Why is the United States always at war? Who benefits? How do corporate executives view the troops, military bases, and warzones? Understanding the War Industry documents how the war industry commands the other two sides of the military-industrial-congressional triangle.


Reading Heeled

A federal task force tries to pacify Chicago. Local anarchists build a kinder world in the face of this oppression.
Reading Heeled pdf (c) 2019


State-of-the-art espionage capacity, built up to prosecute decades of global war, is directed inwards. Facing the full might of a corrupt intelligence bureaucracy, a rookie in U.S. intelligence allies with unforeseen rebels as he tries to live long enough to clear his name. Array—“Thoreau meets Ludlum meets Che”—is a timely espionage thriller for anyone living under neoliberal economic policies or within the corporatized surveillance state.
Array pdf (c) 2019


Intelligence personnel, militants, and Iraqi millennials intersect in occupied Baghdad.
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munir was translated into German by Andrea Millar:
munir pdf – German

The following novel was written by an anonymous author:

Global Defence (.pdf)

Capitalism had reached its peak. Wall Street and corporate boardrooms had led the U.S. economy into endless wars. War was profit. A few patriots dared to stand up. The domestic rebellion gained steam. The capitalists attacked the rebels, known as abolitionists, with the full force of their corporate armory. The abolitionists had not started this war; capitalists had been crushing liberty, life, and individuality for decades and decades. This is the story of one group within the rebellion.