Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Nonstop war is a very profitable racket. What follows are the contracts issued during May 2023.



FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)The two main ways that the U.S. war industry sells weaponry to foreign governments are foreign military sales (FMS) and direct commercial sales (DCS). In FMS, the U.S. government acts as the intermediary between the corporation and the foreign government.  DCS are negotiated privately between foreign governments and U.S. corporations. The State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs is in charge of issuing the export licenses for DCS. The U.S. war industry leads the world in arms sales. It pitches such sales as advantageous to the Pentagon in terms of economies of scale, i.e. sales to other countries bring down the price per unit.


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $25,296,081 for FMS (unnamed): continued program management, logistics, sustainment, and system engineering “in support of an undisclosed country’s integration as a FMS customer into” the F-35 program. Work in Fort Worth, Texas (85%); Orlando, Florida (10%); and various location outside the continental U.S. (5%).


Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky), Stratford, Connecticut, for production systems engineering and program management support of CH-53K helicopters (full-rate production). Unspecified FMS ($2,848,429).


ReconCraft LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, $22,070,151 for FMS (Norway): two Norwegian Combatant Craft—Medium. Work in Clackamas, Oregon.

Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, New Jersey, $15,651,498 for FMS (Norway): computer program development, shipboard testing and installation, and live fire and test planning and execution. Work in USA (Moorestown, New Jersey (94%)), and Norway (6%).


Boeing, Seattle, Washington, $10,482,918 for FMS (Germany): engineering re: developing a unique German configuration of mission systems hardware and software for P-8A aircraft.


General Atomics, Poway, California, $11,759,271 for FMS (Spain): one year of contractor logistics support on MQ-9A drones and ground control stations. “The aircrew, field service representatives, transportation and depot repair/return tasks will be performed in an international location.”




AICI-Archirodon JV LLC, McLean, Virginia, $319,535,250 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): design and build port facilities, infrastructure, and utilities in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

CAE USA Inc., Arlington, Texas, $27,300,000 for FMS (Saudi Arabia): operational flight trainers, instructor pilot, and contractor logistics support in Saudi Arabia.

MBDA Inc., Arlington, Virginia, $19,626,194 for production of Common Anti-Air Module Missile (CAMM) for Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC) ships. Involves some FMS to Saudi Arabia. Work in Stevenage, England (70%); Indian Head, Maryland (18%); Huntsville, Alabama (9%); Arlington, Virginia (2%); Mayport, Florida (1%).


FMS – Versus China


General Atomics, Poway, California, $217,615,343 for FMS (Taiwan): four MQ-9B “SkyGuardian” unmanned air vehicles, two Certifiable Ground Control Stations, spares, and support equipment.


Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, for Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) B-2 missiles (lot 21) with containers, tooling and test equipment, and spares. Work in Orlando, Florida, and Troy, Alabama. FMS to Australia ($7,834,655).

Boeing, Mesa, Arizona, $8,791,474 for FMS (Australia): ground support equipment [for Boeing helicopters].

CAE USA, Tampa, Florida, $67,636,228 for one Enhanced Landing Safety Officer Part Task Trainer (ELSOPTT) and associated data packages for Australia’s Lockheed Martin MH-60R helicopters. Work in North South Wales, Australia (65%), and Tampa, Florida (35%).




RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $146,664,212 for Future Advanced Strike (FAST), which aims to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and “precision strike.” RTX will complete the design modifications underway for the Coyote system (block 3). Also will conduct flight tests re: developmental testing and operational demonstrations. Work in Tucson, Arizona (59%), and San Luis Obispo, California (41%).


Northrop Grumman, San Diego, California, $8,522,190, for the mission processing unit for MQ-8C drones. Work in Santa Clarita (80%) and San Diego (20%), California. Santa Clarita is home to Curtiss-Wright.


Peraton Labs, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, $9,201,033 for the 1553 Data Bus Cybersecurity Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention System devices (non-recurring engineering, development, production, testing, and integration) for the Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout. Also provides two IDS/IPS prototype kits.


Northrop Grumman, San Diego, California, $16,555,982 for engineering re: redesign of MQ-4C “Triton” drone Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Airborne Recorder (BAR), the BAR ground station, and the test aircraft radar—"due to diminishing manufacturing sources.” Work for Navy in San Diego (53%) and San Francisco (40%), California; Patuxent River, Maryland (5%); Chantilly, Virginia (2%).


Northrop Grumman, San Diego, California, $60,335,000 adding scope for long lead components, material, parts, and associated support re: maintaining production schedule of two MQ-4C “Triton” vehicles and one main operating base for U.S. Navy. Work in Red Oak, Texas (31.1%); Baltimore, Maryland (27.1%); Bridgeport, West Virginia (13.8%); Salt Lake City, Utah (10.7%); San Diego (5.4%), San Clemente (2.2%), California; Longueuil, Quebec (2.8%); Vandalia, Ohio (1.5%); locations within (5%) outside (0.4%) continental U.S..


Textron, Hunt Valley, Maryland, $19,595,296 for unmanned aircraft systems ISR services for DOD, “other government agencies,” and domestic and overseas contingency operations. Work in locations outside continental U.S. (80%), and Hunt Valley, Maryland (20%).



Trace Systems Inc., Vienna, Virginia, $8,608,084
for administration, IT engineering, and logistics support at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.




Vitol Aviation, El Segundo, California, $447,607,388 for 1 year and 2 months of aviation fuel (JA1) under solicitation (SPE602-23-R-0701). Work in the U.K. and Defense Fuel Support Point serving the Central European Pipeline System (CEPS).


Global Military Products Inc, Tampa, Florida, $118,375,740 for Gepard 35 mm air defense systems, likely FMS to Ukraine.


INDOPACOM / Militarization of the Pacific


Maersk Line Ltd., Norfolk, Virginia, $12,335,276 to extend services for the Army Prepositioned Stock-4 (APS-4) in Yokohama, Japan.


Element Environmental LLC, Aiea, Hawaii, $49,000,000 for architect-engineering services re: environmental investigations, permit applications, and studies for Navy/Marine Corps in Hawaii (60%); Japan (25%); Guam (10%); and other locations worldwide (5%).


Helber Hastert & Fee Planners Inc., d.b.a HHF Planners, Honolulu, Hawaii, $20,000,000 to prepare National Environmental Policy Act-related documents for NAVFAC in the Pacific, mostly in Hawai‘i (80%) and Guam (15%).


Federated Maritime LLC, Boca Raton, Florida, $33,476,761 for charter (one year) of U.S. flagged double hull tanker, Celsius Riga, capable of carrying a minimum of 310,000 barrels of petroleum (JP8, JAA, or F76). Work out of Hawai‘i.

Patriot Contract Services LLC, Concord, California, $18,164,537 for a time charter of one U.S. Flag tanker, Haina Patriot, capable of carrying a minimum of 40,000 barrels of petroleum (F76, JP5, JP8, or JA1). Work out of Hawai‘i.


Noble Supply and Logistics, Boston, Massachusetts, $562,500,000 for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations supplies in Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Diego Garcia.




MCP Computer Products Inc., San Marcos, California, $13,304,170, for Dell laptops and associated equipment for SOCOM.


OSI Federal Technologies Inc., Chantilly, Virginia, $7,963,051 for GETAC rugged laptops and upgrades for SOCOM.


RTX, McKinney, Texas, $48,000,000, for contractor support on the AN/ZSQ-2 [forward-looking infrared / electro-optical] sensor, used by helicopter pilots to see the battlefield better. Most work is for SOCOM at Fort Campbell, Kentucky [.pdf].


General Dynamics IT, Falls Church, Virginia, $137,861,955 for service to develop and sustain the system-of-systems Special Warfare Assault Kit. Supports acquisition growth and refresh, Guardian Angel, and tactical air control party (TACP) modernization programs. Work in Dayton, Ohio. Involves FMS to Australia, Bulgaria, India, Bahrain, Bosnia, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkiye, Estonia, Kenya, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Latvia.


Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC), Sparks, Nevada, $56,142,887 for low-rate initial production (LRIP) of MC-130J Airborne Mission Networking program in Centennial, Colorado. Procures production kits, spares, interim-contractor support, program management, and provisioning support.


DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA) – Most DARPA work is carried out by corporations, including academic institutions.


BAE Systems, Merrimack, New Hampshire, $8,645,586 for an unspecified DARPA project, phase 2B. Work in Merrimack, New Hampshire (53%); Marion, Illinois (8%); Atlanta, Georgia (6%); and Cambridge (30%) and Billerica (3%), Massachusetts.


Systems & Technology Research LLC, Woburn, Massachusetts, $27,875,536 for DARPA’s Joint All-Domain Warfighting Software (JAWS) program, phase 3. Continues STR’s earlier research to “maximize the effectiveness of military force” through “battle management command and control with automation and predictive analytics.” Phase 3 will advance “orchestration services, predictive analytics and user interfaces…” Work in Woburn (83%), Malden (3%), and Tewksbury (3%), Massachusetts; Fairfax, Virginia (7%); Poway, California (3%); and Churchville, Maryland; Arlington, Texas; and Brewster, Massachusetts (totaling 1%).




Ian, Evan, and Alexander Corp. (IEA), Reston, Virginia, $10,059,805 for administrative and analytical support of the Director for Defense Intelligence, Collection & Special Programs within the Office of the Under Secretary for Intelligence & Security [OUSD(I&S)]. IEA will work on specialized and sensitive administrative, policy, operational, and analytic support, including the development of strategy and policy, and conduct oversight, governance, and integration re: intelligence collection, sensitive activities, national programs, and other special programs.


RTX, Richardson, Texas, $45,441,146 for project manager intel systems and analytics in support of Cross-Domain Enterprise All-Source User Repository (CENTAUR).




Research Innovations Inc., Arlington, Virginia, $54,000,000 for development and sustainment of software to provide “an artificial intelligence enabled, machine learning, scalable enterprise command and control, situational awareness, and data analytics capability” for global U.S. military operations. The program is called Command and Control of the Information Environment.




RTX’s Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), Sparks, Nevada; Draper Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Peraton Labs, Basking Ridge, New Jersey; Barbaricum LLC, D.C.; Northrop Grumman, McLean, Virginia; By Light Professional IT Services LLC, McLean, Virginia; Parsons, Centreville, Virginia; Enterprise Information Services LLC, Falls Church, Virginia; Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, Virginia; Alion Science and Technology (AST), McLean, Virginia; Leidos, Reston, Virginia; $450,000,000 (10 years) for R&D to “enable and accelerate Army modernization transformational overmatch capabilities.”


Seed Innovations LLC, Monument, Colorado, $67,829,523 for support to Advana Edge (.pdf).


CFD Research Corp., Huntsville, Alabama, $24,547,621 to research, develop, and validate an “in-silico framework for toxicity risk assessment of Air Force-relevant hazardous materials and contaminants.” Work primarily in Huntsville for AFRL.


The MITRE Corp., Bedford, Massachusetts, $16,089,360 for support to the Air Force as administrator of the National Security Engineering Center FFRDC. Work in Bedford, Massachusetts; McLean, Virginia; and locations inside and outside of continental U.S.


RTX’s BBN Technologies, Cambridge, Massachusetts, $7,904,175 to research “data science and naval engineering processes, pursue a digital thread motivated pilot study for autonomous systems, and assist Office of Naval Research in integrating research into a new digital thread architecture and software tool prototype.” Work in Middletown, Rhode Island (70%); Cambridge, Massachusetts (20%); and Arlington, Virginia (10%).


Saliense Consulting LLC, Tysons Corner, Virginia, $8,560,907 for IT support to Office of Naval Research (ONR). IT services can include web hosting, applications support, video teleconferencing, network support, cloud services, knowledge management, and information assurance and internet / intranet access. Work in Arlington, Virginia.


National Academy of Sciences, D.C., $30,000,000 to “obtain objective, expert, independent analysis of selected topics from respected subject matter experts in selected fields to inform Army decision processes and address national security threats through advances in various scientific disciplines.”


ACADEMIA ­– Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


CUBRC Inc., Buffalo, New York, $15,999,972 to “address specific technical areas to advance the state-of-the-art test and evaluation capabilities and increase the productivity of programs at Calspan University of Buffalo Research Center.”


Eccalon LLC, Hanover, Maryland, $7,609,121 to support the Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy's National Security Technology Accelerator Program. Eccalon LLC will “develop the National Security Innovation Network's (NSIN) online social platform, design hackathon events, implement quarterly showcase events, support innovators in residence at labs and academic institutions, standup and employ an Adaptive Threat Force course, and design and develop platforms and tools for [DOD] market networks, among other services.” NSIN focuses on “education, collaboration, and acceleration programs, which bring together people from DOD, the venture community and academia to generate new ideas, nurture talent and find novel applications of technology to support the warfighter.” Work at the Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia.




S2 Technologies LLC, Smithfield, North Carolina, $40,000,000 for “expert technical services” to Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) “in conducting various projects” at Patrick Space Force Base, Florida.




LinQuest, Los Angeles, California, $14,525,542 for additional systems engineering, integration, and test support, El Segundo, California.


Lockheed Martin, Littleton, Colorado, $8,766,569 for GPS III software on-orbit support. Work in Littleton, Colorado.


Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Boulder, Colorado, $12,330,386 to develop Distributed Heterogeneous On-Orbit Processing Engine (DHOPE) at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.


Johns Hopkins University APL, Laurel, Maryland, $10,000,000 for ongoing Evolved Strategic Satellite Communications (ESS) Software Integrator, Facilitator, and Tester (SWIFT). Marketed as the “primary survivable and endurable satellite communications capability for Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3)”. Work at Los Angeles AFB, California, for Space Systems Command.


Johns Hopkins University APL, Laurel, Maryland, $18,338,306 (from $6,606,229 to $24,944,536) to support the National Space Test and Training Complex at Los Angeles AFB.


Johns Hopkins University APL, Laurel, Maryland, $12,866,554 (from $5,141,707 to $18,008,261) for Evolved Strategic Satellite Communications Protected Anti-Jam Tactical SATCOM.


L3Harris, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $8,118,883 (brings contract total to $485,356,932) for one year of support and delivery, network, infrastructure, hardware, and architecture products re: an effort to establish a “prototype on-orbit range capability” for the National Space Test and Training Complex, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


L3Harris , Camden, New Jersey, $80,810,130 for Defense Experimentation Using Commercial Space Internet (DEUCSI). Marketed as providing the “ability to communicate with military platforms via multiple commercial space internet (CSI) constellations in various orbital regimes using common user terminal and hardware elements.” Work in Salt Lake City, Utah, for AFRL.


Iridium Satellite LLC, McLean, Virginia, $22,158,610 for Iridium Satellite communications for Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division Weapons Control and Integration Department’s “Asymmetric Systems Division”.


Unit Co., Anchorage, Alaska, $67,609,000 for building a dormitory at Clear Space Force Station, Alaska.


Roundhouse PBN-TEPA EC JV, Warner Robins, Georgia, $27,290,000 to construct the Joint Cryptologic Center at Buckley AFB, Aurora, Colorado.




Northrop Grumman, McLean, Virginia, $20,119,410 for logistics support for the Special Electronic Mission aircraft fleet.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – Lockheed Martin does not intend to address 162 of the jet’s 883 known design flaws.


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $1,439,135,764 for continued development of “critical F-35 warfighting capabilities,” including Electronic Warfare Band 2/5 Radar Warning Receiver, Modernized Countermeasure Controller, Multi-ship Infrared Search and Track Increment 2, and Beyond Line of Sight communications. Also supports training and combat data systems development for production aircraft (lots 16 and 17) for USA, non-U.S. DOD participants ($30,558,644), and FMS ($565,817). Work in Fort Worth, Texas (60%); Nashua, New Hampshire (16%); Baltimore, Maryland (9%); Torrance (2%), San Diego (2%), El Segundo (2%), and Northridge (1%), California; Clearwater (1%) and Orlando (5.5%), Florida; Buffalo, New York (1%); and Tucson, Arizona (0.5%). “Non-U.S. DOD participants” are international users, administratively distinct from FMS customers, for whom DOD often foots the bill.


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $34,655,442 for program management, software engineering, software engineering transformation, and cyber support to develop the Beyond Line of Sight “capability” for F-35 aircraft. Work in Fort Worth, Texas (50%), and San Diego, California (50%).


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $8,325,876 for corrective maintenance to repair or replace F-35 propulsion systems for F-35A/B/C production aircraft for U.S. military and non-U.S. DOD participants.




Rolls-Royce Corp., Indianapolis, Indiana, $21,473,824 for production and delivery of AE1107C engines (eight) for V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.


Bell/Boeing Joint Project Office, Amarillo, Texas, $482,300,000 for four CMV-22B (lot 27) aircraft for U.S. Navy. Work in Fort Worth (30.08%), Amarillo (12.73%), and Red Oak (3.33%), McKinney (1.33%), Texas; Ridley Park, Pennsylvania (15.22%); East Aurora, New York (2.55%); Park City, Utah (2.2%); Endicott, New York (1.15%); various locations within the continental U.S. (27.49%) and outside the CONUS (3.92%).


Elbit America Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, $10,527,580 for integrated avionics processors for Bell/Boeing V-22 aircraft. Work in Haifa, Israel (69%), and Fort Worth, Texas (31%).




Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri $14,237,864 for peculiar support equipment for the F/A-18E/F program.


Computer Technology Associates Inc., Encinitas, California, $26,383,595 for programmatic support on the F/A-18 EA-18G “Integrated Product Team Management Information System Suite.” This involves “multiple applications and tools” supporting business operations, including planning, estimation, risk management, event scheduling (including flight testing), event tracking, project execution, project monitoring and control, and reporting. See announcement for all the work locations.




Northrop Grumman, Melbourne, Florida, $60,000,000 for long lead parts and associated support for two E-2D Advanced Hawkeye plus up aircraft for U.S. Navy. Work in Syracuse, New York (25.06%); Rolling Meadows, Illinois (9.52%); Woodland Hill (5.87%) and Menlo Park (5.08%), California; Greenlawn (3.33%), Owego (1.79%); and Edgewood (1.41%), New York; Melbourne, Florida (1.35%); various locations within continental U.S. (44.57%); and Aire-sur-l'Adour, France (2.02%). France’s Potez Aéronautique makes the tail structures for the Northrop Grumman E-2D “Advanced Hawkeye.”




RTX’s Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, $10,247,842 for non-recurring engineering re: development of hardware & software to install Mission Computer Modernization into E-6B aircraft (block I). Work in Richardson, Texas.




Lockheed Martin, Owego, New York, $7,531,436 for B-2 countermeasure receivers for Air Force.




RTX, McKinney, Texas, $23,203,895 for five APY-10 radar system weapon repairable assemblies (WRA), for a total quantity of 43 WRA in support of P-8A aircraft.




Boeing, Long Beach, California, $216,035,737 for C-17 “Globemaster” landing gear spares management services. Involves FMS to UK, Australia, Canada, NATO’s Airlift Management Program Office, India, Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar.




Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky, Stratford, Connecticut, $8,545,286 for production systems engineering and program management support for full-rate production of CH-53K helicopters.


QTEC Inc., Huntsville, Alabama, $10,311,841 for technical support (executing Condition Based Maintenance Plus and leveraging the Health and Usage Monitoring System for fleet management) for the SOF/Personnel Recovery and Rotary Wing System Program Office, Huntsville, Alabama.




Amentum (owned by private equity), Fort Worth, Texas, $7,624,101 to support Army Aviation and Missile Command's Field Maintenance division, Fort Worth, Texas.


Aircraft Readiness Alliance II LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, $408,216,896 for depot level maintenance services for aircraft, aircraft engines, and components / materials. Includes rework of aviation items, systems, and components and the manufacture of items and parts that are otherwise not available. Also involves modernization, conversion, in-service repair, disassembly, and all other categories of aircraft depot level maintenance for aircraft (AV-8B, C-130, C-2, E-2, EA-6B, F/A-18, H-1, H-53, H-60, MQ-8, P-3, P-8, F-35, V-22) and associated systems, equipment, and components for Fleet Readiness Center Southwest for U.S. Navy. Work in San Diego, California (67%); Lemoore, California (labor surplus area) (17%); Camp Pendleton, California (5%); Miramar, California (4%); Whidbey Island, Washington (4%); Cannon, New Mexico (2%); and Kaneohe Bay, Hawai‘i (1%).


Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, $8,878,759 for repair of repairables and consumables used in electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS) stations for U.S. Navy and FMS.


Designed Metal Connections Inc., d.b.a Permaswage, Gardena, California, $10,085,200 for fuel tanks for Air Force aircraft.




Peraton (owned by private equity firm Veritas Capital), Chantilly, Virginia, $25,000,000 to collect, maintain, and deliver data on some models of Army aviation equipment, ground-combat systems, tactical wheeled vehicles, and ground-support equipment.




Austal USA LLC, Mobile, Alabama, $113,906,029 for detail design of the T-AGOS 25 surveillance ship. T-AGOS ships gather “undersea acoustic data.” Work in Mobile, Alabama (42%); Houma, Louisiana (13%); Camden, New Jersey (13%); Shelton, Connecticut (6%); Cincinnati, Ohio (5%); Grove City, Pennsylvania (3%); Semmes, Alabama (3%); Chesapeake, Virginia (2%); Milford, Delaware (2%); New Orleans, Louisiana (1%); and locations across the U.S., each less than 1% (10%).


LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP (LCS) – Some call the LCS a “floating garbage pile.”


Advanced Acoustic Concepts LLC, Hauppauge, New York, $11,128,633 for LCS Mission Package computers, software, trainer components, and engineering. Work in Uniontown, Pennsylvania (55%); Hauppauge, New York (35%); Columbia, Maryland (7%); D.C. (3%).


Huntington-Ingalls Industries (HII), Pascagoula, Mississippi, $9,445,800 for material in support of LCS planning yard services in San Diego, California.


Rolls Royce Marine North America, Walpole, Massachusetts, $66,679,116 for engineering and technical support of MT30 gas turbine engines used on the LCS Freedom variant.


Wartsila Defense Inc., Chesapeake, Virginia, $9,135,942 for waterjets, shafts, and seals for LCS Independence.




Huntington-Ingalls Industries (HII), Pascagoula, Mississippi, $8,703,236 for material re: maintaining Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD-17) in Norfolk, Virginia.


Fairbanks Morse LLC, Norfolk, Virginia, $7,653,550 for the “turbo supercharger E” re: the propulsion diesel engine on LPD ships. Work in Beloit, Wisconsin.




Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, $26,373,122 for Machinery Control System production shipsets for DDG 51 ships.


General Dynamics, Bath, Maine, $8,519,045 for planning, management, and emergent availability support for USS John Basilone (DDG 122). Work in Mayport, Florida (70%), and Bath, Maine (30%).


ZUMWALT-CLASS DESTROYERS (DDG-1000) – These ships are marketed as fulfilling “volume firepower and precision strike requirements.” They are packed with electronic goods from war corporations. Like other major war industry products, Zumwalt-class destroyers are over budget and underperforming.


Huntington Ingalls Inc., Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Mississippi, $37,000,207 for dry docking long lead time material for DDG 1000/1001 build yard modernization period. Work in Pascagoula, Mississippi.


AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (CVN) – The Ford-class of aircraft carriers is plagued with problems. Business Insider summarizes.


Huntington Ingalls Inc. (HII) Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia, $65,803,613 for continued engineering and technical support on aircraft carriers (CVN 80 and CVN 81) being built in Newport News, Virginia.




General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, $48,627,265 for R&D of technologies for Virginia and Columbia submarines: numerical modeling, simulations tools, and engineering analysis methods; component and system concepts, technology assessment, and application of ship builder expertise in engineering and submarine arrangements to evaluate and transition technology into submarine designs.


General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, $15,715,111 for lead yard support and development studies and design regarding Virginia class submarines.

General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, $10,912,499 for component, software, and system preliminary design. Work in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, $1,075,896,000 for long lead time material associated with Virginia class submarines SSN 812 and SSN 813. Work in Sunnyvale, California (34%); Florence, New Jersey (5%); Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (3%); Spring Grove, Illinois (2%); Tucson, Arizona (2%); Windsor Locks, Connecticut (2%); Annapolis, Maryland (2%); Minneapolis, Minnesota (2%); Peoria, Illinois (1%); Ladson, South Carolina (1%); Warren, Massachusetts (1%); other locations less than 1% (45%).


Lockheed Martin, Syracuse, New York, $18,000,000 for design and qualification testing of submarine electronic warfare equipment.


BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Minneapolis, Minnesota, $11,278,258 for Virginia class propulsor components and assembly. Work in Louisville, Kentucky (90%), and Minneapolis, Minnesota (10%).


Honeywell, Minneapolis, Minnesota, $12,045,229 for Inertial Navigation Ring Laser Gyro units for the AN/WSN-7 system, which is used in submarine navigation.


SURFACE SHIP MAINTENANCE – Government shipyards, such as Norfolk Naval Shipyard (Portsmouth, VA) Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Kittery, ME), and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (Bremerton, WA), are government in name only. Corporations do most work.


Erie Forge and Steel, Erie, Pennsylvania; Steel America, Norfolk, Virginia; Collins Machine Works, Portsmouth, Virginia; Bender CCP, Vernon, California; BAE Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia; BAE San Diego, San Diego, California; $162,000,000 for repair of waterborne surface shafts for Naval Supply Systems Command.


General Dynamics NASSCO, Norfolk, Virginia, $8,469,847 for fiscal 2022 planned incremental availability on USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) in Portsmouth, Virginia.

General Dynamics NASSCO, San Diego, California, $66,854,586 for maintenance, modernization, and repair of USS Makin Island (LHD 8) in San Diego, California.

General Dynamics NASSCO, San Diego, California, $736,160,588 for design and construction of T-AO 213. Work in San Diego (58%), Chula Vista (2%), National City (1%), California; Iron Mountain, Michigan (8%); Crozet, Virginia (5%); Beloit, Wisconsin (4%); Mexicali, Mexico (4%); Chesapeake, Virginia (2%); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1%); Walpole, Massachusetts (1%); other locations less than 1% each (14%).


Colonna's Shipyard Inc., Norfolk, Virginia, $11,225,283 for definitized Contract Change 29N, which incorporates NAVSEA fiscal 2022 Category II Navy standard items for completion of the Shipping Port (ARDM-4) Docking Service Craft overhaul fiscal 2022 availability.


Vigor Marine LLC, Portland, Oregon, $17,776,223 for a 60-calendar day shipyard availability for a midterm availability of fleet replenishment oiler USNS Guadalupe (T-AO 200) in Portland, Oregon.


Hawthorne Machinery Co., San Diego, California, $7,761,775 for diesel generator sets (a first article unit and a quantity of up to three) replace existing sets on the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19).




BAE Systems, Greenlawn, New York, $18,943,442 for AN/UPX-50(C) digital identification boxes (18) and retrofit kits (50) to convert AN/UPX-41(C) to -50(C) for Navy and Coast Guard. Work in Greenlawn, New York (70%), Austin, Texas (18%), Manassas, Virginia (12%).


Lockheed Martin, Liverpool, New York, $67,901,067 for spares for Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) AN/SLQ-32(V)6 and AN/SLQ-32C(V)6 systems, full rate production. Work in Liverpool, New York (78%), and Lansdale, Pennsylvania (22%).


Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems Inc., Braintree, Massachusetts, $23,880,845 for technical and field engineering on Next Generation Surface Search Radar. Work in Chantilly, Virginia (55%); Wake Forest, North Carolina (35%); and Braintree, Massachusetts (10%).  Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems Inc., Braintree, Massachusetts, $23,880,845 for technical and field engineering on Next Generation Surface Search Radar. Work in Chantilly, Virginia (55%); Wake Forest, North Carolina (35%); and Braintree, Massachusetts (10%).




General Dynamics, Bath, Maine, $8,159,294 for Large Missile Vertical Launch System (LMVLS) – shock isolation – Internal Change Notice (ICN) 1 support. Work in North Tonawanda, New York (50%); Itasca, Illinois (37%); and Buffalo, New York (13%).


Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, $443,760,469 for Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (lot 7) spares, Dummy Air Training Missiles, and tooling and test equipment. Work in Orlando, Florida, and Troy, Alabama.


Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, New Jersey, $194,743,487 for modules and ancillary hardware for fiscal 2022-2027 MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) production requirements for U.S. Navy (71%) and Canada (18%) and Australia (11%). Work in Moorestown, New Jersey (31%); Indianapolis, Indiana (27%); Saginaw, Michigan (7%); Farmingdale, New York (6%); St. Peters, Missouri (3%); San Jose, California (2%); Radford, Virginia (1%); and various other locations (23%). Some FMS to Canada ($34,616,967) and Australia ($22,287,519).




BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Minneapolis, Minnesota, $9,948,433 for engineering and waterfront support for the MK 45 gun mount. Work in Norfolk, Virginia (25%); San Diego, California (25%); Louisville, Kentucky (15%); Minneapolis, Minnesota (15%); Mayport, Florida (10%); Bremerton, Washington (5%); and Yokosuka, Japan (5%).


BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Minneapolis, Minnesota, $16,336,770 for MK 41 Vertical Launching System canister production and ancillary hardware. Work in Aberdeen, South Dakota (90%), and Minneapolis, Minnesota (10%).


L3Harris, Lynchburg, Virginia, $12,600,568 for delivery of Interior Wireless Communication System (IWCS) for guided-missile frigate FFG-62 and delivery of a complete technical data package, applicable IWCS spares, and classroom training. Work in Lynchburg, Virginia (95%), and Marinette, Wisconsin (5%).


Marinette Marine Corp., Marinette, Wisconsin, $526,293,001 for design and construction of a Constellation class guided-missile frigate, FFG 65. Work in Wisconsin (Marinette 51%, Green Bay 4%, Sturgeon Bay 3%, Kaukauna 2%); Camden, New Jersey (17%); Chicago, Illinois (7%); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (3%); Hauppauge, New York (3%); Cincinnati, Ohio (3%); Charlotte, North Carolina (2%); Bethesda (2%) and Millersville (2%), Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia (1%).


Lockheed Martin, Liverpool, New York, $35,646,196 for equipment and engineering services for the Navy. Work in Liverpool, New York (67%), and Millersville, Maryland (33%).




Red Peak Technical Services LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, $136,238,161 for lifecycle support of technical data products for naval aviation weapons systems. Includes support of: technical data management, technical publishing, technical library/repository/data control center, logistics IT, independent quality assurance, digital and physical access, control, content, transaction/exchange, and protection, and technical data content’s suitability and completeness for intended use analysis and configuration audits in support of NAVAIR, Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) HQ Logistics Technical Data Department. Work in Cherry Point, North Carolina (37.34%); Patuxent River, Maryland (26.21%); San Diego, California (18.5%); Jacksonville, Florida (9.13%); Lakehurst, New Jersey (5.5%); and China Lake, California (3.32%).




American Electronics Warfare Associates Inc., California, Maryland, $248,228,343 for technical support services re: research, design, development, and associated engineering in support of battlespace simulation and distributed simulation for NAWCAD Integrated Battlespace Simulation and Test Department, Patuxent River, Maryland. Includes R&D and maintenance of battlespace simulation tools, R&D of warfare scenarios, develop and integrate “battlespace entity models and behaviors”, and support delivered products.


Synectic Solutions Inc., Oxnard, California, $10,977,253 for engineering, logistics, and logistical data management support for Airborne Weapons Systems (AWS). Includes instruction and training for installation, operation, maintenance, storage of weapons ashore and afloat; evaluation and demonstrations, as well as associated testing, identification, and documentation of weapon system discrepancies and deficiencies. Work in China Lake, California.




BahFed Corp., Portland, Oregon; GovTec Ventures LLC, Annapolis, Maryland; Noble Supply and Logistics, d.b.a Federal Resources Supply Co., Stevensville, Maryland; Pacific IC Source Yucaipa, California; Unistar-Sparco Computers Inc., Millington, Tennessee, $49,000,000 ceiling for commercial digital IT hardware, software products and licenses, and lab equipment for NAWCWD Weapons and Energetics Department. Work in Portland, Oregon (20%); Annapolis (20%) and Stevensville (20%), Maryland; Yucaipa, California (20%); Millington, Tennessee (20%).




Coastal Mechanics Company, Houston, Texas; Astro Machine Works, Ephrata, Pennsylvania; Globe Tech LLC, Plymouth, Michigan; M&S Machining, Winchester, Kentucky; SAVIT Corp. Rockaway, New Jersey; Sunbelt Design and Development Inc., San Antonio, Texas; Total Machine LLC, King George, Virginia; Waltonen Engineering Inc., Warren, Michigan; combined $50,000,000 (five years) for rapid manufacture, assembly, inspection, and delivery of machined prototypes and assemblies for Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. Work in Houston and San Antonio, Texas; Ephrata, Pennsylvania; Plymouth, Michigan; Winchester, Kentucky; Rockaway, New Jersey; King George, Virginia; and Warren, Michigan.




G2 Software Systems Inc., San Diego, California, $16,658,773; Sev1Tech LLC, Woodbridge, Virginia, $16,613,080; Forward Slope Inc., San Diego, California, $15,857,112; Solute, San Diego, California, $11,161,259; Data Intelligence LLC, Marlton, New Jersey, $9,618,853, for two years of command and control (C2) technology and experimentation for NAVWAR Pacific, San Diego, California. Science and technology R&D, systems engineering, architecture, design, integration, testing, configuration management, quality assurance, implementation and support of C2 net-centric operations (tactical, operational, strategic and national interest), information processing, discovery, and presentation efforts re: military operations “and/or their interface with civil and non-government components and capabilities.” Work expected to be mostly in San Diego, California.




Solid State Scientific Corp., Hollis, New Hampshire, $186,909,765 for Weather Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure (creation, development, sustainment, modernization).


Hypergiant Galactic Systems Inc., Blanco, Texas, $16,260,080 (3 years) for user interface and “user experience development” for cloud-based command and control (C2).



Business Enabled Acquisition and Technology, San Antonio, Texas; MilVets System Technology Inc., Orlando, Florida; Oneida Technical Solutions, Oneida, New York; A&T Systems Inc., Silver Spring, Maryland,; People Technology and Process LLC, Tampa, Florida; Advanced Systems Development Inc., Falls Church, Virginia; Systems Integration Modeling and Solutions Inc., Tullahoma, Tennessee; Advanced IT Concepts, West Springs, Florida; Vision Information Technology Consultants LLC, San Antonio, Texas; Ascendant Services LLC, McLean, Virginia; OSC Edge, Atlanta, Georgia; AttainX Inc., Herndon, Virginia; Bowhead Total Enterprise Solutions LLC, Springfield, Virginia,; Chartis Consulting Corp., McLean, Virginia; Chugach Technical Solutions LLC, Anchorage, Alaska; Cordev Inc., Falls Church, Virginia; Nova Dine LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona; Enterprise Solutions and Management Corp., Springfield, Virginia; Full Spectrum Operations LLC, Fairfax Station, Virginia; Futron Inc., Woodbridge, Virginia; GC&E Federal LLC, Peachtree Corners, Georgia; GStek Inc., Chesapeake, Virginia; Thunder Ridge Solutions Co., Fairfax, Virginia; Information Management Group Inc., Fairfax, Virginia; Information Systems Solution Inc., Rockville, Maryland; KaiHonua LLC, Kailua, Hawaii; Leader Communications Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Zantech IT Services Inc., Tysons Corner, Virginia; Link Solutions Inc., McLean, Virginia, $900,000,000 (over five years)
for information management communication services in support of Network Enterprise Command (NETCOM).


Direct Viz Solutions, Chantilly, Virginia, $10,404,631 for enterprise-level command, control, communications, computers, and information (C4I) management, and operating, managing and defending the enterprise IT infrastructure. Work in Fort Huachuca, Arizona.


CACI, Chantilly, Virginia, $13,698,215 (to $76,481,294 from $62,783,079) for Comptroller Mission Systems Support for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller).


DBISP LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana; Intelli-Tech, La Verne, California; Federal Merchants Corp., Indianapolis, Indiana; JTF Business Systems Corp., Springfield, Virginia; Netsync Network Solutions, Houston, Texas; OMNI Business Systems, Alexandria, Virginia; Paragon One Group, Gaithersburg, Maryland, $17,100,000 for A4 desktop multifunctional devices, desktop printers, scanners, and accessories throughout the continental U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico.


SGS LLC, Yukon, Oklahoma, $34,852,808 for building an information systems facility at Fort Polk, Louisiana.




L3Harris Telemetry & RF Products, San Diego, California $84,950,000 for Small Form Factor Weapons Attritable Radio Multi-Mode (SWARMM) Family 1 radio products and services.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – D.C. pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” products. This weaponry is a lucrative business sector of war.


Northrop Grumman, Huntsville, Alabama, $244,675,813 to continue the development, integration, testing, and fielding of discrimination techniques, operation and sustainment of complex modeling, and simulation techniques and tools used in Ballistic Missile Defense System modeling. Work in Huntsville, Alabama; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Boulder, Colorado; and Azusa, California. Later corrected to be awarded Wednesday, 10 May 2023.


University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, Rochester, New York, $14,999,266, to explore “the lethality modes and utility of pulsed lasers.” Conduct tests to collect data. The models, simulations, and lethality toolsets developed shall “support analysis against a variety of DOD threats across ground, sea, air and space domains. Upon government direction, models of relevant threats and threat support systems shall be combined with trajectories to inform a full continuity lethality and military utility picture.”


Märzen Group LLC, Nashua, New Hampshire, $8,317,109, for Tactical Data Analysis and Connectivity System support services for MDA tests at Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


AEGIS - Aegis is a complex system of sensors, software, and radar that is marketed as being able to track enemies and guide missiles to enemy targets, particularly enemy missiles. Aegis is one portion of the overall Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS), which is administered by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The war industry has succeeded in selling nonstop Aegis upgrades and “modernization” to the U.S. and other governments.


Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, New Jersey, $8,243,462 (brings contract from $1,281,031,190 to $1,289,274,652) to establish new Contract Line Item Numbers 0063 and 0066 to support Digital Receive Upgrade urgent material efforts re: Aegis BMD Weapon Systems contract (HQ085121C0002).


RTX, Largo, Florida, $19,186,754 for Planar Array Antenna Assembly engineering support and material, and spares for the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) program. Work in Largo, Florida (59%); McKinney, Texas (35%); St. Petersburg, Florida (3%); and Andover, Massachusetts (3%). Some FMS to Canada ($883,924, 5%) and Australia ($435,970, 2%).




Lockheed Martin, Titusville, Florida, $27,116,266 for four years of services and support on Trident II (D5) submarine-launched ballistic missile production and deployed systems support. Work in Magna, Utah (99.7%), and locations less than 1.0% each (0.3%).


L3Harris’ Interstate Electronics Corp., Anaheim, California, $15,798,147 for services and support on flight test Instrumentation systems [used on submarine-launched nuclear weapons]. Work in Anaheim, California (55%); Cape Canaveral, Florida (31%); D.C. (8%); Groton, Connecticut (3%); Barrow-in-Furness, UK (3%). Some FMS (UK).


HYPERSONICS – War corporations, think tanks, and Congress hype the “threat” of Beijing and Moscow in order to justify design and development of an entirely new business sector of war: hypersonics (missiles & aircraft that fly 5X the speed of sound or faster).


Northrop Grumman, Chandler, Arizona, $83,712,945 (9 May 2023 through 12 Mar 2024, increasing value of the other transaction prototype agreement to $239,372,600) to continue to develop/refine the corporation’s Glide Phase Intercept (GPI) concept. Work in Chandler, Arizona; Linthicum, Maryland; Colorado Springs, Colorado; San Diego, California; and Huntsville, Alabama.


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $88,678,007, 9 May 2023 through 20 Mar 2024, increasing the value of the other transaction prototype agreement to $241,486,454) to continue to develop/refine the corporation’s Glide Phase Intercept (GPI) concept. Work in Tucson, Arizona; El Dorado Hills, California; Aurora, Colorado; Tewksbury, Woburn, and Andover, Massachusetts; McKinney, Texas; Huntsville, Alabama.




Serco, Herndon, Virginia, $63,089,931 for logistics, sustainment, and contingency support for the Integrated Fires/Rapid Capabilities Office.

Kord Technologies, Huntsville, Alabama, $158,124,874 (other transaction authority), to develop, integrate, test and sustain directed-energy short-range air-defense systems for Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, Redstone Arsenal.


Intrepid LLC, Huntsville, Alabama, $7,858,688 for system engineering and technical assistance support to the Integrated Fires Mission Command Project Office, PEO Missiles and Space.


Torch Technologies Inc., Huntsville, Alabama, $7,793,113 for technical services support for the Aviation Mission Systems and Architecture Project Management Office, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.


Iron Mountain Solutions, Huntsville, Alabama, $30,959,175 for technical support for the Utility Helicopters Project Office, Huntsville, Alabama. Involves some FMS (Albania, Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Austria, Croatia, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE).




United Ammunition Container Corp., Milan, Tennessee, for fiber containers (PA-55 and PA-71/A) for 105mm artillery rounds.


BAE Systems, Minneapolis, Minnesota, $72,766,538 to develop and demonstrate navigation and control, networking and payload technologies that “enable precision fires at very long ranges for 155 mm projectiles.”

BAE Systems, Radford, Virginia, $16,293,977 to repair equipment and infrastructure at Radford Army Ammunition Plant, Virginia.


General Dynamics, St. Petersburg, Florida, $489,959,792 to manufacture and deliver 120 mm ammunition.


Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, $742,718,214 for Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) B-2 missiles (lot 21) with containers, tooling and test equipment, and spares. Work in Orlando, Florida, and Troy, Alabama.

Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, $29,186,424 (brings contract to $1,090,980,036) for maintenance, additional tooling, and equipment for JASSM lot 19/20.


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $15,988,766 for Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) low rate initial production (fiscal 2023, Block IIIC) in Huntsville, Alabama.

RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $10,052,688 for depot repairs and sustainment of the High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) targeting system.


Javelin JV (RTX & Lockheed Martin), Tucson, Arizona, $1,024,355,817 for the Javelin weapon system and support equipment.


Northrop Grumman, Plymouth, Minnesota, $40,600,169 for Precision Guidance Kit M1156E4 (develop, qualify, produce, field).


Arnold Defense and Electronics, Arnold, Missouri, $56,518,359, for 2.75-inch (70mm) rocket launchers, subcomponents, and support for USA and FMS.


Day & Zimmermann Kansas LLC, Parsons, Kansas; Nammo Pocal Inc., Scranton, Pennsylvania; Canadian Commercial Corp., Ottawa, Ontario; $132,687,199 for full-range practice cartridges.


Accurate Energetic Systems LLC, McEwen, Tennessee, $86,228,352 for Charge, Demolition MK 179 (MOD 0) and the Charge, Demolition MK 180 (MOD 0) Assembly – production, acceptance, and delivery.


Lockheed Martin, Grand Prairie, Texas, $96,681,069 for logistics support re: launcher repair and return.

Lockheed Martin, Grand Prairie, Texas, $42,000,000 for modernization (block III) of a common fire control system for HIMARS. Work in Palm Bay, Florida.

Lockheed Martin, Grand Prairie, Texas, $29,599,564 for logistics support for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and Multiple Launcher Rocket Systems (MLRS) munitions and additional services. Some FMS to Bahrain, Jordan, Poland, Finland, Romania, South Korea.


Yoland Corp., Paterson, New Jersey, $76,210,684 for parachutes used on artillery and mortar illuminating ammunition.




AM General LLC, South Bend, Indiana, $4,653,330,000 for Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, trailers, kits and services to support production.

AM General, South Bend, Indiana, $42,777,140 for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) runflat assemblies.

Ricardo Defense Inc., Troy, Michigan, $8,725,170 for 2,000 anti-lock brake and electronic stability control retrofit kits for HMMWV.


BAE Systems, York, Pennsylvania, $9,638,559 for M109A7 and M992A3 vehicles.


BAE Systems, San Jose, California, $10,906,228 for engineering and vehicle service support to Vehicle Protection Systems Base Kit with Laser Warning Receiver.


US Hardware Supply Inc., Winter Park, Florida ($12,564,936), and Worldwide Equipment Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee ($12,287,754), for parts kits for the General Dynamics M1A1 Abrams tank.

General Dynamics, Sterling Heights, Michigan, $17,613,444 for Abrams system technical support. Some FMS (Kuwait and Poland).

General Dynamics, Sterling Heights, Michigan, $10,345,138 for low-rate initial production of Mobile Protected Firepower system. Work in Sterling Heights, Michigan; Lima, Ohio; and Anniston, Alabama.


DRS Sustainment Systems Inc., Bridgeton, Missouri, $29,021,388 for Joint Assault Bridge and training.




Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, $75,000,000 to produce spare parts for Mobile Expeditionary Power Sources and Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources programs for Army.




ACC Construction Co., Augusta, Georgia, $24,145,684 to build an advanced skills training facility annex, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

General Dynamics IT, Orlando, Florida, $14,562,958 to support mission training complexes at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.


CAE USA Inc., Tampa, Florida, $44,522,812 for initial training (air, ground, and simulation) to prep pilot candidates for follow-on rotary wing flight training. Work in Dothan, Alabama.

Diverse Technology Korps Inc., Chesapeake, Virginia, $8,408,110 for gunnery range operations, maintenance, and repair at Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker), Alabama.


Plateau Software Inc., Fairfax, Virginia, $9,900,000 for planning and training support services for the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center.




AT2 LLC, Severn, Maryland, $8,393,348 for operations, maintenance, and support (range threat, scoring, and feedback systems) of Air Force training ranges: Dare County Range, North Carolina; Poinsett Range, South Carolina; Grand Bay Range and Avon Park Range, Georgia; Snyder Range, Texas; Belle Fourche Range, South Dakota; Holloman Ranges, New Mexico; Mountain Home Ranges, Idaho.


Calspan Corp., Buffalo, New York, $50,643,267 (five years) for support to Variable Stability In-Flight Simulator and test aircraft support for Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS).


MilSup LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada, $10,690,931 for another year of Aircrew Training and Courseware Development for aircraft (RC/OC/WC-135 and E-4B) at Offutt AFB, Nebraska.


Aero Simulation Inc., Tampa, Florida; Aerospace Training Systems Partners JV LLP, Norman, Oklahoma; Aviation Training Consulting LLC, Altus, Oklahoma; Craig Technical Consulting Inc., Cape Canaveral, Florida; CTE II JV LLC, Orlando, Florida; CymSTAR LLC, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma LLC (DRG), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Falconry Training Solutions JV, Lakewood, Colorado; Fidelity Technologies Corp, Reading, Pennsylvania; Innovative Training Solutions LLC, Oviedo, Florida; J.F. Taylor Inc., Great Mills, Maryland; Logistic Services International Inc., Jacksonville, Florida; Nova Technologies, Tallahassee, Florida; Phoenix Defense Ventures LLC, Gilbert, Arizona; Pinnacle Solutions Inc., Huntsville, Alabama; PTC Solutions JV LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Radiance Technologies Inc., Huntsville, Alabama; Spirit Simulation Inc., Niceville, Florida; Trusted Readiness Solutions LLC, Camas, Washington; Veraxx Engineering Corp., Chantilly, Virginia; Alion Science and Technology Corp., McLean, Virginia; American Systems Corp., Chantilly, Virginia; Aero XR Solutions LLC, Orlando, Florida; Azure Training Systems JV LLC, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Boeing St. Louis, Missouri; Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., McLean, Virginia; CACI Inc., Chantilly, Virginia; CAE USA, Arlington, Texas; RTX’s Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; FlightSafety Services Corp., Centennial, Colorado; General Dynamics IT, Falls Church, Virginia; HII Defense and Federal Solutions Inc., Huntsville, Alabama; Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida; Northrop Grumman, Herndon, Virginia; SAIC, Reston, Virginia; TRU Simulation + Training Inc., Goose Creek, South Carolina; V2X d.b.a. Vertex Aerospace LLC, Madison, Mississippi; $32,500,000,000 (ceiling over 10 years) for the analysis, design, development, production, installation, integration, test, and sustainment for Air Force training systems encompassing complex aircrew, maintenance, and system-specific training systems in the U.S. and worldwide.


Avix-BGI JV II LLC, Yorktown, Virginia, $10,918,564 for weapons systems simulator training and support in Lackland, Texas, and Tucson, Arizona for the National Guard.




Management Services Group, d.b.a Global Technical Systems, Virginia Beach, Virginia, $10,963,513 for Battle Force Tactical Training/Advanced Training Domain shipboard combat system training units and engineering support.




Black and Veatch, Overland Park, Kansas; RTX, Dulles, Virginia; AECOM d.b.a. URS Federal Services, Cleveland, Ohio; Parsons, Pasadena, California; Jacobs d.b.a. CH2M Hill, Herndon, Virginia; Amentum d.b.a. PAE, Fredericksburg, Virginia; $164,400,000 (from $970,000,000 to $1,134,400,000) for the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program, which works with other countries to reduce the “threat from weapons of mass destruction and related materials, technologies, facilities, and expertise.”




Fechheimer Brothers Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, $9,247,500 for men’s uniform dress trousers for Army. Work in Kentucky and Tennessee.


Bethel Industries Inc., Jersey City, New Jersey, $8,040,600 for trousers for Army and Air Force. Performance in Kentucky.

Puerto Rico Industry for the Blind Corp.,  Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, $32,438,800, for women’s slacks for the Army.

Puerto Rico Apparel Manufacturing Corp. (PRAMA), Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, $10,928,873 for coats and trousers for Army and Air Force.


National Industries for the Blind, Alexandria, Virginia, $7,882,500 for physical fitness uniform pants for Army. Work in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR), D.C., $9,906,000 for physical fitness uniform trunks for Army. Performance in New Jersey, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado.


SOFX Inc., Charleston, South Carolina, $11,655,000, was added to the 28 Mar 2023 contract (SPE1C1-23-D-0046) for GEN III cold weather jackets.

Gil Sewing Corp., Chicago, Illinois, $15,463,800 for men’s uniform dress coats for Army.


Bernard Cap LLC, Hialeah, Florida, $40,527,158 for men’s and women’s blue jumpers for the Navy.




Dominion Privatization South Carolina LLC, Richmond, Virginia, $10,019,352 for additional electric utility system services at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.




Exelan Pharmaceuticals Inc., Boca Raton, Florida, $8,748,919 for finasteride tablets. Performance in New York for DOD, the VA, Indian Health Services, and Federal Bureau of Prisons.


Veteran Information Technologies LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $22,478,098, to procure brand name peripheral support hardware for connection to Military Health System (MHS) GENESIS. Items will be supplied to James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Wright Patterson Medical Center, Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Ireland Army Health Clinic, Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, and Guthrie Ambulatory Health Clinic.


OptumHealth Care Solutions LLC, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, $15,000,000 for Global Nurse Advice Line (NAL) support services. Performance in Falls Church, Virginia. The NAL will provide 24/7 “access to telehealth registered nurses for triage services, self-care advice, and general health inquiries.” It also offers customer service and care coordination (e.g., provider locator support, military treatment facility appointing services, urgent care referral submissions, military treatment facility transfers) for eligible MHS beneficiaries. The Global NAL requires access and interoperability with existing military applications and systems including the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, Composite Health Care System, and the new electronic health record called MHS GENESIS. Access and interoperability will allow for eligibility verification of NAL callers, and the ability to book primary care appointments, submit urgent care referrals, book appointments for the Red Hill Clinic in Hawaii, and document the NAL encounters.


Metro Medical Equipment & Supply Inc., Saint Ann, Missouri ($30,000,000), was added to the 1 May 2019 contract for medical and surgical supplies for DLA Electronic Catalog, SPE2DE-18-R0001.

Medline Industries LP, Northfield, Illinois ($30,000,000), was added to the 24 Feb 2023 contract for commercial laboratory equipment, accessories and consumables for DLA Electronic Catalog, SPE2DE-22-R-0006.


Geo-Med, LLC, Lake Mary, Florida ($90,000,000), was added to the 10 Feb 2022 contract for medical equipment and accessories for DLA Electronic Catalog, SPE2DH-21-R-0002.

Manus Medical LLC, Fernandina Beach, Florida ($25,000,000), was added to the 10 Feb 2022 contract for medical equipment and accessories for DLA Electronic Catalog, SPE2DH-21-R-0002.


Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, D.C., $61,560,778 for DOD Safe Helpline (SHL) services, providing “anonymous, live, one-on-one crisis intervention, support, information, and resources to members of the DOD community who have been affected by sexual assault…” Includes a telephone helpline, online helpline, website, text-for-information service, mobile self-care app, anonymous online peer support, and resource database for transitioning service members, publicly searchable responder database, follow-up support and self-paced educational courses. Work at contractor’s facility and government site located in Alexandria, Virginia.


Ventec Life Systems LLC, Bothell, Washington ($450,000,000), was added to the 14 Dec 2018 contract for patient monitoring systems, accessories and training for DLA Electronic Catalog, SPE2D1-17-R-0001.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


Remy Battery Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin ($13,942,972); Hi-Tech Glass LLC, Southampton, New Jersey ($12,733,820); Jamison Professional Services Inc., Aurora, Colorado ($10,248,990), for storage batteries.


B3 Enterprises LLC, Woodbridge, Virginia, $16,705,554 for refuel and defuel services, Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker), Alabama.


Eastern Aviation, d.b.a Titan Aviation, New Bern, North Carolina ($10,092,027), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Hammond Northshore Regional Airport, Louisiana, SPE607-23-R-0202.


AAR Aircraft Services, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ($63,128,342), was added to 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma, SPE607-23-R-0202.


Avfuel Corp., Ann Arbor, Michigan ($28,543,033), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Golden Triangle Regional Airport, Mississippi, SPE607-23-R-0202.

Avfuel Corp., Ann Arbor, Michigan ($16,634,965), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Roswell International Air Center, New Mexico, SPE607-23-R-0202.

Avfuel Corp., Ann Arbor, Michigan ($8,817,117) was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Tupelo Regional Airport, Mississippi, SPE607-23-R-0202.

Avfuel Corp., Ann Arbor, Michigan ($11,122,271), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Montgomery Regional Airport, Alabama, SPE607‐23‐R‐0202.

Avfuel Corp., Ann Arbor, Michigan (SPE607-23-D-0079, $28,821,908), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Arizona, SPE607-23-R-0202.

Avfuel Corp., Ann Arbor, Michigan ($7,790,291), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Valley International Airport, Texas, SPE607-23-R-0202.


Meridian Airport Authority, d.b.a Meridian Aviation, Meridian, Mississippi ($52,204,072), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Meridian Regional Key Field Airport, Mississippi, SPE607-23-R-0202.

McCreery Aviation Co., McAllen, Texas ($19,925,313), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at McAllen Miller International Airport, Texas, SPE607-23-R-0202.


Signature Flight Support LLC, Orlando, Florida ($21,223,982), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Midland International Airport, Texas, SPE607-23-R-0202.

Signature Flight Support, Orlando, Florida ($14,418,732), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Mobile Regional Airport, Alabama, SPE607‐23‐R‐0202.

Signature Flight Support, Memphis, Tennessee ($17,411,128), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Memphis International Airport, Tennessee, SPE607-23-R-0202.

Signature Flight Support, Orlando, Florida ($23,324,479) was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at Nashville International Airport, Tennessee.

Signature Flight Support, Orlando, Florida ($14,628,906), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at McGhee Tyson Airport, Tennessee, SPE607-23-R-0202.

Signature Flight Support, Orlando, Florida ($19,649,211), was added to the 6 Mar 2023 contract for fuel support at San Antonio International Airport, Texas, SPE607-23-R-0202.


NuStar Terminals Operations Partnership L.P., San Antonio, Texas, $75,060,000 for fuel storage and services to receive, store, protect, and ship government-owned aviation fuel (Jet A and Jet AA).


Goshawk LLC, San Antonio, Texas; Kinley Construction Co., Arlington, Texas; Nova Group Inc., Napa, California; Pond Constructors Inc., San Diego, California; $150,000,000 for construction, renovation, and repair of natural gas and petroleum, oils, and lubricants fuel systems at government installations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.




Boeing, Tukwila, Washington $27,500,000 for two VC-25B aircraft. Work in San Antonio, Texas.


ENVIRONMENTAL – The US military-industrial complex is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (e.g., carbon emissions, particulates, runoff, exploded & unexploded ordnance, byproducts from the war industry’s manufacturing, nuclear waste, and nuclear fallout from tests in Nevada). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


Enviremedial Services Inc., Oceanside, California, $20,500,000 for facility services for USACE, Little Rock, Arkansas.


Delta Land Services LLC, Port Allen, Louisiana, $10,101,000 for bottomland hardwood mitigation credits in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.


The Solution Foundry LLC, Woodstock, Georgia, $73,000,000 to support environmental management and training projects for USACE, Tulsa, Oklahoma.




Military Produce Group, Norfolk, Virginia, $33,275,705 for fresh fruits and vegetable products for 29 commissaries in Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine. 24 months beginning July 2023.


DNO Inc., Columbus, Ohio, $11,177,190 (for 24 months beginning 3 July 2023) for fruits and vegetables for 13 commissaries in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri.


Labatt Institutional Supply Co., d.b.a Labatt Food Service, San Antonio, Texas, $78,373,493 for food distribution in New Mexico.


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: custodial, electrical, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, management & administration, pavement clearance, pest control, public safety, vehicles & equipment service, waste management, wastewater. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the Pentagon’s full adoption of neoliberal economic policies.


Vectrus-J&J Facilities Support LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $25,723,825 for base operations at the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.


Jacobs, Tullahoma, Tennessee, $50,752,332 (brings contract to $147,150,691) for base operations support at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.


GSD Services LLC, Rockville, Maryland, $75,605,209 for base operations support at Twentynine Palms, California.




KCorp Reliance Co. Inc., Fairbanks, Alaska, $13,294,154 for design, inspection, and engineering oversight for the Automated Operational Technology Support Services program for Defense Logistics Agency.


Federal Contracts Corp., Tampa, Florida ($255,000,000) was added to the 22 Jul 2022 contract for material handling equipment, SPE8EC‐21‐R‐0001.




MKS2 LLC, Austin, Texas, $43,023,996 for Army Transition Assistance Program services at Fort Knox, Kentucky.




Canadian Commercial Corp., Ottawa, Ontario, $7,566,758 to replace excitation systems at Wolf Creek Power Plant, Jamestown, Kentucky.


G&G Steel Inc., Russellville, Alabama, $17,954,670 for lower miter gates and spare parts for Demopolis Lock and Coffeeville Lock, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Anderson Contracting LLC, Yazoo City, Mississippi, $10,922,460 for flood control and channel improvement in Greenwood, Mississippi.


CDM Stanley (a joint venture), Fairfax, Virginia, $8,146,547 to complete the design of the entire North Bypass Channel, Fort Worth, Texas.


Maloney-Odin JV, Novato, California, $26,963,537 for Folsom Dam dike construction in California.

Granite Construction Co., Watsonville, California, $172,948,401 for the Sacramento Weir Widening project, West Sacramento, California.




Brinkerhoff Excavating and Construction Inc., Ogden, Utah; DSB Construction LLC, American Fork, Utah; and Pure Enviro-Management LLC, Spanish Fork, Utah; $92,500,581 for paving projects and pavement improvements (e.g., pavement excavation and replacement; road and parking lot construction; slab-on-grade and sidewalk construction; drainage systems) at Hill AFB, Little Mountain Test Annex, and Utah Test and Training Range, Utah; Carter Creek and Boulder, Wyoming; and other locations under the jurisdiction of Hill AFB.


CJW Construction, Santa Ana, California, $7,697,398 for runway construction at Edwards AFB, California.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & REPAIR – Military construction physically lays the foundation that expands and extends the permanent warfare state. This construction also effectively co-opts construction workers, rallying these members of the working class around the flag. It is a very powerful narcotic.


John Deere Shared Services LLC, Moline, Illinois ($755,000,000), was added to the 3 Nov 2022 contract for construction equipment, SPE8EC-21-R-0004.


Walsh Federal LLC, Chicago, Illinois, $24,929,000 to build an air traffic control tower at Webster Outlying Field, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland.


G-W Management Services LLC, Rockville, Maryland; Biscayne Contractors Inc., Alexandria, Virginia; Tuckman-Barbee Construction Co. Inc., Marlboro, Maryland; CER Inc., Severna Park, Maryland; Belt Built-CFM JV, Crofton, Maryland; EGI HSU JV LLC, Rockville, Maryland; Desbuild Inc., Hyattsville, Maryland; Tidewater Inc., Elkridge, Maryland; $76,000,000 for repairs, renovations, new construction, and alterations within NAVFAC Washington, D.C.

Pond-Baker JV, Norcross, Georgia, $15,000,000 for architectural-engineering and design re: industrial and research facilities for Navy in the D.C. area.


MIG GOV, Virginia Beach, Virginia; CCI Group LLC, Manchester, Maine; Etolin Strait Associates, Norfolk, Virginia; Goshawk LLC, San Antonio, Texas; Ocean Construction Services, Virginia Beach, Virginia; TYBe-Garney Federal JV LLC, Newbern, Tennessee, $95,000,000 for utility mechanical construction in NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic, with work concentrated in the Hampton Roads area.

PC Mechanical Inc., Santa Maria, California, $34,000,000 for civil engineering support equipment support services in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (90%), and Santa Monica, California (10%).


Alliant Corp., Knoxville, Tennessee; Axias Inc., Alexandria, Virginia; Hunter Atlantic LLC, McLean, Virginia; Legis-Pro2Serve, Atlanta, Georgia; MOCA Systems Inc., Boston, Massachusetts; $10,000,000 for civil works, environmental and military projects for USACE, Huntington, West Virginia.


Siler SCF JV LLC, Clairfield, Tennessee; Outside The Box LLC, Richmond, Virginia; A-Plus K&K JV Inc., Newberry, Michigan; Hightower Construction Co., Inc., North Charleston, South Carolina; Ashford Leebcor Enterprises V LLC, Williamsburg, Virginia; $96,000,000 for maintenance, repair, and minor construction in South Carolina at Joint Base Charleston Air Base; Joint Base Charleston Weapons Station; Defense Fuel Supply Point; and Short Stay Recreational Area.


DCR Services & Construction Inc., Detroit, Michigan, was added to the 28 Dec 2022 contract for construction at DOD installations in Jacksonville, Mayport, and Orlando, Florida, areas managed by NAVFAC Southeast, N69450-23-D-0023.

Merrick-RS&H JV LLP, Greenwood Village, Colorado, $13,500,000 for architectural and engineering re: construction for the Navy within the southeast U.S.

The Johnson-McAdams Firm P.A., Greenwood, Mississippi, $30,000,000 for engineering services within NAVFAC Southeast: preparation of design-bid-build documents and design-build requests for proposals.


Bear Brothers Inc., Montgomery, Alabama, $12,057,150 to repair Aircraft Maintenance Building 1455, Maxwell AFB, Alabama.


Red Eagle JV, Coweta, Oklahoma, $24,732,540, for building conversion and renovation in Barksdale AFB, Louisiana.

PRIDE Industries, Roseville, California, $128,293,763 for repair and maintenance of property, Joint Training Readiness Center and Fort Polk, Louisiana.


Messer Construction, Dayton, Ohio, $116,565,000 for renovation of Air Force Materiel Command headquarters, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio.


Tidewater Inc., Elkridge, Maryland, $20,500,000 for facility investment services for Army Reserve Command via USACE, Little Rock, Arkansas.


A&M Engineering and Environmental Services Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma; LRS-Hill JV LLC., Severna Park, Maryland; and MSMM Huitt-Zollars JV LLC, New Orleans, Louisiana, $25,000,000 for 8 years of construction for USACE, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Blair Remy Merrick MP JV LLC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Etegra - CEMS JV1 LLC, Olivette, Missouri; Etegra Inc., St. Louis, Missouri; Merrick & Co., Greenwood Village, Colorado; exp Federal, Chicago, Illinois; Michael Baker International & Huitt-Zollars JV, Dallas, Texas; $48,000,000 for architect-engineering services for USACE, Fort Worth, Texas.

CCI Energy and Construction Services, Garden Ridge, Texas, $10,550,147 for repair, replacement, and improvement of building systems, and repair of interior damage at Sheppard AFB, Texas.


Page Southerland Page Inc., D.C.; Wiley & Wilson Inc., Alexandria, Virginia; Karn Charuhas Chapman & Twohey PC, D.C. $30,000,000 for architect-engineer services for USACE, Omaha, Nebraska.


TEPA EC LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $12,129,000 to build a fire station support facility at Fort Carson, Colorado.


A&R Pacific-Garney Federal JV, Tamuning, Guam, $154,880,873 for P-1231 wastewater treatment plant at Twentynine Palms, California.

Sierra Hydrographics, Auberry, California, $9,800,000 for streamflow and weather station maintenance and repair, rating-curve development and discharge measurements for USACE, Sacramento, California.


West Coast JV-II LLC, Coos Bay, Oregon, $9,000,000 for sustainment, modernization and improvement projects.


Advanced Technology Construction, Tacoma, Washington; Central Environmental Inc., Anchorage, Alaska; Los Alamos Technology Associates, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Macnak Construction Inc., Lakewood, Washington; Northbank Civil and Marine Inc., Vancouver, Washington; Advanced American Construction, Inc., Portland, Oregon; $99,900,000 for design, construction, and repair of property for USACE, Walla Walla, Washington.

Legis Consultancy Inc., Atlanta, Georgia; Hunter Pacific Group, San Diego, California; RCECM-Crawford, Richland, Washington; $23,000,000 for engineering re: cost estimating, risk analysis, planning and scheduling for USACE, Walla Walla, Washington.

Tetra Tech Inc., Pasadena, California; Jacobs, Arlington, Virginia; McMillen Inc., Boise, Idaho; $34,000,000 for engineering and design services for USACE, Walla Walla, Washington.




Norfolk Dredging Co., Chesapeake, Virginia, $14,000,520 to place 200,000 cubic yards of beach fill along the coast of Brigantine, New Jersey.


Cottrell Contracting Corp., Chesapeake, Virginia, $8,941,350 for maintenance and dredging, Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, St. Marys, Georgia.


Manson Construction Co., Seattle, Washington, $49,000,000 for dredging in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.


Luhr Bros. Inc., Columbia, Illinois, $12,775,239 for dredging shoals along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and tributaries.


Callan Marine Ltd, Galveston, Texas, $9,430,000 for dredging  in Galveston, Texas.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., Houston, Texas, $157,399,830 for dredging the Freeport Harbor Channel, Freeport, Texas.

Weeks Marine Inc., Covington, Louisiana, $10,330,500 for maintenance and dredging of Brazos Island Harbor entrance and jetty channel, South Padre Island, Texas.



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Christian Sorensen is an author, independent journalist, and researcher focused on the business of war.