Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the US war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. What follows are the public DOD contracts issued during September 2021.


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)The two main ways that the U.S. war industry sells weaponry to foreign governments are foreign military sales (FMS) and direct commercial sales (DCS). In FMS, the U.S. government acts as the intermediary between the corporation and the foreign government. DCS, on the other hand, are negotiated privately between foreign governments and U.S. corporations. The State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs is in charge of issuing the export licenses that permit DCS. The war industry’s sale of goods and services to foreign governments is incredibly profitable. In fiscal year 2020, the war industry sold $50.8 billion in foreign military sales and $124.3 billion in direct commercial sales. The U.S. war industry leads the world in arms exports.


FMS surrounding China


Boeing $220,000,000 for FMS (Taiwan): engineering re: configuration of the Harpoon Coastal Defense System (HCDS).


Lockheed Martin $208,113,847 for FMS (India): engineering in phase 2 design & development of hardware and software for MH-60R helicopters.


Lockheed Martin $25,111,798 for the Malaysia Ground Based Radar System: a standalone radar system, ancillary equipment, spares, training, and an interim support option. Involves FMS to Malaysia, though paid for with building partner capacity funds.


Lockheed Martin $28,711,271 for FMS (Australia): engineering and technical services for land based test site support for the Australia Surface Combatant Program AEGIS Combat and Weapon System baseline development.


Northrop Grumman $43,830,377 for FMS (Japan): spare components for sustainment of E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft (JAA1-JAA4).  Raytheon $12,984,445 for FMS (Japan): evaluate hardware, inspect all material, repair minor discrepancies, and re-assemble and deliver a Standard Missile-3 block IB inert operating missile. 


Northrop Grumman $25,799,000 for the Japan and South Korea Global Hawk Program, a cofounded joint FMS program. Co-development, test and integration of the Mode 5 software for the South Korea and Japan Global Hawk fleets. Integration at Misawa Air Base, Japan, and Sacheon Air Base, South Korea. Japan’s FMS portion is $14,053,400.


Raytheon $40,055,865 for FMS (S. Korea): F100-PW-229 engine modules.


Lockheed Martin for engineering re: development, integration, testing, and deployment of MH-60 Product Line System Configuration 24 fleet release, to include baseline management integrated management planning, integrated development environment support, support equipment baseline management, software architect, core lab support, problem trouble report legacy support, engineering tools support, and development aircraft support for FMS. Work in Owego, NY (98%); Nowra, Australia (1%); Karup, Denmark (1%). FMS funds $6,497,044.




Raytheon $140,370,582 for FMS (Canada): 36 AN/APG-79(V)4 radar systems in support of radar integration into C/F-18A aircraft. Also provides supplies and support to include software, obsolescence management, engineering support and associated technical, financial, and administrative data in support of AN/APG-79(V)4 radar integration.


Boeing $756,634,580 for production and delivery of five P-8A aircraft for Germany.


Northrop Grumman $14,721,066 for FMS (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania): a Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control and Air and Missile Defense Workstation.


Canvas Inc. $9,461,188 for FMS (UK): programmatic service support for the Aviation Mission Systems and Architecture Program Office, Huntsville, AL.  General Atomics $77,190,125 for FMS (UK): MQ-9B Protector program: design, development, integration, and component level testing of additional capabilities being added to the baseline program.  Boeing $68,155,223 for design and manufacturer development and support efforts (phase 2) for U.K.’s H-47 helicopter.


General Atomics $30,547,124 for FMS (Italy): modernization lot 1 MQ-9A block 5 drones and Mobile Ground Control Station (block 30) procurement.


Northrop Grumman $50,239,927 for FMS (Poland): Integrated Battle Command Systems hardware and software, Huntsville, AL.


Raytheon $8,462,350 for FMS (Canada and the Netherlands): engineering services for the international partner variant of the Secure, Mobile, Anti-Jam, Reliable, Tactical-Terminal (SMART-T).


Raytheon $358,028,032 for support of fiscal 2021-2023 Evolved Seasparrow Missile (ESSM) block 2 full rate production requirements for U.S. Navy and Canada, Australia, Greece, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark under the NATO Seasparrow Consortium.  Raytheon $105,848,728 for engineering and technical services on the Evolved Seasparrow Missile and NATO Seasparrow Missile Systems for U.S. Navy (96%); Japan $100,000, Thailand $46,966, UAE $46,966.


Raytheon $25,382,157 for Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) Zumwalt-class spares, deliver & install MK 698 guidance missile test set (GMTS), and MK 698 GMTS spare parts/material for U.S. Navy; and Spain $16,553,801; Japan $5,292,631; Taiwan $778,272; Germany $703,917; Australia $272,046; Netherlands $245,026.


Lockheed Martin $34,298,213 for Hellfire legacy launchers, obsolete component parts, ancillary equipment and engineering services. Some FMS (Czech Republic, Greece, UAE).


Rolls-Royce for engines for C-130J aircraft. FMS ($34,616,462) to France, Germany, New Zealand.


Lockheed Martin $20,830,000 for FMS (Greece): non-recurring engineering and field service representative support re: four MH-60R aircraft from standard FMS configuration to Greece configuration. Work in Owego, NY (70%); Stratford, CT (11%); Kotroni, Marathon, Greece (19%).


SAFE Boats International $84,254,484 for detail design, construction, outfitting, reactivation, and training for six MK VI patrol boats. Funding: Building Partner Capacity (BPC) using Ukraine Security Assistance Funding $43,706,883 (52%) and FMF $40,547,601 (48%).


System Studies & Simulation $9,729,889 for FMS (Bahrain, Finland, Poland, Romania, Taiwan): system engineering and technical assistance in Texarkana, TX; Fort Sill, OK, and Detroit Arsenal, MI.


Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems for production of MK54 MOD 0 lightweight torpedo (LWT) array kits, production support material, spares, and engineering & hardware support services for the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Spain, and Brazil. FMS funds = $20,352,017.




ATI Engineering Services LLC $9,690,087 for FMS (Tunisia): two reconnaissance aircraft, support equipment, and spares.


Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical Systems $11,618,288 for integration, testing, installation, training and on-site field service representatives to create a Common Operational Picture (COP) system for the Tunisian Armed Forces (TAF). In support of Joint Operations Command Center in Tunisia, the TAF “will be supplied with the command and control (C2) system that will create a COP to provide integrated data from multiple sources to enhance the ability to securely share information across the Tunisia military within their country.” This enhanced C4I product “aligns with the U.S. Africa Command Theater Campaign Plan line of effort to enhance partner capability to improve security capacities of Tunisia, a strategic U.S. partner, ensuring a stronger defense against regional threats.” The C2 system will also allow for joint interoperability with U.S. forces and meets U.S. cybersecurity requirements. To be funded with Title 10 U.S. Code Section 333 Building Partner Capacity Case funds. Work in Austin, TX, and various locations in Tunisia.


Acquisition Integration, ARCTOS Missions Solutions LLC, Axxeum Inc., and S&K Aerospace $43,546,590 for FMS (Kenya and Uganda): non-standard rotary wing aircraft parts.


Rolls-Royce $193,999,241 for FMS (Apartheid Israel): Namer Armored Personnel Carrier Power Packs Less Transmissions. “Unlike other FMF recipients, Israel is allowed to use FMF funds to buy from local companies until 2028, under the latest US-Israel MOU on defence,” Al-Jazeera has reported.


American Rheinmetall Systems $19,986,969 for Rheinmetall-Oerlikon Searanger 20mm gun systems (production, spares, and training) for U.S. Navy and Egypt. FMS (Egypt) $19,986,969.


Lockheed Martin $101,332,412 for FMS (Indonesia, Greece, UAE, Kuwait): Hellfire missiles and containers.


Oshkosh Defense $16,708,584 for FMS (Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia): M1120A4 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT), M977A4 HEMTTs, M978A4 HEMTTs, and M1070A1 Heavy Equipment Transporters.


Black Hall Aerospace $26,916,260 for contractor logistics services and contractor field service representative services to field, sustain, and provide training and technical support to the Lebanese Air Force armed MD-530F helicopter.


Textron $15,669,011 for FMS (Iraq): field service representatives, program management, core/field engineering, and repair-and-return for the Iraq Peace Dragon program in Wichita, KS, and Martyr Mohammed Ali Air Base, Iraq.


FMS GENERAL – The war industry pushes bulk sales to multiple countries as advantageous in terms of economies of scale.


Design West Technologies for manufacture, assembly, test and delivery of MK 5 Mod 2 and MK 6 Mod 1 launch sequencers and associated kitted material. (The launch sequencers and kitted materials are subsystems and components of the MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) used on ships for FMS ($12,669,855): Australia, Spain, Germany, Finland, South Korea.


E.A.S. Manufacturing Co. $11,968,246 IDIQ for production, delivery, and installation of the Aircraft Launcher Interface Computer (ALIC) chassis and associated mechanical assemblies in support of the functional interface between F-15/F-16 aircraft and the AGM-88 missile for FMS customers.


*For FMS pertaining to the Lockheed Martin F-35 jet aircraft, see the Joint Strike Fighter section.*




Arête Associates $13,321,081 for engineering services and item orders for AN/DVS-1 Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis (COBRA) Block I System.


Canadian Commercial Corp. (Ottawa) $10,735,950 to upgrade 33 MX-20D turrets and deliver 34 digital master control units.


Northrop Grumman $15,834,672 for non-destructive test and inspection support equipment and associated non-recurring engineering for MQ-4C Triton aircraft for the U.S. Navy and Australia. Some non-U.S. DOD participant funds ($5,631,883).


SI2 Technologies $13,156,924 for R&D and prototype demonstration of low-cost sensing technologies for “superior levels of performance necessary for long-endurance missions on attritable unmanned aerial systems.”




Huntington Ingalls Industries $16,790,325 IDIQ for engineering support and training services for the MK 18 unmanned underwater vehicle systems.


Boeing $11,349,379 for engineering support services in support of the Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle program. Work in Huntington Beach, CA (65%); Cockeysville, MD (20%); Herndon, VA (15%).


12 corporations (Advanced Systems Supportability Engineering Technology and Tools Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, Cardinal Engineering LLC, In-Depth Engineering Corp., L3Harris, Leidos, QinetiQ North America, Raytheon, Sedna Digital Solutions LLC, Sonalysts Inc., Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems Inc., Venator Solutions LLC) $48,993,390 to design, develop, fabricate, test, install, analyze, document, and deliver “rapid prototype solutions” associated with products, systems, subsystems, support equipment… for Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport, RI.


COVID-19 Test Kits


Abbott Corp. $119,506,023 IDIQ for over-the-counter antigen test kits. Intrivo Holdings $274,500,000 IDIQ for over-the-counter antigen test kits. Orasure Corp. maximum $512,940,000 IDIQ for over-the-counter antigen test kits. Quidel Corp. maximum $710,570,885 IDIQ for over-the-counter antigen test kits.


Celltrion USA ($626,400,000) and Abbott Corp. ($554,400,000) for Point of Care rapid antigen COVID-19 test kits for Department of Health and Human Services.




GlaxoSmithKline $279,862,800 for procurement, storage, and distribution of GlaxoSmithKline's monoclonal antibody therapeutic treatment Sotrovimab.


Fisher Scientific Co. $34,344,000 for nucleic acid amplification COVID-19 test supplies for Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) sector stations and associated facilities, emergency intake shelters, Office of Refugee Resettlement shelters and other federally funded customers.


Princeton BioMeditech Corp. $9,885,816 for the industrial base expansion of COVID-19 testing and diagnostics: expansion of industrial base capacity for the Status™ COVID-19 /Flu A&B testing and diagnostics kits production. Will enable production of approximately 8,000,000 test kits per month with facility expansion and production equipment.


Regeneron Pharmaceuticals $2,940,000,000 for 1,400,000 REGEN-COV antibody therapeutic doses.


Health Supply US $136,750,000 for procurement of all needed material in order to expand capacity to produce nitrile exam gloves to 360,400,000 gloves per month within 28 months of award.

Showa Best Glove $43,701,247 for the industrial high option expansion of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) glove production for DOD’s Defense Assisted Acquisition (DA2) Cell, Robins AFB, GA, on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Rhino Health Inc. $70,000,000 to increase domestic production of eight new production lines with the ability to produce 270,000,000 gloves per month for the Department of Health and Human Services in care of the Defense Assisted Acquisition team (DA2). Work in Fort Worth, TX.




PAR Government Systems $490,400,000 for research, designing, prototyping, testing, evaluation, operational evaluation, experimentation, integration, technical installation, transition and support through initial operations of Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) technologies.




Wigen Companies $8,957,711 to repair two reverse osmosis units at Naval Station Guantánamo Bay.




Technica LLC $18,402,960 for warehouse and distribution support services at the DLA Distribution Djibouti.




Black Construction/MACE International JV, ECC Diego Garcia LLC, JSK Diego Services LLC, MVL-Bromgrove JV LLC, Parsons Colas UKP JV, $249,000,000 IDIQ for construction projects at U.S. Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia.


Contrack Watts Inc. $26,845,944 for design and construction of a non-permanent modular billeting facility at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia.


Trace Systems Inc. $600,000,000 (max.) IDIQ for communications systems acquisition, integration, installation, and operations and maintenance for U.S. Air Forces Central Command (USAFCENT).


10 corporations (8 Jordanian, 1 Egyptian, 1 Kuwaiti) $98,000,000 IDIQ for sustainment, maintenance, repair, alteration, renovation, and construction projects to include residential and commercial work affecting real property on the military installation.




Gomez Research Associates $9,398,061 for continued support for counter-IED and unmanned aerial system technology in Huntsville, AL (60%); Sofia, Bulgaria (20%); Belgrade, Serbia (15%); Kiev, Ukraine (5%).


J&J Worldwide $15,489,631 for base operating support services at Naval Station Rota. Includes general information, management and administration, aviation fuel support, housing (family and unaccompanied), facility management and investment, custodial, pest control, integrated solid waste management, grounds maintenance and landscaping, transportation, and environmental.


American International Contractors, M.C. Dean LLC, Gilbane, Fluor, Conti Federal Services, BL Harbert International LLC, Amentum, Siemens, Weston Solutions Inc. $97,000,000 for construction, real property repair and maintenance, and associated environmental work for USACE, Wiesbaden, Germany.


Valiant Government Services $9,517,353 IDIQ for base operating support services at the Naval Support Activity Naples, and its outlying support sites.




Aptim $20,968,131 to repair a mined-in place military petroleum storage tank: additional predictive repairs to Red Hill Tank 18 at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam.  AECOM $12,661,824 for investigation and remediation of releases, and groundwater protection and evaluation for Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI: supplemental work required by the regulators, such as, a pilot continuous soil gas monitoring system under several tanks; continued groundwater and drinking water sampling and evaluation; installation of three monitoring wells; additional groundwater modeling; continued groundwater tracer/in-well test; release response sampling and analysis; associated documents; and support for required meetings.


BAE Systems $10,353,325 for munitions handling and management services in Ewa Beach, HI.


CCI Facility Support Services $16,026,260 to repair water tank in Schofield Barracks, HI.


Helber Hastert and Fee Planners Inc. $25,000,000 IDIQ for planning and engineering services at various locations worldwide, particularly Pacific and Indian Oceans: development of various planning documents such as regional integration, shore infrastructure, installation development, and area development plans. Work at Navy and Marine Corps facilities and other government facilities including, but not limited to, Hawai‘i (40%); Guam (30%); Japan (25%); S. Korea (3%); Singapore (1%); Diego Garcia (1%). 


Kiewit Infrastructure West $37,557,900 for work order 1574357/1582944 entitled, “FY21 Replace Underground Salt Water Distribution Lines and 12-Inch Water Line Along Lake Erie St.” in Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Waterfront, JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam.


Nordic PCL Construction $49,428,661 to repair buildings at Schofield Barracks, HI. Hensel Phelps $76,594,000 for aircraft maintenance hangar construction at Wheeler Army Airfield, HI. Opportunities and Resources Inc. $9,025,083 IDIQ for custodial services at approximately 585 buildings at various locations on Oahu.


CAPE-Burns & McDonnell JV $7,566,586 for inspection and repair of fuel storage tanks 11-1 and 11-2 at JB Pearl Harbor Hickam. CAPE-Burns & McDonnell JV $7,566,586 for inspection and repair of fuel storage tanks at JB Pearl Harbor Hickam, including inspection and repair of Fuel Storage Tanks 11-1 and 11-2.


Cascade Sorbent Products $50,000,000 for minor construction work on O’ahu, Maui, and Kauai, HI.


CCI Utility and Construction Services LLC, Dawson Enterprises LLC, GSI North America, International Construction Inc., Silver Mountain Construction LLC $80,000,000 for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Hawai‘i.


MILSPRAY $25,000,000 for corrosion treatment on aerospace ground equipment and munitions material handling equipment at Kadena Air Base, Japan.


Erickson Helicopters Inc. $12,738,583 for continued fixed-wing and rotary-wing air services at Edwin Andrews Air Base, Philippines.


Crowley Government Services $192,375,002 for services and related contractor-owned, contractor-operated fuel storage facilities with capabilities to receive, store, protect and ship aviation grade JP-5 turbine fuel and commercial grade Jet A-1 fuel in USA (FL) and Australia for USA’s Pacific Air Forces and Pacific Fleet.


ARS Aleut Construction (Tamuning, Guam) $50,000,000 for minor construction work based on a general statement of work further defined within each individual task order, Andersen AFB, Guam.

Black Construction Corp. $122,134,480 for construction of a multi-lane multi-purpose machine gun range (including a range control tower, ammunition distribution point, and covered bleachers) at Northwest Field, Andersen AFB, Guam.

Core Tech-HDCC-Kajima LLC $13,948,948 for demolition and removal of the current intermediate subterranean valve vault that houses existing petroleum oil lubricant pipelines and the construction of a new hardened concrete building structure and hose connection vault at the Tiyan Junction Valve Vault facility, Guam.


Special Operations Command (SOCOM)


Berry Aviation $14,913,500 for continued air transportation (passenger, cargo, aeromedical evacuation, and short take-off & landing) for SOCOM in UAE, Oman, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, and India.


Oak Grove Technologies $13,911,645 for six months of role-player support at Fort Bragg, NC, for Army Special Operations Forces.


Epsilon Systems Solutions $36,869,320 IDIQ for hyperbaric systems at locations worldwide. Includes recompression chamber facilities, driver training facilities, and dive lockers. An initial task order ($1,636,637) is for design, procurement, fabrication, assembly, shop test, installation, and field testing of the Hyperbaric Facilities at Seal Delivery Vehicle Team 1, Pearl City, HI.


MCP Computer Products (MCPGOV) $9,308,258 for computer peripherals (Dell laptops, desktops, docks, towers, accessories) as lifecycle replacements for SOCOM. Work at the Dell Federal facility in Nashville, TN.


Raptor Training Services $9,948,962 for requirements analysis, prototyping, training, operations and rehearsal support services for SOCOM.


Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) $183,000,000 IDIQ for Integrated Tactical Mission Systems engineering and integration support: Marketed as bringing “Special Forces a system-of-system aircraft computer interface allowing multiple, contrasting systems to better communicate for more synchronized system feedback.”




Manhattan Construction $35,045,000 for SOCOM Training Support Facility, Humphreys Engineer Center, Alexandria, VA.


DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA) – Most DARPA work is carried out by corporations, including academic institutions.


Lockheed Martin $25,353,435 for the DARPA Blackjack satellite integration program (phase 3) in Sunnyvale, CA (80%); Denver, CO (10%); Cape Canaveral, FL (8%); San Luis Obispo, CA (2%).


Lockheed Martin $8,995,591 to support a DARPA research project, phase 1.


Martin Defense Group $54,837,068 for the Manta Ray program, phase 2: develop control software using major subsystems and an energy harvesting module to characterize energy harvesting performance and reliability. Work in Honolulu, HI (40%); Seattle, WA (30%); Arlington, VA (15%); South Kingstown, RI (10%); Raleigh and Greenville, NC (4%); Woburn, MA (1%).


Radiance Technologies $13,169,089 for the Secure Advanced Framework for Simulation and Modeling (SAFE-SiM) program. Work in Huntsville, AL; Cambridge, MA; Albuquerque, NM; Chantilly, VA; San Diego, CA; and Rome, NY.



MILITARY RESEARCH – A recent report from the Government Accountability Office indicated, “DOD does not know how contractors’ independent R&D projects fit into the department’s technology goals.”


Alakai Defense Systems $14,844,400 for research, development, test, and evaluation of a compact dual-use sensing diode-pumped ultraviolet (UV) source for use in an UV Raman spectroscopic instrument.


Assured Information Security Inc. $95,000,000 IDIQ for an Antifragility Workstation for Resiliency (AWARE) prototype. Phase 3 “will extend antifragility techniques developed in previous phases and apply experience, tools, and techniques to improve emergent and operational cyber capabilities developed by the Air Force and partnering combatant commands.”


CACI $21,224,119 for technical and R&D services in Aberdeen, MD.


Centauri LLC (owned by KBR) $49,746,122 for Stealth & Cognitive Agile Navigation System (SCANS): more research, investigation, comparison, and prototyping a cutting-edge alternate position, navigation, and timing (PNT) system for use in GPS-denied environments.


Consortium Management Group $9,672,781 for antenna technologies, sensors and hardware in Liverpool, NY.


Cubic Defense Applications $8,898,891 for Aerial Layer Mesh Networking with Halo: R&D to miniaturize the Halo directional antenna to make it more usable for airborne networks. Work at AFRL, Rome, NY.


Exponent Inc. $9,721,290 for rapid technology modeling, prototyping and experimentation for Army Rapid Capabilities & Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO), Redstone Arsenal, AL.


Excet Inc. $75,660,000 IDIQ for R&D for the Navy’s corrosion mitigation, coatings, environmental, and prevention programs in Key West, FL (60%); D.C. (40%).


Hadal Inc. $8,778,566 for development, prototyping, and testing of systems and interfaces necessary for a larger vehicle to transport and utilize smaller systems. Develop hardware systems suitable for transporting and deploying smaller systems and develop software systems suitable for interfacing with and communicating relevant tasking to the smaller systems.


Ideal Aerosmith Inc. $25,685,970 for work on Expeditionary Mission Support Station (EMSS), “strategically important for allowing dedicated ISR assets to gather ISR data that can be used in the planning process.” Creates mission planning software that will be able to plan multi-day routes with dynamic weather considerations changing over both time and location.


Korte Construction $27,237,933 for design and construction of a new one-story RDT&E facility at Fort Huachuca, AZ. Korte Construction $36,405,855 for design and build of a flight test engineering laboratory at Edwards AFB, CA.


Leidos $12,941,108 to R&D innovative ways to enhance the generation and utilization of cost-effective and interoperable synthetic environments for use in Army simulation, training and battle command systems. Work in Orlando, FL.


Leidos $49,417,035 for the Multi-Domain Radar for a Contested Environment (MuDRaCE) effort. “The Marines currently uses centralized, high power radio frequency radar assets to detect and target adversaries. These systems have limited mobility, are susceptible to detection and attack which represents a significant failure point. MuDRaCE seeks to provide greater interoperability, ease of integration with emerging technologies and improved sensor fusion-based situational awareness while maintaining legacy capability resulting in a robust survivable sensing network.”


The MITRE Corp. $474,422,385 to support the Air Force from MITRE as the administrator of the National Security Engineering Center (NSEC) federally funded R&D center. FMS funds $59,157.


MRL Materials Resources $72,000,000 for R&D and assessment of new alloys and metallic materials-processing technologies for aerospace. Work at AFRL, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Wright-Patterson AFB. UES Inc. $20,000,000 (of a $49,900,000 IDIQ) for research in the area of advanced ceramic and composite materials and process development. Research, if successful, will eventually be applied to “create advanced components for application in future Air Force weapon systems.” Work at AFRL, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.


RAND Corp. $184,246,908 for research and analysis support. RAND Corp. $347,443,000 for the people, tools, facilities, supplies, materials, studies, analysis research to address mission needs of the Department of the Air Force.


Southwest Research Institute $78,800,000 for research and engineering support to AFLCMC, Agile Combat Support in Warner Robins, GA.


WinTec Arrowmaker $17,577,203 to discover, explore, integrate, mature and demonstrate new technologies and design concepts for future warrior technologies integration for U.S. Army.


The Air Force awarded a multiple award, IDIQ with a ceiling of $46 billion to 55 corporations (including Booz Allen Hamilton, Sierra Nevada Corp., Raytheon, General Dynamics, L3Harris, General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, Leidos Dynetics, and Lockheed Martin) for digital engineering and model based systems engineering, agile processes, open systems architecture, weapons and enterprise analytics for Eglin AFB, FL, and its mission partners.




General Dynamics $66,000,000 for development, operational maintenance, sustainment, and expansion of the U.S. Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System Extended (US BICES-X) federated trusted network environment infrastructure.


Leidos $13,000,000 for operation and sustainment of Saturn Arch. Work in Virginia (Reston and Bridgewater).


Maxar Mission Solutions $13,999,954 for Red Wing multi-domain processing exploitation and dissemination: an automated and efficient cloud environment for geospatial intelligence analysts by reducing latency for product generation, exploitation and intelligence gathering.


McCarthy HITT (see here) $28,089,737 for wiring and cabling for networked electronic special systems.


Northrop Grumman $20,745,607 to procure depot level maintenance in support of the Guardrail Common Sensors program.


Southwind Construction Services $8,695,322 for design-build of an electrical substation on the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's Arnold Campus in Arnold, MO.




Dinẻ Development Corp. IT Services LLC $49,282,598 for Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA) Background Investigation System Enterprises (BIES) Program Management Office for Technical Support Services (Distributed and Mainframe). 




SEWP Solutions LLC $14,997,030 for Project Salus RDT&E services to integrate Artificial Intelligence capabilities into the Medical Common Operating Picture (MedCOP) platform. Joint Artificial Intelligence Center “initiated Project Salus in March 2020 to deliver a command and control platform to aid the Department of Defense and combatant commands in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Project Salus leverages open-source, commercial, and government-owned data sources to develop real-time and predictive models. This effort is a follow on to Project Salus and will provide decision support within a mission command environment at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels to support the medical community of interest and will support peripheral requirements such as Covid-19 pandemic response and future pandemics, operational medicine, and global health surveillance efforts strategic, operational, and tactical levels to support the medical community of interest. Project Salus will also support peripheral requirements such as Covid-19 pandemic response and future pandemics, operational medicine, and global health surveillance efforts.”




Jacobs $8,849,269 for R&D of innovative algorithm development of artificial intelligence capabilities that are extensible to the Air Force mission in the area of executive functions.




General Atomics $14,214,413 for engineering and technical services for the Joint System Integration Laboratory (JSIL).


ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the US war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. $49,900,000 IDIQ for research, analysis, integration, systems engineering, development, flyable and non-flyable technology demonstrators, prototypes, test and evaluation, and rapid delivery of “cutting-edge weapon solutions” to DOD to “counter emerging threats affecting national security.” Work at Eglin AFB, FL.


University of Texas at San Antonio $18,196,393 for the Accram Software/Hardware System: how to practicably accelerate and continuously deliver a pipeline of sound technical innovations and talent that advances the cyber-electronic warfare resilience of U.S. Air Force missions for the emerging commercial technologies of fifth generation, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, and their applications.


Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station $96,205,497 for hypersonic systems and networked autonomous vehicles.


Utah State University Space Dynamics Lab $50,000,000 for Aerospace Dominance Systems Support: research, development, analysis, and engineering support for the development and modernization of DOD systems.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money any given year. The lead corporation, Lockheed Martin, does not intend to address 162 of the jet’s 883 known design flaws.


Lockheed Martin $11,074,356 for material lay in for the integrated core processor in support of full performance of maintenance on line replaceable components for military service depots for non-U.S. DOD participant ($2,075,007), FMS ($1,175,509), and U.S. military. “Non-DOD international partners” and “non-US DOD participants” are international customers, administratively distinct from FMS.


Lockheed Martin $11,911,903 for material kits and special test/tooling equipment and provide non-recurring engineering in support of engineering change proposal development to support F-35 aircraft retrofit and modification efforts for U.S. military, non-U.S. DOD participants ($814,956), and FMS (Israel, Japan, South Korea at $6,182,916).


Lockheed Martin $2,014,074,283 for logistics support (ground maintenance activities, action request resolution, depot activities, ALIS operations and maintenance, reliability and maintainability, supply chain management, pilot training, maintainer training, and training system sustainment) for delivered F-35 for U.S. military, FMS ($217,257,071), non-U.S. DOD participants ($412,352,906).


Lockheed Martin $411,810,561 for initial spares to include global spares packages, base spares packages, deployment spares packages, and afloat spares packages in support of F-35 delivery schedules for USA, non-U.S. DOD participants, and FMS.


Lockheed Martin $37,490,229 IDIQ for ancillary mission equipment re: F-35 lot 15 production for USA, FMS, and non-U.S. DOD participants.


Lockheed Martin $10,253,908 for additional field level maintenance capabilities in support of F-35 site activations for Navy and Marine Corps.


Lockheed Martin $14,722,642 for depot level repair capabilities for the F-35 gun system in support of F-35 low-rate initial production lot 11 aircraft for USA ($13,308,142), and non-U.S. DOD participants ($1,414,500).


Lockheed Martin $1,099,631,252 for the production and delivery of 16, lot 15 F-35 aircraft: 10 for the Air Force and six for the Marine Corps. Overseas work in Warton, UK (9%); Cameri, Italy (4%); Nagoya, Japan (2%); various undisclosed locations outside the continental U.S. (2%).


Lockheed Martin $106,435,051 for non-recurring sustainment and maturation engineering support for F-35 program: joint technical data, prognostic health management, software sustainment depot and aircraft structural integrity support for USA, non-U.S. DOD participants and FMS. Work in Farnborough, UK (80%); Fort Worth, TX (20%).


Lockheed Martin $56,893,635 to provide non-recurring engineering and engineering change order support on F-35 re: ongoing efforts to adopt a single label approach in support of Item Unique Identification compliancy and traceability for USA.


Lockheed Martin $48,277,913 for ancillary mission equipment for F-35 aircraft (lot 15) for Navy and Marine Corps.


Lockheed Martin $67,080,606 for repair and replenishment of parts and consumables for F-35 aircraft for U.S. Air Force, non-U.S. DOD participants, and FMS ($9,736,771).


Lockheed Martin $20,714,071 for non-recurring engineering in support of redesign efforts for the Organic Light Emitting Diode Helmet Display Unit in support of the F-35 aircraft for USA and non-U.S. DOD participants.


Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials $37,000,000 ceiling, IDIQ for F-35 government-furnished material for production and replenishment spares. FMS funds ($1,070,253), partner nations funds ($1,994,449).


PCI Aviation LLC $7,936,556 for foreign object damage support equipment and associated services for the F-35 program in Beaufort, SC (25%); Yuma, AZ (25%); San Diego, CA (25%); Iwakuni, Japan (25%).


Raytheon $66,481,371 for one Short Take-Off/Vertical Landing (STOVL) and one Conventional Take-Off and Landing Block 4 developmental engines, and procures one STOVL nozzle module, one STOVL three-bearing swivel module, two STOVL initial spare engines, and one initial spare power module in support of the F-35 aircraft program for USA (Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps) and non-U.S. DOD participants ($2,601,962).


Raytheon $258,549,739 for non-recurring sustainment support, material & support equipment for depot maintenance facilities as well as supplies, services, and planning for depot activations re: F-35 sustainment for USA, non-U.S. DOD participants, and FMS ($11,846,444).


Raytheon $736,636,842 for propulsion system spare parts, modules, support equipment/packaging handling shipping and transportation material, and depot lay-in material regarding F-35 engines for USA and non-DOD participants.  Raytheon $77,986,549 for spare parts, modules, support equipment/packaging handling shipping and transportation material, and depot lay-in material in support of F-35 engines for USA, FMS, and non-DOD participants.


Chemring Australia Pty Ltd. $21,983,931 for 10,089 MJU-68/B flare infrared countermeasures: 4,628 for U.S. Navy, 1,440 for U.S. Air Force, 685 for Israel, 312 for Netherlands, 504 for Norway, and 2,520 for Great Britain in support of the F-35 program. Work in Lara, Victoria, Australia (47%); San Diego, CA (28%); Toone, TN (24%); Braeside, Victoria, Australia (1%).


Conti Federal $24,307,063 for construction of an F-35A flight simulator facility and F-35A squadron operations/aircraft maintenance unit facility at NAS-Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, TX.


Harper Construction Co. $101,741,289 for design and construction of an F-35C hangar addition at NAS Lemoore, CA.




Bell Boeing Joint Project Office $214,394,944 for redesign and development of the V-22 Flight Control System, to include the flight control computer, cockpit interface unit and associated test equipment due to functional obsolescence, cybersecurity initiatives, and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages. Work in Ridley Park, PA (54.92%); Endicott, NY (41.53%); Fort Worth, TX (3.29%); various locations within the continental U.S. (0.26%).


Bell Boeing Joint Project Office $15,373,444 for systems engineering, technical, logistics support and retrofit of the Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver 2000 for integration onto the V-22 Osprey aircraft. Work in Ridley Park, PA (95%); Amarillo, TX (5%).


Bell Boeing Joint Project Office $8,947,039 for design and development of a replacement keyboard unit for the V-22 control display unit due to functional obsolescence in support of the V-22 Flight Control System redesign. Work in Tempe, AZ (74%); Ridley Park, PA (22%); Fort Worth, TX (4%). Some unspecified FMS ($845,904).


Raytheon (Collins Aerospace) $60,697,125 to repair the constant frequency generator used on V-22 aircraft in support of the weapon replaceable assemblies and shop replaceable assemblies programs.


EAGLE (F-15)


Boeing $9,236,364 for updates to the F-15 mission training centers (MTC) training systems re: implementation of F-15C/E Aircraft Mission Package-20 at Mountain Home AFB, ID; Seymour Johnson AFB, NC; Nellis AFB, NV; RAF Lakenheath, UK; and Kadena Air Base, Japan.


Boeing maximum $10,187,483 for circuit cards for the F-15 AN/ASQ-195 Signal Data Converter Set. Boeing $98,000,000 for vertical replacements in support of the F-15 program. Boeing $55,374,088 for the F-15 Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS) low-rate initial production at Robins AFB, GA.




BAE Systems $7,501,140 IDIQ for ALR-56M Radar Warning Receiver F-16 Block Cycle E Operational Flight Program and Mission Data File Generator software updates.


L3Harris $17,896,822 IDIQ for F-16 aircraft electron tubes.




Boeing $8,669,543 for 757 Avionic Flow Valve Servo Air Supply Line kits (683 kits for the Navy, 36 kits for Australia, 28 kits for Kuwait, and 10 validation/verification kits) and associated non-recurring engineering, logistics support, technical manuals, technical directives and deliverables in support of F/A-18 E/F and EA-18G upgrades.


Boeing $33,358,615 to procure contractor furnished equipment for aircraft armament (pylons for bomb racks and missile launchers with associated fittings, adaptors and mounting retainers, station controls units, air and fuel probes with suspension lugs, chaff dispenser units, feed through plates, and well covers) for 18 F/A-18E/F aircraft production (lot 42A). Work in Mesa, AZ (54%); Clearwater, FL (24%); El Segundo, CA (8%); Forest, MS (5%); St. Louis, MO (4%); Minneapolis, MN (3%); Oceanside, CA (1%); Irvine, CA (1%).


Boeing $172,798,899 for integration of the Cockpit Pressure and On-Board Oxygen Generating Monitoring System onto new F/A-18E/F aircraft. Also adds scope for procurement of aircraft armament equipment (AAE) in support of the production and delivery of 78 F/A-18E/F aircraft and quantities of miscellaneous AAE hardware, as well as non-recurring engineering for new tooling, refurbishment and replacement of broken down tools and technical documents in support of F/A-18 aircraft production.


General Electric $1,650,000,000 for repair, upgrade or replacement, inventory management, and supply response times on 17 F414 engine components for F/A-18 aircraft.


Honeywell $9,397,827 for embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation Systems in support of F/A-18 aircraft.


Raytheon $147,894,558 for a maximum quantity of 415 LAU-115 D/A and 308 LAU-116 B/A guided missile launchers to enable F/A-18 aircraft to carry and launch AIM-120 and AIM-9X missiles.




Boeing $19,390,745 for 41 cylinder and piston spares. Work in Ontario, Canada (73%); St. Louis, MO (27%).


Boeing $7,900,352 for particular support equipment in support of the EA-18G and F/A-18E/F return to readiness initiative.


General Electric $483,143,433 for spare F414 engines and spare engine modules for F/A-18E/F and EA-18G production aircraft.




Northrop Grumman $12,850,000 for retrofit of Airborne Electronic Attack Weapons Replacement Assembly with 100 production kits required for modification of ALQ-218 avionics in support of EA-18G upgrades, to include 64 kits for Navy, and 36 kits for Australia. Work in East Hartford, CT (92%); Bethpage, NY (8%).


Raytheon $9,800,473 for electronic warfare and avionics at Raytheon in Tucson, AZ, and government facilities to include Robins AFB, GA.


Textron Systems $9,900,000 IDIQ for Synthetic Battlespace Enhancement with Force On-Force Reactive Tactical Readiness Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) Simulation (FORTRIS) non-personal services: improvements to distributed mission operations center IADS and electronic attack by a fully cognitive and automated IADS to enhance and integrate the Lockheed Martin EC-130H Compass Call Mission Crew Simulator into large Air Force Live Virtual Constructive training events and Distributed Mission Operations events.




Hourigan Construction $25,576,452 for design-bid-build of the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Training Facility, Naval Station Norfolk. Construct an operation training building for the Airborne Command Control Logistics Weapons School and fleet E-2D Advanced Hawkeye squadrons.


Northrop Grumman $7,824,578 for two vapor cycle test stands in support of intermediate and depot level testing for E-2 aircraft.


Northrop Grumman $9,066,370 for the integration and analysis of one channel of the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) Satellite Communication capability for E-2D aircraft, re: upgrade of ARC-210 from the RT-1939A to the RT-2036 with MUOS capability on the E-2D aircraft.




Ball Aerospace $9,700,000 to repair the B-2 Antenna Electronics Unit.


Raytheon (Hamilton Sundstrand) $7,600,000 to remanufacture the B-2 and B-52 Common Strategic Rotary Launcher (CSRL) for 15 additional units.




Kihomac Inc. estimated $9,417,086 for the design and production of the AN/ASK-7 Data Transfer system, which “loads and stores B-52 mission software and captures fault data for maintenance,” per John Keller.


Lockheed Martin $49,268,275 for overhaul of the B-52 Counter Measure Receiver. Lockheed Martin $49,268,275 for overhaul of the B-52 Counter Measure Receiver.


Rolls-Royce estimated $500,870,458 for B-52 Replacement Engines: 608 commercial engines plus spare engines, associated support equipment and commercial engineering data, to include sustainment activities, to be used on the B-52H bomber fleet.




Boeing $3,464,266,341 for support and sustainment services to the government product support manager/product support integrator for the C-17 cargo aircraft. Involves some FMS to the UK, Australia, Canada, NATO Airlift Management Program Office, India, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar.


Rolls-Royce $48,341,518 for engines to support the C-130J aircraft fleet. Northrop Grumman $73,804,615 to repair APN-241 low power color radar components applicable to C-130 in Warner Robins, GA. Floats & Fuel Cells $32,000,000 for fuel-cell bladders for the C-130 aircraft. Meggitt (Rockmart) Inc. and Floats & Fuel Cells Inc. $32,000,000 for production of fuel-cell bladders applicable to the C-130 aircraft.


Lockheed Martin $29,171,293 for software maintenance updates on the C-5M Galaxy in Marietta, GA; Greenville, SC; Phoenix, AZ; and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.




Boeing $13,835,227 for KC-135 ruddevator booms.




Leidos’ Dynetics $237,386,991 for the development of an Indirect Fire Protection Capability (IFPC) Increment 2 launcher / interceptor solution and delivery of 16 launcher prototypes, 60 fieldable interceptor prototypes, and associated all-up-round magazines.


Intuitive Research and Technology Corp. $10,527,201 for technical support for a prototype integration facility, Huntsville, AL.


Radiance Technologies $16,318,916 to support the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command.


Torch Technologies Inc. $15,364,314 for Hardware in the Loop systems of systems.




TRAX International $90,332,653 for non-personal test support services in support of Yuma Proving Ground. Work in Yuma, AZ; and Fort Greely, AK.




AAR Allen Services $14,176,21f for maintenance and overhaul of the CH-47. Boeing $29,000,000 for advance procurement long lead items to support lot 2 CH-47 Block II production. Boeing $14,080,006 for contractor field service representatives support and de-population & population support for Spain’s CH-47. Boeing $391,356,885 for up to five CH-47F renew aircraft. Raytheon $15,172,779 for planning, implementation and integration of specific and emerging technology solutions into the Common Avionics Architecture System Operational Flight Program Cockpit System on the CH-47F.


Boeing $29,239,146 to definitize multiple directed changes, communication interface system obsolescence, critical safety items, and metal hydraulic filters, and to issue directed changes for strap pack product improvement. Likely for the AH-64 “Apache” helicopter. Boeing $16,050,000 for spare parts for the AH-64.  Boeing $8,140,100 for spare parts for the AH-64.  Elbit Fort Worth $75,984,294 for Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System spares for AH-64 helicopters.  L3Harris $35,409,911 for the Manned Unmanned Teaming hardware and technical/engineering support for the Boeing AH-64 helicopter.  Parker Hannifin $10,500,167 for maintenance and overhaul of the Boeing AH-64 servocylinder.


General Electric $283,979,103 for T700 engine supplies. The T700 is used on the Lockheed Martin UH-60 “Black Hawk” helicopter.


Iron Mountain Solutions LLC $46,425,020 for engineering services focusing on technical documentation, quality assurance and systems engineering training.


Lockheed Martin $17,822,389 for Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare (AOEW) System low rate initial production units.


Lockheed Martin $11,899,240 for non-recurring engineering to include investigations, systems engineering support, risk analysis and integration development in support of the CH-53K Data Transfer Unit and Defensive Electronic Countermeasure System Replacement Phase III, to replace existing subsystems within the CH-53K production aircraft.

Raytheon $16,582,394 for 15 Night Vision System AN/AAQ-44 Forward Looking Infrared kits; six for Lot 4 and nine for Lot 5 CH-53K production aircraft.


General Electric $8,245,146 for four T-64 engine cores for the CH-53E aircraft as part of the T-64 Engine Reliability Improvement Program. Work in Lynn, MA (45%); Rutland, VT (28%); Havelock, NC (18%); Madisonville, KY (4%); Evendale, OH (4%); various locations within the continental U.S. (1%).


Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $8,514,607 for maintenance and overhaul of gearbox assemblies.


Lockheed Martin Sikorsky $12,208,422 for short-term capabilities upgrades: engineering analysis and integration of capabilities such as Ax software, Link-16 crypto, electro-optical/infrared with primary flight reference symbology, Degraded Visual Environment, GPS Anti-jam and Mobile User Objective System.


Lockheed Martin $19,309,669 for non-recurring engineering for the development, integration, testing, and deployment of the MH-60 Product Line System Configuration 24 fleet release for all MH-60 air platform variants, to include baseline management integrated management planning, integrated development environment support, support equipment baseline management, software architect, core lab support, problem trouble report legacy support, engineering tools support, and development aircraft support for U.S. Navy and FMS. Work in Owego, NY (98%); Nowra, Australia (1%); Karup, Denmark (1%).


Lockheed Martin $12,445,325 for non-recurring engineering (NRE) and test support for the Avionics 3i/5i Operational Test Program Sets (OTPS) in support of i7 capabilities for the Navy. Also procures five OTPS kits, four mission computers, and four flight management computers in support of NRE efforts.


DRS $8,544,157 to provide non-recurring engineering to design, develop, integrate and test engineering development models and production representative models of Weapons Replaceable Assemblies (WRA) for the AN/AAQ-45 system and repair of repairables of WRA assets.


M1 Support Services $88,161,997 for aviation maintenance in Fort Rucker, AL.


Northrop Grumman $30,919,420 to procure 25 Link 16 B kits; three Link 16 B kit spares; and two Link 16 flight training device B kits in support of UH-1Y and AH-1Z helicopter modification for the Navy. Also provides Link-16 systems engineering, program management, and logistics support. 


Raytheon $15,000,000 IDIQ for production of radio receivers and sets for Army helicopter tactical navigation and landing systems.


Technology, Automation & Management Inc. $47,022,794 for Program Executive Office Aviation IT support services.




Amentum (owned by private equity) $15,927,353 to continue to provide organizational level aircraft maintenance and logistics support on all aircraft and support equipment for which the Naval Test Wing Atlantic has maintenance responsibility. Also provides support services to perform supportability/safety studies on various aircraft and weapons systems, off-site aircraft safety/spill containment patrols and aircraft recovery services.  Amentum $24,239,936 for ongoing support of organizational, selected intermediate, limited depot level maintenance, and logistics support services (for F/A-18C/D/E/F, EA-18G, MH-60S, F-16A/B, and E-2C/D aircraft) for U.S. Navy in Fallon, NV.


Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) $27,498,524 for temporary aircraft maintenance structures: purchase and installation of Pre-Engineered Panelized Modular Relocatable Buildings (PPMRB) for aircraft maintenance in Virginia Beach, VA, and Hill AFB, UT.


Fastenal Co. maximum $69,000,000 IDIQ for consumable supplies and shop operating materials for Ogden Air Logistics Complex, Hill AFB, UT, and geographically separated units.


Fluke Electronics Corp. $9,920,000 IDIQ for Radio Frequency Reference Source: commercial calibration equipment.


Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. $10,199,445 for tires.


Howell Industries Inc. $8,631,828 for delivery of the JetCal Analyzer JD-80. Will provide a test unit used with the TF-33 engines on B-52 and E-3 Air Force aircraft.


JSR Inc. $10,175,499 to repair the 3CR Washrack at Fort Hood, TX.


Leo Tech $80,400,000 for service support of Aerospace Ground Equipment 2 operations, maintenance, repair and dispatch services at Hill AFB, UT, and Regeneration Group Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ.


Olympus America $10,691,016 IDIQ for 306 ultrasonic testing (UT) production units, 153 bonded materials testing (BMT) production units, six UT pilot production units, and six BMT pilot production units in support of performing nondestructive inspection of aircraft components and support equipment at organizational and intermediate level maintenance.


Western Metal Supply Company $17,000,000 ceiling, IDIQ for pre-engineered steel aircraft canopies. Replaces existing canvas sunshades at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.


ATAP Inc., BONEAL Inc., Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Hurricane Aerospace Solutions Inc., KOUG Corp., Science and Engineering Services LLC, Green Machine & Manufacturing Inc., S&K Aerospace LLC $700,000,000 for common support equipment (CSE): sourcing, acquiring, and delivering a broad range of ground and aircraft CSE end items, as well as incidental services. Involves FMS to be determined as needed on individual delivery orders.




Machine Tool Research $31,476,471 for shaft lathes for U.S. Navy.


National Center for Defense Manufacturing & Machining $69,771,368 for manufacturing technology products and services.


The Ultra-Met Co. $47,845,951 for the manufacture of tungsten carbide components.




Dematic Corp. $11,999,220 for the modernization and replacement of the existing automated storage and retrieval system at Tobyhanna Army Depot.


FLIR Systems $14,365,000 for one H-1 aircraft turret for U.S. Navy.


Raytheon $17,508,265 for APX-119 transponders, digital control panels, personality modules, KIV-77 crypto modules, crypto simulators and mounting trays.


SA Photonics Inc. $10,236,722 for testing of a flight-qualified, production-ready TRL7 augmented reality display system.




Airdyne Aerospace Inc. $41,381,150 for HC130-J Paratroop Bubbledoor modification kits. Provides 28 ship sets for the HC-130J Paratroop door modification effort.


Stratus Systems Inc., $9,000,000 IDIQ for manufacture of FW98 and BY81 automatic inflation devices used in aircrew personnel life preservers upon egress from ejection seat equipped aircraft. Some FMS (Spain, Kuwait, Switzerland, S. Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand, Bahrain, Morocco, Singapore, Serbia).


WarTech Engineering LLC $16,200,000 for production and fielding of the Patient Loading System ramps.




Kilgore Flares Co. $12,000,909 for MJU-61A/B aircraft infrared flares. Some FMS (Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Brazil).




General Electric $10,692,277 for multiple aircraft engine supplies.




Lockheed Martin $12,649,373 for Aegis design agent field engineering services. Services include test and evaluation, engineering change development, ordnance/ship alterations, modernization engineering, logistics and technical support, ordnance alterations kit development, integration and test support, AN/SPY-1 series radar antenna refurbishment and Coast Guard deep-water program design agent field engineering support. Services are in support of Aegis-equipped CGs and DDGs, allied Aegis-equipped ships, and Coast Guard Aegis-configured ships. Work in Norfolk, VA (30%); San Diego, CA (30%); Pearl Harbor, HI (10%); Wallops Island, VA (10%); Yokosuka, Japan (8%); Seattle, WA (3%); Mayport, FL (3%); Dahlgren, VA (3%); Port Hueneme, CA (3%).


Raytheon $13,786,171 for Software Upgrade Build 8.2 to the Standard Missile-3 Block IIA Aegis Weapons System. 


Raytheon $14,000,000 for AN/SPY-6(V)1 spares.


LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP (LCS) – Some call the LCS a “floating garbage pile.”


BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair $25,079,996 for post shakedown availability for LCS 21 in Mayport, FL.


General Dynamics $44,975,584 for sustainment of the LCS Integrated Combat Management System and associated combat system elements. Work in Pittsfield, MA (85%); San Diego, CA (14%); Mobile, AL (1%).




DCX-CHOL Enterprises $11,910,000 for module electronics box and hazard electronics box units for the vertical launch system in support of DDG 51 Class and Allied Navy shipbuilding program requirements. FMS funds are $5,740,000 (48%).


Huntington Ingalls Industries $9,788,739 for post shakedown availability planning, support, and emergent availabilities for DDG 121 in Pascagoula, MS (75%); Pearl Harbor, HI (25%).


Lockheed Martin $16,616,380 for machinery control systems shipsets in support of DDG modernization. Work in Orlando, FL (40%); Airmont, NY (20%); Rancho Cucamonga, CA (10%); Brenham, TX (7%); Baltimore, MD (6%); Milford, MA (6%); Pompano Beach, FL (6%); Brockton, MA (5%).


AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (CVN) – The Ford-class of aircraft carriers is plagued with problems. Business Insider summarizes.


General Atomics $9,632,523 for procurement, installation and checkout of two production shipsets. Production shipsets consist of 140 Generation 3 position sensor blocks for CVN 79 and CVN 80.


Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding $7,933,077 for planned incremental availability on USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) in Newport News, VA.


Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding $36,046,520 for engineering, technical, design agent, and Hull Planning Yard support for the Navy’s operational aircraft carrier fleet in Newport News, VA.


L3Harris $33,568,100 for MK 234 10/11/12/13 Nulka Advanced Decoy Architecture Program series payloads.




Rolls-Royce $14,916,778 for lifecycle, modernization, in-service support for MTU 8000, 4000, 2000, 1163, 595 and 396 engine models and related shipboard auxiliary systems.




General Dynamics Electric Boat $475,002,626 for lead yard support efforts serving the entire Columbia-class fleet ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) through 2028.


Orbis Sibro Inc., Q.E.D. Systems Inc., Delphinus Engineering, Oceaneering International $29,580,106 for non-nuclear production support for U.S. naval submarine projects and repairs in Kittery, ME.  Cianbro Corp. $22,283,071 for additional bedrock removal from the super flood basin to support extension of multi-mission Dry Dock #1 located at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, ME.


Oceaneering International $18,914,424 for continuation of domestic and international submarine rescue program, Submarine Rescue Operations Maintenance Contractor, San Diego, CA.


Erie Forge & Steel $8,459,459 for manufacture of two Virginia-class submarine shafts.


Rolls Royce $9,280,229 for Virginia-class submarine propulsors (maximum of seven propulsor rotor assemblies, scoop bar sets, and associated engineering support services) in Pascagoula, MS (75%), and Walpole, MA (25%).




Fluor Marine Propulsion LLC $1,163,470,003 for naval nuclear propulsion work at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory. Work in Schenectady, NY (47%); Pittsburgh, PA (44%); Idaho Falls, ID (9%).


SURFACE SHIP MAINTENANCE – Even government shipyards, such as Norfolk Naval Shipyard (Portsmouth, VA) Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Kittery, ME), and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (Bremerton, WA), are government in name only. Corporations do most of the work.


BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair $9,121,189 for amphibious transport dock ships LPD-28, 29, and 30 fitting out availabilities (FOA) and post-shakedown availabilities (PSA).


Colonna's Shipyard $15,971,760 to overhaul the dredge MacFarland in Norfolk, VA.


DRS Naval Power Systems $57,868,470 for minor support/installation services in support of upgrading amphibious ship (LSD, LCC, LPD, LHD) switchboard main circuit breakers: 2000A (85kA and 100kA); 3200A (85kA); 4000A (100kA). Will include a line item for minor support services to provide oversight and assistance with installation and testing.


Knight Construction & Supply Inc., Sievert Electric Service and Sales Co., REEL COH Inc., and Garco WEMCO $99,900,000 for design, manufacture, installation of new cranes, rehabilitation of existing crane and hoist equipment, inspections, testing, below the hook load rating and load testing.


Oceaneering International $21,872,839 for configuration changes, engineering services, material maintenance, and repair.


Pacific Shipyards International $8,409,010 for the annual shipyard overhaul of the USACE dredge vessel Essayons in Honolulu, HI.




The Bionetics Corp. $65,000,000 IDIQ to procure material kits and logistics services in support of the depot repair and warehouse operations for the MK57 NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System at Navy Munitions Command Atlantic.


Design West Technologies $11,738,410 for manufacture, assembly, test and delivery of MK 5 Mod 2 and MK 6 Mod 1 launch sequencers and associated kitted material. (The launch sequencers and kitted materials are subsystems and components of the MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) used on ships for USA.


RAMSys GmbH (Ottobrunn, Germany) €15,811,059 and $3,620,406 for Rolling Airframe Missile MK 44 Mod 4 Guided Missile Round Pack Block 2 recertification spares efforts fiscal 2021 German Navy’s requirements. Work in Schrobenhausen, Germany (40%); Tucson, AZ (19%); Ueberlingen, Germany (15%); Ulm, Germany (13%); Ottobrunn, Germany (9%); Roethenbach, Germany (4%).


Raytheon $138,958,876 for the repair/overhaul, upgrades, procurement and mini-stock point support for components in support of the Close-In Weapon System program. Work in Louisville, KY.


Raytheon $36,733,180 for the engineering, test equipment, material and management necessary to transition the Evolved Seasparrow Missile Block 2 program into full rate production.


Raytheon $52,626,324 for design agent and engineering services on Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) program for USA (81%); Australia, Japan, and Canada (19% combined). FMS Australia $1,600,000 (9%); FMS Japan $983,328 (5%); FMS Canada $939,800 (5%).


SAIC $11,691,110 IDIQ for services, and provisions for spare parts in support of the MK 695 Torpedo System Test Set (TSTS) for U.S. government (50%) and the Netherlands (50%): repair services, obsolescence management, prototype spares hardware and software fabrication and on-site technical assistance. Work in Newport and Middletown, RI; New London, CT; and Hanover, MD.




WSM Pacific SIOP (a joint venture among WSP USA, Stantec, and Moffatt & Nichol) $500,000,000 IDIQ for architect-engineer services on structural and waterfront-related projects in support of the shipyard infrastructure optimization program (SIOP) and other projects at locations within NAVFAC Pacific. Services include, but are not limited to, the execution and delivery of MILCON project documentation (DD Form 1391); 1391 charrettes; design charrettes, design-build request for proposal; design-bid-build design documents; technical surveys and reports including concept and engineering studies, engineering modeling, site engineering investigations, topographic surveys, geotechnical investigations, hazardous material surveys, munitions of explosive concern surveys, hydrographic surveys, and others; construction cost estimates; collateral equipment buy packages; comprehensive interior design including structural interior design and furniture, fixtures, and equipment; and post construction award services.




Boeing $28,108,917 for production and engineering support services (obsolescence redesign, integration and qualification testing, and production and deployment support as well as consumables, travel and the production of the data co-processor circuit card assemblies) for USA $10,377,110 (36.92%); FMS [Canada ($8,377,596; 29.80%); Taiwan ($4,603,051; 16.38%); the Netherlands ($2,851,755; 10.15%); South Korea ($503,785; 1.79%); Spain ($416,435; 1.48%); Belgium ($360,160; 1.28%); Denmark ($258,865; 0.92%); Norway ($157,570; 0.56%); New Zealand ($146,315; 0.52%); India ($56,275; 0.20%)]. Work in Pleasanton, CA (40 min by car north of San Jose).


ERAPSCO (JV of Sparton and USSI) $8,369,550 for 5,000 AN/SSQ-62 sonobuoys for the Navy and FMS.


General Dynamics $92,931,647 to design, test, and deliver Hammerhead prototypes and related equipment.


Jabez-Absher-1 JV $20,805,000 for repairs and safety improvements to Building 431, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, WA.


Lockheed Martin $8,298,444 for Navy systems and associated equipment. in Syracuse, NY (70%); Oldsmar, FL (30%). Lockheed Martin $77,080,643 for engineering design and development in Manassas, VA (65%); Clearwater, FL (32%); Syracuse, NY (2%); Marion, FL (1%).


Marine Robotic Vehicles (MRV) and Teledyne $23,800,000 (initially, MRV will receive $224,500, and Teledyne will receive $3,781,000) for air-rigged or air/surface-deployable profiling floats for worldwide meteorological & oceanographic operations for Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Center, MS.


Teledyne $16,500,000 for lithium battery kits to power the Littoral Battlespace Sensing-Gliders for Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Center.


Northrop Grumman $20,643,782 for 107 rudders and tooling associated with increasing production capacity.


Offshore Service Vessels $11,025,190 for another year of support vessel MV Alyssa Chouest, which will be utilized to launch and recover Navy submersibles, divers and small craft. Work in Pearl Harbor, HI, and at sea.


Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems $2,798,028 for MK54 MOD 0 lightweight torpedo (LWT) array kits, production support material, spares, and engineering & hardware support for USA (12%), the Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Spain, and Brazil (88%). Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems $40,759,339 for Next Generation Surface Search Radar qualification systems. Work in Chantilly, VA (58%); Wake Forest, NC (39%); Braintree, MA (3%).


Yulista Support Services $11,300,244 for operation and maintenance support of Sea Fighter (FSF-1) in Panama City Beach, FL.


Advanced Technology International $8,118,017 and PAE $7,644,365 for support services for the Demonstration and Assessment Team, for coordination of operation forces to include warfighter workshops and other engagement activities; preparation and facilitation of technology demonstration and assessment planning and readiness meetings; and analysis and reporting of warfighting/warfighter inputs and concepts.




Nakupuna Solutions LLC $47,002,572 for program and project management, administrative, analytical, and corporate operations services for NAVAIR Command Property Office in support of audit related activities.




Continental Tide Defense Systems, Delphinus Engineering, Epsilon Systems Solutions, LPI Technical Services, Prism Maritime, Valkyrie Enterprises $33,871,048 for alteration and installation services re: common aviation support equipment and aircraft launch & recovery equipment aboard aircraft carriers (Nimitz- & Ford-class)




Alion Science and Technology, Amentum, Booz Allen Hamilton, Leidos’ Dynetics, Jacobs, Saalex Solutions, SAIC, Scientific Research Corp., and Vectrus’ Zenetex $92,988,452 for R&D, engineering, integration, test, cybersecurity, upgrade, and sustainment for tactical threat systems “in support of improving aircrew lethality and survivability” for the U.S. Navy at China Lake, CA.




Booz Allen Hamilton, Epsilon C5I Inc., McKean Defense Group LLC., Parsons, SAIC, Solute Inc., Systems Technology Forum Ltd. $68,307,374 IDIQ for technical support of Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific’s Enterprise Communication and Networks Division: technology insertion, software and systems engineering, modeling and simulation, model based systems engineering, network engineering, installation and testing, and integrated logistics in support of communications, IT and other C4I efforts.


Falconwood Inc. $12,854,809 for engineering and logistics support services for Program Executive Office (PEO) Digital, and PEO Manpower, Logistics and Business Solutions.


Lockheed Martin $63,625,766 for the Integrated Common Processor (ICP) on behalf of the Program Executive Office Submarines’ Maritime Surveillance Systems Program Office. The ICP program “provides a common Integrated Undersea Surveillance Systems (IUSS) signal processing and display system software and hardware suite for Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System ships and IUSS shore sites.”


Sechan Electronics Inc. and Systems Engineering Support Co. (SESCo) $452,850,428 for GPS-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Service (GPNTS) follow-on hardware production units.


Avum Inc., Cencore LLC, Cognetic Technologies, Computer Technologies Consultants, Data Intelligence LLC, Forward Slope Inc., The Cameron Bell Corp. d.b.a. Gov Solutions Group, JRH Consultants LLC, Metronome LLC, Nexagen Networks Inc., Pioneer Technologies Inc., Programs Management Analytics & Technologies Inc., ProSync Technology Group LLC, Sentar Inc., Solute Inc., Tri Star Engineering Inc., Vsolvit LLC $10,996,946 to support systems engineering, software engineering, designing, developing, testing, sustaining, maintaining, system hosting and life-cycle support for the development and sustainment of non-tactical business and enterprise information applications and systems. Work in San Diego, CA for NAVWAR Pacific.




Jacobs BV, a joint venture $100,000,000 for completion of East campus, Fort Meade, MD.




Battelle Memorial Institute $12,374,452 for systems engineering and technical assistance support/expertise for technical, analytical, management, training, and testing services for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Engineer R&D Center, Vicksburg, MS.


DirectViz Solutions LLC $54,255,295 for information technology services.


ECS Federal $87,016,661 for secure unclassified network integration.

ECS Federal $24,855,551 to explore the development of algorithms through the incorporation of machine learning and AI research.


General Dynamics $92,993,000 for air defense communication services.


General Dynamics $9,583,816 for support services for the analysis, design, development, test, integration, deployment, and operations of various IT systems: software maintenance, enhancements, design, development, testing, evaluation, coding, integration, database administration, and data analysis for various NAWCWD Logistics Maintenance Information Systems Technology Division IT projects. Work in China Lake, CA.


IBM $138,354,210 for IT services on behalf of the Product Director Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Enterprise System and Services. Work in Radford, VA.


Iron Bow $15,639,097 to purchase 12,887 laptop computers and tablets for lifecycle replacement for Fort Bragg, NC.


Jacobs $14,324,130 for IT service management enterprise support at Scott AFB, IL; St. Louis, MO; D.C.; and Norfolk, VA.


Leidos $35,247,174 for software integration and maintenance services for sustainment of the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS).


Lumen Technologies (formerly CenturyLink) $196,475,450 (max.) for continued operations and maintenance support for dark fiber and commercial facilities in the U.S. to support DOD.


Puyenpa Services $19,792,583 for new and upgraded horizontal and backbone cable distribution infrastructure and the subsequent replacement of all IT networks, telephone, community antenna television/CCTV, and all other telecommunication system-cabling in Fairfield, PA [likely Raven Rock complex].


PTC Inc. $16,906,311 for the Enterprise Supply Chain Analysis Planning and Execution program: PTC’s Service Parts Manager (SPM) Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software platform, sustainment of the Impact Level 5 cloud, and delivery of a classified Impact Level 6 cloud environment. Work in Boston, MA, and Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.


SAIC $40,672,323 to support the Army Enterprise Service Desk.


TekSynap $19,674,723 for installation and de-installation support to U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command (USAISEC) Transmission Systems Directorate projects in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.


Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI, SAIC, Capstone Corp., 22nd Century Technologies Inc. $556,014,538 IDIQ for technical services: IT enterprise architecture, portfolio management, governance operations, information management/IT requirements management, development and refinement of legacy information systems sustainment and transformation to the optimized MyNavyHR operational construct, and continuum of on-site and off-site support in support of Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) Information Technology Department Command Information Office statutory oversight responsibilities. Work in Pensacola, FL (40%); Millington, TN (30%); Arlington, VA (20%); locations throughout continental U.S. in which those locations cannot be determined at this time (10%).


Chitra Productions LLC, SV Synergies LLC, OSCTech LLC, AttainX Inc., Stellar Innovations & Solutions Inc. $151,000,000 for full IT lifecycle support for NAVFAC facilities management, construction management and installation management systems. Includes systems development lifecycle and cybersecurity support, business systems operations and support, IT operations management and enterprise, cloud operations/migration/system development, secure infrastructure and analysis and management services. Work could be at the following sites: USA (CA, D.C., HI, VA, MO, WA) and Japan.


NCI $12,034,381 for services re: the expansion, upgrade, or replacement of wired and wireless local area networks at military treatment facilities, outlying facilities, and geographically separated units, overseas and U.S. locations.




BAE Systems $11,000,000 for crypto modernization of the Airborne Integrated Terminal Group, AN/ARC-234 radio set, for both domestic inventory and FMS (Australia, Canada, Turkey).


Data Link Solutions, a JV between BAE Systems and Raytheon $19,998,685 to repair items associated with multifunctional information distribution system in support of various aircraft. Work in in Wayne, NJ (68%); Cedar Rapids, IA (32%).  Data Link Solutions $9,891,001 for services to repair Joint Tactical Information Distribution System AN/URC-107 system components.


SCI Technology $11,495,518 IDIQ for up to 2,708 tactical operation center network tactical intercommunications system kits and spares in support of the National Guard Bureau Joint Product Manager Guardian Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Analytics and Response Systems.


Raytheon $294,139,940 for 8,085 AN/ARC-210(v) radios for installation in over 400 strategic and tactical airborne, seaborne and land based (mobile and fixed) platforms for the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, other government agencies, and FMS customers.




United Launch Services (a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin) $10,666,286 for Delta IV heavy launch services for Space Launch Complex-37 non-routine facility expenses at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL.




The Aerospace Corp. $1,150,958,695 for systems engineering and integration support for the National Space Community in El Segundo, CA.


CGH Global Emergency Management Strategies $22,590,360 for fire protection and emergency services at Cavalier Space Force Station, ND.


Frontier Technology Inc. $8,421,136 for support and analysis to aid in the rapid prototyping & delivery of enterprise ground services to Space Force missions, Colorado Springs, CO.  Frontier Technology $55,517,773 for the same thing.


Hensel Phelps $121,968,000 to construct the Consolidated Space Operations Facility at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado Springs. Puyenpa Construction $9,000,000 IDIQ for construction services on Schriever Space Force Base.


Omitron Inc. $11,860,250 for continued Space Sensor Calibration Software development: Provides “the means to overcome the unique challenge in the arena of object cataloging, catalog maintenance, and space event management” by providing for automation of legacy Space Domain Awareness workflows, tasks, calibration and validation.


RGNext LLC (a joint venture between General Dynamics and Raytheon) $125,100,450 to support operations, maintenance and sustainment on the Launch and Test Range System at the Western Range at Vandenberg AFB, CA, and the Eastern Range at Patrick AFB, FL.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – The U.S. war industry develops, markets, and sells “ballistic missile defense.” This is a lucrative business sector of war. Even in rigged tests, the ground-based midcourse defense portion of the overall ballistic missile defense performs poorly.


Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp. $121,000,000 for research, development, and engineering work on sensors, weapons, and communication systems for ground and airborne-based missile defense platforms, investigation of new missile defense systems, “and participation in future DOD technology initiatives.” Work in Atlanta, GA, and Huntsville, AL.


The Systems Engineering Group $26,543,396 for threat systems engineering “with specialized products suitable to meet specific fidelity, runtime, and memory requirements”: computer aided design (CAD); high fidelity (six degrees-of-freedom) kinematic models, specifications, and trajectory data; 3D scattering center radio frequency models, specifications, and signature data; debris simulation models, specifications, and debris/signature data. Work in Columbia, MD; and Huntsville, AL, for MDA.


Corvid Technologies $7,936,440 to support the development of post-intercept debris models to include applicable databases and sensor scene generation tools for Missile Defense Agency. Work in Mooresville, NC, Huntsville, AL.


Northrop Grumman $421,600,000 (max.) $233,900,000 (base period) for a minimum of 6 additional Boost Vehicles (BVs); spare BV components; and BV sustainment (repair, upgrade, maintenance) of software and hardware to support the Ground Based Interceptor BVs. Work in Chandler, AZ, and Magna, UT.


Northrop Grumman $21,678,810 for the Air and Missile Defense Workstation, block VI. Northrop Grumman $40,003,512 for air and missile defense planning and control system tactical support services.


L3Harris $172,719,699 IDIQ (one initial task order $22,878,503 issued first) to support MDA with the Airborne Sensors (ABS) program: continue operations and sustainment of the High Altitude Observatory (HALO) aircraft and sensor equipment, mission planning and flight test execution, and improvement and modernization efforts.


Lockheed Martin $96,722,234 for line item number 7000 for Configuration 2 Development (Increment 6C/7) software improvements, and option line item number 8000 for Electronic Protection Test Phase 1. Work in Moorestown, NJ, and Clear, AK, for MDA.


Gray Analytics $56,869,595 to support MDA’s Innovation, Science, and Technology Kill Vehicle Hardware-in-the-Loop (KV HWIL) program, Huntsville, AL. The KV HWIL effort “will span the spectrum of tasking required to plan, define, design, integrate, test, assess, and verify new and innovative approaches” to expand HWIL capabilities enabling MDA “to evaluate promising concept solutions required to defeat the advancing threat.”


TOTE Services Inc. $12,232,990 for operation and maintenance of the Sea-Based X-Band Radar Platform (SBX-1) in the Pacific Ocean. The vessel is operated for MDA “to provide limited test support services and is a contingency component of the Ground Based Mid-Course Defense element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System.” The vessel may also be used for other government missions as directed or placed in a reduced operating status.


Raytheon $15,847,016 for fiscal 2021 Navy Standard Missile-2 and Standard Missile-6 (SM-6) depot and intermediate level provisioned items ordered spares; and for repairs and maintenance. Work in Tucson, AZ (82%); Huntsville, AL (5%); Joplin, MO (5%); Middletown, CT (3%); Andover, MA (2%); Westminster, MD (1%); other locations totaling 2%.




BAE Systems $17,058,653 for logistics, engineering, and integration support on U.S. Ohio-class and U.K. Vanguard-class subs, including support of future concepts. Work in Saint Mary’s, GA (39%); Mechanicsburg, PA (26%); Rockville, MD (21%); Silverdale, WA (3%); Portsmouth, VA (1%); Cleveland, SC (1%); New Market, MD (1%); Carlisle, PA (1%); Mooresboro, NC (1%); Forsyth, GA (1%); Mesa, AZ (1%); Saint Simons Island, GA (1%); Perkins, GA (1%); Savannah, GA (1%); St. Peters, MO (1%).


Boeing $17,343,616 for Trident II (D5) Inertial Navigation equipment technical engineering support for USA and UK. Work at Huntington Beach, CA (63%); Heath, OH (13%), along with field engineering conducted at Puget Sound, WA (4%); Heath, OH (4%); Mitchell Field, NY (4%); Norfolk, VA (4%); Kings Bay, GA (4%); Port Canaveral, FL (2%); Faslane, Scotland (2%).


BAE Systems $45,128,814 for services on Trident II (D5) programs, submarines (SSGN), the Nuclear Weapon Security (NWS) program, nuclear weapon surety, and future concepts.


Boeing $79,100,000 IDIQ for B61-12 Tail Kit Assembly surveillance & sustainment support: engineering services and technical expertise as needed across various disciplines. Includes FMS to NATO members to be determined.


Boeing $1,620,707,490 IDIQ to repair the Minuteman III ICBM (nuclear missile) guidance set.


Lockheed Martin $7,924,721 for Trident (D5) fleet support, Trident II shipboard Integration (SSI) Increment 8, SSI Increment 16, Columbia-class and U.K. Dreadnaught-class navigation subsystem development efforts. Work in Mitchel Field, NY (47%); Huntington Beach, CA (36%); Clearwater, FL (9%); Cambridge, MA (6%); Hingham, MA (2%). Lockheed Martin $45,943,764 for Trident II (D5) Fleet Support, Trident II SSP Shipboard Integration (SSI) Increment 8, SSI Increment 16 submarine (U.S. Columbia-class and U.K. Dreadnought-class) navigation subsystems. Work in Mitchell Field, NY (47%); Huntington Beach, CA (36%); Clearwater, FL (9%); Cambridge, MA (6%); Hingham, MA (2%).


Northrop Grumman $29,187,820 for ongoing fiscal 2022 support of the Trident II (D5) deployed SSBN and the SSGN underwater launcher systems. Technical engineering support and integration for D5 and SSGN.


SierTeK–Peerless JV LLC $9,271,874 for professional services, including engineering, analysis, management, and technical support services to fulfill the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (Kirtland AFB, NM) requirements in support of the enduring nuclear stockpile with focus on cruise missile weapon systems program and Air Force nuclear stockpile management needs.


HYPERSONICS – War corporations, think tanks, and Congress hype the “threat” of Beijing and Moscow in order to justify design, development, and sale of an entirely new sector of the war industry: hypersonic missiles and aircraft.


Boeing $39,660,399 for Southern Cross Integrated Flight Research Experiment (SCIFiRE) Project Phase I Preliminary Design Review. Lockheed Martin $27,192,571 for Southern Cross Integrated Flight Research Experiment (SCIFiRE) Project Phase I Preliminary Design Review. Raytheon $27,991,408 for the Southern Cross Integrated Flight Research Experiment (SCIFiRE) Project Phase I preliminary design review (PDR). These corporations will mature a solid rocket-boosted, air-breathing, hypersonic conventional cruise missile, air-launched from existing fighter/bomber aircraft, through the completion of a (PDR).




BAE Systems $10,350,073 for sewer rehabilitation at Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Kingsport, TN. BAE Systems $42,550,071 for the New Nitration "D" Facility at Holston Army Ammunition Plant. BAE Systems $42,957,965 for the Kettle Drying Facility build, commission, and transfer to production at Holston Army Ammunition Plant. BAE Systems $106,281,915 DAAA09-98-E-0006 for acetic acid expansion build, commissioning, and transfer to the production project at Holston Army Ammunition Plant.


Ayuda-Plexus JV $8,866,702 for environmental remediation services, Area A Landfill at the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant, Texarkana, TX.


Boeing $70,000,000 IDIQ for GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators: delivery order of GBU-57 carriage and release equipment.


Boeing $344,567,300 for up to 24,000 additional Precision Laser Guidance Sets in support of the Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) program for USA (Navy, Air Force) and FMS. Work in Fort Worth, TX (68.23%); Cincinnati, OH (10.1%); St. Louis, MO (9.38%); Odessa, MO (4.37%); Simpsonville, SC (4.03%); Minneapolis, MN (1.68%); locations within the continental U.S. (2.21%).


Choctaw Defense Manufacturing $26,334,300 IDIQ for up to 700 Munitions Handling Unit Trailers in support of common aviation support equipment for the Navy.


General Dynamics, Danko Arlington Inc., General Tool Co. $14,641,032 for manufacture of MK-82 guided missile director sub-assemblies. General Dynamics’ portion of the work is in Saco, ME.


KLK Electric $7,878,551 to renovate Building 320 at Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA.


Lockheed Martin $22,526,756 to support the production & fielding of M270A2 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). Lockheed Martin $29,155,000 for missiles. Lockheed Martin $13,245,098 for a change to the M270A2 MLRS technical design package. Work in New Boston, TX; Grand Prairie, TX; and Camden, AZ.


Lockheed Martin $62,028,000 for engineering and manufacturing development re: Precision Strike Missile.


Northrop Grumman $41,231,833 for AGM-88G Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile - Extended Range, AARGM-ER, (LRIP lot 1): production and delivery of 16 All Up Rounds, six Captive Air Training Missiles, four Common Munitions BIT Reprogramming Equipment Plus interface devices, initial spares, and required supplies and support.


Raytheon $23,957,584 for delivery of up to 15 air-to-air launchers (LRIP), ancillary components, training, and associated engineering for Program Manager Ground Based Air Defense, Marine Air Defense Integrated System Increment 1 program.


Raytheon $11,017,488 for AMRAAM Production-9 Common Air-Launched Navigation System life of type buy. FMS portion = $698,770.


Simmonds Precision Products $13,712,394 for the Low-Cost Air-Drop Munition (LCAM) weapon system development program for the Office of Naval Research. Work in Vergennes, VT (74.4%); Arlington, VA (5.2%); Indian Head, MD (3.9%); Yuma, AZ (3.8%); Burlington, VT (3%); Torrance, CA (2.6%); Westminster, MD (2.3%); Rancho Cordova, CA (1.9%); various places below 1%.




General Dynamics $19,578,125 for demilitarization and disposal of various conventional, ammunition, mortar cartridges, and smoke and cluster munitions. 


Northrop Grumman $23,741,540 for engineering support services, other direct costs, and depot services for Joint Counter Radio-Controlled IED Electronic Warfare (JCREW) Increment One Block One (I1B1) systems for Air Force (79%), Navy (18%), Australia ($61,950, 2%).




Sealift Inc. of Delaware $10,585,000 for another year operating U.S. flagged container ship M/V LTC John U. D. Page (T-AK 4543) for the transportation and prepositioning of cargo for the Army.  Sealift Inc. of Delaware $9,650,600 for another year of transportation and prepositioning of cargo via container ship M/V CAPT David I. Lyon (T-AK 5362).  Sealift Inc. of Delaware $12,775,000 for operation and maintenance of the container ship MV SSG Edward Carter (T-AK 4544) in support of Army Prepositioned Stock Afloat program.




Basic Commerce & Industries $25,000,000 for man portable doppler radar systems and support. Helios Remote Sensing Systems $25,000,000 for man portable doppler radar hardware, support, R&D, and testing.


Northrop Grumman $28,700,000 for one additional Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) system for the Air Force.


Saab $20,860,970 for engineering, technical, logistical, and material support services for lifecycle sustainment of the AN/SPS-77 (variants) Radar Systems; Marine Corps AN/TPS-80 Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar Systems; Celsius Tech Radar and Optronic Site 200 Fire Control Radar System; and other Saab sensor systems.




BAE Systems $29,783,777 for phase 3 design and development of Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV) medium caliber cannon. Work in San Jose, CA (45%); York, PA (20%); Kongsberg, Norway (20%); Stafford, VA (10%); Bolzano, Italy (3.5%); Aiken, SC (1.5%).


Bowhead Marine Support Services LLC, DeVilliers Technology Solutions LLC, FedWriters Inc., MERPTech LLC combined $31,166,049 IDIQ for services to support the Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch, Camp Pendleton, CA. The operations, maintenance and technical services will be used to issue task orders to provide test and evaluation support including, but not limited to amphibious vehicles, ground combat vehicles, systems, and equipment for the Marine Corps Systems Command and Program Executive Officer Land Systems. Types of services required include, scuba diving services, emergency medical treatment services, watercraft operation and maintenance services, heavy equipment operation and maintenance services, communications equipment operation and maintenance services, advanced manufacturing, welding, and machining services, technical editing services, electronics services, media services, engineering services, information technology services, data collection services, administrative management services, financial management services, security services, and crane services.


Caterpillar $11,588,214 to return 49 government-owned Caterpillar D7G dozers to a like-new condition status.


General Dynamics $13,743,076 for Abrams [tank] systems and technical support. Some FMS (Australia).  General Dynamics $230,000,000 for consolidating facility operations support, support and maintenance of government furnished property, and production process improvements at multiple Abrams production facilities.


Hutchinson Industries $8,834,430 for wheel and run-flat assemblies.


Konecranes Inc. $7,773,850 for teardown, inspection, analysis, maintenance, and overhaul of M88A2 Hercules winch.

Konecranes Inc. $13,863,327 IDIQ for input interface units for the Army.


Loc Performance $17,141,289 for the Under Belly Interim-Solution for the Bradley A4 vehicle.


Oshkosh Defense $8,680,863 for authorized stockage list and special tools and kit options for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Family of Vehicles.  Oshkosh Defense $10,513,166 for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Family of Vehicles.


John C. Grimberg Co. $20,150,000 for construction for the 911th Vehicle Maintenance Shop, Fort Belvoir, VA.


Torch Technologies $9,634,716 for the improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem Block 2.8 simulation support, Integrated Battle Command System combat application for joint systems. Work in Huntsville, AL.




Glock Inc. $14,999,980 for various firearms, spare magazines and spare parts.


Combined Systems Inc. $9,000,000 for the MK 20 Mod 0 diversionary hand grenade.




Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) estimated $91,614,978 for multiple weapon systems program support.


Avon Protection Ceradyne LLC and Gentex Corp. $87,619,643 for Next Generation Integrated Head Protection Systems.  Gentex Corp. estimated $26,807,269 for helmet assemblies and associated components.  Galvion Ballistics estimated $36,500,000 IDIQ for advanced combat helmets.


Intevac Photonics $16,356,572 for Generation II Electronic Image Intensifier Cameras production, Gen I and Gen II cameras depot repair, and ancillary technical services.


L3Harris $49,490,083 for various spare parts for the AN/PVS-31 binocular night vision devices.


The National Industries for the Blind $10,108,784 for inner-spring mattresses for the Navy.


Propper International (Puerto Rico) $135,811,888 for the MOLLE 4000 rucksack set and related components.


RFD Beaufort Inc. and Viking Life Saving Equipment $35,325,000 IDIQ for 25-person and 50-person life rafts.


SupplyCore Inc. $60,000,000 IDIQ for facilities maintenance, repair and operations supplies.


Vinyl Technology maximum $11,510,340 for anti-gravity suits.




American Apparel Inc. $31,812,558 IDIQ for coats for Army and Air Force. Peckham Inc. $36,219,300 IDIQ for fleece cold weather jackets for the Army and Air Force. M&M Manufacturing (Puerto Rico) $9,218,125 for blouses and coats for Navy, Army and Air Force.


Mount Rogers Community Services $15,131,686 for unisex and female advanced combat shirts for Army and Air Force. The National Industries for the Blind $15,131,686 for unisex and female advanced combat shirts for Army and Air Force.


Propper International (Puerto Rico) $7,514,162 for intermediate weather outer layer, flame resistant trousers for Air Force.  Federal Prison Industries d.b.a. UNICOR $7,510,601 for Layer 5 trousers.


Capps Shoe Co. $12,075,750 for leather oxford dress shoes.


Goodwill Industries of South Florida $242,609,868 for support services for product modification, integration/kitting, procurement, warehousing and logistics management efforts for organizational clothing and individual equipment.




CAE $26,926,825 for fixed-wing flight training at Fort Rucker, AL.


SAIC $15,123,338 for engineering services to provide full life-cycle support for hardware in the loop, force protection, trainers, and virtual interactive and multimedia systems, Redstone Arsenal, AL.


Dobco Inc. $101,985,700 for repair Lee and Sherman Barracks, buildings 740 and 738, West Point, NY.




AECOM $30,000,000 IDIQ for master planning and conceptual design at U.S. Air Force Academy, CO.


M1 Support Services $81,819,570 for aircraft maintenance on T-6, T-38 undergraduate pilot training, and T-38 Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals at Sheppard AFB, TX.  Vertex Aerospace (owned by private equity) $19,778,096 for ongoing support services for T-1, T-6 and T-38 undergraduate pilot training at Vance AFB, OK.


Textron $9,900,000 IDIQ for Synthetic Battlespace Enhancement with Force On-Force Reactive Tactical Readiness Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) Simulation (FORTRIS) non-personal services: improve the Distributed Mission Operations Center IADS and electronic attack by a fully cognitive and automated IADS. Work in Hunt Valley, MD; and Kirtland AFB, NM.




Boeing $30,464,202 to upgrade six T-45C Goshawk operational flight trainers (OFT) in Pensacola, FL (75%), St. Louis, MO (25%).


Complete Parachute Solutions $10,730,214 for the Multi-Mission Parachute Course: training and technical support in Coolidge, AZ, for Marine Corps free-fall training.


Corps Solutions LLC $20,200,000 IDIQ for specialized training services “to allow Marines to obtain the certifications needed to be mission ready and respond to an emergency in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high yield explosive attack” in the National Capital Region or continental U.S.


Katmai Management Services $44,462,174 IDIQ for Role Player and Subject Matter Expert support services for the Immersive Training Range Support program at multiple Marine Corps installations. There is no DOD-wide standard for what constitutes a “subject matter expert”. I’ve encountered “subject matter experts” who don’t speak the language of their target country and have never visited their target country.


M1 Support Services $12,125,797 for trainer maintenance services at Sheppard AFB, TX, and a satellite site at NAS Pensacola, FL.


Rolls-Royce $105,601,670 for intermediate and depot level maintenance, logistics and engineering support for 216 in-service T-45 F405-RR-401 Adour engines in Meridian, MS (47%); Kingsville, TX (46%); Pensacola, FL (6%); Patuxent River, MD (1%).


Vertex Aerospace (owned by private equity) $96,467,100 to extend maintenance, logistics, and engineering support, to include support of equipment, tools, direct and indirect material for the T-45 aircraft, associated systems, and related support equipment to maintain all flight and test and evaluation operations for the Navy at Kingsville, TX (45.7%); Meridian, MS (41.7%); Pensacola, FL (10.1%); Patuxent River, MD (2.5%).


Vertex Aerospace $21,900,220 for intermediate-level maintenance, repair, and logistics support services re: Individual Component Repair List in support of the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) for Chief of Naval Air Training aircraft, tenant activities, and transient aircraft. Also provides direct and indirect material, tools and equipment not otherwise provided by the U.S. government required to support and maintain the four AIMDs as well as related support equipment. Work in Corpus Christi, TX (40%); Whiting Field, FL (32%); Pensacola, FL (14%); Kingsville, TX (8%) and Meridian, MS (6%).


II Corps Consultants Inc. $19,000,000 IDIQ for technical, analytical, and programmatic support for Marine Corps Training and Education Command Sergeants School, Career School, Advanced School, and the Faculty Advisors Course. Work at Quantico, VA (42%); Camp Lejeune, NC (14%); Twentynine Palms, CA (14%); Okinawa, Japan (14%); Camp Pendleton, CA (8%); Kaneohe Bay, HI (8%).




Advanced Technology Systems Company (ATSC) $191,637,000 for production and sustainment of the Security Surveillance System.


ProSecure LLC JV $9,799,095 IDIQ for regional security services at installations in NAVFAC Northwest. 


CBLA JV $12,786,950 to construct an access control point in Annville, PA, for the Pennsylvania National Guard.




Sealing Technologies Inc. $17,461,029 to expand the current capacity on the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s cyber assessment tools. “The analytical suite of technologies are [sic] critical and necessary to build a detailed threat picture of vulnerabilities and malicious activities affecting the operational security posture.”


UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.


American Water Operations & Maintenance $29,622,060 for privatized water and wastewater utility services at Fort Meade. Terrapin Utility Services (JB Andrews, MD) $42,686,800 for additional water and wastewater utility services.


Tantara Corp. $9,875,000 for replacement and construction of wastewater treatment plant, Public Works Department Earle in Earle, NJ. LGC Global $12,847,586 for the furnishing, installing and placing into operation approximately 42,000 linear feet of 16” diameter and smaller water main pipe, master meter stations, and all associated work in Charleston, SC. Walga Ross Group JV $19,978,980 to repair potable water lines and an elevated storage tank at NAS Corpus Christi, TX. MX Construction $10,830,173 to construct a recycled water treatment plant, Fort Hunter-Liggett, CA.


Dominion Energy Virginia $19,973,322 for electric utility services for the Army. Dominion Energy Virginia $75,133,349 for electric utility services for the Army.


Flint Electric Membership Corp. $85,005,454 to support privatized electrical utility infrastructure at Fort Benning, GA.


Public Service Company of Oklahoma $12,875,000 for an upgrade of a power grid in Fort Sill, OK.




Jacobs/HDR JV $34,017,960 for third party inspections of all Navy privatized homes with the exception of units scheduled for disposition or demolition. Thorough inspection and assessment of the structural integrity and habitability of each home at selected locations of privatized housing in the U.S.


Design Build LLC (Toa Baja, Puerto Rico) $24,100,000 to provide homes at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, that meet current standards of quality of life, energy conservation, size, habitability, safety, and resiliency in the event of high wind or seismic events.


Copper Construction Company $15,347,000 to repair Building 315 (housing for unaccompanied enlisted personnel) at Fort Gordon.




American Regent $13,884,855 for various pharmaceutical products.


Valneva USA Inc. maximum $40,401,200 for Japanese Encephalitis vaccines.


Dove Medical Supply $400,000,000 for laboratory supplies and wares for U.S. military and federal civilian agencies.


Globus Medical maximum $48,969,648 for orthopedic spinal trauma procedural packages and supplies under the manufacturer direct program.


HTL-STREFA $8,232,400 to support air freight costs to ship needles and syringes.


Marathon Medical Corp. maximum $15,117,457 for medical and surgical supplies.


Omni Medical Systems $29,000,000 for the Parachute Flotation Device.


Salus Medical Products estimated $10,000,000 IDIQ for bedside monitoring, fetal monitoring, vital signs monitoring, ventilators and electrocardiograph systems, to include upgrades, installation and training.


Zoll Medical Corp. $39,603,940 for airworthy suction apparatuses and accessories. Zoll Medical Corp. $33,029,700 for dual-aeromedical certified defibrillators and accessories.




American Systems Corp. $7,912,536 for sustainment of the software suites contained in the Theater Medical Information Program-Joint.


Change Healthcare Technologies $50,546,879 to obtain maintenance support for DHA’s Tricare Online Patient Portal (TOL PP) Secure Messaging (SM) system. TOL PP SM is a patient-provider messaging application for “TRICARE beneficiaries to securely communicate with their health care team in order to seek non-emergency health care advice, request prescription renewals, and receive military treatment facility/clinic updates.”


D7 LLC d.b.a. Dawson $44,324,176 (max.) to obtain Market Transition Integrated Office (MTIO) support services (program management, enterprise personnel and resources planning, enterprise schedule management, performance management, change management support services, operations center facilities support services, technical support services, administrative support services, and subject matter expert services). “Congressional mandates for DHA have directed the MTIO to assume global responsibility for Military Medical Treatment Facility IT management on Oct. 1, 2021.” Will enable the MTIO to support the more than 200 market sites that have upwards of 600 staffed facilities worldwide with more timely and dedicated responsive support as a whole.


Sodexo Management Inc. $7,935,996 for nutrition care management and supervisory, technical, administrative and clerical services at West Point, NY; Fort Stewart, GA; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Fort Irwin, CA; and Fort Riley, KS.




KAL Architects Inc., Guidon MES JV, Altus Architectural Studios, Davenergy-Apogee JV, NMA Architects Planners LEED Consultants LLC, M Plus Stone HFG LLC $45,000,000 for architect-engineer services in support of DHA and the component medical commands.


Boyer Commercial Construction $12,668,000 for construction of a new stand-alone, two-story, approximately 16,500 square foot Veterans Affairs Center for Rehabilitative Services.




Dentsply North America $48,000,000 for dental consumable items for the DLA Electronic Catalog. Peter Brasseler Holdings LLC $36,000,000 for dental consumable items for the DLA Electronic Catalog.


“GREEN”ING THE MILITARY – You cannot “green” a massive military whose primary purpose, aside from profiting industry, is to utilize fossil fuels (and nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers) to kill, destroy infrastructure, garrison the globe, open countries to U.S. corporate interests, and snoop on global citizens. But “greening” looks great to rising military officers and PR-friendly U.S. Congress.


Booz Allen Hamilton $91,301,276 to assess energy vulnerabilities, define requirements, and identify third-party funding sources for energy resilience and security projects. Work in Arlington, VA.


Entergy LA LLC $13,725,495 to implement energy improvements at NAS-Joint Reserve Base New Orleans based on the findings of a preliminary assessment and investment grade audit. Work in Belle Chasse, LA.


San Diego Gas & Electric Co. (SDG&E) $19,145,595 for energy conservation measures at Camp Pendleton.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


Air Wilmington, d.b.a. Modern Aviation $8,405,186 for fuel. Jacksonville Jetport ($51,920,128) and Tallahassee Aviation Partners ($7,648,900) for fuel.


Avfuel Corp. $10,397,681 for fuel in Michigan and Virgin Islands. Louis Berger Hawthorne Services maximum $8,589,936 for fuel services at NAS Fallon, NV.


Cummins $8,861,139 for three marine-rated diesel generator sets.


NOVA Group $14,300,400 to construct a 10,000-barrel fuel tank, a transfer pump house and two truck off-loading stations at Beale AFB, CA.


The Ross Group Contracting Corp. $10,561,780 for design and repair of hydrant fuel system and pavement at Travis AFB, CA.


SAIC $420,000,000 (max.) for the chemical, petroleum, oil and lubricant program in NJ, TX, PA, GA, CA and AZ. Some unspecified FMS.


Parsons $145,000,000 for construction of an energetic waste incinerator and contaminated waste processor in Radford, VA.


Tempest Enterprises $10,973,698 for design and construction of natural gas line and fuel swap, Tooele, UT.


WHH Nisqually-Garco JV2 $10,279,000 for construction of a retail fuel facility on JB Lewis McChord in Dupont, WA. WHH Nisqually-Garco JV2 $9,845,000 for construction of a retail fuel facility on JB Lewis McChord in Dupont, WA.




Kuehne Chemical Company $16,896,000 for sodium hypochlorite for USACE, Baltimore.




Boeing $9,610,596 for incorporation of aircraft service bulletins into the VC-25B baseline, and work on removing Mode 4 Identification Friend or Foe on the VC-25B aircraft. Boeing $158,298,436 for the VC-25B initial spares with a production lead time of greater than 12 months required for the initial support period, which is the first 18 months beginning at initial operational capability. Work at JB Andrews, MD.


Autumn General Contracting $8,618,956 for renovating three general officer homes at Fort McNair, D.C.




Cooper/Ports America $8,355,546 for stevedoring and related terminal services at the Ports of Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and Port Arthur, TX.


General Electric $125,000,000 for original equipment manufacturer authorized parts and service technicians in order to maintain the systems aboard ships: dry cargo/ammunition class (T-AKE); expeditionary sea base class (ESB); expeditionary transfer dock class (ESD); fleet auxiliary oiler class (T-AO); the command ship USS Mount Whitney (LLC 20); oceanographic survey ship class (T-AGS); and roll-on/roll-off class (T-AKR) vessels.


Hornbeck Offshore Operators $40,145,080 for operation and maintenance of 4 off-shore supply vessels used as as blocking vessels: USNS Arrowhead (T-AGSE 4), USNS Eagleview (T-AGSE 3), USNS Westwind (T-AGSE 2), USNS Black Powder (T-AGSE 1).


Patriot Services LLC $37,649,881 for operation and maintenance of 8 government-owned, contractor operated large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off ships: USNS Watson (T-AKR 310); USNS Sisler (T-AKR 311); USNS Dahl (T-AKR 312); USNS Red Cloud (T-AKR 313); USNS Charlton (T-AKR 314); USNS Watkins (T-AKR 315); USNS Pomeroy (T-AKR 316); USNS Soderman (T-AKR 317).


U.S. Marine Management $39,580,180 for operation and maintenance of seven USNS Bob Hope-class surge large, medium-speed roll-on/roll-off vessels: USNS Bob Hope (T-AKR 300); USNS Fisher (T-AKR 301); USNS Seay (T-AKR 302); USNS Mendonca (T-AKR 303); USNS Pililaau (T-AKR 304); USNS Brittin (T-AKR 305); USNS Benavidez (T-AKR 306).


1st Coast Cargo $28,577,562 to move repairable parts within and between all 48 contiguous states, Hawai‘i, and Canada for NAVSUP Advanced Traceability and Control (ATAC) Program.


ENVIRONMENTAL – The US military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


Bhate Environmental Associates Inc., Ahtna Government Services Corp., Permafix Environmental Services Inc., Relyant Global LLC $95,000,000 for demolition and abatement of excess facilities.


Cape-Weston JV2 LLC, Engineering Remediation Resources Group Inc., Parsons Government Services $49,500,000 for environmental services at known or suspected military munitions, hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste sites.


EA Engineering, Science, Technology Inc. PBC $10,000,000 for Norfolk Harbor environmental services.


HydroGeoLogic Inc. $49,500,000 for environmental remediation services.


Insight-Tidewater LLC and NOREAS-Aptim Environmental Remediation JV $240,000,000 (max.) for environmental remediation projects located primarily within NAVFAC Southwest, including AK, AZ, CA, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, and other locations nationwide.


Intercontinental Construction Contracting $10,340,523 for hazardous materials and waste management mitigation and demolition of two existing buildings in Jamaica, NY.


JE Architects/Engineers P.C. $35,000,000 for remedial design, planning and construction management services for the Niagara Falls Storage Site (NFSS).


Jerry B. Young Construction $7,774,233 for seepage remediation and installation of 79 relief wells in Lebanon, TN.


Kiewit Infrastructure South $136,637,750 for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, Fort Pierce, FL.


Perma-Fix Environmental Services $39,998,941 for maintenance and modernization aboard Ex-McKee (AS-41) re: decontamination at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.


SRS Battelle JV $10,000,000 for environmental services for the NAO Norfolk District.


Trevet Bay West JV $7,724,351 for base-wide groundwater monitoring, operations, and maintenance at Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, CA.


TFS-APTIM JV LLC, Bethel-Tech Pacific JV, North Wind-CDM JV LLC, OCH JV, EA-Wood-1 MP JV combined $240,000,000 for environmental remediation projects mostly at Navy and Marine Corps installations primarily within NAVFAC Southwest: CA (90%); other locations in the U.S. (5%); NV (3%); AZ (2%). Remediation actions at environmentally contaminated sites include, but are not limited to, removal actions, pilot and treatability studies, facility operation, maintenance, and instruction, other related activities associated with returning sites to safe and acceptable levels, environmental program assessment, site characterizations, groundwater characterization studies, remediation on sediment sites, emergency or expedited response, contamination assessment, and subsequent decontamination. Additional actions include remediation prior to returning to normal operations, closure reports for removal and remedial actions, geophysical surveys, hydrogeological and geotechnical testing and data analyses, multimedia sampling and analysis for physical, chemical, and geotechnical characteristics, hydrographic surveys, optimization reviews of remediation facilities and remediation strategies, and munitions response quality assurance.




CW Resources Inc. $15,321,445 for dining facility attendant services.


Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency $17,527,654 for food services at Fort Benning.


Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin $21,764,531 to provide food and logistics support for Recruit Training Command, Naval Station Great Lakes, IL.


Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services $7,924,526 for full food services at Keesler AFB, MS.


Service Source Inc. $8,588,362 to provide dining facility attendants, presumably for Fort Carson, CO.


Sysco $64,887,279 for full-line food distribution. US Foods $245,000,000 for full-line food distribution for Air Force and Army.


The Texas Workforce Commission $17,056,243 for food services at Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston, TX.


Wornick Foods ($57,414,054) and AmeriQual Group LLC ($50,126,40) IDIQ for production and delivery of Meals, Ready-to-Eat wet pack fruit components. Sterling BV Inc. $168,058,194 for production and delivery of Meal, Ready-to-Eat bakery components. Jianas Brothers Packaging Co. ($47,085,102); World Flavors ($26,748,301); Body LLC ($17,332,657) for production and delivery of meals, ready-to-eat (MRE) beverage components.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of custodial, electrical, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, management & administration, pavement clearance, pest control, public safety, vehicles & equipment service, waste management, wastewater. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the Pentagon’s full adoption of neoliberal economic policies.


GCR-MDI LLC $8,287,454 IDIQ for BOSS at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA, and outlying areas.


Global Connections to Employment $23,722,604 for custodial services at Eglin AFB, FL.


Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire $17,161,133 for custodial services for Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.


Metson Marine Services $8,384,023 for port operations support services: maintenance and repairs of government furnished boats, service craft, and waterfront equipment; oil spill response; industrial marine services; docking regular overhauls; ship movement and fleet liaison support services; berth day support; facility response team services; counter-terrorism support; barrier and gate services; and exclusion buoy inventory in Kings Bay, GA (30%); Kingsland, GA (28%); Mayport, FL (18%); Pensacola, FL (15%); Key West, FL (4%); Port Canaveral, FL (3%); Panama City, FL (1%); Jacksonville, FL (1%).


Service Source Inc. $131,290,120 for BOSS at the Mark Center, Alexandria, VA.


Skookum Educational Programs $32,122,732 for BOSS at various installations in NAVFAC Northwest.


Vectrus Systems $13,373,588 for management and operation of base maintenance services for civil engineering at Sheppard AFB, TX; Frederick Airfield, OK; and Sheppard Annex at Lake Texoma, TX.




KBR $72,815,718 for expeditionary staging area services at the Marine Corps Base Quantico.




Accenture $9,004,715 to provide DOD Warehouse Utilization services to the Office of the Under Secretary for Acquisition & Sustainment, and the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics, re: Secretary of Defense Reform Initiative to improve DOD’s warehouse utilization to 75% and achieve savings of over $575,000,000.


Enlighten IT Consulting $12,353,851 to add the Coast Guard (USCG) SURVEYOR services to the existing ELICSAR Big Data Platform contract (1 April 2021 through 30 March 2024). Performance in USCG Headquarters, D.C.


MBD Group LLC $14,662,642 for contracted advisory and assistance services that provide dedicated subject matter expertise in force development processes, analysis, integration, information and tactical data systems, force modernization, and the equipment-fielding process needed to support the Army's mission. Work in D.C.


BUSINESS & OFFICE & ADMIN – A January 2015 report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. The Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from leadership positions in US war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the Pentagon’s budget.


Eccalon LLC $16,546,326 to provide National Security Technology Accelerator Program support (NSTA/MD5) for Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy. The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) is “building a community of innovators to solve national security problems. NSIN focuses on the delivery of education, collaboration and acceleration programs, which bring together people from the Department of Defense, the venture community and academia to generate new ideas, nurture talent and find novel applications of technology to support the warfighter.” Work at the Mark Center, Alexandria, VA.


Hexagon US Federal Inc. $10,396,067 for technical support to the U.S. Army Records Management Division and Army Declassification Directorate, Fort Belvoir, VA.


Innovative Technology Solutions JV $14,066,179 for Technical Advisory and Professional Services (TAPS): program management support, technical support, analytical support, administrative support, acquisition support and operational support to Mission Partner Capabilities Office (MPCO), Secretary of the Air Force Concepts, Development & Management Office, Fairfax, VA.




Ernst & Young $200,222,745 for audit of Department of the Air Force General Fund and Working Capital Fund financial statements and examination. Work in Tysons, VA.  Ernst & Young $18,933,139 to continue working on the audit at Defense Health Headquarters, Falls Church, VA; Defense Health Agency Resource Management, Aurora, CO; Army Medical Command, San Antonio, TX; National Capital Region Market; and the Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD.


Northrop Grumman $82,646,933 for the Planning Programming Budgeting Business Operating System-II.




Teksol Integration Group (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico) $40,000,000 for construction projects via USACE Jacksonville, FL.




JD Eckam Inc. $16,033,170 to repair the Senator Roth Bridge in Middletown, DE.


Brayman Construction Corp. $8,610,409 for the Bluestone [Dam] Phase 5 construction project, Hinton, WV.


HDR-Gannett Fleming JV $19,238,022 for architect-engineer services for the Indian River Lagoon South in St. Lucie County, FL. Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. $24,595,381 for construction of pump stations, spreader systems, a seepage canal and the installation of a riser board assembly in Miami, FL. Phillips and Jordan Inc. $72,683,250 to construct 7.2 miles of parallel open canals and a maintenance road with benches between the canals in Belleglade, FL.


BIS Services LLC $20,487,177 for dike and jetty repairs for USACE New Orleans. Rigid Constructors LLC $22,387,000 for rehabilitation of selected upland along the Calcasieu Ship Channel, Lake Charles, LA. Buck Town Contractors & Co. $12,122,970 for the Mississippi River and Tributaries Project in Batchelor, LA. Cycle Marine Group $9,596,500 for Bayou Sorrel Dolphin and Guidewall replacement in Plaquemine, LA. Rigid Constructors $20,980,000 for flood control work, Amite River and Tributaries, LA. Renda JBros JV $10,000,000 for widening of Florida Avenue Canal, New Orleans, LA.


G&G Steel Inc. $7,727,784 for Melvin Price Lock and Dam lift gate fabrication and delivery.


OCCI Inc. $8,888,515 for installation of bulkhead recesses at Norrell Lock and Dam in Tichnor, AR. Andritz Hydro Corp. $11,587,100 for Units 1-2 generator stator rewind at the Beaver Power Plant, Eureka Springs, AR.


Dean Marine $8,152,026 to repair the Cleveland Breakwater Project, Cleveland, OH.


J.F. Brennan Company $14,747,222 for construction services for the Lake George Canal in Hammond, IN.


Alberici Constructors $9,920,000 for steel fabrication and delivery of the replacement lift gate for Melvin Price Locks and Dam Main Lock. Work in East Alton, IL. Kenway Composites $11,931,142 for composite wicket gates at the Illinois River Basin, Peoria and LaGrange Dams, Creve Coeur and Versailles, IL. J.F. Brennan Company $19,603,980 for Chicago Harbor Lock chamber floor and wall repairs.


Luhr Bros. $8,512,720 for stone river dikes in Ohio River, Morganfield, KY. Thalle Construction $166,849,138 for new downstream monoliths and associated features for the Kentucky Lock, Grand Rivers, KY.


C.J. Mahan Construction Co. $60,856,879 to build a new upstream approach wall on the Tennessee River, Chattanooga, TN.


Western Contracting $10,359,564 to repair structures on the Missouri River. Work in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, and Kansas City, MO. Midwest Construction Co., Dubuque Barge and Fleeting Service, W.A. Ellis Construction Co., ESI Contracting Corp. $99,500,000 for support of the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Program (BSNP) for the Missouri River. ESI Contracting Corp. $29,622,931 for linear feet of levee raises, under-seepage control measures, relief wells, and control berms in Manhattan, MO.


Andritz Hydro Corp. $89,743,530 for refurbishment of Robert S. Kerr generator units in Keota, OK.


Wiipica QRI JV $12,788,878 for Houston Ship Channel expansion channel improvement. The Dutra Group $40,479,378 for Sabine Neches Waterway, TX (Sabine Extension Channel to Sabine Bank Channel), improvements in Calhoun and Aransas Counties in Port Arthur, TX


REEL COH (Quebec) $13,779,000 for intake gantry crane replacement at Libby Dam, MT.


Meridian Engineering Co. $8,980,000 to construct multiple high-water crossings across the Vamori Wash, Sells, AZ.


Empire Equipment Services $24,495,408 to construct a dike flood-control structure, Corona, CA. Ahtna-Great Lakes E&I JV $74,719,115 for levee improvements in Sacramento, CA. AE West LLC $10,672,088 to build a 1,750-foot earth-filled dike flood-control structure, Eastvale, CA. Connolly-Pacific Co. $9,073,000 for breakwater repairs at Port San Luis Harbor, San Luis Obispo County, CA.


JE McAmis $8,969,000 for repairs to the Tillamook North Jetty including toe, side, slope, and crest repair construction above -10 ft. NAVD88 elevation along 1,300 ft. of the jetty trunk/root in Rockaway Beach, OR. Doyon Management Services $25,887,085 to repair barracks Building 09175 at JB Lewis-McChord, WA.


CDM Federal Programs Corp. and Applied Research Associates Inc. $15,000,000 for dam and levee safety toolbox maintenance and enhancements procurement.




AMS Industries $210,000,000 IDIQ for Airfield Damage Recovery (ADR) Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Kit: updated capabilities to rapidly repair damaged airfield pavements using FRP panels. Work in Charlotte, NC, and Lake Charles, LA.


ACME/RHB JV, MRM/Sundt JV, Southwest Concrete Paving Co., RC Construction $400,000,000 for airfield paving for USACE Omaha, NE.


CCE Contracting LLC, ESI Contracting Corp., Julius Kaaz Construction Company, Life Safety Group LLC $20,000,000 for road work.


Pettibone Concrete Construction $33,000,000 for airfield paving, repair and civil works projects at Tyndall AFB, FL. RC Construction. $27,592,000 for construction of a combat aircraft parking area in Hurlburt Field, FL.


Rogele Inc., York Excavating Co., Kunj Construction Corp. $8,635,000 IDIQ for miscellaneous paving and utility requirements.


Southern Contracting $20,288,295 to repair runway pavement at McEntire Joint National Guard Base, Eastover, SC.


Granite Construction $18,708,400 to mill and overlay Runway 13-31, asphalt and shoulder repair, Cannon AFB, NM.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & REPAIR – Military construction physically lays the foundation that expands and extends the permanent warfare state. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts construction workers within the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.


AECOM, HDR GEI JV, Kleinfelder-Stantec USACE JV, Tetra Tech-Black & Veatch JV $110,000,000 for architect-engineer services. STV HDR USMA JV, Jacobs Ewingcole JV, and Tetra Tech/Mason and Hanger JV $32,000,000 for general architect-engineering services.


Taylor Engineering $12,000,000 to provide general planning support to the Corps Civil Works Program.


R. Zoppo Corp. $7,933,000 for construction of an automated multi-purpose machine gun range in Fort Devens, MA. Cornerstone Construction Services, Maron Construction, and Tantara Corp. $15,000,000 for management, labor, material, equipment, transportation, supervision, and architectural engineering services in Massachusetts (Hanscom AFB, Hamilton, Humarock, Sagamore) and New Boston, NH.


Ranco Construction $9,599,200 for design and construction of a new commercial vehicle entry control point gate, roadway and facilities into the Lakehurst Naval Installation, Lakehurst, NJ. Eastern Construction & Electric $15,232,800 for barracks design-build full facility renovation (Building 5503) at JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ.


Structural Associates Inc. $27,330,750 for design and construction of a new operational campus for a new railhead loading area and facilities, Fort Drum, NY.


14 corporations $200,000,000 for maintenance, repair, minor construction services for Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.


AECOM $30,000,000 for architect-engineer (A-E) services at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Naval Station Norfolk, and NAS Oceana, VA. Midnight Sun-Centennial Kirratchiaq JV $19,000,000 IDIQ for design, minor and new construction, facility repair, and maintenance on real property at JBLE, Virginia Beach, and Sandston, VA. Etolin Strait Partner LLC $30,000,000 IDIQ for various maintenance, repair, alteration, and minor new construction projects to government facilities located primarily within NAVFAC Washington: MD (45%); D.C. (30%); VA (25%). Asturian-Consigli JV $8,056,801 for repairs and renovation to Building SDA-205 at Naval Support Activity Norfolk. Asturian-Consigli JV $17,810,621 for construction of design-bid-build NGIS buildings A-51 (Perry Hall) and A-52 (Truxton Hall) at Naval Station Norfolk, VA.  Stampede Ventures $15,887,339 to repair the Pentagon Transit Center Bridge, a reinforced concrete structure with stone masonry parapets and wing walls, Arlington, VA. Silotch – PDS JV LLC, Silver Lake – TMG JV#2 LLC, Signature Renovations LLC, Stampede Ventures Inc., PEM-Harkins JV LLP, Athena Construction Group Inc., APC DB JV LLC, HSU Development Inc. $45,010,000 (max. $150,000,000) for construction in D.C.; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, VA; Fairfield, PA; and Frederick, MD.


Blue Rock Structures, Civil Works Contracting LLC, ENCON DESBUILD JV2 LLC, Futron Inc., Joyce and Associates Construction Inc., Military and Federal Construction Co., Muter Construction LLC, Rand Enterprises Inc., Reasor-Asturian JV LLC, WB Brawley Co. $249,000,000 IDIQ for general construction (construction, renovations, alterations, repairs) located primarily at Marine Corps facilities at Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. North State Mechanical Inc. $17,010,867 for renovation of Test Cell One for Building 133 at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. Includes funding for capital improvements program equipment for cooling tower installation, replacement of dynamometer, test bed, and performance monitoring equipment.


RQ Construction $34,023,354 for construction of P4638 Ambulatory Care Center, Camp Geiger, NC; and P4639 Ambulatory Care Center, Camp Johnson, NC.  The Whiting-Turner Contracting $21,007,126 for construction of P4040 design-bid-build French Creek Ambulatory Care Clinic, Camp Lejeune, NC. Brantley Construction Services $11,096,700 for the conversion of the Building 5 mezzanine and construction of an air drop facility with a chute drying tower in Charlotte, NC.


Brantley Construction Co., CCI Group LLC, The Clement Group LLC, EG Designbuild LLC, GCB JV1, U-SMC DeMaria JV1 LLC, Windamir Development Inc. $63,400,000 for construction projects located within NAVFAC Southeast [FL (50%) and GA (50%)]: building projects (new construction, renovation, alteration, demolition, and repair work) including aviation and aircraft, marine, barracks and personnel housing, administrative, warehouses and supply, training, personnel support and service, and security level facilities.


B. L. Harbert International $13,329,509 to renovate Building 3782 at NAS Pensacola, Corry Station, FL. EMR Inc. $18,189,000 for design and construction of commercial gates at Tyndall AFB, FL. Sauer Construction $33,126,000 for construction of an equipment concentration site, tactical equipment maintenance facility, and organizational storage building in Gainesville, FL. Leebcor Services LLC $14,893,445 for repairs to buildings at NAS Pensacola. B. L. Harbert International $18,519,585 to repair buildings (Buildings 1853, 3828, 3962) at NAS Pensacola. MOWA Barlovento LLC JV $9,475,750 for renovation of Building 304 South at Naval Support Activity Panama City.


Sand Point Services $29,972,248 to repair Building 399 at Fort Benning, GA. Olgoonik Logistics $49,900,000 for sustainment, restoration and modernization projects at Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield, GA. MaChis Mid-Atlantic Inc. $8,560,493 to replace medium-voltage distribution transformers at Building 5085 Hull Shop at Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA.


All Phase Services Inc., North American Dismantling Corp., Prism, Perm-fix Environmental Services $95,000,000 for demolition and abatement of excess facilities for USACE, Huntsville, AL. Freeman & Associates Inc. $10,612,000 to repair hangar Building 1201 at Dannelly Field, Montgomery, AL.


NISOU LGC II LLC $8,769,735 to renovate a dormitory facility, Louisville, TN.


Bristol Design Build Services, HGL Construction Inc., Klutina River Contractors, PacWest-Korte JV, The Clement Group LLC, VHB LLC, Walga Ross Group 3 JV $249,000,000 (max.) for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Southeast: TX (25%); LA (25%); MS (25%); TN (25%).


Dewberry Engineers $22,666,666 for photogrammetric and lidar surveying and mapping for USACE, St. Louis, MO.


Clemons Construction Co. $9,950,000 for base-wide flooring at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.


Federal Construction Group, Harrell Contracting, Mastercraft Mechanical Contractors, Maven Construction & Environmental LLC, and McIntyre Brothers $60,000,000 IDIQ for minor construction, renovation, and repair projects at Naval Support Activity Crane and Glendora Test Facility, IN. Maven Construction & Environmental has initial task order ($193,465) for work on Naval Surface Warfare Center Building 3259, Avionics Weapon Depot Repair Lab.


K&S LLC $11,015,000 for renovation of Squadron Operations Facility at 185th Air Refueling Wing, Iowa Air National Guard, Sioux City, IA.


Covenant Russell $11,326,200 to design and build the Lake Campus Consolidated Recreation Facility at Offutt AFB, NE.

Medvolt-Komada JV $17,521,500 for construction of a Logistics Readiness Center, Offutt AFB, NE.


Blinderman Construction $11,886,500 for building renovations at Fort Riley, KS.


Southwind Construction Services $10,157,086 for roof removal and replacement on Tinker AFB, OK.


Guyco Inc. $33,027,000 for barracks renovation at Fort Hood, TX. Walga Ross Group JV $9,930,090 for renovation of Building 1846 (command suite and administrative office) at NAS Corpus Christi. Also includes mechanical and fire protection upgrades to the warehouse.


Qayaq Government Solutions $11,264,297 to alter an aircraft hangar in Madison, WI. L.S. Black Constructors $9,230,695 for full facility restoration of an Army Reserve center, Manitowoc, WI. Range & Civil Construction $9,972,321 for construction of a new scout/recce gunnery complex on existing Range 29, Fort McCoy, WI. Kraemer North America $18,619,095 for design and construction of a new mooring wall at Fountain City Service Base, Fountain City, WI. Dubuque Barge & Fleeting Service Co. $10,187,000 to replace the mooring dolphin structure at the Army Corps of Engineers' Fountain City Service Base in Fountain City, WI.


L.S. Black Constructors $10,511,086 for construction of an aerial port facility at Minneapolis-St Paul Air Reserve Station.


Pro-Mark Services $7,860,882 to replace mechanical and electrical systems throughout Dock Five hangar at Minot AFB, ND. Walsh Federal LLC $131,778,882 to construct a hangar at Ellsworth AFB, SD.


E-Corp., HHI Corp., Sahara Palms Inc., RHI LLC, Rio Vista Management $42,600,000 for major renovation construction, remodeling and repair work, revised structural support and footings repair, asbestos abatement, flooring, carpentry, roofing, excavating, demolition, and indoor and outdoor electrical distribution at Hill AFB, UT.




Jacobs Ewingcole JV $8,808,982 for post award design services and post construction award services to multiple projects for the earthquake recovery repair program at NAWS China Lake. Parsons $8,093,401 for construction management services at NAWS China Lake. Services include programmatic, technical, and construction oversight in support in support of the Officer in Charge of Construction China Lake. Webcor Construction $16,319,924 for laboratory revitalization program projects at China Lake: design and construction of a new storage warehouse; a firing range support facility; a prototype laboratory; and a pad-mounted transformer for electrical service. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. $137,351,160 for replacement of several facilities damaged by earthquakes at China Lake: design and construction of cast propellant mix facility, warhead casing operations facility, and motor assembly compound in support of the China Lake Propulsion Laboratory.


Nicklaus AMEC JV $100,000,000 IDIQ for stormwater, incidental groundwater, wastewater, and potable water compliance and management services primarily in NAVFAC Southwest: CA (75%); AZ (10%); NV (5%), and a few other locations in the U.S. Gilbane Federal, Hensel Phelps Construction Co., The Korte Co., M. A. Mortenson Co., RQ Construction, Sauer, and Walsh Federal LLC $900,000,000 IDIQ for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Southeast: FL (15%); GA (15%); LA (14%); MS (14%); SC (14%); TN (14%); TX (14%). What would you do with this combined $1 billion?


J.I. Garcia Construction $10,090,000 for design and construction for Building 515 at NWS Seal Beach, Detachment Norco.


J.I. Garcia Construction $7,573,206 for a design-build KC-46A mission planning center at Travis AFB, CA. R.A. Burch Construction $54,921,192 for design and construction of an aerial port squadron materiel warehouse at Travis AFB.


Thompson Builders Corp. $9,298,935 for topside repairs to the existing T1 Railroad Bridge and replacement of multiple rail curves on the tidal side of Concord Naval Weapons Station, CA.


W.B. Brawley Co. $10,000,000 IDIQ for demolition, repair and replacement of telecommunications outside plant and structured cabling at various installations throughout Camp Pendleton. DuWright Construction Inc., Souza Construction Inc., Mesa Energy Systems Inc. $20,000,000 IDIQ for demolition, repair, and replacement of various boilers and related systems and components at various facilities located on Camp Pendleton.


Archer Western Federal JV, B.L. Harbert International, The Haskell Co., The Korte Co., Mortenson Construction combined $85,000,000 IDIQ for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Southeast, which includes FL (15%); GA (15%); LA (14%); MS (14%); SC (14%); TN (14%); TX (14%). Provides for, but is not limited to, general building type projects (new construction, renovation, alteration, demolition, and repair work) including industrial, airfield, aircraft hangar, aircraft traffic control, infrastructure, administrative, training, dormitory, and community support facilities.


Reams Enterprises Inc., Native American Services Corp., PM Jenkins Group-Professional Management, Boyer Commercial Construction, and New Dominion Construction LLC $140,000,000 for real property repair and construction at Fort Jackson, SC.


Walga Ross Group JV, AMG Contractors LLC, Bristol Design Build Services LLC, The Clement Group, J&J Contractors Inc. $620,140,000 for construction services.


Forest Products Distributors Inc., S&S Forest Products LLC, Sylvan Forest Products LLC, Middle Atlantic Wholesale Lumber Inc. $18,400,000 IDIQ for lumber, millwork and plywood for the Wood Products Tailored Logistics Support Program, West Region.




Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $25,638,900 for maintenance dredging of Portsmouth Harbor and Piscataqua River. Work in Newington, NH, and Eliot, ME.


The Dutra Group $14,853,500 for maintenance dredging, Virginia Beach, VA.


Great Lakes Dredge and Dock $28,988,589 for beach replenishment in Sea Bright, NJ. Norfolk Dredging Co. $23,255,989 for maintenance dredging at Naval Weapons Station Earle: dredge the areas surrounding piers including all berths, turning basin, terminal channel, and a portion of Sandy Hook federal channel, Colts Neck, NJ.


Norfolk Dredging Co. $22,986,500 for maintenance dredging in Bellafonte, Delaware. Corman Kokosing Construction $9,156,050 for maintenance dredging of the Inland Waterway Chesapeake & Delaware Canal federal navigation project that will be performed at various locations along the Inland Waterway Delaware River to Chesapeake Bay, Delaware and MD.


Manson Construction $9,936,000 for Southwest Mississippi hopper dredge, Venice, LA. Crosby Dredging LLC $26,684,004 for removal and satisfactory disposal of material from within the Calcasieu River Ship Channel, the Clooney Island Loop Channel, the turning basing at Mile 36.0 of the main channel.


Orion Marine Construction $9,519,750 for Sabine-Neches Waterway maintenance dredging and Cameron Parish, LA, pipeline dredging, Port Arthur, TX. Orion Marine Construction $8,849,100 for pipeline dredging in Corpus Christi, TX. Inland Dredging Company $9,304,250 for pipeline dredging in Galveston, TX. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $138,951,462 for dredging of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel.


Inland Dredging Co. $24,000,000 for rental of a 24-inch cutterhead pipeline dredge.



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Christian Sorensen is an author and an independent journalist. His work focuses on the U.S. war industry.