Hundreds of corporations, big and small, comprise the U.S. war industry. Endless war is the most profitable racket on Earth. Here are all the public DOD contracts from August 2020.

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS)Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers industry goods and services to allied governments, regimes, and international organizations.

General Atomics $188,866,819 for FMS (Belgium): four MQ-9B SkyGuardian air vehicles, two ground control stations, spares, and support equipment.

Iron Mountain Solutions $15,541,629 for technical support for the Utility Helicopter Project Office, Huntsville, AL. Some unspecified FMS (UAE).

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab $49,999,000 (IDIQ) for air warfare systems. Services develop, acquire, and test & eval aerospace systems (including munitions, cyber warfare, and electronic warfare elements).

KBRWyle $8,740,605 for FMS (Finland and Kuwait): technical assistance, program management, engineering, and financial & logistics support for the “integrated product teams” that acquire and sustain F-18 aircraft for FMS.

Lockheed Martin $18,836,895 for FMS (Japan): continued engineering design support and analysis of alternative services necessary for continuation of planning and risk reduction in support of Aegis Ashore Japan analysis of alternatives and FMS.

Lockheed Martin $181,744,524 for production, delivery and integration of 24 Airborne Low Frequency Sonars (ALFS) for India; eight ALFS for U.S. Navy, and seven ALFS for Denmark, into MH-60R Seahawk. FMS $144,463,596.

Lockheed Martin $62,000,000,000 ten-year, IDIQ (initial delivery order of $4,941,105,246) for FMS (unspecified): new F-16 aircraft. The initial delivery order is for 90 aircraft. FMS funds $3,881,168,384 currently obligated. The Times of India cites a Eurasian Times report indicating that 66 of the aircraft are headed to Taiwan with the rest for Morocco.

Lockheed Martin $183,182,541 for M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System launchers. Some FMS (Romania).

Northrop Grumman $10,008,657 for FMS (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar): re-manufacture and deliver APR-39C(V)1 radar data processor.

Raytheon $33,735,474 for FMS (Qatar): National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) integration and alternate Air Defense Operations Center (ADOC) installation.

Raytheon $92,500,000 IDIQ for standoff precision guided munition situational awareness datalink radios, along with integration, test, qualification and operational support.

United States Marine Inc. $7,572,364 for 15 9-meter Multi-Use EOD Response Craft for Azerbaijan.


General Atomics $15,485,103 for site relocation activities and exercises an option to extend ISR services utilizing contractor-owned / contractor-operated MQ-9 in Yuma, AZ (34%); Poway, CA (14%); overseas locations (52%).


Areté Associates $9,745,580 for integration services supporting incremental upgrades, block upgrades, and future generations of MK 18 unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) and remotely operated vehicles.


Black River Systems Co. $89,280,441 for work at AFRL to support rapid R&D, prototyping, demonstration, evaluation, and of transition counter-small unmanned aircraft system (C-sUAS) open systems architecture.

SRC Inc. $90,000,000 IDIQ for force protection C-sUAS with Medusa: acquisition, upgrade, sustainment, installation support, and design & analysis support.


Abbott Rapid DX North America $760,000,000 initial order for production and delivery of BinaxNOW rapid point-of-care antigen tests for COVID-19. For 150 million tests and distribution.

Carefusion Solutions LLC $16,773,863 for Pharmacy Inpatient Automation Solutions – Enterprise. Carefusion will “provide critical capabilities in support of Military Treatment Facilities responding to the ongoing healthcare crisis across the Military health system.” Will also provide pharmacy operations division relocation of equipment, as well as maintenance and support for existing proprietary hardware and software.

Copan Industries Inc. (Puerto Rico) $10,000,000 for increased manufacturing capability of diagnostic sample collection supplies (e.g., nasal swabs). Retrofit a production facility (including procuring machinery) to increase production capacity.

Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing $160,000,000 for domestic aseptic fill & finish manufacturing capacity for COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics.  Ology Bioservices Inc. $106,300,002 to reserve production capacity of approximately 186,840,000 doses to satisfy a need for domestic aseptic fill & finish manufacturing of vaccines and therapeutics.

Moderna TX Inc. $1,525,000,000 for 100 million filled drug production doses of a SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 vaccine.

For safety needles/syringes in support of COVID-19 pandemic response and Operation Warp Speed, Cardinal Health Inc. $14,826,870; Duopross Meditech Corp. $48,310,000; Gold Coast Medical Supply L.P. $13,575,307; HTL-Strefa Inc. $12,330,000; Quality Impact Inc. $8,800,000.


BFBC LLC $13,387,621 to design and build roughly 15 miles of three-phase power distribution system, lighting, and all supports, closed-circuit TV, linear ground detection system, electronic equipment shelters, and a fiber optic shelter, Yuma, AZ.


Atlantic Diving Supply $28,000,000 IDIQ for facility maintenance, repair and operations supplies and related incidental services in Southwest Africa.

KBR $75,000,000 for construction projects at Camp Lemonnier and Chabelley Air Field, Djibouti.


Construction Helicopters Inc. $168,759,265 for continued rotary wing airlift within Central Command.

DynCorp $12,853,147 for aviation maintenance services in Afghanistan.

KBR $9,885,076 for one month of base operations support services (BOSS) at Isa Air Base, Bahrain.

Leidos $35,778,346 for continued contractor logistics support on “special mission” Mi-17/PC-12 aircraft in support of Afghanistan. FY2020 Afghanistan Security Forces funds obligated.

Vectrus $116,821,426 for continued support of operation and maintenance of Army communications, U.S. Central Command (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE in particular).


KBR $974,000,000 IDIQ for base operating support services in Spain (Morón Air Base) and Turkey (Incirlik AB, Izmir Air Station, Office of Defense Cooperation-Turkey, and Ankara Support Facility).

6 firms – 3 from Europe (Astlanda Ehitus Ou of Harjumaa, Estonia; Semi SA of Madrid, Spain; SKE Support Services GmbH of Goldbach, Germany) and 3 from USA (Framaco International Inc., Relyant Global LLC, Tartu Bryan JV) – will compete for orders under an overall $49,950,000 for repair and maintenance, design build, environmental work, force protection work, and construction services for U.S. forces and/or facilities throughout Estonia. This is a concrete example of how hyping up the “threat” of Russia pays dividends.


Black Construction-Tutor Perini JV $44,093,863 for design and construction of explosive ordnance facilities, Naval Base Guam.

DZSP 21 LLC $50,794,396 for base operating support services (BOSS) at Joint Region Marianas. DZSP 21 LLC $48,586,983 for BOSS at Joint Region Marianas.

Great Eastern Group $9,108,903 for Offshore Support Vessel Hercules, utilized to support refueling and resupply of the special mission ship SBX-1 in U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

ITC Defense Corp of Arlington, VA $28,567,455 to provide the Missile Defense Agency with system support (including maintenance and supply support; packaging, handling, storage, and transportation; forward stationing for theater support; training and training support; and limited missile support to THAAD). Additionally, the contractor “will also be responsible for providing supply support, maintenance, material and personnel necessary to support THAAD peculiar equipment.” Work in Fort Bliss, TX; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Sill, OK; and locations in INDOPACOM.

RiverTech LLC $8,939,038 for Pacific Air Forces Aviation Squadron administrative support, especially for flying squadron operations at Japan, South Korea, Alaska, Hawai‘i. This is a great example of corporations doing what military officers and their staff should be doing. If officers can’t/won’t administer their units, what good are they?


Airbus DS $10,000,000 to support of U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command for the sustainment and modernization of five CASA 212-200 CC60 aircraft with new avionics suites and maintenance refreshes.

Cubic (GATR Technologies) $172,000,000 for 1.2 meter and 2.4 meter Ground Antenna Transmit & Receive (GATR) inflatable satellite communications terminals and ancillary equipment in support of SOCOM.

General Dynamics $48,901,837 for production of Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 in Anniston, AL, for SOCOM, Tampa, FL.

Quantico Tactical and Rapid Response Defense Systems $950,000,000, 10-year, IDIQ for equipment, training, and product support to roughly 3,500 Air Force special operators, as well as authorized users in support of mission requirements.

Veraxx Engineering Corp. $218,000,000 for advanced planning and preview systems, mission simulators, and rehearsal capabilities that training in support of SOCOM’s “unique joint training and mission requirements.”


S2 Corp. $9,003,679 for a DARPA project to prototype and demonstrate a broadband, electro-magnetic spectrum receiver system. Issued via Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic, Charleston, SC.

Raytheon $32,493,889 for Phase 3 tasks re Multi- Azimuth Defense Fast Intercept Round Engagement System (MAD-FIRES) program. During the 27-month Phase 3 baseline, Raytheon will focus on seeker development and performance. Raytheon proposes to make performance enhancements to the successful Phase 2 projectile and develop a functional demonstration illuminator and engagement manager to engage and defeat a representative surrogate target.

Radiance Technologies Inc. $10,110,811 for a DARPA research project for the Secure Advanced Framework for Simulation & Modeling (SAFE-SiM) program. SAFE-SiM seeks to build a faster-than-real time modeling & simulation (M&S) capability. This capability would “enable rapid analysis supporting senior-level decisions for concept of operations development, force structure composition, resource allocation and targeted technology insertion.” Cole Engineering Services $9,141,146 for a DARPA research project for the SAFE-SiM program.


Dataminr Inc. $12,180,000 to provide web-based mobile and email alerting of events and breaking news based on global sources of publicly available information to DOD users for force protection and first response.

Messer Construction $126,324,295 to build the National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) Intelligence Production Center at Wright-Patterson AFB.


American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages $9,274,000 to provide Defense Language Proficiency Test quality control and validations support for the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.

ACADEMIA ­– U.S. academia is part of the U.S. war industry. Faculty and staff often justify this flagrant ethical compromise by claiming that the funding is too good to turn down and that they, the academics, are ultimately not the ones determining when, where, or how to use the weaponry being developed.

University of Connecticut $7,953,698 for research (for AFRL) to develop capabilities to predict performance of aerospace materials in the manufacturing environment as well as when subjugated to extreme thermomechanical influences.

University of Nebraska, National Strategic Research Institute $92,000,000 IDIQ for R&D services supporting U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) and other government agencies: engineering, R&D capabilities, and mission-related research including test, evaluation, and systems analysis of related topics for STRATCOM “in the defined core competencies of nuclear detection and forensics, detection of chemical and biological weapons, active and passive defense against WMD and consequence management.”


Leidos $11,916,585 to support continued system operations & sustainment services and test and training services for Saturn Arch Aerial Intelligence Systems.

Northrop Grumman $18,137,372 for contractor logistics support services for government-owned, fixed-wing fleet performing Special Electronic Mission Aircraft missions.

JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) – It is an understatement to call the F-35 a boondoggle. The Manhattan Project cost about $2 billion in 1945 dollars (roughly $28.4 billion in 2019 dollars). The F-35 burns through that kind of money every few years.

Lockheed Martin $20,630,000 for various materials required for the 30P05 capability upgrade to all fielded F-35 pilot and maintenance training systems. FMS portion = $1,385,000.

Lockheed Martin $77,400,000 to develop and install flight test instrumentation on one F-35B Lot 14 aircraft and one F-35C Lot 14 aircraft for government testing.

Lockheed Martin $7,469,472 to procure Intel Diminishing Manufacturing Sources parts that have reached end of life, for F-35 program future aircraft production and deliveries to Air Force and Navy.

Lockheed Martin $7,955,000 to consolidate known issues (from lots 12-14), funding and requirements on a single vehicle “to ensure the most fiscally responsible business deals for customers.” Supports concurrency related and retrofit activities for delivered air systems for F-35 for non-DOD participants and FMS. FMS portion is $1,720,000.  “Non-DOD international partners” are distinct from FMS. The former are purchased by the U.S. government, while the latter are purchased by the U.S. government (which is then reimbursed by foreign governments upon receipt of the good or service).

EAGLE (F-15)

Honeywell $20,798,038 IDIQ to repair the advanced display core processor and digital mapping service in F-15E at Robins AFB, GA, and Phoenix, AZ.


General Dynamics $17,536,819 for wide band radomes supporting Air Force F-16 aircraft outfitted with Active Electronically Scanned Array radars.


Leidos $58,905,547 for development of Adaptive Radar Countermeasure (ARC) Software/Firmware (SW/FW) capabilities, and integration of ARC SW/FW on AN/ALQ-214A electronic countermeasure host. ARC SW/FW supplements F/A-18C-F survivability in the presence of radio frequency guided surface-to-air and air-to-air weapons systems.

Teledyne Defense Electronics $23,619,080 to repair electron tubes associated with the ALQ-99 system for F/A-18G.


Raytheon $8,357,826 for additional contractor logistics support maintainers for pre-operational support to facilitate logistics and maintenance in support of Next Generation Jammer engineering and manufacturing development and test and evaluation.


Boeing $50,000,000 for the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) Internet Protocol Enabled Communication (IPEC) program. Provides continued acquisition of supplies and services directly associated with the functions of IPEC in the overarching AWACS upgrade. Work Tinker AFB, OK.

PLEXSYS Interface Products $66,771,502 for time and materials to AWACS Mission Crew Training Set (MCTS), so eight MCTS systems are ready for training at the beginning of each training day and stay operational throughout training. Contractor secures the systems at the end of the day. Work at Tinker AFB; Kadena AB, Japan; Nellis AFB; and Joint Base Elmendorf, AK.

Northrop Grumman $34,712,366 for non-recurring engineering for requirements development and systems engineering technical reviews and certification planning; initial requirements change requests; procurement strategy source selection package; performance based navigation certification plan; initial system safety; cyber; program protection and exportability analysis; integrated master schedule; and other associated technical deliverables in support of the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye cockpit redesign.


Boeing $12,825,294 for non-recurring and recurring engineering for development and integration of a modified Nose Radome into P-8A aircraft in support of Lot 10 full rate production VI for the U.S. Navy and FMS.

Pole/Zero Acquisition Inc. $8,858,994 for up to 12 additional Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Antenna Interface Units (AIUs); 22 Very/Ultra High Frequency (V/UHF) AIUs; 12 UHF AIU Communications Tray (COMM-Tray); 18 V/UHF AIU COMM-Tray assemblies and subassemblies in support of the P-8A aircraft.


Day & Zimmermann ($2,047,464) and AMTEC Corp. d.b.a. Tech Ord ($1,455,992) estimated $39,437,018 for manufacture of M500 cartridge actuated cutters used on the C-130 and C-17 aircraft during load airdrop sequence.

MILITARY RESEARCH – A recent report from the Government Accountability Office indicated, “Contractors decide what independent R&D projects to conduct,” for which DOD pays, and “DOD does not know how contractors’ independent R&D projects fit into the department’s technology goals.”

Apogee Research $41,663,526 for development and testing of technologies (for AFRL) to “enable the transition of system technology integration tool chain for heterogeneous electronic systems.” This “will allow capabilities to rapidly integrate into new mission capabilities for interoperability within and across DOD platforms.”

Cromulence LLC $9,912,581 for software and hardware deliverables for AFRL. Provides research, design, development, testing, demonstration, integration, and delivery of integrated software & hardware cyber capabilities that will raise awareness of cyber risks of space systems. A “‘Space Security Challenge 2020: Hack-a-Sat’ competition will be held to bridge the security knowledge gap between space and cyber security communities.”

First RF Corp. maximum $24,900,000 IDIQ for radio frequency electronic antenna cancellation / beamforming technology software/hardware prototypes for AFRL. These systems may support various RF functions, such as radar, communications, electronic warfare, signals intelligence, direction finding, etc.

J G Contracting $55,000,000 IDIQ for all management, labor, material, equipment, transportation, supervision and minimal designs to accomplish maintenance, repair and minor construction work at Edwards AFB and Air Force owned/operated facilities located at Plant 42, Palmdale, CA.

Lockheed Martin $14,756,832 for R&D of a prototype semantic forensic system that automatically detects, attributes and characterizes falsified, multi-modal media assets to defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks and supports a variety of potential transition partners. Scope: design, develop, evaluate and refine a semantic forensics system capable of implementation on a number of local and cloud computing architectures for a variety of end users.

L3Harris $55,000,000 IDIQ for innovative R&D and to provide the Integrated Demonstrations and Applications Laboratory (AFRL, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH) simulation and testbed capabilities to develop, integrate, mature, insert and transition technologies/systems “to meet critical/urgent warfighter mission requirements.”

MorseCorp Inc. $14,000,000 to develop a variety of technologies to support military airdrop of cargo and personnel, including hardware and software.

MultiBeam Corp. $37,586,245 for R&D of “mask-less full-wafer patterning of all interconnect layers at state-of-practice technology nodes, thereby protecting integrated circuit designs and intellectual property critical to national security” for AFRL, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

Nalej Corp. $14,865,391 for a System of Systems Technology Integration Tool Chain for Heterogeneous Electronic Systems (STITCHES) Warfighter Applications Team (SWAT) development operations (DevOps) prototype. Deliver DevOps “capabilities to the System of Systems Integration Technology and Experimentation (SoSITE) STITCHES platform managing DevOps toolchains in addition to providing a team dedicated to the effort.” Aims to enable DOD “with push-button deployment and management capabilities for the SoSITE STITCHES system that supports the further development and subsequent continued and expanded usage of the system as a whole.”

Navatek LLC $9,653,744 for systematic advances in asymmetric Naval forces and logistics. Research (for the Office of Naval Research) to identify opportunities in the current operating fleet and operational methods where asymmetric concepts can be evaluated for further development. Research will focus on increased robustness of autonomous systems, study of the power systems related to small systems and platforms, investigate hydro-mechanical interactions with resilient composite structures, examine the system components ancillary to large resilient composite structures, and ID and evaluate opportunities in Navy’s fleet and operational methods.

ROCCOR LLC $15,998,168 to develop, build, and test a flight quality demonstration unit [featuring a structurally combined aperture and reticulated locking expandable truss] for AFRL. The system will consist of a scaled and/or truncated system that provides guidance for the structural feasibility of a full-scale meter operational system.

Southwest Research Institute $10,753,325 for the Multiple Threat Emitter System (MUTES) and Mini-MUTES program: repair of circuit cards and circuit card assemblies for multiple threat emitters.

Textron $84,734,180 for support (technical, engineering, scientific logistical) to the S3I Directorate’s Joint Systems Integration Laboratory in the areas of R&D, integration, experimentation, test & evaluation, maintenance, sustainment, and operation.

Tangram Flex $95,000,000 IDIQ for software and reports for AFRL. Perform research, development, prototyping, enhancement, testing, evaluation, integration, transition and operational assessment to enhance and commercialize the Tangram Platform resulting in flexible system engineering componentization that allows system integrators and maintainers to ease the difficulty in interface versioning and generation.

Toyon Research Corp. $8,653,279 for algorithm development for on-orbit image processing for AFRL, Kirtland AFB.


TSI Inc. $48,213,673 for approximately 3,500 M41A1 protection assessment test systems conformance testing certifications, technical documentation and logistics support equipment.


Boeing $11,701,146 for remanufactured AH-64E “Apache” aircraft. DigiFlight Inc. $15,304,730 for logistic support services for the Apache Attack Helicopter Project Manager’s Office.

Lockheed Martin $25,127,577 for non-recurring engineering to develop logistics support products for the Maintenance Task Analysis Phase II, a provisioning database of technical information to include 2D drawings that supports maintenance for the CH-53K helicopter. Overseas work in St. Marcel, France (5%); Titchfield, England (2%); the rest is spread across the U.S.

Lockheed Martin $35,317,218 to procure labor and hardware for development of preliminary software for Phase 2 Network Enabled Weapons (NEW) capabilities. Specifically, this order provides software coding, testing and integration of NEW into a software development branch of the MH-60R/S software configuration with a merge into MH-60R/S fleet release baseline after the capability has established maturity.

Lockheed Martin $13,500,000 for technologies that will be developed & demonstrated in the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft technology risk mitigation and maturation effort.

Northrop Grumman $44,550,267 for production and delivery of an additional 228 H-1 Tech Refresh Mission Computers, increasing the quantity from 545 to 773 in support of domestic and FMS UH-1Y and AH-1Z aircraft. Textron $30,400,000 for non-recurring engineering and integrated logistics support to produce and qualify the structural improvement and electrical power upgrade solution for the UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper aircraft.


AMG Engineering & Machining ($17,236,056) and Janel’s Industries ($13,155,156) for aircraft structural fittings.

Beaver Aerospace & Defense $14,658,882 IDIQ for for remanufacture, shipping, testing and packaging for the Fast Rising B-Plug components used for the Fast Rising B-Plug program by the Air Force.

Communications & Power Industries $9,500,000 for electron tubes repair. Includes teardown, test and evaluation, minor repair, major repair and total rebuild of the electron tubes.

Northrop Grumman $93,000,000 IDIQ for a follow-on to continue performance of highly specialized technical services in support of product data systems, data management, migration processes and transformation initiatives, Robins AFB, GA.


BAE Systems estimated $144,000,000 for common avionics and electronic components applicable to B1-B, ASQ-151, APX-113, ALQ-172, USM-464, AN/ALQ-155, ALQ-161, USM-638, B-52 platforms. Provides sustainment of spares/buys, repairs and engineering services related to various systems and components that are sole source to BAE.

Northrop Grumman $19,689,152 for guardian laser transmitter assemblies, countermeasure transmitters in support of the Common Avionics program.

Telephonics Corp. $44,999,380 for communication interface units.


Textron $11,312,199 for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System T-6, Sustaining Engineering and Program Management, Enhanced Onboard Oxygen Generating System.


Capco $13,296,000 IDIQ for M943 impulse cartridges used on B-1B and B-52H aircraft during ejection.

Cobham Mission System $13,028,470 for oxygen concentrators.

Vision Systems LLC (Collins-Elbit) $12,915,360 for production, delivery, and support of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) Night Vision Cueing and Display (NVCD) System and its parts for U.S. Navy, Canada, Kuwait, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland. FMS funds $644,660.


Raytheon $21,803,804 for sustainment services associated with the ADM-160B, ADM-160C and C-1 Miniature Air Launched Decoy Jammer.


Raytheon $30,143,455 for TF-33 aircraft engine spare-components.


Lockheed Martin $65,283,976 for FY2020 Aegis modernization, new construction of guided missile destroyers and FMS production requirements (production and delivery of multi-mission signal processor equipment sets; Aegis Combat System support equipment; electronic equipment fluid coolers and kill assessment system 5.1 equipment; MK 6 Mod 0 equipment for Japan and Spain FMS requirements) for U.S. Navy (96.9%); Spain (2.3%); Japan (0.8%).


Lockheed Martin $191,723,019 for engineering design development services and associated material and travel, supporting Navy submarines and FMS requirements for U.S. Navy (90%); Canada (8%); Japan (1%); Australia (1%).

Oceaneering International $9,746,030 for configuration changes and fit ups to Navy submarines. For engineering, technical and installation services.


Boston Ship Repair $16,567,594 for a 64-calendar day shipyard availability for the mid-term availability of the fleet replenishment oiler USNS Walter S. Diehl (T-AO 193).

General Dynamics $106,923,080 for USS Bataan (LHD 5) FY2020 selected restricted availability.  General Dynamics $125,819,311 for the labor and material efforts required to plan the USS Hartford (SSN 768) engineered overhaul (EOH) availability.  General Dynamics $37,195,489, for USS Lake Erie (CG 70) fiscal 2021 selected restricted availability.

BAE Systems $103,590,841 to prepare for and accomplish repair and alteration requirements for USS Preble (DDG 88) Chief of Naval Operations scheduled depot maintenance period.  BAE Systems $83,501,649 for the execution of USS Carney (DDG 64) FY2020 extended dry-docking selected restricted availability and the USS Winston Churchill (DDG 81) fiscal 2021 depot modernization period.

Coastal Marine Services Inc. and Thermcor Inc. ($18,903,577 and $23,020,821, respectively; for a total of $41,924,398) IDIQ to provide insulation and lagging removal and installation, Norfolk, VA.

Continental Tide, Gibbs & Cox Inc., McKean Defense Group LLC, NDI Engineering Co., Q.E.D. Systems combined $165,092,379 to provide engineering, technical, logistics and program management services for Navy and Army surface ships, submarines, and assault craft. Includes engineering, technical and logistics support for in-service ship systems and equipment, refurbishment and testing of electrical and electrical control equipment, program management, programmatic, engineering and implementation coordination support for equipment upgrades and ship modernization initiatives and direct fleet support for afloat units at the waterfront.

Mare Island Dry Dock $15,378,728 for the mid-term availability of the oiler USNS Henry J. Kaiser (T-AO 187).

Pacific Maritime Industries Corp., Tri-Way Industries, Spec-Built Systems estimated $25,938,325 IDIQ for task orders to provide a means to purchase of light weight modular berths and related materials in support of the Shipboard Habitability Improvement Program in accordance with the delivery schedules listed on the statement of work.


DRS $24,036,708 for programmable power supply MK 179 Mod 0 production for Vertical Launch System.

SAIC $84,823,556 to supply All Up Round torpedo [MK 48 Mod 7 Heavyweight torpedo] equipment and support for U.S. Navy (93 %); Australia (6%) and Taiwan (1%).


Amentum Services Inc. $430,016,852 for operation and maintenance of the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC). Contractor is also responsible for operating a one square mile Navy outpost. Work in Andros Island, Bahamas (64%); West Palm Beach, FL (36%). PAE used to do this job.

BAE Systems $19,914,240 for Archerfish Destructor full rate production, maintenance and associated technical services. Includes maintenance, spare and repair parts, and evolution of the Archerfish Destructors. BAE Systems will manage the destructor configuration and integrate new/upgraded capability and assess the destructor configuration for application to in-service upgrade efforts.

Gryphon Technologies $14,620,466 for technical and engineering services to perform ship checks to collect data and develop ship installation drawings for landing helicopter dock platforms.

Management Services Group $13,601,735 for network, processing, and storage technical Insertion 16 (NPS), 1 storage equipment, which will be incorporated into area storage area network cabinets during production. The NPS program consists of enterprise products in use across surface Navy combat systems which introduce powerful commercially available off-the-shelf processors as part of a general strategy to achieve a modular and open architecture design. Some government of Australia funding.

Marotta Controls $22,190,510 IDIQ, for motor operated pilot valve supplies for the Navy’s engineering agent for damage control equipment and systems, fire protection systems and equipment, and damage & fire recoverability.

Ribcraft USA $38,608,278 to build 132 seven-meter (7M) Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs). At the time of award, 48 7M RHIBs are purchased.

Rhoads Industries $49,000,000 for construction related industrial support services to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division.


Hydraulics International $8,002,881 to procure 38 diesel portable hydraulic power supplies and 16 electric portable hydraulic power supplies in support of V-22 aircraft for U.S. Navy and Japan. Supplies are to power the aircraft hydraulic systems for operational maintenance and testing of aircraft hydraulic components.

SeaLandAire Technologies Inc. $9,706,013 for continued advanced technology R&D of airborne anti-submarine warfare systems under SBIR topic N010-014, “High Gain Array of Velocity Sensors.” Further R&D will include systems engineering, modeling & analyses, measurement of target and environment data, architecture, fabrication, installation, test, maintenance, aircrew training and procurement activities. Provides engineering services for prototyping and delivery of 36 digital directional frequency analysis and reporting vertical line array sonobuoys in order to transfer this SBIR technology to the UnderSea Advantage Next Generation Multistatic Active Coherent system.


Basic Commerce & Industries Inc. $12,281,171 IDIQ, for research, development, production, integration, installation, software support and maintenance of Weather Radar Through-the-Sensor systems.


BAE Systems $11,723,000 to provide U.S. Army Cyber Command with command, control, communications, computers and information management augmentation services. Work in Augusta, GA.

Federal Contracting Inc. $41,906,264 for construction of a Cyberworx building at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

La Jolla Logic, Pueo Business Solutions LLC, Axcend, Inc., Lumbee Tribe Enterprises LLC, Trillion Technology Solutions, Inc. $46,000,000 IDIQ for network, engineering, testing and cybersecurity support services, Camp Pendleton, CA.


Immix Technology Inc. $17,637,924 for IBM software maintenance support renewal.

Nexagen Networks Inc. $45,970,509 IDIQ to provide subject matter expertise in the areas of program management; development management; operation support; systems engineering support; systems administration; information assurance; network security; configuration management; service desk support; web application development and technical writing in support of the management and operation of the coalition and allied programs and the Naval Tool for Interoperability and Risk Assessment under Naval Information Forces.

PTC Inc. $17,131,314 for integration and development efforts in support of Model Based Production Support.

SAIC $36,290,371 for IT services in Huntsville, AL, Corpus Christi, TX.

Total Technology Inc., Logisys Technical Services Inc., Pioneering Decisive Solutions Inc. will compete for each order of a $92,992,323 for an automated test system testing/diagnostics and netcentric support program.

31 firms, including Carahsoft and Red River, will compete for orders under the $13,000,000,000 to support the Army, DOD and all federal agencies in their “enterprise infrastructure and infostructure goals by leveraging commercial-off-the-shelf software products and maintenance in specific product categories.”


Deloitte roughly $106,352,518 to design and build the Joint Common Foundation artificial intelligence development environment for the DOD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC).

Henry M. Jackson Foundation $18,808,103 for research to implement an artificial intelligence initiative at the Biotechnology High-Performance Computing Software Applications Institute (BHSAI) to support scientific research of military medicine for U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, Fort Detrick, MD.


Liqid Inc. $31,850,000 for high-performance computing modernization programs, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Liqid Inc. $16,480,000 for DOD high performing computing modernization programs, Vicksburg, MS.


Sierra Nevada Corp. $318,952,224 for simple key loader production, engineering and sustainment support services.

Viasat Inc. $13,965,530 $17,822,995 for KOR 24A multi-channel small tactical terminals. The KOR 24A is interoperable with the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) family of radios. This supports FMS cases.


SpaceX $316,000,000 and United Launch Services LLC $337,000,000 for the National Security Space Launch (NSSL) Phase 2 contract, supporting launches planned during FY2022-2027. Launch service includes early integration studies, launch service support, fleet surveillance, launch vehicle production, mission integration, mission launch operations, mission assurance, spaceflight worthiness, and mission unique activities for each mission. Both corporations work in Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, FL, and Vandenberg AFB, CA. ULS works in Centennial, CO; SpaceX in Hawthorne, CA.


Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. $9,682,027 for work on Defense Experimentation Using Commercial Space Internet (DEUCSI). For AFRL, Ball tries to “establish the ability to communicate with Air Force platforms via multiple commercial space internet constellations using common user terminal hardware elements.”

Bowhead $115,752,117 for system engineering and technical assistance support for the Center of Excellence, Space & Missile Defense School.

Consortium Management Group $98,567,402 for resilient embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation System prototype development. Rapid prototyping includes development of design prototypes, production representative prototypes, non-recurring engineering, travel, and development of a technical data package. Paid for via other transaction agreement.

Frontier Technology Inc. $18,838,565 for additional support and analysis to aid in the rapid prototyping and delivery of Enterprise Ground Services for U.S. Space Force missions.

Lockheed Martin $187,542,461 for the Space Development Agency Transport Layer Tranche 0. Work includes on-time delivery of space vehicles and paths to optical intersatellite link interoperability success. York Space Systems $94,036,666 for the Space Development Agency Transport Layer Tranche 0.

ManTech $16,255,475 for systems engineering and integration (SE&I) support to the Space and Missile System Launch Enterprise (SMC/ECL). Continued SMC/ECL SE&I supporting National Security Space Launch (NSSL) to include the overarching integration of launch and range programs, which require interfacing with both current and future NSSL launch systems. Work at Los Angeles AFB, CA; Vandenberg AFB, CA; Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL; and Peterson AFB, CO.

Net-centric Design Professionals LLC $28,613,576 for Tools, Applications and Processing Laboratory and Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Battlespace Awareness Center (OBAC) support services. Provides a research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) “innovation environment” for enhancing and/or developing operational capabilities. Also provides an environment accessible to other DOD, civil, and commercial users to find new innovative uses of remote sensing data. The acquisition will also support OPIR OBAC co-located with the Space Based Infrared System Mission Control Station, Buckley AFB, CO. Work in Boulder and Aurora, CO.

Radiant Mission Solutions $12,000,000 to provide the Army Geospatial Center with remote ground terminal systems.

RGNext (a JV between Raytheon and General Dynamics) $17,620,089 for cyber hardened infrastructure support Phases 3 and 4, supporting an increase in launch and test range requirements at Eastern and Western Ranges.

Raytheon $14,000,000 for services and supplies in support of modernization, expansion, and contractor logistic support for “Scope Command’s” High Frequency Global Communications System (HFGCS). I think the clerk who wrote this contract announcement meant to write “Space Command.”

MISSILE DEFENSE AGENCY (MDA) – After intense lobbying by the U.S. war industry, the D.C. regime pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002. This paved the way for the establishment of the Missile Defense Agency, and allowed the U.S. war industry to develop, market, and sell “ballistic missile defense” weaponry. This weaponry is one of the most lucrative sectors of the U.S. war industry.

Lockheed Martin $911,765,000 for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) element development and support services (from $2,335,000,000 to $3,246,765,000). Extends the period of performance for additional incremental development, support to flight and ground test programs, and “responsive support” to warfighter requirements to sustain the Ballistic Missile Defense System throughout the acquisition life cycle.


Northrop Grumman $21,948,817 for the Minuteman III Fast Rising B-Plug service life extension.


Boeing $15,620,949 for production & delivery of 25 Harpoon Block II+ captive air training missiles and 24 tactical missiles.

Boeing $95,000,000 for Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) technical support and integration. Support for studies and analysis; product improvement and upgrades; integration including, but not limited to, software integration and aircraft integration; and associated hardware and testing.

General Dynamics $8,598,384 for recapitalization and/or repair on Switch Multiplexer Units (SMU), SMU power supplies, and circuit card assemblies used in the PATRIOT missile system.

J.F. Taylor Inc. $23,155,111 for first article test external quick-disconnect umbilical cable assemblies and external quick-disconnect umbilical cable assemblies in support of advanced anti-radiation guided missile (AARGM) production and various military standard 1760 compliant weapons for the F/A-18 series and EA-18G aircraft.  Northrop Grumman $12,190,753 for depot sustainment support, guidance section and control section repair and common munitions built-in test/reprogramming equipment box 4 and 5 test and inspection on AARGM for the U.S. Navy, Italy, Australia, and perhaps unspecified FMS.  Northrop Grumman $80,963,388 IDIQ for development of new technology to increase AARGM capability. Provides technology demonstrations, product improvement initiatives, technology insertion, and transition activities, integration and testing of various warfare systems, mission analysis and mission architecture development. Additionally, this effort will provide recommendations in support of Concept of Operations development and military utility analysis.

Kaman Precision Products $57,334,714 for joint programmable fuze-152: a cockpit-selectable bomb fuze employed in MK-80 warheads (both guided and unguided variations). Involves unspecified FMS “for 25 countries”.

Lockheed Martin $9,958,534 for field support technicians.

Raytheon $10,242,679 for non-recurring engineering in support of integration and testing of the modified Cryptographic Modernization Tactical Air Command Network 1.0 data link radio onto the air-to-ground missile 154C-1 Joint Standoff Weapon.

Toyal America Inc. $12,715,574 to provide aluminum powder in support of production at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, OK.

Krempp Construction $35,000,000 for magazine and inert building maintenance and repairs at the Naval Support Activity Crane, IN.

Nan Inc. $33,491,868 for construction of four magazines at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Each will be equipped with electronically-operated doors at ground level, lightning protection system, and grounding system.


KBRwyle $23,727,971 for maintenance, supply, transportation and other logistics functions for the Army Prepositioned Stock-3 Charleston Afloat Program.


AM General $7,232,621 IDIQ for High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle diesel engine cylinder heads.

Breton Industries Inc. max. $17,810,477 for vehicular door handles, soft top parts kits, vehicular fitted covers and vehicular curtain assemblies.

General Dynamics $428,229,970 for field level maintenance, field service representative support, contingency maintenance support, new equipment training, and total package fielding for Stryker vehicles.

Northrop Grumman Remotec $48,600,000 for reset, sustainment, maintenance and recap to support the overall sustainment of the Remotec family of robots.

Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Co. $8,972,159 for production of the panoramic telescope for U.S. Army.


Elbit Fort Worth (an Apartheid Israel corporation) $55,365,964 to procure hardware in support of the Mortar Fire Control System.


Atlantic Diving Supply and Vizocom Government Services $17,000,000 for soft wall shelters and shelter repair parts.

Avon Protection Systems Canadian Commercial Corp. $127,200,000 to qualify and procure M61 canisters for the Joint Service General Purpose Mask.

Point Blank Protective Apparel & Uniform (Guanica, Puerto Rico) $20,953,625 for MOLLE 4000 rucksack sets.


Atlantic Diving Supply $49,000,000 for the Cold Weather Glove System.

Aurora Industries (Orocovis, Puerto Rico) $25,608,088 IDIQ for coats for Army and Air Force. Tennier Industries Inc. maximum $17,148,584 for extreme cold/wet weather jackets. Bremen-Bowdon Investment Co. $8,125,822 for men’s trousers for Air Force. Campbellsville Apparel Co. $7,709,600 for undershirts and moisture wicking t-shirts. Excel Garment Manufacturing $25,009,200 IDIQ for flame-resistant utility coveralls. Silver Oak Leaf Inc. $10,716,250 for working uniform blouses and trousers (with some work in Puerto Rico).


Advanced Systems Technology $24,331,428 to replace the existing tactical communication subsystems towers and antenna system equipment for Joint Readiness Training Center instrumented systems, Fort Polk, LA, and Lawton, OK.


Aptima Inc. $9,900,000 for R&D of operational experimentation, technology refinement, and “operational alignment” related to improving and personalizing individual, team, and group training methods and “better blending of live, virtual and constructive environments in and across operational contexts.” Work primarily at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Bowhead $16,362,847 for flying training operations support: Air Education & Training Command (AETC) fighter training and special operations forces, as well as personnel recovery training units, aircrew training support and standardization & evaluation support across Fairchild AFB, WA; Eglin AFB, FL; Holloman AFB, NM; Luke AFB, AZ; Kirtland AFB, NM; and Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base, OR.

CAE USA Inc. $16,093,432 to extend the KC‐135 aircraft training system six months. “This action is being awarded under the Availability of Funds Clause.”

Credence Management Solutions LLC $8,661,142 to continue providing flight training operations support to AETC fighter aircrew at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Randolph and Lackland, TX; Columbus AFB, MS; Laughlin AFB, TX; Vance AFB, OK; Tucson Air National Guard (ANG) Base, AZ; Little Rock ANG Base, AR; Altus AFB, OK; Pensacola NAS, FL; Fort Rucker, AL; and U.S. Air Force Academy, CO. This task order incorporates the addition of two schedulers at JBSA–Randolph, and the Service Labor Standards, Department of Labor Wage Determinations and the Collective Bargaining Unit for Altus AFB.

Korte Construction Co. $34,420,210 to design and construct a two-story 72,140 square-foot Joint Simulation Environment facility, Edwards AFB.

Martin Baker (Uxbridge, UK) $150,000,000 for T-6 and T-38 replenishment spares. Some NASA funds obligated.

M1 Support Services $25,649,894 for maintenance of T‐38 aircraft (for Air Combat Command, Air Force Materiel Command, and Air Force Global Strike Command) at Beale AFB, CA; Holloman AFB, NM; JB Langley-Eustis, VA; Tyndall AFB, FL; and Whiteman AFB, MO.

PAE $19,766,706 for an additional year of the Aerial Targets Program (Tyndall AFB, FL, and Holloman AFB, NM): support live-fire weapon system testing and enable the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group to perform developmental and operational weapons testing for all air-to-air missiles for F-15, F-16, F-22, and F-35 aircraft.

The Ross Group Construction Corp. $35,396,600 to design & build a C-130 H/J fuselage trainer facility, Little Rock AFB.


Cubic $8,838,026 for engineering services in support of the Interim Joint Secure Interoperable Live-Virtual-Constructive (JSILS) and Secure Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Advanced Training Environment (SLATE) – Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD) “for future consideration as a usable operational LVC training environment capability.” Provides design, engineering, and test/demo to mature aforementioned technologies. 

FlightSafety Services Corp. $220,766,476 IDIQ for aircrew training services on the TH-73A Advanced Helicopter Training System to include flight training devices (FTD) and classroom instruction to train student naval aviators to meet an annual pilot production rate of over 600 advanced rotary wing and intermediate tilt-rotor student naval aviators. Additionally, provides for the operation and maintenance of FTDs.

Koman Construction $10,000,000 for construction and repairs at U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.


B.L. Harbert International LLC $23,160,000 for entry control facility upgrades at NAS Joint Reserve Base, New Orleans.

ProSecure LLC $10,083,876 IDIQ for armed security guard services at various installations in NAVFAC Northwest.


Huntington Ingalls $15,933,605 to provide Headquarters Marine Corps, Plans, Policies and Operations, Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) and Commander Navy Installations Command with technical and engineering support for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-Yield Explosive Consequence Management program.


Northrup Grumman $4,000,000 for the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program. The Program’s mission is to “partner with willing countries to reduce threat from Weapons of Mass Destruction and related materials, technologies, facilities and expertise.”

UTILITIES – Privatizing utilities is never a good idea. It prioritizes profit over the health and wellbeing of the people. Additionally, water is a human right; corporate greed should be nowhere near it.

Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative $13,547,690 for electric operations, maintenance, renewal and replacement utility service charge. For Air Force.  Dominion Privatization TX LLC $42,075,122 for additional utility services for the electric and natural gas utility systems at Fort Hood, TX.  Emerald Coast Utility Services $23,227,776 for water and wastewater utility services for Air Force.  Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust $617,452,596 regulated tariff for the ownership, operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater utility systems at Tinker AFB, OK.

“GREEN”ING THE MILITARY – You cannot “green” a massive military whose primary purpose, aside from profiting industry, is to utilize fossil fuels (barring nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers) to kill, destroy infrastructure, garrison the globe, open countries to U.S. corporate interests, and snoop on global citizens. But “greening” looks great to rising military officers and PR-friendly congresspersons.

Alstom Renewable US LLC $15,943,367 to rewind two hydroelectric generating units at Hartwell Powerhouse, GA.


Argentum Medical LLC maximum $14,780,000 for medical surgical products.  Claflin Service Co. maximum $49,500,000 IDIQ for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA electronic catalog.  Sonosim Inc. $14,000,000 IDIQ for medical equipment and accessories for the DLA electronic catalog.  Thomas Scientific $12,644,524 IDIQ for medical and surgical products.


International SOS Government Services $960,362,689 for health care support services by the Defense Health Agency (DHA). Supports TRICARE Overseas Program by supplementing healthcare capabilities & capacities of overseas military treatment facilities and provides healthcare in remote overseas locations.

Terra Klean Solutions $13,500,000 for non-personal healthcare housekeeping services, William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Fort Bliss, TX.

GiaCare and MedTrust JV LLC $7,779,386 for registered nursing services for the San Antonio Military Health System.

Hamilton Enterprises $21,676,458 for health insurance billing and collection activities for Defense Health Agency medical treatment facilities, using a government-provided billing program (Government Billing Solution, or GBS).


Alliance Technical Services $10,021,402 for third party logistics hazmat support services for Army.

FUEL & ENERGY – The U.S. Armed Forces consume more fossil fuels than any other organization in the world.

Petro Star ($62,088,432); Delta Western ($32,629,727); Crowley Government Services ($26,468,885); Petro 49 Inc. ($15,852,473); for various types of fuel. Bristol Engineering Services Co. $8,819,114 task order to replace fuel farm tanks at Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island.


Korte Construction $21,894,868 to build a new consolidated storage and distribution center (approximately 95,000 square feet) at Joint Base Charleston.

Lakota Solutions, LLC $22,937,145 IDIQ for material handling equipment maintenance.

Native American Services $8,315,231 for building a general purpose storage building at Fort Hood, TX.

PrimeTech International Inc. $19,185,938 for logistics services to manage, support and operate the Marine Corps Consolidated Storage Program warehouse network. Paid for in part with overseas contingency operations funds.

ENVIRONMENTAL – The U.S. military is the single greatest institutional polluter in the world (in terms of carbon pollution, particulates, nuclear waste, runoff, etc.). The Pentagon hires Corporate America to remediate a fraction of the military’s pollution.

Bethel-Tech Pacific JV, ECC Environmental, CAPE-Weston $240,000,000 for environmental remediation projects primarily in the southwest. Work provides for environmental remediation, removal, remedial design, expedited and emergency response, pilot & treatability studies, remedial systems operation and maintenance, corrective actions, and groundwater monitoring and other related activities associated with returning sites to safe and acceptable levels of contamination. In the corporatized mindset of Pentagon officials, there is an “acceptable” level of contamination, while in the eyes of the U.S. public no contamination is acceptable.

Brice Environmental Services Corp. $40,899,412 for environmental remediation activities at Beale AFB.

Cape Environmental Management $90,300,000 IDIQ for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) environmental construction optimization services to support the Air Force Civil Engineer Center installations directorate. Supports a variety of environmental restoration services and construction necessary to maintain regulatory selected remedies, implement optimization to enhance remedial progress, and advance sites to completion in a cost-effective manner. Work at former Castle, Mather and McClellan AFB, CA.  Environmental Chemical Corp. ceiling $60,000,000 IDIQ for BRAC environmental construction optimization services at Pease Air National Guard Base, NH; Loring AFB (deactivated), ME; Griffiss AFB (deactivated), NY; and Plattsburgh AFB (deactivated), NY.

EA Engineering, Science & Technology Inc. $8,025,292 to address groundwater contamination resulting from historical releases at Kirtland AFB, NM.

Environmental Compliance Consultants $24,984,533 to provide fence-to-fence environmental operations and services in support of customers serviced by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Alaska District.

HGL-APTIM JV $110,000,000 for environmental construction activities in support of the Welsbach General Gas Mantle Superfund Site in Camden and Gloucester City, Camden County, NJ.

PHE-Baker JV2 LLC, Stell Environmental Enterprises Inc., Swift River Vesar SB JV, Vernadero Group Inc. will compete for orders under the $40,000,000 for architect and engineering services, USACE South Atlantic Division Mobile District’s planning and environmental division.

Sevenson-USA Environmental JV II $95,000,000 IDIQ for remedial actions at environmentally contaminated sites predominately located at Navy and Marine Corps installations and other government agencies. Sites consist of those on the Superfund National Priority List (NPL) as well as non-NPL sites regulated under Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; underground storage tanks regulations; state specific regulations; and other sites which might require remedial action.

Weston-ER Federal Services $80,000,000 for rapid response environmental remediation services.


Chico Produce Inc. ($135,000,000), Coast Citrus Distributors ($15,000,000) for fresh fruit and vegetable support for the Northern California and Northwestern Nevada zones. Military Produce Group LLC $51,205,744 for fresh fruits and vegetable products. Norfolk Banana Distributors $48,800,000 for fresh fruits and vegetables. US Foods $51,600,000 for full-line food distribution. Sysco $13,586,862 for full-line food distribution.

BASE OPERATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES (BOSS) – BOSS typically includes some combination of the following services: air operations, bachelor quarters, custodial, electrical, environmental services, facilities investment, fire & emergency services, galley, grounds maintenance, housing, integrated & waste, janitorial services, management & administration, morale-welfare-recreation, ordnance, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, public safety, supply, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, visual services, waste management, wastewater, and water. Security is sometimes included. This work was once done by the troops, prior to the corporate takeover of the Pentagon.

Helping Hands of Goodwill of Kansas City, MO $13,113,289 for custodial services at Fort Leavenworth, KS.

IAP Worldwide Services $9,571,580 for BOSS at Naval Support Activity Annapolis.

CONSULTING, ADMIN, BUSINESS, OFFICE – A January 2015 military report noted that trimming some outsourced administrative waste (like we see in this category of consulting, admin, etc.) would have saved roughly $125 billion over five years. Pentagon leadership (many of whom come from war corporations) buried the report, fearing Congress might use it to cut the war budget.

Boeing $19,818,043 for supply chain management, logistics support, and individually priced parts—basically what the Defense Logistics Agency is supposed to do.

Katmai Integrated Solutions LLC $8,004,940 for a wide range of experimentation, business, and operational support services in support of the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Development Command Warfighting Laboratory.

Kiliuda Consulting LLC $18,883,593 IDIQ to provide business support services for the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division corporate operations. Services provide facilities support (workspace design and physical reconfiguration); visual information support (illustration and photography/videography); security support (excluding law enforcement); Manager’s Internal Control program support; material and equipment property management support; travel accounting, management and program analysis; and quality office and office clerical support.

Serco-IPS Corp. $22,617,450 for professional support services for the Naval Sea System Command’s Deputy Commander for Surface Ship Maintenance and Modernization. Services are in the areas of program management, admin support, surface ship modernization, inactive ships, surface ships readiness, surface training systems, business & financial management, records management, and information technology. This will “ensure that the fleet undergoes a multitude of upgrades that will provide for the continuation of system capabilities and readiness.” Will “ensure the Chief of Naval Operations surface training master plan and the Navy training system plan requirements are fulfilled for validating all surface training systems procured and managed by participating acquisition resource managers.” Also ensures that budgeting, financial management, and business processes are “executed to provide support and respond to fleet life cycle requirements for in-service mine warfare, surface combatant, amphibious, auxiliary and command ship classes of ships.” Most work in D.C. and Norfolk. Overseas work in Yokosuka, Japan (2%); Manama, Bahrain (1%); Sasebo, Japan (1%).

FINANCES – The corporations below were all involved in the failed FY2019 audit.

CACI $59,296,656 for comptroller mission systems support in Chantilly and Arlington, VA.

Ernst & Young LLP estimated $61,223,977 for audit readiness support at Defense Health Agency (DHA). “The Financial Operations Directorate (J-8), Defense Health Program Financial Reporting & Compliance Division has a continuing need for the services. Exercising the fourth option is the most advantageous method of fulfilling the government’s need with regards to price efficiency, past performance and experience. Ernst & Young’s performance is satisfactory and fulfills the contract’s needs.”

CONSTRUCTION, Hawai‘i – The militarization of Hawai‘i is ongoing.

Crown Architectural Metal Co. $45,000,000 for temporary roofing for HIan Islands Oahu and Kauai.  GM/Bulltrack JV LLC $9,165,646 for Wharf 2 structural repairs at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.  Mechanical Engineers of Hawai‘i Corp. $15,000,000 for design and engineering services for mechanical engineering projects and related projects at various locations in NAVFAC Hawai‘i. An initial task order of $281,952 issued for construction consisting of full plans, specifications, detailed cost estimate, and other services to repair the Marine Corps Forces Pacific Telephone Exchange Building, Camp Smith.  Pacific Federal Contractors $20,402,508 for construction of a single 61,800 square-foot hangar bay addition at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.  MNDPI Pacific JV $14,000,000 for various structural and waterfront projects and other projects at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Conduct a geotechnical investigation in the area west of Dry Dock 3 “to provide data for a proposed future project to construct a new dry dock.”


AECOM $40,000,000 for civil works, hydraulic and hydrologic services for the USACE, Albuquerque District.

Affolter Contracting Co. $12,364,000 to construct the Upper Yazoo Projects in Tallahatchie County, MS.

Barnett Southern $7,775,643 for raising dikes and berms, and installation of new spillway systems in the Atlantic Intercoastal Water Way, SC.

B&K Construction Co. $15,218,859 for construction of hurricane protection features in Plaquemines Parrish, LA.

Carbro Constructors Corp. $7,832,976 to build flood-control measures, Green Brook Segment C1, Middlesex, NJ.

Choctaw Transportation Co. $30,000,000 to provide stone repairs to revetments and dikes along the Mississippi River.

C.J. Mahan Construction $29,707,005 for demolition & removal of Lock and Dam 53, Olmsted Lock & Dam, Grand Chain, IL.

CPP Construction $9,627,000 for the McMillan backwash discharge to sewer construction project, D.C.

Curtin Maritime Corp. $7,999,999 to deepen the Port of Hueneme federal navigation channels in Ventura County, CA.

McMillen LLC $12,231,000 for equipment, structures and all labor, plant, equipment and materials for rehabilitation of the two low-level outlets of the Coolidge Dam, AZ.

Morrish-Walace Construction $7,276,650 to replace the mechanical drive system, excluding the motor, used to operate the four filling and emptying tainter valves on the MacArthur Lock, Sault Sainte Marie, MI.

Power & Instrumentation Service (Vega Baja, Puerto Rico) $45,000,000 for numerous rapid-response temporary roofing projects in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

R&D Maintenance Services $7,146,969 for operation and maintenance of government-owned facilities and equipment at TN-Tombigbee Waterway and Okatibbee Lake projects in AL and MS.

Southwest Water Design $40,000,000 for civil works and hydrology and hydraulics services.

APC Construction LLC $8,942,389 for work in New Orleans, LA: clearing and grubbing; structural excavation and backfill, excavation and embankments; placement of steel sheet and H-piling; construction of reinforced concrete floodwalls and deployable floodwalls; concrete scour protection, asphaltic pavement; chain link fences; concrete curbs and gutters; pavement markings; miscellaneous metal work, painting, turf establishment; and related work.


Alutiiq General Contractors $9,367,399 for maintenance, repair and minor construction work on vehicle roadways and airfield paving projects at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA.


The Atlantic Group LLC $16,000,000 for photogrammetric and LiDAR surveying and mapping. 

Fugro Earthdata Inc. and Quantum Spatial Inc. compete for orders under $22,666,666 for basic site plan mapping, land-use/land-type classification and/or change-analysis mapping.


DR Reed and Associates Inc. $9,800,000 for architecture and engineering services for civil works projects at various locations in the Los Angeles District.  HD CW JV, GHD Inc., CDM Federal Programs Corp. will compete for orders under the $15,000,000 for architect-engineer general design services for civil works.  Olgoonik Enterprises LLC $75,000,000 IDIQ for the Fort Riley, KS; and McConnell AFB, KS, Sunflower Simplified Acquisition Base Engineering Requirements (SABER) to maintain facilities and infrastructure at both bases.

MAINLAND CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING – Endless war requires endless construction and building repair. An added bonus for the Pentagon and the U.S. war industry is how this construction activity effectively co-opts the working class, making them feel like they’re on the same team as the troops. It is a very powerful narcotic.

AHTNA Construction, APC Construction LLC, Gideon Contracting LLC, Pontchartrain Partners LLC, Southwind Construction will compete for orders under $49,500,000 for civil works construction projects in support of various military and civil works projects within the USACE Tulsa District’s boundaries.

AJ Commercial Services ceiling $7,000,000 IDIQ for exterior and interior painting, Eglin AFB, FL.

APTIM/AECOM Decommissioning $42,861,305 for decommissioning and disposal activities for the Stationary Medium Power Plant Number 1 Reactor Facility, Fort Belvoir, VA.

Aspen Construction Co. $8,354,252 for Phase II redevelopment site construction in Martin, KY.

Bates Engineers/Contractors Inc. $46,000,000 for construction, demolition, paving, grading, drainage, excavation, clearing & grubbing, utility work, environmental permitting, site safety and health efforts and field investigations related to construction for the North Alabama Area Office Region.

HDR Architects & Engineers P.C. $15,000,000 to provide planning, engineering design services and consulting services in support of the planning, design and assistance during construction for a new research facility and greenhouse.

HHI Corp., Pro-Mark Services, Inc., Native American Services Corp., Creative Times Dayschool LLC $422,222,224 for design-bid-build/design-build services up to 100% and maintenance, repair and minor construction work on real property along the Front Range of Colorado and Wyoming: Fort Carson Army Base, CO, to include Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, and Pueblo Chemical Depot; Cheyenne Mountain AFS, CO; Peterson AFB, CO; Schriever AFB, CO; Air Force Academy, CO, to include Farish Memorial Recreation and Bulls Eye Auxiliary Airfield; Buckley AFB, CO; and F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming.

Kekolu Contracting LLC $111,700,000 IDIQ for streamlined acquisition base engineering requirements, providing minor construction projects, maintenance and repair of real property, Joint Base Andrews, MD; and Joint Base Anacostia Bolling, D.C.

Legacy Joint Venture Group $49,000,000 to provide rapid response for construction, renovation, upgrades, improvement, maintenance, or repair of government facilities.

Mechworks Mechanical Contractors, North State Mechanical, R&W Construction Co., Siler Excavating LLC for various construction projects primarily in Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and the surrounding area. $240,000,000.

Nora Contracting LLC $10,576,854 to construct a columbarium (a place to store and/or display urns) for the Veterans Administration (VA) at the Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis.

Phillips Contracting Co. $24,000,000 for rental of construction equipment.

RQ Construction $33,602,000 to build an operations complex for the activation of 5th Battalion, 10th Marines High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, Camp Lejeune.

RQ Construction $33,146,000 for design and construction of a new child development center complex (children between 6 weeks and 5 years of age; capacity about 462 kids) at MCAS Miramar.

Stronghold Engineering $17,277,000 for construction of an air traffic control tower in Palmdale, CA.

Archer Western Federal JV $326,625,000 for construction: Hurricane Florence Recovery Package 7, MCAS New River, Camp Lejeune, NC. The proposed replacements consist of construction of the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training classroom building. Site improvements include demolition, utilities, parking, and construction of a bachelor enlisted quarters. Improvements include demolition, utilities, roadways, and flight line fencing; and construction of the C-12W aircraft maintenance hangar, an aircraft maintenance hangar and aircraft operations facility to support air station C-12W operations.  RQ-W.M. Jordan JV $191,120,897 for construction: Hurricane Florence Recovery Package 3, storage and training facilities, Camp Lejeune. Proposed replacements consist of construction of the Marine Corps Combat Service Support School (MCCSSS) Logistics Operations School, a practical application facility for military occupancy specialty motor transport entry / intermediate level training and a joint reception center facility to include headquarters/support functions and student in-processing functions for MCCSSS at Camp Johnson.  Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. $149,115,855 for construction: Hurricane Florence Recovery Package 1, MCAS Cherry Point. Replaces buildings damaged during Hurricane Florence.

Health Facility Solutions, MC Furham & Associates, Vernerdaro Group Inc. $9,900,000 for support of the U.S. Army Reserve Command, Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate, Army Reserve Division and regional support commands on various programs within the U.S. and Puerto Rico. 

10 firms (including such industry giants as AECOM, Jacobs, and Leidos) will compete for orders under an overall $209,000,000 for architect and engineering services to support the USACE South Atlantic Division.

6 firms allocated combined $245,000,000 (including the base period and four option years) for construction projects located primarily within NAVFAC Hawai‘i.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $14,602,000 for maintenance dredging of Wilmington Harbor Inner Ocean Bar, Wilmington, NC. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $44,851,000 for dredging the Mississippi River, Venice, LA. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock $10,342,655 for maintenance dredging in Jefferson County, TX, and Cameron Parish, LA. J. F. Brennan Co. $13,617,770 for dredging of Duluth-Superior Harbor, Superior, WI. Ponchartrain Partners $15,242,620 for a channel cleanout of the St. Francis River, Piggot, AR.

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