – A recent report from the Government Accountability Office indicated, “DOD does not know how contractors’ independent R&D projects fit into the department’s technology goals.”


Aerospace Mass Properties Analysis $9,391,832 for ongoing development efforts to upgrade the ultrafast switch technology regarding “Holographic Optical Aperture Gate for Single-pixel and Imaging Light Detection and Ranging systems.” Also provides for developmental payloads as well as integration, manufacture, installation, test, repair, troubleshooting and fielded support and fleet repair of systems utilizing the ultrafast optical switch.


Earthly Dynamics LLC $9,908,235 for R&D for guided airdrop system enabling technologies.


Fulcrum Concepts $9,536,937 for the development, integration, and testing of the Modular Effects Launcher (see here).


Harper Construction Co. $52,301,995 to build a rocket motor test facility at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.


InfoScitex Corp. $48,000,000 IDIQ for completing R&D for redefining the basic analytical and simulation environment (REBASE): research, development, and expansion of the advanced framework for simulation, integration, and modeling, which is a modular, object-oriented multi-domain operations modeling, simulation, and analysis framework. 


North Point Defense $9,829,387 to develop highly flexible software-based applications to perform real-time digital signal processing of complex radio waveforms. Will “enable processing of existing and future communication signals without the need for changes to the competed software by providing a dynamic processing flow based on user-defined input parameters.”


Radiance Technologies Inc. $9,597,653 for the modeling simulation and analysis (MS&A) of an advanced weapon designs effort. R&D “to evaluate system capabilities in a real-world environment … providing a robust understanding of the intricacies of both the threat models as well as the simulation frameworks used.”



Packet Digital LLC $7,999,913 for Dual Switching Gallium Nitrade Based Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for the Satellite Electrical Power System program: design and demonstrate high efficiency advanced enhancement mode Gallium Nitride (eGaN) dual switching solar MPPT power module for use on satellite systems that will improve the size (smaller), efficiency, power density, radiation robustness and the lifespan limitation of the current silicon based design counterparts.


Stellar Science Ltd. Co. $48,000,000 IDIQ for completing R&D for redefining the basic analytical and simulation environment (REBASE). Stellar Science Ltd. Co. $48,000,000 IDIQ for completing R&D for REBASE. Research, development and expansion of the advanced framework for simulation, integration and modeling, which is a modular, object-oriented multi-domain operations modeling, simulation and analysis framework.


HDR Architects and Engineers P.C. $17,064,718 for design of an engineering and prototyping facility at MIT Lincoln Labs, Hanscom AFB, Bedford, MA.


RQ Construction $217,657,842 for the design and construction of the Michelson Laboratory Complex (an industrial shop, environmental lab and a chemistry lab for advanced materials R&D) and repair of wings Six and Seven at the Michelson Laboratory building at Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake. 




Wolf Creek Federal Services $22,216,458 for installation support services in Redstone Arsenal, AL.


HELICOPTERS – Pertinent news: The Pentagon spent $773 million on helicopter rides for U.S. and coalition personnel & equipment in Afghanistan during September 2017-September 2020, according to DOD’s Inspector General.


Airbus U.S. Space & Defense $119,788,924 for an extension of contractor logistics support services for UH-72 “Lakota.”


Boeing $32,577,153 to incorporate a directed change order for the remanufacture of twelve AH-64 “Apache” aircraft and six-part numbers for the tail rotor blades. Boeing $39,657,700 for new-build AH-64E aircraft. Boeing $169,460,000 to support the AH-64 full-rate production lot 12 long lead effort. DigiFlight Inc. $13,802,929 for programmatic support for the “Apache” Attack Helicopter. Lockheed Martin $49,475,079 for the AH-64 Apache Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (MTADS/PNVS) performance-based logistics program.


IronMountain Solutions $30,495,183 for technical support for the Utility Helicopters Project Office. IronMountain Solutions $8,211,932 for technical services support for Aviation Mission Systems and Architecture Project Management Office, Redstone Arsenal, AL.


Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $129,000,000 for production and delivery of three MH-60R aircraft for the U.S. Navy. Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $5,165,947 for non-recurring engineering in support of the design of the Common MH-60R/S Aircraft survivability equipment architecture to integrate the APR-39C(V)2 radar warning receiver into the MH-60S avionics system and implement common audio and symbology architecture across the MH-60R and MH-60S aircraft for U.S. Navy.


Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $9,493,860 for systems engineering and program management services in support of CH-53K LRIP (Lots 5 and 6) aircraft rate tooling. Overseas work in Rochester, U.K. (67.6%); Madrid, Spain (0.4%). Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $73,221,421 to procure 362 spare parts and support required for the repair and maintenance of the CH-53K LRIP aircraft. Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $735,903,127 to increase the scope for nine CH-53K aircraft (Lot 5, LRIP) and associated aircraft, programmatic and logistical support. 




Amentum $42,832,919 for the executive airlift aircraft maintenance and back shop support services at Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington, MD.


Zodiac-Poettker HBZ JV II LLC $56,295,000 for construction of a six-bay maintenance hangar for rotary wing aircraft, Hunter Army Airfield, GA.




Lockheed Martin $11,745,238 to procure Modernized Day Sensor Assembly kits and spares.




Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. (U.K.) $28,925,000 for production and support of SKU-10A/A and SKU-11A/A survival seat kit assembly for the enhanced emergency oxygen system for U.S. Navy.




Northrop Grumman $8,851,622 for engineering and hardware sustainment for the AN/ALQ-131 and AN/ALQ-184 electronics countermeasures pods.




Lockheed Martin $8,255,829 for engineering services in support of the AN/SPY-1 Elevated Radar Advanced Calibration Experiment.


Lockheed Martin $70,118,939 to support AEGIS development test sites operation and maintenance for USA (66%), Japan ($4,499,012), Australia ($666,854), South Korea ($507,474), Spain ($3,934).


Raytheon $9,208,622 for ordnance alteration installation services and to provide engineering and technical services in support of the MK99 fire control and AN/SPY-1 radar transmitter systems.




Austal USA $44,000,000 for detail design, procurement, production implementation, and demonstration of autonomous capability in Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) 13.


LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP (LCS) – Some call the LCS a “floating garbage pile.”


Austal USA $10,605,201 for industrial post-delivery availability support for USS Canberra (LCS 30) in Mobile, AL (80%); Pittsfield, MA (20%). Austal USA $44,384,296 for LCS design services and integrated data and product model environment support. 


Q.E.D. Systems $51,041,888 for support of execution planning efforts to support West Coast, East Coast and outside the contiguous U.S. maintenance and sustainment execution contracts for LCS ships. Q.E.D. Systems Inc. $13,757,226 for the execution planning efforts under option period 3 to support maintenance and sustainment execution contracts for LCS ships homeported in San Diego, CA.




General Dynamics Bath Iron Works $55,118,975 for lead yard services for the DDG 51 class Guided Missile Destroyer program. General Dynamics Bath Iron Works $9,080,929 to provide planning, management and emergent availability support for USS Daniel Inouye (DDG 118). General Dynamics Bath Iron Works $8,683,913 for accomplishment of post- delivery availability work items for DDG 120. 


General Dynamics NASSCO $98,749,123 for maintenance, modernization and repair of the USS Pinckney (DDG 91).


Timken Gears & Services $77,331,822 for two main reduction gear shipsets to support DDG-51-Class Hulls 136 and 137.


Northrop Grumman $37,849,913 for mini-stock point and the repair of items supporting the inertial navigation system AN/WSN-7, the AN/BPS-15/16 radar set and the DDG integrated bridge systems.


American Systems Corp., Delphinus Engineering, EHS Technologies Corp., Advanced Internet Marketing Inc. d.b.a. The GBS Group, General Dynamics, Green Expert Technology, McKean Defense Group, TDI Technologies $72,667,301 for modernization-engineering, life-cycle and in- service engineering to support DDG-51 FLTI (flight), FLTII, FLTIIA (legacy, modernization and new ship construction), FLTIII & HED (hybrid electric drive), modernization and obsolescence machinery control systems DDG 51 class ships, cybersecurity and information assurance, DDG-51 integrated bridge controls systems and fuel control system. Work in Philadelphia, PA.


NIMITZ-CLASS AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (CVN) – This class of aircraft carrier is plagued with problems.


Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News $12,986,545 to continue full ship shock trials planning and execution for CVN 78.




BAE Systems $18,694,230 for Virginia-class submarine propulsors. BAE Systems $18,809,833 for manufacture and delivery of Virginia-class propulsor components and assembly. General Dynamics Electric Boat $300,207,213 for lead yard support and development studies and design efforts related to Virginia-class submarines.


General Dynamics $63,805,144 for smart start maintenance, repair, and modernization efforts in support of USS Hartford (SSN 768) engineered overhaul.


International Marine & Industrial Applicators LLC $13,762,373 for preservation work onboard USS Toledo (SSN-769), Portsmouth, VA.


AMP United LLC, International Marine & Industrial Applicators LLC, Q.E.D. Systems $41,745,389 for the preservation and maintenance of Navy submarines.


L3Harris $24,065,325 for material production and spares in support of all new construction and in-service class submarines. 


L3Harris $30,103,244 for submarine services and materials for Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport, RI.


L3Harris $24,702,510 for production of Navy equipment. Work in Liverpool, NY (52%); Millersville, MD (28%); Ashaway, RI (20%).


Lockheed Martin $191,183,328 for [Trident Increment 8] production of inertial navigation systems and associated inertial spares for the Ohio and Columbia ballistic missile submarine shallow water submersible platforms.


Puyenpa Services LLC $8,535,773 for construction (asphalt milling, resurfacing of asphalt pavement, demolition of existing pavement, sealcoating, stripping, utility box replacement, new signage and incidental work) at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA.


Progeny Systems Corp. $18,579,302 for engineering and technical services for Navy submarines that will include software development, commercial off-the-shelf  products, and hardware and software integration.




Bechtel $98,523,846 for naval nuclear propulsion components. Work in Monroeville, PA (74%); Schenectady, NY (26%).




BAE Systems $90,267,436 for USS San Diego (LPD 22) fiscal 2021 docking selected restricted availability.


Colonna’s Shipyard Inc. $9,405,299 for a 90-calendar day shipyard availability for the regularly scheduled overhaul and dry-docking of the expeditionary fast transport ship USNS Fall River (T-EPF 4).


Detyens Shipyards Inc. $8,762,834 for a 50-calendar day shipyard availability for fleet oiler Joshua USNS Humphreys (T-AO 188).


East Coast Repair & Fabrication $8,941,404 for a 60-calendar day shipyard availability for the mid-term availability on the USNS Arctic (T-AOE 8), Newport News, VA.


Global, a 1st Flagship Co. $10,833,890 to acquire services and material necessary to support and maintain all vessels assigned to NAVSEA Inactive Ship Maintenance Office Philadelphia, PA, and active vessels assigned to the Guided Missile Cruiser (CG)/Dock Landing Ship (LSD) Modernization Detachment, Norfolk, VA. Work in Philadelphia, PA (80%) and Norfolk, VA (20%).


Lyon Shipyard Inc. $8,077,424 to provide management, technical, procurement, production, testing and quality assurance necessary to plan, prepare and execute all maintenance, repair, and alterations required to complete the docking phased maintenance availability onboard the USNS Hunter (TSV-3).


Marion Manufacturing Inc. and Augustine Die & Mold Inc. $24,960,614 to provide machined items to support a wide variety of naval maintenance, overhaul and modernization projects for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, ME.


Vigor Marine LLC$9,840,871 for a 65-calendar day shipyard availability: services for the mid-term availability of the fleet oiler USNS Guadalupe (T-AO 200).


Amee Bay LLC, Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc., Q.E.D. Systems Inc., Continental Tide Defense Systems Inc. combined $44,172,422 for engineering and technical support services for rotating electrical equipment and sealed insulation systems utilized in generators, electric motors, transformers, cables, power conversion and distribution equipment onboard all Navy hulls for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division, Code 445.




Leidos $26,913,657 for ship-installation, integrated logistic support, fleet support, and life-cycle-sustainment of Navy’s AN/SQQ-89A(V)15 surface ship undersea warfare systems for US Navy. Some FMS: Japan $205,855, Australia $38,730.


Lockheed Martin $85,563,849 IDIQ for systems engineering and technical services for hardware & software interfaces. 


Raytheon $30,726,180 for the Planar Array Antenna Assembly production requirements to support the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) program.




Lockheed Martin $7,869,505 for combat system ship integration and testing on FFG 62 class ships. Work in Moorestown, NJ (85%); Marinette, WI (10%); Bath, ME (3%); Pascagoula, MS (2%).


Lockheed Martin $24,622,187 for Navy equipment, components, engineering services and other direct costs. (Extension of earlier contract – 20 Sep 2019 – for MFTA.)


Raytheon $136,470,802 for MK 15 close-in weapon system upgrades and conversions, system overhauls and associated hardware for US Navy (85%); South Korea (15%).


RAMSys GmbH (Ottobrunn) €17,851,997 and $2,568,880 for fiscal 2021 rolling airframe missile (RAM) requirements for Germany [under cooperative program funds (89%)] and FMS to Egypt (11%). Work in Germany: Ueberlingen (86.2%), Schrobenhausen (8.4%), and Ottobrunn (5.4%).


Raytheon $27,694,306 for assembly, fabrication, development and testing to produce and deliver MK 57 NATO Seasparrow missile system.




General Dynamics (Electric Boat) $7,889,406 for operation, maintenance and protection of the floating dry dock SHIPPINGPORT ARDM-4, which is government-owned and corporate-operated.




Boeing $12,940,000 for software development services for the maturation, integration, and testing of the accelerated Communications-as-a-Service capability. Work in Tukwila, WA (30%); St. Louis, MO (26%); Huntington Beach, CA (22%); Huntsville, AL (13%); San Diego, CA (5%); Palmdale, CA (4%).


Global, a 1st Flagship Co. $8,974,465 to acquire services and material necessary to support and maintain all vessels assigned to NAVSEA, Inactive Ship Maintenance Office, Pearl Harbor, HI. 


Globe Composite Solutions, Goodrich Corp., Westland Technologies $72,000,000 for submarine materials. Work at the contractors’ facilities (Stoughton, MA; Jacksonville, FL; and Modesto, CA).


Halter Marine $149,053,160 for the design and construction of one oceanographic survey ship (T-AGS 67). Work in Pascagoula, MS (76%); Harahan, LA (8%); Belle Chase, LA (4.5%); Alpharetta, GA (4.5%); Mathews, LA (2.3%); Axis, AL (2%); Houston, TX (1.5%); Sherwood, OR (1.2%).


Hexagon U.S. Federal $24,915,207 for engineering changes to situational awareness, boundary enforcement and response hardware. 


Huntington Ingalls Industries $8,357,473 to provide long lead time material procurement and management services, Newport News, VA.


Management Services Group Inc. (d.b.a. Global Technical Systems) $13,291,701 for ordnance alteration kit production, on-board allowance spares kit production, and engineering services for Technical Insertion 12H of the Common Processing System.


Progeny Systems Corp. $10,642,255 for engineering services, material, and travel.


Aktarius LLC $65,000,000 for expertise for all activities associated with the development, production, fielding, sustainment and disposal of shore, expeditionary and oceans systems across the lifecycle for Navy, Marine Corps, DOD and other expeditionary customers. An initial task order for engineering, integrated product support and technical services is being awarded at $150,000 to support test and evaluation, data management and analysis and R&D in Panama City, FL. 




L3Harris $18,075,712 for 285 modernized radios as well as associated engineering support necessary to calibrate and maintain special test equipment while in production.


Creative Builds, Peak Signals LLC, Souza Construction, Valley Wide Construction Services Inc. $8,000,000 to provide system maintenance, installation, and engineering capabilities for advanced technology products in support of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Energetics Department, China Lake, CA.




AV3 Inc., Bridges System Integration LLC, FGS LLC, Futron Inc., iSoft Solution LLC, Mission Analytics LLC, US International Development Consortium Inc. $100,000,000 IDIQ in support of NAWCAD Integrated Command, Control and Intelligence (IC2&I) Division: engineering and technical support services for legacy, current, and next generation audio/video systems, including efficient information exchange of voice, video and/or data from concept through deployment and the planning, research, design, testing, integration, verification, customization, installation and system operations support of those systems, subsystems, and components in support of the IC2&I Division, which integrates and delivers products for command, control, communications, computers, combat systems, ISR systems for DOD, various other U.S. government departments and agencies and foreign governments.


Precise Systems Inc. $83,196,677 for management and technical support services for the operation, development, sustainment, training and management of the acquisition management system suite of software applications that provide both acquisition management and acquisition data in support of the Acquisition Tools and Processes Program. Work in Patuxent River, MD




Applied Research Associates, Gryphon Technologies LLC, Huntington Ingalls Industries Mission Driven Innovative Solutions Inc., ISPA Technology LLC, Leidos, Oasis Systems LLC, Peraton, SAIC, Serco Inc. $118,816,148 IDIQ for technical support including specification and design, fabrication, installation, test and evaluation, fielding, maintenance, training, and configuration and program management of hardware and software in support of surface and subsurface unmanned maritime systems engaged in waterborne and underwater mine countermeasures.


22nd Century Technologies Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, Coherent Technical Services Inc., Deloitte & Touche LLP, Effecture LLC, M.C. Dean Inc., McKean Defense Group LLC, Sentar Inc., Parsons, SAIC, Solute Inc., Scientific Research Corp. $28,104,131 for support including engineering and technical services for current and emergent afloat, ashore and airborne networks and systems that enable net-centric operations in naval, joint, allied and coalition operations. 


Bowhead Cybersecurity Solutions & Services $92,308,000 for senior consultation support services for NAVWAR Pacific.


Advanced Sciences and Technologies LLC, Bart & Associates Inc., Dark Wolf Solutions LLC, Data Intelligence LLC, Grove Resource Solutions Inc., ODME Solutions LLC, Solute Inc., Sugpiat Defense LLC, Timitron Corp., Vector Planning & Services Inc. $47,330,220 IDIQ for cybersecurity systems engineering support including software development and training, hardware engineering, network engineering, configuration management, and information assurance planning. Some Department of Homeland Security funds.


Dell (estimated $155,300,000) and Insight Public Sector (estimated $161,500,000) for blanket purchase agreement under the DOD Enterprise Software Initiative (DOD ESI) for commercially available perpetual licenses, software assurance, user-based subscription licenses to include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and client access licenses among others. 


Teledyne Brown Engineering Inc. $27,437,235 for the Littoral Battlespace Sensing-Glider (LBS-G) program: management, engineering support, production, maintenance, repairs, test, training, documentation updates, spares, system upgrades and other logistic related tasks.




Applied Research Associates Inc. $10,730,339 for managed service provider for Technology Enabler Raptor Environment for Cloud Compute Services (TE-RECCS).


Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, SAIC, Capstone Corp., Serco Inc. $109,814,821 IDIQ to provide technical support services for functions such as chief information officer strategic support; data and information management; engineering support; information technology system support; network support; information assurance/cyber security; enterprise business intelligence/enterprise business analytics; software analysis; hardware maintenance and development; and business process reengineering in support of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Personnel Command, the Navy Manpower Analysis Center, Commander Naval Education and Training, and Commander Navy Recruiting Command.


BAE Systems $34,135,237 for Mobility Air Forces Automated Flight Planning Service (MAFPS) maintenance: continued Level III software maintenance of both functional and infrastructure/cyber security technical support.


Cisco $1,180,185,116 for brand name Cisco Smart Net Total Care and Software Support Services for users across DOD.


Dell $2,493,000,000 Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA) is for licenses, software assurance, user-based subscription licenses to include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and client access licenses among others.


HP $443,779,321 for the U.S. Strategic Command Information Technology Capabilities: services, capabilities and functions to include IT infrastructure, mission critical systems and applications at Offutt AFB, NE.


Imagine One Technology & Management Ltd. $37,729,626 for IT support to provide sustainment and development / modernization solutions for current and future government and commercial off-the-shelf systems. 




ECS Federal $68,952,654 to design and develop novel approaches to artificial intelligence algorithms.




Blue Tech Inc. $18,708,000 for a distributed common ground/surface systems antenna solution and software/firmware maintenance renewal packages for Marine Corps Systems Command.


Bombardier [Learjet Inc.] $464,851,645 IDIQ for up to Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft.


General Dynamics $28,042,030 to procure post deployment software support service for the product manager Tactical Network Transport - On The Move system and equipment. General Dynamics $10,599,849 for system engineering and test services in support of the Tactical Network-Transport on the Move systems and equipment. 


Mercury Defense Systems Inc. $11,794,811 for 12 Type I.v1 Advanced Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFM) production units, each configured with two 18 GHz radio frequency converter modules and two micro-DRFM modules; seven Type II.v3 Advanced DRFM production units, each configured with four 7-11 GHz radio frequency converter modules and four micro-DRFM modules; and data deliverables.


L3Harris $3,300,000,000 for radios, communication equipment, ancillary and spare parts, and related services.




United Launch Services $17,452,475 for mission integration requirements and other standard services for the U.S. Space Force-51 mission. Work in Centennial, CO, and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL.




Boeing $20,601,818 for the launch and mission operations design and products effort for the Wideband Global Satellite Communication space vehicle 11. 


Delta Solutions & Strategies LLC $22,217,098 for Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment services: technical engineering support and exercise simulation generation support for the Modeling and Simulations Operations Branch (J722) of the Joint Exercise & Training Directorate (J7), U.S. Strategic Command and technical engineering support and exercise scenario generation support for the Modeling and Simulation Branch (J742) of NORAD and Northern Command (N-NC) J7. Work at Offutt AFB, NE; and Peterson AFB, CO.


Frontier Technology Inc. $13,075,001 to conduct analysis using previously developed technologies and tools for systems and programs in the Program Executive Office Missiles and Space portfolio.


L3Harris $8,091,846.29 for the SILENTBARKER Retina effort under the Combat Mission Systems Support program: mature and operationalize the mission development processor prototype under the current program and to provide additional capabilities to the operational Retina.


Lockheed Martin $1,010,000,000 for Space Based Infrared Surveillance contractor logistics support in Colorado (Peterson AFB, Buckley AFB, Greeley Air National Guard Station, and Boulder).


NAL Research Corp. $7,831,374 for integrating existing, new, or modified Iridium devices and Iridium network capabilities for ISR requirements at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division.


RQ Construction $11,615,680 for installation of electrical power supply backup devices for several buildings and for the construction of a new switchgear building on Wallops Island, VA.


SAIC $12,948,503 for continued systems engineering and integration support for remote sensing mission capabilities, El Segundo, CA.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After lobbying by the US war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the US war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is a lucrative business sector of war.


Parsons $2,241,762,696 for support that includes: engineering and technical support; studies, analysis, and evaluations; and management and professional services. Work in Huntsville, AL; Fort Belvoir, VA; Colorado Springs, CO; Fort Greely, AK; Moorestown, NJ; Hanscom AFB, MA; Phoenix, AZ; Orlando, FL; and Salt Lake City, UT.

Mobius Parsons Solutions LLC [JV between Mobius Consulting LLC and Parsons] $566,667,195 for test support services for MDA  in Albuquerque, NM; Bedford, MA; Colorado Springs, CO; Dahlgren, VA; Kwajalein Atoll; Wake Island; Honolulu, HI; Huntsville, AL; Kauai, HI; Vandenberg AFB, CA; and other locations as directed.


Raytheon $36,682,667 (bringing contract total to $2,646,169,912) to (1) upgrade, integrate, and test Flight Test Round software; (2) revise environmental qualification plans for compliance with updated qualification standards; (3) facilitate a preliminary qualification event; (4) support an accelerated flight test date; and (5) initiate activities to begin the transition to production.




Amentum $19,901,707 for operation and maintenance of Hawthorne Army Depot. 


Blue Halo LLC $10,618,589 for 33 Stinger training systems (STS), spare blocks labor support, technical data package, help desk support, and travel and other direct costs in support of the program manager ground-based air defense.


Northrop Grumman $81,031,456 for up to 300 XM914E1 30mm x 113mm chain guns, spares, training, and associated engineering services in support of the Program Manager Ground-Based Air Defense — Marine Air Defense Integrated System Increment 1 program.


Lockheed Martin $9,394,407 for HELLFIRE and Joint-Air-to-Ground Missile engineering services. 


Lockheed Martin $172,357,000 for spare hardware in association with PATRIOT Advanced Capability (PAC-3) FY21 missiles and command and launch system. Some unspecified FMS.


Raytheon maximum $15,275,008 for gyro assembly for TOW weapon system for Marine Corps.


Raytheon $328,156,454 for the following products: 483 AIM-9X Block II all up round tactical missiles (212 for the Navy, 187 for the Air Force and 84 for FMS); 82 AIM-9X block II plus all up round missiles (eight for the Navy, eight for the Air Force and 66 for FMS); 156 Block II Captive Air Training Missiles (82 for the Air Force and 74 for FMS); eight Block II Special Air Training Missiles (two for the Air Force and six for FMS); 198 all up round containers (75 for the Navy, 73 for the Air Force and 50 for FMS); six spare advanced optical target detectors (two for the Air Force and four for FMS); five spare advanced optical target detector containers (two for the Air Force and three for FMS); 29 spare Block II guidance units (live battery) (13 for the Navy, four for the Air Force, and 12 for FMS); six spare Block II plus guidance units (live battery) for FMS; 41 guidance unit containers for FMS; 72 spare Captive Air Training Missile guidance units (inert battery) (22 for the Navy, three for the Air Force, and 47 for FMS); two spare Block I propulsion steering sections for the Air Force; seven spare Block II propulsion steering sections (two for the Navy, four for the Air Force, and one for FMS); 72 spare Block II electronics units (68 for the Navy and four for the Air Force); two classroom explosive ordnance disposal systems trainers for FMS; one practical explosive ordnance disposal systems trainer for a FMS customer; 11 multi-purpose training missiles for various FMS; 135 tail caps (eight for the Navy, 16 for the Air Force and 111 for FMS); 35 tail cap containers (two for the Navy, four for the Air Force, and 29 for FMS); one lot of spares assets for the Navy; one lot of spares assets for the Air Force; and one lot of spares assets for Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, and the UAE. 


Teya Enterprises LLC $8,006,259 for engineering design, project management, quality management, and configuration management support services to include, design of hardware and software required to safely perform China Lake’s land based ordnance operations in support of five China Lake earthquake recovery projects.




Textron $38,937,171 to provide sustainment level repair services for the AN/GLM-11(V)2 Universal Test Set (UTS).




Brasfield & Gorrie $13,974,067 to construct a 7.5-MW generation plant, Anniston, AL, which is home to Anniston Army Depot, which repairs land vehicles.


DRS Network & Imaging Systems $82,741,380 to procure Advanced Multi-Purpose Round Gunner's Auxiliary Sight units.


JLG Industries Inc. $8,992,585 for motor vehicle parts.


Oshkosh Defense $942,900,000 for production, integration, engineering and logistical support, and fielding of Stryker Medium Caliber Weapon System vehicles.


Raytheon $43,225,979 for delivery orders re the Improved Bradley Acquisition System Commander’s Viewer Unit.




FN America $92,104,736 to procure M240 Series machine gun variants and spare receivers.




Noble Supply & Logistics $90,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair and operations supplies in New England, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


Noble Supply and Logistics $263,432,318 for hardware and abrasives used as spare parts in multiple weapon systems. 


Leading Technology Composites d.b.a. LTC Inc. $94,743,060 for enhanced side ballistic inserts. 


Vinyl Technology maximum $17,663,226 IDIQ for self-inflating sleeping mats.


Planned Systems International Inc. $35,594,605 to provide technical, analytic and operational integration skills across Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate core competencies.




Aurora Industries (Puerto Rico) $10,676,667 for advanced combat unisex shirts for US Army.


Federal Prison Industries $17,810,400 for Navy coveralls. 


Kandor Manufacturing (Puerto Rico) $9,734,095 for US Navy working uniform blouses and trousers, maternity blouses and Army combat uniform trousers. 


National Industries for the Blind maximum $7,575,000 IDIQ for Army physical fitness uniform pants.


Original Footwear LLC maximum $7,923,201 for safety boots for US Coast Guard.


Peckham Vocational Industries $109,088,195 for organizational clothing and individual equipment repair, cleaning, warehousing and distribution.


Pentaq Manufacturing Corp. (Puerto Rico) $24,041,215 for various types of trousers for US Army and Air Force.


San Antonio Shoe $25,423,460 for men’s and women’s athletic shoes.




Applied Training Solutions LLC $11,803,309 IDIQ to provide support services for the operation of the Marine Corps distance learning programs learning resource center facilities.  40 learning resource center facilities.


Global Business Solutions $18,957,323 for purchasing of approved civilian/industry credentialing exams, course materials, exam preparation materials and exam prep courses/boot camps through various credentialing agencies and vendors for the Air Force’s Credentialing Program Office. 




Cole Engineering Services Inc. $192,611,812 for the Synthetic Training Environment-Information System Training Simulation Software/Training Management Tool.


Vanquish Worldwide LLC $258,798,380 for logistics support services, including maintenance, supply and transportation in Fort Polk, LA.




Aechelon Technology $24,069,170, for Image Generation Systems required to support high fidelity F-35 and F-22 Flight Simulation Visual Display Systems in Joint Simulation Environment. Work at Edwards AFB and Nellis AFB.


L3Harris $7,917,536 for ongoing support of Joint Terminal Control (JTC) Training and Rehearsal System (TRS) program. Devices will be procured as production-ready systems or transitioned into the program to support Joint Terminal Attack Controller training. Work at Kadena AB, Japan; Osan AB, Korea; Einsiedlerhof Air Station, Germany; Vilseck, Germany; Mildenhall AB, U.K.; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK; Ft. Wainwright, AK; JB Lewis-McChord, WA; Ft. Irwin, CA; Nellis AFB, NV; Wheeler Army Airfield, HI; Ft. Bliss, TX; Ft. Hood, TX; Cannon AFB, NM; Will Rogers Air National Guard Base, OK; Ft. Polk, LA; Hurlburt Field, FL; Ft. Benning, GA; Ft. Stewart, GA; Pope AAF, NC; Ft. Bragg, NC; Ft. Drum, NY; Ft. Riley, KS; Ft. Carson, CO; Kirtland AFB, NM; and Ft. Irwin, CA.


NWF Contractors, Inc. $20,000,000 for construction of reinforced concrete test targets on specified test areas at Eglin AFB.


20 corporations (including Amentum, Booz Allen Hamilton, Georgia Tech, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon) $950,000,000 for support of Range Threat Systems Branch, including Advanced Radar Threat Systems, Joint Treat Emitter and Branch Modernization programs: entails threat radar systems, along with supporting tools and infrastructure to the Air Force combat training ranges. Work at Hill AFB, UT, and/or at the contractor’s facility.




Hatalom Corp. $20,810,678 for the indoor simulated marksmanship trainer (ISMT) sustainment services at multiple Marine Corps installations.


Saab Inc. $53,805,000 for force on force training systems-next (FoFTS-Next), “the next generation of instrumented – tactical engagement simulation system (I-TESS) for the Marine Corps.” Work at Huskvarna, Sweden (66%); Orlando, FL (17%); Stafford, VA (5%); Twentynine Palms, CA (2%); Camp Pendleton, CA (2%); Camp Lejeune, NC (1%); Kaneohe Bay, HI (1%); with the remaining work locations (7%) to be determined.


Tactical Air Support Inc. $14,800,000 for six block upgrade system kits, consisting of four F-5N+ kits and two F-5F+ kits, in support of the F-5N+/F+ avionics reconfiguration and tactical enhancement/modernization for inventory standardization program. 




Perimeter Security Partners LLC $8,475,984 to maintain identified physical security equipment in Fort Rucker, AL; Huntsville, AL; Augusta, Fort Benning, Fort Gillem, Fort Stewart and Savannah, GA; Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico; Columbia, SC; and Kingsport, TN.


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


Fort Riley Utility Services $9,019,488 for water and wastewater utility services.




Becton Dickinson $49,000,000 for laboratory supplies for DOD and federal civilian agencies.


Benco Dental $49,062,500 IDIQ for dental consumable items. Organogenesis Inc. $49,500,000 for medical and surgical supplies. 


LifePort LLC $42,000,000 IDIQ for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA Electronic Catalog.


NuVasive Inc. $27,000,000 IDIQ for spinal orthopedic procedural packages for DOD and federal civilian agencies.




CACI $45,088,976 for medical readiness logistics/program support services: functional and technical support for the Manpower Equipment Force Packaging program and expeditionary/contingency medical equipment management operations at Scott AFB, IL; Dupo, IL; Joint Base Andrews, MD; Travis AFB, CA; Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; Kadena AB and Yokota AB, Japan; and a European location yet to be announced.


D7 LLC (d.b.a. Dawson) minimum $490,000 maximum $47,500,000 for IT and information management support services in support of the Chief of Information Office at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.


Perspecta $12,142,648 for 24/7/365 management of the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Global Service Center (GSC), infrastructure performance optimization. And supports transforming “into a world-class customer advocate using data and methodologies to drive efficiencies and continuous process improvement.”


MEDICAL – Keepin’ the pawns in the game


LMR Technical Group $17,903,881 for “A3 Optimizing Human Weapon System Services”: continued support services to increase the physical capacity of fighter aircrew, decrease the rate of injuries, and accelerate return to duty. Contractors work with “aircrew to optimize physical performance targeting neck and back pain prevention while monitoring, analyzing, and resolving physical readiness concerns.”


FUEL & ENERGY – The US Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


JE Hurley $8,898,715 for design-build construction of a standby generator building and enclosures, Muskogee, OK.


Optima Batteries Inc. maximum $36,973,752 for four storage batteries and one storage rack. Some work in Mexico.


Bodell Construction $19,796,156 to construct 3 above-ground fuel storage tanks complete with railings and associated necessary appurtenances, 2 commercial truck unloading stands with equipment canopies, 2 re-fueler loading stands with optional equipment canopies, an enclosed electrical control house and open shelter filter house, a fuel operations facility with a fuel testing lab, re-fueler vehicle parking, secondary containment and an R-11 maintenance building for USACE, Tulsa, OK.


Stonewin LLC ($40,091,578); Sprague Operating Resources ($30,437,804); Papco Inc., ($16,543,240); Global Montello Group ($15,938,496); Petroleum Traders Corp. ($13,258,158); All American Express Solutions LLC ($10,500,474); Broco Oil ($10,442,701) for various types of fuel for active military, Coast Guard, National Guard, and federal civilian agencies.




Cooper/Ports America LLC $8,355,546 for stevedoring and related terminal services at ports of Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and Port Arthur, TX. 


11 corporations $152,588,232 for transportation between various continental U.S. and outside continental U.S. points and ports. Services include time-definite, door to door/port to door pickup and delivery, electronic data interchange, customs processing and clearance of containerized and breakbulk cargo. 


ENVIRONMENTAL – The US military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


ARS Aleut Demolition Services LLC, Bhate Environmental Associates Inc., BSC-ESA JV LLC, Central Environmental Inc., EnviroVantage Inc., Neuber Environmental Services Inc., Target Contractors LLC $95,000,000 for demolition and abatement of excess facilities at multiple DOD installations and other federal agency locations throughout MN, WI, IL, OH, IN, MI, KY, VA, WV, MO, and IA.




Work Services Corp. $20,907,051 for food services, Sheppard AFB, TX.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: custodial, electrical, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, management & administration, pavement clearance, pest control, public safety, vehicles & equipment service, waste management, wastewater. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the Pentagon’s full adoption of neoliberal economic policies.


Jones Lang LaSalle America $9,728,557 for whole facilities maintenance at various commissaries located in the U.S. and its territories. Jones Lang LaSalle America $8,190,785 for whole facilities maintenance at various commissaries located in the U.S. and its territories.  Nelson Refrigeration Inc. $7,984,070 for whole facilities maintenance at various commissaries located in the U.S. and its territories.


DSA LLC $9,880,551 for grounds maintenance and snow removal at Naval District D.C. installations.: D.C. Quantico, and Bethesda.




Conveyor Handling Co. ($150,000,000); Unity Technologies Corp. ($150,000,000); Werres Corp. ($150,000,000) IDIQ for logistics modernization integration support and material handling.




Subsidium Inc. $9,826,886 for business services consulting: administrative management and general management consulting services in the forms of market analysis, depot business development, and strategic public/private partnerships at Hill AFB, UT.


BUSINESS & OFFICE & ADMIN – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in US war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the Pentagon’s budget.


Chinook Systems Inc. $44,000,000 to provide commissioning (Cx) support services for the Project Controls Division and the Standards and Compliance Division of WHS. Cx is the “process of achieving, verifying, and documenting the performance of building systems in accordance with the design intent and the client’s functional and operational requirements.” Services “necessary to perform commissioning, code enforcement, and document management services.”


Oasis Systems $9,723,160 for supporting HQ Air Combat Command A5/8/9 in the areas of plans, programming and requirements, weapons system team and resource management at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA.


Canon U.S.A. and Xerox Corp. maximum $30,000,000 IDIQ for color reproduction equipment and associated services.




KPMG LLP $7,565,848 for the Next Generation Resource Management System (NGRMS) support to provide development & delivery of a single integrated program / budget submission for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) fiscal and budgetary matters. 


Tecolote Research Inc. $8,311,713 to provide cost analysis and technical support services to the Cost Assessment Data Enterprise within the Office of the Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation.




Perk Company Inc., Metro Paving Corp., Miami Wiipica LLC $49,000,000 for road and construction work at Arlington National Cemetery.


BAUER Foundation Corp. $8,000,000 to close two gaps in the East St. Louis, IL, cutoff wall located at the American Water intake and the Metro East Sanitary District’s north pump station.


Kaiyuh Services LLC $9,125,123 for Miter Gate Anchorage Replacement at Lock and Dam 5A, 8, and 10 on the Upper Mississippi River.


LS Marine Inc. $14,728,550 for building of six islands, sand benches, marsh habitat and plantings, St. Paul, MN.


Rigid Constructors $20,271,383 for demolition and construction of 464,500 CY semi-compacted containment dike raise, Chambers, TX.


CJW Construction $29,436,020 for an earth fill placed against existing bluffs, approximately 7,300 feet in length, revetted with riprap slop protection and a launchable stone toe blanket, Norco, CA.


Woolpert Inc. $22,666,666 for photogrammetric and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) surveying and mapping.




Arrow Indian Contractors maximum $8,800,000 IDIQ for base paving at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ.


ASRC Earthworks LLC $133,000,000 IDIQ for road and airfield paving requirements on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Anchorage, AK. ASRC Earthworks $133,000,000 for road and airfield paving requirements on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Anchorage, AK.


Coffman Specialties $10,790,000 for repairs to taxiways at MCAS Miramar (taxiways Quebec and Lima).


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Military construction physically lays the foundation that expands and extends the permanent warfare state. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts construction workers within the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


All American Construction Services, Dakota Plains Electrical Contracting, LaCreek Development Corp., OK2 Construction, Quinn–Scull JV $95,000,000 for construction (maintenance, repair, alteration, mechanical, electrical, heating/air conditioning, demolition, painting, paving, and earthwork) for industrial and office buildings at Ellsworth AFB, SD.


Webcor Construction LP $113,295,656 for design and construction of a range control complex at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, CA.  Power Pro Plus Inc. $22,125,510 for repairs to the electrical distribution and fire protections systems for the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center at Naval Support Activity Monterey, CA.


ARS Aleut Demolition Services LLC, Bhate Environmental Associates Inc., Central Environmental Inc., Neuber Environmental Services Inc., Target Contractors LLC $95,000,000 for commercial demolition services.


ASI-BryMak JV $8,658,357 for Department of Defense Educational Activities (DODEA) preventive maintenance and repair services at Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, NC.  Blue Rock Structures Inc. $12,308,346 to renovate a barracks at Camp Lejeune, NC. Includes replacement of the electrical system and construction of a mechanical building and chiller enclosure.  Messer Construction $30,661,544 for construction of a building, Fort Bragg, NC.


Clark/Bryne Aquatics JV $58,950,000 for construction of an aquatic tank facility, San Antonio, TX.


Defender Contracting & Construction Services $77,000,000 IDIQ for Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements at Joint Base (JB) Charleston, SC: maintenance, repair, and minor construction re: airfield support, R&D, waterfront, medical, academic, secure areas, infrastructure, administrative and institutional.


Elite Pacific Construction $9,075,000 to repair a hangar fire protection distribution line at Marine Corp Base, Kaneohe, HI. 


Four Tribes Enterprises $7,840,230 to repair HVAC and fire protection equipment shelter at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. Hensel Phelps $35,524,000 for design, bid and construction of an office building, Kirtland AFB, NM.


9 firms (including AECOM and Jacobs) $249,000,000 for architect and engineering services for USACE, Mobile, AL.


Jacobs (CH2M Hill) $14,994,600 for Hurricane Sally recovery work (repairs for buildings 3901, 623, 601, 1080) at NAS Pensacola, FL. U-SMC DeMaria JV1 LLC $9,337,198 for Building 544 repairs and alterations at Naval Support Activity Panama City, FL. 5 firms $950,000,000 for new construction relating to site work, fire protection, mechanical systems, plumbing, utility systems, structural, electrical, HVAC, instrumentation, security and safety areas of government facilities for USACE, Savannah, GA. APEX Construction $225,000,000 IDIQ, for multidiscipline construction in Georgia (Moody AFB, Grand Bay Range, and Valdosta Regional Airport) and Avon Park Range, Sebring, FL. 


Milestone Contractors LP maximum $20,000,000 IDIQ for construction (excavation and fill, asphalt repairs and replacement, highway striping, guardrail repair and replacement, concrete work, culvert replacement, fence repair and replacement, erosion control, road and lot maintenance, sidewalk repair and replacement, highway sign maintenance repair and replacement) at Naval Support Activity Crane and Glendora Test Facility, Sullivan, IN.


MSAB/HCR JV LLC $50,000,000 for maintenance and repair of real property and minor construction work via U.S. Army Field Directorate Office, Fort Eustis, VA.


Skookum Educational Programs $14,999,976 for sustainment, restoration and modernization services, Fort Riley, KS.


TEPA EC LLC $20,865,000 to build a physical fitness facility, Fort Carson, CO.


Vazquez Reasbeck Construction, K & K Industries Inc., HGL Construction Inc. $75,000,000 IDIQ for design-build and design-bid-build construction services (general construction, including maintenance, repair, alteration, mechanical, electrical, heating/air conditioning, demolition, painting, paving and earthwork for industrial and office buildings) at Whiteman AFB, MO.


Vazquez Forgen JV LLC, Graham County Land Co., LRG Construction JV LLC, Orion-Brice LLC JV $99,000,000 to facilitate time-sensitive disaster, infrastructure and construction related activities.


Weatherhaven Resources Inc. maximum $200,000,000 IDIQ for commercial shelters. 


Wright Contracting Inc. $8,390,000 to renovate a 23,200-square-foot facility to support dining and medical operations, Louisville, TN, for the National Guard.


Ceres Environmental Services $45,000,000 for emergency temporary roof repairs. Dynamic Construction Group $45,000,000 for emergency temporary roof repairs. Yerkes South Inc. $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the event of an emergency.  Ceres Environmental Services $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the event of an emergency. Power and Instrumentation Services Inc. (Puerto Rico) $45,000,000 for numerous rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the continental U.S. coastal regions in the event of an emergency. S&M and Associates $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the continental U.S. coastal regions in the event of an emergency. ThomCo Enterprises Inc. $45,000,000 for rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the continental U.S. coastal regions in the event of an emergency.


Benaka Inc., CCI Utility & Construction Services LLC, Kunj Construction Corp., Ocean Construction Services, PEM-Harkins JV, Tantara Corp. max total $249,000,000 to build, repair, and renovate facilities within NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic: CT (15%); DE (1%); ME (10%); MA (1%); NH (5%); NJ (10%); NY (2%); PA (40%); RI (15%); VT (1%). 


6 construction firms $19,800,000 for new construction, repair, alteration, and related demolition for Navy and Marine Corps facilities within D.C. (40%); VA (40%); MD (20%). 


6 construction firms $240,000,000 total maximum (including options) for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Northwest. A seed project task order for heating system repairs at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA, is awarded to Environet Inc., $3,446,610. 


9 construction firms $495,000,000 IDIQ for construction, repair, and renovation of commercial and institutional facilities at various government installations located in NAVFAC Southwest (CA, AZ, NV, UT, CO, and NM).




Donjon Marine Co. $24,464,820 for maintenance dredging, Staten Island, NY.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. $24,292,116 for furnishing one fully crewed and equipped self-propelled trailing suction type hopper dredge on a rental basis, Plaquemines, LA.


HME Construction $9,221,500 for dredging in Aberdeen, WA.


The King Co. $25,000,000 for hydraulic dredging.



# # # #


Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist. His work focuses on the U.S. war industry. Sorensen is the author of Understanding the War Industry and a Senior Fellow at the Eisenhower Media Network (EMN).