·       ACC Construction Co., Augusta, Georgia, $99,612,848 to construct a hangar complex for Advanced Battle Management Systems at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

·       ACT II Services, Columbia, Maryland (W91278-23-D-0023); Accura Engineering and Consulting Services, Atlanta, Georgia (W91278-23-D-0022); Thompson Engineering, Mobile, Alabama (W91278-23-D-0021); APSI Construction Management, Irvine, California (W91278-23-D-0024); Resilient LLC JV, New Orleans, Louisiana (W91278-23-D-0025); AECOM, Los Angeles, California (W91278-23-D-0017); HDR Environmental, Operations and Construction, Englewood, Colorado (W91278-23-D-0018); Jacobs, Arlington, Virginia (W91278-23-D-0019); Parsons, Centreville, Virginia (W91278-23-D-0020) $99,000,000 for architect and engineering services for USACE Mobile, Alabama.

·       Acuity-PT&C, Atlanta, Georgia (W912EF-23-D-0001); MOCA Systems Inc., Newton, Massachusetts (W912EF-23-D-0002); Professional Project Services, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (W912EF-23-D-0004); AECOM, Seattle, Washington (W912EF-23-D-0003) $226,000,000 for architect-engineering cost estimating services for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla, Washington.

·       AECOM, Los Angeles, California, $239,000,000 for technical and engineering services, field investigations, and lab testing for all Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) stages. Work at various locations, mostly in NAVFAC Pacific.

·       Agile-Bot II LLC, Reston, Virginia, $14,595,470 for cyber support for Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group, Quantico, Virginia.

·       AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, $20,974,757 for production and delivery of spare parts for TH-73A aircraft (lot 4) for US Navy. Work in Italy (Cascina Costa 30%, Anagni 10%); Mineral Wells, Texas (20%); Prescott, Arizona (10%); Westminster, Colorado (8%); Grand Rapids, Michigan (7%); Sarasota, Florida (5%); California (Camarillo 8%, West Covina 2%).

·       AIMS-U.S. Got People JV, Aldie, Virginia, $45,000,000 to support Advanced Medical Administrative Technician support services at Joint Base San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas.

·       Alutiiq Solutions LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, $8,003,045 for research and analysis, strategic initiative, executive leadership management, administrative, operational, and technical program support for the Command Strategic Leadership Service Team in support of the Commander, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and direct reporting teams, the NAVAIR Corporate Operations Group Business Financial Management Competency, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter front office, and the NAVAIR Washington Liaison Office. Work in Patuxent River, Maryland (60%), and Arlington, Virginia (40%).

·       Amentum (owned by a private equity firm and contracting here as PAE) Arlington, Virginia, $99,986,778 for maintenance and logistics support of F-5 aircraft. Work in Yuma, Arizona (32%); Key West, Florida (31%); New Orleans, Louisiana (28%); Fallon, Nevada (6%); Beaufort, South Carolina (3%).

·       Amentum, Germantown, Maryland, $34,817,407 for contractor logistics support. Work in Germantown, Maryland, for US Army.

·       Amentum, Germantown, Maryland, $7,628,711 for aviation maintenance in South Korea (Camp Humphreys) and USA (Wahiawa, Hawaii).

·       Apogee Engineering LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $84,497,683 for system engineering and integration support (program and mission management, configuration management, technical standardization, mission engineering analysis, evolution and architecture support) of Strategic Command’s Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) Enterprise Center. Work at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska; Fort Meade, Maryland; Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado; and National Capital Region locations.

·       ATAP Inc., Eastaboga, Alabama, $19,531,210 for Reconfigurable Test Shapes. Work at various contractor sites.

·       Atheeb Intergraph Saudi Co., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, $11,934,458 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): hardware and software maintenance, training, and on-site engineering and contractor logistical support re: an intelligence analysis system for “day-to-day operations and image processing…” Work at multiple locations in Saudi Arabia.

·       Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS), Virginia Beach, Virginia $98,615,757, was added (24 Jan 2023) to the multiple award contract (10 Feb 2022) for medical equipment and accessories for DLA Electronic Catalog (SPE2D1-23-D-0001).

·       Atlantic Diving Supply Inc., Virginia Beach, Virginia (SPE2DE-23-D-0014, $49,000,000) was added (19 Jan 2023) to the multiple award contract (issued against solicitation SPE2DE-18-R-0001 and awarded 10 May 2019) for medical and surgical supplies for DLA Electronics Catalog.

·       BAE Systems – San Diego Ship Repair, San Diego, California (N00024-18-D-4325); Vigor Marine LLC, Portland, Oregon (N00024-18-D-4326); General Dynamics – National Steel and Shipbuilding Co. (NASSCO), San Diego, California (N00024-18-D-4327); Marine Group Boat Works LLC, Chula Vista, California (N00024-18-D-4328); Pacific Ship Repair and Fabrication Inc., San Diego, California (N00024-18-D-4329); East Coast Repair and Fabrication, Norfolk, Virginia (N00024-18-D-4330); Austal USA LLC, Mobile, Alabama (N00024-21-D-4443); Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc., Portsmouth, Virginia (N00024-21-D-4444); Continental Marine of San Diego LLC, San Diego, California (N00024-21-D-4445); $389,000,000 for maintenance, modernization and repair requirements for littoral combat ships (LCS) homeported in San Diego, California. 5% work in Singapore.

·       BAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems, Nashua, New Hampshire, $66,050,305 for radio frequency countermeasures for US Navy, Air Force, and FMS customer (FMS portion $15,644,624) fighter aircraft.

·       BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Minneapolis, Minnesota, $71,909,045 for five components for Columbia-class submarines. Work in Louisville, Kentucky (100%). Fiscal 2023 National Sea-Based Deterrence Fund funds ($7,075,000) obligated.

·       BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services, Rockville, Maryland, $651,593,380 for services support on both Minuteman III and Sentinel Systems [Air Force Nuclear Weapon Center, Hill AFB] Directorates re: integration of hardware, software, testing, and modifications of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile [nuclear weapons].

·       BAE Systems, Greenlawn, New York, $14,751,916 to repair the APX-111 system for Boeing F-18 aircraft.

·       BCI Construction USA, Pace, Florida, $10,781,573 for a new hydraulic system at Pike Island Locks and Dam, Wheeling, West Virginia.

·       Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc., Monroeville, Pennsylvania, $140,225,056 for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Components. Work in Monroeville, Pennsylvania (91%), and Schenectady, New York (9%).

·       Bell Boeing Joint Project Office, Amarillo, Texas, $23,397,661 for continued flight test support of V-22 aircraft for US Navy, Air Force, and FMS customers. Work in Patuxent River, Maryland (70%); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (15%); Fort Worth, Texas (10%); Hurlburt Field, Florida (5%). Some FMS funds ($1,655,353) obligated.

·       Bell Boeing JPO, Amarillo, Texas, $12,700,000 for non-recurring engineering for integration, qualification, documentation, and testing re: improved proprotor gearbox input quill and clutch design on V-22 “Osprey” aircraft for US Air Force and Navy. Work in Fort Worth, Texas.

·       Bernard Cap LLC, Hialeah, Florida, maximum $9,152,179 for men’s and women’s white jumpers for US Navy.

·       Boeing (Argon ST Inc.), Fairfax, Virginia, $463,023,379 for various Multi-Intelligence Sensor Development Sensor Suite components for eventual use in aircraft (manned and unmanned), as well as associated engineering support for US Navy, Foreign Cooperative Partners, and FMS. Work in Fairfax, Virginia (75%), and Germantown, Maryland (25%).

·       Boeing (Tapestry Solutions Inc.), San Diego, California, $8,376,510 for executive airlift flight dispatch services, Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington.

·       Boeing, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, $72,730,148 for engineering support on commercial-derivative aircraft in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska; Warner Robins AFB, Georgia; and San Antonio, Texas.

·       Boeing, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, $24,350,211 to remanufacture/recapitalize some CH-47F components to the Block II configuration, and to “remanufacture CH-47F aircraft to the CH-47F configuration for Ordering Periods I and II to satisfy the congressional requirement.”

·       Boeing, Seattle, Washington, $2,255,625,408 for fifteen KC-46A aircraft (lot 9), subscriptions, and licenses.

·       Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri, $33,884,719 for Distributed Targeting Processor - Networked (DTP-N) B-kits, A1-kits, A2-kits, and cyber security and data support for DTP-N full rate production re: anti-surface warfare products in F/A-18E/F and EA-18G aircraft for US Navy. See announcement for precise numbers.

·       Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri, $40,514,815, for Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) wing kits.

·       Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., McLean, Virginia (HR0011-18-D-0001); Centra Technology Inc., Arlington, Virginia (HR0011-18-D-0002); Avantus Federal/E3 Federal Solutions LLC, McLean, Virginia (HR0011-18-D-0003); ECS Federal, Fairfax, Virginia (HR0011-18-D-0004); ManTech SRS Technologies Inc., Herndon, Virginia (HR0011-18-D-0005); Schafer Corp., Arlington, Virginia (HR0011-18-D-0006); Strategic Analysis Inc., Arlington, Virginia (HR0011-18-D-0007); combined $183,000,000 (contract goes from $850,000,000 to $1,033,000,000) for high-level advisory and assistance services to all DARPA technical and support offices. Work in Arlington, Virginia.

·       Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, Missouri (W91238-23-D-0001); Benham-Stanley LLC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (W91238-23-D-0002); HDR Engineering Inc., Folsom, California (W91238-23-D-0003); Jacobs, Irvine, California (W91238-23-D-0004); $99,000,000 for architectural engineering services for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento, California.

·       C.E. Niehoff & Co., Evanston, Illinois, $11,161,127 for engine accessory generators that support Medium Tactical Vehicles (A1, A1R, A1P2).

·       CACI, Chantilly, Virginia, $29,700,625 for another year assisting, managing, operating, and maintaining Military Sealift Command (MSC) business systems, and interfacing with Navy “enterprise defense business systems.” Contract allows MSC to integrate all of its business systems into a single, integrated business system for “financial improvement and audit readiness, growing cybersecurity concerns, cloud migration, and interoperability and integration with Navy and federal programs of records.”

·       CACI, Florham Park, New Jersey, $10,594,388 (brings contract to $22,137,673) for work on DARPA’s Wideband Secure and Protected Emitter and Receiver (WiSPER) in Florham Park, New Jersey (81%); San Diego, California (15%); and Boston, Massachusetts (4%). WiSPER aims to “develop secure radio frequency transmitter and receiver technologies” for secure military tactical radio systems.

·       CAE USA Inc., Arlington, Texas, $49,709,615 for FMS (Taiwan): hardware, hardware and software development, integration, testing, and delivery of training devices re: F-16 aircraft training simulators (Block 70).

·       Cape-Weston JV1, Norcross, Georgia, $95,000,000 for “rapid response” environmental remediation services for USACE Omaha, Nebraska.

·       Carter Enterprises, Brooklyn, New York, $21,350,000 for the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment 4000 rucksack set for Army and Air Force.

·       Carter Enterprises, Brooklyn, New York, $22,252,266 for coats and trousers for Army and Air Force.

·       Chenega Base & Logistics Services, San Antonio, Texas, $110,048,629 for base operations support at Fort Wainwright and nearby training areas.

·       Cherokee Nation Management and Consulting, Catoosa, Oklahoma, $29,966,304 for to manage, support, and operate the Marine Corps Consolidated Storage Program warehouse network for one year. Work in California (Barstow 23%, Camp Pendleton 13%, Miramar 9%, Twenty-nine Palms 4%, Bridgeport 1%); North Carolina (Camp Lejeune 18%, Camp Geiger 7%, Cherry Point 4%, New River 2%); Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (3%); Yuma, Arizona (2%); Beaufort, South Carolina (2%); Okinawa, Japan (10%); Iwakuni, Japan (2%).

·       Children and Families, Kansas Department, Topeka, Kansas, $16,345,257 for food service at Fort Leavenworth.

·       City Light & Power Inc., Greenwood Village, Colorado, $39,532,350 for electric operation and maintenance and renewal and replacement monthly utility service charge in Utah for the Air Force.

·       Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc., Norwell, Massachusetts, $25,740,050 for hazardous waste removal and disposal throughout northeastern US for DOD, Coast Guard, Fleet Industrial Supply Center, Air National Guard, and Army Transportation Center.

·       Commonwealth of Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired, Richmond, Virginia, $147,934,705 for food service at Fort Lee, Virginia.

·       Cyber Systems & Services Solutions, Bellevue, Nebraska, $8,307,341 for Defensive Cyber Realization, Integration, and Operational Support (DCRIOS) services at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas.

·       Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma (DRG), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, $19,077,956 for the Aircrew Training Device/Aircrew Training Aid Services Program: guidance, troubleshooting, modifications, production, and “solutions” on all education and training matters at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.

·       Dell, Round Rock, Texas, $90,191,103 for software virtualization support of current and future VMware software implemented across “Army virtual infrastructure network domains.”

·       DLP Enterprises, d.b.a. Paige Decking, Chesapeake, Virginia, $13,531,262; Titan Decking, Chesapeake, Virginia, $17,970,650; AMP United, Dover, New Hampshire, $19,609,446; Coastal Marine Services, San Diego, California, $24,572,866; International Flooring and Protective Coatings, Norfolk, Virginia, $27,911,861; Capitol Finishes, Norfolk, Virginia, $30,842,389; for interior decking removal and installation in Norfolk, Virginia.

·       Doyon Management Services LLC, Federal Way, Washington, $10,077,044 for replacement of six wooden framed screenhouses with three gutter-connected screenhouses and a single (35-ft. x 85-ft.) screenhouse in Corvallis, Oregon.

·       EC Electric, Renton, Washington, $17,524,792 to upgrade the direct current system and low voltage switchgear at Little Goose Lock and Dam, Dayton, Washington. Fiscal 2023 Bonneville Power Administration funds ($4,000,000) obligated.

·       ECC Constructors LLC, Burlingame, California, $500,000,000 for debris management services.

·       Elbit Systems of America, Fort Worth, Texas, $25,134,186 for the Next Generation Hub.

·       Exxel Outdoors LLC, Broomfield, Colorado, $49,976,688 for the three-season sleep system and components. Work in Alabama.

·       Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR), D.C., $11,891,033 for men’s and women’s white jumpers for US Navy. Work in Arizona.

·       Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR), D.C., $25,215,000 for various types of trousers for Army and Air Force. Work in Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.

·       Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR), D.C., $99,160,500 for the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment rucksack set for Army and Air Force. Performance in North Carolina and South Carolina.

·       Fleet JV LLC, Manassas, Virginia, $278,178,452 for contractor support services for life cycle logistics, engineering, technical, and production services on various naval aircraft. Work in Jacksonville, Florida (47.81%); Cherry Point, North Carolina (30.83%); San Diego, California (5.16%); locations within continental U.S. (16.15%); locations outside continental U.S. (.05%).

·       Fortbrand Services LLC, Plainview, New York, $235,476,820 for snow removal equipment.

·       General Atomics, Poway, California, $11,586,778 for FMS (Italy): logistics support activities (depot repair, engineering services, field team support, software maintenance) on Italy’s MQ-9 aircraft (block 5).

·       General Atomics, San Diego, California, $42,855,274 for ongoing installation and test support. Also provides materials to support installation and testing of hardware and software for Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and Advanced Arresting Gear systems aboard aircraft carriers John F. Kennedy (CVN-79) and Enterprise (CVN-80). Work San Diego, California (79.5%), Tupelo, Mississippi (20.5%).

·       General Dynamics Gulfstream, Savannah, Georgia, $37,000,000 (brings contract to $612,000,000) for C-20 and C-37 engineering support at Savannah, Georgia, and Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.

·       General Dynamics Gulfstream, Savannah, Georgia, $87,000,000 (brings contract to $594,000,000) for C-20 and C-37 contractor logistics support at Savannah, Georgia; Joint Base Andrews, Maryland; Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii; and Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

·       General Dynamics Land Systems, Sterling Heights, Michigan, $47,616,742 for Abrams systems technical support. Fiscal 2022 Overseas Contingency Operations Transfer funds and fiscal 2023 other procurement ($47,616,742) obligated.

·       General Dynamics NASSCO – Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia, $149,452,553 for maintenance, modernization, and repair of USS Arlington (LPD 24) fiscal 2023 docking selected restricted availability in Norfolk, Virginia.

·       General Dynamics, Scottsdale, Arizona, $481,578,860 for sustainment of the signals intelligence device known as Prophet Enhanced.

·       General Dynamics, Williston, Vermont, $32,533,827 for production and shipping of Guided Missile MK 82 directors and MK 200 director controls. Work in Williston, Vermont (50%), and Saco, Maine (50%).

·       Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp., Atlanta, Georgia, $1,600,000,000 for research, engineering, science and technology, analysis, test of state-of-the-art systems, operations, hardware and software, and associated technology creation and transition.

·       Gilbane Federal, Concord, California, $58,479,331 for building a littoral innovation and prototyping facility at Naval Support Activity, Panama City, Florida.

·       Granite Construction, Watsonville, California, $16,309,990 for replacement of existing hydraulic cylinders and rods for flood protection spillway gates, Folsom, California.

·       Hampton Roads Produce Distributors, Virginia Beach, Virginia, $15,125,975 for cross-docking and transportation re: “East Coast Export Mission,” which involves shipping fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats, baked goods and dairy products.

·       Hardwire LLC, Pocomoke, Maryland, $8,385,168 for enhanced small arms protective inserts for use in shorts (extra-small and small) for Marine Corps.

·       Head Inc., Columbus, Ohio (W9128F-23-D-0009); MRM Construction Services Inc., Phoenix, Arizona (W9128F-23-D-0010); AHTNA-SWCP JV, Irvine, California (W9128F-23-D-0011); Southern-RC-JV-01 LLC, Newbern, Tennessee (W9128F-23-D-0012) $99,000,000 for airfield paving design-bid-build and design-build construction projects for USACE Omaha, Nebraska.

·       Howard University, D.C., $90,000,000 for research and development. The contract will “establish a Historically Black Colleges and Universities-led University Affiliated Research Center consortium to execute research focused on tactical autonomy that will aid in the transition of research into practical applications.”

·       Humana Government Business Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, up to $16,259,562,586, for continuity of healthcare (eastern region) delivered during the T-5 Managed Care Service Contract (HT940223C0001) transition-in period. Health Net Federal Services LLC, Sacramento, California, up to $7,703,234,694, for continuity of healthcare (western region) delivered during the T-5 Managed Care Service Contract (HT940223C0002) transition-in period. Work at military service component sites, contractor call centers, and within healthcare provider network.

·       Huntington Ingalls Inc., Pascagoula, Mississippi, $10,516,400 for the DDG 1000 and DDG 1001 modernization period planning.

·       Husman Environmental & Construction LLC & RC Construction Co Inc. A JV, Jackson, Mississippi (W912HN-23-D-3000); Relyant Global LLC, Maryville, Tennessee (W912HN-23-D-3001); Summers Concrete Contracting Inc., Hahira, Georgia (W912HN-23-D-3002) $45,000,000 for airfield maintenance and construction task orders for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah, Georgia.

·       InDyne Inc., Lexington Park, Maryland, $62,968,088 for operations and maintenance support of Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System (PARCS) at Cavalier Space Force Station, North Dakota.

·       Infinity Technology Services LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $40,036,771, for five years of technical services (cybersecurity, cyber threat hunting, cyber threat intelligence, and countermeasures identification) for Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and “other government agencies”. Work mostly in Huntsville, Alabama, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Cyber Threat Hunting program “detects, identifies and mitigates… adversary attempts to steal, manipulate, or otherwise alter Missile Defense Agency (MDA) classified information, controlled unclassified information and intellectual property resident on its own networks and those of its defense industrial base.”

·       Inland Dredging Co., Dyersburg, Tennessee, $7,996,750 for maintenance dredging in Matagorda, Texas.

·       Intelligent Waves LLC, Reston Virginia, $99,900,000 for flight test mission instrumentation modifications, improvements, and operations for the 53rd Wing and other operational flight-testing locations. Work mostly at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Other locations could include Yuma, Arizona; Hill AFB, Utah; Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio; Patuxent River, Maryland; Norfolk, Virginia.

·       Inverness Technologies Inc., Annandale, Virginia, $20,876,549 for Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program support at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

·       Ivyhill Technologies Inc., College Park, Maryland, $11,745,888 for Integrated Referral Management and Appointing Center (IRMAC) National Capital Region (NCR) Market Consolidated Call Center/Referral Management Support at Dalecarlia Annex, Bethesda, Maryland. IRMAC is a call center for NCR Market military medical treatment facilities. It manages referrals and appointments for the market. The “duty location for service providing personnel may be located at a military medical treatment facility or an authorized telework location within the NCR Market.” Performance in Bethesda, Maryland, 21 Apr 2023 to 20 Apr 2024.

·       Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., Arlington, Virginia (W9128F-23-D-0015); HDR Engineering Inc., Omaha, Nebraska (W9128F-23-D-0016); Atkins - Black & Veatch - FSB JV, Denver, Colorado (W9128F-23-D-0017); AECOM Technical Services Inc., Los Angeles, California (W9128F-23-D-0018); and Pond-Baker JV, Norcross, Georgia (W9128F-23-D-0019); $30,000,000 for architect-engineer services for USACE Omaha, Nebraska.

·       Kandor Manufacturing Inc., Arecibo, Puerto Rico, maximum $23,095,200 for coats and trousers for US Navy.

·       Katmai Management Services, Anchorage, Alaska, $97,548,030 for role players and “subject-matter experts” for use in Marine Corps training.

·       Kay and Associates Inc. (KAI), Buffalo Grove, Illinois, $115,988,393 for FMS (Kuwait): maintenance, operation, and management support of F/A-18 aircraft and missile maintenance repair and storage facilities at undisclosed locations in Kuwait.

·       KBR, Houston, Texas, $71,573,535 for base operating support at Camp Lemonnier (81%) and Chebelley Air Field (4%), Djibouti; Manda Bay, Kenya (15%).

·       KBR, Lexington Park, Maryland, $29,386,496 for installation, systems integration, test and evaluation, in-service engineering logistics, repair and validation, training, lab maintenance, quality assurance, and technical management services for Multi-Mission Datalink support system for NAWCAD Webster Outlying Field Airborne Systems Integration Division. Work in St. Inigoes, Maryland (50%); Norfolk, Virginia (11%); San Diego, California (11%); Everett, Washington (5%); Mayport, Florida (5%); Yokosuka, Japan (5%); Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (4%); Rota, Spain (2%); Bath, Maine (2%); Pascagoula, Mississippi (2%); locations outside continental U.S. (CONUS) (2%); locations within (1%).

·       Knowledge Based Systems Inc. (KBSI), College Station, Texas, $49,950,000 for primary research re: the Avionics Systems Susceptibility and Risk Analysis Toolkit for Air Force Research Lab: develop model-based cybersecurity and “resiliency analysis capability,” and integrate cybersecurity models in a digital engineering ecosystem.

·       KPMG LLP, McLean, Virginia, $22,143,583 for financial improvement and audit readiness support for Data Team and Audit Response and Sustainment services. Work in D.C. for Defense Logistics Agency.

·       Kratos, Sacramento, California, $49,568,200 for BQM-177A Surface Launched Aerial Targets (55 full rate production, lot 4), including associated Rocket-Assisted Takeoff Attachment kits (55), mission kits (277), and technical and administrative data for US Navy, Canada, and Australia. Work in Dallas, Texas (20%); Fort Walton Beach, Florida (5%); Blacksburg, Virginia (4%); California (Sacramento 50%; Santa Ana 2%, Concord 2%, Chatsworth 2%); Newton, Kansas (2%); Milwaukie, Oregon (2%); various locations within continental U.S. (11%).

·       L3Harris Applied Technologies Inc., San Leandro, California, $8,468,429 for the Nuclear Weapons Effect West Coast Facility Simulator Program for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Research and Development Department.

·       L3Harris, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $21,200,111 (brings contract to $650,107,962) for Maintenance of Space Situational Awareness Integrated Capabilities (MOSSAIC) sustainment in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Dahlgren, Virginia; Vandenberg, California; and Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

·       L3Harris, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $31,456,050 (brings contract to $681,564,012) for Maintenance of Space Situational Awareness Integrated Capabilities (MOSSAIC) sustainment in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

·       L3Harris, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $39,092,259 for Maintenance of Space Situational Awareness Integrated Capabilities (MOSSAIC) sustainment in Colorado (Colorado Springs) and Virginia (Dahlgren). MOSSAIC is infrastructure to track objects in space.

·       L3Harris, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $46,369,592 (brings overall contract to $645,729,988) for Maintenance of Space Situational Awareness Integrated Capabilities (MOSSAIC) sustainment in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

·       Leidos, Reston, Virginia, $23,873,090 for the Automated Installation Entry (AIE) platform.

·       Life Cycle Engineering Inc., Charleston, South Carolina (N00024-18-D-4331); Colonna’s Shipyard West LLC, San Diego, California (N00024-18-D-4332); Continental Tide Defense Systems Inc., Reading, Pennsylvania (N00024-18-D-4335); Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc., San Diego, California (N00024-18-D-4336); Southcoast Welding and Manufacturing, Chula Vista, California (N00024-18-D-4337); Q.E.D. Systems Inc., Virginia Beach, Virginia (N00024-18-D-4338) combined $30,000,000 for maintenance, modernization and repair requirements for littoral combat ships (LCS) homeported in San Diego, California. 5% work in Singapore.

·       Lockheed Martin RMS, Liverpool, New York, $84,938,768 (brings cumulative value of contract to $182,981,058) for four 3D Expeditionary Long-Range Radar (3DELRR), associated production management, travel, and other direct costs, and data under the basic contract.

·       Lockheed Martin RMS, Manassas, Virginia, $14,204,505 for Navy equipment and spares. Work in Manassas, Virginia (65%); Clearwater (32%) and Marion (1%), Florida; Syracuse, New York (2%).

·       Lockheed Martin RMS, Moorestown, New Jersey, $130,738,520 for continued engineering, development, and delivery of AEGIS Weapon System capabilities for FFG 62 and Coast Guard OPC3 Athena. Work in Moorestown, New Jersey (98%), and Riverdale, Maryland (2%).

·       Lockheed Martin RMS, Moorestown, New Jersey, $139,651,671 for engineering support, software development, in-service maintenance, integration, logistics, and fielding support of AEGIS combat system configurations already delivered or in the process of being delivered to US Navy. Work in Moorestown, New Jersey (96%), and Dahlgren, Virginia (4%).

·       Lockheed Martin RMS, Moorestown, New Jersey, $82,778,365 for FMS (Spain): F-110 radar component production and ship integration and test. Work in Moorestown, New Jersey (59%); Ferrol, Spain (14%); Andover, Massachusetts (12%); Clearwater, Florida (12%); Rota, Spain (3%).

·       Lockheed Martin Sikorsky, Stratford, Connecticut, $34,045,729 for validation and test tooling to help reach up to twenty-four (24) CH-53K “King Stallion” helicopters per year full rate production. Work in Salt Lake City, Utah (86%), and Stratford, Connecticut (14%).

·       Lockheed Martin Sikorsky, Stratford, Connecticut, $656,774,666 for FMS (Australia): UH-60M aircraft.

·       Lockheed Martin Sikorsky, Stratford, Connecticut, $7,527,084 for validation and test tooling re: CH-53K helicopter production (lots 4 and 5).

·       Lockheed Martin Space, Littleton, Colorado, $260,800,000 for program management, engineering development, systems integration, long lead material, and special tooling and equipment in support of [submarine-launched ballistic nuclear] missile production. Work in Denver, Colorado (46.5%); Magna, Utah (15.3%); Pittsfield, Massachusetts (2.3%); Simsbury, Connecticut (1.8%); Delmar, Delaware (1.1%); Sunnyvale (15.5%) and Commerce (1.2%), California; East Aurora (3.5%) and North Tonawanda (1.2%), New York; Madison (2.1%) and Huntsville (1.7%), Alabama; Andover (1.3%) and Baltimore (1.3%), Maryland; other locations (less than 1.0% each, 5.2% total).

·       Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $12,765,131 adding scope to procure an upgraded automated test equipment system to support existing F-35 aircraft depot systems with a Windows 10 configuration for enhanced functionality, productivity and DOD cyber compliance.

·       Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $320,000,000 for non-recurring engineering in support of production of one F-35A, one F-35B, and one F-35C new flight science test aircraft to replace aging flight science test aircraft for USA and non-U.S. DOD participants. The F-35 hasn’t even entered full rate production yet LMT is already marketing and selling replacement aircraft. Work in Fort Worth, Texas (30%); El Segundo, California (25%); Orlando, Florida (10%); Nashua, New Hampshire (5%); Baltimore, Maryland (5%); Warton, UK (20%); Nagoya, Japan (5%).

·       Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, $133,623,631 for Infrared Receivers (35 for US Navy; 4 for the Air National Guard); processors (30 for the Navy; 4 for the Air National Guard); and Inertial Measurement Units (12 for US Navy). These low rate initial production VII systems are for F/A-18 aircraft Infrared Search and Track System Block II upgrades. Work in Orlando, Florida (73.3%); Santa Barbara, California (18.4%); and Ocala, Florida (8.3%).

·       Lockheed Martin, Titusville, Florida, $29,745,730 for Trident II (D5) production and support of deployed missiles. Work in California (San Francisco 15.4%, Santa Barbara 4.6%, Sunnyvale 2.6%, Petaluma 2.6%); D.C. (39.2%); Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (11.9%); Cambridge, UK (5%); Seattle, Washington (4%); Albuquerque, New Mexico (3.9%); Orlando, Florida (2.7%); Kings Bay, Georgia (2.6%); Myersville, Maryland (1.8%); Salt Lake City, Utah (1.8%); Grand Canyon, Arizona (1.2%); locations less than 1% each (0.70% total).

·       LS Marine Inc., Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, $12,315,624 for construction of floodplain forests, mudflats, wetlands, duck habitat, and berms on the Mississippi River, Bay City, Wisconsin.

·       M1 Support Services, Denton, Texas, $83,365,717 for aircraft maintenance services at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

·       Magpul Industries Corp., Austin Texas, $20,076,393 for gun magazines for Army and Navy.

·       Maloney-Odin A JV, Novato, California, $30,951,727 to build a seepage cutoff wall in Sacramento, California.

·       Manson Construction Co., Seattle, Washington, $9,778,170 to construct a beach berm in Fort Pierce, Florida.

·       MBDA Inc., Arlington, Virginia, $118,673,894 for production of Common Anti-Air Module Missile (CAMM) for Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) ships. Involves FMS to Saudi Arabia. Work in Stevenage, England (70%); Indian Head, Maryland (18%); Huntsville, Alabama (9%); Arlington, Virginia (2%); Mayport, Florida (1%).

·       Military & Federal Construction Co., Jacksonville, North Carolina, $13,963,687 for renovation of Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Building M450, Camp Lejeune.

·       MNDPI Pacific JV, Honolulu, Hawaii, $98,000,000 for construction projects (structural, waterfront, etc.) in Guam and the Northern Marianas (70%); Australia (10%); Japan (10%); Hawaii (10%).

·       MSMM Huitt-Zollars JV, New Orleans, Louisiana (W518EA-23-D-0001); Scout-Cardno JV LLC, Encinitas, California (W518EA-23-D-0002); OEI-AECOM JV, Carrollton, Texas (W518EA-23-D-0003); $35,000,000 for architect-engineer services for USACE Fort Worth, Texas.

·       MVL USA Inc., Lansing, Michigan, $25,000,000 for construction, repair, and maintenance for USACE Wiesbaden, Germany.

·       National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining, Blairsville, Pennsylvania, $8,474,742 for developing auxiliary power units for tactical wheeled or tracked vehicles and stationary power generation.

·       Noble Supply and Logistics, Rockland, Massachusetts, $90,000,000 (a 486-day bridge contract) for facilities maintenance, repair and operations supplies. Work in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.

·       NorcaTec LLC, Garden City, New York, $12,961,476 for arm assembly pivot units for US Army.

·       Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia (N4215823DS001)

·       Northbank Civil and Marine Inc., Vancouver, Washington, $10,962,500 to rehabilitate the drainage, unwatering, and equalization system at McNary Lock and Dam, Umatilla, Oregon. Fiscal 2023 Bonneville Power Administration funds ($500,000) obligated.

·       Northrop Grumman, McLean, Virginia, $464,399,742 for operations and sustainment of Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) E-11A subsystems and ancillary equipment and to establish a main operating base at an Air Force base in the continental US for BACN E-11A fleet to support training and deployed operations.

·       Northrop Grumman, Melbourne, Florida, $15,509,880 for overhaul of power amplifier modules in support of E-2D aircraft. Work in Woodland Hills, California (95%), and Liverpool, New York (5%), which is just outside of Syracuse.

·       Northrop Grumman, Radford, Virginia (W519TC-23-F-0090) and Global Military Products Inc. (GMP), Tampa, Florida (W52P1J-23-F-0091) $522,279,434 for procurement and delivery of 155 mm rounds.

·       Olympus America Inc., Waltham, Massachusetts, $22,310,158 for aircraft engine borescope kits, spare insertion tube modules, and repairs (five years of production 10 years of repair). Work in Webster, Texas (southeast of Houston).

·       Oshkosh Defense LLC, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, $141,018,624 for A2 Medium Tactical Trucks and Medium Trailers.

·       Parsons, Centreville, Virginia, $16,589,847 for collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination of high-fidelity signature data.

·       Pegasus Support Services LLC, Woodstock, Georgia, $8,523,919 for operations and maintenance at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

·       Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Lab (APL), University Park, Pennsylvania, $99,800,000 for research and analysis support.

·       Peraton Labs Inc., Basking Ridge, New Jersey, $7,913,687 for phase 2 work on DARPA’s Wideband Secure and Protected Emitter and Receiver (WiSPER). Work in Basking Ridge, New Jersey (89%); San Diego, California (10%); and Point Mugu, California (1%).

·       Philips Electronics, Eindhoven, Netherlands, $9,999,801 to transition the Rapid Analysis of Threat Exposure (RATE) pilot program to an operational environment. Rapid Analysis of Threat Exposure is “an infectious disease prediction algorithm that works with commercial off-the-shelf wearables and was validated against COVID-19 through over 11,500 DOD research participants to predict infections 2+ days prior to symptom onset.” Work at Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) facilities in Mountain View, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; and the Pentagon in Virginia.

·       Phillips Corp., Federal Division, Hanover, Maryland, $8,958,832 to establish and manage “a preventive and corrective maintenance program that will plan, schedule, and provide qualified personnel for preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, and calibration analysis for up to 600 pieces of industrial plant equipment located in the controlled industrial area of Norfolk Naval Shipyard” re: delivery of carriers, submarines, and barges in Portsmouth, Virginia.

·       Point Blank Enterprises Inc., Pompano Beach, Florida, $20,937,840 for the Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment 4000 rucksack set for Army and Air Force. Work in Puerto Rico.

·       Pond Constructors Inc., Peachtree Corners, Georgia, $12,562,045 for recurring maintenance and minor repair of petroleum systems in Alaska (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Amchitka, King Salmon), Hawaii (Hilo, Wahiawa, Honolulu, Waianae, Ewa Beach, Pearl Harbor, Kaneohe, Kekaha, Waimea) and Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

·       Pond Constructors, Peachtree Corners, Georgia, $16,000,000 to maintain and repair federally-funded and DLA-Energy capitalized petroleum systems and facilities in Alaska (Anchorage, Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Amchitka, King Salmon), Hawaii (Hilo, Wahiawa, Honolulu, Waianae, Ewa Beach, Pearl Harbor, Kaneohe, Kekaha, Waimea); and Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

·       Pond-CDM Smith JV LP, Peachtree Corners, Georgia, $42,578,765 for architect-engineer services (facility sustainment, restoration, modernization) for Pacific Air Forces civil engineering squadrons at Kunsan Air Base and Osan AB, South Korea; Misawa AB, Yokota AB, Kadena AB, Japan; Andersen Air Force Base, Guam; Eielson AFB and PACAF Regional Support Center, Alaska.

·       PPI Technical Services, Auburn, Washington, $13,373,411 for FMS (Indonesia): technical and support services, including equipment procurement, facility modification, technical training, and management assistance. Work at Husein Sastranegara Air Force Base, Bandung, Indonesia.

·       Prism Maritime LLC, Chesapeake, Virginia, $250,803,495 for technical and engineering support services (install, modify, upgrade combat systems) for the Alteration Installation Team, Navy Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD). Work at shore sites, land-based test facilities, shipyards, and aboard ships in port or at sea for US Navy, Coast Guard, and FMS locations.

·       Progeny Systems Corp., Manassas, Virginia, $16,439,703 for engineering and technical services for Navy submarines and aircraft carriers. Work in Manassas (30%) and Chesapeake (4%), Virginia; Groton, Connecticut (25%); Bremerton, Washington (15%); Las Vegas, Nevada (10%); Cleveland, Ohio (10%); Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (2%); San Diego, California (2%); Kings Bay, Georgia (2%).

·       Puerto Rico Apparel Manufacturing Corp. (PRAMA), Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, maximum $13,198,731 for coats and trousers for Army and Air Force.

·       R. Lopez de Azua & Associates Inc., San Juan, Puerto Rico (W912EP-23-D-0001); Javier E Bidot & Associates P.S.C., Caguas, Puerto Rico (W912EP-23-D-0002); Ruth L. Trujillo Rodriguez Professional Land Surveyors, San Juan, Puerto Rico (W912EP-23-D-0003); $30,000,000 for architect-engineer services for USACE Jacksonville, Florida.

·       Radiance Technologies Inc., Huntsville, Alabama, $14,885,095 for test and engineering support for several developmental high energy laser weapon systems at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.

·       RAMSys GmbH, Ottobrunn, Germany, €10,639,888 for development of a hardware demonstrator of the Launcher Servo Control Unit re: Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) for USA and Germany. Work in Ulm (94%) and Ottobrunn (6%), Germany.

·       Raytheon (Collins Aerospace), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, $23,353,019 for airborne subsystem pods (68), remote range units (6), common ground systems (2), portable support equipment subsystems (4), site surveys (3), and one contract data requirements list for Tactical Combat Training System II (TCTS) full rate production. Work in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (55%); Ft. Walton Beach, Florida (38%); Richardson, Texas (7%).

·       Raytheon Pratt and Whitney, East Hartford, Connecticut, $72,791,833 for work on the troubled F-35 engine: “non-recurring engineering in support of early identification, development, and qualification of corrections to potential and actual F135 propulsion system operational issues, to include safety and reliability/maintainability problems identified through fleet usage.” Also provides continued “engine maturation, evaluates component life limits based on operational experience, improves operational readiness, and reduces engine maintenance and life cycle costs…” Work in East Hartford, Connecticut (90%), and Indianapolis, Indiana (10%).

·       Raytheon, Andover, Massachusetts, $17,355,794 for Fair Share Sustainment operations. Corrected on 20 Jan 2023 to be awarded on 19 Jan 2023, not 17 Jan.

·       Raytheon, Marlborough, Massachusetts, $8,596,129 for ordnance alteration installation services and engineering and technical services re: MK99 Fire Control and AN/SPY-1 Radar Transmitter systems. Work in Yokosuka, Japan (25%); Moorestown, New Jersey (25%); Marlborough, Massachusetts (20%); Norfolk, Virginia (14%); Everett, Washington (12%); Mayport, Florida (2%); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1%); San Diego, California (1%). Some FY2023 FMS funds ($708,466) obligated.

·       Raytheon, McKinney, Texas, $8,580,009 for infrared equipment components in the MK 46 Gun Weapon System. Work in El Segundo, California (75%), and McKinney, Texas (25%).

·       Raytheon, Tucson, Arizona, $208,736,138 for FMS (Romania): Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense System. Work in Kongsberg, Norway (60%); Tucson, Arizona (34%); Schrobenhausen, Germany (2%); Raufoss, Norway (1%); various other locations each less than 1% (3%).

·       Raytheon, Tucson, Arizona, $21,596,222 to finalize the design, integration, and to conduct test & evaluation re: Maritime Strike Tomahawk (MST) phase 2. Includes joint flight test, which will “provide additional data for MST integration of hardware and software.”

·       Riverview Construction Associates, Clifton Park, New York, $10,552,800 to construct a C-130 flight simulator training facility for the National Guard in Scotia, New York.

·       RQ-WM Jordan JV, Carlsbad, California, $16,506,834 for relocating the logistics operations school at Camp Lejeune.

·       SAIC, Fairfield, New Jersey, $90,000,000 (a 456-day bridge contract) for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations supplies in the Pacific: Hawaii, Guam, and Kwajalein Atoll.

·       SAIC, Fairfield, New Jersey, $99,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations supplies in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.

·       SAIC, Reston, Virginia, $22,004,729 for cybersecurity, network operations, and IT support in South Korea.

·       SAIC, Reston, Virginia, $33,782,230 for multi-discipline, integrated technical baseline evaluations, developmental progress assessments, cost, schedule, emerging technology, and maturity of design assessments for NAVAIR acquisition programs in support of NAVAIR Systems Engineering Department. Work in Patuxent River, Maryland (95%); locations within continental U.S. (4%); locations outside (1%).

·       Salient CRGT (now GovCIO), Fairfax, Virginia, $99,188,617 for engineering on fixed submarine broadcast system low frequency. Work in Norfolk, Virginia (3%); Dallas, Texas (17%); Charleston, South Carolina (18%); San Diego, California (31%); Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (31%).

·       Sallyport Global Holdings, Reston, Virginia, $235,608,052 for FMS (Iraq): another year of base operations support, base life support, and security for Iraq’s F-16 program, Martyr Brigadier General Ali Flaih Air Base, Iraq.

·       San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind, San Antonio, Texas, $8,800,260 for flame retardant environmental ensemble/enhanced weather outer layer trousers for Army and Air Force.

·       Sauer Construction LLC, Jacksonville, Florida, $37,618,000 for construction of two additions to the Trident Training Facility, a Strategic Systems Program missile control center team trainer, and a weapons handling system team trainer at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Georgia.

·       Sealevel Construction, Thibodaux, Louisiana, $17,357,450 to remove existing steel tainter gates and fabricate and install new ones in Marksville, Louisiana.

·       SGJV LLC, Virginia Beach, Virginia, $80,889,608 to replace boilers at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, with new dual-fuel boilers.

·       Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC), Sparks, Nevada, $11,205,758 for the Orchestration of Resilient Cyber Activities project: deliver “game-changing tools and methods to overcome known and emerging challenges and ensure continued Navy cyber superiority.” Work in Englewood, Colorado.

·       SNC Manufacturing LLC, Orocovis, Puerto Rico, $25,499,513 for trousers for Army and Air Force.

·       SOPAKCO Inc., Mullins, South Carolina, $39,979,333 for cold weather rations.

·       SourceAmerica, Vienna, Virginia, $26,489,074 for facility maintenance at Fort Knox.

·       SRC Inc., North Syracuse, New York, $13,853,099 to research, analyze, document, and review electromagnetic systems, events, and signatures. Work, “required by all services and other U.S. agencies,” is in San Antonio, Texas, under the Sensor Beam Program.

·       SRCTec LLC, Syracuse, New York, $99,202,786 for AN/TPQ-50 Radar Systems and Engineering Change EC1 upgrade kits.

·       SupplyCore Inc., Rockford, Illinois, $375,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations supplies and incidental services in South Korea.

·       SupplyCore, Rockford, Illinois, $30,000,000 (90-day bridge contract) for facilities maintenance, repair and operations supplies in South Korea.

·       SupplyCore, Rockford, Illinois, $90,000,000 for facilities maintenance, repair and operations supplies. Work in Louisiana and Texas.

·       Tech Systems Inc., Tysons, Virginia, $8,787,189 for logistics support services at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

·       Techflow Mission Support, Idaho Falls, Idaho, $23,143,561 for base operations support at Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, and outlying areas in eastern North Carolina.

·       Teichert-Odin JV, Sacramento, California, $15,017,850 to obtain and transport seepage berm material.

·       Telecote Research Inc., Goleta, California, $8,448,636 for additional cloud infrastructure and platform support in El Segundo, California.

·       Teletronics Technology Corp., (d.b.a. Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions), Newtown, Pennsylvania, $287,084,416 for High-Speed Data Acquisition System (HSDAS) specifically designed for flight test users, and flight test related commercial hardware, software, and firmware, technical support, repair, and training. Supports operation and sustainment of existing and new installations. Also covers services in support of the Interactive Analysis and Display System (IADS). Work in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and Edwards Air Force Base, California.

·       Texas Work Force Commission, Austin, Texas, $38,319,367 to run dining facilities at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

·       Textron Aviation, Wichita, Kansas, $113,107,250 for production and delivery of ten (10) Multi-Engine Training System aircraft, initial spares, support equipment, instructor pilot training, and maintenance personnel training re: training sailors for accession into naval aircraft (P-8, EP-3, KC-130, E-6, E-2, CMV-22, MV-22). Work in Wichita, Kansas (99%), and Corpus Christi, Texas (1%).

·       The Aerospace Corp., El Segundo, California, $19,000,000 (bringing total contract to $5,637,262,130) for federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) support in El Segundo, California. This additional funding is “under Need for Fee in accordance with Statement of Work Requirement 6.17.”

·       The Treadwell Corp., Thomaston, Connecticut, $8,052,851 for services in support of Model 6L16 Electrolytic Oxygen Generator, Automated Electrolytic Oxygen Generator, Low Pressure Electrolyzer, and their respective simulators for training aboard Navy submarines and facilities. Work in Bangor, Washington (25%); Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (17%); San Diego, California (10%); Portsmouth, New Hampshire (8%); Groton, Connecticut (8%); Norfolk, Virginia (8%); Kings Bay, Georgia (8%); Diego Garcia (8%); and Guam (8%).

·       The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., Baltimore, Maryland, $20,349,359 for designing and building a maritime operations and boat maintenance facility and renovating a headquarters building at Naval Special Warfare Command, Naval Base Coronado, California.

·       Three corporations in North Carolina [Civil Works Contracting LLC, Wilmington (N40085-23-D-0013); Quadrant Construction Inc., Jacksonville (N40085-23-D-0014); Riza Construction, Jacksonville (N40085-23-D-0015)], $95,000,000 for civil and paving projects at Camp Lejeune and the surrounding area. Contractors compete for future task orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contract.

·       Trade West Construction Inc., Mesquite, Nevada, $7,850,000 for repair of Moss Landing (California) north and south jetties, replace two danger signs, two project signs, two aids to navigation, and remove timber piles.

·       Treen Box & Pallet Inc., Mifflintown, Pennsylvania (SPE8EF-23-D-0005); Cutter Lumber Products, Livermore, California (SPE8EF-23-D-0006); Just Packaging Inc., New Carlisle, Indiana (SPE8EF-23-D-0007); $34,833,521 for wood pallets. Work in Arkansas, Michigan, and Ohio for Defense Logistics Agency.

·       Triumph Engine Control Systems LLC, West Hartford, Connecticut, $9,916,270 to overhaul / repair fuel engine controls for Boeing CH-47 “Chinook” helicopters.

·       United Parcel Service Co., Louisville, Kentucky (SP4701-23-D-0002); Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, Georgia (SP4701-23-D-0003); Northern Air Cargo, Anchorage, Alaska (SP4701-23-D-0004); Amerijet International, Miami, Florida (SP4701-23-D-0005); Air Transport International, Wilmington, Ohio (SP4701-23-D-0006); Western Global Airlines, Estero, Florida (SP4701-23-D-0007); $45,000,000 for medical freight transportation: pick up inside continental US for transportation to outside continental US.

·       University of Texas—Austin, Applied Research Laboratories (ARL-UT), Austin, Texas, $358,450,170 for ongoing R&D of 1) characteristics of the medium relative to the ocean acoustic environment; 2) high frequency sonar as applied to war fighting applications; 3) acoustic and electromagnetic properties; 4) signal and information processing; 5) navigation and precise location in space, air, water, and on land; 6) command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I); 7) mission related and public service oriented research, technology development, test, evaluation and systems analysis.

·       VersAbility Resources, Hampton, Virginia, $140,719,079 for official mail and postal support at continental Air Force installations and mission support center approved bases.

·       Watterson Construction, Anchorage, Alaska, $51,700,000 to design and build a barracks at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

·       Weston Solutions Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico, $7,934,873 for recurring maintenance and minor repair of petroleum systems.

·       Wilco Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, $7,640,000 to build stone dikes and tiebacks, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

·       Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind, Salem, North Carolina, $7,587,915 for flame retardant environmental ensemble / enhanced weather outer layer parkas for Army.