Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Nonstop war is a very profitable racket. What follows are the contracts announced during August 2023. Click on the links for greater detail.




Great Hill (of Seneca Nation), Chantilly, Virginia, $43,915,156 for one year of risk management, audit response & remediation, and sustainment support services for Defense Health Agency (DHA) … to ensure a “clean” or unmodified audit opinion by fiscal 2028. Work in Falls Church, Virginia.


Western Door Federal, Fredericksburg, Virginia, $8,059,148 for financial and program management support to DHA Direct Care Financial Management Division in areas of programming, budget development and execution, accounting, and training support. Work primarily at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.


Advancia Aeronautics LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, $63,959,630 for one year of budgeting, financial, accounting, property, system support, financial improvement, audit readiness, category management, business process re-engineering, and training support for Defense Health Agency (DHA) Comptroller “to ensure the highest level of accuracy of the agency's financial and accounting computation and uniform application of policies, procedures, and acceptable accounting standards…” Work in Falls Church.  Advancia Technologies LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, $18,500,548 for budgeting, financial, accounting, and more for DHA Enterprise and Office of the Comptroller. Work primarily in Falls Church, Virginia, through 15 Aug 2023.




General Atomics, Poway, California, $11,717,322 for conversion kits (10) to modify MQ-9A drones (from UHK97000-20 to the -25 configuration) and necessary data for Navy.


General Atomics, Poway, California, $12,568,468, for aircrew launch and recovery services. Work in London, UK.


INDOPACOM / Who profits from tensions with China?


Pavement Technical Solutions, Broadlands, Virginia, $9,000,000, for architect-engineer services for USACE, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Schuyler Line Navigation Co. (SLNC), Annapolis, Maryland, $9,468,900 for operation and crewing of the tanker (transports cargo) MT SLNC PAX in the western Pacific.


Black Construction, Harmon, Guam, $11,000,000, to design and build a live-fire training range complex at Andersen AFB, Guam.

Caddell-Nan JV, Montgomery, Alabama, $12,016,223, for furniture, fixtures, and equipment for a barracks (“bachelor enlisted quarters”) at Camp Blaz, Guam.

Alliance Worldwide LLC, Boerne, Texas, $8,000,000, for equipment maintenance and repair at Naval Base Guam.


Parsons, Pasadena, California, $34,291,600, for family housing replacement in the Marshall Islands.


De La Fuente Construction Inc., National City, California; Iyabak Construction LLC, Anchorage, Alaska; Virtual Computing Technology, Carlsbad, California; Windy Bay Services, Anchorage, Alaska; $20,000,000 for security barriers at DOD installations worldwide.


Northrop Grumman, San Diego, California, $83,118,831, to retrofit two MQ-4C “Triton” unmanned aircraft systems (B9 and B10) and one main operating base (MB-6P) to “Integrated Functional Capability Four” configuration for U.S. Navy and Australia (Foreign Cooperative Funds $300,000). See announcement for work locations.

Northrop Grumman, San Diego, California, $14,105,313 for installation of MQ-4C Triton ground segments mobile operating base (MOB) and post installation site acceptance testing for Australia. Also provides software for some MOB. Work in McLean, Virginia (77.14%); Symonston, Australia (7.75%); San Diego, California (7.74%); Waco, Texas (2.3%); Salt Lake City, Utah (1.42%); and various locations within continental U.S. (3.65%). Australian Air Force Cooperative funds allocated. State Department brags about “security cooperation” here.


KBR, Houston, Texas; Vectrus, Colorado Springs, Colorado; IAP-ECC LLC, Cape Canaveral, Florida; FLUOR, Greenville, South Carolina; and AECOM, Los Angeles, California, $98,000,000 (increasing contract to $998,000,000) for ongoing “global contingency services”: incidental construction to provide facility support services re: natural and manmade disasters, humanitarian assistance, “and the full range of military operations; and projects with similar characteristics.” NAVFAC Pacific contracted with industry on this. The overall contract dates back to September 2016. More information available at Highergov.


JJLL LLC, Austin, Texas, $10,412,499 for support services to U.S. military in the Philippines, mostly in Manila and Zamboanga. Might include other locations within Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and Oceania. Expected completed by March 2024.


Textron, Wichita, Kansas, $31,094,855, for BPC T-6C Program – Tranche 2: support and supply of three T-6C aircraft. Fiscal 2022 and 2023 Building Partnership Capacity funds obligated. lists the recipient country as Vietnam.




American International Contractors, McLean, Virginia, $15,188,000 to build fuel cell and maintenance hangars in Jordan.


Northrop Grumman, San Diego, California, $11,905,278, for additional “fleet support representatives” to provide technical support for getting MQ-4C Triton unmanned aerial system (UAS) aircraft up and running for Fifth Fleet. For U.S. Navy and Australia. Work in McLean (48.9%) and Chantilly (4%), Virginia; San Diego, California (11.8%); Salt Lake City, Utah (11.5%); Mayport, Florida (9.5%); Linthicum, Maryland (4.6%); various locations outside continental U.S. (9.7%).


Bryan Ashush JV, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $35,889,240 for construction of a life-support area in Israel, estimated completion date 30 Aug 2026.




AECOM, Neu-Isenbury, Germany; Coplan-Merrick JV LLP, Greenwood Village, Colorado; Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp., Overland Park, Kansas; Stantec GS Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia; exp Federal Inc., Chicago, Illinois; Jacobs, Arlington, Virginia; WSP USA Solutions, D.C., $49,000,000, for architect-engineer services for USACE, Europe District, regarding Boeing “Apache” aircraft.


CDM Constructors Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, $10,418,168, for building a dining facility for USACE, European District.


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $192,000,000, to purchase fielded Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) from various sources for Ukraine. Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative funds used.




Key Strategic Alliance, Tampa, Florida, $9,950,000, for Joint Terminal Attack Controller services for Naval Special Warfare Command.


HAVIK, San Diego, California, $19,900,000, ($155,000 minimum ordering guarantee) for the HAVIK system, spares, license renewals, sustainment, and new equipment training in support of Special Operations Command (SOCOM).


FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)The two main ways that the U.S. war industry sells to foreign governments are foreign military sales (FMS) and direct commercial sales (DCS). In FMS, the U.S. government acts as the intermediary between the corporation and the foreign government. DCS are negotiated privately between foreign governments and U.S. corporations, and the State Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs is in charge of issuing the relevant export licenses. The U.S. war industry leads the world in arms sales. It pitches such sales as advantageous to the Pentagon in terms of economies of scale (i.e. sales to other countries bring down the price per unit) and promoting interoperability.


General Atomics, Poway, California, $25,396,875, for FMS (UK): contractor logistics support (field service representative, repair and return, and technical support tasks) for MQ-9A and ground control station. Work at an international location.


Safe Boats International, Bremerton, Washington, $22,271,829 for FMS (Ukraine): procurement and installation of Gun Weapon Systems (6) onto patrol boats (Island class) with spares. Work in Tacoma, Washington. Paid for with Foreign Military Financing (FMF).


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $622,360,584, for FMS (Germany): program management, unique requirements, and training re: integrating Germany into the F-35 program. Work in Fort Worth, Texas (70%); Orlando, Florida (15%); and Greenville, South Carolina (15%).


Northrop Grumman, Melbourne, Florida, $29,139,865 for unique components and recurring engineering re: production of E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft (3) for France. See announcement for work locations.


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, for long lead time materials, parts, components, and efforts re: on-time production and delivery of 173 F-35 aircraft (lot 19) for FMS ($329,500,000) and non-U.S. DOD participants ($277,300,000). Work in Fort Worth, Texas (59%); El Segundo, California (14%); Warton, UK (9%); Cameri, Italy (4%); Orlando, Florida (4%); Nashua, New Hampshire (3%); Baltimore, Maryland (3%); San Diego, California (2%); and various locations outside the continental U.S. (2%).


Lockheed Martin, Grand Prairie, Texas, $23,769,862 for the Common Ignition Safety Device. Some FMS (Bahrain, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, and the UAE).


Bowhead Marine Support Services, Springfield, Virginia, $25,000,000, for services and materials re: acquisition, operation, and maintenance of small boat maritime assets. Work worldwide for U.S. Navy (25%) and unnamed allies (75%). Many of the 13 corporations formed under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA)—particularly Arctic Slope Regional Corp. (ASRC) and Chugach—have grown into major military contractors.


Amentum, Chantilly, Virginia, $591,653,634, for FMS “supportability follow-on technical support”: Allied governments access life cycle support, systems upgrades, systems integration, etc., re: transfer/acquisition, operation, and maintenance of naval vessels and systems. 55% of work in the U.S. The other 45% in Iraq 25%, Egypt 25%, Philippines 10%, to be determined 40%.


On-Point Defense Technologies, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, maximum $8,597,609, for integrated master batteries and upgraded TOW missile launchers and armament control units. For U.S. Army, federal civilian agencies and FMS (Morocco and Ukraine).


FMS – Containment of China


Boeing, Mesa, Arizona, $8,284,361, for FMS (Australia): engineering support on Boeing AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopters.


Boeing, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, $94,099,251, FMS (India): two separate installments (1, 2) for integration and installation of new technology on two Boeing 777 aircraft. Work at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Ardmore, Arkansas.


Longbow LLC, Orlando, Florida, $156,372,092, for FMS (Australia): Fire Control Radar (to be used on Boeing AH-64 “Apache” attack helicopters) and other support hardware and auxiliary services. Work in Orlando, Florida, and Linthicum Heights, Maryland.

Vectrus, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $7,567,761, for FMS (Australia): support (case/project, program, and financial management) and engineering and technical assistance support re: MH-60R helicopters (3), subsystems, armament, engines, airborne weapons, spares, and related equipment. Work in Patuxent River, Maryland.


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $18,170,000, for FMS (Taiwan): F-16 Systems Program Office FMS support re: F-16 (block 20) service life extension. Work in USA (Fort Worth, Texas) and Taiwan.




COMSETRA LLC (see website), Jay, Oklahoma, $16,778,793, for FMS (Qatar): communications security custodial services in Qatar.


PKL Services, Poway, California, $39,566,733, for FMS (Saudi Arabia): F-15SA Upgrade Maintenance Training at King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia.


Rolls-Royce, Novi, Michigan, $35,793,487, for FMS (Israel): armored personnel carrier power packs.


Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky), Stratford, Connecticut, for CH-53K helicopters (full-rate production): 8 for Israel ($324,710,525). Also provides associated aircraft and programmatic support, logistical support and spares. See announcement for more details.


FMS Egypt – The U.S. government pretends to care about human rights while supporting dictatorships. The Egyptian government locks up tens of thousands of political prisoners.


Regulus Global LLC, Virginia Beach, Virginia, $10,830,090 for FMS (Egypt): low profile night vision goggle kits (AN/PVS-21), clip on thermal modules, micro combat identification beacons, and airfield multi-spectral beacon system kits. Work in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Alakai Defense Systems Inc., Largo, Florida, $30,719,672, for FMS (Egypt): check point explosive detection systems (10), support equipment, spares, training, and technical publications. Work in Largo, Florida (75%), and Cairo, Egypt (25%).

Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri, $14,696,295, for FMS (Egypt): one Harpoon Weapon System (HWS) joint common test set (JCTS); one two-year HWS JCTS interim spares kit, and technical manuals. See announcement for other goods and services sold. Work in St. Charles (69%), Piedmont (2%), Union (2%), Missouri; Alexandria, Egypt (13%); Smithfield, Pennsylvania (8%); Orange Park (3%) & St. Petersburg (1%), Florida; Huntsville, Alabama (1%); Galena, Kansas (1%).




Threat Tec-Yorktown Systems Group JV LLC, Hampton, Virginia, $33,515,709 for “intelligence operational environment and core functions support services” at Fort Eustis, Virginia.


Webworld Technologies Inc., Fairfax, Virginia; Inflowlogistics LLC, San Antonio, Texas; 1 Mission Partners, Haymarket, Virginia; Innovative Approach JV LLC, Alexandria, Virginia; Karthik Consulting, LLC, Falls Church, Virginia, $99,999,999, for advisory and assistance support re: Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Cyber Effects Operations Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority. Work mainly at government facilities in National Capital Region.


AR1, Goleta, California, was added to the 6 April 2023 contract for supplies and services in support of Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Gateway to Sustainment contract.


Leidos, Reston, Virginia, $7,900,000,000, for hardware systems, system management products, components, customizable sustainment strategies, continuous technology upgrades, etc. Ordering through 30 Aug 2033.




Verato, McLean, Virginia, and Array USA, Boca Raton, Florida, $330,000,000 for credit reporting services for DCSA. Five-year base ordering period.


Cherokee Insights LLC, Tulsa, Oklahoma, $100,000,000 for analytical services for DCSA Vetting Risk Operations expedited screening and continuous vetting. Work in Hanover, Maryland, and McLean, Virginia.




Ball Aerospace, Fairborn, Ohio, $13,983,452 (from $14,074,317 to $28,057,769) for Responsive Operator-Interface Development at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. BAE Systems plc of London, UK, is in the process of acquiring Ball Aerospace.


Phase Sensitive Innovations, Newark, Delaware, $8,844,000 for Advanced Thin-film Optical Modulators R&D: Develop wafer fabrication processes of thin film lithium niobate, which advances analog photonic components and links for “next generation communications and radar systems.” Expected done by 30 Sep 2027.


Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland, Ohio, $17,500,000 for R&D of vehicle aerodynamics.


CNF Technologies, San Antonio, Texas, $135,650,000 for research, development, and test, and evaluation “to improve operational effectiveness and for the advancement of computer systems” utilized by Marines. Work at San Antonio, Texas (10%), and Quantico, Virginia (90%).


Machine Tool Marketing Inc., Bixby, Oklahoma; Machine Tools USA, Mathews, Virginia; Pacific IC Source, Yucaipa, California, $49,000,000, for equipment for R&D labs: analytical and diagnostic equipment, work-holding devices, and peripheral equipment for conventional, explosion-proof, and computer numerically controlled equipment. Work in Bixby, Oklahoma (33.4%); Mathews, Virginia (33.3%); and Yucaipa, California (33.3%). Expected completed in August 2028.


Envisioneering Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, $9,173,944, for engineering support of Radar Division Advanced Concept Group, Naval Research Laboratory in D.C. (75%) and Alexandria, Virginia (25%).


Northrop Grumman, Linthicum, Maryland, $8,120,800 to develop infrared sensor technology (“Advanced Staring Infrared Search and Track Technology”) for AFRL. Expected done by 16 Aug 2026.


UES Inc., Dayton, Ohio, $21,999,999 for using electron, X-ray, and ion-optical techniques to characterize novel materials developed at AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.


L3Harris, Wilmington, Massachusetts, $9,232,747 for the Military Tactical Means program for AFRL.


CACI, Chantilly, Virginia, $414,134,512, for software and systems engineering re: research and gathering of data and information processing capabilities “to improve battlespace awareness and data for decision making.” Work in Chantilly and Reston Virginia, and Omaha, Nebraska.


Zeno Power Systems, D.C., $7,841,963 to expand research in radioisotope power systems.


DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA) – Most DARPA work is carried out by corporations, including academic institutions.


General Dynamics’ Applied Physical Sciences Corp. (Aphysci), Groton, Connecticut, $13,259,701, to develop payloads to counter surface sonar. Work for DARPA in Orange, California; Groton and Pawcatuck, Connecticut; Concord, Massachusetts; Arlington and Reston, Virginia.


RTX, McKinney, Texas, $9,995,709 for work on DARPA’s Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay program. Work at El Segundo, California (75%); Kent, Washington (5%); Albuquerque, New Mexico (12%); and Mojave, California (8%).


ACADEMIA ­– Faculty and staff justify their work on military tech by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, $8,988,793, for work on DARPA’s Processor Reconfiguration for Wideband Spectrum Sensing (PROWESS). PROWESS aims to “develop processors that provide autonomous radiofrequency systems with decision-directed situational awareness” about complex and uncertain electromagnetic environments. Work in Arlington, Virginia (77%); Cambridge, Massachusetts (8%); Los Angeles, California (4%); Vienna, Virginia (6%); and Brooklyn, New York (5%).


University of Texas at Austin, Applied Research Laboratories, Austin, Texas, $10,024,041, for support of an unspecified DARPA research project. Provide “independent verification and validation” under university affiliated research center (UARC) core competencies.


Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, College Station, Texas, $70,675,000 to develop a space rated robotic manipulator for AFRL Space Technology Branch, Kirtland Air Force Base.




BlackWatch International, McLean, Virginia, $96,900,000, for manufacturing sustainment and engineering support for Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) Advanced Reconfigurable Manufacturing for Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits Manufacturing Support Labs. Work at government’s facility in McClellan, California.




L3Harris, Chantilly, Virginia, $34,977,385 (brings contract from $50,102,601 to $85,079,986) for decommissioning the Advanced Tracking and Launch Analysis System at Space Defense Operations Center, Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, and Schriever SFB, Colorado.


L3Harris, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $22,342,133, for continued support, sustainment, infrastructure, and delivery of three unspecified systems through Jan 2024.


Northrop Grumman, Redondo Beach, California, $18,197,985 for conductive materials (research, design, test, mature, demonstrate) that will “permit a diverse range of payloads to operate with minimal performance degradation while negligibly impacting system mass scope” re: space systems.


SAIC, Reston, Virginia, $574,527,416 for continued sustainment and modification of the ground-based radar sensor systems in Colorado Springs and other locations.


Avantus Federal LLC, McLean, Virginia, $224,000,689, for systems engineering and technical assistance to the Space Development Agency: management and professional services, acquisition support, and engineering and technical analysis “needed to deliver the proliferated warfighter space architecture.” Work in various locations throughout the continental U.S.


Tecolote Research, Goleta, California, $131,000,000, for acquisition and financial support services for Space Systems Command. Includes acquisition, financial, and administrative support. Work at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, and Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.


JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – Lockheed Martin reportedly does not intend to address 162 of the jet’s 883 known design flaws.


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $347,435,068, for helmet mounted display system (lots 15-16) requirements for F-35 aircraft for USA, Cooperative Program Partners, and FMS customers.


Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, $10,812,945, for continued capability integration re: F-35 systems development and demonstration for Israel. Work in Fort Worth, Texas (16%); and various locations outside the continental U.S. (84%).


RTX’s Pratt and Whitney, East Hartford, Connecticut, $59,318,284 for long lead time hardware in support of F-35 engines (lot 18) for USA; FMS ($36,336,245); and non-U.S. DOD participants ($1,456,224). See announcement for numerous work locations.



OSPREY (V-22) – More than 50 military personnel have died in V-22 Osprey crashes since the 1990s, according to


Avioss LLC, Miami, Florida, $15,734,709, for peculiar and common support equipment for the V-22 program for USA and FMS.




Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri, $173,612,000, for repair of landing gear used on the F/A-18 E/F aircraft. Work in Quebec, Canada (37%); St. Louis, Missouri (21%); Fort Walton Beach, Florida (18%); Ontario, Canada (12%); San Diego, California (6%); other external suppliers that cannot be determined at this time (6%).




Northrop Grumman, Melbourne, Florida, $11,130,875, for maintenance support equipment re: E-2D maintenance for Navy. Work in Bethpage, New York (87%); and Melbourne, Florida (13%).


Northrop Grumman, Melbourne, Florida, $13,594,185, for engineering re: replacing obsolete parts within the position tracking system on E-2D aircraft. Work in El Segundo, California (69%), and Melbourne, Florida (31%).


RTX, El Segundo, California, $7,833,510, for towed auxiliary radar antenna and position tracking sensor weapon repairable assemblies (5) for E-2D aircraft.




Boeing St. Louis, Missouri, $15,500,000, for repair of E-6B aircraft for Navy.




Northrop Grumman, McLean, Virginia, $16,000,000, for B-2 supply chain management group engineering services. Expected done by 27 Sep 2028.




Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri, $145,716,027, for engineering and manufacturing upgrades (Increment 3, Block 2). Includes the fleet release 300, other hardware & software upgrades, and development, testing, integration, delivery, and installations for Navy P-8 aircraft trainers (operational flight, weapons tactics, mission systems desktop, and training systems support center). Work in St. Louis, Missouri (80%); Jacksonville, Florida (10%); and Whidbey Island, Washington (10%).


Boeing, Tukwila, Washington, $12,288,486 for one wide band satellite communications Radome A-kit; one platform integration kit; and one mission crew workstation floor structural modification re: Navy P-8 wideband satellite communications upgrades. Work in Jacksonville, Florida (75%); and Tukwila, Washington (25%).


Boeing, Tukwila, Washington, 7,943,279, for automated pallet system pallet spares re: P-8 aircraft. Work in Benicia, California.




Kihomac Inc., Reston, Virginia, $12,478,482, for nacelle doors for U.S. Air Force’s A‐10 aircraft.




Boeing, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, $11,636,578, for helicopter (CH-47F, block II) systems support.


Honeywell, Phoenix, Arizona, $51,224,867 for helicopter engines.


RTX Collins, Windsor Locks, Connecticut, $18,178,000, for computer flight controls for Army.

RTX Collins (d.b.a. Simmonds Precision Products), Vergennes, Vermont, $20,528,908, to overhaul digital computers on utility helicopters.

RTX Collins (d.b.a. Goodrich Corp.), Rome, New York, $14,050,839, for tail rotor coupling assemblies for Army helicopters.


RTX, McKinney, Texas, $48,783,210, to repair forward-looking infrared components (10) for V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft and CH-53 helicopters. Work in McKinney, Texas (40%); El Segundo, California (30%); Jacksonville, Florida (15%); and Goleta, California (15%).


Columbia Helicopters Inc., Aurora, Oregon, $33,500,000 for helicopter (CH-47) maintenance and overhaul.


Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky), Stratford, Connecticut, for CH-53K helicopters (full-rate production): 27 for the Marine Corps ($990,940,249). Also: aircraft and programmatic support, logistical support, and spares. See announcement for work locations.


Lockheed Martin, Owego, New York, $60,539,401 for [AN/APR-48] Modernized-Radar Frequency Interferometer (used on helicopters to identify enemy radar) production and related support services.

Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Florida, $10,449,573, for refurbishing TADS/PNVS (.pdf), which is used on Boeing AH-64 “Apache” helicopters.


Overhaul Support Services, East Granby, Connecticut, $24,987,648, for spindle head rotary overhaul.




Hartech Group LLC, Tampa, Florida, maximum $11,997,107, for six computerized numerically controlled Jig Bores with FANUC 30i-B panel controllers. Performance in North Carolina for Navy.


HHI Corp., Ogden, Utah, $30,569,428 to construct an aircraft maintenance unit at Luke AFB, Arizona.


Atec Inc., Strafford, Texas, $142,600,000 for repair of aircraft engine test stands at various Air Force bases.


Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corp., Cheswick, Pennsylvania, $41,119,900 for rotational deployment mechanisms (13).


M1 Support Services, Denton, Texas, $32,722,843, for T‐38 aircraft maintenance at Beale AFB, California; Holloman AFB, New Mexico; Langley AFB, Virginia; and Whiteman AFB, Missouri.




L3Harris, Clifton, New Jersey, $29,472,284 for automated test equipment (3) and associated hardware to complete countermeasures (AN/ALQ-214) weapon replacement assembly (WRA) repairs. Also sells to Navy program management, logistics support, training, technical documentation and drawings, facility planning, parts obsolescence, and associated technical, administrative, and financial data re: completing the stand up organic repair depot for AN/ALQ-214 repairs. Work in Clifton (76%) and Elmwood Park (13%), New Jersey, and location within continental U.S. (11%).


Northrop Grumman, Rolling Meadows, Illinois, $18,087,018 for Radar Signal Detecting Set (AN/APR-39) program production, engineering, technical, and logistic support.


LITTORAL COMBAT SHIP (LCS) – Some call the LCS a “floating garbage pile.”


Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, New Jersey, $8,941,239 to support the USS Wichita (LCS 13) main propulsion diesel engine replacement. Work in Mayport, Florida, expected done by December 2023.




Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM), Marinette, Wisconsin, $16,672,953 for long-lead time material to be used on land-based engineering site for the Constellation-class frigate. Work in Camden, New Jersey (75.53%); Houston, Texas (14.66%); Mokena, Illinois (2.31%); Marinette, Wisconsin (7.50%).


FMM, Marinette, Wisconsin, $80,267,282 for engineering and class support requirements and to fund projects for the frigate surface combatant industrial base and workforce development re: design and construction of Constellation-class frigate. Work in Marinette, Wisconsin (65%); Newport News, Virginia (13%); New York, New York (5%); Columbia, Maryland (5%); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5%); Ayer, Massachusetts (3%); Arlington, Virginia (3%); and other various locations (1%).


LANDING CRAFT, AIR CUSHION (LCAC) – It seems the ship-to-shore connector’s problem with blade cracking have been addressed.


Textron, New Orleans, Louisiana, $241,371,747, to procure long lead time material and non-recurring activities for Ship to Shore Connector (SSC) Landing Craft Air Cushion 100 craft (up to 5 of them). Work in New Orleans, Louisiana (22%); Herndon, Virginia (21%); Milford, Ohio (14%); Gloucester, UK (12%); Twinsburg, Ohio (8%); Huntington Beach, California (6%); Cincinnati, Ohio (5%); Portsmouth, Virginia (2%); Gold Beach, Oregon (2%); Davenport, Iowa (2%); Jupiter, Florida (2%); Goleta, California (1%); Chanhassen, Minnesota (1%); Painesville, Ohio (1%); and Gulfport, Mississippi (1%).


Textron, New Orleans, Louisiana, $7,763,000, for spares to support LCAC 100 Class at ACU-4 (ACU-4).




Fairbanks Morse LLC, Norfolk, Virginia, $13,530,010 for the turbocharger in support of the landing, platform dock main propulsion diesel engine. Work in Beloit, Wisconsin.




General Dynamics (Bath Iron Works), Bath, Maine, for construction of three DDG 51 class ships – one each in fiscal 2023, 2024, and 2026. Work in Bath, Maine (69%); Cincinnati, Ohio (4%); Walpole, Massachusetts (4%); York, Pennsylvania (2 %); South Portland, Maine (1%); Falls Church, Virginia (1%); and locations below 1% (collectively 19%).


Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Mississippi, for construction of six DDG 51 class ships - one in fiscal 2023, one in fiscal 2024, two in fiscal 2025, one in fiscal 2026, and one in fiscal 2027. HII work in Pascagoula, Mississippi (77%); and other locations below 1% (collectively totaling 23%).  HII Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Mississippi, for construction of a DDG-51 class ship. Work in Pascagoula, Mississippi (79%); and other locations below 1% (collectively totaling 21%).


UPDATE (6 Sep 2023): The above announcements for General Dynamics of Bath, Maine (N00024-23-C-2305) on 1 Aug 2023 and HII Ingalls, Pascagoula, Mississippi (N00024-23-C-2307) on 11 Aug 2023 re: DDG 51 class ship construction now have funding amounts: Multiyear contracts for construction of ten DDG 51 class ships totaling $14,580,817,751: GD BIW three DDG 51 ships – one each in fiscal 2023, 2024, 2026. HII Ingalls seven ships - two in fiscal 2023, one in 2024, two in 2025, one in 2026, one in 2027.


ZUMWALT-CLASS DESTROYERS (DDG-1000) – These ships are marketed as fulfilling “volume firepower and precision strike requirements.” They are packed with electronic goods from war corporations. Like other major war industry products, Zumwalt-class destroyers are over budget and underperforming.


Huntington Ingalls Inc. (HII), Pascagoula, Mississippi, $154,818,890, for DDG 1000 modernization in Pascagoula, Mississippi (95%); and other locations below 1% (collectively totaling 5%).


AIRCRAFT CARRIERS (CVN) – The Ford-class of aircraft carriers is plagued with problems. Business Insider summarizes.


Saab Inc., East Syracuse, New York, $36,776,321 for SPN-50(V)1 shipboard air traffic radars (2), initial checkout kit (1), onboard repair parts kits (2), and depot spares kits (2), as well as associated sustainment requirements for two Navy aircraft carriers.


General Dynamics NASSCO-Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia, $9,529,812 for fiscal 2023 continuous maintenance availability on the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) in Norfolk, Virginia. Expected done by December 2023.


Huntington Ingalls Inc., Newport News, Virginia, $19,405,894 for spare main propulsion unit rotors for Ford class aircraft carriers. Work in Summerville, South Carolina (92%), and Newport News, Virginia (8%).




General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, $39,779,145, for lead yard support and development studies and design efforts re: Virginia class submarines. Work expected to be completed by June 2025.


General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, $15,670,000 for chill water pumps and motors.


General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, $40,125,753, for Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department support at Naval Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut. Expected done by August 2024.


RTX Collins (d.b.a. Goodrich Engineering Polymer Products) Jacksonville, Florida, $20,746,527 for manufacturing in support of Virginia class submarine propulsors. Work in Jacksonville.


L3Harris, Northampton, Massachusetts, $39,282,187 for hardware in support of new construction and in-service class submarines. Work in Northampton, Massachusetts (72%), and Syracuse, New York (28%). L3Harris makes submarine masts and related technology in Northampton.


Lockheed Martin, Manassas, Virginia, $30,261,423 for systems engineering and integration on Navy submarines. Work in Manassas, Virginia (68%); Waterford (10%) and Groton (10%), Connecticut; Middletown (7%) and Newport (5%), Rhode Island.


Hansome Energy Systems, Linden, New Jersey, $31,250,522 for vane axial fans (143) for Virginia-class submarine atmosphere control system.


EnerSys Energy Products Inc., Warrensburg, Missouri; and Stryten Energy Products LLC, Alpharetta, Georgia, $91,850,000 for submarine valve regulated lead acid battery cells, packaging, storage, trays, tray lid covers, and battery boosting. Battery cells are for the Los Angeles, Ohio, Virginia, Sea Wolf, and Moored Training Ship classes of submarines. Each awardee awarded 256 C-Cells (minimum guarantee).


Mohawk Northeast Inc., Plantsville, Connecticut, $11,675,764, for relocation of an underwater electromagnetic measurement system at Naval Submarine Base New London. Work in Groton, Connecticut.


Cianbro Corp., Pittsfield, Maine, $10,184,020, for structural repair for Bridge 2 at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, Maine, where submarines are maintained and repaired.


SURFACE SHIP MAINTENANCE – Government shipyards, such as Norfolk Naval Shipyard (Portsmouth, VA) and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (Bremerton, WA), are government in name only. Corporations do most work.


Boston Ship Repair, Boston, Massachusetts, $13,824,169 for shipyard availability for regular overhaul and dry docking of MSC expeditionary fast transport USNS Burlington (T-EPF 10), 1 Nov 2023 through 6 Feb 2024.


Lyon Shipyard Inc., Norfolk, Virginia; Colonna's Ship Yard Inc., Norfolk, Virginia; Fairlead Boatworks, Inc., Portsmouth, Virginia; QED Systems, Virginia Beach, Virginia; East Coast Repair & Fabrication, Hampton Roads, Virginia, $9,875,000 for maintenance and overhaul of craft (barges), small boats, and camel systems (fendering) under Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Work within Hampton Roads.




BAE Systems, Totowa, New Jersey, $100,918,625, for ALR-56M radar warning receiver shipsets. Performance in New York.




RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $10,029,711 for design agent and engineering support for Rolling Airframe Missile for USA (less than 1%) and Germany (Federal Republic of Germany funds $5,695,998 + FMS Germany funds $426,264). Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) is a missile system marketed as providing self-defense for ships. The system is developed and produced under an international cooperative program between USA and Germany.




Patriot Contract Services LLC, Concord, California, $20,396,329, for operation and maintenance of two government-owned vessels, USNS Seay (T-AKR 302), and USNS Pililaau (T-AKR 304).


Alpha Marine Services LLC, Galliano, Louisiana, $9,734,184, for charter of six tractor-like tugs for Navy base, San Diego, California.




Owl International Inc., Global, 1st Flagship, Irvine, California, $11,874,295, for services and material to support and maintain vessels assigned to NAVSEA Inactive Ship Maintenance Office, Bremerton, Washington.


MetalCraft Marine US, Watertown, New York, $32,007,646 for Oil Spill Response (OSR) Utility Boats and OSR Boom Platforms.


RECONCRAFT LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, $17,995,948, for five 40-foot Patrol Boats and seventeen 40-foot trailers. Work in Clackamas, Oregon.


Immersion Consulting LLC., Annapolis, Maryland, $38,901,268 (other transaction authority) for shipboard units (low-rate initial production) and computing infrastructure. Work in King George, Virginia (52%); and Annapolis, Maryland (48%). Non-competitive follow-on to a prototype agreement awarded under 10 U.S. Code 4022(f).


Northrop Grumman, Linthicum Heights, Maryland, $15,750,325, for design agent engineering of Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) systems, block 3. Work in Baltimore, Maryland (88%); Goleta, California (7%); Wallops Island, Virginia (5%).




BAE Systems, Rockville, Maryland, $91,500,563 for fleet services, technical support, and operational software development and maintenance. Includes test bed support; repair, fabrication, and restoration support; training support; local area network support; and quality assurance and system safety re: air traffic control and landing systems for Navy, Marine Corps, MSC, Coast Guard, and FMS. Work in St. Inigoes (48.84%) and Patuxent River (37.21%), Maryland; Norfolk, Virginia (11.62%); San Diego, California (2.33%).


Great Hill (of Seneca Nation), Chantilly, Virginia, $98,911,789 for software license procurement, associated programmatic and administrative support re: Naval Leveraging Innovation Frameworks and Technology, the Navy Integrated Modeling Environment, and Live Virtual Constructive Environment initiatives. Work for Navy in Patuxent River, Maryland.


KOMAN Sustainable Solutions, Anchorage, Alaska, $44,642,962 for leasing relocatable buildings at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland. Not competitively procured i.a.w. FAR 5.202(a)(4), authorized or required by statute.




North Star Scientific Corp., Kapolei, Hawaii, $11,196,344, for engineering data for Air Force airborne warning and control system communication (AWACS) network upgrade, re: installation and flight testing of the multifunctional information distribution system, joint tactical radio system, Link-16 compatible high power amplifier (HPA) unit prototype. Work in Kapolei, Hawaii (77%), and Carlsbad, California (23%). Some unspecified FMS ($2,514,520).


Eagle Systems, California, Maryland, $30,272,057 for supply chain management (includes receiving, warehouse, packaging, handling, storage, and transportation processes; operations and procurement support; data asset, item unique identification, hazardous and controlled material management; and DLA Disposition Services support) for various DOD activities. Work in Lexington Park (47%) and St. Inigoes (30%), Maryland; Fort Liberty, Fayetteville, North Carolina (21%); and San Diego, California (2%).


RTX, Fullerton, California, $9,179,678 for a bunch of goods and services (systems engineering and sustainment support; hardware; software; guidance quality model; electronic technical manual; installation and integration, verification, validation, and accreditation; diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages support) re: joint precision approach and landing system (JPALS) for the Navy air traffic control and landing systems sustainment.


RTX (Collins), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, $38,843,752, for an additional 990 radios [AN/ARC-210(v)] and ancillaries to be installed in over 400 airborne, seaborne and land based (mobile and fixed) platforms for U.S. military, Coast Guard, other government agencies, and FMS.




Management Services Group Inc., d.b.a. Global Technical Systems, Virginia Beach, Virginia, $24,386,045 for one Hydra Technique Control Modulator and associated components. Effort “significantly improves and maintains electronic attack and active emitter systems for the simulation of threats in a dynamic electronic warfare environment” for USA (Navy, Air Force) and France.




Draper Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts, $16,213,123 for miniaturization technology insertion and other R&D support for Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD), Weapons Control and Integration Department, Asymmetric Systems Division.




Nautilus Defense LLC, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, $11,633,124 to develop “active smart textile garments” combining Nautilus’ singular micro yarn textile routing platform with low-power electronics. Work in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, expected done by January 2025.


Leidos, San Diego, California, $10,624,107, for prototype wearable, washable garments that incorporate active smart textiles components. Work in San Diego, California; Bloomfield, Connecticut; Lexington, Massachusetts; and Charleston, South Carolina, expected done by January 2025.




Accenture, Arlington, Virginia, $35,461,002 for one year of the Enterprise Task Management Software.


General Dynamics, Orlando, Florida, $14,938,628 for IT services re: mission training at Fort Liberty, North Carolina.


Skayl LLC, Westminster, Maryland, $20,000,000, for a configurable transport services segment product.


Leidos, Reston, Virginia, $12,972,345, for commercial-off-the-shelf software licenses and maintenance.


Affigent, Herndon, Virginia; Telos Corp., Ashburn, Virginia; Unicom Government Inc., Chantilly, Virginia; IBM, Bethesda, Maryland; Dynamic Systems Inc., El Segundo, California; Dell, Round Rock, Texas; Zivaro Inc., Denver, Colorado; HP, Reston, Virginia; CDW Government LLC, Vernon Hills, Illinois; Iron Bow Technologies LLC, Herndon, Virginia; Wildflower International LTD, Santa Fe, New Mexico; World Wide Technology LLC, St. Louis, Missouri; Govconnection Inc., Rockville, Maryland; Government Acquisitions Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio; ID Technologies LLC, Ashburn, Virginia; Microtechnologies LLC, Vienna, Virginia, $2,500,000,000, for commercial hardware, software and related incidental services.


Red Canyon Technologies LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona, maximum $45,000,000, for IT services and support re: sustain and expand use of current hardware, operating systems, and software for 88th Communications Squadron and organizations serviced by them. Work at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.


Direct Viz Solutions, Chantilly, Virginia, $9,978,359, for enterprise-level command, control, communications, computers and information (C4I) management services at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.


MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – D.C. pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of MDA and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” products, a lucrative part of the business of war.


Alion Science and Technology Corp., McLean, Virginia, $78,743,257, for “expert independent advice, assessment, assistance, documentation, and recommendations regarding strategic, technical, programmatic, operational, policy, and organizational matters” re: development and deployment of MDA missile defense. Includes assessments for policy development, acquisition planning, engineering, and testing. Work in Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Huntsville, Alabama; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.


AEGISAEGIS is a complex system of sensors, software, and radar that is marketed as being able to track enemies and guide missiles to enemy targets, particularly enemy missiles. AEGIS integrates the SPY-1 radar, the MK 41 vertical launching system (VLS) for missiles, the Raytheon missile (SM-3), and the ship's command and control system. AEGIS is one portion of the overall Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMDS), which is administered by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The war industry has succeeded in selling nonstop AEGIS upgrades and “modernization” to the U.S. and allied governments.


Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, New Jersey, $10,763,572, for engineering support, software development, in-service maintenance, integration, and logistics and fielding support for AEGIS configurations already delivered or in the process of being delivered to the Navy. Expected done by December 2023.




Peerless Technologies, Fairborn, Ohio, $21,548,076 (brings contract to $46,363,016), for modeling and simulation software development, operation, and sustainment. Work in Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, for Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center.


BC Technical Center (d.b.a. BC Engineered Products), Lutz, Florida, $9,999,926, for Boeing “Minuteman III” intercontinental ballistic missile code wheel replacement.


Lockheed Martin, Littleton, Colorado, $315,944,035 for equipment for [submarine-launched ballistic] missile flight test demonstrations and fielding. Work in Littleton, Colorado (74%); Cambridge, Massachusetts (14%); Simsbury, Connecticut (8%); Sunnyvale, California (3%); and Pittsfield, Massachusetts (1%).


Draper Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts, $90,689,939, for Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros repairs and associated material. This is for submarine-launched nuclear weapons. Work in Cambridge (15%) and Pittsfield (60%), Massachusetts, and Clearwater, Florida (25%).




Honeywell, Clearwater, Florida, $49,861,529, for eTALIN II 6000 Inertial Navigation Units—for use in field artillery, per partially redacted contracting documents.


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $124,286,356 for Maritime Strike Tomahawk Seeker (MST) suites (42) to be installed into Tactical Tomahawk missiles. Work in Boulder, Colorado (32.4%); Tucson, Arizona (16.57%); North Logan, Utah (16.16%); Dallas, Texas (14.5%); Pontiac, Michigan (11.88%); Huntsville, Arkansas (1.96%); Minneapolis, Minnesota (1.5%); Berryville, Arkansas (1.7%); Elyria, Ohio (1.05%); and various locations within the continental U.S. (2.28%).


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $24,867,844 for engineering design and analysis re: updating the Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator (DSMAC) subsystem navigation capability. The current DSMAC subsystem design is “obsolete due to the end of manufacturing life for multiple components and without this redesign effort, production of the Tomahawk cruise missile will not be possible,” the contracting announcement indicates. So, the corporation stops manufacturing certain components and then says, “Welp, looks like we have to redesign the missile. Pay up.”


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $16,285,640 for military (M)-code capable GPS receivers to be installed on the recertified Tomahawk all-up-round for Navy. Work in El Segundo, California (51%), and Tucson, Arizona (49%). An all-up-round = the ordnance (e.g., bomb, missile) delivered more or less completely assembled, except for a few tweaks (pop on the tail fins).


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $49,038,625 for ammunition.


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $276,536,844, for 155 mm projectiles. Work in Healdsburg California; Karlskoga, Sweden; East Camden, Arizona; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Southway, England; Cincinnati, Ohio; Glenrothes, Scotland; Salt Lake City, Utah; Joplin, Missouri; Gilbert, Arizona; Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Santa Clara, California; Woodridge, Illinois; Trenton, Texas; Valencia, California; Cookstown, New Jersey; Tucson, Arizona; Phoenix, Arizona; Anniston, Alabama; Chino, California; Inglewood, California; McAlester, Oklahoma; and Farmington, New Mexico.


Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri, $12,815,681 for rework, repair, and overhaul of Harpoon capsules (16) and all-up round encapsulated Harpoon missiles (6) for Navy. Work in St. Charles, Missouri (57%); and Burnley, Lancashire, England (43%).


BAE Systems, Radford, Virginia, $37,169,655 for facility sustainment and recapitalization, Radford, Virginia.


American Ordnance LLC, Middletown, Iowa, $24,683,179, for facilities modernization in Middletown, Iowa, home to Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, which American Ordnance operates.

American Ordnance LLC, Middletown, Iowa, $8,841,637 to design and build a new X-ray system for large caliber ammunition.


Iron Sword Enterprises LLC, Wallkill, New York, $8,989,000, to renovate a building at Watervliet Arsenal in Watervliet, New York.


Moog Inc., Elma, New York, $9,299,211, to increase production capacity of all-up rounds.


Lockheed Martin, Grand Prairie, Texas, $10,687,000 for weapon systems software development, re: PAC-3.


Javelin JV (RTX and Lockheed Martin), Tucson, Arizona, $116,986,051 for lightweight command launch units.


RTX, Tucson, Arizona, $322,500,000 for Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wireless-Guided (TOW) 2B missiles.

DRS Network & Imaging Systems LLC, Melbourne, Florida, $91,534,805, for TOW missile cables; power cables; input/output cables and the Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem Block 2.8. for Army and “federal civilian agencies.”




BAE Systems, York, Pennsylvania, $119,665,826 for Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles.

BAE Systems, York, Pennsylvania, $432,590,330, for Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles.

BAE Systems, York, Pennsylvania, $113,072,578 for M2A4 and M7A4 Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

BAE Systems, York, Pennsylvania, $274,100,716, for M2A4 and M7A4 vehicles “from various inducted legacy source variants.”


Federal Resources Supply Co., Stevensville, Maryland, $9,397,362, for leveling equipment.


Coastal Mechanics Circuit Products LLC, Houston, Texas, $7,797,822, for circuit card assemblies for Army.


Altec Industries Inc., Birmingham, Alabama (SPE8EC-23-D-0014, $248,000,000), was added to the 18 Mar 2022 contract for trucks and trailers, issued against solicitation SPE8EC-21-R-0007.

Landoll Co. LLC, Marysville, Kansas (SPE8EC-23-D-0019, $248,000,000), was added to the 18 March 2022 contract for trucks and trailers, issued against solicitation SPE8EC-21-R-0007.


Oshkosh Defense LLC, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, $40,149,961 for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.


Ricardo Defense Inc., Troy, Michigan, $385,554,528 W56HZV-21-D-0008 for Anti-Lock Brake System with Electronic Stability Control retrofit kit production for HMMWV (a.k.a. “Hummer”) vehicles.


Danbury Mission Technologies, Danbury, Connecticut, $136,498,737, for AN/VVR-4 laser detecting sets, laser diode pulsers, and support.


General Dynamics, Sterling Heights, Michigan, $13,289,124, for Abrams system technical support.




Trident Systems, Fairfax, Virginia, $7,743,710 to support the procurement and sustainment of Secure Communication Controller systems for Marine Corps.


Vinyl Technology Inc., Monrovia, California, $38,799,000, for waterproof clothing bags for Army.


Lions Volunteer Blind Industries Inc., Morristown, Tennessee, $14,085,000, for helmet covers for Army.

Mount Rogers Community Services,  Atkins, Virginia, maximum $14,085,000, for helmet covers for Army.


Ready One Industries, El Paso, Texas, $74,325,502, for chemical protective coveralls, lightweight joint protective air crew ensembles, and repair kits for Army and Air Force.


HDT Expeditionary Systems Inc., Solon, Ohio ($200,000,000), was added to the 17 July 2023 contract for commercial shelters, issued against solicitation number SPE1C1-22-R-0069.

Alaska Structures Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona ($200,000,000), was added to 17 July 2023 contract for commercial shelters, issued against solicitation number SPE1C1-22-R-0069.


Girtz Industries Inc., Monticello, Indiana, $9,784,850, for design and packaging 900kW mobile utilities support equipment generators (up to 13). Not competitively procured, 10 U.S. Code 3204(a)(2), unusual and compelling urgency.


IHS Global Inc., Englewood, Colorado, $22,562,098, for Enterprise Standards and Specifications Subscriptions.


Noble Supply & Logistics, Boston, Massachusetts; SupplyCore Inc., Rockford, Illinois; and TWI USA LLC, Virginia Beach, Virginia, sharing a $100,000,000 (max.), for products re: maintenance, repair, and operations.




RTX (Collins), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, $24,932,491 for Mounted Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) system units.




Northrop Grumman, McLean, Virginia, $11,593,264, for training and organizational support services, Fort Cavazos, Texas, through 7 Jan 2024.


CAE USA Inc., Tampa, Florida, $26,598,434 for advanced helicopter flight training at Fort Novosel, Alabama.




F.L. Pinto Companies LLC, McLean, Virginia, $8,609,023 for a munitions load crew training facility for Air National Guard at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, estimated completion date 23 Aug 2025.


Amentum, Chantilly, Virginia, $19,246,328 for the Aerial Targets Program (ATP) at Tyndall AFB, Florida, and Holloman AFB, New Mexico. Expected done by 30 Sep 2024.




RTX (Collins), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, $16,200,976, for Synthetic Inject To Live (SITL) stage one. Design, test, and implement software … to enhance interface between Tactical Combat Training System (TCTS) II and aircraft (F/A-18E/F and EA-18G). Work in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (55%); China Lake, California (15%); Fallon, Nevada (15%); Patuxent River, Maryland (10%); Fort Walton Beach, Florida (5%).


RTX, El Segundo, California, $19,164,050, for engineering and technical services for training Navy/Marine Corps in active electronically scanned array radar (installation, operation, and maintenance) used on F/A-18 and EA-18G aircraft. Work in Lemoore, California (16.67%) (labor surplus area); Miramar, California (16.67%); Oceana, Virginia (16.67%); Beaufort, South Carolina (16.67%); North Island, California (16.67%); Kuwait (15.65%); and China Lake, California (1%) (labor surplus area).




SAIC, Reston, Virginia, $9,106,536, for aviation systems engineering services, re: flight simulation.




SES Civil and Environmental LLC (SCE, an Alaskan Native owned company), Oak Ridge, Tennessee, $24,095,911, to construct access control points in St. Louis, Missouri.




International Mortuary Shipping, Spartanburg, South Carolina, $17,220,129, for mortuary services for active duty deceased military personnel and support to Navy Casualty Division of Mortuary Affairs Branch, Navy Personnel Command. Work in U.S. and overseas.




M&M Manufacturing LLC, Lajas, Puerto Rico, $17,193,219, for cold weather military uniform jackets for the Army.

M&M Manufacturing LLC, Lajas, Puerto Rico, $12,276,574, for coats and trousers for Army and Air Force.


Excel Garment Manufacturing Ltd., El Paso, Texas, maximum $26,233,200 for flame resistant coveralls for Navy.


Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co., Belleville, Illinois, $23,667,241, for temperate weather combat boots. Performance in Arkansas and Missouri.




Web Business Solutions Inc., Fredericksburg, Virginia, $16,188,692, for instructional and admin re: modernization of the Senior Enlisted Blended Seminar Program, Marine Corps College of Distance Education & Training, Marine Corps University. Work across Quantico, Virginia (25%); Camp Lejeune, North Carolina (25%); Camp Pendleton, California (25%); Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan (25%).




American States Utility Services, San Dimas, California, $348,993,609 for ownership, operation, and maintenance of water and wastewater utility systems at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland.


Constellation NewEnergy, Baltimore, Maryland ($38,509,706); MP2 Energy NE LLC, d.b.a. Shell Energy Solutions, The Woodlands, Texas ($21,147,837); Dynegy Energy Services, Irving, Texas ($9,946,868), for electricity for the Navy in D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois.


Jacobs (d.b.a. CH2M Hill), Greenwood Village, Colorado, $27,661,896, for ownership, operation, and maintenance of the water treatment and distribution system and the wastewater treatment and collection system at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.




The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine Inc., Bethesda, Maryland, $10,648,459, for diagnostics and countermeasures branch support services at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, Maryland: specimen acquisition, processing, and handling; implementation and maintenance of all pre-test, test, and post-test quality indicators for report of clinical screening, confirmatory testing, infection classification, diagnosis, clinical monitoring (viral load), or therapeutic monitoring (resistance genotype); execute serological, immunological, protein, and/or molecular testing in support of clinical service delivery and translational research, vaccine, therapeutic, and cure initiatives/studies; input/process data files, analyze data, assist in the preparation of reports, manuscripts, military briefings, and scientific presentations.


Sterling Medical Associates Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio, $11,645,300 for personal and non-personal medical services. Estimated completion date 14 Aug 2028.


D7 LLC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, $11,244,353 (work 29 Sep 2023 to 28 Mar 2024), for “seamless” technical and program management support services to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and Madigan Army Medical Center, as well as Market Technology Integration Office (MTIO) enterprise level support for the Defense Health Agency Information Operations Directorate. Implementation, management, and sustainment of a “health information enterprise” for patrons of the Military Health System. Provide program and technical support services, to include program management, enterprise financial management, performance management, change management, technical, administrative, and subject matter expert support. Work in Falls Church, Virginia.


Skookum Contract Services, Bremerton, Washington, $11,352,875, for medical facility management and support, Oak Harbor, Washington.


Roche Diagnostics Corp., Indianapolis, Indiana, $11,066,420 for chemistry and immunoassay testing.

Cepheid, Sunnyvale, California, $9,886,225 for SARS-CoV-2 and Streptococcus pyogenes testing.


Xellia Pharmaceuticals USA LLC, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, $17,864,307, for various pharmaceutical products.


Cherokee Nation Defense Solutions, Tulsa, Oklahoma, $43,911,687 for administrative, analytical, programmatic, technical, and healthcare management support for headquarters function and future planning for Defense Health Agency, Clinical Support Division, Clinical Quality Management Branch, Patient Safety Program; and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, the Office of the Deputy of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Services Policy and Oversight.


Golden State Medical Supply, Camarillo, California, $10,306,354, for duloxetine hydrochloride capsules [for depression] for U.S. military, Coast Guard, Department of Veterans Affairs, Indian Health Services, and Federal Bureau of Prisons. Performance in Spain.


Patterson Dental Supply Inc., Saint Paul, Minnesota ($45,000,000), was added to the 10 June 2021 contract for dental consumable items for DLA Electronic Catalog.




AliMed, Dedham, Massachusetts, $8,339,561, for medical surgical products for U.S. military and federal civilian agencies.


Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions, Jacksonville, Florida ($270,000,000), was added to 10 Feb 2022 contract for medical equipment and accessories for DLA Electronic Catalog.


DAC Vision, Garland, Texas (SPE2DH-23-D-0010, $9,000,000) was added to the 10 Feb 2022 contract for medical equipment and accessories for DLA Electronic Catalog.


FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.


Direct Energy Marketing LLC, Iselin, New Jersey ($15,285,579); Tiger Natural Gas, Tulsa, Oklahoma ($8,296,946); and Symmetry Energy Solutions LLC, Houston, Texas ($7,837,225), for pipeline quality direct supply natural gas. Performance in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. Customers are Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, DLA, DFAS, and federal civilian agencies.


American Petroleum Tankers LLC, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, $28,548,000, for charter of the U.S flagged vessel M/T Empire State re: DOD’s bulk fuel movement requirements.




RTX (BBN Technologies), Cambridge, Massachusetts, $25,000,000, for continued operational and development support of the Analysis of Mobility Platform (AMP) program, within the Defense Transportation System. Work performance is Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Scott AFB, Illinois.


Vane Line Bunkering LLC, Curtis Bay, Maryland, $27,037,548 for continued operational and development support of the Analysis of Mobility Platform program, within the Defense Transportation System. Work in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Scott AFB, Illinois.




Tribologik Corp., Hammond, Indiana, $8,718,093, to provide fluid analysis on received samples, provide testing supplies, and facilitate the worldwide shipment of samples from government to the contractor’s testing labs for analysis and reporting to the government’s database.


ENVIRONMENTAL – The U.S. military-industrial complex is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (e.g., carbon emissions, particulates, runoff, exploded & unexploded ordnance, byproducts from the war industry’s manufacturing, nuclear waste, and nuclear fallout from tests in Nevada). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.


AF3 Services LLC, Fleming, New Jersey; Aptim Federal Services LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Arcadis U.S. Inc., Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Dawson Solutions, Huntsville, Alabama; Environmental Chemical Corp., Burlingame, California; Hydrogeologic Inc., Reston, Virginia; SES Civil and Environmental LLC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Tetra Tech EC Inc., Huntsville, Alabama; and USAE-Tidewater JV LLC, Oldsmar, Florida; $800,000,000 for removing, disposing, and replacing aqueous film-forming foam containing perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), with estimated completion date of 14 Feb 2029.


Enviro-Fix Solutions, Burlingame, California, $40,000,000, for environmental remediation services for USACE, Buffalo, NY.


Enviremedial Services Inc., Macon, Georgia, $10,775,844 for facilities investment services for USACE, Charleston, South Carolina. Enviremedial Services Inc., Tampa, Florida, $9,961,285 for facility investment services for USACE, Charleston, South Carolina.


Valiant Technical Services, Clarksville, Tennessee, $8,758,968, for logistics hazardous materials support in Virginia and Texas.


Navarro Research and Engineering Inc., Oak Ridge, Tennessee, $86,092,096, for environmental remediation.


Leidos, Reston, Virginia, $9,005,116, for toxic radioactive waste verification and laboratory services in Hazelwood/St. Louis, Missouri.


EA Engineering, Science and Technology Inc. PBC, Hunt Valley, Maryland, $20,149,410 for removal of munitions and “explosives of concern” at former Camp Howze, Gainesville, Texas. Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) funds obligated.


US Ecology Washington Inc., Richland, Washington, $19,210,098 for class A, B, and C low-level radioactive waste disposal under the cognizance of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility and Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility.




Freedom Fresh, Medley, Florida, maximum $189,504,000 for fruit and vegetables for U.S. military, Coast Guard, and Department of Agriculture schools.


Stern Produce Co., Phoenix, Arizona, $165,000,000 for fruit and vegetables for Army, Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Agriculture schools and reservations.


Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, Madison, Mississippi, $8,323,527, for full food services at Keesler AFB, Mississippi.


Webco Distribution Inc., Norfolk, Virginia, $40,000,000, for commercially available items for authorized resale to include candy, beverages, crackers, canned foods, nuts and personal care items at locations in support of Navy Exchange Service Command's Ships Store Program. Work in Norfolk, Virginia (46%); Diego Garcia (26%); San Diego, California (19%); Mayport, Florida (6%); and Everett and Bremerton, Washington (3%).


BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) - BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: custodial, electrical, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance, janitorial services, management & administration, pavement clearance, pest control, public safety, vehicles & equipment service, waste management, wastewater. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the Pentagon’s full adoption of neoliberal economic policies.


Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, $11,796,029 for custodial services at Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts.


PRIDE Industries, Roseville, California, $10,809,154, for base operations support services at Fort Novosel, Alabama.


Wolf Creek Federal Services Inc., Anchorage, Alaska, $24,326,512, for installation support services in Redstone, Alabama.


PRIDE Industries, Roseville, California, $14,535,620 for grounds maintenance and vegetation control services at Beale AFB, California.




Accenture, Arlington, Virginia, $26,815,638, for “business development office professional support services” for DLA in Pennsylvania.




Joseph B. Fay Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, $29,672,873, for demolition of the Monongahela River Locks & Dam Number 3, establishment of a new navigable channel, and stabilization of monoliths. Work in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.


McLean Contracting Co., Glen Burnie, Maryland, $63,190,700 for replacement of the yard patrol craft pier and quay wall, 87NS, at Naval Support Activity Annapolis, Maryland.


CDM Federal Programs Corp., Carbondale, Illinois, $8,006,771, for support services for a USACE Construction Management Innovation Program re: civil works for USACE' Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity, Fort Belvoir, Virginia.


OCCI Inc., Fulton, Missouri, $18,672,521, for rehabilitation of tainter gates at Jennings Randolph Lake in Elk Garden, West Virginia.


Arcadis U.S. Inc., Highlands Ranch, Colorado, $9,609,016 for water reclamation facility consolidation in Pascagoula, Mississippi.


Callen Marine, Galveston, Texas, $48,358,100, for clay core and geotube repair in Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Dynamic Construction Group LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, $38,930,870, for West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction in Laplace, Louisiana.

EVCO Development, Lafayette, Louisiana, $22,396,108 for West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction in Laplace, Louisiana.

McMillen Inc., Boise, Idaho, $34,264,126 for river control structures in Vidalia, Louisiana.


Luhr Crosby LLC, Columbia, Illinois, $99,500,000, for stone structure, construction, and repair for USACE, St. Louis, Missouri.


Fairbanks Morse, Beloit, Wisconsin, $31,038,525 contract to rebuild engines at the Huxtable and Graham Burke Pumping Plant, Marianna, Arkansas. Fiscal 2023 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds obligated.


Unico Mechanical Corp., Benicia, California, $9,119,020 for butterfly valve refurbishment at Fort Peck, Montana.


Maloney-Odin JV, Novato, California, $9,530,990, for construction of rock resentment, a toe drain, and a pump station in West Sacramento, California.

HSGS-Ameresco LLC, Summerville, South Carolina, $31,546,691 to construct a backup power generation plant in Concord, California.

Flatiron-Dragados-Sukut JV, Concord, California, $11,550,000, for the Isabella Lake Dam Safety Modification Project, Lake Isabella, California.




ADC Engineering, Hanahan, South Carolina; RDM International, Chantilly, Virginia; The Schemmer Associates, Omaha, Nebraska; Shrewsberry & Associates, Indianapolis, Indiana, $10,000,000, to design airfield elements and support facilities for USACE, Omaha, Nebraska.


Double A Services Inc., Henderson, Kentucky, $105,000,000 for construction, repair, restoration, and rehabilitation of roadways for 419th Contracting Support Brigade, Fort Campbell.




Leidos, Reston, Virginia, and General Dynamics, Falls Church, Virginia $99,000,000 for geospatial services through 12 May 2024 for USACE Army Geospatial Center, Alexandria, Virginia.


RLF & CN JV, Orlando, Florida, $95,000,000, for architect-engineer services for industrial type facilities worldwide.


MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & REPAIR – Military construction physically lays the foundation that expands and extends the permanent warfare state. This construction effectively co-opts construction workers, rallying these members of the working class around the flag.


G1/ESA South JV LLC, Atlanta, Georgia, was added as an awardee to the $495,000,000 contract (W91248-23-D-3017) announced on 30 June 2023 for construction services.


VRD Contracting Inc., Holbrook, New York, $17,542,000, to build a security forces and communication training facility in Westhampton Beach, New York, for the National Guard.


FPM-AECOM JV1, Oneida, New York, and Hana-Bay West 8A II JV, Richmond, Virginia, were added to the 6 July 2023 contract for architectural and engineering services for USACE, Baltimore, Maryland.


Grunley Construction Co. Inc., Rockville, Maryland, $90,608,000 for building renovations at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.


MIG WMJ JV1 LLC, Virginia Beach, Virginia, $23,039,522, for fire protection repairs to building NH-95 at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Virginia.


Encon Desbuild JV3 LLC, Hyattsville, Maryland, $22,643,739 for construction of a vehicle inspection and visitor control center, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.


Chavis' Inc., Maxton, North Carolina; Driven Contractors LLC, Maxton, North Carolina; New Dominion Construction LLC, Dumfries, Virginia; Outside the Box LLC, Richmond, Virginia; W-T Federal JV, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Ames 1 LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, $249,000,000, for maintenance, repair, and construction projects at Fort Liberty, North Carolina.


Roundhouse PBN LLC, Warner Robins, Georgia, $49,021,451 for building repairs at Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning), Georgia.

4K Global-ACC JV LLC, Augusta, Georgia, $12,334,935 for construction and installation of a new breakroom and administrative area at Robins AFB, Georgia.


Merrick-RS&H JV LLP, Greenwood Village, Colorado, $15,000,000 (brings contract to $88,500,000), for professional architectural and engineering services for NAVFAC Southeast.


Brasfield & Gorrie LLC, Birmingham, Alabama, $16,812,545, to construct a liquid oxygen cryogenic facility in Jamestown, Kentucky.


Blue Oak Projects LLC, Winchester, Tennessee; Ingenium-Spectrum SDVOSB JV II LLC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; LHH Construction Services Inc., Florence, Alabama; and Bacik Group LLC, Pelham, Alabama, $99,000,000, for mechanical installation, minor construction, infrastructure sustainment; and maintenance and repair of HVAC systems, water systems (raw, potable, industrial, fire protection), steam systems, and fuel systems projects at Arnold AFB, Tennessee.


Burns and McDonnell Engineering, Kansas City, Missouri, $100,000,000 for architect and engineer services for National Guard.


B.L. Harbert International LLC, Birmingham, Alabama; Balfour Beatty Construction LLC, Charlotte, North Carolina; Gilbane, Concord, California; Hensel Phelps, Orlando, Florida; The Korte Co., St. Louis, Missouri; M. A. Mortenson Co., d.b.a. Mortenson Construction, Minneapolis, Minnesota; RQ Construction, Carlsbad, California; Sauer Construction, Jacksonville, Florida; Walsh Federal LLC, Chicago, Illinois; The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., Baltimore, Maryland; $50,000,000 (bringing total for all 10 contracts to $950,000,000) for more “building type projects” primarily in Florida (15%); Georgia (15%); Louisiana (14%); Mississippi (14%); South Carolina (14%); Tennessee (14%); Texas (14%).


Klavon Design Associates Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; The Urban Collaborative LLC Master Planning, Urban Design, and Architecture, Eugene, Oregon; JG&A-TSG JV, Marietta, Georgia; Premier Solutions JV LLC, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Alliance WSP JV LLC, Alexandria, Virginia; Michael Baker International, Moon Township, Pennsylvania; BV-Woolpert JV, Overland Park, Kansas; HDR Engineering Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, $193,000,000 for architect-engineer services for USACE, Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Health Facility Solutions Co., San Antonio, Texas; LRS Federal, Severna Park, Maryland; MSMM Huitt-Zollars JV LLC, New Orleans, Louisiana; Accura Engineering and Consulting Services, Atlanta, Georgia; Slicom, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Parsons, Centreville, Virginia; Jacobs, Arlington, Virginia; Huitt-Zollars Inc., Fort Worth, Texas; HDR Engineering Inc., San Antonio, Texas, $200,000,000 for architect and engineering construction services for USACE Fort Worth, Texas.


Conti Federal Services LLC, Orlando, Florida, $37,912,347, to renovate a building at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota.


Creative Times Dayschool, Ogden, Utah, $27,547,246, for construction of a composite aircraft antenna calibration facility in Layton, Utah.


QA Engineering, Albuquerque, New Mexico, $7,785,905, for renovations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for Army National Guard.


Gideon Contracting, San Antonio, Texas, $8,031,180 to build a command & control facility in Tucson, Arizona, for Air Force Reserve.


Mik Construction Inc., Artesia, California, $32,532,000 for repair and construction services for USACE, Sacramento, California.

Gustav Keoni (d.b.a. Precision Construction Services), San Luis Obispo, California, $12,756,386 for barracks repair, Fort Irwin, California.


Alutiiq General Contractors, Tacoma, Washington, $10,067,507, for maintenance and repair of vehicle roads and airfields for Army 418th Contracting Support Brigade, Joint Base Lewis-McChord.




Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., Houston, Texas, $27,113,800 for beachfill and dredging services in Bay Shore, New York.

The Dutra Group, San Rafael, California, $9,639,000 for maintenance dredging in Brooklyn, New York.


Donjon Marine Co., Hillside, New Jersey, $45,713,700 for dredging in Newark Bay, Newark, New Jersey.


Orion Marine Construction, Tampa, Florida, $40,000,000, for dredging Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana.

Weeks Marine Inc., Covington, Louisiana, $35,760,001, for material removal and disposal in Venice, Louisiana.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., Houston, Texas, $22,100,000 for dredging the Mississippi River in Plaquemines, Louisiana.


Mike Hooks LLC, Westlake, Louisiana, $15,192,170, for pipeline and maintenance dredging in Matagorda, Texas.

Orion Marine Construction Inc., Tampa, Florida, $17,935,000, for dredging, Port Arthur, Texas.



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Christian Sorensen is an author and researcher focused on the business of war.